Power (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 1 - When I Get Out - full transcript

Having been arrested for the murder of Agent Knox, Ghost faces threats from multiple angles. The feds begin to build their case and Tasha scrambles to get bail. Tommy gets used to his new role and enlists help in recovering Tariq.

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Previously on Power...

You made the right choice
paying me instead of Karen.

Who the fuck is Milan?

Dean. He might be the most
dangerous man I ever met.

I went to see Tasha.

She was afraid, but more
for her friend than herself.

- What friend?
- LaKeisha.

At the sound of
the beep, leave a message.

Damn, 'Keisha.
Where you at?

This is your revenge?

- It's not personal, Milan.
- Just business.

Did you tell Ghost

we're still going to
sell drugs in his clubs?

Nah, he'll know soon enough.

What did Ghost really
take away from you?

My name's Slim.
You mind if we shoot a few?

Yeah, sure.

Where's your brother?

He went to hang out with
that new friend of his, Slim.

Slim? Who's Slim?

Ransom his ass.

You get Ghost's money,
kill his kid,

you ride off into the sunset.

You were covering your tracks.

I gotta take you in.

Looks like Greg Knox
was your leak.

This case is closed.

Angie, I told you that I
needed to protect you from Greg.

I'd do anything to protect you.

You are under arrest for the murder

of Special Agent Gregory Knox.

I can't believe
you're doing this to me.

It's the right decision.

Take off your watch.

This bitch you brought into
our lives is a fucking cop?


Don't you get it?

When are you gonna realize
you ain't in control

of this situation no more?

Empty your pockets.

What did you do last night, Jamie?

Pick up, pick up, pick up.

- Mom, are you okay?
- Go back to your room!

It's my wife.

You'll get your phone call in a minute.

Get a blood sample.

It could be an emergency.

We can send an NYPD cruiser
by your place right now,

if you'd like.

Go home.

I got him.

What's up, Coop?

Sandoval, James St.
Patrick was just arrested.

James St. Patrick?

Yeah, Valdes
grabbed him at his club.

Angela arrested him?

Yeah, for Greg's murder.

Get in here.

Okay, okay, I'm... I'm on my way.

Who's there?

It's me.



You and Cash
can go back to your place.


The whole thing with Milan is... over.

You saved my life.

Stop it.

It's Tasha.

Remember, you can't tell her
that I hid you from Milan, okay?


Give me a second?

Yo, T. Slow down.

Slow... slow down, slow down.

Well, what do you mean Tariq is missing?

What are we gonna do?

We gonna close down? I saw
the Bassetts walked out.

No, we gotta keep the party going.

Just do whatever it takes, all right?

Look, I'll call Karen
to smooth this over.


Karen, it's Andre.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Before you hang up, please, just...

Let me just talk to you,
let me explain what hap...

He'll call you back.

The fuck are you doing here, man?

You shouldn't be here!

I shouldn't be here.

I gotta find Tariq,
but Raina said you know

some of these people
he'd been fucking with.

Some motherfucker named Slim?


Hey, wait, what do
you mean, "find Tariq"?

He's missing, Dre. They
asked Tasha for money.

So you tell me: Who is Slim?


I told you to have a
closer eye on the kid.

You told me it was family business.

You told me to fall back.

Do you know where he is or not?

I could find out.

Good. I'm coming with you.

Where's Ghost?

Wait, wait, wait... You don't know?

I thought he would have called you.

Tommy, Ghost just got arrested tonight.

His girlfriend, Angela,
just dragged him out of here

in some handcuffs, man.

You'd better tell his wife.

What the fuck?

You said you were in outpatient.

You said you were gonna kick.

I know.

I fucked up.

Don't you think I feel bad enough?

You come in here...

I know you think you're better than me,

you fucking asshole.

All right, that's enough.

I'm taking Elisa Marie to my place.

She's not safe with you.

It's my weekend, Joey!

The court said so!

And it's gonna be
your last fuckin' weekend.

Don't try doing anything, Joey!

I'm warning you! Don't!

I don't want you up there.

Such a fuckin' mess.

Stay away from her!

I'm warning you, stay away from her.

If you try to take her,
I'm calling the cops.

I'll tell them you're the one who got me

hooked on coke in the first place...

- Mr. Officer of the Court!
- I gotta take this.

You shut the fuck up a second?


Procter, it's James St. Patrick.

Listen, man, Angela arrested me.

She thinks I killed Greg Knox.

The Fed? Her boyfriend?

She arrested me tonight at Truth.

But I didn't do it.

Shh, stop talking.

All right, don't talk to
anyone at all about this

or about anything else,
do you understand me?

Keep your mouth and
your sphincter shut.

I'll be there first thing in the morning.

I will get you out of there.

Don't believe
him. He's a fucking liar.

Okay, okay, uh, listen,
make sure you tell Tasha I will.

I will.

Get off the phone, man. I
gotta move you to your cell.

- All right, all right, all right.
- Just stay strong.

Williams, it's lights-out.

Get off the phone, nigga.

James, you're gonna be okay.

All right, man, okay. Talk to you later.

Hello? Who is this?

Tasha, it's Joseph Proctor,

you husband's attorney.

James was arrested tonight.

He's in custody downtown

at the Manhattan Correctional Center.

W-wait a minute. I don't understand.

Wh... is... is he all
right? What happened?

It's a homicide charge.


Who are they saying...

I don't have any other details.

The most important thing you could do

to help right now is to remain calm

and keep your kids calm too.

Tariq is missing.

I've been trying to reach
James all night to tell him.

What kind of missing?

Is he with some friends, or...

- They asked for ransom.
- Shit!

That's the last thing James
needs to hear right now.

- Dad!
- Turn your headphones up, baby.

If James calls you,
you do not tell him that.

- Do you understand?
- I don't even know you.

You can't tell me not to tell
my husband I can't find his son.

Listen to me very carefully.

Your husband has just been through

the most humiliating
process a man ever faces,

all because of his girlfriend.


Are you fucking kidding me?

Angela arrested him?

Yes, so right
now is not the best time

to tell him that on top of all that,

his son is missing at the precise moment

he can do absolutely nothing about it.

He will not be able to function,

and I need him to function to
help me get him out of there.

Do you understand?

Yeah. I understand.

He's out cold.

We haven't heard from his mother yet?

- Nothing.
- Nothing on the scanner either.

She ain't called the police.

It's cool.

Yo, you got Tariq?

What the fuck you doin' here?

Yo, who are they?

You walkin' up in our spot.

I think the question
is, who the fuck are you?

This is Dre.

He works for Ghost.
He used to work for me.

I still work for you.

And I need to take Tariq home

before Tommy kill you and me both, man.

- Is he here?
- He ain't going home tonight.

I got different plans for the kid.

Oh, I know about your plan.

Hey, you asked Tasha for money?

You ain't getting shit
from Ghost tonight, man.

He got arrested a few hours ago.

That clean motherfucker finally got got?

For what?

I don't know, man.

I don't see why
that should change the plan.

That just puts more
pressure on the wife.

And when Ghost finds out you
got his kid and he's in jail...

That's a level of pain
you ain't even planned on.

Plus the money.

Well, if it's money you want,

I'm in a better position to
give it to you than Ghost.

I'm back working for
Tommy moving weight.

Um, uh, I can get you back in.


You gettin' back in the drug game

ain't got shit to do with our paper.

I hear that, but
with the cops around Ghost,

now how long before they
start looking for his kid?

All the questions
they gonna be asking...

Too many ways this shit could play out.

Me? I don't give a fuck.

But you can't afford to get caught.

- Neither of you.
- Look, if it's money you want,

I can cut you in right
now, 10K a week, easy.

- Each.
- 15.

That's almost 50K a week, man.

And if you do your job right,
they won't even miss it.

If it was something about Milan

or about the business...

They would have
come for both of us by now.

- Yeah.
- I mean, Proctor said

Angela arrested him,
and you know that bitch

would have been right here
if it was about us, right?


He also said we can't call
the police about Tariq.

He's right, Tash. No fuckin' cops.

There's no way this
could be Kanan, right?

Kanan is dead, Tasha. I mean, look.

Him and Ghost walked
into that warehouse.

There ain't no way that Ghost walks
out of there if Kanan's still breathing.

Yeah, you're right about that shit.

Besides, if he was still alive,
he would've shot us all by now.

I mean, unless he found Jesus

and got a complete
personality transplant.

Are you sure?

Yeah, I'm sure. Kanan is dead.

Yo, what happened?

You fell asleep like a little kid.

Think you had too much lean.

Yeah, my bad.

Yo, my mom probably
bugging out right now.

About that, Ray Ray thought
he had jokes and shit.

Took a picture of you
asleep, sent it to Tasha.

Told her she needed to pay for you,

like you was kidnapped or some shit.

What? Why would he do that?

He's a fuckin' idiot.

We 'bout to take you
home, but you gonna have

to explain to your mom
about what happened.

She can't know nothing about
us all, what goes on here.

Yeah, I already know.

When you get there, she gon' be upset.

Somethin' else happened tonight.

Look, man, you ain't
gotta tell him that.

Let his mom handle it.

Nigga, he deserve the truth.

Your father got arrested tonight.


Now you see, I was right about Ghost.

I'm sorry the cops seem to know it too.

What are they sayin' he did?

Whatever they sayin' he
did, he did that shit.

Mm, take this.

There's gon' be cops around asking
questions and shit like that.

Don't call me from your
regular phone, use that.

- All right.
- All right, man.

I'ma take you home now, all right?

Wait, we gotta figure out what
you gon' tell Tasha about tonight.

No, I already know
what to say. I got you.

Come here, Tariq.

Where was he? Where were you?

Ma, I'm sorry.

I-I was just hanging
out with some friends.

I fell asleep, and he
thought it would be funny

to send you that picture.
It was just a big joke.

You think this is a joke?


Where was he? How'd
you know where to go?

He was in Brooklyn. I texted
him and he hit me back.

Hey, Tariq.

Yo, man, you scared us.

You was still hanging with
your boy, Slim, though, right?

Who's Slim? Do I know him?

Uh, I just made him up.

I met some friends at,
uh, Basketball City.

You know, Raina, she
kept asking me questions,

and I didn't wanna answer 'cause I
wanna hang out with my friends, you know.

We drink and stuff, and I
didn't want her to tell Mom.

- Oh.
- Excuse me, what?

That's why I fell asleep.


Who are these friends
you're hanging with, 'Riq?

I'm not a snitch, Mom.

I'm not gonna let them get in
trouble because I fell asleep

like a little kid and
they sent the picture.

- Mm.
- Yeah, in that text,

whose arm is in that picture?

That was my friend's uncle.

- Okay.
- You look at me, boy.

I thought you were kidnapped.

I thought you could've been killed.

All right, I'm sorry.

I won't hang out with them anymore.

- I promise.
- Yeah, I hope not.

I gotta apologize to Dad.

Um, where is he? Is he here?

No, 'Riq.

Sit down, please.

Look, I need to talk to
you about your father.

Something happened tonight.
I mean, he... he's not hurt.

He's okay, but... he's not here.

What happened to Daddy?


Hey, T, I'ma, um...

Come here, baby girl. He's okay.

Hey, Dre, hold up.

Yo, man.

How'd you find him? For real.

Look, Tommy, I'm not lying to you.

I hit the kid and told him that
you and his moms was losin' it

and he hit me back.

I picked him up on a
corner in Bushwick, man.

All right, I seen the kids,
but I don't know their names.

Why do I think you're bullshitting me?

What about a goddamn thank you?

If the kid didn't trust
me, he wouldn't be back.


Did he answer your call?

I'm outta here, man.

Yo, Dre.

Good lookin' out.


Oh, shit.

You back in that shit?

Best way to protect myself from
being fucked with on the highway.

Keep them Tariq payments on time, okay?

Dre ain't gon' cross me.

Hell of a night, huh?

You ain't stop smilin'
since you heard about Ghost.

Thinkin' about my first night in jail.

You're away from everything
that comforts you,

everything that makes you feel at home.

You have no idea
what's gon' happen to you.

You have no control
over what you're doin',

when you're movin', how you eatin'.

For the first time in your life,

you realize the choices aren't yours.

Fuck a gun or a knife
being pointed at you.

That shit, that first night in jail?

That's real fear.

Hey, Joe.

You okay?

Are you sure it's
safe for us to talk in here?

If they bug this shit, it's
a Constitutional violation.

So, yeah, we better be.

Are you all right?

How the fuck could I be
all right, huh, Proctor?

Can't believe Angela
did this bullshit to me.

All because I hurt her?
This is revenge, man.

Revenge doesn't make
fingerprints or DNA.

I got a copy of the arrest warrant.

They're saying they found
your DNA on Greg Knox's body.

- Under his fingernails.
- It's a lie.

They're also saying they
found your fingerprints

at the apartment, the crime scene.

Look, man, I was there, okay? I was
inside the apartment, but I wore gloves.

On the outside window. Fire escape.


Look, Proctor, you told me I
needed to get that recording,

the button Mic, off of Ruiz.

You said that Tommy and
I... You said we'd go down.

Yeah, I didn't tell you to break into

an FBI agent's apartment to get it.

And I didn't tell you to kill him.

I didn't kill him. I'm innocent.

Your little story of "I broke into
his apartment, but I didn't kill him,"

that's not gonna get us anywhere.

I need my kids to know I didn't do this.

Tell them when you get home.

Bail is my first priority.

I'm gonna blow this warrant apart.

I'm gonna say you should've never
been arrested in the first place.

But in order for me to
do what I need to do here,

we need to make sure that every
single person you meet here,

every guard, every inmate, every lawyer,

that they believe you are legit
club owner James St. Patrick.

And you wouldn't know what to do with
a gun if... if it fell in your lap.

What about Angela?

She knows me. She knows what I've done.

It's not about what she knows.
It's about what she can prove.

And if she talks, we're gonna
make it a "He said, she said."

But we can only do that

if people believe that you're a citizen.

You gotta be James
St. Patrick, not Ghost.

It's the performance of your life.

Don't fuck it up.

Yeah? Tariq is fine.

He was with his... friends.

How's James?

Should I come see him today?

There's something else
I need you to do now.

Get bail money.

Okay. How much and how fast?

The government will
be tracing the money.

It needs to be clean.

Like stand-up business owner clean.

Bags of untraceable cash won't cut it.

How much do you know about us?

Enough so I know that
I need to tell you that.

You need to have about
two million on hand,

just in case.

$2 million? Clean money?

He's accused of murdering
a federal agent, Tasha.

They're saying he shot a cop.

James would never shoot a cop.

How much of this has to do with Angela?

She's a distraction, Tasha.
We need to stay on task.

Please, get the money together.

Yo, it's all over the news.

The fuck happened, Tommy?

They're saying nightclub owner James
St. Patrick killed an FBI agent.

Yeah, well, it ain't your problem.

You're still safe from
Milan, so you can go home.

Now grab your shit. Let's go.

- No.
- Oh, my God.

I'm not going.

Ghost is in jail, you runnin'
drug money through my shop.

So what if the cops
come for you next, Tommy?

And then Tasha. And then me.

Guess what? I don't feel safe.

Ghost ain't got nothin' to do
with mine and Tasha's business.

Yeah, but I do, 'cause you all
got me twisted up in this bullshit.

So what happens if the
cops come for me, Tommy?

We can prep you to answer
their questions if that happens.

But it ain't gonna happen.

But if the Feds do come sniffin' around,

you goin' missin' don't look too good.

All right, look, 'Keisha,
you're innocent, right?


So act innocent. Go home.

Come on.

We gotta go, for real.

I got you.

James doesn't have to cosign
to sell the stocks, Alex.

Right, but that's not
really the problem, though.

He already sold the stocks,

so your portfolio is empty.

I'll give you some privacy.


Hey, we gon' need the janitor over here.

Sorry about that...


Come here.

Where did you go?

Why didn't you answer any of my calls?

Look, I needed time to
think. All right, Tasha?

You came into my shop,
you blew up my life.

I didn't think I owed you an answer.

You didn't give me a choice, Tasha.

You're right, 'Keisha.

I'm sorry, okay?

I didn't mean for all this to happen.

I was so scared, I thought
Milan was gonna kill us.

Well, you don't
have to worry about Milan now.

What we gotta figure out is how you
gon' get through this thing with Ghost.

Have you went to see him yet?

No. Not yet.

I did it with Kadeem.

When you go visit him in prison,
all that's gotta be covered up.

All of it.

He didn't do it. Did he?


A cop? Ghost?

No way.

I mean, at least the Ghost
I always knew wouldn't.

'Keisha, it's like...

it's like I'm living in a
nightmare, and I can't wake up.

You Tasha St. Patrick?
This is your home?

Yes. What is this?

We have a warrant
to search the premises.

Are there any minor children present?

They're not home, and... but you...
you can't just barge in here like this.

But that's actually what
this paper says, so please.

Stay out of our way, Ma'am.

The fuck is going, Tasha?



This bitch got some fuckin' nerve.

Just give me the word, T,
and I will beat her ass.

No, no, you're not going
to jail on my watch.

- Oh, fuck that bitch.
- No.

Okay, just stay here, please?

And keep your fool mouth shut.

What the hell are you doing here?

Executing a search warrant on
the home of a murder suspect.

This isn't personal.

The hell it isn't.

You know he wouldn't kill a cop.

When it comes to Jamie, Tasha,

the only thing I know for certain

is that he's capable of anything.

We both need to stop being so surprised.

Is there a weapon in the house?

He was sleeping in here?

I was worried he might transfer
bedbugs from your place.

Put in the combination.
Let him open the door.

Is it loaded?

No, I wouldn't keep a loaded
weapon around children.

It's... it's not the murder weapon.

- Wrong caliber.
- Okay.

Bag and tag anyway. Take it all.

I don't know how you
think you have the right

to come up in my mother...

Jamie's actions give me the right,

and anything you say
can be used against you.

Call Proctor. Tell him to get over here.

It'll protect us both.

- Mm.
- Oh, look at you.

- Huh? What you think?
- You lost a fuckin' bet or something?

Haha, that's very funny guy.

You look like a fuckin' ferret.

What's ferret?
Is a type of rodent, yes?

- Yes, it's like a rat.
- You're hilarious.


What's happening with Ghost?

Situation's under control.

Ghost gettin' pinched had nothing
to do with our organization,

and he ain't killed some Fed.

All right, listen, I-I'll tell
everybody what's up with Ghost,

and that we're the new
connect at the meet tonight.

- Okay.
- Weren't you and Bratwurst...

Were supposed to go home?
What are you even doing here?

It was recommended I stay and oversee
things until Ghost's legal woes pass.

What? Why?

- Hey.
- Hey!

I don't need a fuckin' babysitter.

All right,
everybody just gots to chill.

This shit with Ghost is gonna
be over in a fuckin' blip.

But they knew about it, huh?
That fast?

Tommy, I told them.

Okay, we can't be partners if
you're gonna be a fuckin' snitch.

Look, keeping secrets from our
employers is how you get killed.

Keep the product moving.

That's the most important
thing for both of us

to keep our jobs and our
lives, do you understand?



You said you loved my dad.

You said you wanted us
to live with you.

What happened?
Why are you doing this?

- Raina, let me explain...
- No, don't touch me.


Front of your cells.

Shut the fuck up for headcount.

Move it, Teresi, or I'll
put you in a wheelchair.

You put a hand on me, it's
the last time you'll see it.

St. Patrick, night-night.

It's a good count.
Lights out.

All right, everybody, listen up.

All right, I know y'all
heard about Ghost, okay?

But him gettin' busted ain't
got nothin' to do with this work.

Saw something about he shot a cop.

- I read that in the paper.
- That's what I heard too.

No, no, no, no, no, Ghost not
stupid enough to kill no cop, man,

no matter what the fuck y'all heard.

That's true. It's bullshit.

And more importantly, it ain't
nothin' to do with our business,

so take a breath,
let your nuts drop.

We all good.

Now how do we know that?

That could just be what
the Feds are saying.

Mr. Loco could be
ratting us out right now.

- Damn straight.
- Well, he's not.

'Cause he's Ghost and he didn't do it.

And you snitch up, not down.
Now come on, have a seat.

So, wait, if he gives up
Milan, then we're all SOL.

Ghost ain't no snitch-ass punk.

Trust me, with the lawyer he's got,

he'll probably be out buying
cashmere socks by breakfast.

And he couldn't give up Milan anyway,

because Milan is gone.

I'm the new connect
now. I handled that shit.

So what's the guy who
stabbed Shin doing here

if Milan's out of the picture?

I'm still working with
Petar and the rest of the Serbs.

But Julio is the distro now.

He'll keep you in
weight, like I always did.

That's right.

We gonna keep this motherfuckin'
pipeline rolling, all right?

We just gonna move a couple pick-up and
drop-off spots as a precaution, but other...

But other than that, we
ain't changin' fuck-all.

Keep your crews on point.
It's business as usual.

Come on, let's go.

Tony Teresi, 68.

One count manslaughter, one
count second-degree murder.

51-year sentence.

It's not the first time you've served.

Assault with a deadly weapon.

Charges reduced to two months,

a menorah is not a deadly weapon.

Then there's Roberto Solletti.

I was never
charged with Solletti.

What do you want, John?

There are at least a dozen
bodies linked to Bell Boulevard

that we don't have a killer for.

And I know you can give us a
name for each of those murders.

Do that, and we'll see to it that the
parole board grants an early release.

Wow. Now I never talked before.

So what makes you think
I'm gonna snitch now?

Because your wife is
running out of time.

Her doctors gave Connie how long?

A year? 18 months?

Her medical records are confidential.

I'm glad that recorder's off,
or I'd be in a lot of trouble.

You wouldn't believe what
aggressive chemotherapy can do.

There are a lot of new
treatments out there, Tony.

Things you can get
for her on the outside.

At least, you know, you could
be there for her at the end.

Let me see if I got this straight.

So I talk, I come out,
she dies anyway,

and now I'm a rat for
the rest of my life?

Well, at least you
won't miss the funeral.

Hey, boss, you got a minute?

Fuckin' piece of work.

No, that is what I said.
Dissolving the trust fund.

What would the tax penalty be?

Even if it's just temporary?

I could put it back in a few months,

just as a loan against it.

Yes, I understand.

I'll call you back. Thank you.


Joe Proctor.

Why am I not surprised to see you?

You know he didn't do this.

You're just angry

because he left you to
go back with his wife.

This is revenge. You're
trying to ruin his life.

That's reductive. James
ruined his own life.

If you testify against him,

your career is over,
you know that?

I can't prove anything I suspect
about Jamie's criminal activity.

He took great care to make sure I never
saw anything I wasn't meant to see.

There was never any proof until now.

Joe Proctor!

Hey, John.

I'd say it's nice to see you,

but I'd be lying.

And that's different for you how?

Angela Valdes, this
is John Mak from Eastern District.

- Nice to meet you.
- Valdes works upstairs.

Yeah, I'm sure Proctor here is
trying to weasel a deal out of you

for one of his many guilty clients, huh?

He's representing James St. Patrick
in the Greg Knox murder trial.

Mm, of course he is.

And he's not guilty.

Oh, of course he is.
He hired you.

Nice to meet you, Valdes.

Proctor, I'll see you in hell.

Yeah, saving you a
seat on the bus, John.

Hey, Tasha.


How are the kids holding up?

Angela served a search
warrant on the apartment.

Raina was... she was pretty upset.

Angela was there?


The cops were... in their rooms.

Went through their things.

When I get out, I'll
make it up to them, okay?

When I get out, I'll
make it up to all of you.

There's nothing you could
do to make this up to me.


Tasha, I didn't do this.

Look, Proctor asked me
to get the bail money.

I went to the bank. Mm-hmm.

- There's nothing there.
- Yeah.

- You didn't tell me.
- Uh, look, sorry, okay?

I thought I'd have time to...

put the money back in.

You know what? I found a necklace.

Is that something I should sell?

It wouldn't be enough.


There's nothing to put
up for collateral, James.

I mean, I looked into dissolving
the trust, but the penalty...

We rent the apartment.

And you don't own
the building at Truth.

We could get the money from Dean.

- Dean?
- Mm-hmm.

Go get my money back
from Dean. Dean, okay?

Talk to him as soon as
you can, Tash. Go now.

- Wait... I don't understand.
- You gotta go right now.

There's a service he
didn't render, so ask Dean

for my money back.

I'm sure Proctor
will ask for bail.

Well, I don't think he'll get it.

The guy killed a federal agent.

The judge could consent
to an ankle bracelet.

It's not the strongest
arrest warrant I've ever seen.

But fingerprints and
DNA are pretty good,

as far as a jury is concerned.

A local business owner with no record.

His first crime is murdering
an FBI agent in cold blood?

You don't think he did it?

I think he did it.

I also think we're
going to have a high bar.

You'll sit second chair
to me and we'll make sure

Angela's not a dis... traction.


You may be sitting second
chair for appearances,

but this is my case.

Hm, if it's about appearances,

then you shouldn't even be in this room.

You were fucking the
defendant and the victim.

I'd say that makes you
a little compromised.

We wouldn't even have a
suspect if it weren't for me.

John. What are you doing here?

Just got a new assignment.

I'll be sitting first chair
on the St. Patrick case.

No, no fucking way.

No offense, John, but this is our case.

You know, Collins and
my boss had a little chat

about the appearance of
impartiality in this case.

I mean, between Lobos' death and the
subsequent Main Justice investigation,

I'd say you guys are
a little compromised.

Yeah, you moved pretty fast.
I heard you were on Teresi.

Yeah, I was. But you know me.

I go where the work is.

You go where the cameras are.

Yeah, they're often in the same place.

Look, I want a conviction
as much as you do.

After today, we'll be
working out of my offices.

you'll sit as my second chair.

Hey, we have a detention
hearing tomorrow, right?

Let's get to work.
Angela, your office?

I've been going
over the case files.

Very detailed, professional.
Smart work.

You know, despite your
conflict of interest,

they would have never
gotten this far without you.

Thank you. I appreciate that.

I'm gonna need you to be an
integral part of this case, Angela.

Now, we both know this isn't just about

convicting St. Patrick
over Greg Knox's murder.

The reputation of the
entire office is on the line.

Where do you want to start?

Let's go backwards.

Now, you knew both St. Patrick and Knox,

but did they know each other personally?

They only met once.

And Greg was following a lead
at St. Patrick's nightclub.

It was official FBI work.

Any history of antagonism between them?

Greg was very focused on St.
Patrick as a narcotics suspect,

but their direct contact was limited.

Except the day Greg died,

St. Patrick told me that
Greg pulled him over.

There's some motive right there.

Do you have Knox's log?

Greg didn't log the stop.

- It seems it was off the books.
- Or it didn't happen.

Why would St. Patrick
lie to me about that?

Why wouldn't he lie to you?

From what I hear, he
lied to you quite a bit.

Now, before we continue,

I'm gonna need you to
go over your timeline

and separate truth from fact.

Names, dates, explanations.

After you do that,
we can reconvene.

So, does that mean
I'm third chair, then?

Oh, no, I'm sorry. I
guess I was unclear.

You know, as much as I need
your help on this, Angela,

I mean, you do know you
can't be on it officially.

We don't even know if Proctor's
gonna call you up as his witness.

I mean, your conflict of
interest is pretty clear.

Now, we don't want to hand Proctor an
appellate issue on a platter, do we?


When you're done, go wipe down
the bar over there, all right?

You got it.

Yo, yo. What's good, Dre?

- What up, what up?
- This is Sue.

Hi. Nice to meet you.

Mama, do me a favor. Go, uh...
go wait for me over there.

You know we can communicate
through text, right?

You shouldn't be here
on the regular, man.

I don't want my staff knowin' your face.

I don't need your girl knowin' mine.

Oh, I ain't stayin' long.

And that's not my girl, bro.

I mean, she looks like a pro.

Yeah, well, not anymore.

No, she works here now.

Oh, so you're doin' the
hiring on the legit side, huh?

Okay... does she even
know how to mix a drink?

You can teach her, right?

Someone taught you.

I'm, um...

Ghost put me in charge of this shit.

And Tommy left me in
charge of everything.

I'll talk to Ghost about
it when he gets out.

But for now, dude,
just get her a uniform.


He said we could get
the money from Dean.

But that's Milan,
right, and Milan is dead,

so how are we gonna get
the money back from him?

Are you sure that's what he said?

Yes. His exact words were,

"We can get the money back from Dean."

The money back...


Get the money back?


He means the money that we
paid to the security firm.

Wait a minute. That was for Milan?

You never told me that.

You weren't supposed
to know about Milan.

Ghost didn't want to scare you.

Yeah, well, I'm fuckin' scared now.

I don't get it. Still.

I mean, how are gonna get
the money back from him?

From Petar... but there's
no reason for him to do it.

It's not his problem, Ghost's
not part of the business no more.

As long as I move his weight, he good.


If Ghost goes to jail, it's gonna be
way harder to move that weight, Tommy.

Make Petar understand
this is his problem now.

It's not about what I want to do, Tommy.

When we decided to be partners,

I told you we have people to
answer to in Chicago and Belgrade.

How do I explain giving the money back,

especially to help Ghost, who
is not part of our business?

Helping Ghost helps everyone.

Ghost fires Dean and
asked for his money back.

That explains Dean's disappearance.

If the Feds start asking about Milan,

we got a ready-made
bedtime story for them.

I mean, you're an accomplice
in Milan's murder, Petar.

So are the people in Chicago,

since they signed off
before we pulled the trigger.

You help Ghost, you're
protecting everybody.

I will get you the money.

Oh, nice.
And you're sure this is clean?

Petar wired it from
the security company,

so on paper, it looks
like reimbursement.

Yo, so, Julio has this girl that
he wants me to hire as a waitress.

She was turning tricks
for Dylan up in his spot

before Ghost clipped him.

- Yeah.
- I gotta hire her?

Yeah, he's distro now.
Do what he says.

Yo, why him over me?

I held you down with taking care
of Ruiz and knocking off Milan.

Dre, J's been in the
game with us for years.

You show up a couple of months ago,
you think you ready to be a distro?

Yeah. I am ready.

Look, Tommy, I've been real
with you since day one, man.


In that case,
who the hell is Slim?

For real.


All right, look, like
'Riq said, he made it up.

And besides, man, we found the kid.

He's back.

You know, that's all
that matters, right?


Well, when Ghost gets out tomorrow,

we'll all have a little chat about it.

Case number 6794545-DM-184.

United States of America
versus James St. Patrick.

I'm informed there are two counts on
the pre-indictment criminal complaints.

Are you prepared to
enter a plea at this time?

Yes, Your Honor.

St. Patrick, on the count
of first-degree murder

in the death of Gregory
Knox, and the count

of carrying a firearm in
the commission of a crime...

- How do you plead?
- Not guilty, Your Honor.

Would the Government like
to be heard on the matter of detention?

Yes, Your Honor.

The defendant killed
Special Agent Greg Knox

with full knowledge of
his law enforcement status.

We request detention of the defendant.

Your Honor, this
whole proceeding is laughable.

Their evidence against my client
for the Knox murder is thin, at best.

Well, I admit it's not the thickest warrant
application I've ever read, Mr. Mak.

I'd hardly call St. Patrick's DNA

under Agent Knox's
fingernails thin evidence.

His fingerprints were
also found at the scene.

On the exterior of a window,
Your Honor.

No physical evidence my client
was ever inside the apartment.

No witnesses, no record
of his vehicle in the area,

no gunshot residue or blood on
the clothes he wore that night.

What did he wear to do it?
A tear-away Hazmat suit?

Your Honor, would you
please remind Mr. Proctor

that evidence is not an
issue for setting bail?

Untrue. With a case this flimsy,
my client has no motive to flee.

We'll beat this without
breaking a sweat.

Electronic monitoring,
then? Split the baby.

Your Honor, no condition
or combination of conditions

can protect the public here.

Mr. St. Patrick is a wealthy man
with unlimited resources for escape.

And a wife and three children.

Is he gonna take them on the run too?

He killed a federal agent.
He's capable of anything.

While I appreciate
your enthusiasm, Mr. Mak,

Mr. St. Patrick doesn't appear
to be much of a flight risk.

House arrest seems appropriate.

Even the pre-trial
services report suggests

strong ties to the community.

Children in private school,

lifelong residence in New York City.

Your Honor, there is no
greater danger to the community

than a man who enters the home of a
trained armed member of law enforcement

and executes him efficiently,
with malice aforethought.

No ordinary citizen is safe

with a man like James
St. Patrick on the street.

A man like James St. Patrick?

You mean an African-American
father and husband

with a successful business?

He is an ordinary citizen.

He shouldn't be treated better
or worse than anyone else.

It is an egregious crime,
Mr. Proctor.

And there has to be some remedy
in the courts, some deterrent,

to convince people that killing
a member of law enforcement

has grave consequences.

Yeah, Your Honor...

Bail is denied, Mr. Proctor.

Your client is remanded
into custody to await trial.

Sorry, James.

Listen, you stay cool, no
matter what happens in there.

I'm gonna get you out.

What just happened?

It means I'm not coming home, okay?

You got this, okay?

- Nice work, man.
- Excellent.

We'll get him.

You can't really think I did this.

You're right, Jamie.
I know you did it.

It's all there.

Look, man, you ain't
gotta count that shit.

Yeah, but you ain't giving me this
money out the goodness of your heart.

And speaking of which, I hope
you're staying away from Tariq now.


Look, man, he went missing.
I'm sure Tasha's suspicious.

She might be watching him...

Where he goes,
who he spends time with.

Yo, if she catches him with
you, this whole thing is over.

Ghost and Tommy gon'
try to kill us both, man.

Ghost inside.
He ain't killin' shit.

And Tommy?

He ain't gon' come looking for me.

He is if you keep fuckin' with Tariq.

Look, man.

I'm giving you as much money as I can.

Just stay away from the kid.


You know, Ghost on trial ain't
gonna be good for any of us.

I mean, we definitely gonna
have eyes all over us now, T.

Yeah, well,
we gotta move this product.

Just gotta be smart about it.

Now get going. You got
shit to distro, Distro.

Let's go.

Yeah, Proctor.

We need to talk.

Why you walkin' so slow,
Cop Killer? You tired?

You say something to me?

You resisting?

We got a resister.

I'm not resisting.

All right, let's go.

Keep that line moving.

Keep walking. Keep walking.