Power (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 7 - Don't Go - full transcript

Angela struggles after the breakup and faces questions at work as investigators try to bring the mole to the surface; Ghost is put in a bind with the Serbians as he and Tommy are forced to ...

MAN: Previously on Power...
We got to kill Lobos.
What you gonna do about an alibi?
GHOST: I can use Karen.
I just wanted to know if you were willing to move
our meeting tomorrow to the Odette on the Hudson.
You must be Mrs. St. Patrick.
Call me Tasha.
We transfer Lobos to DC
and this is all behind us, right?
Once I have all the info you can contact
your associates on the outside to make arrangements.
[ gunshots ]
After I got popped,
they went straight for Lobos's GPS tracker,
which means we've got a big fucking leak.
[ cell phone vibrates ] - Fuck, is that a phone?
Ghost, we said no phones!
I need to end this now, Tommy.
[ gunshot ]
You picked Ghost over me.
Trust me, I promise you, I'm right where you want me to be.
DRE: You get a card like that, it means you're in trouble.
GHOST: Uh, good evening, sir. I'm here to visit a friend--
Tatiana Boriskaya.
Did you get my message?
- Milan. - Nice to meet you.
Yo, he's been working for you this whole time?
That motherfucker say we're going back to work for him,
to pay him back.
Angela, she's a liability.
You can't even tell her that the Serbians are after her.
We can't be together, Angie.
It's the right decision.
[ sobbing ]
JOE: * They say this is a big, rich town *
* I just come from the poorest part *
* Bright lights, city life
* I gotta make it, this is where it goes down *
* I just happen to come up hard *
* Legal or illegal, baby, I gotta make it *
50 CENT: * I never took a straight path nowhere *
* Life's full of twists and turns, bumps and bruises *
* I live, I learn
* I'm from that city full of yellow cabs and skyscrapers *
* It's hard to get a start in these parts without paper *
* Homey, I grew up in hell, a block away from heaven *
* That corner every 15 minutes, they moving seven *
* Pure snow, bag it, then watch it go *
* Occupational options, get some blow or some hos *
* Shoot the ball or the strap, learn to rap or to jack *
* Fuck it, man, in the meantime *
* Go head and pump a pack
* This my regal, royal flow, my James Bond bounce *
* That 007, that's 62 on my count *
* I'm an undercover liar, I lie under the covers *
* Look a bitch in the eyes and tell her, baby, I love ya *
* You're my inspiration, you're my motivation *
* You're the reason that I'm moving with no hesitation *
JOE: * They say this is a big, rich town *
* Yeah, I just come from the poorest part *
* Bright lights, city life
* I gotta make it, this is where it goes down *
* Oh, yeah, yeah
* I just happen to come up hard *
* Legal or illegal, baby, I gotta make it *
[ MDWS's "Circles" plays ]
I love you.
I always loved you.
I know you do.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
But I had to. It was the only way.
I understand.
MAN: * In another year
* I'll be waiting here
- I'll fix this. - I know you will.
MAN: * So you can figure it out
Don't go.
MAN: * In another life * - Please?
MAN: * You were satisfied
* Always running around in circles *
[ cell phone vibrating ]
Everything I used to say, he threw back in my face,
that this was all a fantasy, that we were letting
our 15-year-old selves dictate our future.
[ speaking Spanish ]
I want him!
No one else will ever know me like that.
I'll never let them.
He was still married.
He showed me his separation papers.
Were they signed?
- [ sighs ] - Shh.
How could he do this to me?
What happened?
What changed? Why now?
[ knocking on door ]
Tim. Come in.
What are you doing here?
This is my sister, Paz.
- Hi, Tim. - Hello.
Valdes, I need you to come with me.
I can't say. I really can't.
Get your laptop and your phone. Let's go.
[ tense music ]
Who are they?
Did they find Lobos?
Tim, how many favors have I done for you? You owe me.
Office of Professional Responsibility.
[ tense music ]
You'll have the total amount for the buy-in
wired to you by the end of the day today.
I'd be lying if I said that your ability to scrape together
the cash so quickly wasn't a factor
in my father's decision to partner with you.
I've sacrificed way too much, Karen,
to let some little money get in the way.
And I got a feeling I'll make it back in record time.
I bet you he won't be making copies for much longer
once this deal goes through.
- You think so? - Have you seen you?
We can't afford to just have you
pushing papers in the back.
Well, thank you, Karen.
GHOST: That's definitely my vision for Andre.
Kid's got a lot of potential.
KAREN: I got to run.
I'll see you later on for the final walk-through with Dad?
Wouldn't miss it for the world.
You have our full support
in your breach-of-duty investigation
of my Lobos task force, MJ.
If someone leaked details accidentally,
I guarantee they're gonna cooperate.
We have no reason to believe the Lobos escape
was a breach of duty.
This was a purposeful leak of information.
We're here to investigate criminal conspiracy.
Mr. Sandoval, if you'll excuse us.
We'll be interviewing you shortly.
I thought I'd be part of the debrief of the task force.
Everybody on the task force is on the suspect list.
MJ: Only way to get off that list is to talk with us.
It's not personal.
Mike, go on ahead. I'll take it from here.
Lobos escaped, and he got himself killed
by a traitor in his own ranks.
I admit someone on our side had to be sloppy,
but it's a far cry from intent.
It's breach of duty at best.
No, actually, it's criminal conspiracy to commit murder.
Lobos is dead,
and the cell phone found on his person
links us to this office.
Lobos's burner cell received its very first and very last call
just moments before his estimated time of death
from a number ending in 6453.
We pulled the records for that phone.
Turns out that that number made multiple calls
to only one other number ending in 0148.
These are prepaid burner cells,
but we're able to follow the call pattern.
The 0148 number pinged a cell tower near Teterboro.
Can you guess which tower pinged the 6453 number?
The one right on top of this building.
- Shit. - My thoughts exactly.
Someone in this building was involved with the Lobos escape,
and the only people with relevant information
were on this task force.
One of your people is dirty, David,
and I'm gonna find out which one.
We get a new connect, and now fucking Ghost is back in?
[ scoffs ] What's that mean for me?
It means you still got a job. Give me a fucking break, J.
It's been a minute, man.
Yeah, I wonder why.
Look, man, I was just doing what I had to do.
All right, playboy. [ chuckles ]
I ain't working with that Tony the Tiger-lookin' motherfucker Dre.
No Dre, got it.
We can't talk here, Tommy. Let's rap outside, all right?
Stay here, J. We good.
- What's up, man? - It's good.
Ghost get you off the streets, huh?
- Shit, hell, yeah, man. - You back in too?
It's not looking like it.
So you take care of it?
You never came back to the warehouse.
Guess you didn't need any help with Angela?
I handled it.
She still breathing?
Tommy, I ain't under her roof,
which means I ain't under her radar--it's over.
So you dumped a female government agent.
Why don't you give me a little warning
before I get arrested this time?
Tommy, Angela's not coming after us, man.
The Lobos task force is over.
Yeah, till they find the body,
but we'll probably be chunks in Milan's shit by then,
so it don't matter anyway.
Would you please check your attitude, man?
I'm serious. You're gonna get us both killed.
Tommy, Milan should've killed us.
We don't even know what game we're playing here.
We got to stick together,
until we know how to play him
or until he slips up, then we get him.
What if he don't slip up?
Everyone does eventually.
Hey, you need me to go along for whatever's going down?
No, you good, Andre. Just hang back, all right?
Not him.
You good, T?
Just go back to the spot. Check out the new product.
I'll meet you there, after all this bullshit.
[ tense music ]
Tariq, come on! Let's go.
Oh, my God.
All Dr. Hong wants to do is talk about my feelings.
- It's so stupid. - I know, baby.
But you only have two more sessions to finish,
and you can go back to school.
Don't you want to see your father at Career Day?
No. And you hate him too, so why do you even care?
Riq, come here.
I do not hate your father.
Yes, you do. God, you're such a fucking liar, just like him.
Boy, you better get your black ass
to your room right now!
You lost your goddamn mind!
Ghost, I need you to call me back
as soon as you get this message.
You better come over here and talk to your child
before I kill him my damn self.
You've been interviewed by the OPR before, haven't you?
When Lobos's California distro was murdered in your custody,
along with two marshals?
I was investigated, as a formality, and cleared.
But I was never a suspect.
There was no indication I was involved.
I had none of the markers of being compromised--
no sudden increase in wealth, points of pressure,
or connections to criminals or criminal activity.
So you know nothing about the cell phone
found at the Lobos murder scene?
No, I don't know about the phone.
I don't know anything about what happened to Lobos
after the caravan was hit.
Let's talk about that,
the logistics of Lobos's transfer.
It says here that after Lobos agreed to flip on the Jimenez,
you got the official request from DC?
I got the request,
but Valdes filed the paperwork.
Yes, Mike told me about the transfer request
and asked me to file the paperwork.
It's only your signature on the documents.
Did you keep a copy of the transfer order
for your own records, take it home maybe?
I filed the paperwork and left all copies here, ma'am.
We were under strict orders that all documents
associated with the John Doe prosecution of Lobos
were not to leave the building.
But you're not a big fan of the rules, right, Valdes?
I mean, using a minor to identify
a dangerous narcotics suspect?
Turning a sex offender into a criminal informant?
You break the rules all the time.
Where were you when you learned that Lobos had escaped?
I was in the van with Felipe Lobos when we were ambushed.
You survived the shot to the chest.
- Two, Agent Donovan. LANCE: Your vest protected you,
but I've been thinking,
why didn't they shoot you in the head?
MJ: You claimed in your report
that the Lobos escape was an inside job.
There's not a doubt in my mind.
What makes you say that?
DONOVAN: Agent Knox reported that Lobos
anticipated the hit on the caravan
and that the men that helped him to escape
knew where to find the GPS tracker.
Agent Donovan, you weren't originally assigned
to this task force.
Why were you brought on the case?
Did you request more involvement with Lobos?
No, Agent Donovan, there was an incident
between Knox and an AUSA on the task force.
Angela and Greg had a romantic relationship.
They thought it was a secret, but everybody knew.
It ended. I don't know. I don't care.
I can't really speak to their interpersonal problems.
Probably because you're too distracted
with interpersonal problems of your own.
I-I-I never bring my issues to the office.
I'm not sure there's enough space in here
for what you're into.
[ chuckles ]
you guys--you keep a file on that?
We keep a file on everything.
Tell us what happened with Knox and Valdes, Mr. Saxe.
All I know is Greg was suspended
because Angela accused him of stalking her.
Then one day Greg's waltzing in with Vibora Ruiz,
and he's back on the task force like he never left.
Valdes had no objection to Knox's return to the task force,
and Ruiz was a valuable asset for the Lobos case.
He would only work with Agent Knox. I had no choice.
Did you ever speak of the John Doe prosecution
of Felipe Lobos outside of the task force?
- No. - No.
- No. - No.
Uh, I was in communication with Agent Knox
while he was suspended,
but I never told him about our John Doe prosecution.
I follow protocol.
I was being a nice guy.
Knox was a little fucked up, over-focused on the case...
on Valdes, really, but it was on the case.
MJ: Can you tell me why you were so eager to obtain Mr. Ruiz,
even though you were suspended?
- I wanted justice. - For?
Myself. I had a theory, and Ruiz could prove
that I was right and that I didn't deserve my suspension.
So you weren't following AUSA Valdes
during your suspension?
Oh, no, I was.
I was following her, but only because I thought
she was involved with our suspects.
I mean, how the hell else did she have
the right address for the Lobos meet?
An anonymous tip.
You initially reported
that you had an unofficial tail placed on him.
An anonymous tip would've seemed unreliable.
I needed to convince Mike to move the team
in a short amount of time.
- So you lied. - I lied. We got our guy.
Back to your rules problem again.
Shouldn't we be talking about how to find Lobos?
If we could extradite him--
We know where Lobos is.
That's not the problem.
Felipe Lobos is dead.
Oh, fuck.
MIKE: Lobos had many enemies.
I'm not at all surprised.
- He was killed. - Murdered, yes.
- You seem upset. - Of course I'm upset.
I had hopes for the future...
that we would find Lobos and try him,
but now that's completely fucked.
[ breathes deeply ]
Can I have a break?
You sold drugs, saved your money, started a family,
moved to Manhattan, and made investments.
This is the American dream, no?
Then you took from me,
and you killed the head of my network,
and now you are here, enslaved to me.
Yeah, Chefe.
Motherfucker Googled the shit out of you.
Yo, This Is Your Life, you gonna do me next?
Duse, you will distribute to your high-end clientele
as well as oversee your deputy's distribution
to Shin, Cristobal, and Poncho.
I look like a deputy to you?
Yes, Chefe.
- Any questions? TOMMY: I got one.
You really eat people?
You gonna answer my question?
Vladimir said you were simple,
but he liked you anyway.
I cannot comprehend why.
[ exhales deeply ]
[ sighs ]
Used to having the bathroom to yourself, huh?
I guess so. Never thought about it.
I had my own bathroom when I worked criminal at Georgia Northern.
The ladies' was my refuge
from all the eye-fucking and ass-grabbing.
It's not so bad here.
Believe it or not...
I kind of miss those days.
You still got that certain set of skills
that makes them listen to you when you talk.
Turn 40, they turn into Helen Keller.
A word of advice--
take that ass to General Crimes and make a case.
Get a bench before you turn into a pumpkin.
I was thinking...
The Jimenez tried to kill Lobos before
when he was in lockdown, but failed.
Do you think they finally finished the task?
Lobos's murder investigation is not my problem.
And it's not yours either.
But you'll get your answer soon enough.
Eastern District's been assigned
to figure out who pulled the trigger.
And when they do, it's gonna lead them right back here.
So how the fuck he know about this place?
I know about everything.
What the mother fuck is this?
There you will find the product
for your primeras as we discussed.
No more Father Callahan.
He runs guns for the...
[ speaking Serbian ]
Fuck the guns.
His kids move a shit-ton of product,
undetected on account of their uniforms.
Ah, getting rid of Callahan is bad for business.
You're right, Tommy. This is business.
Do not fire Callahan.
Kill him.
I ain't gonna kill the motherfucker
just 'cause you say so.
We also have your product, Duse.
I will require you to sell it in your nightclubs.
Surely there's another way to punish him.
[ whispering indistinctly in Serbian ]
What I'm saying is I can push
just as much product in the street,
with fewer consequences.
[ grunting and choking ]
[ neck snaps ]
He did not follow my instructions.
I will require a cashier's check made out to my security company
for the full cost of the product...
by the end of the day.
Chefe, you got to let us pay you double next delivery.
All of our clean money's tied up.
[ American accent ] Karen Bassett will wait, right, James?
Get your men to work.
[ speaking Serbian ]
He knows everything about our business.
He's forcing us to run it instead of just taking it, man.
To what end?
So he don't have to do it.
You heard him. We're his slaves.
Listen, Tommy, all my clean money's tied up.
You got enough to float us?
Nah. But you can have my share.
I ain't paying up front for an untested product.
Milan will have to deal.
Tommy, a man like that doesn't fucking deal.
You see what he just did to his boy?
Once upon a time, you were the one warning me not to cross him.
Now all of a sudden, you all about it?
What the fuck is up with you?
What the fuck is up with you--
rolling over like a little bitch?
You really gonna deal in your club?
All I'm saying is, for now, we got to do what he says.
We wet Callahan, we go to the bank,
we pay the motherfucker, then we sit back,
and we wait to see what our next move is gonna be.
Look, man, I can't get out of this shit alone.
I don't care what the Serbian Hannibal Lecter says, Ghost,
you ain't my fucking boss.
I've been running things since you left.
I'll handle this my own way.
First the gun, now this.
He's just getting worse, Ghost.
If he'll raise a hand to me, the worst is yet to come.
Okay, Tasha, as soon as the boy gets back from therapy,
I'll talk to him, all right? I'll get him straight.
Yeah, well, good thing,
'cause you're the one that got him crooked.
You know, he's still torn up
over the Knicks game you took away.
I told you-- something came up.
Something more important than your son?
I know you ain't gonna tell me what it was.
Do you even know how to tell the truth anymore?
Okay, Tasha. You want the truth?
Here it is. I need your help.
I got the Karen Bassett contract.
The problem is, I'm short on money.
Did you not just brag to me about having the cash
when we were at her hotel?
- What happened? - Some unexpected bills.
[ scoffs ]
So, look, I just need a short-term loan
from the IRA and the kids' trust,
but I can't do it until I get your permission
since you're the co-signatory.
- Mm-mm, no. - What?
I'm not doing it.
Look, Tasha, you know I will have it back to you right away.
Tasha, I would not be standing here in front of you pleading
if I had another option.
Seems to me you got another option.
Shouldn't you be asking that other woman for help?
All that lawyer money she got?
Um, I can't-- I can't ask Angela, okay?
We--we're no longer together. I ended it.
I don't want to get into it right now.
I'm asking you. I need the money.
The tax penalties will be ridiculous.
- No, 'cause we-- - The club shit is speculative.
And I know you, Ghost.
Things go south with the clubs,
you're gonna put all the Lobos cash right into them,
and the kids take a hit.
You'll forget all about putting the money back.
Tasha, I would never steal from the kids.
Those are our kids, all right?
I'm sorry. I'm not betting their future on yours.
Find another way.
Tariq will be back this afternoon.
Oh, fuck, man!
- You lied to me. - What the fuck you talking about?
You said Ghost was out and not fucking with Tommy no more.
What was that I saw out front this morning, then?
Yo, I just found out my own self, man.
I swear to God, I'm not playing you.
You know this nigga-- he always keeps a secret.
I'm out in the cold just like you.
Swear to God.
It's time for you to get inside,
find out what it is he's up to, fast.
I don't know how much longer I can lay in the cut.
You need to get the fuck out of here, man.
There's all kind of eyes watching, all right?
I'll call you. I'll call you.
KAREN: What do you think, Daddy?
Oh, I think the "Stern-vanquisher"
is going to make a fantastic partner.
Thank you, sir.
Hopefully I can parlay that high esteem into a favor.
What is it, James?
I had a misunderstanding with another associate, Karen,
so, unfortunately, I'm gonna need a few more weeks
to come up with the money, but not a big deal.
I will then bring you a wheelbarrow full of cash,
plus the penalty, sir.
What happened? You had the money this morning.
- An unforeseeable reversal. HORATIO: James...
my stockholders are expecting to hear certain numbers
on my earnings report at the end of the quarter,
and I can't deliver it without your cash investment.
It's clear to me you're in no financial shape
to join our group.
He's got till the end of the day, Dad.
I know this means a lot to you, James.
Get the money.
[ sighs ] What is this for?
It's for, um-- I'll tell you later.
Thank you, T.
Tommy, why'd you do that to Holly?
Ghost told me what happened.
He did?
I thought you would've done better than that.
I feel responsible. I told her to tell you.
You knew?
I thought you would've been cool,
but you flipped out, right?
Now she's out there, alone, pregnant with your child.
Probably already halfway to Ohio by now.
Are you gonna at least try to find her?
Listen, if you wait too long, it'll probably be too late.
- I got to get out of here. - You gonna go find her?
Yeah, maybe. I got to deliver this.
Tommy, are you okay?
Call me, okay?
You've accused Valdes of interfering with the Lobos case
to help St. Patrick save his friend Egan from prison.
But that argument doesn't really apply
to Lobos's escape.
Egan's already in the clear.
Right, but she's fucking James St. Patrick.
Maybe he wanted Lobos dead.
Why would St. Patrick want that, Agent Knox?
We have no proof that St. Patrick
is directly involved with Lobos.
And there's no law
against AUSA Valdes having a relationship with him.
So she's just gonna get away with it.
Valdes didn't break the law, Agent Knox.
She broke your heart.
Isn't that why you wanted back on the task force,
to catch Valdes?
And then when you couldn't, maybe you snapped.
Maybe you set up Lobos's murder,
thinking you could pin all this on her,
get back at her for ruining your career,
for falling in love with somebody else.
You keep saying there's an inside man.
Maybe it's you.
That's ridiculous.
Yeah, maybe, uh... [ sniffs ]
Maybe Mike shouldn't have let me back on the team.
Maybe I was a little too intense.
But that doesn't mean I'm wrong.
Look into Angela. You'll find the proof.
She's involved.
[ door closes ]
I want back in, Ghost.
I know you're back in, so don't deny it.
I didn't want to bring you into all of this.
I wanted more for you, Andre.
What about what I want for me?
Let's take a walk.
[ dance music plays ]
Look, I lied to you about the La Araña card, all right?
I thought it was Lobos, but it was actually Dean.
The security dude?
Yeah, he's been posing as security this whole time,
turns out to be Vladimir's old connect, Milan.
Hold on, wait--hold on.
The nigga that eats people?
Yeah, look, we robbed him. He's pissed.
He's forcing me and Tommy to replace Vladimir.
We got to come up with legit cash up front,
which is why I can't pay Karen.
So that's why you're back in.
But I'm not staying. I need your help.
If you help me get rid of Milan,
I'll give you half the street business, along with Tommy.
I can't do it alone. You in, or you not?
Look, man, you know Tommy not fucking with me, man.
Fuck all that.
You let me take care of that.
Are you in?
What's our next move, man?
I need you to make an anonymous tip about a missing person--
Tatiana Boriskaya.
I'll get the cops to handle the rest.
You're right. You're the only one on your task force
who has none of the markers of a mole.
So why am I still sitting here?
All day I've been racking my brain with that very question.
I think I've come up with a reason.
You want to hear it?
Whoever helped escape Lobos had a history with him.
Did you know that you have worked the Lobos case
longer than any AUSA or agent
in the entire Department of Justice?
If I had a working relationship with Lobos,
wouldn't that mean I'd want to see him escaped and alive?
In my experience, familiarity breeds contempt.
MJ, you're a lawyer. I'm a lawyer.
We're trained to evaluate risk-- the worst-case scenario.
If I planned to have Lobos killed and it went wrong,
how long would I survive?
How long would my family survive?
Someone on this task force took exactly that risk.
If not you, who?
You must have a thought, an instinct.
I'm not going to throw my people under the bus.
[ chuckles ]
You want to be on this side of the table?
You want to get cleared? Help us.
I'll see that Main Justice hears about your cooperation.
Agent Knox thinks Valdes is involved.
He's got an axe to grind with her, but you don't.
Could he be right?
[ tense music ]
How much do you know about Angela's relationship
with James St. Patrick?
[ distant rustling ]
I just came to pick up some things.
I was just packing them for you.
You really fucked up. You know that.
Paz, your sister will soon see
that I was just trying to take care of her, all right?
- I was trying to protect her. - Protect her?
Who teaches you men that bullshit?
She loved you. She would have done anything for you.
Yeah, I know.
You know she's always been the smart one,
and now because of you, she's doubting herself
about everything, even work.
She's being questioned there as we speak, over some fuck-up.
They practically dragged her out of here
by her hair this morning.
Look, Paz, I ain't a bad man, all right?
- I'm just-- - A man.
You got enough pussy. You got bored. You moved on.
I get it.
Get out.
If I ever catch you near my sister again,
I'll kill you with my bare hands.
[ speaking Spanish ]
"I wish I were there too. Love you, Jamie."
Agent Knox would kill to read those texts.
You know he thinks you helped St. Patrick to escape Lobos.
He also said the men that attacked the transfer
knew about Lobo's GPS tracker.
I couldn't have told anyone about that.
I didn't know about the tracker until after they were hit.
Can you prove you didn't know?
- No, but-- - Yeah, it's kind of hard
to prove a negative.
But it's all right.
I think Agent Knox is dead wrong about you.
Thank you.
I think St. Patrick used you, just like he did before.
I did not leak, lose, or transmit any information
regarding Lobos's trial or transfer.
He put your career at risk to help Egan walk.
You forgave him, took him back,
and now Lobos is dead.
You got duped again, sweetie. Love will do that to you.
This has nothing to do with love.
It has everything to do with love.
[ chuckles ]
We are as strong as they are--hell, stronger--
till we fall in love and lose focus.
Then we fuck shit up, and they know it.
When St. Patrick looked at you, he didn't see a future judge,
future Attorney General.
He saw a typical woman-- a sucker.
He's the sucker, not me.
He didn't play me. I played him.
I knew he was in touch with Egan,
so I cloned his phone while he slept in our hotel room.
That's a federal offense.
You're saying you slept with St. Patrick to get Lobos?
Lobos would've slipped right through our fingers again
if it weren't for me using
my special set of skills to track Egan.
Agent Knox couldn't find Lobos.
Mike was sure he had the right location,
and Saxe was just along for the ride.
They got it wrong. I got it right.
Every action I've ever taken, ethical or in the gray,
has been to mount Lobos's head on a wall,
and I dare you to find any evidence to the contrary.
I'll have to admit-- I'm impressed.
Thank you for your cooperation, Angela.
You're free to go.
We need to talk to James St. Patrick.
Tommy? We didn't have a meeting scheduled today, did we?
This about that thing you were worried about before?
I found a way around it.
[ chuckles ] See? Prayer works.
My life was good...
real good.
And then everything got fucked up.
All I wanted was for everything to go back to the way it was.
And I don't know if I prayed, but I wished.
And it came true...
but not the way I wanted.
I want to take it all back.
I made a huge mistake,
and there's nothing I can do to fix it.
We can't receive God's forgiveness
unless we forgive ourselves.
Why would I ever want to forgive myself?
[ safety clicks ]
My new connect don't want you running guns
for the Albanians no more.
Those guns paid for the soup kitchen.
Then have a fucking bake sale.
He's a crazy motherfucker, and he's gonna kill you
if you don't stop running them guns.
- Tommy, I can't just stop-- - Let me save your life, Father.
Let me do this one good thing.
Okay, no more guns.
Te voy a empacar sus cosas, Angelita.
Gracias, Paz.
Good evening.
I'm calling on behalf of Mr. St. Patrick.
You live uptown. This ain't uptown.
I don't know why you think you can keep showing up at my place.
Were you with Jamie at the Odette Hotel night before last?
That's none of your business.
If you are covering for him,
you could be charged as an accomplice
in a conspiracy to commit murder.
If you are found guilty, you will lose your kids.
You will lose your home. You will lose everything.
If you lie, I can't protect you.
What's it gonna be?
[ sighs ]
No, you're right.
My husband did murder something
when we were at the Odette the other night.
Shoot, who am I telling? You know how he is with it.
Nearly broke my damn back.
That's not true.
He wasn't there.
He was killing Felipe Lobos,
and don't pretend you don't know who that is.
Ghost and I fucked, sweetie, all night.
Matter of fact, he's upstairs right now.
You want to call him and ask him for yourself?
How could you take him back?
I am his wife and the mother of his children.
I never lost him.
So, whatever you think he did the other night, he was with me.
You were a midlife crisis, Angela.
Crisis over.
[ muttering indistinctly ]
You used to live in my apartment when you was young?
A friend of mines did. I was a block over.
Oh. One second, sweetie.
Take all the time you need.
[ cell phone vibrating ]
What you got?
Yo, G's crazy, dog.
Got me calling in anonymous tips and shit.
Sounds familiar.
So you know Vladimir's connect, Milan, right?
Yeah, the motherfucker took over Ghost's business
right under his nose.
He needs my help to get out from under.
I think he's scared, B.
Yo, I seen him scared before.
That ain't good for nobody. Watch your back.
Here we go.
Hold on.
I sure do appreciate you helping me.
[ grunts ]
What are you doing to me?
You no good piece of shit!
[ crying out ]
[ muffled cries ]
I'm back.
Yo, what's the plan, man?
KANAN: It's already in motion.
I'm gonna give this nigga a history lesson,
take him back in time.
[ ominous music ]
I wasn't even trying to hit her, Dad.
I was just trying to stop her from hitting me.
Sit up.
Listen to me.
You do not have the right to put hands on your mother,
no matter what.
You owe her an apology for your behavior.
Remember, we talked about it.
Real men apologize.
So you want me to apologize to her
like I did to your side bitch, right?
What the fuck did you just say to me, little motherfucker?
Say it!
You made dinner plans in my house without telling me?
[ American accent ] Tasha, you've already been introduced.
James, you remember Tatiana.
She used to work at Truth.
Good to see you again, Tatiana.
Yes. It's nice to see you too.
Um, let me help you with those.
Kids, dinner!
Just the adults, Tash.
No, I brought enough for the children.
TASHA: Tatiana, you can come with me.
- You have a beautiful home. - Thank you.
Why are you here?
[ normal voice ] You were looking for Tatiana, were you not?
I considered it an invitation to bring her to dinner.
It was very smart, but I warned you.
[ American accent ] You must be Raina.
I'm Dean. I work for your father.
RAINA: Nice to meet you. MILAN: Nice to meet you too.
Hey, Tariq. How you doing?
Hi, Dean.
Come on, children, let's have a meal.
MILAN: I told James I wanted to meet the family
of my most important client.
Family's important to him,
and what's important to him is important to me.
James. James.
Please, join us.
Come on.
And how you rolled ov--
And that shit with the cinnamon was so bad that you made.
[ humming a tune ]
[ vehicle approaching ]
[ car doors open, close ]
What's up, big boy? You want a piece of this?
[ Taser clicking, Tommy grunting ]
[ ominous music ]
[ normal voice ] You made the right choice,
paying me instead of Karen.
But I still need you
to find a way to make the deal work.
Karen called it off. Deal's over.
No, she likes you and your three clubs.
Find a way.
I'm looking forward
to having you selling my product in her hotels.
I'm not gonna sell drugs in my clubs.
It's too risky.
I'm in your home, with your family.
That is risk.
You have too many attachments.
Attachments make you vulnerable,
but you have made vulnerability your strength.
[ exhales deeply ]
Think of them
the next time you want to betray me.
[ speaking Serbian ]
He really thought I was dead.
[ elevator bell dings ]
You have everything to lose, Duse.
[ American accent ] Nice to meet you.
Pleasure to meet you. Take care.
MILAN: Thank you.
What the fuck is going on, Ghost?
What a fucking day.
I mean, first your bitch comes by--
Whoa, whoa. Angela came here?
Yes. I alibied you.
- She knows about Lobos. - Shit.
Is that why you got us up here?
No, I got us up here because fucking Milan might be listening.
Milan? Who the fuck is Milan?
Dean. Dean, who we just had dinner with, Tasha.
He might be the most dangerous man I ever met.
More dangerous than Kanan?
Kanan was a street thug.
Milan's a whole nother level.
[ grunts, breathing heavily ]
Off me, motherfuckers! Come on!
Kill him.
[ ominous music ]
[ speaking Serbian ]
[ punches landing, men grunting ]
Come on.
So you're telling me that he hovered over you
this whole time just 'cause you killed Vladimir?
Why didn't he just kill you? What the fuck does he want?
He wants me to suffer.
What are we gonna do?
I think Milan made a mistake today.
I'm gonna use it to get us out.
[ punches landing, Tommy grunting ]
[ wheezing ]
Callahan called off the Albanians.
A tolerable compromise, but not what I asked.
Vladimir was mistaken.
You are not simple...
but you are disobedient.
[ groans ]
Why do you want to die, Tommy?
Oh, this is about the girl.
[ quietly ] Don't.
Just fucking do it.
I was wrong. You have immense value.
You have nothing to lose, Tommy.
This is the best time to be alive.
[ knocking on door ]
I can't stay long.
I might have been followed.
Yeah, Paz told me that they brought you in for questioning.
You want to know if I gave you up.
No, I want to know if you're okay.
No, Jamie.
I'm not okay.
You killed Lobos,
and the DOJ thinks I participated.
I need you to help me prove that I'm innocent.
What are you talking about?
Someone gave you information about Lobos' transfer
so that you could hit the caravan and kill him.
I need to know who that was.
I need to know who told you where he would be.
You used me.
As soon as you got rid of him you got rid of me.
Admit it.
[ grunts ] Get--
Don't-- Get the fuck off me!
I'm not wearing a fucking wire.
And how am I supposed to know that?
Because if you go down, I go down.
I told you Lobos was alive.
That makes me technically part of the criminal conspiracy
to commit this murder.
I didn't tell you where he would be.
I didn't know.
That's why you have to help me find who the real leak is.
Who was it?
I don't know what you're talking about, Angela.
Eastern District is investigating the murder.
If they figure out it was you, it's gonna trace back to me.
[ distant siren wailing ]
You're gonna let me get the death penalty
for something I didn't do.
Angie, don't say that.
[ inhales deeply ]
You told me you didn't love me anymore,
but you lied.
You never loved me.
Angie, I do love you. You know I love you.
I'll fix this.
The only way to fix this
is to tell me who helped you.
Who helped you, Jamie?
Who told you where Lobos would be?
If whoever murdered Lobos had inside information,
I don't know who he or she got it from.
Find out.
Angie, don't go.
[ door slams ]
[ sighs ]
[ MDWS's "Circles" ]
MAN: * I've been having trouble sleepin' *
* 'Cause all I think about is you *
* It's all I know how to do *
* I've been having trouble thinkin' *
* 'Cause all you are
* And how you played me like a fool *
* Hurts so bad, but got me hooked *
* In another year
* I'll be waiting here
* So you can figure it out
* In another life
* You were satisfied
* Always running around in circles *
* Around in circles
* In circles