Power (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 3 - I Got This on Lock - full transcript

Ghost sees an opportunity to take the clubs to the next level, but the past may catch up to him; Tommy joins Tasha in a scheme, while dealing with an uncontrollable contact.

Previously on Power...
- Felipe Lobos is alive. - What?
He survived the attack in prison.
- You talked to Lobos? - He thinks the Jimenez ordered the attack.
You're safe. I guess Ghost really is dead.
I have made promises because of our deal.
If I had more drugs, I would gladly take more of your money, but I don't.
- Stay for dinner. - Enjoy some of our services.
Slow your roll, tiger.
There'll be time for that.
Kill Fantasma and become
my sole distributor
or I will kill the both of you.
Ordered me to kill Ghost, and since I didn't do it,
he's coming after us.
I know you can kill Ghost.
I hear you have a problem.
Apparently, I can help.
♪ They say this is a big, rich town ♪
♪ I just come from the poorest part ♪
♪ Bright lights, city life ♪
♪ I gotta make it, this is where it goes down ♪
♪ I just happen to come up hard ♪
♪ Legal or illegal, baby, I gotta make it ♪
♪ I never took a straight path nowhere ♪
♪ Life's full of twists and turns, bumps and bruises ♪
♪ I live, I learn ♪
♪ I'm from that city full of yellow cabs and skyscrapers ♪
♪ It's hard to get a start in these parts without paper ♪
♪ Homey, I grew up in hell, a block away from heaven ♪
♪ That corner every 15 minutes, they moving seven ♪
♪ Pure snow, bag it, then watch it go ♪
♪ Occupational options, get some blow or some hos ♪
♪ Shoot the ball or the strap, learn to rap or to jack ♪
♪ Fuck it, man, in the meantime ♪
♪ Go head and pump a pack ♪
♪ This my regal, royal flow, my James Bond bounce ♪
♪ That 007, that's 62 on my count ♪
♪ I'm an undercover liar, I lie under the covers ♪
♪ Look a bitch in the eyes and tell her, baby, I love ya ♪
♪ You're my inspiration, you're my motivation ♪
♪ You're the reason that I'm moving with no hesitation ♪
♪ They say this is a big, rich town ♪
♪ Yeah, I just come from the poorest part ♪
♪ Bright lights, city life ♪
♪ I gotta make it, this is where it goes down ♪
♪ Oh, yeah, yeah ♪
♪ I just happen to come up hard ♪
♪ Legal or illegal, baby, I gotta make it ♪♪
- ♪ We need money ♪ ♪ We need money ♪
♪ Talking about money, money, money ♪
♪ Need some money, money, money ♪
♪ We need some money ♪
Move, nigga, and clear out the fucking register.
All the money, all the money. What the fuck?
Open the register, son. The fuck you doing?
Open up the fuckin' register.
Okay, stop fucking talking and move, bro.
Stop fucking doing the back. Open up the fucking register.
Hurry the fuck up, bro. I swear to God.
Do you not see this shit in your face? What are you doing?
Put that shit in the fucking bag.
Wookie. Wookie, what the fuck are you doing?
We ain't supposed to do shit like this.
Motherfucker, I need money.
Shut the fuck up and go watch the goddamn door.
Give me the Oxy. Give me the Adderall.
- Wook, come on. - Move.
Oxy, all that shit. Hurry up. Everything you have, nigga.
- Shut the fuck up. - Move.
Let's get the hell out of here. Come on.
- Fuck are you doing, man? - Look, come on, man. Let's get the hell out of here.
Freeze! Don't fucking move.
Lower your weapon slowly.
Drop the weapon now.
What the fuck you doing?
You supposed to be watching the door.
Sir, is there anyone else in the store with you?
No, I'm working alone, so I triggered the silent alarm.
You already triggered the alarm?
- Yeah. - I wish you hadn't done that.
Shoot this motherfucker.
How many times have I told y'all
not to do a job without a plan?
If I wanted to be somebody's mama,
I'd have had kids of my own.
Let me explain, yo. I was just--
I got this. Get the fuck out of here.
Dumb motherfucker.
You made me do this shit to you.
♪ Talking about mooley mooley moolah ♪♪
Car 41805.
We got a 10-13.
Shots fired at 1462 Alabama Ave southeast.
Officer-involved shooting.
Two victims down.
Officer LaVerne Ganner shot and killed the suspect
after he gunned down the night clerk
at this family-owned pharmacy.
Both men were pronounced dead at the scene.
Officer Ganner is an eight-year veteran of the department.
She is a member of the National Black Police Association.
The media relation liaison made Officer Ganner
available earlier for a brief statement.
I am sorry that I arrived too late...
Good day at the office, huh, Jukebox?
These motherfuckers.
I think of the plight of our young black men
here in D.C. and all over the nation.
Too many of our boys end up in prison or dead.
There was no surveillance tape on scene,
- so police would like to... - Thanks for the tea.
Hear from anyone who was in the area at the time.
Officer Ganner said an additional suspect...
What are we gonna do now?
Fled the scene with stolen pharmaceuticals
Same as planned.
We're just a man down. Wookie couldn't be trusted, anyway.
Always putting himself first.
You got the mustard?
Yeah, it's right there.
What about ole boy?
I'm not so sure about him, either.
Have you heard anything?
He been in and out since you brought him here
from the hospital.
Not a peep from his fine ass all day.
♪ Work on 'em, put a little work on 'em ♪
♪ Trigger finger in the air, I put a little dirt on 'em ♪♪
Come here.
Mm. I'm not falling for it.
- Falling for what? - You just don't want me to beat you.
What, are we in high school here?
My track coach would love this.
You still trying to beat me.
- The girls couldn't run.
How else was I supposed to get faster?
- Good point. - I got tired of coming in first in the slow lane.
Jamie, you think it went all right with the kids?
Got to come in first there, too, huh, Ang?
I don't know.
I think it went great.
You know? We'll work it out.
We'll make it work, and we'll be a family.
That's what I want.
Well, we'll have everything we want,
'cause where there's a will, there's a way,
and you and me are the most willful motherfuckers I ever met.
Speaking of getting everything you want.
Things all right at the club?
You left me alone with the kids the first time they came over.
Must have been important.
Sorry about that. Won't happen again.
No, I liked it, but everything worked out okay, though, right?
Come on. Are you kidding me?
It's me.
I got everything on lock.
Matter of fact, I'm feeling so good,
maybe I'll give you a head start back to your apartment.
I'm gonna win anyway, of course.
- Challenge accepted. - All right.
Okay, Miss Thing. You got 60 seconds.
Why the fuck you drag us all the way out here?
We need new paperwork to cover the new business.
And what business is that?
- Hair weaves? - Oh, shit.
Yes, hair weaves.
I got a hair connect who'll give us a great price if we pay in cash.
Okay, but how do we actually clean the money?
Make it legit?
Babe, dope money is dirty.
The good thing is that it's cash,
which makes it untraceable.
We're gonna use this dirty cash
to buy hair in bulk at a wholesale price,
then sell it to other salons at double what we paid for it,
but money coming from other salons is clean.
How do you know the other salons will buy from you?
They won't have a choice, sweetie.
Our prices'll be lower than anything on the streets.
We dummy the receipts, make it look like the money
was coming from my initial investment.
Looks like Tommy and I sold out the wash-and-folds
and went into hair for a living.
- Which is what we did. - Right.
I mean, from there, it's just about generating enough receipts
to keep up with the amount of cash coming in.
Which is what you'll teach me how to do.
Yeah, and to deal with the bank.
I mean, we're fine now,
since you just got product in the pipeline,
but soon, we're gonna need to open up more salons
to keep up with the cash.
That's where LaKeisha comes in.
Instead of just doing hair, we're gonna start
selling it too.
We sell wholesale to the competition,
and then we sell retail to your customers,
double and tripling the profits.
Then we'll make enough money to expand.
Open up a new location.
A new location?
Yeah, and then a new one,
another one, a franchise.
You gonna be the McDonald's of weaves.
I hope you're right, T.,
'cause if so, we both gonna be rich as shit.
And then maybe I can buy you something for once.
It's nice having you here, girl.
Thanks for doing this with me.
Tommy, it's me again, man.
Look, I dropped by your crib.
Get at me.
♪ All these girls want is a little respect ♪
♪ Good sex and nigga with a check ♪
♪ It's all they really want ♪
♪ Oh, oh ♪
♪ All these girls want is a little respect ♪
♪ Good sex and a nigga with a check ♪
♪ That's all they really want ♪
- Fuck. ♪ Last nigga bought her six pair of Loubs ♪
♪ Oh, no ♪
♪ Living good, she ain't got nothing to lose ♪
You have a good time?
♪ Yeah, she used to getting anything she wants ♪
Fuck, girl. Hell yeah. You are a professional.
♪ That's the only way to please her ♪♪ - Jesus.
You look good.
You so big.
Don't need to buy girl.
Fuck, I'm not gonna pass up on it, either,
especially if she look like you.
Where are you from?
- Seoul, Korea. - Uh-huh.
- You like Korean girl? - Shit.
Well, that's what I'm supposed to say...
but really, I'm from Fort Lee.
No shit.
You want some?
No. No, I'm good, Ms. Fort Lee.
Didn't you do some of that shit before we started?
Don't worry, I'm a big girl.
This stuff is weak as shit, anyway.
Where'd you get that shit from?
He gives it to all the girls when they have customers.
Yo, T.
Yo, holla at me ASAP, dog.
Brought your gimp ass a cane.
Is that because I look crippled to you?
Pitiful's more like it.
Like you ain't been eating or some shit.
Go on that Black Panther diet.
I don't fuck with no white shit.
No potatoes, no rice, no pasta, not even bread.
Yeah, well, beggars can't be choosers,
especially when you're in your condition.
I'll be a'ight when I get back on my feet.
Pass me them pills.
Not until you tell me why you're here.
Come on, we already went over this shit at the hospital.
I ain't talking about the lie we told the doctors
to get you treated.
I want to know the truth.
Why'd I have to drive up to New York to get your ass
and bring you back to D.C.?
I got in a fight with some niggas,
wound up bleeding out on the side of the road.
What niggas?
Territory beef.
Guess they won.
I ain't giving you shit
till you be real with me
and tell me what's really going on.
Now, quit bullshitting, Jukebox.
Shit ain't fucking funny.
Half my side busted in here, man.
Deal with it.
Give me my shit.
My pills.
Thank you for meeting with me on such short notice.
Karen, don't be silly. It's our pleasure.
I still have to talk to my team about the financials,
but you guys seem great.
Well, so do you.
Oh, sorry, mate. Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Could we get the check?
Sir, your bill's already been paid.
By who?
Gentlemen, I wanted to personally thank you
for your unsavory business practices,
so I called your assistant,
and, uh, she told me where you were having dinner.
We got to fire her.
No, I can't fire her. I'm fucking her.
- Thank you for dinner, Mister... - St. Patrick.
I'm James St. Patrick, and you are...
Karen Bassett.
You're welcome for dinner, and lovely to meet you.
Did you call my assistant as well?
No, I didn't. I actually recognize you.
Your family's hotel group
just opened a property in Saint Bart's,
but now you're branching out on your own, right?
- Right. - We're in the middle of something right now, mate.
Uh, why don't you pop by our place tomorrow
and we'll finish our discussion, yeah?
Ms. Bassett, I don't know what your interest in these two is,
but a friendly piece of advice:
Watch the company you keep.
Okay, let's, uh--
Dinner's over. Let's go.
It is over.
Have a great rest of your night.
Pleasure to meet you. Thank you.
So it's not a true four-bedroom.
It's more of a three-bedroom with a maid's room.
The last one is still a toddler,
so the maid's might be fine for now.
What did you say your husband...
Boyfriend does for a living?
He's a nightclub owner.
Good, sounds like he can afford the place.
No, no, I'll be paying for half.
Well, maybe a little less than half.
All right, well, here's the application.
Fill it out, and we can get the process started.
Welcome to your new life.
What's that smell?
It's burning hair. You'll get used to it.
Come on.
Hey, what's up, girl?
What's up, Tash?
Trying to get shit set up, so...
this is Tommy's girlfriend Holly.
She's gonna be helping me with the books.
- Nice to meet you. So I wanted you guys to meet.
What's up?
Uh, where's your bathroom?
Last door on the right.
Ms. Davis, go ahead and meet me at the washbowl, all right?
I'll be there in a second.
Hold up. Ain't that the bitch who stole your earrings?
- 'Keisha-- - Don't "'Keish" me.
- You're the one who brought her in here. - It's fine.
I'm telling you right now,
if that bitch tries to steal a motherfucking thing
out this shop, I'ma beat her flat ass.
She know why I'm here?
She don't know shit,
and it's gonna stay that way,
'cause you're gonna keep your mouth shut.
That way, if shit ever goes down,
'Keisha can say she ain't know nothing,
and it'll be the truth.
Plausible deniability. I get it.
Guys, let's make sure we have someone
on the front and back entrances of the club at all times.
Dean, can I get a word?
- Absolutely, Mr. St. Patrick. - Gentlemen.
Look, does your firm provide personal security?
Like, if you do, could you also still secure my three clubs?
Of course. Is it personal detail for you?
- Yeah. - Has someone threatened you?
Mm, club business.
I got in a feud with some rival club owners. You know, it could get messy.
Okay, well, my men would have no problem looking after you.
They're professionals. And for a price, of course.
I'd expect nothing less.
Excuse me.
This is a pleasant surprise, I must say.
- Can I get you a drink? - No, thank you.
I'm not accustomed to people interrupting me during dinner.
But I must say, I was impressed
with the way you handled yourself.
Well, you know, can't spank kids these days.
Got to put 'em in time out, you know?
Stern should have spanked you, then,
for taking back this club as well as Verbatim and Strive.
Look at you doing your homework.
I heard Madeline Stern got a few clubs in the divorce.
I met her. She's not the working type.
I guess you two had a symbiotic relationship?
We had a common enemy.
Why are you meeting with the toddlers across the street?
Mutual friends.
- And they're hot right now. - Hmm.
I'm planning to refurbish an old apartment building,
turn it into a luxe eco-hotel.
I'd love to get a bar or club inside.
I was on the verge of signing Andy and Alby.
Until I showed up.
And now I'm not so sure.
I'm gonna take the next few weeks to examine
you and them individually,
as well as the portfolios of your nightclubs.
But I got to get to know you personally
as well as professionally. I know you can run a club,
and I know you can do a deal, but who is James St. Patrick?
- That is the question. - Precisely.
What you see is what you get.
I'm as real as they come.
You burn yourself cooking, or what?
Don't worry. I don't bite.
I'm a RN at D.C. General.
That's how I met your cousin.
You got to start cleaning your wounds
and doing hand exercises
so your skin don't tighten.
You don't want to lose use of it.
Not even gonna try one for me?
I need my meds.
Jukebox says you can't have any.
What she says goes.
That girl been trying to boss people around since we was kids.
Y'all must have been pretty tight.
I never seen her let anybody stay here.
She owes me.
I was there for her when her daddy...
kicked her out for the way she is.
You her...
But I like niggas too.
What's that you're drinking?
Texas tea.
You want to try a little?
It might make you feel better.
That don't taste like no damn tea.
It grows on you after a few sips.
So you told Jukebox to move
to D.C. and accept who she really is.
That's probably why she looks up to you so much.
She don't look up to me.
If she looked up to me, she wouldn't be no damn cop.
Must have been some real bad shit
go down between you and whoever jumped you.
You ain't been outside that long.
Might be a little history there.
Is there gonna be a rematch?
- Fuck yeah.
I'm just too fucked up...
to go at Ghost.
I mean, ghosts.
'Keisha's definitely got your back.
I saw the way she was looking at me.
You must've told her about the earrings.
Why wouldn't I?
You took 'em, didn't you?
Yeah, I did.
Make sure your seatbelt's on.
The police are behind us.
Don't look back. What the fuck are you doing?
- Just chill. - I can't.
I've got all this cash on me.
I thought we were going to make deposits at the bank.
Just close your bag
and act normal, okay?
Good evening, ma'am. May I see your license and registration?
I'm stopping you because you made an improper lane change
about a mile and a half back.
I'm so sorry, officer. It's--it's my fault.
Tasha's my nanny.
If she did anything wrong,
it's because I was just rushing her
- to get back to my place. - Sorry, sir.
Me did try to do what me boss say.
Me never realize me never put on the signal.
Use your turn signals next time.
- Oh, I appreciate that, officer. - Okay, watch the road.
- Manners and respect. - Watch the road.
We got it on good authority that the drugs we gave you
have been stepped on and turned to shit.
What business is it of yours once you deliver the product to us?
Technically, it's not, but if you're selling garbage,
someone's gonna get dead, and then the cops come.
They trace this shit. Uh, we both lose.
I can't hear a word over this shit.
Will someone go up there and pull this guy's fucking plug?
I have no knowledge of what you're talking about.
I believe you, and you've been in the game
a lot longer than me, so I ain't gonna tell you
how to run your business, but who's ever doing this
in your organization is actually withholding the extra cash
they're making by selling this diluted product.
If what you say is true,
then this all occurred because you make a promise
and you did not deliver.
We dealing with that drug situation as we speak,
but I need you to right this wrong,
so the two of us can have a long partnership,
making money for years to come.
Don't worry about it.
I will look into it.
If you think we're leaving before this, you're fucking nuts.
♪ I wear my sunglasses at night ♪
♪ So I can, so I can ♪
Me can't believe you made me play
the Driving Miss Daisy routine.
And it worked. It totally fucking worked.
Even though I nearly lost my shit
seeing you go all Miss Cleo.
I've always been good at, you know, doing voices,
imitating people.
I didn't know that.
Holly, there's a lot that we don't know about each other.
- Hmm. - Huh.
Can you do a Tommy impression?
Oh, yeah, I probably can.
All you got to do is make a bunch of faces
and curse every other word.
"Yo, Tash. Yo, Tash.
"I'm about to cancel Christmas on these motherfuckers.
Yeah, you got any more hushpuppies up in here?"
Is that supposed to be me?
Yeah. - I don't fucking sound like that.
"I don't fucking sound like that."
I'm glad you two are getting along so well together
while I'm busting my ass out here.
We're getting shit set up, a'ight?
Actually, we were busy getting pulled over.
We handled it.
It's like we used to say,
they ain't see shit, we ain't say shit...
So it ain't shit.
All right, it's time for me to get home to my kids.
I'll see y'all.
How are they doing with Ghost gone?
Yo, look, baby, she don't want to talk about him.
And you know what? Neither do I.
You know what?
Honestly, this whole situation
has been a bit rough on all of us,
but we're taking it day by day.
I can't believe anyone would do this to their family.
I mean, what'd he do, go get a new apartment or something?
Nah, he moved in with his bitch.
What a dick.
All right. I'm out, y'all.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Holly, don't forget we're gonna meet at the bank
at 9:00 in the morning.
All right, thanks.
You hear that?
Ghost is gonna be at Angela's.
You could get him there.
Yeah, I could.
♪ No rest for the wicked and wily ♪
♪ No stress when we kicking the style-y ♪
♪ Lights flash, all right, tonight laughing ♪
♪ Time meets art, meets work, meets money, meets love ♪
♪ Got to lift the bar and dream bigger for the kids ♪
♪ Who ain't getting enough, because ♪
♪ We right to fight for white light, for the pain ♪
♪ That we tame to maintain the game ♪
♪ Just work, now go berserk ♪
♪ Let a heart pound proud all up in your shirt ♪
♪ Come with me and let the music flirt ♪
♪ Beat big like the universe, I'm Captain Kirk ♪
♪ 'Cause we pounce like a puma, rocking with Luna ♪
♪ Bass in your face, got to keep your composure ♪
- So how was he? - ♪ Get it right ♪
♪ By the light of the moon or get shot ♪♪
- Slow, I bet. - We ain't fuck.
Why not?
That nigga was in no condition to fuck.
So I turned him on to some of that lean.
I'm trying to wean him off the drugs
to get him to come clean.
It got a little good to him.
He said something about getting back at ghosts?
Not ghosts.
He let that book-smart motherfucker beat him?
What else he say?
I did good, right?
You got lucky.
Don't ever go against my wishes again.
Maybe Kanan can't get excited,
but you sure are.
It was a beautiful apartment, Jamie.
- Yeah? - Lots of room for the kids.
- Ah. - Privacy for us.
Sounds good.
- Mm-hmm. - You know what?
I might be able to afford that too.
I had a meeting with Karen Bassett yesterday.
Who's that?
Well, she is a hotelier
who's interested in putting one of my clubs
in a new space she's opening.
I'm talking bigger than Simon Stern.
Who's Simon Stern?
More like international opportunity.
- Beast. - Mm.
Jamie, I think I forgot something at home.
All right, we'll just shoot you back around to your house.
No, no, it's okay. I've got a couple of calls I have to make.
I'll catch up with you after work.
- You sure? - Yeah.
All right, walk safe. Bye.
What the fuck are you still doing following me around?
I wasn't following you.
I was following Ghost.
Oh, God, not again with this shit.
"This shit"?
What are you looking for?
Oh, a gun?
You're gonna shoot me, Angela?
Get the fuck off me before I scream,
NYPD catches you, and I tell Mike you're still stalking me.
Okay, go ahead.
Please, tell the whole department
that you're still fucking the guy
who stole the Isabel Ruiz sketch, Angela.
You're making this too easy.
Moving St. Patrick into your place
like you got carte fucking blanche, really?
He's clean.
Well, that's what he told you, I bet, yeah.
He is...
still up to his old tricks.
This is him outside of Tommy Egan's.
Why would a guy out of the life
drag himself back into it by hanging out
with a known drug dealer?
I bet he didn't tell you he was still talking to Egan.
Aww, Angela.
Trouble in paradise?
So you're following him too.
That would be law enforcement misconduct,
except you're not law enforcement right now, are you?
Back off.
You're right.
I can't out you to Mike,
but if you get caught,
I won't have to.
But for me to get caught, you'd have to warn St. Patrick
that I'm onto him, but I--
I don't think you're gonna do that.
I bet you're afraid of what he might do.
That thing almost looks real.
Bro, it is real.
My mom was about to clean my room,
so I had to find another hiding spot for it.
So you brought it to school? Where'd you even get that thing?
Man, just shut up and help me find a spot to hide it.
Hey, you guys.
Get inside.
What are you doing back here?
You smoking or something?
What? No.
This is AUSA Angela Valdes.
What's going on, T.? Kids all right?
Raina's fine,
but they're saying Tariq brought a gun to school.
A what?
Hell no.
Yeah, well, the gym teacher said
he found Tariq and his friend Calvin outside with it.
Tariq already admitted that the gun was his.
Tariq ain't got no gun.
But you do.
You know I ain't careless enough to leave my shit laying around--
Tell me how else he got it, Tash.
It sure as hell wasn't me.
You kicked me out, remember?
Mr. and Mrs. St. Patrick.
Ms. Chambers, my wife and I-- we profusely apologize.
I don't know how my son got a gun.
We don't allow them in our home at all.
The police told us that the gun is registered
to a Department of Justice employee,
an AUSA named Angela Valdes.
The police want to know...
did he steal it from somewhere?
No, we know who she is.
Tariq has been in fights at school,
and now he's brought a weapon, which, as you know,
is an automatic expulsion, so there really isn't much
of a conversation here.
Oh, there's always a conversation to be had.
Especially at this school.
Mrs. St. Patrick--
Deanna Steinberg's parents had a conversation
when she got caught changing grades in the system.
Shawn Gardner was busted for stealing money out the vending machine.
Those are nonviolent incidents.
Oh, I get it.
The black kid gets expelled,
but Michelle Batten and Jenny West don't,
after they assaulted the girl on the lacrosse team
with their sticks.
Look, Mrs. St. Patrick,
there may be a way to keep Tariq enrolled at this school,
but the requirements will be severe.
Oh, I wouldn't have expected it any other way.
'Riq, wait for me downstairs.
Listen, you were great in there.
And you were no help at all.
How the hell did he get Angela's gun?
I don't know, Tasha. I wasn't there the whole night. I went to--
- What the fuck do you mean, you weren't there? - Tasha.
What do you mean "you weren't there the whole night"?
You left my kids alone with that woman? That was not part of the deal.
Look, I'm sorry, okay? I had to go see Tommy. It was a sudden thing.
I don't give a fuck. You should have brought 'em home first.
But it's a good thing we won't have to have
this conversation again. You know why?
Because my kids won't be staying at that bitch's house again.
- Tasha, be reasonable, okay? - Oh, I'm being reasonable.
I'm gonna take Tariq home,
and we can talk to him there later tonight.
The fuck are you doing in this neck of the woods, Knox?
Oh, it's nice to see you, too, Medina.
You good?
All good, man, what's up?
Want to walk with me real quick?
What's going on?
Working the Lobos case.
Figured you'd want in.
Are you still riding the short bus?
Lobos is dead.
Right, well, I'm, uh...
I'm trying to build a case on James St. Patrick
as the distributor.
AUSAs--they don't want to go after him.
They think Thomas Egan is their guy.
Yeah, I heard you guys had Egan dead to rights,
and he got sprung on a technicality.
No, no, no, no, no, no. Egan's not the guy.
I know it's St. Patrick, all right?
Only problem is,
the only other person who can confirm
that St. Patrick is the distributor
is Vibora Ruiz.
I was hoping maybe you could use some of your DEA contacts,
help me find him?
Why aren't you using any of your contacts at Southern District?
I'm trying to make sure Angela Valdes comes nowhere near this thing.
She's, uh...
unfortunately been compromised.
- Fuck that toxic bitch. - Right.
All right.
I'll make some calls.
I'll get back at you.
You're a good man.
Have a good day.
Why would you bring a gun to school?
I only took it for protection.
Shawn got shot, so I thought
it could happen to me too.
At your private school
on the Upper East Side?
White kids shoot at schools all the time.
Read the news.
Did you just disrespect your mother?
Sit your behind up. Get up.
Sit up!
I'm not playing with you tonight.
I'm not playing, either.
Dad, you're not here to protect nobody no more.
Mm-mm, boy, don't try it. Don't try to put this on us.
Tariq, look at me.
Part of being a man is accepting the consequences
of your actions, okay?
Now you got to go to therapy for the next year.
On top of that, your mother and I have decided
to put you on punishment.
No TV, no video games, no iPad, no iPhone, no nothing.
I don't want to hear anything about it.
Matter of fact, give me your phone now.
Have you lost your mind?
Give your father the phone.
Did you not hear what I just said?
Give your father the phone.
You know why he's acting out like this, right?
If he didn't get caught with that gun, would you be here tonight?
Tasha, that's not an excuse. You kidding me?
It's up to you and I to make them understand
the repercussions of their decisions.
And of your decisions too.
Good night, Ghost.
Good night.
Why the hell did you have an unsecured weapon
around my kid, Angie?
Jamie, I am so sorry.
I wasn't able to put my gun back in the safe,
because you brought the kids over earlier than we discussed.
- So it's my fault now? - I'm not blaming anyone.
I put my bag on the top shelf of the closet,
and I closed the door.
What was Tariq doing going through my things in the first place?
He's a boy. That's what they do, Angela.
They get into shit.
But I...
I don't have kids.
You don't, do you?
So I guess snooping through my shit is hereditary?
The whole fucking situation's been tough on everyone,
so we should just step away.
Why were you carrying a gun?
In the first place.
I'm an AUSA.
I work high-risk cases.
Have you seen Tommy lately?
I went by his house.
He wasn't there.
I called him on his phone, Angela.
Same result.
He don't want to see me.
That's what this whole thing is about, huh?
Your case, the case you're working?
Let me get this straight.
You ask about a gun,
and you fucking ask about Tommy.
We agreed not to talk about this anymore.
Yep, and here we are,
yet again.
I had to pick...
Between Tommy...
and you.
I picked you.
I'm sorry about the gun. I really am.
Maybe we pushed the kid thing too fast.
Yeah, maybe I should hang out with the kids alone
for a while first.
What do you say I make us some dinner?
Sound good?
Calm down before you get yourself
all worked up over nothing.
You killed two people right in front of me.
Oh, no, I didn't kill two people.
I saved your fucking life.
You shot Wookie.
You just shot him like he was a dog.
Dogs need to know not to bite the hand that feeds them.
A'ight, you know what? This isn't what I signed up for.
Dirt, listen to me.
Everything is gonna be okay.
I'm a cop, remember?
I'm gonna monitor the situation
and make sure nothing else happens.
You know, I think I should walk away.
We're talking about one job here.
A job that could cover all your college tuition,
unless you want to be paying Sallie Mae
for the rest of your life.
I don't know, Jukebox.
I'm gonna go home.
I'll call you when I make up my mind.
What the fuck are you up to, Jukebox?
Whatever you doing with this nigga, you need to rethink it,
because his bitch ass ain't ready.
Let him go home. Then come up off my pills.
You still haven't come clean.
And I ain't no bitch-ass nigga,
and who the fuck are you, Two-Face?
You fried and burnt like a pork rind.
Come on, Dirt.
Come on.
Let me walk you out.
Oh, fuck.
Yeah, bro.
Take that shit.
You bout to get your limey ass taken out.
In your face.
That's a bitch.
Take that in your face with that mace case.
Oh, babe, you getting hungry?
I don't want food, Tommy.
I want to know what you're doing about Ghost.
But Holly, I don't want to talk about that tonight.
Well, when do you want to talk about it?
Lobos killed our dog, Tommy.
The next time, it's gonna be you or me.
Nothing's gonna happen to us. I promise.
You want me to just trust you on that?
Like when you told me Bell was just missing?
Oh, wow.
Hold up.
Are you fucking serious right now?
Who is texting you?
It's Tariq.
He got in trouble at school today.
Are you gonna answer my question?
Fuck, Holly, he snuck out the house.
He's at Basketball City.
So call Tasha to pick him up.
Yo, I can't leave my little man.
Ain't gonna be left hanging by me,
especially with Ghost MIA.
Holly, he came to me.
What if Lobos is out there looking for you?
Listen, I'm gonna be careful, okay?
But I cannot let Tariq get hurt.
Now, you just sit that fine little Pilates ass down
right here on this couch, and you stay here
until I get back.
You stole from me.
As much as I hate the Japanese,
the yakuza have a few good ideas.
Thought you was a cop.
I am.
Ain't no cop gonna need no squirrel like that.
What's the job?
Must've been pretty important...
that you stepped all over me.
And I'd do it again.
You were out of line.
You fucked up,
and you were right.
I need him.
Well, whatever you got going on, I want in on it.
You still haven't told me the truth.
Whatever the fuck you're into,
whoever did this to you.
Bangers, law enforcement.
Either way,
they come down here to find you,
it could fuck up my whole job,
and I ain't having that.
The truth, now.
I already told your girlfriend.
No, nigga, I want the truth.
I want to know what the fuck happened to Shawn.
I ain't got shit to say.
You don't think I could find out
your son was murdered just about the time
you came calling me for help.
I can't believe you actually lying,
to me of all people.
You ain't black no more. You blue.
Which is why I can help.
I got access to every fucking thing.
I was the call you made when you dropped
your first body.
You were the first person to know I fuck with girls.
Now we gonna play each other like this?
Candie didn't know what you meant by "Ghost."
I do.
That motherfucker did this to you?
Ghost--he was your boy, that kid.
Always with his head in a motherfucking book.
Vicious with a piece, though.
Y'all fell out?
He was the reason why I went inside.
And he took care of Shawn all that time.
You got out.
You told Shawn the truth.
Shawn turned against Ghost.
He killed Shawn, right?
Did you know Ghost was gonna do it?
What happened?
Did you not get there in time?
Or maybe you just didn't show up at all.
Were you afraid?
Fuck no.
I ain't afraid of no fucking body.
Then why would you send your son in there?
Against a man you raised up to be a gangster?
You knew better.
That kid ain't had no street in him.
You knew Ghost was gonna kill him.
You knew it.
How could you let that happen?
Ghost didn't kill Shawn.
I did. I pulled the trigger.
He picked Ghost over me.
Like you just did with that kid.
You did what you had to do.
When Shawn picked the other side, he was the enemy.
Dirt needed a show of loyalty,
so he would stay loyal to me.
If Shawn wasn't loyal--
and I ain't saying you should've shot him. That's your son.
You brought him into the world, but you ain't raised Shawn.
Ghost did.
He's ultimately responsible.
Shawn was a pawn.
You sacrifice pawns
for the greater good.
Can I have some of that tea now?
You said you wanted the truth.
You got it.
No more secrets between us.
No more secrets.
What about the job?
I got something cooking,
but you're not up for it yet, down an arm.
First thing we got to do is get you on your feet.
Well, you know me, cuz. I'm with whatever.
I'm here.
Where you at?
I should've known it was you.
I thought we established I don't like people
playing on my phone.
Look, man, I knew you'd show up for Tariq.
You're a good uncle, Tommy, all right?
Yeah, you're damn right.
Lobos wants me dead.
What are you talking about?
He's locked up. He's fucking desperate.
He fucking figured out it was me that tried to kill him, right?
I don't know what that crazy bastard thinks.
But you--you're working for him. Why do you think he hired you?
Because you ain't the only motherfucker who knows
how to push weight.
Or Lobos needs you for another reason.
Well, what reason is that?
I think he used you.
He used you to lure me to the park that night.
The only reason I'm standing right here talking to you right now
is because you made it stop.
So I'm saying we should fucking work together, man.
You know? Ghost and fucking Tommy.
And bring that motherfucker down.
He's my enemy.
That makes him your enemy.
He tries to kill me...
you're next, brother.
You don't know. He needs me, Ghost.
He needs you for now, Tommy.
What happens when you fucking make a mistake?
"When" I make a mistake?
Not "if"?
- Tommy-- - No, no, no. You're done.
You're still the same...
Tommy, you saved me.
All right? Let me save us both.
Is Lobos coming after me?
Good-bye, Ghost.
♪ 'Sup? You gon' be part of my body bag ritual ♪
♪ Hop out, hammer out to get at you ♪
♪ Get at you ♪
♪ You gon' be part of my body bag ritual ♪
♪ .45 lettin' off some shit at you ♪
♪ Shit at you ♪
♪ You gon' get put in a body bag, bag ♪
♪ You won't get a chance to fire back, back ♪
♪ I peep my swag in the mirror ♪
♪ I think I got a crush on me ♪
♪ I don't want no wack bitches touchin' me ♪
♪ Tailor-made threads, satin sheets on my bed ♪
♪ Get a bitch seasick, waves all on my head ♪
♪ Diamonds in my ear, Baccarat chandelier ♪
♪ Gabbana underwear, I'm so fly, it ain't fair ♪
♪ Every day a different dime piece ♪
♪ Rose gold, a different timepiece ♪
♪ Hublot, AP, or Rollie ♪
♪ Your bitch and your jeweler ♪
♪ Know me, homey ♪
♪ I'm bulletproof ♪
♪ Go ahead, take a shot at me ♪
♪ You be a dead nigga ♪
♪ Like the last one that got at me ♪
♪ My shirt Level III ♪
♪ So I ain't got a vest on ♪
♪ My heart like ice ♪
♪ My chest like Teflon ♪
♪ I'm a nightmare right here ♪
♪ Just me and my knife, nigga ♪
♪ Don't let me find out ♪
♪ You ain't 'bout that life, nigga ♪
♪ It's doomsday ♪
♪ I mean goon day ♪
♪ I get the orders like ♪
♪ "Air out the room, Dre" ♪