Power (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Three Moves Ahead - full transcript

Ghost attempts to distance himself from Lobos before Angela gets to him.

Previously on power...
Tell me right now what happened to holly weaver.
Tell me right now or i'm gonna walk out of here
And you're never gonna see me again.
Angela ain't got proof of who we are or what we do.
Trust me. I got a plan. It'll all work out.
I trust you. It's her i don't trust.
Ghost: We got a problem with tommy.
I think he's gonna try to kill angela.
It turns out that lobos's long-running dispute
With the jimenez cartel in mexico has turned deadly
And lobos is on the move.
Jefe hasn't given me any details.
But when i know, you know.
I plan to hold you to that.
Angela: That's all i need to make a clone?
¶ they say this is a big rich town ¶
¶ i just come from the poorest part ¶
¶ bright lights, city life, i got to make it ¶
¶ this is where it goes down ¶
¶ i just happen to come up hard ¶
¶ legal or illegal, baby, i gotta make it ¶
¶ i never took a straight path nowhere ¶
¶ life's full of twists and turns, bumps and bruises ¶
¶ i live, i learn, i'm from that city ¶
¶ full of yellow cabs and skyscrapers ¶
¶ it's hard to get a start in these parts without paper ¶
¶ homie, i grew up in hell, a block away from heaven ¶
¶ that corner, every 15 minutes it move a seven ¶
¶ pure snow, bag it, then watch it go ¶
¶ occupational options, get some blow or some hos ¶
¶ shoot the bowl or the strap, learn to rap or to jack ¶
¶ fuck it, man, in the meantime ¶
¶ go ahead and pump a pack ¶
¶ this my regal royal flow, my james bond bounce ¶
¶ that 007, that 62 on my count ¶
¶ i'm an undercover liar, i lie under the covers ¶
¶ look a bitch in the eyes and tell her, "baby, i love you ¶
¶ you're my inspiration, you're my motivation ¶
¶ you're the reason that i'm moving with no hesitation" ¶
¶ they say this is a big rich town ¶
¶ yeah ¶
¶ i just come from the poorest part ¶
¶ bright lights, city life, i got to make it ¶
¶ this is where it goes round ¶
¶ yeah ¶
¶ i just happen to come up hard ¶
¶ legal or illegal, baby, i got to make it ¶¶
[ lobos moaning ]
[ speaking spanish ]
[ moaning ]
Why'd you stop?
I was almost there.
I needed to catch my breath.
Of course you did.
[ grunts ]
[ screaming ]
[ spits ]
[ speaking spanish ]
New york is not safe anymore.
I'm going to get my money from ghost
And i'm going to get out.
Thank you. We need to talk about the kids.
[ beeping ] you change the combination?
Raina has a recital on the 30th.
Can you make it?
I'll try, but it shouldn't be a problem.
Tariq needs work on his jump shot.
Told him i'm gonna take him to the park on saturday,
So it should be cool.
Oh, and yas has her checkup with the pediatrician
On wednesday. On wednesday.
I got your text.
You didn't write back.
So, tasha, i'll take the kids to dinner sometime this week.
You pick the night, all right?
Have a good day.
I want the plan, ghost.
I stopped tommy from killing angela because you said you had a plan.
If you want me to trust you, you better know
It ain't gonna be in blind faith, not anymore.
Angela told me her investigation is actually not about tommy,
Or me for that matter.
She wants lobos.
That ain't good news.
Lobos is the connect.
If she gets him, then our whole thing goes down.
But she got to get him first.
I was thinking what if we take away the option.
No lobos, no investigation.
And lobos is here now.
What if i could convince him to disappear?
You make him disappear.
If i kill lobos, tasha, there goes our connect.
So you get another one.
The blowback could be huge.
Only if you get caught.
And for the sake of our children, you will not get caught.
You're damn right i won't get caught.
So, uh, angela still doesn't know about you?
Are you sure?
I'm sure.
Angela: So what do i have to do?
I already programmed the information on his phone
Into a mobile monitoring system on the green one.
All the information on his phone will be viewed here,
Which means you'll be able to read his text messages,
View his incoming and outgoing call logs.
So i can see who he calls and who calls him?
Uh-huh. Can i hear him talk, though?
Only the nsa can do that.
Think of this more as a mirror.
Whatever pops up on his phone will appear on this.
Mm-mm. The money.
Surveillance breeds suspicion, doesn't it?
You know, i have done this for a lot of wives.
They think they want to know what their man is up to,
But then once they find out,
They have seconds thoughts.
I'm just saying no refunds.
[ phone chimes ]
The spot?
[ rap music playing ]
Julito. How we looking, man?
Money's coming in from the primeras and the boutiques, boss.
Should be locked, loaded and ready to fly on this bitch.
Dios fucking mio.
Good job.
Ooh, god damn!
J, you got this shit looking like the fucking us mint.
Now that's some good work, son.
What's up, tommy?
Well, looks like we all good here.
Let me know when you hear from lobos
So we can make this fucking drop.
Hey, man.
Tasha told me she hooked you up with a wild night.
It wasn't the night i had planned.
Tommy, i told you i had angela under control.
I said, man, i got a plan.
Angela told me what task force she's on.
They ain't looking for us. They want lobos.
And we're supposed to get him that money
While she's trying to arrest him?
She doesn't know he's in town, man.
But i was thinking,
Maybe she should.
What i mean is if she follows lobos long enough
And she gets him, then it's gonna lead her to us anyway.
Well, hell, what if we just give her what she wants?
Flip on lobos?
You been dipping in the goddamn product?
Tommy, not flip on him,
Kill him.
You out of your motherfucking mind.
His guard's down, man.
He came to town to get his money and leave.
He's got all kind of motherfuckers chasing him in mexico.
You know that.
There might not be a better shot at this, brother.
I say we walk him in the drop,
We give him his money,
That crazy motherfucker's happy.
He leaves, goes to his hotel. We follow him to his hotel.
We fucking do him quick, man.
Make it look like it was someone else.
Like that serb shit. Serbs.
And then we're done.
We're done.
No more worrying about lobos.
No more looking over our shoulder for the fucking fbi.
Looking over our shoulder for the cops or the competition?
That's this game, ghost.
We worked hard for this shit.
We deliver a dead lobos to angela,
She goes away. Great.
But then where the fuck do we go for our shit?
And don't you say milan, 'cause i ain't fucking with that cannibal motherfucker.
Maybe we don't need another one, man.
I got enough money, tommy. You got enough money.
Maybe we split the cash in there right down the fucking middle.
And then you and me are set, partner.
We're set.
[ laughs ]
And there it is. There it fucking is.
Get out the life.
Somehow i knew this was gonna lead back there.
We ain't getting out the life, ghost.
We ain't never gonna kill lobos.
We gonna deal with angela...
One way or another.
And then we're gonna go back to fucking business.
Ma, i thought you'd be at work.
You know, you've been coming in late a lot of nights.
Like 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning.
If i was still at school, you wouldn't know what i was doing.
You know, a lot of things have changed since your father got out.
What kind of stuff he got you doing at night?
I ain't corrupting the little nigga.
Surprised to see you here.
Had some business to take care of.
Which means your cell phone didn't work?
Let me guess, they didn't have a landline where you were?
I'm back now. Yeah, 'cause dre called you.
No, because you called me.
You said ghost was asking about me.
Well, here i am in the flesh.
And hungry as shit.
I'll make you something.
But you can't stay long.
Now, i'm gonna need you to tell me everything
Your uncle been doing since i've been gone.
Now, what you know about his connect lobos?
Not much.
Then find out.
How you be right there and you don't know nothing?
[ phone buzzes ]
[ speaking spanish ] how are you?
[ speaking spanish ]
Need about a day or two to come up with the money, jefe.
No, no, no, no.
I just want to talk.
Me and you.
[ speaking spanish ]
[ phone buzzes ]
[ phone chimes ]
Epia on madison.
628 mad epia.
[ sighs ]
E-p-i-a. E-p-i-a.
Epia. E-p-i-a.
[ speaks spanish ]
Wait for further instructions. Fuck.
[ phone ringing ]
Hey, babe. How are you?
I'm fine. How's your day so far?
I'm hustling as usual.
Hadn't heard from you. I was starting to wonder.
No, no, i'm good.
I just wanted to hear your voice.
Where are you right now?
I'm at truth. There's a party at the club.
Prepping for it.
[ phone buzzes ]
Angela: Oh. Six and a half.
I don't want to disturb you.
I'll let you get back to work.
[ siren wailing ]
[ siren wailing ]
Ghost: You know, you're never interrupting me.
You know i'm never too busy to talk to you.
Someone left this card for you.
Ange, you there?
I got to go, jamie. I got a staff meeting.
Okay, well, you have a most fantastic day, miss valdes.
You, too, mr. St. Patrick.

That's a very nice jacket.
Ghost, i want you to take on more responsibility.
Lo siento, pero i don't understand.
I need to be unreachable.
Undetectable, hmm?
Invisible so i can stay invincible.
Jefe, i can't run a mexican drug cartel from new york city.
No, no, no, no, no. I know.
I have men in mexico
That take care of the supply.
But this business of coming here
To see my distributor, i can't.
I'm-- i'm too exposed.
I have a man in california, i have a man in texas,
And i have you here in new york.
I want you to oversee them.
I want them to report to you.
[ speaking spanish ]
[ laughs ]
You want to decrease your risk while you increase mine, jefe.
And increase your bank account.
[ speaking spanish ]
He is deadweight.
I don't mean any disrespect, but i'm gonna be honest.
Your attachment to him is holding you back.
I know you understand i need a few days to consider.
Of course.
Can i give you the answer when i--
When i deliver your money?
Very well.
Be well, jefe.
Be well, ghost.
[ speaking spanish ]
He's not interested in power or money.
He's not interested in anything that i could give him.
Which means that i can't control him,
Which means that he's a liability.
[ sighs ]
He's such a dreamer, huh?
[ speaking spanish ]
Could i have a shirley temple?
According to the federales,
Lobos plans to meet with his distributors,
Tommy egan, at a warehouse on 11th avenue.
They probably chose that location
Because it has quick access to the west side highway
And to the hudson plus multiple exits and entrances.
We'll need helos and vessels... What'd i miss?
Federales got intel that lobos is planning on meeting his distributor
Tomorrow at 1:00 in a warehouse on the west side.
Saxe: So we need every roof, window, and door covered
Until tactical enters the access point and secures lobos.
How do we know the info's legit?
We don't. And there's been no sight of egan.
We've got units outside his place and his mother's.
This is the only lead we have right now.
When we arrest lobos, we want to make sure
We bring him in alive if possible.
I'm sorry, what charges are we arresting him on exactly?
If you had been here on time,
You would have heard us say they were hoping
To catch lobos and egan
In the commission of a crime--
Exchanging drugs, money, or weapons.
One thing's for sure. Lobos and his men will be armed and evasive.
We'll need additional ground support
To make sure no one slips through the cracks.
I'll put that call in as well.
Great, we'll reconvene here tomorrow
With team leaders to map out a battle plan.
[ laughs ]
Yeah, you see it, nigga. I'm fine as a motherfucker.
I see you decided to join the 21st century and shit, man.
Yeah, i told you about fucking with that swine.
Come on, man, don't come over here with that farrakhan bullshit.
I'm just trying to keep your uncivilized ass alive.
Hey, i heard that nigga ghost was asking about me while i was gone.
Told you he was spooked.
Can't even tell, man.
He rode up on me on the corner, starting asking what i wanted long term.
What, like if you wanted to get out the hood?
Motherfuckers like ghost always trying to create copies of themselves.
Want to make another nigga be like him and shit.
Let me hit that.
Come on. Come on.
Go to him. See if he'll tell you
When he's supposed to meet lobos. Okay.
See if he'll take you with him.
I'm gonna go to tommy, i'll work that angle.
Okay. If he know something, he gonna tell me.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. There's one other thing.
So i did a solid for that puerto rican motherfucker víbora, right?
After i did it, he came with a offer
About falling back on ghost and tommy.
No shit. Real shit.
Ghost and tommy got a revolt going on their hands, man.
You think we should tell them?
Hell, no.
Right now we three moves ahead of ghost.
Right where we want to be.
[ knock on door ]
Just a minute.
Hey, jamie. This is a nice surprise.
I have something for you.
[ sighs ] seriously?
Get in here.
You. You.
Come on. Open it. Open it. Open it.
You really didn't need to do this.
Yes, i did.
I told you to stop buying me things.
Okay. I was disobedient.
These just looked so much like you.
They're gorgeous.
Like you.
Thank you.
[ speaks spanish ] put them on.
Come on, put them on.
I don't really think they go
With this awesomeness that i'm wearing.
[ both laugh ]
[ phone buzzes ] mind if i return this text real quick?
Yeah, sure. Okay.
You know, i'm gonna go look for something to go with these shoes.
Make it a big reveal.
Jamie, i can't find anything to wear with these shoes.
[ kisses ]
Come on, ange. You got to have something--
[ speaks spanish ]
You see, that works. [ laughs ]
Tommy: With the exception of one or two slackers,
Everyone else came through with their cheese.
So y'all just sitting on it.
Like i said, we need a couple more drops to make the total.
Hand it over to lobos, back to business.
When you supposed to meet him?
Tomorrow, thank god.
I hate having a house full of money and nowhere to put it.
I can think of someplace to put it.
[ laughs ]
Don't get any fucking ideas, k. I'm serious.
You know, it's good to have you back, man.
[ both laugh ]

Long way from home, boy.
How'd you find me?
So he's back, huh?
Kanan told you where i was.
Yeah, he mentioned it.
But i'm not here for him, though.
I thought about what you said, man.
About getting out the hood.
I asked kanan about getting out.
He laughed.
I'll bet he did.
Look, man, i don't want to be on a corner forever.
I'm listening.
What's up with your boy ruiz?
He loyal?
Ruiz wants to be more big time than he is.
A few months ago, he actually reached out to lobos
And tried to make a play behind our backs.
And the motherfucker is still alive?
We checked him. I mean, i didn't trust him,
But he's actually a valuable part of our whole operation.
Thanks, tiny.
She ain't been tiny in a minute.
Speaking of moving weight,
I ain't never dropped this much money off on a connect.
Where y'all supposed to meet him at?
I don't know. He's supposed to text ghost with a spot.
Well, why don't i come with you?
Back you up in case this shit don't go right?
You said the motherfucker was crazy.
Serious shit, but...
I think we're cool.
So i was thinking maybe i could work directly for you.
I mean, you, um--
You could tell me, you know,
If you got something i could watch, just let me know.
I know connect's in town.
Heard that motherfucker's crazy.
Yeah, he's crazy.
Don't want you anywhere near him.
I ain't interested in getting you shot.
You got a daughter to raise, right?
Get back to your crib safe, man.
Good to see you.
What's he want, uncle g?
I don't know yet, shawn. But as long as he's around,
Keep your head on a swivel, all right?
Let's be out.
Haven't seen you in a while.
Is that another one of those that only he can sign for?
That's right, only mr. Proctor can sign for it.
Can you let him know i'm here? Mm-hmm.
Can you please get brian, mickey, and those other assholes on the phone?
Mr. Proctor. I have another one of these packages for you.
Should i come in?
You haven't returned my phone calls.
I've been very busy. [ scoffs ]
See, i don't give a fuck how busy you've been.
All i care about is that you have the 12 grand
You been promising to pay us for the last three weeks.
Okay, look, you know me.
I'm good for it.
But i can't afford to pay you right now.
What exactly you think happens next here?
I'm guessing some sort of physical pain, right?
But here's the thing.
I'm a white lawyer in a wall street office
And you are a puerto rican drug dealer.
I'm cuban, you dumb fuck.
The point is, you're not gonna hit me.
Not in here. There's too many witnesses.
You're too smart for that.
Look, i'm not running. I'm not ducking.
I'll pay you when i can pay you.
[ knocks ] yeah?
Everyone's on line one. Pick up.
All right, who's gonna be a hero and save my client?
Don't be a douchebag your whole life.
[ phone chimes ]
540 manana.
540 manana.
New york.
C-r-l-t-n new york.
The carlton hotel.
Room 540.
What time did mike say that lobos meeting was?
Tomorrow at 1:00 at the warehouse on 11th ave.
You got something? No.
Greg, what if the federales are wrong
And when we go to the warehouse, lobos isn't there?
Uh, well, then we'll just keep looking for him
At the great expense of the taxpayers.
Don't worry, angela. The federales, they got it right.
We're gonna get lobos tomorrow.
Mm-mmm. I don't want to smoke a blunt
In the middle of the day and be high all goddamn afternoon.
Plus i got to pick up the kids later.
You need to lay off that shit your damn self.
So what's up with the 911 text, tommy?
Ghost lost his goddamn mind.
First he sends you to stop me from killing angela.
Now he wants to kill lobos instead.
I mean, are you sure that's such a bad idea?
It's not like he's the most predictable motherfucker to work for.
Yes, t, i'm sure that's a bad idea.
First of all, he'd probably see it coming anyway.
Motherfucker's got eyes in the back of his head.
But second, we're supposed to meet up with him at the carlton tomorrow.
Now, i know firsthand it's damn near impossible
To get out that place with a body.
But that's not what matters.
What are we supposed to do about a connect after he's dead?
Tommy, we'll find another connect.
At this quality? At this kind of weight?
It's not that fucking easy.
But that's why ghost ain't stressing.
'cause he wants out.
I thought he was over that.
Not even. He brought it up again yesterday.
[ scoffs ]
You don't think--
You don't think he's trying to run away with the fed bitch?
A dead lobos mean she and ghost get away clean
Without anyone chasing after them.
T, you're tripping.
Ghost would never run. Not without the kids.
The old ghost, you're right. But this nigga now?
I'm not sure what the fuck he'll do next.

What are you doing here?
We need to talk. Let's go to your office.
It ain't my office anymore. We can talk in here.
Seems like you only told me half of your little plan.
What the fuck are you talking about, tash?
Tommy came to me.
He told me you suggested killing lobos.
He's not down. Mmm.
Did you tell him it was your idea?
I would have. But you know what?
He dropped a little knowledge that i didn't have.
You're trying to run with that girl.
Whoa, whoa, come on. Ain't nobody say that.
Tommy said you want out. I did the math, okay?
You kill lobos, you take the girl, you run.
Leave me with no income and the kids with no fucking daddy.
Who the fuck do you think i am, saying some shit like that?
Did i fucking cheat, yes.
That don't make me any less of a father.
I told you, you and the kids would always be taken care of.
I ain't running any-goddamn-where.
Look here, tommy ain't down with killing lobos,
Fuck him.
Holly leaving him fucked him up?
That's fine, too.
I'll find another way. Don't i always think of something?
And don't we always do it together?
I'm not gonna make any moves that affect our kids
Without telling you first.
You just be careful tomorrow.
Something smells good.
Where are the kids?
Washing up for dinner.
Okay. Uh-uh.
I don't want the kids to see us.
I know, but it's kind of hard, okay?
Mm-mm! Behave.
Fine, i'm not staying anyway.
I'ma just grab a slice
'cause i got to get uncle g from truth.
Oh, um...
Tomorrow afternoon, if ghost takes you to the carlton,
I want you to be careful. [ elevator dings ]
Well, what's happening at the carlton?
I smell pepperoni. What's up, shawn?
What's up, 'keisha?
Hey. Hey, t.
What's up, girl?
I'm not interrupting anything, am i? No, please.
You told me to come over and have some pizza with you and the kids.
Of course. There's enough for everybody. Help yourself.
I ain't seen y'all in a minute. What y'all been up to?
Well, you know, just working. Staying busy driving uncle g and stuff.
Yeah, just nothing much, really.
Being, you know-- mom stuff.
Sounds like y'all been busy.
I should get going. Oh, okay.
I gotta go get uncle g. Mm-hmm.
Later, 'keisha. Mrs. St. Patrick.
Okay, bye.
Okay. Let's see here. [ elevator dings ]
So how long y'all been fucking?
'keisha, you were the one that told me to pick a man.
Yes, i did. And as usual, you did me one better.
But i can't knock your hustle, tasha.
Fucking one man and living off another.
But here's one thing.
How you gonna make sure ghost don't find out?
Shawn knows how to keep his mouth shut.
Dad, what are you doing here?
Your mama said you been staying out all night.
And i figured out why.
How long you been smashing tasha?
It's not even like that, pop.
Man, stevie wonder could see y'all fucking.
Question is, how long you been sprung?
I'm not.
If anything, i'm using her for information like you wanted.
[ chuckles ] tasha too smart to tell you a damn thing.
But you, you stupid enough to go running your mouth at any fucking time.
All you niggas forgot the first rule of bitches.
Don't tell them shit. Yeah, well, you tripping, then.
She tells me things.
Not the other way around.
All right, then, talk. Tell me one real thing she told you.
I know that uncle g is going to a big meeting
Tomorrow afternoon at the carlton hotel.
Tasha told you that?
[ chuckles ]
So how was the pussy?
Well, i've been in jail 10 years.
If i ain't getting in there personally, i want it play by play.
Come on. Tell me how it was.
Domino! Ha.
Dre, this is my reward for bringing you into my home?
An uninvited guest? Kanan.
Young'un meant no disrespect, víbora.
I told him to bring me. I got business to discuss.
[ speaking spanish ]
Kanan. I remember you from around the way, man.
I think you shot a friend of my cousin's.
[ chuckles ] that sound like me.
Heard dre here saved your ass the other night.
Yes, he did. Serbian motherfuckers were a bad shot, right?
Look, man, were you serious
When you stepped to me about working together?
That was just frustration.
I'm happy with my current situation.
That's right, you got that seat at the table with ghost and tommy.
You should be getting ready for that meeting with lobos tomorrow.
They didn't tell me. That's disrespect, man.
There's no way around it. Dre: Right.
We need to go to lobos ourselves.
Done that. It doesn't work.
You didn't have your ducks in a row.
If we get everybody from ghost and tommy's organization to commit first,
Lobos can't walk away.
They're not just gonna step aside.
Cutting ghost and tommy out means killing them.
Well, we've known the rules to the streets since we was kids.
Tommy is a good man.
Till ghost tell him to stab you in the back.
Are you down?
'cause if you are, we need to start now.

You requested to meet me alone.
What you mean is to meet without tommy,
Our mutual connection.
I like tommy, but i came here to talk about ghost.
You understand why tommy can't be a part of this, right?
Ghost makes promises he can't keep.
He opens and shuts the pipeline, demands early payment.
You're looking to start a coup.
Do you think it's safe to come to me with your plan?
The shipment from milan,
The one that got hijacked by the albanians,
The one that forced you into working with ghost and tommy--
It wasn't the albanians.
Ghost's first plan was to kill you.
Tommy talked him out of it.
He's still a friend.
What proof do you have?
I was part of it.
Then i should kill you, too.
I just brought you the truth.
You're on the outs with milan.
You kill ghost, you have no connect
Unless you align with me.
Kanan, dre, and drifty are very loyal to him.
They're strong, ruiz.
I thought you might say that.
You must be kanan.
I'm the motherfucker who taught ghost and tommy everything they know.
Tommy trusts me.
I'm gonna surprise ghost at the lobos meeting tomorrow.
Get tommy to take me in the room.
Once i'm in there, i'll tell lobos to his face
Ghost and tommy done lost control of the organization.
With all y'all behind me, we'll put ghost and tommy out the game forever.
Got all the pieces to the puzzle.
Vladimir, all you got to do is say yes.
Thanks for meeting me on short notice.
That's not a problem.
I like to do research on my clients
And there's very little information on james st. Patrick out there
Outside from the fact that you own a nightclub.
That doesn't tell me why a guy like you needs my services, so...
Well, let's just say that you and i are more similar than you think.
I feel like i can trust you.
What makes you think that?
I know that you buy your ex-wife xanax, oxy,
Cocaine even, weekly.
In exchange, she allows you full custody of your daughter.
[ sighs ]
You make good money.
But unfortunately, your ex-wife's drug habit
Is getting you in over your head
With some guys that cause real physical damage
To settle a debt.
So now i owe you.
Mm, owe is such a dramatic word.
I would just say that you and i both know
My knowledge of your extracurricular activities could get you disbarred.
And that's all the trust i need between us.
I'll represent you.
Well played, by the way.
I'll be in contact.
Ground control will cut off exits
And entrances at the warehouse here.
We'll have air support around the area as well.
But i don't want those choppers flying in prematurely
Spooking these guys until all of our players are in position.
No, the helos won't move in until we give the okay.
Nypd, we'll bring you guys in
At 28th and 34th for a base.
Swat, bringin' you at 10th and 30th. [ phone chimes ]
Mike: Also, it is imperative that we control
All the pedestrian traffic around this building.
We don't want anybody getting caught
In our crossfire, which is a potential.
We've got to have eyes on all of these exits and entrances.
And any man that we can spare i want on the rooftops
Peeping out what's going on in this building, okay?
Does that make sense to everybody?
Now, greg, where should we set up field ops
So we make sure we stay out of sight?
Uh, west 11th. Anything west 11th.
[ speaking spanish ]
Mira. Shh, shh. [ choking ]
[ choking ] shh.
It's not like you
To dip out in the middle of the day like this.
You're usually too busy these days.
I just really, really needed to see you.
[ belt buckle clinking ]
I need to see you every day.
¶ i know it's just you're thirsty ¶
¶ i say we have an early celebration of your birthday ¶
¶ 'cause i'm thirsty ¶
¶ i want you in the worst way ¶
¶ see, i woke up in a spot with some bad habits ¶
¶ so i got to have it, that's why i'm acting famished ¶
¶ she don't like the way i do, i say i'm acting mannish ¶
¶ too thirsty, like it's supposed to hurt me ¶
¶ i'm the man and you the woman, i'm supposed to work ¶
¶ i love bad bitches, that's my fucking problem ¶
¶ since you a bad bitch, you my fucking problem ¶
¶ and i wanna solve 'em, so you get all of 'em ¶
¶ let me, let me go on and get it ¶
¶ i want you in the worst way ¶
¶ have you seen the way you look? O lord have mercy ¶
¶ i know it's just you're thirsty ¶
¶ 'cause i'm thirsty, i want you in the worst way ¶
¶ yeah, i'm thirsty ¶
¶ i want you in the worst way... ¶¶
I better get going.
Jamie, what if we left right now?
Together. Just dropped everything.
Ange, is this about tommy?
No. No.
This is about us.
I don't want to think about tommy
Or tasha or work or anything.
Let's just go right now straight to the airport.
I don't even need clothes. I just need you.
Just you.
I plan on us leaving together.
Me and you.
I just can't today.
Angie, i got obligations.
I got a big meeting at truth.
I can't miss it.
I gotta go.
I understand.
I love you, angie.

¶ of lessons learned, of lessons learned ¶
¶ this time i'll do things differently ¶
¶ this time i'd like to need you less ¶
¶ i'm struggling, i'm struggling ¶
¶ of lessons learned, of lessons learned ¶
¶ of lessons learned, of lessons learned ¶
¶ of bridges burned, of bridges burned ¶
¶ of bridges burned, of bridges burned ¶
¶ this time i'll do things differently ¶
¶ this time i'll do things differently ¶
¶ this time i'd like to need you less ¶
¶ this time i'd like to need you less ¶
¶ i'm struggling, i'm struggling ¶
¶ i'm struggling, i'm struggling ¶
¶ i'm giving in, i'm giving in ¶
¶ i'm giving in, i'm giving in ¶
¶ this time i'll keep an overview ¶
¶ this time i'll keep an overview ¶
¶ this time i'll keep away from you ¶
¶ this time i'll keep away from you ¶
¶ this time i'll keep away from you ¶¶
[ ringing ]
What's your eta on having these guys ready, huh?
[ phone rings ] asap.
Yeah. Okay, do your thing. Do your thing.
I just saw the distributor going into the meeting with lobos.
Are you serious? We haven't even seen egan
In the past two days. It's not possible.
Hold on.
[ clicking ]
I just sent you a photo of tommy egan
Arriving at the carlton.
Maybe you'll believe me now.
How did you find him?
A source told me where the meet would be.
What's the source?
Angela, what is the source? I can't-- fuck!
I'll hit you back after once i talk to lobos.
And, no, i don't need no backup.
I got this by myself.
Dre: No doubt.
Hey, alpha team, you're moving inside with us.
Have bravo team secure the doors
On the side and the rear of this building.
Move in.
What the hell are we doing here?
Egan's here and he's carrying a duffle bag
Stuffed with something.
Money? Drugs?
Any proof that lobos is inside?
No, but why else would tommy egan
Be at a place like this today
When we know lobos is on the move
And looking for his money?
Hey, take this walkie.
Stay down here.
Let's go. Go.
Get me on tac.
Fbi! Get the fuck on the ground! Go! Get down!
Show me your hands! Javier: Don't shoot!
Don't fucking shoot! Hands up! Hands up!
Get your hands where i can see them! Keep them up!
[ gunshots ] greg: Perp down.
Everybody, we got one perp down.
Agent: Weapons secure.
Greg: We got him. Target is secure.
I repeat, the target is secure.
We have lobos in custody.
Mmm! We got him, mike.
[ laughs ]
[ speaks spanish ]
[ spits ]
[ groaning ]
Everyone get out? Good?
What the fuck?
Angie. Yeah.
Fucking rotten cunt bitch!
You ain't never changed. I fucking know everything.
Get him out of here. Gonna get you, angela!
You started something, bitch!
Time to stay scared, angie.
Wait a second. I need to id the perp.
His passport says javier villanueva.
Right, one of lobos's guys.
Is there anyone else up there? Any other bodies?
No, room's clear.
Excuse me.
Operator: The person you are trying to reach is unavailable.
Please leave a message. [ beeps ]
Jamie, where are you?
I need to talk to you right away.
Call me back as soon as you get this.
Did you do this?
Did you get tommy arrested after i told you where that meeting was?
Fuck, no. Do i look like a motherfucker who'd tell the cops anything?
Ghost's rat ass probably did.
Like he did when i got knocked.
What are you talking about, dad?
Your uncle set me up. Sent me to jail.
Said he had a couple runs to make. Couldn't do it.
I had you from your mother, i said i'd take care of it.
You was in the car with me.
I remember.
Cops pulled us over
Talking about the taillight blown.
Search the motherfucking car,
Find the dope, take me to jail.
Come to find out the taillight wasn't blown.
Motherfuckers unscrewed the taillight.
They set me the fuck up.
That doesn't mean uncle g did it.
Shawn, i was running shit then. Me. Kanan.
Ghost and tommy kept coming around talking about some shit i wasn't down with,
So he got rid of me by sending me to prison.
All them years we ain't been together
Was your uncle g's doing.
He robbed us of all that time.
Dre: And we gonna give that nigga street justice
And bury his ass six feet deep, man.
You love your motherfucking uncle g so much, man.
He sent me away. Sent tommy away.
He the only one standing in the way of what you want with tasha, right?
How long you think before he send you away?
How long?
Boy, the nigga gotta go.
I'd kill the motherfucker myself,
But he'd see me coming a mile away.
He won't see me. He doesn't trust you.
Y'all need somebody that he'll trust.
Somebody he'll relax around.
Somebody like you.
Man, this little nigga ain't ready, man.
He is ready. I made you ready when i gave you that gun.
I told you a day may come that you need to use it.
That day is now.
I want you to right ghost's wrongs
For separating us by taking him out.
You in?
I'm in.
Hey, stop breathing on me. Ah!
See you, sexy.
[ laughs ]
Can i have my check, please?
What, you skip out on your victory lap?
Killing someone is never a victory.
I don't care who it is.
You followed your instincts and they proved to be correct.
Thank you.
So tommy egan was ghost all along, huh?
I mean, who else would have been at that meeting, right?
Obviously your source is gonna have to come forward now.
But that's tomorrow's problem.
Tonight we're celebrating, huh?
Saxe: Ahem, everybody, listen up.
I want to raise a glass
To ausa angela valdes.
Man: Way to go, angie. No.
Saxe: We don't always see eye to eye.
Hell, we never see eye to eye.
I actually kind of hate her. [ laughs ]
But because of her, we got our guy.
And we are all about to get promotions.
[ cheering ] to angela valdes.
Thank you.
Okay, this guy is officially cut off.
Ah, never. [ chuckles ]
But i'm willing to buy you two a drink.
Actually, i'm about to take off.
But thank you. Come on, i'll walk you out.
That's okay. I'm okay.
Have a good night.
'night. Good night, angela.
[ phone buzzes ]

[ shatters ]
¶ got my mind in the palm of my hands ¶
¶ don't want to lose it ¶
¶ fingertips covered in oil ¶
¶ oil from the blood of the tears ¶
¶ that i spilled on the white carpet ¶
¶ i certainly almost called ¶
¶ then i said fuck it all ¶
¶ fuck it all, fuck it all ¶
¶ fuck it all ¶
¶ fuck it all, fuck it all ¶
¶ fuck it all ¶
¶ fuck it all, fuck it all ¶
¶ fuck it all ¶
¶ fuck it all ¶
¶ i said fuck it all ¶
¶ 'cause i could be a whole lot of things ¶
¶ go on and clip my wings ¶
¶ be a piss drunk bitch of a whore ¶
¶ running around ¶
¶ hoping maybe you'll save me ¶
¶ throw you a few curveballs ¶
¶ act like a broken doll ¶
¶ just say fuck it all ¶
¶ fuck it all, fuck it all ¶
¶ fuck it all ¶
¶ fuck it all, fuck it all ¶
¶ fuck it all ¶
¶ fuck it all, fuck it all ¶
¶ fuck it all ¶¶