Power (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Why Her? - full transcript

Angela learns that Jamie and Ghost are the same person; the drug syndicate welcomes a new member.

Cesar, my code isn't working.
Can you just let me upstairs?

If you're not on the visitors'
list and you don't have the code,

I have to call up like i
would with anyone else.

Tasha, what the fuck
are you doing?

I'm so glad
mrs. St. Patrick

Enjoyed her massage
at eden roc.

was a mistake.

But i know
that this isn't.

You convinced those fuckheads
that tommy is ghost.

You're protecting james.

I want out of this and i
want tommy out of this.

Yeah, you make that happen
or i go in there

And tell your partners that
you're fucking the real ghost.

So, baby,
how was work?

of twists and turns,

every 15 minutes

in the meantime go ahead

and tell her, "baby,

that i'm moving with

So how do you
know james?

It was pretty hot
that night at truth.

Looked like you were
having a pretty good time.

Up against the wall
is always sick.

We need to focus.

What would those assholes
at your job think

If they knew you were
fucking a drug dealer?

Those assholes
are lawyers.

They're not gonna think
anything without proof.

And i haven't seen
any proof from you

That james st. Patrick
is ghost.

We're running out of time.

Have you ever seen james do anything
illegal with your own eyes?

No, but tommy's told me about
a lot of stuff he's done.

Doesn't count in a court of law.

If you can't come up with
something better than that,

I'm not gonna be able
to help tommy.

He's going to get
indicted, holly.

He's going to go to jail.


Maybe i never saw james
commit a crime,

But i did see him
with a gun once.

When? Where?

Uh, one night james
came to tommy's loft.

He was spooked.
They were whispering.

I couldn't hear
everything that was said,

But i saw james
hand tommy a gun.

Tommy was supposed
to hide it for him.

What kind of gun was it? I don't know
anything about that kind of shit.

It had that long part
on the front.

A silencer?
I guess.

When was this?

Do you remember anything
from that night?

A show on tv?
The weather? Anything?

It was the night
of the big snowstorm.

Have you ever heard
of a guy named rolla?

Sorry, no.

If i find that gun,
will you believe me?

And tommy can walk?

If you find that gun,
i'll believe you.

Good to have you
on board, brother.

This is a one-time thing until
milan is back up and running.

Don't be so fucking sure you
want to go back to the cannibal.

I didn't know
you had company.

You have this wrong.

We did not
go against you.

We no steal
from you.

Lying piece of shit.

If we came for you,
we would claim it proudly.

We would not hide
behind masks.

it is true.

You're usually stupid enough to
brag about your own mistakes.

But only an albanian
would call me a gypsy

And then be foolish enough
to think he could walk away.

Please, don't.

Shut this motherfucker up.

Kid's got more stories
than walt disney.

Please, no.
Speaking of masks...

This will teach you
to cover your face.

Oh, shit!

Oh, shit.

Uncle g.

Maybe i should...

I don't know this guy.
The serb is tommy's friend.

Maybe you should
get going.

I'll catch a ride
back with tommy.

And call your father.
Find out where he is, all right?

Got you.

Guy brings him a duck, he said,
"no, where's the crow at?"

There he is.
Vladimir, meet ghost.

Ghost, meet vlad,
our new partner.

Please forgive the mess.

Hate for this to be
the first impression

We give
to your organization.

Well, we all experience problems
at some point, right, vladimir?

Part of the game we play.
We're just glad that we could be there

In your time of need.

We want you to join us
for a meeting tomorrow.

Want you to know the people who'll be
moving product through your territory

So you don't accidently beef
with them on the streets.

I will be there.

As i told thomas,
i hope you understand

That this is only temporary
until my distributor

Is ready
to start back up.

Fully aware.
But after working with us,

You may decide it should be
a permanent arrangement.

That is, of course,
if your security is under control.

You can rest assured
that your product

Will be safe
in our territory.

In fact, i thought you might
like to watch me repay my debt.

The albanians take the life
of one of my men.

I do the same to them.

Unless you'd rather.
You are my guest.

Didn't bring
a change of clothes.

Well, then...

He cut that motherfucker up
like it was nothing.

No shit,
like it was nothing.

He don't give two shits
about a dead albanian.

These motherfuckers
fight all the time.

Bringing the hostage
in front of me,

Taking my fucking gun,

Every move
was a show of power.

He's not gonna be easy to control,

And i don't know
how he's gonna get along

Or play with the others
at this meet-up.

By the way,
you let all them know?

I told dre already.

I'll tell the others
when i talk to them today.

You're hanging pretty
tight with this dre kid.

What you know about him?
All i need to know.

He stood tall
with that serb shit.

Kept a cool head,
only used his gun when it mattered,

And a dead shot when
he pulled the trigger.

He killed the motherfucker
that shot ruiz's guy poncho.

Far as i'm concerned,
the kid's 100.

Kanan spoke for him and he was right,
like always.

Okay, but leave the kid
out of this meeting.

With kanan out of town,
we should have dre there to represent.

No, he's too young to sit
with the big dogs quite yet.

He gaps off, tommy, we're at war with
that crazy serbian motherfucker.

Bring the kid
into the inner circle

When his big brother's
there to chaperone.

Mrs. Baker
said that we did...

Tariq is usually
very smart, polite,

And disciplined.

Thank you.
That's good to hear.

So you can understand
my concern

With his suddenly acting
so out of character.

Is he having any
behavioral problems at home?

No, not at all.

Tariq mentioned
that your husband

Hasn't been
staying at home.

Domestic transition can affect
children in ways we can't see.

My kids are fine.
My family is fine.

Of course they are.

Boys need their fathers.

Maybe your husband
could talk with him.

If he's available.

Thank you,
ms. Chambers.

I didn't realize my donation
paid for all this concern.

I had dinner the other night
with a friend in homeland.

Felipe lobos's name
came across their desk.

It turns out that lobos's
long-running dispute

With the jimenez cartel
in mexico has turned deadly

And lobos is on the move.

Now, word is
is that he's looking

To secure as much
capital as he can.

Federales think he's gonna be in
new york within a week or two,

So i'm guessing he's gonna hook
up with his distributor, ghost.

To pick up his money in person so he
doesn't have to go back to mexico.

That's smart.
With hard dollars,

He can hide from the
jimenez anywhere he wants.

Or buy enough soldiers
to win the war against him.

If we want lobos,
now would be the time to set a trap.

If we got lobos in town engaging
in a possible drug deal,

We can get him and ghost.
It's a win-win.

We can see if egan's
our guy once and for all

Or if that
was just bullshit.

This is really
great work, knox.

I'd like to move efforts
into finding out

Where and when this meeting
will take place.


Hey, real quick.

The other night after we
talked to egan's girlfriend,

I saw you leave the building
and you looked a little upset.

Were you okay?

Problems with paz,
as usual.


I was thinking about coming by your place,

Were you home?

Just went home
and went to bed early.

Oh, okay.
So you're good, then?

I'm good.

Jamie, i was thinking...

I'm sorry, just a lot on my mind.
Go ahead.

No, you.


It's tariq.

He got suspended
today for fighting.

Has that ever
happened before?

Never. You know,
he's not like that.

He's a good kid.
It's like he's changing

Right before me and i'm
not there to help him.

Or worse... it's because
i'm not there to help him.

Jamie, i don't want
to fuck up your kids.

You're not.

I made this choice
to be with you

And it's the right

I'll figure out
how to help him.

I mean, you know,
tommy would stop by if he could, but...

Where is tommy?

He's with his girlfriend,
the redhead.

Remember i told you?
Mm, i remember.

Besides, i thought we agreed
to not talk about him, right?

Something about
needing a new topic?

Unless, of course,
there's something i need to know.


Anything i need to know?


'sup, sexy?

What you looking for?
Wine opener.

So, you never told me
where you were the other day.

I didn't hear you come in.

I wake up, you're right next to
me like fucking batman and shit.

I had some thinking
to do... About us.

I said i was sorry
about that julio thing.

I'm here, aren't i?

Where were you
all day?

I was out with ghost

Making us money.

Listen, when you
and ghost are working,

I want you
to be careful, okay?

If you ever got hurt
or arrested,

I don't know what
i'd do without you.

Aw, i'm too smart
to get shot.


No problem.
And i'm too smart to get caught.

Prison is for assholes.

That's what i thought

Till i was arrested
a few times.

I thought they changed
my first name to defendant.

Ooh, i bet the guards loved
seeing you walk their way.

I wouldn't have minded
getting you as a fish.

I would have
stripped you down...


Order you to the ground,

And then i would fuck you
in front of that whole place.

Let everybody know
that you're mine.

You're mine.
You know that, right?

I don't belong
to anybody.

No, you're mine.

Just like i said.

You're not gonna hurt me,
are you, officer?

Not unless
you ask nice.

Come here.

Now, i know most of you
all know each other.

But for those of you
that don't,

On ghost's right
is ruiz.

He runs the soldado nation
out of boogie down.

The man in red is drifty.

Him and the haitians
run north jersey.

And on my left
is vladimir and the serbs.

They hold down
staten island

And the lower east side.

Aren't we missing someone?

Kanan and dre,
who run the old rsk territory in queens,

Couldn't be here.

You expect us to be here.
They get to call in sick?

Don't matter
what the fuck they do.

This meeting is about what each and every
one of us is gonna do going forward.

Now you've all been given
extra product on consignment.

Ruiz has re-upped,
a few of you haven't.

I'm here to let you
know the due date's

Been pushed up,
so now i'm pushing.

How the hell do you expect us
to push more product faster?

We ain't making
rockets, drift.

We slinging dope.

Junkies want
their fix regardless.

So you motherfuckers
need to keep your people

Out on them corners 24/7.

Pushing the tempo
like this might cause us

To step on
each other's toes.

Gentlemen, the purpose
of this meeting

Was to introduce you all
and outline territory.

Now, the last i checked,
this new york city.

Take as much fucking territory as you want,
just not from each other.

What if the issue
is outside this room?

If one of you at this table has a problem,
that problem belongs to us all.

We make more money
together than apart.

If you ain't
trying to do that,

You and your crew
should step off now.

Very well.
Tommy here will contact you about pickups.

Let's get paid.

Something about a plane, right?

That was the federales.

Lobos's plane took off
without him on it.

Left the airstrip,
no idea where he is.

He's probably
travelling by land

To meet the plane somewhere.
It's pretty smart.

So lobos is officially
on the move.

On his way here.

Going out?

My dad has
a doctor's appointment.

If mike asks, i'll be back
this afternoon.

Bye, greg.



What the fuck?

Did you find it someplace
tommy'll notice it's missing?

I don't think so.
It was pretty buried.

Pass it to me.

Under the table.

This isn't the gun that killed rolla.

It's not?
Rolla was shot with a walther.

This is a smith & wesson.

I told you, i don't know
shit about guns.

Give it back.

Give it the fuck back.

Is there anywhere else
you haven't looked?

Sure, but i have to be careful
he doesn't catch me.

If you can't find it,
we'd better find another way.

You could ask him about rolla.
I could wire you up.

Wear a wire around tommy?
Are you out of your mind?

besides, he doesn't
let me keep my clothes on

Long enough to wear
a wire anyway.

We could make your phone
into a recording device.

You could leave it out,
get him talking.

Why do i get the feeling
that you're more freaked out

About this than i am?

Why do you want james
to be ghost so badly?

I just want the truth.

You want to know
if he's a good guy or bad guy

So you can decide if you
should keep fucking him.

But be real.

Who wants to fuck
a good guy?

Okay, fine.

But if i don't prove
james is ghost,

Tommy's gonna take the hit.

See you here tomorrow night
with the gun...

Something, anything
i can work with.

See you here at 10:00.

Tasha, hey.

What are you doing down here?
Everything okay?

Yeah, um, you dropped the kids
off with ghost. Were they okay?

Well, yeah.
No, they seemed pretty happy to see him.

It's just... it's just
hard to believe

This is what things
are like now.


I know things
are complicated.

But i just want you to know
that i'm here for you.

I mean you and the kids,
if you need me.



You know, we're not
like any other family.

If i'm gonna be... Alone,

I don't just have
to take care of these kids,

I'm gonna have
to protect them, too.

Shawn, i need you
to take me somewhere.

There's something
i gotta do.



Remind me never
to get on your bad side.

Where'd you learn to shoot like that,

Ghost taught me.

He's been good
for a few things.

Here, you go ahead.
You take a shot.

Kanan never showed you
how to shoot?

Nah, he wasn't
like that with me.

All right,
put the gun down.

Let's take off
your jacket.

This is gonna be
your lesson for the day.

All right?

Pick up the gun.

Make sure to keep
your hand off the trigger.

Be very careful.

Okay, hold it straight,
all right?

All right. Now, nice and tight.
Put pressure here and aim.

Anticipate the kickback.
Don't flinch.

Stop laughing.
I'm sorry.

I'm gonna need more practice if i'm
gonna be as good as you, all right?

Yes, it's okay.
I'm gonna help you. Come on.

Just make sure you hold it nice
and tight right here, okay?

And, um,
you got this.

It's all you.


All right, um,
i better get going.

The kids'll
be home soon.

...Like his music.

All right,
you guys get going.

I know you got
homework to do.

You staying
for dinner, dad?

I know things
are confusing right now

With your mother
and i living apart.

When are you coming home?

Big mama says you're not.

Come here.
Look at me.

I don't have a day or time
on that, okay, baby girl?

But i do know
that we're still a family.

We are one big family.
Don't you forget that.

And your mother and i
love you two and yasmine

The same as we always did,
all right?

Trust me.
You trust me?


i love you, baby girl.

Love you, too.

I know things
are rough right now,

But it doesn't give you the right
to go to school and hit somebody.

You listening to me, boy?

Yeah, i heard you.
You said you're not staying.


Thanks for
bringing them home.

Kids, go ahead.
Go get ready for dinner, okay?

So, uh, i had
that talk with tariq.

I don't know if i got through,
but i'll try again.

This thing, tasha,
it's hard on them.

Yeah, well, i went through it.
They'll be fine.

I'll make sure
they're fine.

We'll make sure
they're fine.

I was thinking maybe, uh,
i can stay for dinner.

I don't want to
confuse the kids.

Maybe next week.


You mind if i get
a couple items?

Go ahead.

Thanks, tasha.


So, things seem to be rockin'
pretty smooth since the meet.

It was a good meeting.

You heard from lobos
about a date for the drop?

No, but i know it's soon.

What about angela?
You talk to her?

Ghost, eat something.
I haven't gotten anything out of her.

She won't mention anything and there's
no new files in her crib, nothing.

Mm, well...
Keep an eye on her.

Don't forget, no matter how tight
that pussy is, she's still the enemy.

You told holly
we'd be here?

Oh, shit.

She's been itching
to get out of the house.

I thought we'd
be done by now.

Hey, babe.

Hi. Mm.

You're early.

James, didn't realize
you'd be joining us.

Funny, i wasn't
expecting you either, holly.

You want some wine?

You got anything

What, like a scotch?
That'd be great.

Where's our fucking waiter?

Out back.

You stay put here.
I'll track him down.

The fuck you still
doing here, huh?

He's been so nice lately,

I haven't been able
to pick a goddamn fight.

Don't even try
to play me, holly.

I'm warning you,
leave tonight.

I need more time.

Nope, time's up.

I told you,
you gonna leave one way or the other.


I need the money
and the train ticket.

Meet me at truth.

Be there at 10:00
when we open.

Then i never want
to see your face again.

Here you are.

You outta here?
Oh, yeah, i'm up.

I figured i'd leave you two lovebirds alone,
you know?

Give you some time
to enjoy your lady.

All right.
Peace out, brother.

Peace out, brother.

i'll catch you later, too.

Hey, man, you can dead all that
spanish shit when i'm around, man.

I like knowing
what people are saying.

Then you should learn
"el spanish."

You're gonna need it
in a few years anyway.

This is our country now.

What's up, man?
How you feelin'?

been better, man.

But you killed the
motherfucker who shot me.

Yeah, i clipped him.

I won't forget, hermano.
Appreciate that.

I won't forget it, either.

But i thought
i'd do you a favor,

Let you know that ghost and tommy
had a meeting with the whole group.

You weren't invited.

Now, the way i see it,
you stood up the other night.

There's no doubt
about that, hermano.

So it's not about you.

Who could it be
that ghost doesn't trust?

Tell me about that guy
kanan you work for.

I owe him a debt.

Hmm, ghost and tommy have
their own way of doing things.

I like the independence and the product...
can't complain.

But bringing in
the serbian?


i'm not sure.

Kanan wants to be in business
with ghost and tommy?

He knows 'em
from way back.

He's loyal.
So am i.

And we respect that.

I just want you to know
that from now on,

You need anything,
soldado nation has your back.

Not kanan.

Red! I'm back!

Come here.

I got something for you.

Did you steal this
from somebody?

No, i'm not you.

It's my grandmother's.

My ma used to hock it all the
time when i was growing up.

But she always
bought it back.

Does she know
you're giving it to me?

No. You like it?

You see?

It's like
i was saying before...

Now everybody'll know
that you're mine.

Are you saying
that you wanna...

No, i... i mean, not...

I just meant... not...

Uh, not now?

I just want you
to wear it, okay?

So it's like
a promise ring?

Like we're 15?

Want me to take it back?


I love it.

I love you.

Baby, i gotta go out for a while.


Thank you.

Oh, baby.

I'm gonna need
some more thanking,

So you just...

...Hold that thought.


Don't be upset.
Okay, yeah.

I'm... it's not my fault
you can't shoot.

Hey, everybody's not
macgyver on the first time.

You walkin' out the gate
shootin' everything.

I'm glad i was there
because i don't know

If you were gonna
make it by yourself.

Watch, watch.
Next time...

What? What's gonna happen?
Hey, quiet... quiet down.

Yasmine is sleeping.

Well, thanks
for a nice day, shawn,

And for staying
for dinner.

I think the kids really
enjoyed having you over, too.

Oh, it was my pleasure.

You know i always have
a good time with them, so...

Yeah, well,
they're all tuckered out and ready for sleep.

Maybe we all should
call it an early night.

I'm gonna get going.

Night, y'all.

Good night.

Things getting any better
with you and ghost?

He made his choice.

He been lurkin' around here like
he wants to come back home, tasha.

Maybe you should
try and make it work.

Where are you gonna find
another one like him?

Okay, you're
defending ghost now?

You kicked him out right into the
arms of another woman, tasha.

He's going to be with her.

You know what comes next?
Marriage, a baby.

A whole second family.

He will forget
all about you.

I'm going to bed, mama.

You have no idea what it's
like being a single mother.

How hard it is.

And that boy you're playing with
ain't gonna help you either.

Maybe he can
rotate your tires,

But he ain't gonna
help you raise these kids.

Even if i have
to do it by myself,

I'll do a better job
than you ever did.

What... you think you so big and
bad you don't need nobody, tasha?

You ain't strong or smart
enough to do this alone.

You think you gonna spend the
night in my house after that?

Yes, i do.

'cause who else gonna help
feed and change the baby

While you make breakfast
for the twins tomorrow morning?

Good night, tasha.

I see you came
to your senses.

You didn't give me much of a choice,
now, did you?

Your money, new id,
and train ticket.

You stole tommy's
grandmother's ring?


I guess i did.


I'll let you keep it.

That way, when tommy
realizes it's missing,

He'll know what
you really are.

Come on, i promised you
a ride to the train station.

Burning the midnight oil.

Come on, man, we've had a good night.

Stern wants all the key numbers in
his hands first thing in the morning.

He's working you hard.

Stern is a tougher boss
than me.


I get it.
You're loyal.

That's what i always
liked about you.

Appreciate that.

You know, this...
this whole thing's

A little weird
for me, right?

Can't say i ever saw us
getting to this point.

Yeah, but you're
handling it like a pro.

I appreciate that.

Too bad stern
wouldn't notice.

Hmm, well, you know,
he runs a big business, man.

There's no way he can
keep a close eye

On every person
that works for him.

good luck.

But it's not the club
that's got him so out of it.

Personal shit?

I've already said too much.

What's the big deal?
He's not here, is he?

The room's not miked.

He can't hear us.

He and madeline
are getting a divorce.

No shit?

Stern hasn't been the most
faithful of husbands,

If you know what i mean.

No shit.
Yeah, he says she's really pissed.

It's gonna be really
expensive and really nasty.

Why do you think he's been
out of the country so much?

hiding his assets.

Hold that thought, kantos.

I need to take this.

I'll give you some privacy.

Thanks for the drink.
You got it.

We still on for tonight?

I'm sorry,
jamie, no.

A pile of work
just landed in my lap.

You know you keep
telling me not to worry,

You don't
want to talk about it,

But when you say
you got a pile of work,

How can i not think
it's about tommy, angie?

You know i can't tell you anything
about the case against him.

I've said too much already.
It's too damn late.

How am i supposed to trust you
if you can't trust me?

I did trust you. That's how we got
into this mess in the first place.


Did, past tense.
You said you did trust me.

What... don't read
into that.

It's just complicated.

Yeah, it's very complicated,

Especially when we can't
see each other.

You mean when we can't
meet up to have sex.

No, that's not what i mean.

Jamie, maybe we should...


I don't know.

Take a break until this whole
tommy thing blows over.

Angie, come on, no.
We'll work it out.

Look, this is not a conversation we
should have over the phone anyway, okay?

What time do you get home?

I don't know.

I'll call you tomorrow.

Good night.

Good night.

This is holly.
You know what to do.

holly, you didn't
show tonight.

I need to know
where you are.

Call me back.

Yo, g?

The serb is still asking
a lot of questions.

Tommy, yeah,
i told you, man.

We just gotta stay
a couple of steps ahead

Of this motherfucker,
that's all.

Now, vlad didn't say
he knew it was us.

But i think we better watch our backs.

You know what i'm saying?
All right, bet.

All right,
i'll hit you up tomorrow.


Angela, i think we should prepare to
go for an arrest warrant on egan.

I want you to work with knox and swear
out an affidavit with the judge.

Saxe will go apeshit.

Saxe will handle lobos
if we get him.

You do egan.
He's your suspect.

You get to go
to the hoop.

And i just got something
else that could help.

27th precinct
just called.

You flagged tommy egan's
associates in the nypd database?

I did. Well,
they just arrested one of them

And saw your note
to call us.

James st. Patrick.

Guess i better go down there
and check that out.

No, you stay.
I'll go.

If that's okay
with you, mike.

Either way.

If they've got
something good on him,

Let's see if he'll talk
for a walk, okay?


I'm fine.
Fuck fine.

You are not fine.
Were you drinking?

I wasn't drunk, okay?

I needed
some information on stern.

I needed to loosen kantos' tongue.
It worked.

Does this look like
it worked to you?

Tasha, i wasn't drunk, okay?

Did i want a ride
to the station?

Yes, so i could give myself
a little extra time.

Now the blood test will come
back good and we can go home.

What's up?

You called her?

Looking for
james st. Patrick.

Down the hall,
second door to your right.

I... i don't know
how she knew.

Blood test results are back.

You were right,
mr. St. Patrick.

Turns out you weren't
over the legal limit.

Mm, so i'm free to go home?
Uh, yeah.

Assume your wife's
gonna give you a ride?

I sure am.

Why her?
Tasha, don't...

No, seriously,
why her?

I've known angela
since we were kids.

I never thought
i'd see her again.

Then she came
in the club one night.

so, wait the fuck...

So you broke up our entire family
over a chick from high school?

I'm telling you, i never got over her.
What the fuck was i?

Good enough?

Oh... What, so...
what, you settled for me?

It's not like that, tasha.
It's exactly like that.

Now i see.

Now i see why you
couldn't leave her alone.

It's not the only reason.

Angela is a us attorney.

She's a federal prosecutor,
specifically drug crimes,

And now she's fucking close
to arresting tommy.

tash! Tash!

Get off of me.

She's gonna arrest tommy.

This bitch you brought into
our lives is a fucking cop.

I stayed in it.

I took her to miami
to watch her,

Figure out what she knows.

And i'm telling you now

Because her investigation
is ramping up.

She started
to pull away from me.

No, she hasn't.

I saw the way
she looked at you tonight.

She loves you.

she fucking loves you.

I saw the way
you looked at her, too.

You love her right back.

You know, even after
she gets tommy,

She's gonna come for you.

And me.

What's gonna happen
to the kids

When we go to jail,


Have you thought
about that?

I've thought
about everything.


I got to figure out
my next move.

Keep fucking her.

Tasha, i don't even know
if that's an option.

Oh, i saw the bitch.
Trust me.

It's an option.

Whatever this thing
between you two is,

It's gonna work
in our favor.

You're gonna...

No, we're gonna figure out
how to protect our business.

How to protect our family.

She loves you,
so she will protect you.

She's probably already protecting
you in ways you don't even know.

So you need
to keep her happy.

You keep fucking that bitch
until i tell you to stop.


Is everything okay?

As good as it can be.
They released him.

I dropped him off
at the hotel.

So what happened?

I really don't want to talk about it tonight,

Really, i'm sorry.

Oh, can you take the car
to the shop in the morning?

I think we need
to replace the bumper.

Yeah, no, sure.
I'll take a look.

Hey, shawn?

Where's holly weaver?

What are you
talking about?

What the hell did tommy
do to holly weaver?

I've been to her apartment,
i tracked her phone.

I found it in a garbage can
on 37th street.

Holly's gone.
How do you know holly?

Her name came up in the
course of my investigation.

Mm, you seem awfully worried
for just a name.

I think your friend
tommy killed her.

I'm gonna make sure
he pays for it.

Tommy didn't kill holly.

How could you
possibly know that?

They got in a fight.

About what, i don't know.
Do you?


I sent her out of town,
gave her some money.

She's alive.

I'm not gonna
find her, am i?

Depends on whether or not
she wants to be found.

But now that
you're here...

You wanna stay?

Angie, don't give me that look.
I'm a good guy.

I helped a girl get out of town
that wanted to leave, that's all.

Or you got rid
of a federal witness.

Or you're wrong.

You ever thought
about that, hmm?

What if you're wrong?

About everything?

i'm not.

Yeah, but...

We're not gonna figure that out tonight,
are we?

Stay awhile.

We'll talk about it
in the morning.

Where you been?

Went for a walk.


What's wrong?

Just feels good,
that's all.


Oh, yeah.

One thing is missing.

Oh, you want me
to arrest you again?


My turn.

Say, you crazy, baby.

Okay, all right.


What do you think
about just picking up

And starting all over
somewhere else?



Why would you wanna
go somewhere else?

Everything we want
is here.

This new york city, baby!

I know.

But it could be great
to be somewhere else

Where no one knows us.

You know, a fresh start?

What are you talking about?
All our friends are here.

Our family.

I don't really
have any friends.

And i don't
have any family.

Just you.

Holly, what's going on?


It's okay.

Listen, tommy, the...
the feds called me in for questioning.

What the fuck?
They were trying to have me flip on you,

But i wouldn't say
a fucking thing about you.

I would never do that.
You know me.

How could you not
fucking tell me about this?

I'm trying to, i am.

Look, that bitch angela,

The fed that ghost
is fucking...

...Told me that if...

That if i could
help her get ghost,

She would make sure
that we would be safe.


What the fuck
are you talking about?


I can save us
by giving them ghost.

When you came in here before,
i was looking for the gun

That ghost gave you.

Did he... did he kill
somebody named rolla?

if we can give them
the gun that he used,

If we can prove
that he'd do that,

You can walk.

Fuck! Get these
fucking cuffs off of me!

I'm trying to save us.

By, what, ratting out ghost?
Are you out of your fucking mind?

Who do you choose?

Ghost or me?

Get over here.

Get over here now.


Holly, where's
the fucking key?

You little fucking thief.

Get the fuck over here
with that key now.

Get over here,
you fucking bitch!

Oh, you fucking
dirty little thief.

You fucking whore!

You fucking...
get back here!

Holly, get back here,
you fucking bitch!

you fucking cunt!

Get back here!

Holly, don't you
fucking leave!