Power (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - Who You Are and Who You Want to Be - full transcript

Ghost and Tommy are under the gun in trying to deal all the product in order to pay Lobos, unaware that Holly is being grilled by the FBI.

Previously on power.
Tommy: Ghost just got back from miami. I got to go meet him.
Tell me about qdubs. How did that go?
Qdubs and his thugged-out bodyguards are dead.
Tasha: He's still seeing angela.
He took her to miami. You fucking knew!
Did you fucking tell her? Tell her what?
That i fucking took angela to miami?
No, uncle g. I wouldn't do that.
Listen, i think kanan knows we sent him to jail.
You and me, t. He's coming after us.
Angela: Guess whose car passed the bodega at 8:24 pm.
Tommy egan's.
Egan is a good lead, angela.
I'm reinstating you to the task force.
This is a bag full of cash.
I want you to disappear.
Holly weaver, we need to talk.
¶ they say this is a big rich town ¶
¶ i just come from the poorest part ¶
¶ bright lights, city life, i got to make it ¶
¶ this is where it goes down ¶
¶ i just happen to come up hard ¶
¶ legal or illegal, baby, i gotta make it ¶
¶ i never took a straight path nowhere ¶
¶ life's full of twists and turns, bumps and bruises ¶
¶ i live, i learn, i'm from that city ¶
¶ full of yellow cabs and skyscrapers ¶
¶ it's hard to get a start in these parts without paper ¶
¶ homie, i grew up in hell, a block away from heaven ¶
¶ that corner, every 15 minutes it move a seven ¶
¶ pure snow, bag it, then watch it go ¶
¶ occupational options, get some blow or some hos ¶
¶ shoot the bowl or the strap, learn to rap or to jack ¶
¶ fuck it, man, in the meantime go ahead and pump a pack ¶
¶ this my regal royal flow, my james bond bounce ¶
¶ that 007, that 62 on my count ¶
¶ i'm an undercover liar, i lie under the covers ¶
¶ look a bitch in the eyes and tell her, "baby, i love you ¶
¶ you're my inspiration, you're my motivation ¶
¶ you're the reason that i'm moving with no hesitation" ¶
¶ they say this is a big rich town ¶
¶ yeah ¶
¶ i just come from the the poorest part ¶
¶ bright lights, city life, i got to make it ¶
¶ this is where it goes round ¶
¶ yeah ¶
¶ i just happen to come up hard ¶
¶ legal or illegal, baby, i got to make it ¶¶
[ foot tapping ]
We hear from the cleveland da yet?
Nope. In the interim, i did my own search
On miss holly elizabeth weaver.
Last known address, criminal history,
Financial info, phone records and place of employment.
Truth nightclub?
Waitress or something like that.
Hmm, i'm gonna have fun sparring with someone
Who doesn't have a tattoo on his neck.
I brought weaver in. She's my potential witness.
You're still here on a probationary basis.
I understand how bad you want tommy egan,
But your prior relationship makes this a grey area.
Lobos slipped through our fingers in california as well,
So no playing loose, no curveballs.
We do this right and we do it smart.
As far as holly goes, sharing a place of business
Isn't enough to make her a federal witness.
If they have a relationship, we start
By sussing out if it's personal or professional.
She came out of his apartment. It's personal.
She's with tommy, which makes her dangerous.
She's not gonna be a pushover.
Good. It's no fun if they don't make you work for it.
Saxe, get in there.
Knox, pay a visit to some of tommy egan's peripheral associates.
See if you can get anything to help us get her to talk.
Yes, sir.
[ door closes ]
I know you're pissed, but you want to just try and not go so hard on mike?
It's my ass he's gonna bite off, not yours.
I know, okay?
[ foot tapping ]
[ door opens ]
Holly elizabeth weaver.
Age 13, petty theft.
Age 14, petty theft.
Age 15, petty theft.
I like your watch.
I was there for that last one, but i didn't swipe anything.
My friend did. Too bad i'm no snitch.
Age 17, petty theft.
Marijuana possession.
You got eight months at the ohio reformatory for girls.
I'm curious.
What was that like?
Fine, once you know which guards to fuck.
Then 22, your masterpiece.
Breaking and entering at quail hollow country club.
That's the kind of people people like you shouldn't steal from.
Judge could have given you three years.
Too bad you skipped town before the arrest warrant was served.
Am i under arrest now?
Nobody read me my rights.
Holly... [ laughs ]
We don't give a shit about some rich asshole's missing fur coat.
We don't want to serve this warrant.
So here's the deal-- you help me, i help you.
You can walk out that door at any time.
But if you talk with me now,
Maybe we can leave your past mistakes in the past.
You could skip that long bus ride back to ohio.
So what's it gonna be?
[ chuckles ]
[ ringing ]
Automated voice: The residence you are trying to reach
Is not accepting calls at this time.
[ ringing ]
Yo, it's tariq. Leave a message. Peace.
[ machine beeps ] [ chuckles ]
Little man, your pops had to work late last night
So i couldn't tell you how proud i am of you.
But i am proud of you.
You're better than i was at your age.
[ knock on door ]
Look, i'm gonna be tied up today, okay?
So if you need anything,
You make sure you give me a call.
And let your sister take the first shower.
Remember, i always taught you ladies first.
Okay, son. I'll see you soon.
I love you.
So this nightclub you work at, truth,
You ever interact with the owners?
On particular, actually. Thomas patrick egan.
Yeah, i know him.
What's the nature of your relationship?
We're fucking. Oh.
We fuck sometimes when we get bored.
Hmm, and how long you and egan been an item?
Oh, an item.
What are you, my mom?
Fine, how long have you been fucking?
Couple months maybe. Not long.
Okay, so in the couple months you've been together,
You ever see him speaking privately with people
That you don't recognize?
I don't know what you mean by people i don't recognize.
See, usually when we hang out, we hang out alone.
I don't know his friends.
What about in his apartment?
You ever see anything out of the ordinary?
Anything he couldn't explain?
I don't ask a lot of questions.
You ever see him in possession of large amounts of cash
He couldn't account for?
No. Cocaine?
He had some once.
It was a really fun night.
You ever see him with a gun?
I don't know where this is all coming from,
But you've got your facts all wrong.
Tommy's a lot of things, but nothing like what you're asking about.
So what would you say if i told you
Thomas patrick egan
Is a major narcotics trafficker?
You're out of your mind.
Tommy, a drug dealer?
Yeah, no. No fucking way.
[ laughs ] are you 100% sure?
I mean, it's not like your freedom depends on it.
So if i asked you where he was and what he was doing right now,
You'd know with absolute certainty it wouldn't be anything illegal?
How would i know what he's doing right now?
So you wouldn't have a problem giving him a call, then?
Ask him who he's hanging out with?
You don't have to call. You don't have to do anything.
I just figure calling him
Would be a lot easier than me calling ohio
And telling them where you are.
Ah, put it on speaker.
[ ringing ]
Automated voice: You have reached the voice mailbox
Of 917-555-0101.
[ chuckles ] lucky break.
She was afraid he'd pick up.
She knows something.
Saxe will get it out of her.
I don't know.
If tommy told her anything about his business,
Anything real, that means it's not just about a fuck.
He wouldn't trust that kind of information with some piece of ass.
Well, that sounds like good news.
If she's in deep, she knows more.
She cracks, we get egan faster.
If she's in deep enough, we're not gonna get anything.
When you really love a guy, you stand by him,
No matter what he's done.
If holly really loves tommy,
She's not gonna say a word.
Seems a waste of a beautiful view
To come all the way out here just to be focused on your balls.
Have you ever taken a lesson, james?
If you haven't, you should.
The biggest deals in business are often made on a golf course.
I wouldn't want you to miss out on that.
So, to what do i owe the honor?
Shouldn't you be at truth basking in the club's success?
I read the article, simon. The post seems to be in love with you.
In fact, if i didn't know any better,
I would say simon stern and associates
Is doing very well.
It's how the business works, james.
When we have a great night like you had,
We like the world to know as quickly as possible.
Forgive me for wanting to brag on your exploits.
My name wasn't mentioned anywhere in the article.
You're truth, right?
And the party was a success.
More people will talk about truth.
More people will want to get in.
More people equals more profit.
So from where i stand,
You're one step closer to getting what you want.
Look, a few friends of mine are getting together for a party.
A select group.
Big spenders with big pockets.
I want you to come and just enjoy yourself.
Consider it a thank you for breathing life into the vibe party.
Would you like to take swing?

¶ it's not an option, it's more of an obligation ¶
¶ there's a difference in patiently waiting and hesitating ¶
¶ i'm facing something in front of me... ¶
Yo, this ain't applebee's, homie.
Yeah, i figured that once i saw you didn't have your apron on.
Yo, i know you ain't back there cooking.
What's up, kid? Hey.
What's good, t?
Actually, i'm looking for our boy kanan.
Time to pay the piper. He around?
No, no, no. He ain't here.
But we got what you need.
Yo, not to me directly. I'm hands-off.
There's a system. Cash goes to my dude across town.
Oh, okay, okay, bet. All right, we'll get right on that.
Is there anything else y'all need from us? We down 100%, man.
Anything at all. Just let me know.
No, but i like the commitment.
Kanan knows how to pick 'em. Gotcha.
Just tell kanan to hit me next time you see him.
Got you.
Yo, i got to dip out. Got any hush puppies in this place?
We got the best in the city, man. Ah, yeah.
Good, 'cause i'm hungrier than a motherfucker.
Hook that up, all right? I got you, man.
Hello. Hi.
What's this?
Kantos wanted me to let you know that he needed one from you, too.
Says they're up in his office.
You know, this place was better when you were the boss.
[ sighs ]
This can't be right.
[ knocks ]
Excuse me, james st. Patrick?
How can i help you?
Special agent greg knox, fbi.
I was hoping i could have a moment of your time.
Fbi? Of course. Please, sit.
Great club you got out there.
Thank you. I'll put you on the list.
Maybe you can bring your girlfriend by sometime if you have one.
I'll keep that in mind. I'm actually here
Inquiring about a business associate of yours-- a thomas patrick egan.
Tommy involved in something i should know about?
Mr. Egan's name is peripherally mentioned
As part of an open investigation.
By law, that's all i'm allowed to say.
Of course.
I'm only here to just get a better understanding
Of mr. Egan's role at this club.
You guys have known each other for years, right?
Grew up with each other.
Grade school, high school.
Invested in some small endeavors together--
Parking lots, laundromats that i now run.
And, you know, the businesses grew.
Before you know it, voilà, here we are.
Tommy actually provided a portion
Of the capital during the start-up for truth.
Oh, okay.
And so-- wait, wait, where did that capital come from?
I don't know. Family money maybe.
Not quite sure.
To be honest, i didn't ask.
So how active is mr. Egan in these businesses?
I would classify tommy as more of a silent partner.
Doesn't care much for the spotlight.
Truth is actually my vehicle.
In fact, i don't know if i can really help you
With whatever it is you're looking for with tommy.
I'll be the judge of that, mr. St. Patrick.
So, do you know any other business associates of mr. Egan?
I don't recall.
Saxe: Certain activities
Have a high cell phone turnover rate.
Holly: Like what, kidnapping?
Saxe: Well, as an example.
You have to let me in there.
I know how women like holly think.
No. We're not gonna change it up on her now.
It's textbook technique, angela.
We're gonna let saxe pound her into the ground.
Same voice, same questions, same approach.
[ speaks spanish ] excuse me?
You come in here saying you want to catch lobos at any cost,
But actually you're just afraid to make another mistake.
So instead of doing whatever it takes to bust egan,
You've got me out here like some kind of glorified intern.
Saxe: You were crying when agent knox picked you up...
[ speaking spanish ]
[ knocks ]
There's a call on line two from the cleveland da's office.
Want to help?
[ beeps ]
This is ausa angela valdes.
Hey, it's delinda from the cleveland da's office.
Apologies for getting back to you so late.
The arrest warrant you inquired about
For holly weaver, it's been voided.
What? Wait. Hold on a minute, please.
I'm sorry, you were saying?
It appears the main witness in your case
Recanted their statement. You know how it is.
Witness statements, they can either make your case or break it.
So i'm afraid holly elizabeth weaver is officially a free woman.
I can have a rescinded form sent to your office asap
To make up for the confusion.
Don't worry. I'll let everyone in the office know.
Thank you very much.
[ phone beeps ]
[ phone buzzes ]
Jefe, to what do i owe the honor?
Lobos: Ghost, my planned trip to visit your country
Has been moved up.
It's been expedited.
Ghost: Good to hear.
[ speaking spanish ]
Is everything okay, jefe?
Nothing that i can't handle.
But one must be prepared.
[ speaking spanish ]
[ speaks spanish ]
Okay, so we're all settled.
[ sniffs ] i'm going to see you soon.
Looking forward to it.
[ door locks ]
This everyone's money?
Yeah, everyone since the re-up.
Drifty looks good, that new guy dre just left,
But ruiz is fucking killing it.
Ruiz is killing it?
Almost want to tell that motherfucker to relax, but fuck it, right?
Everything okay?
If we need to cut in half the time we need to make the repayment,
Could we do it, julito?
I don't know.
I mean, shit, we could double up with everyone across the board.
Right? But that's not the fucking problem.
The problem is we got nowhere else to fucking move this shit.
What's going on?
A connect has never needed their money this quick.
Julito, do what you said, okay?
You work on doubling up with everyone.
I'll work on finding the territory.
[ keyboard clicking ] greg: Look...
I'm not saying he should have called you that.
You're not...
Latin. [ scoffs ]
You don't understand. No. No, i don't.
But you don't handle it well when you don't get your way.
Holy shit.
There was a shooting at truth, the nightclub where holly works.
Truth? I was just there.
Owner didn't say anything about--
You talked to james st. Patrick?
Right. Right. You went to high school with both of them.
Yeah, maybe you should have done the interview.
Forget it. Just forget it. Tell me about the shooting.
A disgruntled woman fired some shots hitting a waitress.
Holly weaver.
She looks pretty good for a girl who just got shot.
Greg, the shooting at truth was the same night as nomar's death.
So while holly was getting shot,
Her boyfriend egan was stabbing nomar across town.
They had a big party. He could have been there.
Well, did you check the witness statements from the shooting?
He doesn't have any, which means either he wasn't there
Or they didn't interview him
Because he went in the ambulance with holly.
Fuck! If tommy went to the hospital with holly,
That alibis him for nomar's murder.
That would mean tommy egan isn't ghost
And this whole thing has been a wild goose chase.
Mike was right. Angela, relax.
I need to get to the bottom of this before everything blows up.
[ humming ]
[ squeaking ]
If i didn't know you better, hermano,
I would say you have some form of allergy to my reptiles.
I can deal with the snakes, víbora.
It's the rats i hate.
You want another drink while we wait for tommy?
No, i'm good. We'll fill tommy in when he gets here.
I know that you want more influence
Over the organization, to be able to make calls--
If i may. I have to say i deserve it.
I've been nothing but loyal since we stared.
I'm your most trusted primera.
We are rebuilding our organization, ruiz, brick by brick,
And you're the most important piece.
I need you to round up your best hitters and kill the serb.
You sure you want that kind of heat?
We need the territory. No way getting around it.
The serb had a chance to play ball, he didn't.
This the only move. Solamente.
I want access to lobos.
Didn't work out for you the first time you met.
Yeah, i knew.
Lobos told me.
Did you think that could happen and i wouldn't find out?
Ruiz, you kill the serb for me tonight
And i'll let you run his territory.
Tell your boys it's a long ride on the six,
But i'm sure they'll get used to it.
More territory, more money.
[ speaks spanish ] [ phone buzzes ]
I'll get poncho and a few of my best.
They'll be ready to ride.
Ghost, you hear me?
Just get it done, ruiz.
I gotta bounce.
¶ open that door ¶
¶ taking mine and i might take yours ¶
¶ open that door ¶
¶ taking mine and i might take yours, yours ¶
¶ i never had it easy-- ¶¶
What's up, 'riq?
You okay, man? Everything all right?
Yeah. Just wanted to see you, dad.
Watch the knick game like we always do.
How'd you know where to find me?
Well-- well, the message you left--
Called the number from my phone.
Then when i got here, i played like i was lost
And forgot your room number.
Your mama know where you are?
Yeah, i told her.
She just wants me to be back by dark.
The knicks game is cool and all.
What's really on your mind, son?
[ sighs ] all right.
Don't make fun of me.
She gave it to me at the presentation.
Who's she?
[ both laugh ]
Oh, man.
Well, tracy thinks you have a really cute smile.
Yeah, she tells me that all the time.
Well, what do you think?
Mm, i guess she likes me.
First of many. So what's the problem?
Thing is, i like another girl.
Trust me, son, last thing you want to be
Is caught between two women.
It's no fair to you.
More importantly, it's no fair to the women.
So just be honest with the one that you like.
But i don't want to hurt tracy's feelings.
Yeah, but if you lie to her, you'll hurt tracy's feelings even more.
You get that?
I understand. Good.
All right, so can we watch the knicks game?
I think we can do that.
[ door opens ]
I might have found a new angle for us.
You're not gonna believe this, but that shooting at truth a couple weeks ago,
Turns out holly was involved as a victim. Took one in the shoulder.
The night holly was shot was also the night nomar arcielo was killed.
This gives us a chance to lean on holly about tommy's whereabouts.
I talked to the emts that brought holly into the hospital that night.
[ knocks ] tommy wasn't with her.
If holly puts tommy at the club, then we've got her in a lie
And we can force her to work with us as a witness.
The fact that she's even trying to alibi him
Means that she probably knows more than we thought.
I need you to step out for a minute.
Boss, i'm just getting into the thick of it in there.
Angela just brought us something interesting.
I'd like to play it out.
I'm going to talk to her, not you.
Aw, keep your chin up, slugger.
It was a nice try.
He already left. What took you so long? Traffic. What'd i miss?
It's a pretty big move you two are suggesting,
Killing the serb. I see the reward--
Ghost came here to tell you to kill the serb?
Are you fucking kidding me?
In exchange, after he's clipped,
I get the serb's territory.
Look, i know what he promised you,
And i want you to have it.
But there is another way.
Just let me discuss it with ghost first.
[ speaking spanish ]
Yo, j, where you at?
At the warehouse. What's going on?
You still fucking that yugoslav chick
With the cousin in vladimir's crew?
Not for a minute now. Why?
You think you fucked her good enough that she'll tell you
Where the serbs have their stash houses?
Where'd princeton go?
Took a break.
You like him?
I got used to him.
You're his boss, though, right?
Better shoes. Better watch.
Eat. It's not poisoned.
You like to size people up fast, don't you, holly?
Been a waitress a long time.
Gotta know who to spend your time on.
Get better tips.
Probably a good skill to have growing up like you did.
Seems like every time your mom got a new boyfriend
You had to go.
What happened? [ laughs ]
When the guy would leave her, she'd take you back
Until she got a new one?
So you're a good cop? No.
But i want you to know that things aren't always what they seem.
I was in and out of the system, too, as a kid.
I figured out early that if i got straight as,
Someone would always want me.
[ chuckles ] you're right.
They didn't want me.
They wanted that check from the state.
[ laughs ]
So how did you get rich?
Hard work.
But the money doesn't help.
Not with the thing i need.
The thing about security,
About family.
Feeling safe.
Never goes away.
So even if doesn't look like what you pictured,
It's just nice to be anywhere with anyone
Who actually cares about you.
That what you got with tommy?
So if something happened to you, you know he'd be there for you?
Holly: Yeah.
You're sure?
I said yeah.
The night you were shot at truth,
Tommy was there by your side the whole time?
I don't remember.
Well, the emts that brought you in remember.
He wasn't there.
Would you like to know where he was?
Oh, come on! Breakdown on defense.
Told you, if they don't start playing defense, we're gonna lose.
I mean, amar'e was scoring a lot, though.
[ knock at door ]
More to a game than scoring.
[ knocks ]
Ghost, what the fuck are--
What's up, uncle t? Want to watch the knick game with us?
We got snacks.
What up, 'riq? I see you, playboy.
'riq, uncle t and i are about talk. Be right back.
Hell of a way to do business, ghost.
I'm 10 minutes late, you got ruiz doing the serb?
Without consulting me? What the fuck?
Lobos called, all right?
Motherfucker cut our due date in half.
And the serb had a chance to play ball and he didn't.
We don't have time to fucking wait anymore.
Look, you know i'm down for whatever, but not this one.
Why? 'cause you know him?
I don't give a fuck if you're best motherfucking friends.
We need the territory.
This ain't about being friends.
We can't start a fucking war killing the serb
With this kind of heat from angela.
Right now he could say no 'cause he don't need us.
But what if we could create that need?
You remember what we did back in the day to the triads?
Yeah, we cut off their pipeline.
I was thinking of doing that same shit to the serb.
We close off all his pathways for him to get dope.
I mean, we shut him down completely.
And then he only got one option.
To come to us.
But do we know where he keeps his shit? Where he gets it?
Yeah, julio and victor already got me locations.
Ruiz and poncho, a couple of their guys, they're down.
Plus, julio told me the serb's throwing a big party for his brother.
Some serbian tattoo gangster shit.
Point is, they're all gonna be there.
Tonight's the night to do it.
Bet. Bet.
But get dre on it. See if he can earn his stripes.
And, tommy, with the triads we did it so they'd know it was us.
Yeah, our signature was all over that shit.
But with the serb, our hands can't be on it, man.
Not a trace. Not a fucking trace.
Consider it done.
What about ruiz?
I promised him the serb's territory.
We'll pay him off.
Ruiz will keep. Yo, ghost, you all right?
With this serb shit, making a call that way?
It ain't like you.
Can you run tariq home?
You know, with everything going on with me and t, i don't know.
I got you. What are uncles for?
Yo, 'riq, it's time to go.
But the game...
Time to close up shop.
Tariq: But the game, man.
Mike, didn't know about your history.
Moving around like that must have been hard.
No, my dad was a college professor.
I grew up in palo alto.
[ laughs ]
It was a good call to go after the night of the shooting, angela.
Thank you.
You got her to listen.
Get me all the photographs you have from the arcielo crime scene.
Holly gets to see her boyfriend for who he really is.
She's gonna clam up if you go at her like that.
Let's go, coop.
[ phone buzzes ]
What are you talking about? Yeah, i know it was a one-way street.
I was only going one way.
Uncle t, you're crazy. And you said pull over?
Are you kidding me with that one? Are you kidding me?
Boy, where the hell have you been?
You don't answer your phone now?
I went to go see dad.
What? Why?
Go to your room until you want to tell me.
[ sighs ]
He wanted to watch the game with his dad.
Come on, t.
You blame the kid?
Too bad you can't stay.
What's up, t? I was just trying to help out.
You had your chance to help out.
You could have told me ghost was fucking another woman.
It wasn't my place to say a goddamn thing. You know that.
I didn't want to break up our family.
Well, it's broken now, okay?
Ghost turned his back on me, but you did, too.
You know, i thought you was my brother.
I never thought you'd do me like this.
Good-bye, tommy.
Look, t, i know you're mad at ghost,
You're mad at me,
But you wouldn't ever--
I mean...
You wouldn't blow up the whole thing over this, right?
Get the fuck out of my house.
Jamie, what are you doing here?
You haven't been answering my calls.
I needed to talk to you. A federal agent came by truth.
A guy named greg. Is that greg as in ex greg?
Yeah, it's the same guy.
Look, i didn't find out he was going to see you until after the fact, okay?
He came by the club asking all kind of questions about tommy.
What's going on, angela? Should i be worried?
It's not about you. It's about tommy.
I told you this was happening.
[ sighs ] i've been honest with you.
Now it's time for you to be honest with me.
Where was tommy the night of the shooting at truth?
The night we were supposed to go to miami?
I don't know. Would you tell me if you did?
What's that supposed to mean?
Have you thought about what you're gonna do if we arrest tommy?
You gonna let me know before you do it?
Should i?
Angela, i could have told tommy everything by now.
I could have protected him.
I haven't.
You can trust me.
I'm trusting you.
Do i need a lawyer?
No. No, i don't think so.
I think you're fine. I do.
[ sighs ]
I've gotta get back inside.
Okay? Yeah.
Come here.
I'll call you when i'm done, okay?
[ sighs ]
[ exhales ]
Tariq, get your butt out here.
Tariq, i know you hear me.
I know, i'm grounded.
No phone. No ipad.
No playstation. Two weeks.
But you knew that was gonna happen, so why did you go?
I don't know. I just wanted to talk to dad.
Look, your father's not gonna be around as much for a while.
You're gonna need to tell me everything now.
I need you to know that you can.
Why isn't dad gonna be around?
What's going on?
Next time you see your father, you should ask him.
Go to your room, babe.

¶ uh-huh ¶
¶ yeah ¶
¶ unh, it's not an option, it's more of an obligation ¶
¶ there's a difference in patiently waiting and hesitating ¶
¶ i'm facing something in front of me ¶
¶ that was built to silence me, erase me ¶
¶ but that won't be the case, i'm a magician ¶
¶ i'm a wizard when it comes to women ¶
¶ it's a given, i'm stompin'. I'm over competition... ¶
¶ i'm on point... ¶ thank you.
Hi. Name, please?
James st. Patrick. I'm on simon stern's list.
[ thuds ]
That way.
¶ i'm a beast, i'm only looking for prey, then i feast ¶
¶ i'm off the leash, it's mandatory you stay off my territory ¶
¶ i'm glorious, a champion, a victorious warrior ¶
¶ i never slip, i never fold ¶
¶ if i ain't going hard, i'm going home ¶
¶ i can feel it in my spirit and my soul ¶
¶ i'm only in it for the win, i'm always going for the gold ¶
¶ going for the gold ¶
¶ that means i'm going for the gold ¶
¶ i can feel it in my spirit and my soul ¶
¶ i'm only in it for the win, i'm always going for the gold ¶
¶ i'm a hard act to follow, attitude macho ¶
¶ elbow dropping my opponent from the top rope ¶
¶ belt around my waist, victory i can taste ¶
¶ sweet... ¶
"fuck you, gypsies"? What's up with that?
It's a message for a friend.
[ people chatting ]
Hi, mrs. Stern. Pleasure to see you again.
James st. Patrick.
Oh, your wife's name is tasha, right?
Mm-hmm. Mmm.
Can you tell me where to find mr. Stern?
Well, you won't find him in a bathroom
Doing something with someone he shouldn't.
Or you will.
In that direction.
¶ going for the gold ¶
¶ that means i'm going for the gold ¶
¶ i can feel it in my spirit and my soul ¶
¶ i'm only in it for the win, i'm always going for the gold... ¶
Well done. You deserve a tip.
James! You made it.
I'm so happy to see you.
Let's go get you a drink and we'll work the room.
Actually, i don't have much time, simon.
Is there someplace private we can talk?
[ whirring ]
Hello, 911?
Get down to hamilton docks, terminal g.
There's a narcotics deal going on.
Omg. Hurry.
The fuck was that about?
Final part of the plan.
¶ i'm only in it for the win, i'm always going for the gold ¶
¶ going for the gold ¶
¶ that means i'm going for the gold ¶
¶ i can feel it in my spirit and my soul... ¶
[ groans ]
[ gunshots ]
¶ no ice, no vanilla, cold-blooded killer ¶
¶ followed by the play, mj before "thriller" ¶
¶ yeah, thrilla in manila... ¶
Come on, buddy, we got to go.
¶ i would talk trash, but i'd beat you fast on the hump... ¶
Get him in.
Come on, come on, get in here.
Oh, my god. Get his helmet, man.
You're gonna make it, all right?
Just get him in the van. We got to keep moving.
Which one of them serbian motherfuckers got me?
Dre got that serbian asshole.
No doubt. Yo, dre, good looking out.
Ruiz: Come on in, man. Let's go, go, go, go!
Let's get the fuck out of here. Go! Go!
[ tires squeal ]
I have big plans for you, james.
The way you handled that vibe party
With the budget we gave you...
I don't have that level of hustle left in me, but you do.
I'm here to do my part.
Happy we could make such a profit.
What do you think, simon? About what, 20%?
I know you want your club back, james.
I know you still think you need to be rid of me.
I'm trying to show you all the benefits of working at my side.
The private jet, the suite in miami,
A little golf,
A little of this.
I didn't know what you might like.
Some men want a younger version of what they've got at home.
Some like to try a different flavor.
For my part,
If i never fuck another blonde again, it'll be too soon.
I'm good, simon.
But thanks for the offer.
I don't know what to think, james.
You spurn my hospitality,
You want all the credit in the papers.
What am i going to do with you?
I would hate to have to let you go.
I want you to be a good fit for this company.
And i want you to know
I'm here to support you
And the stern brand.
You have my word, simon.
And, um, you're sure about the girls?
Yeah, i'm sure, simon.
Oh, well.
I'll have to handle it myself.
Cheers, simon.
Good night.
Good night to you and good luck with that.
[ chuckles ]

Hey, man!
[ tattoo needle buzzing ]
[ men speaking serbian ]
[ cheering ]
[ speaking serbian ]
You should have told me tariq came here, ghost.
Come in, tasha.
What did he want?
He had a problem at school.
Two girls in his class like him
And tariq only likes one.
Ah, makes sense.
You would be the right person to ask about that.
What did you tell him?
I told him to do better than i did.
Sit down so we can figure some things out.
No, there's no way we're gonna figure some things out, okay?
Look, i can handle raina and yas,
But honestly, i don't know how i'm gonna handle tariq.
I can't teach him how to be a man.
The worst part is, you can't teach him how to be a man either.
Tasha-- mm-mmm.
You know, the next time you see your son,
He's gonna ask you some tough questions.
You should be prepared to answer.
[ door opens ]

Tommy: One of these days i'm gonna have to see
What this meditation shit's all about.
Thank you for coming.
It has been very bad night.
I heard. That's what brings me by.
That and this.
For your brother. His big night.
Thank you, tommy.
This is a beautiful gift.
Well, i hope you like my second gift just as much.
Like i said, i heard about what happened tonight.
Is the offer to join you and ghost still on the table?
I'd have to talk to ghost,
But i think we can help you out if you want it.
I'd be glad to have you on the team.
If i come onboard,
You know it's only temporary
Until milan is ready to move again.
Let's just see how it goes.
Saxe: Taken from inside a pool hall
A few days ago in queens.
You're looking at the bodies of a few members
Of a street gang called rsk.
This was taken outside that same location
On the day of the murders.
Is this tommy's car?
I know what you're thinking-- it might be his car
But tommy could have been inside taking a leak.
Or maybe in another store buying you flowers.
So what if we had his car at another known criminal location?
Whoops, tommy's car again.
This time entering and exiting the hideout
Of soldado nation kingpin víbora ruiz.
This is bullshit. Tommy's not a killer.
He's not your guy. Holly!
No more bullshit.
Either you start telling us what you know about tommy right now,
Or when you close your eyes to sleep tonight,
The last image you'll see will be prison bars.
Fine, have it your way.
[ pounds on glass ]
Holly elizabeth weaver, we are exercising the warrant
You have in ohio and will be transporting you tonight.
We're gonna get tommy with or without you.
Hey, see you in three years.
You mind if i go to the bathroom first?
This is a mistake.
We just gave holly everything we have on egan
And she didn't react. That's her problem.
She didn't react to the photos
Because she already knows who tommy is and she doesn't care.
Well, i think a seven-hour bus ride to ohio might change her mind.
There is no ohio.
Oh, hi, paz.
Let me get somewhere where i can talk.
What am i gonna do, jump out the window?
I'll be right out here.
Fuck. Fuck.
Fuck! Fuck.
Oh, fuck.
[ door opens ]
Holly, my name is ausa angela valdes.
We don't have much time to talk.
You need to think about what you're doing.
You don't have to throw your life away for tommy egan.
You're just trying to trick me.
You're trying to protect tommy by sacrificing your freedom for his.
It's three years, holly. It's not worth it.
You need to help yourself.
And the best way for you to do that right now
Is to help me implicate him as ghost.
Tommy's not ghost.
I saw your face, holly,
So i know you already know this.
Your boyfriend tommy egan is a major drug trafficker
With the street name ghost.
I remember you.
You fucked james at truth.
Up against the wall in his office.
He's cheating on tasha with you.
Okay, james st. Patrick doesn't have anything to do with this.
Is that what you told them?
You convinced those fuckheads that tommy is ghost.
You're protecting james.
No. No, no, no. Wait, i--
Oh, wow.
You didn't know.
You dumb bitch.
You're the one sleeping with ghost, not me.
I want out of this.
And i want tommy out of this.
Yeah. Yeah, you make that happen
Or i go in there and tell your partners
That you're fucking the real ghost.
Okay, okay, okay.
What if i do something for you?
A show of good faith.
I'm listening.
What if i make your warrant go away?
Get you out of here right now?
How are you going to do that?
Let me worry about that. Mm-hmm.
But if what you're saying is true
And jamie really is ghost,
Then i need to know that for sure.
Then i won't need tommy.
You get me everything you can
Implicating james as ghost,
And then i'll do all i can to get you and tommy out of this.
You want me to give you james?
You make this all go away.
You got a deal.
I'll tell the agent to take you to my office.
Wait for me there. I'll get you released.
Larry, please escort miss weaver to my office. Thank you.
[ angela crying ]
I love you.
[ sobbing ]
I can't leave you.
Hey, hey.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
What are you doing here, jamie?
Look, i'm sorry for before.
I know this whole tommy thing has got us both stressed out.
What the fuck?
So, baby, how was work?

¶ take me down, take me down ¶
¶ take me down ¶
¶ focused on my pot of gold, trying to be a honest soul ¶
¶ work hard till i'm tired and old ¶
¶ my own lane, my side of the road ¶
¶ write my name in silver and gold ¶
¶ girls these days is out of control ¶
¶ you out of your mind, you think i'm blind ¶
¶ to the facts i know, i know, i know ¶
¶ if i fumble and my money go ¶
¶ let's see who stay, let's see who go ¶
¶ let's see who real, let's see who fake ¶
¶ let's see who really mean it when they call me bro ¶
¶ i know, i know, i know, i know everybody ain't phony ¶
¶ i know, i know, i know, i know it's the same story ¶
¶ i'll never let them take me under ¶
¶ take me under ¶
¶ i'll never let them take me under ¶
¶ take me under ¶
¶ i'll never let them take me down ¶
¶ down, down, down ¶
¶ i'll never let them take me down ¶
¶ down, down, down ¶
¶ i'll never let them take me under ¶
¶ take me under ¶
¶ i'll never let them take me under ¶
¶ take me under ¶
¶ i'll never let them take me down ¶
¶ down, down, down ¶
¶ i'll never let them take me down ¶
¶ down, down, down ¶¶