Power (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Like We're Any Other Couple - full transcript

Ghost and Angela enjoy a getaway in Miami until reality intrudes on their fantasy life as a couple; Tommy and Kanan bond.

Man: Previously on "power"...
Jamie: I'm trying to move product,
More than twice the usual drop.
It's about the money q-dubs, always about the money.
That it is.
Until a family member get clipped,
And then shit turn into something else.
Jamie: Angela doesn't have anything on us.
No files, wiretaps, phone records, nothing.
[ laughs ]
Man: Here are the possible matches for the sketch.
Angela: Tommy egan is ghost.
I said and did some things that you may have misunderstood.
Just don't want you to... Be confused.
Jamie: Any news on the on the shooter, give me something, julito.
I put word out to my miami connect.
Time's up, motherfucker. Where's your bitch?
Got people looking for her. I gotta find her first.
She hasn't answered her phone. No one's seen her.
It's like she fucking disappeared.
I'm sending you on a little trip for the weekend.
You like miami?
Jamie: Stern is sending me to miami to sign a contract.
You trying to leave without me?
Of course not.
¶ they say this is a big rich town ¶
¶ i just come from the poorest part ¶
¶ bright lights, city life, i got to make it ¶
¶ this is where it goes down ¶
¶ i just happen to come up hard ¶
¶ legal or illegal, baby, i gotta make it ¶
¶ i never took a straight path nowhere ¶
¶ life's full of twists and turns, bumps and bruises ¶
¶ i live, i learn, i'm from that city ¶
¶ full of yellow cabs and skyscrapers ¶
¶ it's hard to get a start in these parts without paper ¶
¶ homie, i grew up in hell, a block away from heaven ¶
¶ that corner, every 15 minutes it move a seven ¶
¶ pure snow, bag it, then watch it go ¶
¶ occupational options, get some blow or some hos ¶
¶ shoot the bowl or the strap, learn to rap or to jack ¶
¶ fuck it, man, in the meantime ¶
¶ go ahead and pump a pack ¶
¶ this my regal royal flow, my james bond bounce ¶
¶ that 007, that 62 on my count ¶
¶ i'm an undercover liar, i lie under the covers ¶
¶ look a bitch in the eyes and tell her, "baby, i love you ¶
¶ you're my inspiration, you're my motivation ¶
¶ you're the reason that i'm moving with no hesitation" ¶
¶ they say this is a big rich town ¶
¶ yeah ¶
¶ i just come from the poorest part ¶
¶ bright lights, city life, i got to make it ¶
¶ this is where it goes round ¶
¶ yeah ¶
¶ i just happen to come up hard ¶
¶ legal or illegal, baby, i got to make it ¶¶
[ children arguing faintly ]
[ groans ] babe.
Tariq: I'm telling mom! Raina: Go ahead!
Ma, can you tell raina
To get off my playstation? No!
And what did i tell you about barging
In people's room without knocking?
Where's dad?
He's in miami on business for the club.
It's weird without him here.
You're just spoiled.
Other kids' fathers travel all the time.
Other kids' fathers don't own nightclubs.
They don't get shot at at work.
Come here.
Come here, tariq.
You don't have to worry about your dad, okay?
He's just fine.
You're the man of the house, all right?
Hold it down. Okay.
I love you. Love you, too.
Oh, and when you talk to him,
Can you tell him to get me a miami heat jersey?
No, i will not ask him for any such thing.
This is a knicks family, okay?
All right, please, go. Get out and get ready for school.
[ door closes ] raina!
Mom said you had to give it to me. Come on!
[ chuckles ] to us...
Finally making it to miami
And waking up together for the first time.
You did not have faith in me.
It was hard to have faith in anything there for a while.
Yeah, for a minute there i actually wondered
If you were gonna show up...
And miss all of this.
I'm sorry about that.
I got caught up at work.
I don't wanna think about work now.
Me neither.
No work.
Just us.
It's everything we wanted.
Everything we wanted.
¶ all the way from where i started ¶
¶ to the present, yeah, 1987, year of the legend... ¶
Dude, i told you not to eat in my car.
I just got out the motherfucking joint.
Ain't no savesies when it come to crown fried.
You're getting crumbs all over my goddamn ride!
Hey, gimme a fry. Hell, no.
I told your dumb ass to order something while we was there.
You know, a motherfucker steal from me, usually wind up disappearing
Or getting his ass beat in the shower.
Remind not to get in the fucking shower with you.
You've been institutionalized too long.
Well, i'm out. I'm ready to get back to work.
So you're gonna tell me how you and ghost handle this shit now?
Still running our distribution business.
Sell wholesale to soldaldos, tainos, and rock street.
Didn't the motherfuckers fold after rolla got clipped?
No, rolla's second-in-command q-dubs is running shit now.
They still got the same territory
Where we used to run shit? You know it,
Our old stomping grounds.
What are we doing over here?
We're damn sure ain't about to wash some clothes.
This is where we clean our money
So we can pay our rent and shit.
Clean the money, huh? Sound like some ghost shit.
Always trying to look like a goddamn citizen.
Man, hand to hand cash is the move
When you're washing money.
We learned from you and your car wash.
You remember that?
Ghost ain't never had a good idea he didn't steal from you.
Hang on, man, i'll be right back.
[ inserts coin ]
Voice: One player.
[ knock on door ]
How's it going, victor?
It's a good thing i don't pay you by the hour.
Got molasses in my ass, boss.
How we doing?
We're looking good. We're looking good.
I tell you, simon stern is taking over the fucking world.
Okay. He sent me out here
To get some acquisition contracts signed, right? Right.
Getting these guys to sign over a percentage
Of their clubs to him, just like he did me.
Same shit. [ laughs ] oh, man.
Fucker. You never grow up.
He just gotta show you he's in charge
By making you his proxy.
Yeah, well, right now, he's got the advantage.
I gotta do what he wants to the letter.
If i fuck it up, then he owns my club permanently.
Then he doesn't know you very well.
You never quit.
That's something we've got in common.
You've worked hard to get to this point,
And i'm proud of you.
Don't let stern mess with your head.
[ cell phone vibrates ]
You need to get that?
Should we go get some lunch?
[ upbeat dance music playing ]
Yo, t, what's up?
Sup, man. I was hoping to catch you before you bounced.
Who's this?
Yo, j, this is kanan.
He used to run with me and ghost.
He just got out.
Puerto rican?
If tommy and ghost are cool with you, i am, too.
Cool. Cool. Hey, uh,
Let me holler at you real quick, t.
Go ahead, do your thing.
You know, fuck that.
Aren't we all family here?
Go ahead, j.
Yo, cristobal's backing out.
Yeah, he asked for a meet,
And then said he was gonna find a new connect.
Tainos are out, bro. The fuck is that about?
Some shit about there's too much heat on us right now.
Did you hear from ghost?
Yeah, he hit up my cousin's cigar shop down there.
Copped an untraceable.
Guess it comes with a cohibo on the side.
The girl who shot up the club is hiding in little havana.
Ghost went down to miami to cancel christmas on her ass.
Should have sent you.
Know you would have sliced her up,
Make a motherfucker think twice about stepping up again.
Finally, someone who speaks my fucking language.
Ghost had an excuse to go down there.
Something about the nightclub.
If you ask me, he just wanted to make sure rolla hired her.
He's still thinking about that.
It's 'cause they was friends.
I told ghost, your friend betray you,
Cut 'em, don't think twice. I said that to him, too.
Hey, where's the head at?
And then he starts with the prison talk.
It's in a back around the corner.
[ cell phone vibrating ]
Kana: Hey, i need you on the next thing smoking down to mia.
You got a location on the girl?
For sure. I need you to roll out now.
All right, done.
[ man singing in spanish ]
It's like we're any other couple.
No looking over our shoulders.
You and me. Nothing to worry about.
[ speaks spanish ]
Reminds me of visiting my cousins down in pr.
You know, the first time tommy and i came down here,
We bugged out one of these old cats here.
The best thing about miami,
It's super close to the united states.
How is tommy?
I haven't seen him since that day at the sweet shop.
Oh, you know, same old tommy. Oh, he got a new girlfriend.
Really? Yeah.
Redhead? What you think?
Some things never change.
But i don't wanna talk about tommy.
I want to talk about you.
And me. Yeah?
In that café around the corner
That serves the best croquetas in miami.
I am hungry.
Well, it's right around the corner.
Big-ass giant chicken in front. You can't miss it.
As opposed to all the other chickens out here?
Exactly. Why don't you go get us some?
I'll watch these olds cats play a couple of games of dominoes.
Okay. All right.
I'll be back in a second.
All right. Oh, money.
I got my own money, thanks.
[ speaking spanish ]
Uh, no, no, papa.
[ horn honks ]
You need to slow the fuck down.
Yo, dad, you sure you don't want me to drive?
I'm just a little rusty, that's all.
Besides i'm giving you a break while g is in south beach.
How long is he gone?
I don't know. A few days, i think.
Where's he staying? Somewhere fancy i bet.
Eden something.
Eden roc, maybe? Bougie motherfucker.
That nigga think he the king of england or some shit.
[ laughs ]
So what's up with you and tasha?
I saw the way you was looking at her the other night.
Nothing. Well, one thing's for sure,
You didn't get your lying skills from me
'cause that right there was a dead giveaway.
It's nothing, dad, all right? She's just fine, that's all.
And married to your boss who happens to be your uncle g.
It's not even like that, all right? She's cool.
I'm not checking-- listen to me.
A fine woman who knows she's fine is trouble.
Now that bitch bad.
And she knows she's bad. So you watch your back.
I mean, ghost taking care of financial needs.
What she want with you?
Unless you telling her something.
You ain't telling her nothing, is you?
No. No.
¶ la familia, port of miami ¶
¶ who thought they would nominate me for grammys ¶
¶ who knew my future would bring me these millions ¶
¶ they say i'm talented, i say i'm brilliant, brilliant ¶
[ cell phone vibrating ]
¶ i'm in the fast lane, y'all just crusin' ¶
¶ por ti si porque tu azul ¶
[ music fades ]
Wait. [ laughs ]
You drank mine, didn't you?
I probably did.
I was just thinking what it would be like
If we lived here.
I mean, that was the plan, right?
It was.
It still is the plan,
As soon as i get the club back from stern.
What about your job?
You still put in for a transfer down here,
Work different cases maybe?
I don't know how it all works, you know.
There was an opening before.
If they haven't filled it yet, maybe.
Would you bring the kids down here for summers?
Yeah, there's a school down here, the gulliver school.
Supposed to be the best in miami.
I'd get them in there.
You already looked it up?
What about tasha?
I'll make tasha a very rich woman.
She'll be okay.
What about you?
You really ready for all of this?
To start over down here?
Change your whole life for...
I think i would.
You think?
[ cell phone vibrating ]
I should probably take this. Sorry.
Did you use my password to pull the voice recording
That medina and i made at ruiz's hideout?
Greg, let me explain.
No, no. There's nothing to explain.
It's very simple-- i told you not to do it,
And you did it anyway, leaving me no choice
But to report this to mike.
What's more important,
Nailing lobos or following protocol?
Both, angela! Fuck.
You cannot just do whatever you fucking want
In this department, okay?
You're not even on the goddamn taskforce!
Listen, if egan doesn't pan out,
I'll go to mike myself and make a full confession.
But if i'm right, no one will care
How we got the info so long as we twist egan to give up lobos.
And how the hell are we gonna do that?
Tommy egan drives a blue 1967 mustang.
Get the license plate from the dmv
And contact the management of the lefrak
To see if that car showed up on any of the security cameras
While ruiz was holed up there, okay?
That's a long shot at best.
Can we talk in person?
Greg, i can't. I'm actually out the next few days
Dealing with some stuff for my dad.
Well, i'll-- i'll call you when i have something.
Actually, it's gonna be hard for me to talk.
Text me, and i'll call you, okay?
Okay. All right, bye.
Thought you and greg were over.
He's sure blowing you up like he's still your man.
Greg and i work together,
So occasionally we have to talk.
So he's a lawyer, too.
No, but we work in the same department.
You don't have to worry.
There's nothing going on.
I love you, and i wanna be with you, okay?
¶ got you running back, back for more ¶
¶ treat my loving like a revolving door ¶
¶ in and out and back and forth ¶
¶ thinking about you, thinking about before ¶
¶ i just want to lay you down ¶
¶ and take off-- i want you to ¶
¶ lay me down and take off-- i just want to ¶
[ cell phone vibrates ]
Baby, what's wrong?
[ music fades ]
I just don't want this to end.
It doesn't have to, right?
I'm still trying to wrap my head around how you let ghost
Go down to the land of ass and titties by himself.
Look, we're trying to move forward in our marriage.
I can't keep dwelling on the past.
If a nigga did some shit like that to me,
He don't have to worry about ever eating, sleeping,
Or brushing his teeth alone
Because i'm gonna be right there watching his ass do it all.
Mm-hmm, i know, okay.
No, ghost and i are good.
Okay, so you gonna stop getting
Them bank statements sent my house?
Mm-hmm. I didn't think so.
Keisha, seriously, i think we're really gonna be fine.
Nah, bitch.
That's fine.
Uh, tariq...
Didn't i tell you to stop bouncing the ball in the house?
Sorry, ma. Did you at least finish your homework
Before you went to hoop like i told you to?
Hey. Hi.
Riq, don't let me.
Okay. Uh-huh.
Go ahead. Go to your room.
Do not come out until you finish your homework.
All right. Okay.
Damn, shawn, you sweating like you was balling for real.
You know i had to school riq a little bit.
I used to hoop at st. John's before i blew out my knee.
I didn't even know you went to college.
Okay, well, i did.
You want a water or something?
Actually, no, i'm good.
Yeah, i'm actually about to head home.
So i'll catch up with y'all later.
I guess boy wonder
Is not wrapped around your finger
As tight as you thought.
Damn, he's fine.
[ hair dryer whirring ]
I'll be out in a second.
Take your time.
I'm just getting back from getting cigarro.
Nice. What kind?
[ speaks spanish ]
I don't smoke, jamie.
What kind of club is this anyway?
Jamie: I don't know. I haven't been before.
[ upbeat latin dance music playing ]
Man: ¶ mami, mami, hey, you know you made my day... ¶
[ shouting and cheering ]
You got quite the wow factor here, lee.
This isn't what we agreed to. Not even half.
Your fucking boss is trying to take over my nightclub
With these equity and debt triggers.
My boss, mr. Stern, is just trying
To form a partnership with you, that's all.
[ chuckles ] my club's been the hottest thing in miami
The last three years, okay?
We're gonna continue to grow without any buy-ins from stern,
Or anyone else, for that matter.
I strongly urge you to reconsider.
I strongly urge you to get the fuck out of my club.
I'll be in touch.
Angie, i'm not going back to stern short of the goal line.
He'd love that.
Can i take a look at these?
Knock yourself out.
Anyway, i was thinking we could check out a heat game
Or take a swamp tour of the everglades, your pick.
Jamie, have you looked at these contracts?
Yeah, i looked over all the documents
Once they were signed.
This contract has operational covenants that,
If failed, cause a default, and the entire loan
Becomes due immediately
Or the entire business goes to stern.
The other ones don't have this.
Lee's contract is different.
No one in their right mind would agree to those terms.
So it's a win-win for stern either way.
If i get lee to sign that contract, then great for him,
And if not, then he just uses it
As another obstacle for me to get my club back.
I can't let that happen.
This contract is airtight.
Then i need to find another motivation to get lee to sign.
I could look him up in court records,
See if anything pops.
If he's been sued or anything, it'll be in there.
You'd do that?
Thanks, ang.
I can go to the local office tomorrow,
Do a search from there.
And while i'm there, i could look into a transfer.
If you were serious.
You should do that.
Wait, wait. What were you saying?
I couldn't hear you.
Greg: I just heard back from the manager
At the lefrak projects where ruiz is holed up.
Tommy egan's blue mustang was photographed in the garage
The same day we recorded the distributor on nomar's mic.
That's great. Send me a copy?
Uh... Yeah.
I'll do you one even better.
I just sent you an electronic copy
Of everything in egan's file.
I need a workstation. Sure. Over there.
That's great.
One second while i log in.
[ sighs ] you and medina were right outside
While he was upstairs.
Angela, tommy egan may actually be our ghost after all.
All we have to do now is put egan at nomar's aunt's place
The night of the murder, and we got him dead to rights.
It's gonna be funny.
Well, you, you said you know egan, right?
I mean, the look on his face when he sees a girl
From high school is trying to put him in jail.
Thanks for your help, greg.
[ cell phone chimes ]
Is cindy chamber's office this way?
Woman: Yes, down the hallway.
Could you call these people? Thank you so much.
Angela valdes. Oh, my god!
What are you doing here? [ laughs ]
What has it been?
Oh, gosh, it's six years maybe?
I'm on vacation.
And yet you have work, typical valdes.
How are you?
I'm... Fine.
Tony and the girls love it down here, so...
[ chuckles ] and you?
You married yet?
Any kids? No.
No? I'm seeing a guy, though.
Could turn into something. I'm not sure.
In fact, it could mean that i might move down here.
You in miami? Say no more.
There's a job for you wherever i am.
I will kick one of these bozos out on the street if i have to.
Thank you. That means a lot.
I need to ask you a work question.
You don't stop, huh?
You see why i'd want you on my team?
This is me.
This is you? Yes, see?
Thanks. Sit.
What's up?
What if hypothetically you had a criminal forfeiture case
Where there were two businessmen,
One dirty, one clean.
Is there any way to save the business
For the innocent guy?
I have a friend in a similar predicament,
And i want to protect him.
Are you 100% sure your friend had nothing to do
With his business partner's criminal activity?
Yeah, he's clean.
Then the only way for him to retain his assets
Is if you can prove lack of knowledge and lack of intent.
You may also have to bring him in as a non-target witness,
And he also actually may have to testify
Against his business partner.
Think you can get him to do all that?
I don't know.
Angela, if you approach him about testifying
And he's not innocent,
He could blow your case wide open.
He could warn the target.
He could give you false testimony.
He could cause you some serious trouble.
Are you sure he's worth the risk?
Shawn, who taught you how to play basketball?
Ah, man, my pops started me off.
Then i joined the team at the boy's club.
My dad used to play with me all the time, but not anymore.
Riq, come on, man, your dad would hoop
With you every day if he could, but he's always working
So you could sport those j's that you're rocking.
Ma told me that your dad went away like--
Like on a trip or something or...
Nah, man. He was in prison.
[ elevator dings ] he went in when i was your age.
Oh, hey, shawn.
I didn't know you were here.
Yeah, i invited him over
So he could help me with my history project.
Well, are you guys hungry?
Do you want a snack or something?
I am. Make me something?
Girl, we just ate. You know that.
Go ahead and put your clothes away, please.
Actually, i'm good, ms. St. Patrick.
I'm gonna head out in a minute.
Tariq, did you put your dirty clothes
In the laundry like i asked? No, not yet.
Uh, so?
So, i'll go do that now.
You mind helping me put some of these cans
On the top shelf, please?
Yeah, sure.
Right here? Yes, please, thanks.
I know i don't say this enough, but...
I love having you around.
And i really appreciate you being here,
You know, with ghost out of town and everything.
Yeah, well, you guys are like family to me.
And tariq's like--
Like the little brother i never had, so...
What are you trying to say, shawn?
That you look at me like a mom?
[ sighs ]
More like a big sister now.
You need anything else?
I'm good. Thanks.
Yo, riq, i'm out. See ya!
- ¶ love, mmm ¶ - [ elevator dings ]
¶ what the hell you think i'm gonna do, huh? ¶
¶ look like the season for takin' over, huh? ¶
¶ do a mommy, catch a body ¶
¶ time to soap 'em up ¶
I need some smokes. You want anything?
I'm good.
¶ rob peter and paul i worked hard for this ¶
¶ forget y'all ¶
[ cell phone vibrates ]
¶ unknown and they john does ¶
¶ take care of that pronto ¶
¶ vroom vroom with their lawnmower ¶
You get it?
I'm on it right now.
Well, hit me when you're done.
- [ cell phone vibrates ] - ¶ i'm out there watchin' incognito ¶
¶ camouflaged, you can't see me tho' ¶
¶ so say hello to the new king ¶
- ¶ hoop me ¶ - yo.
Yo, what up? What's popping?
Yeah, i just landed in miami. I found our boy.
Bottom line is once i find this girl-- thank you, sir--
Still ain't gonna help with our weight-pushing problem.
Lobos doesn't care about pink sneaker.
His only concern is a green dollar.
Ruiz has agreed to make peace with rsk.
So i need you to talk q-dubs off the fence.
Play nice tommy. We need him.
Who you think you're talking to? I know how to play nice.
My part of the plan i on point up here.
All you gotta do is follow ghost to baby girl
And shut him out before he does, all right?
All right. No doubt.
Gotta go.
Where you want me to drop you off?
I need to head out to queens.
Gonna go see q-dubs? Yeah.
By yourself?
Listen, if you want me to be your wingman,
I'll go with you, i don't care.
Be good to see the old neighborhood.
Yeah, okay.
Let's do this.
[ engine starts ]
[ knock on door ]
Mrs. St. Patrick, your husband requested
An in-room deep-tissue massage for you.
I just need you to sign right here,
Right beside your name.
Man: Hello? We're closed.
Do you want to buy something?
[ speaking spanish ]
Lo siento. No, lo siento.
[ billiard balls clack ]
Solids again.
I'm beginning to think the stripes don't like me.
Fuck you, man. You ain't won yet.
I just won three.
You keep betting, you gonna go broke.
Or you get back down with us, lace your whole crew.
The choice is yours q-dubs.
Five ball, corner pocket.
You got a lot of balls, man, trying to come in my stand
And hustle me for money.
Your stand? We made this run.
I gave this territory to ghost and to tommy,
And they gave it to you.
This shit is a loan. Don't make us collect.
How you gonna do that?
What? Yo, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What kanan is saying is we ain't your enemies, q-dubs.
We're you're friends.
I know who you are, old head.
Rolla and them used to talk about you all the time.
Rsk stood toe to toe with you behind the wall.
Now, you out and you're running around with white boy over here?
You should be wearing green.
We should all be making green together.
Now, if i can get ruiz to meet with you,
Can you shelve this beef once and for all?
Yo, why the fuck would i want to do that?
We all still behind the opinion that ruiz got rolla clipped.
Now, come on, you know that ruiz didn't kill rolla.
Ghost said that same shit.
How y'all so sure about it, man?
Unless y'all killed rolla y'all selves.
That's what happen, tommy?
You killed my brother?
All right. Let's cut the bullshit, q.
Ghost loved rolla.
So he said.
But people say a lot of shit.
Look, i'm not fucking with y'all
And them puerto rican niggas again.
I got a new connect. Russian cat.
Same quality, lower price.
So y'all can get the fuck up out of here.
You know, you ain't never been that smart.
It ain't-- it ain't your fault, man.
You don't come from good parents.
You know the real reason why they call you quarter-water?
Because your mama used to charge 25 cents
To pull a nigga dick after school.
Yo, fuck you, you bitch-ass nigger.
Peek-a-boo. Don't shoot!
Ah, sorry. Witnesses are a bitch.
Who the bitch-ass nigger now?
Let's get the fuck out of here.
You awake still?
I wanted to see you.
You're a sight for tired eyes.
So... I looked up lee rossier.
Found some things you can use for sure.
What did you find?
This is great.
You owe me big.
I do owe you big.
You know, i was filling out my paperwork
At the office today, and...
All this...
It's finally feeling real.
It is real.
[ giggles ]
I'll show you.
It's real, angie.
[ whispers ]
That was...
[ groans, laughs ]
I know.
Jamie, i love you.
I don't wanna lose you.
Why would you lose me?
I need to ask you a question.
What exactly is your relationship with tommy?
Is his name on all the documents
For the laundromats and the club?
Why you asking me this?
I'm an assistant united states attorney
Working a drug case,
And i think tommy egan's involved.
I know he's your friend,
But tommy's been in the streets our entire lives.
Didn't you ever once question how he got enough money
To invest in your business? No.
Fuck, no.
Look, i don't know everything about everyone.
Hell, i just found out you're law enforcement.
I'm sorry i didn't tell you before.
You're sorry you didn't tell me before you're a fucking cop?
I wasn't allowed to tell you by law.
In fact, i could lose my job, my license.
I could go to jail for telling you all of this right now.
Then why you telling me?
Because i'm gonna put tommy in jail
And you could lose truth... I can't believe this shit.
Everything you worked for.
I can't let that happen.
So you and me, us, it's all a ruse?
What? No. What do you mean "what"?
The night you came in the club?
Huh, you came in the club, we ran into each other again,
Is that so you could get close to tommy?
Jamie, of course not.
You have to believe me.
I don't have to believe shit.
There is no going back now.
I don't want you to lose your future
Because you're mixed up with tommy.
And i don't wanna lose you either.
I love you.
What does it mean?
You're asking me to testify against tommy.
I known him 20-plus years.
You want me to testify against him.
It might be the only way to save your dream.
Our dream.
Have you ever heard anyone on the streets
Call tommy by the name ghost?
Tommy egan's not what you think.
He's not.
And if i prove that he is?
Will you help me if i can help you...
Or will you leave me?
I can't leave you.
I can't leave you.
Fuck, angie.
I'm in.
I love you.
I love you.
Tommy, i haven't gotten it yet.
My flight leaves tonight,
So i might have to stay longer to get it done.
Okay. All right.
We'll talk about it later. Okay.
Hey! There you are.
Here i am.
I didn't even hear you leave the bed.
Yeah, i've been on the phone with stern all morning.
He's telling me i may have to stay another few days,
Talk to more club owners.
Jamie, i feel weird about last night.
I don't want my job,
The fact that we're investigating tommy
To change this, to change us.
I won't let tommy or anything come between us.
I'm not gonna tell anyone what we discussed, okay?
You can trust me, angie.
We'll be fine.
Just like we planned.
So you're still in... With us?
Un poquito.
[ laughs ] look...
Come here.
James st. Patrick. I did some research on you.
Found out the evil empire bought your building,
And you joined forces with them.
What happened? They break your spirit?
Nah. I'm just a survivor.
I was in a tough spot for a moment,
But i did whatever i had to do. It's okay.
I'll be the last man standing in my nightclub
When it's all said and done.
The question is, will you?
I did some homework on you, too, lee.
Turns out chapters 7 and 11
Are the biggest stories in your nightlife career.
Defaulting on your rent, packing up and leaving
In the middle of the night like the goddamn colts.
Fuck you. I had some bad luck.
I'm still not signing my club over to anyone.
And i get that. I do.
But sometimes we all just need a push--
Bullshit, this contract's filled
With all sorts of operational covenants.
You and i both know that.
There's no way i meet all those restrictions.
Now you see that?
You gotta believe in yourself more.
I have faith in you.
Lee, come on, man, you are a visionary.
You're a hard worker. Look at this place.
This deal takes debt off the table
While giving you more cash to grow your business.
You get to retain day-to-day control.
Is it the best deal? No. Hell, no.
But you and i both know you need a lifeline.
That's what stern is offering, a lifeline.
You sign one of these?
Yeah, i did.
Then you know. Know what?
Once you get in bed with stern,
It's near impossible to get out.
Just once, i'd like to beat the guy at his own game.
Actually, i have a thought about that.
Your landlord in this building,
Turns out he's been sued a couple of times, too.
He's late on his mortgage again.
If he defaults, the place goes up for auction.
Simon stern swoops in, he buys the place
Right up under his nose while stealing your dream.
And then he'll have you by the balls forever.
But if you and i work hard, man...
And we put money away,
Then we can beat him to the punch.
But that's another conversation for another day.
Right now...
Your john hancock at the bottom of this contract.
What do you say, lee?
You're good. You know that.
There's no way stern's letting you go without a fight.
Well, i sure as hell am looking forward to it.
Nice doing business with you.
You... You're a smart man.
I know.
You got nice hands, shawn.
Chicks don't like dudes with crusty hands and feet, right?
So what, do you get like a manicure every week?
Every two.
That's so metro. Come on, you guys--
[ glass shatters ] oh, shit!
Raina: Did you just curse? Raina, don't start.
Go to bed. I'll take it from here.
And watch the glass. Be careful.
So where do live, shawn?
I'm out at my mom's, jamaica estates.
What, you need a ride or something?
Isn't lamar coming to pick you up?
Girl, i'm tired, and shawn's here.
So i might as well hop a ride with him. Yeah, it's cool.
Raina: You're being a jerk! Mom, tariq's pushing!
Please! Stop pushing!
All right, girl. I'll call you tomorrow.
Yeah, i'm gonna see you, mrs. St. Patrick.
Raina: Mom!
You know, what's the problem?
[ elevator dings ]
We already made dinner reservations.
We can get steak and seafood in new york.
When's the next time we're gonna be able to have
Authentic cuban food in miami?
It's our last night in town.
I don't wanna go to a special occasion place
Like it's special that we're here.
I was just wanting us to pretend
That it's a regular night at a regular place.
Whatever you want, mami.
Thank you.
Anything to see that jump.
[ speaking spanish ]
Perfecto. Venga.
I'm just glad that lee signed the contract.
Thanks to you. Don't mention it.
Where would i be without you?
I have no idea.
[ both chuckle ]
[ speaking spanish ]
Maybe i'll get the cubano sandwich.
The cubano?
[ speaking spanish ]
I'll be right back.
So i'll order the cubano with the waitress.
Okay. Perfect.
[ speaking spanish ]
Who are you? Rolla?
[ speaking spanish ]
You dumb motherfuck.
No... Not rolla.
Is everything okay?
Yeah. Absolutely.
That was stern again just telling me
I don't have to stay longer to talk to any more club owners.
So we can fly home together.
That's great, jamie.
Both: Salud.
Shawn: She goes chasing me around.
[ high-pitched voice ] "you better get out of there! "
Lakeisha: [ laughs ] that's funny.
I didn't know you had a son.
How come you never bring him around?
The short of it is i split custody
With my ex out in jersey.
And what's the long?
Ghost and tasha have everything.
Taking my kid over there
Is like giving him a day-pass to disneyland.
And then bringing him back to this?
We ain't never gonna live like that.
I gotta settle for her hand-me-downs.
Everything nice that i have used to be tasha's.
[ cell phone vibrating ]
I gotta get this.
You really feeling my girl, like, for real.
No. No, it's not even like that.
I mean, she's all right, but--
[ vibrating stops ]
You sure about that?
[ cell phone vibrating ]
I wish we could've stayed in miami.
Me, too.
[ cell phone vibrates ]
You need to take that?
No, it's probably club business. I'll deal with it at home.
Thank you.
Thank you so much for everything, jamie.
Let me give you a ride home.
No. I have a couple of calls i gotta make.
I'll just take a cab.
You sure?
Good-bye, jamie.
[ sohn's "tremors" plays ]
¶ vibrations of tremors that shook long ago ¶
¶ tear holes in the fabric of all that we know ¶
¶ can't survive ¶
¶ with the secrets we have ¶
¶ if all that we have is a lie ¶
¶ hold the line ¶
¶ till the thread comes undone ¶
¶ if you're thinking of letting me go ¶
¶ then it's time that you do ¶
¶ if you're thinking of letting me go ¶
¶ then it's time that you do ¶
¶ if you're thinking of letting me go ¶
¶ vibrations of tremors that shook long ago ¶
¶ vibrations of tremors that shook long ago ¶
¶ vibrations of tremors that shook long ago ¶
¶ vibrations of tremors that shook long ago ¶
¶ that shook long ago ¶
¶ vibrations of tremors that shook long ago ¶