Power (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - No Friends on the Street - full transcript

Tommy offers to help Ghost with his drug business on the condition that he uses Angela as an information source. Ghost is surprised when Kanan is released from jail.

Previously on Power‎.‎.‎.
ANGELA: When Nomar was dying‎, he told me who stabbed him‎.
TOMMY: Angela‎, a federal prosecutor‎.
A goddamn United States Attorney‎.
I know about you and your track record on this Lobos case‎.
You're not only no longer leading the Lobos task force‎, you're not on it at all‎.
Angela‎, there was a shooting tonight at the club‎.
‎- Oh‎, my God‎, Jamie‎, are you‎.‎.‎. ‎- I'm okay‎.
What if that bullet was meant for you‎?
KANAN: With Ghost alive‎, the best way for me
to approach this is to attack from the inside‎.
And I got a man already planted in the organization‎.
My son‎, he'll tell me anything I want to know‎.
The shooter‎? I called some friends in Miami‎.
Sent them a picture of this‎.
Make sure you look at more than Miami‎, Julito‎.
She's got to have some kind of connection locally‎,
someone with resources‎.
The fuck your friends‎? Okay‎.
I can give you your money‎.
But she ran‎. I don't know where she is‎.
Tommy‎, where the fuck are you‎, man‎? A lot of shit popping off‎.
It's about Holly‎. She got shot‎.
♪ They say this is a big rich town ♪
♪ I just come from the poorest part ♪
♪ Bright lights‎, city life‎, I got to make it ♪
♪ This is where it goes down ♪
♪ I just happen to come up hard ♪
♪ Legal or illegal‎, baby‎, I gotta make it ♪
♪ I never took a straight path nowhere ♪
♪ Life's full of twists and turns‎, bumps and bruises ♪
♪ I live‎, I learn‎, I'm from that city ♪
♪ Full of yellow cabs and skyscrapers ♪
♪ It's hard to get a start in these parts without paper ♪
♪ Homie‎, I grew up in hell‎, a block away from heaven ♪
♪ That corner‎, every 15 minutes it move a seven ♪
♪ Pure snow‎, bag it‎, then watch it go ♪
♪ Occupational options‎, get some blow or some hos ♪
♪ Shoot the bowl or the strap‎, learn to rap or to jack ♪
♪ Fuck it‎, man‎, in the meantime ♪
♪ Go ahead and pump a pack ♪
♪ This my regal royal flow‎, my James Bond bounce ♪
♪ That 007‎, that 62 on my count ♪
♪ I'm an undercover liar‎, I lie under the covers ♪
♪ Look a bitch in the eyes and tell her‎, "Baby‎, I love you ♪
♪ You're my inspiration‎, you're my motivation ♪
♪ You're the reason that I'm moving with no hesitation" ♪
♪ They say this is a big rich town ♪
♪ Yeah ♪
♪ I just come from the poorest part ♪
♪ Bright lights‎, city life‎, I got to make it ♪
♪ This is where it goes round ♪
♪ Yeah ♪
♪ I just happen to come up hard ♪
♪ Legal or illegal‎, baby‎, I got to make it ♪
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♪ Everybody get fat when the king gone till the word come back that the king's home ♪
♪ And my team on smash‎, green on stack‎, better run fast outta king's throne ♪
♪ Switch up on 'em fast so they don't know‎, black bags full of cash on the lolo ♪
♪ Can't see me when I'm stacking with a low pro ♪
♪ Till we rise and attack then it's‎, oh‎, no ♪
♪ One time for the G‎, put it in the sky‎, two times for the D‎, if you feel the vibe ♪
♪ Remember everybody doubting‎, now it's everybody shouting over 35‎,000 I feel alive ♪
♪ Black Robin Hood click GnD fam‎, born I just a boss with a deep clan ♪
♪ Pray to Buddha just to leave and to feed fam ♪
♪ Up high hope he never let my feet land ♪
♪ We the new icons of the street dream in that new fly car that go beep beep ♪
♪ And we do it for the babies and we doing it for Haiti ♪
♪ And we do it for the people when they can't speak ♪
♪ Can't sleep in the night‎, so I rise up ♪
♪ I'll be riding through your city in a white truck ♪
♪ GnD‎, blacklist all the wack rap ish ♪
♪ If I see you on the mike‎, then it's time's up ♪
♪ See me coming down the block with my bass loud ♪
♪ Had to turn it up a notch so they hate now ♪
♪ Meditating in the temple‎, all the pain in my mental ♪
♪ If you're stepping to my level‎, then it's facedown‎, down ♪
♪ Sometimes I feel like I'm barely breathing ♪
♪ Breathing ♪
♪ Breathing ♪
It's nice you could make it out this morning‎, Jamie‎.
You leaving me already‎, beautiful‎?
I only been an hour‎.
Make me feel like a booty call‎.
You're not a booty call‎.
I left you 100 on the dresser‎.
Only 100‎?
[ laughs ] I'm insulted‎. Ouch‎.
Seriously‎, where you headed‎?
Something special happening at work‎?
No‎, not at all‎. I'm going for a run‎.
I got to keep this all tight for you‎, right‎?
You're perfect‎.
Thank you‎.
That's sweet‎.
But I'm not getting back into bed with you‎.
[ groans ]
♪ When I say so‎, everybody say something ♪
♪ When I say go‎, everybody move something ♪
♪ Push 'em in‎, push 'em out‎, push 'em in‎, push 'em out ♪
♪ Push 'em in‎, push 'em out‎, push 'em in‎, push 'em out ♪
♪ When I say so‎, everybody say something ♪
♪ When I say go‎, everybody move something ♪
♪ Push 'em in‎, push 'em out‎, push 'em in‎, push 'em out ♪
♪ Push 'em in‎, push 'em out‎, push 'em in‎, push 'em out ♪
♪ Why you acting like winners think they're hot shit‎? ♪
♪ Every time I touch me a mike‎.‎.‎. ♪
All right‎. Well‎, it's nice to see you out here‎.
You haven't been out here in a while‎.
Yeah‎, I missed it‎.
‎- Helps me sort things out‎. ‎- Oh‎, yeah‎.
Look‎, I know Mike said you can't talk about Lobos‎,
but‎, I mean‎, he's not gonna find out out here‎, right‎?
I'm fantastic‎, Angela‎. Thank you for asking‎. Jesus‎.
Greg‎, I'm sorry‎.
How long are you going to be mad at me‎?
Mea culpa‎, okay‎?
I mean‎, can we get past it‎?
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So where you want me to take you‎, Uncle G‎?
Wait right here‎. I'll tell you when to go‎.
GHOST: Quantico‎.
That motherfucker's FBI‎.
I'd rather do‎.‎.‎. [ phone rings ]
‎- Oh‎, just a sec‎. ‎- Okay‎.
This is Angela Valdes‎. I can't take‎.‎.‎.
‎- So come on‎, tell me‎. ‎- What‎?
You guys getting close to anything‎?
Yeah‎, we're making some headway‎.
And that's basically all I'm gonna say‎.
Angie‎, I want to see you again this week‎.
So leave the key with your doorman
and I'll come over and I'll cook dinner for you‎, okay‎?
See you soon‎.
I promise I won't ask you anything else
about Mike or Saxe or Lobos
if you beat me to 86th Street‎.
Let's go‎, Shawn‎.
All right‎, so Soldados picked up‎.
Tainos got the carriers out‎.
But we're gonna need the RSKs
or somebody else on board if we're gonna make a serious dent here‎.
Any news on the shooter‎? Give me something‎, Julito‎.
I put word out to my Miami connect‎.
I'm gonna hit you as soon as I find out‎.
I just got in from Ibiza‎.
It's cocktail hour there‎.
Forgive me for celebrating‎.
It's just so lovely that we're going to be spending so much time together‎.
I didn't agree to anything yet‎.
You own the building‎, not the club‎.
Yes‎, for now that's true‎.
But I think it's in your best interest
if you allow me to absorb Truth as part of my brand‎.
I'll buy in‎, become your partner‎,
and since I own the building‎,
there goes that pesky rent cost‎.
Then there's all the other benefits‎.
Bigger budgets for parties‎. Access to my guest lists‎.
My relationship with the media‎.
My expertise‎.
It's the partnership you always wanted‎.
Except‎, you know‎, technically I would be in charge‎.
What do you want from me
in exchange for your generosity‎?
You'll run the place just like you did when you owned it outright‎.
You know‎, what you do
with the music and the mix of people‎.
Except now you'll report directly to me‎.
Mmm‎, Simon‎.
Or I can terminate your lease
and you can take the Truth name
and find another space‎, build it out‎,
get it permitted if you have the money to do that‎.
But I think we both know that you don't‎.
Okay‎. I'll work for you‎.
But I want to know exactly how and when to buy you out‎.
The terms of your freedom‎?
Yes‎. Yes‎, Simon‎. The terms of my freedom‎.
You get this place running at 20% profit‎, I'll give you a number‎.
And if I have that number‎?
Cash‎. No financing‎.
Banks are so tedious‎.
So if I have your number‎, cash‎,
you're telling me you'll sell your stake back to me‎, no bullshit‎?
No bullshit‎.
How come I don't believe you‎?
I think it's a cultural thing‎.
To Truth‎.
To Truth‎.
[ phone vibrating ]
Are we done here‎, sir‎?
Oh‎, yes‎. Go ahead‎, take it‎.
We'll chat‎.
So how was your run‎?
Good‎, thanks‎.
You got my message‎? Does that sound good to you‎?
Of course it does‎.
I'll leave the key with the doorman‎.
But you don't have to give it back‎.
It's yours‎. You can keep it‎.
So I can have a key to your house permanently‎?
What if you come home and I'm sitting on your couch
in my boxers watching ESPN‎?
Are you kidding‎? I would love it‎.
That's exactly what I want‎.
Okay‎, baby‎, you got it‎.
When I find that bitch Rolla hired‎, I'm gonna kill her‎.
Twice‎. Wouldn't even be going to the hospital if she hadn't‎.‎.‎.
We'll find her‎. Then we'll confirm whether Rolla did it‎.
Rolla fucking did it‎. I told you that shit‎.
The shit you need to confirm
is what the fuck is up with Angie from the block turned fucking fed‎.
The night you saw her‎, walk me through it‎.
Walk me through the whole night‎.
Ruiz asked me to ice one of his soldiers‎.
Asshole named Nomar‎.
Sticking it to Ruiz's 14‎-year‎-old kid‎.
Ruiz swore loyalty to us for doing it‎.
Ruiz says motherfucker's gonna be at this park‎.
He is‎, he gets a call‎, gets spooked‎.
Heads out to Queens‎.
I stabbed that motherfucker‎. One‎, two‎, three‎.
Went down easy‎.
Then your girlfriend comes running in screaming his name‎.
Calls for backup‎. Says‎, "This is AUSA Angela Valdes‎.
My CI's been stabbed‎."
So this Nomar cat‎, he was Angela's informant‎.
What if Ruiz makes him‎, sends you to kill him‎,
‎- you get caught‎, two birds‎, one stone‎? ‎- What‎?
‎- Ruiz met with Lobos‎, remember‎? ‎- Yeah‎.
To move us the fuck out of the way‎, Tommy‎. I'm just saying‎.
What if he set you up with a time and a place‎,
you get there‎, the target fucking gets a phone call
when you're supposed to do him‎,
then he leads you on a fucking wild‎-goose chase
all over town‎, you end up right in Angela's lap‎?
You think he set me up‎?
We suspected Ruiz's shit before‎.
He's been playing straight with us the whole time‎.
Maybe‎, man‎, but look‎. You know I don't believe in coincidences‎.
And right now‎, coincidently‎, the motherfucker's out
selling our product while asking for a goddamn seat at the table‎.
And what's worse‎, we can't fucking make a move on him‎,
'cause we fucking need him‎.
We got product collecting dust in a fucking warehouse‎.
RSK is playing hardball‎. Still not on board yet‎.
What should I think‎? You tell me‎.
Maybe we should talk to Drifty out in Jersey‎.
Yeah‎, maybe we should‎.
We're almost here‎.
Let me just get Holly settled and we'll head out there‎.
‎- All right‎? ‎- All right‎.
You haven't been returning any of my calls‎.
You threw me out of your apartment‎.
You're right‎. Look‎, Paz‎,
this thing with Jamie‎, it's a mess‎, okay‎?
But I love him‎. He loves me‎.
And I need to share that with you‎.
I need you to be a part of my life‎, too‎.
I just don't want you to get hurt‎.
It's just‎.‎.‎.
Whenever I think we're getting close to getting somewhere‎,
he pulls back‎.
I sound stupid‎.
[ laughs ]
How was Miami‎?
We didn't go‎.
But he's making me dinner tonight‎.
Is it worth it‎? Is it worth putting your life
on hold for a man you barely know‎?
We've known each other our entire lives‎.
In a way‎, we know each other better than anyone else ever could‎.
It's easy to love someone
when you only see them an hour a day‎.
All right‎, look‎, Tommy‎, when you talk to Holly‎,
you got to sell it‎, okay‎? It was just a random shooting‎.
Some crazy bitch disgruntled she couldn't get in the club‎.
She can't know it was a hit‎.
Yeah‎, I wouldn't tell her nothing‎.
You sure about that‎?
She called me Ghost‎, Tommy‎.
Where'd she get that from‎, Tommy‎?
What the fuck is that‎, man‎?
How could you say anything about our business‎?
What the hell were you thinking‎?
I've known you 25 fucking years‎.
You ain't never put our business in the street‎.
Holly ain't the fucking street‎.
Holly looked me in my face‎.
She called me Ghost in a club full of people‎.
She didn't give a fuck‎. That ain't street‎, Tommy‎?
Okay‎, I fucked up‎. But I can handle my woman‎.
Just like you can handle Angie‎.
Tommy‎, I've known Angie for 20 years‎.
You've known this girl 30 seconds compared to that‎.
‎- I know her well enough‎. ‎- Then know this well enough‎.
She opened her mouth to me‎, Tommy‎, she'll open her mouth to somebody else‎.
She says the wrong thing to the wrong person‎,
she gets hurt‎. You do the math‎, brother‎.
I get it‎. I got you‎.
How you doing‎?
I got it‎. Beat it‎.
So here's Anibal‎.
Primera of the Hermanos Tainos‎. Dead‎.
Here's Vibora Ruiz‎, stabbed and left to bleed out‎.
He survived‎. But this guy‎,
Rolla‎, head of the Rock Street Killers‎, was gunned down in cold blood‎.
And your working theory was that Lobos' New York distro was cleaning house‎?
Something like that‎.
But the Nomar murder seems off‎-trend somehow‎.
I'm not totally convinced that the Nomar Arcielo kill was part of the pattern here‎.
I know Angela Valdes thought so‎.
It was hard for me to believe‎.
Agreed‎. Here are three broken families‎.
Deaths like these make people want revenge‎.
Make them want to talk‎. QDubs‎, the new head of Rock Street‎,
was questioned by NYPD‎. Didn't say a word‎.
Ruiz is old school‎. Knows better‎.
I was thinking we should try him‎.
According to NYPD gang squad‎,
this man Diego Martinez‎, who goes by the street name Cristobal‎,
is the new head of the Tainos‎.
I'm thinking he might have something to say‎.
If we spook Cristobal by bringing him in‎,
doesn't that work against us‎?
If Lobos gets wind‎, he could just eliminate
all these witnesses and then we'll have nowhere to go‎.
Our investigation in LA proved that Lobos knows we're after him‎.
Still got to do business‎.
Okay‎, Coop‎, it's your show‎.
Knox‎, go get Cristobal‎.
[ door opens‎, closes ]
I made sure nobody followed me‎.
It's my fault he's dead‎.
You didn't hold the knife‎.
Do you think putting the man who killed Nomar in prison
would make you feel better‎?
Knowing that you made Nomar's killer pay for what he did‎.
Need more coffee here‎?
Thank you‎.
I can put Nomar's killer in jail for the rest of his life
if you help me‎.
I can't‎.
You mean because your father ordered it‎?
I don't want your dad‎.
I want the man who stabbed Nomar‎.
He would have visited your father a few times
in the weeks before Nomar's death‎.
Someone your father thought was important‎.
Nomar tried to help me with this drawing‎, Isabel‎.
Don't you want to finish what he started‎?
‎- Take it slow‎, baby‎. ‎- I'm fine‎. I'm fine‎.
Take it slow‎. I know you're fine‎.
All right‎, I'm gonna put you here‎.
All right‎, sit down‎, be careful‎.
Holly‎, you need that thing‎.
Okay‎, tough guy‎.
[ sighs ]
What are you doing‎?
Baby‎, you shouldn't be drinking wine with the painkillers‎.
[ scoffs ] That's funny coming from you‎.
It's gonna take a lot more than a bullet‎,
a few drinks‎, and a pill to take me down‎.
[ bottle cap pops ]
Holly‎, something I need to talk to you about‎.
What is it‎, Tommy‎?
It can wait‎.
It's nice to be here with you‎.
When I woke up‎, I was scared‎.
I didn't see you‎.
I'll never let anybody hurt you again‎.
You hear me‎?
I swear‎. I promise you that‎.
I'll fucking kill anybody who even thinks about it‎.
When I heard about you getting‎.‎.‎.
hurt‎, I went crazy like a motherfucker‎.
It all went down so fast‎.
What happened‎?
I don't remember anything‎.
Some fucking loser crazy chick got in the club‎.
Drugged up‎. Took some shots‎.
Wanted someone to pay for her not being on the list or some shit like that‎.
[ phone vibrating ]
Oh‎, fuck‎.
I got to do a run‎, babe‎.
Out in Jersey‎.
I'll be back‎.
The Loa speak to me‎, Fantome‎.
What the fuck are you talking about‎? Stop speaking Haitian‎.
How does your Loa consult you‎?
They say there are many birds on the branches
and I am left to starve on the dirt‎.
Yo‎, you lolos think you getting a bum deal‎?
There are many people who want access to my network‎.
I will need to keep a bigger cut than we have previously discussed‎.
Mm‎-mmm‎, straight up deal‎.
Pure product‎. You cut it as many ways as you like‎.
25%‎, straight quarters‎. The best we can offer‎.
I believe in you‎.
But the ancestors say I can do better‎.
Great‎. Ghost‎, you want a cut on the fucking lights now‎?
The ancestors say you will be back‎.
[ snapping fingers ]
‎- We can't afford it‎. ‎- Yeah‎, no shit‎.
I'll hit up the Serb‎.
[ drumming continues ]
[ horns honking ]
You're standing funny‎, man‎. I can tell you packing from a mile away‎.
[ keys clatter ]
Yeah‎, well‎, I ain't used to it yet‎.
[ laughs ]
I need you to take me to your Uncle G house‎.
Good‎. 'Cause I'm sick of pretending that you ain't out‎.
You got some more pretending to do‎.
Ghost can't know I've been out‎.
Can't know nothing you know about me‎, a'ight‎?
Yeah‎, I know‎.
You secure that weapon‎.
Make sure you don't Plaxico yourself‎,
drop the shit and get shot out here‎.
[ laughs ]
So how's your boy doing‎?
Ugh‎. Tommy moved Holly into his place‎.
[ laughs ] Tommy playing nursemaid‎?
I never thought I'd see that‎.
And what's worse is this fool
told this girl about our business‎.
She called me Ghost‎.
That basic bitch‎.
You know‎, Tommy's a fool for gapping off‎.
We got to control her‎, T‎. You know‎, keep her safe‎.
Make her feel like she's on the inside‎,
like she can turn to us if something goes wrong‎.
I'm gonna tell you something else‎.
She ain't gonna buy it from me‎.
All right‎. I'll talk to her‎.
[ elevator bell dings ] Thanks‎, T‎.
What's up‎, Uncle G‎?
Shawn‎, what up‎?
‎- Hey‎. ‎- What's up‎, G‎? Family back in the house‎.
[ laughs ]
What the hell‎?
Kanan motherfucking Stark in my goddamn living room‎.
‎- What you do‎, break out‎? ‎- Nah‎, man‎.
I walked out legal‎. All done‎.
I thought you had a year left‎.
‎- Good behavior‎. ‎- Good behavior‎?
‎- Tasha‎, am I seeing things‎? ‎- Mm‎-mmm‎.
I can't believe you here‎.
Me either‎, G‎. 10 years is a long time‎.
It's good to see you‎, Kanan‎.
‎- Don't he look good‎? ‎- You haven't changed at all‎.
Hi‎. You did‎.
You were just a little kid when I went in‎.
Look like you filled out in all the right places‎.
‎- Hey‎, man‎. ‎- My bad‎, G‎.
I ain't been around a lot of women in a while‎.
It's all hood‎, man‎. Shawn‎, why didn't you tell us your pops was getting out‎?
‎- I didn't know‎. ‎- I didn't give him no warning‎.
They just told me yesterday‎.
You want to‎, you know‎.‎.‎. You want to crash‎?
You need a place to stay‎? We got you‎, man‎.
‎- We got plenty of room‎. ‎- I'm good‎, man‎.
You did enough for me on the inside‎.
I just hope I get a chance to pay you back‎.
Come on‎, least I could do‎.
Y'all living like George and Weezie for real‎.
Look at this‎.
Mm‎-mmm‎, no‎. What‎.‎.‎. ‎?
You knew he was gonna do it‎.
Mm‎-hmm‎. Damn‎.
Y'all did better without me
than y'all would have did with me on the street‎.
I hope Tasha hurry up with that grub‎, man‎.
I know she burn like a motherfucker‎, right‎?
Come on‎, man‎, you know she got you‎.
You remember she can cook‎? I'm a lucky man‎, K‎.
You are‎. Shawn told me about that shit that went on at the club the other night‎.
You could be a dead man‎.
‎- Yeah‎, that's some shit‎, ain't it‎? ‎- Yeah‎.
And the fucked‎-up thing is Rolla was already dead before the hitter showed‎.
It makes me wonder whether Rolla even ordered the hit‎, man‎.
That's bullshit‎.
He could have ordered that call before he took the bullet‎.
I don't know‎, man‎.
Man‎, why you acting like you so surprised‎, man‎?
You raised Rolla‎. You wrote the blueprint for his moves‎, man‎.
Why wouldn't he want to take out the boss‎?
It's the same shit you did to Breeze‎.
Living large up in this penthouse
done made you lose your mind or some shit‎, man‎?
Come on‎, man‎, ain't no friends out here on these streets‎.
Niggas is hungry looking for their next meal‎.
They wanna take it from you‎.
All of them‎. Rolla‎, too‎.
You know when a nigga wants something a nigga got‎,
that nigga want you dead‎.
You worried about that hitter coming back‎?
'Cause I can make a few calls‎. I got some connects‎.
‎- We'll find the bitch‎, man‎. ‎- No‎, I already covered it‎.
You know‎, got somebody out there looking for her‎, K‎.
All right‎, well‎, I'm here‎.
‎- Just say the word‎. ‎- I appreciate it‎, man‎.
All that money you put on my books‎, I feel like I owe you‎, man‎.
Come on‎, man‎, I already told you‎. It's the least I could do‎.
‎- I heard the fucking news‎. ‎- KANAN: Oh‎, man‎.
‎- Welcome back‎, bro‎. ‎- Look at this nigga‎.
[ both laugh ]
TOMMY: Shit‎, look who it is‎, motherfucker‎.
Damn‎, you look good‎, K‎.
KANAN: Your cracker ass got big as shit‎.
‎- I'm a late bloomer‎. ‎- You still crazy‎?
You better believe it‎, motherfucker‎.
‎- Look at this‎. ‎- How's business‎?
It's not so good‎. We got some problems with the RSK‎.
Hey‎, man‎, we can talk about business anytime‎, all right‎? K just got out‎, man‎.
We got to take care of him high style‎, right‎? We gonna throw him a party‎.
‎- Tommy‎, tell him what we gonna do‎. ‎- Now you talking‎.
We're gonna throw you one with the biggest asses you have ever seen‎.
‎- That's still your shit‎, right‎? ‎- Damn straight‎.
[ laughs ]
But listen‎, I gotta get going‎. Make a few stops and shit‎.
I just went to go see my moms‎, came straight here‎.
All right‎, man‎.
Stay in touch‎.
[ coughing ]
Whoa‎, whoa‎!
Time's up‎, motherfucker‎. Where's your bitch‎?
Whoa‎, whoa‎, whoa‎. Gotta find her first‎.
Hold on‎. Hold on‎. Hold on‎. Listen‎! Listen‎!
I got people looking for her‎. I gotta find her first‎.
Look‎, just listen‎, all right‎?
Look‎, I can't get a location on her‎, man‎.
She hasn't answered her phone‎. No one's seen her‎.
It's like she fucking disappeared‎.
The problem is if somebody finds you‎,
what guarantees me you gonna tell them the same story‎?
[ crying ] Just give me a chance‎.
You gonna cry like a bitch‎, I'm gonna make you suck it like one‎.
Open your mouth‎. Open your fucking mouth‎.
Open your mouth‎!
[ gags ]
Don't act like it's your first time‎.
I just left a bunch of punks like you in the joint‎.
[ sobbing ] I'll do anything you want‎.
Please‎, I have a family‎, man‎.
I have little kids‎.
You should have tried harder to find her‎.
Fucking punk‎.
[ gunshot ]
I don't give a fuck who your connect is‎.
I'll give you a better price‎.
Make you money‎.
Some things are worth more than money‎.
Oh‎, yeah‎? Like what‎?
Like my life‎.
My children's lives‎.
Milan would not take my defecting easily‎.
You scared of this motherfucker‎?
[ speaks Serbian ] What‎?
Milan makes people into fucking cevapi‎.
It's grinded meat with tomatoes‎.
He's like cannibal‎.
I will not betray him‎, Tommy‎.
[ sighs ]
Remind me not to eat at this fucking joint‎.
[ beeps ]
TOMMY: Holly‎, baby‎.
I got to be out of town for a few days‎.
I'll call you‎, but I don't know when‎.
I love you‎, okay‎?
I love you‎, Holly‎.
[ beeps ]
TOMMY: Hey‎, Holl‎, I know you don't recognize this number‎,
but could you call me back as soon as you get this‎?
I need you to come meet me outside the city‎.
I'll explain when you get here‎.
[ beeps ]
JULIO: That motherfucker was fresh‎.
Talking about a day or less‎.
She probably did it‎. Make sure we couldn't find her‎.
GHOST: That would mean she was still in town yesterday
and I ain't buying that‎. I think the bitch is long gone‎.
Yeah‎, well‎, either way‎, the trail is cold‎.
I still got my people looking for her in Miami‎. Nothing yet‎.
Well‎, keep us fucking posted‎.
In the meantime‎, there's this to deal with‎.
Shit‎. When Lobos said twice the product‎.‎.‎.
More than that‎. We need more help moving it‎, man‎.
Drifty's fucking price is too high‎.
We got to dig in our pockets to make ends meet‎.
What happened with the Serb‎?
It's a no‎-go‎. He won't drop his connect‎.
He said the motherfucker eats people‎.
Yeah‎, I heard of that guy‎. Yeah‎, I ain't fucking with him‎.
Well‎, for now‎, I guess neither are we‎.
Still nothing from QDubs‎? RSKs‎?
Neither of them‎. As long as Ruiz is on board‎, they aren't‎.
You think we can get the Tainos to move more weight‎?
Cristobal is young‎, he's hungry‎.
I could make that happen‎. I'll set up a meet‎.
Tasha‎, this is so nice‎.
You didn't have to do all this‎.
Well‎, Lord knows you can't cook in your condition‎.
And we all know Tommy can't cook a can of soup‎.
How are you feeling‎?
[ groans ] Okay‎, I guess‎.
‎- On the mend‎. ‎- Good‎.
We wanted you to get the best doctors‎.
The best everything‎.
You know‎, my husband‎, he paid all your medical bills‎,
so you're free and clear‎.
You don't owe the hospital a penny‎.
As an employee of Truth‎, I was covered‎,
but I thank you for your generosity‎.
Look‎, you're with Tommy‎.
That means you're family‎, okay‎?
So anything that happened before now‎,
it's all in the past‎.
I appreciate that‎.
I know Tommy wants us all to get along‎.
I think everyone wants that‎.
Tasha‎, what happened that night at the club‎?
I know you weren't there‎. Did James tell you‎?
Same story as on the news‎.
Some crazed‎, drugged‎-up girl wanted to get revenge for not getting in‎.
You know how it is‎.
Let me give you my cell
just in case you need anything‎.
I'm a big girl‎. I can take care of myself‎.
I know‎.
I actually think you and I are more alike
than I originally thought‎.
I think so‎, too‎.
[ elevator bell dings ]
You know‎, it was nice of you to go see Tommy's girl‎.
She belongs with Tommy‎. She's family‎.
How you doing‎?
Shawn‎, just talk‎. What do you want to know‎?
I want to know how you are‎.
I want to know if we could talk sometime‎.
[ sighs ]
Look‎, Shawn‎,
I think I made a mistake with you‎.
I mean‎, you know what I'm talking about‎.
I was a little emotional and I said
and did some things that you may have misunderstood‎.
Ghost and I are in a really good place right now‎.
I just don't want you to be confused‎.
[ phone vibrating ] Yeah‎, no‎.‎.‎.
Oh‎, I'm sorry‎. I've gotta take this‎. This is important‎.
Hey‎, Keisha‎. Mm‎-hmm‎.
I told you Kadeem was trippin'‎.
You need to leave his broke ass alone‎.
The place already looks better since you entered the front door‎, James‎.
Hmm‎. What's this‎?
I'm sending you on a little trip for the weekend‎.
You like Miami‎, right‎?
I need you to get these contracts signed for me‎.
Why can't you get your lawyers to send these directly‎?
I'm all about the human touch‎.
And I think you have the right personality‎,
charm‎, muscle to convince anyone to do what you want them to do‎.
You're saying it's gonna be hard to convince them‎.
I'm saying you're the right man for the job‎.
Just tell them how much you love working with me
and what a great partner I am‎. That should do it‎.
You can do that‎, right‎?
Mr‎. Kantos‎. I guess I shouldn't be surprised to see you here‎.
You two are quite the pair‎.
Good to see you again‎, Mr‎. Stern‎.
So long‎, James‎.
Be sure to come back from Miami with a tan‎.
As his errand boy‎.
Look‎, we're officially back to work‎.
I want you to get me Lincoln Center's angels list
and the contributor names to WBLS immediately‎.
Those lists don't seem to go together‎.
Well‎, I'm building the best night out in New York‎.
I want the uptown crowd with the downtown crowd‎.
I want Park Avenue money and the bodega owners partying together‎.
I want the rich‎, the famous‎, and the freaks‎.
Don't you ever forget‎, Kantos‎, the famous want to be entertained‎, too‎.
Maybe you should get that approved by Stern first‎.
Stern doesn't know what the fuck he wants until you give it to him‎.
I'm making Stern all the money he wants
while getting my fucking club back
and shoving my foot up his ass‎.
You good with that‎?
Sure thing‎, boss‎.
Okay‎, how do you want me to go at him‎?
I don't want you to do anything at all‎.
What are the charges‎?
[ scoffs ] We both know what you do‎.
But I'm not here to talk about you‎.
I want your connect‎, Felipe Lobos‎.
The man who's probably responsible
for the death of your brother Anibal‎.
Ah‎, I should thank him‎.
Gave me a promotion‎.
I don't care about your street‎-level drug bullshit‎.
I want the source‎.
You help me‎, I'll take out your competition‎.
Arrest every DDP I can find‎.
You mean like you motherfuckers did to Whitey Bulger‎?
What‎, I can't watch the History Channel‎?
Then you get it‎. Quid pro quo‎.
You help me‎, I help you‎.
[ door opens ]
Like I said‎, man‎, I don't know a Felipe Lobos‎.
Fine‎. Where do you get your supply from‎?
Your distro‎, I'll talk to him‎.
Let's say I have some idea what you're talking about‎.
Let's say I did have a distro‎.
Why would I give him to you‎?
He goes out‎, where do I get my drugs‎?
You're not gonna get those for me‎, too‎, right‎?
Anibal had his own way of doing shit‎.
Under me‎, the Tainos are a community organization‎.
Speaking of which‎, I've gotta get back to my community‎.
So unless you're actually going to charge me‎.‎.‎.
Hmm‎, fine‎.
But this isn't the last time we're going to talk‎, Cristobal‎.
[ laughs ]
I know you said you didn't know anything‎,
but‎, you know‎, I was just wondering
if you ever heard of a white guy distro‎.
Goes by the name Ghost‎.
White guy named Ghost‎?
‎- Mm‎-hmm‎. ‎- [ laughs ]
That's like a fucking cartoon‎. Mm‎?
Get out‎.
[ knocks on door ]
Where you been‎, bro‎? I've been looking all over for you‎.
Had to go out of town for a while‎.
Caught some unexpected heat‎.
From that favor I asked you to do‎?
I'm sorry about that‎.
It's time for you to do a favor for me in return‎.
I need you to make good with QDubs‎.
Fresh start‎.
I ain't bowing and scraping to those low‎-life RSKs‎.
It's payback time and I'm here to collect‎.
You said we was brothers for life‎.
Unless that was bullshit‎.
We are‎, Tomas‎, but the RSKs paid that bitch to stab me‎.
You know it and I know it‎.
And we killed Rolla‎. So you got your revenge‎.
You need to make peace with QDubs‎.
We need to get right‎. We need everybody on board‎.
And as long as there's bad blood between y'all‎,
we got problems selling our shit‎.
I killed Nomar‎, Ruiz‎.
I spilled his blood for you‎.
Now you do this for me‎.
[ knocks on door ] DARRYL: Hey‎.
We ran the sketch through facial recognition
and I must say I think our bad guy is pretty hot‎.
I'm just saying‎. [ laughs ]
Here are all the possible matches for the sketch‎.
‎- Great‎. Thanks‎. ‎- You're welcome‎.
[ knocks ]
Yeah‎? Get in here‎.
[ groans ]
I have a sketch of the person who killed Nomar‎,
but I need to hear the tapes to verify my instincts‎.
Whoa‎, whoa‎, whoa‎. Slow down‎.
Just run that by me again in English‎, please‎.
There were eight matches from the facial recognition cross‎-match
and one of them was a guy I went to high school with‎.
If I can just hear the tapes‎, I can tell if it's his voice‎.
How did you finish the sketch‎?
Isabel Ruiz‎.
Well‎, see‎, that's crazy‎, because she's a minor‎, right‎?
And I know you couldn't get permission from Ruiz‎,
so did you follow victim‎-witness protocols‎?
Counseling‎, protection‎.
She can call me anytime she needs me‎, day or night‎.
Right‎, 'cause that worked out for Nomar‎, right‎?
I can't believe you're still pursuing this‎.
No‎. No‎. No‎.
I will not help you‎. Mike said no‎.
You need to let it go before you get fired‎.
Just do the work Mike put you on‎.
That's bullshit work and you know it‎.
You would get me the tapes if I was still fucking you‎.
[ chuckles ]
You're right‎, yeah‎. I probably would‎, Angela‎.
But‎, see‎, we're not still fucking‎, so cut the shit‎.
[ sighs ]
[ sighs ]
What was the name of your stupid dog‎?
[ beeps ]
TOMMY: I'm gonna find that girl
and cancel Christmas on her ass‎.
I'm gonna find that girl and cancel Christmas on her ass‎.
She canceled Christmas on your boy with her quickness‎.
[ door opens ]
Hey‎, smells great‎.
Looks good‎, too‎.
Hey‎, baby‎. Everything okay‎?
So I'm opening Truth tomorrow night‎,
but in order to do it‎, I had to agree to work for Stern
as his errand boy for a while‎.
I understand that‎.
I got humiliated at work‎, too‎, by my new boss‎.
He assigned me to a new team‎.
Work I don't care about‎.
Well‎, Stern is sending me to Miami to sign contracts‎.
I want you to come with me‎.
With all that's going on with work right now‎,
I don't know if I can get time off‎.
Angie‎, this was our dream‎.
We said we'd wake up in Miami together‎, remember‎?
And I want to go‎, I do‎.
I just can't say for sure‎.
[ distant siren blaring ]
Let's just make this easy‎, okay‎?
Both go home‎,
no problems‎, right‎?
You're so quiet‎.
Something up‎?
No‎, nothing‎, really‎.
Just work stuff‎.
Want to talk about what's going on at work‎?
No‎, not really‎.
It wouldn't help‎.
Jamie‎, I'm sorry‎.
You made such a nice meal‎.
You're great‎. [ sighs ]
It's just‎.‎.‎. it's been such a long day‎.
Is it okay if we don't tonight‎?
I think I need to go to bed alone‎.
Angela doesn't have anything on us‎.
No files‎, wiretaps‎, phone records‎.
‎- Nothing‎. ‎- You sure‎?
I just came from her apartment‎.
I did find some good news‎, though‎.
What the fuck does that mean‎?
Well‎, what it means is I found a file
on Nomar and I found his phone‎.
He was a CI working for her‎, yes‎.
Nothing to do with us‎.
So Ruiz was telling the truth about Nomar‎,
which means that we can trust Ruiz‎.
So if Ruiz makes good with the RSKs‎.‎.‎.
And everything holds with Drifty‎,
then we might just pull this shit off‎.
♪ God damn‎, God damn ♪
♪ How the hell you get all that ass in them pants‎? ♪
♪ How you drinking and you ain't got no glass‎? ♪
♪ Now how you came in here and you ain't got no man‎? ♪
♪ What‎? Damn‎, to me you look perfect ♪
♪ Bend that ass over‎, let me see how you work it ♪
♪ Poppin' and shakin'‎, get on your knees‎, hit the dirt ♪
♪ Girl‎, I go so deep in that pussy ♪
♪ While he just hittin' the surface ♪
♪ What is you saying‎? Drop it down on it ♪
♪ Made me get a couple bands‎, drop it down on it ♪
♪ Make you get a couple friends‎, drop it down on it ♪
♪ Turn around‎, drop it down‎.‎.‎. ♪
Party off the chain‎, man‎.
Lots changed since you've been gone‎, K‎.
More money‎, more fun‎. You likey likey‎?
Have my hands full back there‎.
‎- What's up‎, man‎? ‎- Enough about the party‎.
Nah‎, uh‎.
I'm getting restless‎, man‎. I'm ready to work‎.
See‎, I thought you were trying to go legit‎.
I told Tommy‎, I said‎, "Yo‎, he's trying to become a citizen‎."
‎- Wear a suit and tie‎. ‎- The whole thing‎. What's up‎?
Fuck‎, I'm supposed to work on Wall Street or some shit‎?
I ain't built that way‎, man‎. I'm ready to hustle‎.
Yeah‎, well‎, we got a lot going on‎.
And we could use your help on all of it‎.
We want you back on the team‎.
‎- Right‎, Ghost‎? ‎- Right‎, right‎.
‎- That's good to hear‎, man‎. ‎- Now get back out there‎, K‎.
Enjoy it‎. You see that shit‎? It's all paid for‎.
‎- Paid for‎? ‎- That shit is paid for‎.
♪ Drop it down on it ♪
♪ Made me get a couple bands‎, drop it down on it‎.‎.‎. ♪
We got to bring Kanan along slowly‎.
You feel me‎, Tommy‎?
Been out of the game for a minute‎, man‎, come on‎.
Let him catch up to speed‎. What the fuck‎?
Yo‎, Ghost‎, it's Kanan‎.
He practically raised us‎.
Look‎, time inside changes people‎.
We got to get to know him again‎.
Get the fuck outta here‎.
Oh‎, shit‎.
[ moans ]
Oh‎, shit‎. My bad‎.
‎- I'm gonna be outside‎. ‎- No‎, motherfucker‎. Come here‎.
I need you‎.‎.‎. hold on‎.‎.‎. I need you to give me a ride‎.
Yeah‎, Dad‎, no‎, I got you‎, but I'm gonna be outside‎, okay‎?
I'm gonna be done in a minute‎. Ooh‎!
Oh‎, damn‎, girl‎.
Trying to suck my whole motherfucking dick‎.
[ laughs ]
Shorty got skills‎.
Go ahead‎. It's you‎.
Get in there‎.
No‎, Dad‎, I'm good‎. We can just get up outta here‎.
Man‎, go ahead‎, man‎.
Should be a while‎, too‎. I'm gonna wait on you‎. Go ahead‎.
Boy‎, if you don't get in there‎.‎.‎.
I want this place in shape for tonight‎.
Come on‎, let's get on it‎.
Looking good in here‎.
I always like seeing you‎,
but I'm okay without adult supervision‎.
Well‎, about that‎.
There's been a slight change
in our arrangement that just couldn't be helped‎.
I wanted to come down and tell you face‎-to‎-face‎.
What kind of change you talking about‎?
Instead of reporting directly to me‎,
you'll be reporting to the new general manager‎.
‎- We had a deal‎. ‎- True‎.
But you have to stay fluid in the nightclub business‎.
You know that‎. There's no need to worry‎, James‎.
I think you will like the new GM‎.
Hey‎, boss‎.
You don't have to call him that anymore‎.
Angie‎, it's Jamie‎.
I sent you a text‎, I didn't hear back‎.
Just wondering if you're gonna be on that plane to Miami with me tonight‎.
Call me back‎.
[ phone vibrates ]
Hello‎? Angela Valdes‎.
Hey‎, sweetie‎, it's Darryl‎.
So James St‎. Patrick is clean‎.
He has no criminal record‎.
Thank you‎.
[ phone chimes ]
What's going on‎?
Hey‎, Tash‎. I have to go to Miami‎.
I got some business I got to do for Stern‎.
I'm not seeing her anymore‎. This is just business‎.
I'm not taking Angela‎.
The girl who shot up the club‎, Tash‎, she's in Miami‎.
I'm going to take care of that situation by myself‎.
Use this Stern business as a cover‎.
Well‎, whatever you need to get it done‎.‎.‎.
I'm here to support you‎, all right‎?
I got you‎.
Come here‎.
[ breathing heavily ]
Come here‎.
How you doing‎, baby‎?
You didn't overdo it‎, did you‎?
No‎, haven't done much at all‎.
Tasha brought some food over‎.
Damn‎, it's like Christmas‎.
I asked her what happened that night at the club‎.
You know what's funny‎?
She had the same exact story as you‎.
Yeah‎, 'cause that's what happened‎.
And then I got my cell
and I listened to the messages you left me‎.
You were scared‎, Tommy‎.
And you didn't know that I was hurt‎.
Tommy‎, if you're gonna hide stuff from me‎,
I'm out‎.
I'm not gonna play house‎.
I'm all in or nothing‎.
The cunt was trying to hit Ghost‎.
We had problems with people taking shots at us‎,
but it's all under control now‎.
The guy that ordered the hit is gone‎.
Why did you lie to me in the first place‎?
Ghost asked you to lie‎, didn't he‎?
Yes‎, he did‎.
Because you fucking looked at him in his face
‎- and called him Ghost‎. ‎- No‎, I‎.‎.‎.
Yeah‎, yeah‎, yeah‎. I told you that shit in confidence‎, Holly‎.
And then you went straight to the motherfucker
and gapped off like it was nothing‎. How could you do that‎?
I told him I was quitting‎.
Because you told me to‎.
He got rough with me‎.
He grabbed me and so I thought of the first thing
that I could think of to get him to stop‎.
You're gonna leave now‎, too‎, aren't you‎?
Told you‎, everyone leaves me‎.
I ain't going nowhere‎.
I'm really uncomfortable with the way that went down with James‎.
Oh‎, come on‎. The look on his face was priceless‎.
I know you respect James‎, like him even‎.
That's not going to get in the way of you doing your job‎, right‎?
No‎, sir‎. Of course not‎.
Good‎. He can never reach 20% profit‎.
Do what you have to do to make sure it never happens‎.
I'm not sure about that‎.
Josh‎, we talked about this‎.
We keep James‎, we learn his tricks‎,
then send him on his merry way‎.
Then I will give you Truth‎. Your own club‎.
Like your past was washed away‎.
Isn't that what you want‎?
[ people chatting ]
♪ Rocking a low flannel ♪
♪ Double bubble goose and a five panel ♪
♪ Smoking on a loosie from the corner store ♪
♪ Bodega cheesesteaks for the cheapstakes ♪
♪ Timbalands and gold chains ♪
♪ The simple things we must obtain ♪
♪ Tell our truth over four bar loops ♪
So look‎, Julito found the girl hitter's location in Miami‎, man‎.
Oh‎, about time‎. I'm on the next plane‎.
No‎, Tommy‎, I'm going to Miami for Stern‎.
It's a perfect cover‎. Plus you got to stay here and see about Holly‎, right‎?
Yo‎, man‎, look‎, about Holly‎.
I checked her ass about that Ghost shit‎.
It won't happen again‎.
Be safe‎, man‎.
You‎, too‎, motherfucker‎.
[ dialing ]
Let me ask you something‎. How did Stern know
I was planning to open a Truth in Miami‎?
I thought so‎.
Is that Tommy over there‎?
He's not welcome in the club‎.
Stern doesn't want that element inside‎.
Stern has you on a tight leash‎, huh‎?
I see he has you trained well already‎.
Let's go inside‎, boss man‎.
‎- Here's your bag‎. ‎- Yep‎.
‎- All right‎. ‎- All right‎.
Have a good trip‎, Uncle G‎.
Did you know your father was getting out of jail‎?
No‎, I was just as surprised as you were‎.
[ sighs ]
Trying to leave without me‎?
'Course not‎.
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♪ Huh ♪
♪ You hear me‎? ♪
[ siren blaring ]
♪ Yeah‎, yeah ♪
♪ I'm the A1 boy for A1 figures ♪
♪ You get laid down quicker if you ain't down with us ♪
♪ Ever since I was a young'un‎, I was something special ♪
♪ Give me gold medal status‎, put my face up on a box of Wheaties ♪
♪ My side versus everybody‎, me against the world ♪
♪ Time of her life‎, me against the girl ♪
♪ Say she need a bit of weenis in her life ♪
♪ She can have it‎, she can have it ♪
♪ I'm Elmer Fudd how I'm trying to get the wabbit ♪
♪ Trying to take it to the top‎, take it to the attic ♪
♪ You shocked by the culture‎, hit with the static ♪
♪ Minor or major‎, in a game it's all about the way you play it ♪
♪ If you ain't up on your job‎, why you playing‎, then‎? ♪
‎- ♪ We saying we in here chillin' ♪ ‎- ♪ Here chillin' ♪
‎- ♪ Go on‎, nod your head if you feel it ♪ ‎- ♪ If you feel it ♪
‎- ♪ I already told you trying to take it through the ceiling ♪ ‎- ♪ Through the ceiling ♪
♪ I already told you I'm the owner of the billion ♪
‎- ♪ All about my business ♪ ‎- ♪ 'bout my business ♪
‎- ♪ You know‎, all about my business ♪ ‎- ♪ 'bout my business ♪
‎- ♪ Hallelujah‎, can I get a witness‎? ♪ ‎- ♪ Get a witness ♪
♪ I'm doing me up‎, get the hell up out my business ♪
♪ All about my business ♪
♪ All about my business ♪
♪ All about my business ♪
♪ All about my business ♪
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