Power (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Consequences - full transcript

Ghost picks up the pieces at Truth after the botched murder attempt against him, while recommitting to the drug game. Tommy disappears after learning Angela is with the feds.

Previously on power.
The man you're protecting sent you out to steal
From the wrong motherfuckers tonight.
When we met, what you think i was gonna be?
The biggest goddamn drug dealer in new york city.
The boss is here.
To truth. Truth!
That was the dream. We can get out. We can have it all.
We already have it all.
You recognize the name simon stern?
He's one of the biggest nightlife investors in new york.
Ghost: The truth is not for sale, simon.
If i walk out of that door,
I turn from potential ally back to competitor.
May the best man win.
Ghost: Angela valdes came into the club last night.
From high school?
I never stopped thinking about you.
All these years. I have a boyfriend, greg.
You haven't wanted to hang out.
You've been distracted. Is there someone else?
I got a new job, driving uncle g.
I know you gonna do me proud, son.
You probably see a lot driving him around, huh, shawn?
You can tell me. It'll be another one of our little secrets.
Seems like my husband is seeing another woman.
Tasha: Shawn told me her name is angela.
Angela was trouble before. Just don't want to see you get fucked up.
I want to change my life for you.
Come with me to miami. I would love to.
Ever since you've opened that club, it's like i don't know who you are.
Been trying to tell you, tasha.
When i get back from miami, we should talk.
You ain't got no legal claim on his illegal money.
I need a checking account with a debit card.
Tommy: Got some fine-ass looking girls
Serving drinks in here, by the way.
Holly's different. She's special.
Holly: I am a fucked-up thief
And you are a crazy drug dealer.
You and i were made for each other.
Frankie: Our goal is the prosecution
Of one of the most notorious drug traffickers
In our hemisphere, felipe lobos.
When i hired you to be my new york distributor,
You guaranteed me a certain level of professionalism.
Ghost: Someone's been hitting our crew,
Dropping motherfuckers left and right.
Tommy: Ruiz said a girl stabbed him.
Beautiful ass. Latin girl. Strong.
I know who's been going after us. It's rolla.
I'm not pulling that trigger without proof, tommy.
Get all the fucking proof you need if you can.
He was right about rolla. Said he wanted to take down your whole network.
It's kanan, right? Shit, you trust him more than anybody.
He's my friend. I'm your friend.
[ muffled gunshots pop ]
From now on, i need you to distribute double the amount of product.
I think you should take the lead on this. Be the authority on the streets.
We need to get you close to ruiz so you can identify this distributor.
That's live. Angela: We'll be able to hear everything.
Ruiz: I'm expecting ghost, the pendejo who supplies us.
Bruja, i saw the distributor.
Angela: He saw ghost's face.
What the fuck you staring at, man?
I need to get nomar into witsec.
One of my soldiers, name is nomar.
Been fucking my little girl.
Where can i find him?
[ grunting ]
Nomar, stay with me.
This is ausa angela valdes.
My ci's been stabbed.
You owe me money. And you owe me bodies.
Oh, and, honey, you're gonna need to get you some new shoes.
I want ghost dead before i get out.
[ gunshot ]
¶ they say this is a big rich town ¶
¶ i just come from the poorest part ¶
¶ bright lights, city life, i got to make it ¶
¶ this is where it goes down ¶
¶ i just happen to come up hard ¶
¶ legal or illegal, baby, i gotta make it ¶
¶ i never took a straight path nowhere ¶
¶ life's full of twists and turns, bumps and bruises ¶
¶ i live, i learn, i'm from that city ¶
¶ full of yellow cabs and skyscrapers ¶
¶ it's hard to get a start in these parts without paper ¶
¶ homie, i grew up in hell, a block away from heaven ¶
¶ that corner, every 15 minutes it move a seven ¶
¶ pure snow, bag it, then watch it go ¶
¶ occupational options, get some blow or some hos ¶
¶ shoot the bowl or the strap, learn to rap or to jack ¶
¶ fuck it, man, in the meantime
¶ go ahead and pump a pack ¶
¶ this my regal royal flow, my james bond bounce ¶
¶ that 007, that 62 on my count ¶
¶ i'm an undercover liar, i lie under the covers ¶
¶ look a bitch in the eyes and tell her, "baby, i love you ¶
¶ you're my inspiration, you're my motivation ¶
¶ you're the reason that i'm moving with no hesitation" ¶
¶ this is a big rich town ¶
¶ yeah ¶
¶ i just come from the the poorest part ¶
¶ bright lights, city life, i got to make it ¶
¶ this is where it goes round ¶
¶ yeah ¶
¶ i just happen to come up hard ¶
¶ legal or illegal, baby, i got to make it ¶

[ engine revving ]
¶ machine gun... ¶
[ beeps ]
Hey. [ speaking spanish ]
[ speaking spanish ]
If i were you, mami, i'd make it fast.
¶ stuntman, fly nigga, you jumpman ¶
¶ g5s, we jump-start with the joker smile on that front end ¶
¶ fist in, might sit 12 ¶
¶ you ain't talking no thick hos ¶
¶ if you like me, that's two niggas ¶
¶ and six bitches in tight clothes ¶
¶ "mo' money, mo' problems" ¶
¶ motto don't mean much ¶
¶ all gold everything ¶
¶ not trinidad, nigga, king tut ¶
¶ king push, kilo, i'm the voice of it, cee lo ¶
¶ machine gun, steve-o ¶
¶ it's just as big as my ego-- rah! ¶
[ distant sirens wailing ]
[ clicks ]
Frankie, wow.
You were on a date. [ purse slams ]
This better be good.
When nomar was dying, he told me who stabbed him.
It was ghost.
The distributor did nomar personally?
That's what he said.
And it turns out that nomar had already spoken to a sketch artist.
I've got a partial.
Not enough for facial recognition.
And you're not gonna id him with your naked eye in that book.
Frankie, i lost a ci tonight.
I've got to try.
And i can't save you from the consequences.
What was he doing out of the safe house?
He thought ruiz made him. He ran.
And you couldn't talk him out of that?
We didn't speak exactly.
He left me a message saying he was blown.
You had a witness who was scared for his life,
The biggest lead in your case,
And you missed his call?
What the hell were you doing when that phone rang?
I know you were trying to save this case, angela.
Now you might have to save your ass.
[ door closes ]
Donato: When did you first see the gun?
After she pulled the trigger.
And you followed her up the stairs even though she was armed?
Maybe i thought i could catch her.
Just an instinct.
Most people's instinct when they see danger
Is to head in the opposite direction.
One last question. The waitress standing next to you was hit.
What if that bullet was meant for you?
A man in your position must have enemies.
Can you think of anyone who might want you dead?
Anyone at all?
[ camera clicking ]
[ dialing ]
[ phone buzzing ]
Jamie, i'm sorry. I should have called.
I wouldn't have answered. Angela, there was a shooting tonight at the club.
Some woman got in with a gun.
Oh, my god. Jamie, are you-- i'm okay.
But a waitress got hit and i don't know if she'll make it.
There's no way i'll be able to go with you to miami tonight, i'm sorry.
No, no, i understand.
It's crazy here, so i'll call you tomorrow.
Angela, i love you.
I love you, too, jamie.
Be right there, ghost.
You wait for me right there.
[ beeping ]
[ ringing ]
Clear, please.
[ holly on recording ] this is holly, you know what to do.
Uh, holly, baby.
I got to be out of town for a few days.
I'll call you, but i don't know when.
I love you, okay?
I love you, holly.
[ beeps ]
¶ step up, now, don't be the last in line ¶
¶ it's almost guaranteed that i'm gonna blow your mind... ¶
[ phone buzzing ]
That's your uncle g's old lady, right?
Ain't seen her in a minute.
Go ahead, answer it.
[ beeps ]
Mrs. St. Patrick, hey. Is everything okay?
No, wait, what happened?
Okay, yeah. No, no, no, it's good, he's all right.
Yeah, i'll be there as soon as i can, okay?
Okay, bye.
Uncle g's club. He got shot at tonight by some girl.
She missed? Yeah.
But we got to go over and meet up with them.
They'll probably be glad to see you, dad.
I ain't going nowhere near that nigga
If he's getting shot at tonight.
I ain't trying to get clipped 10 seconds out of the joint.
No, boy.
You got to wait on seeing ghost for a minute.
There's some places i got to go first.
Dad, i should probably go over there.
Ghost is all right. Tasha just told you so.
What you gonna do for him tonight?
Now i got to go see a girl.
Been in the joint 10 years.
You understand, right?

[ bangs ]
¶ machine gun ¶
¶ daredevil, stuntman, fly nigga, you jumpman ¶
¶ g5s, we jump-start with the joker smile on that front end ¶
¶ fist in, might sit 12 ¶
¶ you ain't talking no thick hos ¶
¶ if you like me, that's two niggas ¶
¶ and six bitches in tight clothes ¶
¶ "mo' money, mo' problems" ¶
¶ motto don't mean much ¶
¶ all gold everything ¶
¶ not trinidad, nigga, king tut ¶
¶ king push, kilo, i'm the voice of it, cee lo ¶
¶ machine gun, steve-o, it's just as big as my ego... ¶
The person you are trying to reach is not available at this time.
Please leave a message at the tone.
Tommy, where the fuck are you, man?
A lot of shit popping off.
You sent the 119. Where you at?

¶ machine gun... ¶
[ grunts ]
[ phone ringing ]
You going out?
Can't hide in here forever, t.
I ain't asking for forever, ghost.
I know the kids like having eyes on you right now.
What's so important out there?
You still ain't heard from tommy.
Not since he texted me saying he was coming to meet and never showed the fuck up.
Look, t, i'll be strapped.
I got people watching the building,
So you and the kids are safe here.
Y'all been getting hit
And you didn't tell me this whole time?
I keep thinking about rolla being gone.
I know how much you loved that boy.
You okay, ghost?
I'll be better soon as i find tommy.

¶ go, go, go, go ¶
¶ oh, hickory dickory dock ¶
¶ i'm watching the clock that's counting my seconds down ¶
¶ but every hour then amounts up to my future near ¶
¶ but my present's now ¶
¶ x amount of times on my hands ¶
¶ left like grand theft, taken away ¶
¶ placed in a cage, waited for days ¶
¶ slave to the ways of an age, but i try stay clean ¶
¶ when the heartache hits then it may change me ¶
¶ but i can't change it, i'm whipped ¶
¶ trapped in the grip of a pitiful moment of cast made fits ¶
¶ i slip in bitter, free-time killer ¶
¶ opportunity for me slip away ¶
¶ in a haze of day-to-day hiccups ¶
¶ not just in a place ready for pick up ¶
¶ so with or without it ¶
¶ it seems to me i'm sitting here doubting ¶
¶ but forget about it, time is ours ¶
¶ and we're claiming it now, let's go... ¶
[ phone buzzes ]
¶ i hear my time tickin' down... ¶
Simon stern.
Simon: James, how are you?
Well, i suppose i know the answer to that question.
What do you want, simon?
To meet.
Such a shame.
Just when you were about to break through.
I trust you were not hurt.
Physically, i mean.
I know your wallet must be taking a beating.
Simon, what are you doing here?
I know you have better things to do
Than to take a stroll down 14th street this time of day.
I came to see a friend in need and to offer my help.
There's a process for you to get back to business.
I can smooth the way.
In exchange for what?
The proposal i made when you came to dinner still stands.
Damaged as it is, i'd still love to make truth part of my brand.
I'd love to groom you.
I don't need grooming.
I don't need your help, simon.
I will have truth back open before you can buy your next wife.
[ chuckles ] who knows?
Maybe i'll try a younger man this time.
Good luck, james.
I'm sure you'll get it done.
There's more than one way to skin a cat.
Tommy hasn't been here.
All the money and shit in the safe is all still there.
He hasn't been in the wash and fold either.
He hasn't been to his place. What about the car?
Sent word to the chop shops looking for parts.
Usual muscle car guys haven't seen the mustang.
Well, if the car ain't stolen or abandoned,
Then he could still be driving it. Shooter?
I called some friends in miami.
Sent them a picture of this.
Just haven't heard back.
All right, make sure you look at more than miami, julito.
She's got to have some kind of connection locally.
Someone with resources. I'm on it.
Oh, boss. Yeah?
One of lobos's guys reached out to me.
Something about a shipment on the way.
Double the usual amount. More than double.
How we gonna move that?
Our delivery business is already moving the max amount of weight per day as is.
Ghost: We need to expand. Add more primeras.
Tommy's the one that had the connect to serb and drifty.
I can go see them, but they're gonna want to know where he is.
Then we need to find tommy fast.
It's good, yo. I know this nigga.
We got business to discuss.
Without the audience, qdubs.
Y'all good.
Rolla got killed doing some "i don't need niggas with me all the time" shit.
I'm not the one.
Streets don't got no idea who pulled the trigger on him.
Cops don't know shit. But they never do.
I can't figure out who it was.
Unless it was the fucking soldados.
But you wouldn't know anything about that, would you?
I know you real "habla español" with ruiz.
That go way back. Y'all niggas roll tight.
Don't nobody roll tight enough with me to get away with killing rolla.
Don't forget this was my neighborhood.
Kanan, tommy, and i ran these streets.
Anything rolla gave you, i gave him first.
I'm trying to move product.
More than twice the amount of our usual drop.
I'll give you a better deal than i gave rolla.
And a bigger cut. Look at you.
Neighborhood boy made good
And now you want to give back to the community and shit.
It's about the money, qdubs. Always about the money.
That it is.
Until a family member get clipped, then this shit turn into something else.
Let me talk to the homies about whether or not we want
To do business with a nigga that fuck with the ricans.
If me and you work together
And i find out who did it, i'll kill the shooter myself.
Word is bond.
[ sighs ]
Deal sound good.
Let me think about it for a minute.
I'll hit you up.
You do that.
I thought you were going to miami.
Trip's postponed.
I fucked up, greg.
A man is dead because i fucked up.
Nomar was a pedophile, angela.
He deserved what he got. Hear, hear.
Who is that guy?
Never seen him before. Saxe?
Um, he looks a little familiar.
Frankie, what's going on?
We're here to discuss some changes in our felipe lobos task force.
I've been promoted to head up criminal division in northern michigan
And supervise our new border task force there.
She's getting kicked upstairs.
I am honored
To have the opportunity.
We're lucky enough to have miguel sandoval
From southern california district
Joining us to head criminal division here.
He'll be supervising the new york lobos task force from now on.
Sandoval steered the investigation in la
That almost indicted lobos last month.
Thanks, miss lavarro.
But as we all know,
In law enforcement, "almost" doesn't count.
Our main witness, lobos's los angeles distributor,
Was murdered in our safe house before he could testify
While in the custody of the marshals.
We need to change our approach.
Effective immediately,
Cooper saxe is the lead ausa on the lobos case.
All other ausas will report to him.
And all paperwork will cross his desk. Coop?
Thanks, mike.
So now i report to a total asshole
Who used to report to me.
That is, i report to him until i get fired,
Which could happen at any minute.
We should be in miami right now.
We should be tan.
I'm sorry.
No, it's okay. I was thinking it, too.
It's like everything i put together,
It was all gone in one night.
I'm so sorry this happened.
I know how much the club means to you.
I wish i could help.
This helps.
Being here with you like this.
[ sighs ]
I got to go, baby.
Kanan: Where'd you tell ghost you had to go?
He gave me the rest of the day off.
Why haven't you gone to see uncle g yet, dad?
I feel weird not telling him that you're out.
Me staying away from your uncle while he's got problems is a sign of respect, son.
Can't show up with my hand out while he's trying to fix his shit.
Yeah, but he's just gonna want to help you.
No matter what. He said so.
I can't hold a nigga to no promises under these circumstances.
I get my shit together, i go see him, offer my help.
Hold this. I ain't gonna be but a minute.
[ speaking spanish ]
You gonna have to call that motherfucker back.
Where's your bitch, bitch?
Where your puta?
I want my down payment. With interest.
I can give you your money.
But she ran. I don't know where she is.
Wrong answer, motherfucker.
[ banging ]
Okay, just give me a couple days.
I can find her for you. I'll find her, i promise.
You better not warn her.
I won't. I won't breathe a word.
I swear on my kids i won't say anything.
Swear on your own life. It's more likely to matter.
I'll be back. And i have boys watching you,
So don't try to run. You hear me?
Let's go get some fucking egg rolls, kid.
That shit made me hungry.
You hungry? Come on.
Tariq asked about tommy again.
Nobody's heard anything, nobody's seen anything.
No sign of him. No sign of the car. Nothing.
You check the underground railroad?
Every stop. He hadn't been to any of them.
He didn't run anywhere. And if they know where to find me,
Then they'll know where to find him, t.
I'm tapped.
I got to move all over the city with the drug shit.
I got to get the club back open.
Truth? Why?
We got the wash and folds.
Tasha, how many times have we talked about this?
We clean five times the amount of cash in the club
In one fucking night than the wash and folds do in a week.
Then we open a new club. With what?
We don't have enough legit cash on hand to open a club fast.
We can't get more legit cash unless we clean the money.
And we can't clean the money without a club.
And if can pull this off,
We got more money coming through the drug business than we ever had before.
Lobos is sending twice the amount of product.
So now i got no club,
Dead or distrusting primeras,
And a fucking mountain of cocaine
With no tommy to help me move it.
You got me. I've helped you before, remember?
Show me.
All right, it's not about the weight.
We could move it if the organization was straight.
But it's all fucked up.
Ruiz controls this area.
And he and tommy made an agreement to work together,
But ruiz wants to run guns, too, so he might back out.
Tommy knows a cat named drifty in newark.
Wanted to work with us in the past
When tommy was trying to convince me to expand.
Like the serb who's got the lower east side
And staten island on lock, but he's got his own connect already.
Look, if you need to expand, fuck a connect.
You may need to think about taking that territory.
Kill the serb?
Come on, tasha. I can't start a war now.
It only starts a war if they know you did it.
Serbians, rsks, puerto ricans.
If i pull this off, the network gets fractured as hell.
Tommy was the glue.
But you,
You can do it if you have to without him.
Look, you get ruiz to agree first, right?
Then you go across the bridge to drifty.
If ruiz says no, then the rsks are in, right?
You move on to the serb.
You got to make it work, so you will.
I know you will.
Thank you.
Without tommy, i need your help.
You got me, ghost.
Always have.
There's just one thing i need you to do for me.
Stop seeing angela.
Your phone.
Should have been more careful with your phone.
I'll handle it.
[ panting ]
When do you think you can move in?
I know we need to get a bigger place
So your kids have somewhere to sleep when they visit.
I know that's what we talked about.
[ speaking spanish ]
Because of the club? Because of everything.
Angie, the club being closed means my money is tight.
I don't want your money.
Yeah, but tasha does.
A divorce right now, you know the financial impact would be huge.
If i'm gonna blow my life up while everything else is up in the air,
I don't know what would be left for us on the other side.
[ speaking spanish ]
Pero... I couldn't have seen all of this happening.
The club, the shooting, my kids being scared,
Needing me to be around for them.
My situation has changed.
That's all.
Not the way i feel about you.
[ sighs ]
This isn't going to happen, is it?
That's not what i'm saying, angie.
I know.
But when we were together as kids,
We were separated, right?
I had no idea i was ever going to see you again.
I gave up.
We meet again
And i felt like that meant
We were always supposed to be together.
Like we were meant to be.
I keep hoping i'll wake up
And up will be down, left will be right.
I don't want to look at what's real.
Maybe you were right to give up back then, jamie.
Maybe we should now.
Come on, angie.
It's just like it was when we were kids.
You and me against the world.
Except now it feels like the world is winning.
Angie, i need you to be strong for me.
If everything else is falling apart around us,
We got to be strong for each other.
My plans haven't changed. Not one bit.
Just gonna need to spend more time around home, that's all.
We'll be together, i promise.
I mean, the kids are okay, i guess.
They just want ghost in the house all the time.
I wish he'd pay them a little more mind and stay home.
You staying with the cheating-ass nigga.
I bet you do wish his ass would stay home.
You know what? The shooting, it refocused ghost.
He knows he needs me.
I asked him to end it with her and he said he would.
[ chuckles ]
Uh-uh, don't look at me like that.
How do you want me to look at you?
You falling for a line of bullshit like that?
There are reasons i know i can believe him.
Reasons your simple ass wouldn't understand.
Okay, i'm simple, right?
Well, if you trust him so much,
Then tell me why you need this.
You opened my mail?
You sent it to my house.
Girl, you hiding money from ghost?
Looks like an escape plan to me.
He's my husband, keisha.
I can't just walk away like that.
If there's a way we can make it work,
I got to make it work.
[ sighs ] look, t,
You know i'm gonna be here for you no matter what.
I just hope you know what you're doing.
[ indistinct chatter ]
Hey, yo.
You know where you at, man?
Yeah, i know where i'm at.
You look lost.
[ laughs ]
Sit down, broc.
[ laughs ] what's up, man?
Good to see you, man. Yeah, man, it is.
Hey, man, this is the nigga i was telling y'all about.
This is kanan. This is the og right here.
All right.
So ghost is alive?
Yeah. If he had been dead when i got out
Like we'd planned, you'd have met tommy already.
Tommy is...?
Tommy's the white boy rolling with ghost.
They tight like a pair of balls.
You can't get one without the other.
I was gonna play tommy till he introduced me to the connect,
Then clip his cracker ass and run the whole shit.
So why we got to change the plan?
Fuck that. Let's clip ghost now.
Now that i'm out, it'll trace back to me.
We kill ghost now, we'll have war with tommy within a week.
We ain't gonna get to the connect like that.
This way, the dumb motherfucker
Will be so happy to see me, he'll shit his pants.
With ghost alive, the best way for me to approach this
Is to attack from the inside. Bring you in that way.
Yeah, well, look, fam,
I told the fellas what you did for me on the inside.
I would have came out under a sheet if it wasn't for you.
Look, i've been building this crew since i got out, man.
They follow me and i'll follow you.
They're ready to die if they have to.
Real shit.
And i got a man already planted in their organization.
He'll tell me anything i want to know.
My son.

Tommy told me you signed on.
I just wanted to make sure the air was clear between us.
We're good. Once you killed rolla, you and i were straight.
Still convinced that rolla was behind the attempt on your life?
Nothing else makes sense.
You still in business with those... [ speaks spanish ]
[ speaks spanish ]
[ speaks spanish ]
Except for guns. I can't expand to weapons right now.
[ speaks spanish ]
I'll be in touch about a drop.
There's just one more thing i require.
A seat at the table.
I want to make decisions. Approve personnel.
I want choices about who i'm doing business with
So i don't get hit again.
I'll discuss it with tommy.
Of course.
How's he doing?
He's fine. I'll tell him you asked about him.
[ phone buzzes ]
No, t, he hasn't been to the hospital. I checked.
Did you go over to holly's?
He hasn't been there either, huh?
I know.
But look, i got to go to the community board now.
Tasha, i don't know where else to look.
I've looked everywhere.
Let me call you back.
[ ringing ]
Ghost: Kate, it's jamie st. Patrick.
[ laughs ] jamie, don't be silly.
I know your voice. How are you?
I'm well, thanks for asking.
The family? Tasha?
Everybody's good.
Look, kate, have you seen tommy in the last couple days?
Is he out there? Tommy egan? My son?
I seem to vaguely remember giving birth to an ungrateful bastard.
That boy hasn't called me for weeks.
Probably changed his number again so i wouldn't find him.
Well, when i find him, i'll tell him to give you a call, how about that?
He always listens to you, jamie.
Kate, how about i come out next week and check on you?
You know, just to see if you need anything.
No, no. I'm okay.
Look, i know how busy you are.
You don't need to bother yourself.
Okay, if you're sure.
I'll have tommy call you then.
Bye, kate. Bye.
How was that?
Pretty fucking good.
He won't suspect a thing.
You sounded like your usual crazy self.
I'm crazy? You're the one who thinks his best friend has turned on him.
He's practically your brother.
You can't trust him no more, ma. He changed.
I told you he's cheating on tasha with that girl.
Angela valdes from high school. You said.
He's gonna leave town with her.
He's probably calling you from fucking brazil.
I don't know. It's all fucked up
And i can't trust him right now.
I can't trust nobody. Except holly.
If you trust that girl so much, where is she?
I don't know. I'm looking for her everywhere.
I called her cell like 100 times.
Maybe she don't want to talk to you.
What's the last thing you said to her?
You didn't tell her you loved her, did you?
That kind of talk scares weak women away.
Holly ain't scared. And she ain't weak.
I had to ditch my cell and she ain't picking up
'cause she don't recognize the number.
She's smart like that. You'd like her, ma.
I don't know her friends. No one's picking up at truth.
Who knows what the fuck is going on there?
I can't tell kantos nothing 'cause that little bitch
Will rat me out to ghost so fucking fast.
Well, jamie's not gonna think about looking for you here.
'cause you think i'm an ungrateful bastard?
You are. And if you keep doing all my fucking blow,
We're gonna run out.
[ snorting ]
If that girl loved you the way you love her,
She would be here with you now
In your time of trouble like i am.
Right, baby?
I'm so glad you're here, tommy.
You are?
So glad, you hit me with a bat?
Next time, ring the fucking doorbell.
Who's this?
My daughter.
[ speaking spanish ]
Thanks. Her mother's idea.
Why don't we skip the formalities here?
I know all about you and your track record on this lobos case.
Corners cut, a botched raid.
First a dead primera and now a dead ci
Who you jerry-rigged into the witsec program in the first place.
Nomar arcielo should still be alive and we both know it.
You're not only no longer leading the lobos task force,
You're not on it at all.
Sir, i've devoted over a year to this case.
I'm dedicated, committed.
Before he died, nomar told me he was stabbed
By lobos's new york distributor
Who we believe goes by the street name "ghost."
Nomar worked with a sketch artist that day by phone.
You have a sketch of the distributor?
A partial. But if i could just get the resources
I need to complete the sketch...
I can get a list of phone numbers
Nomar called when he was on ruiz's bodyguard detail.
Men that would have seen this distributor.
I can talk to them, finish the sketch,
Id ghost, and get him to flip on lobos like you did in la.
You're gonna get some hardcore soldados
To flip on a man who just killed one of their own?
That's your plan?
[ chuckles ] how would you even get their numbers?
By now, nomar arcielo's cell is in an evidence locker at queens north.
You can't look at it without a court order
And i'm not gonna help you get one.
You've wasted enough department resources.
I'm reassigning you to white collar.
They need an extra body.
Now, you've got arraignments this afternoon.
Don't be late.
[ beeps ]
[ organ music playing ]
[ speaks spanish ]
Gracias, señor ruiz.
[ whispers in spanish ]
Mrs. Walters, in the 28 years
Your family has owned and operated your jewelry store,
How many times have you been robbed?
Five or so.
And did you shut down and quit? No.
You turned your family business
Into one of the biggest diamond dealers in the city.
Mr. Clemente, 21 years ago when the health board tried to shut you down,
You challenged their ruling and won.
And, mr. Meeks, had it not been for you
Overcoming the loss of your first big case as an ada,
You wouldn't have turned into one of the most respected lawyers in all of new york.
It's not how or why you fall down,
It's what you do after you get up.
All any of us need is a second chance.
But this isn't your first misstep.
Recently there was an overdose at truth.
Why should we overlook these incidents
And give you that "second chance"?
You did the right thing by giving me the first chance.
All i ask is for the opportunity
To prove that what happened that night
Was the exception and not the rule.
That i am the exception, not the rule.
[ whispering ]
I heard you were making a presentation to the board.
So how did it go?
I got the approval. I'm sure you were hoping i would fail.
Now all i need to do is call my landlord,
Get the sign-off, and we're open for business.
You don't need to call your landlord.
I'm standing right here.
You bought the building?
The night we had dinner at my house--
Such a spirited discussion--
I reached out to your landlord the next morning
And paid him 10% over market.
All he had to do was agree not to say a word to you.
It was worth it just to see the look on your face right now.
[ laughs ] adorable.
The force majeure clause. You terminated my lease.
Isn't that what you would do in my shoes?
You've already gotten the space reinspected.
The board sign-off will trigger the liquor license.
It's all done thanks to your hard work.
I'm ready to reopen truth with or without you.
Without me, it isn't truth.
We'll probably have to rename the club.
What do you think of coquette?
Well played, simon.
Thing is, james, you're actually better than i am.
You're more creative. You're faster.
You're... Younger.
But you're not focused.
If you were, i could never have beat you this way.
A man with more ready capital would have walked away, opened a new club.
But you killed yourself to get truth open again.
It shows me you have too much invested
Financially and emotionally
To walk away now.
Come work for me, james,
And i will make you the man you always wanted to be.
Barely recognized you looking like that.
Went to nomar's wake. Had to blend in.
So what's mike's new strategy?
Mike has specifically forbidden us
To talk about the lobos investigation
With anyone who's not on the task force.
Anyone, or me?
Did it occur to you that-- even for a second--
That because i helped you get nomar into witsec
That maybe my ass was on the line, too?
Mike called you out?
He asked me why i did it.
He accepted my explanation
And he let me stay on the case.
I want lobos, too, angela.
And i'm not gonna blow my shot by just spilling to you.
I'm sorry, greg.
If you had a real lead for ghost,
Mike wouldn't ignore that.
He wants the collar too badly.
All i've got is a sketch and i can't even finish it.
It's not like anyone who saw ghost or ruiz's hideout is gonna talk to me.
Good night, greg.
[ beeps ]
[ beeps ]
[ beeps ]
Tasha: So you told stern you'd do it?
I told him i'd think about it.
Good. People like to hear what they want to hear.
T, that other thing you asked me to do...
It's taken care of.
T, i reached out to kate.
She said that tommy didn't show up there either.
Kate says a lot of things with her crazy ass.
Remember that time she said she was "clean"?
That she gave up pills and coke for good?
[ laughs ]
She didn't ask me to come out. It's not like her.
Maybe i should go check it out for myself.
[ doorbell rings ]
Ghost: Kate, i know you're there. It's me, jamie.
Can i come in?
Jamie, i got a terrible headache.
Can you come back another day?
I brought you a gift, kate.
You were always such a thoughtful boy, jamie.
You could teach tommy a thing or two.
Where is he? Hey!
Right here, ghost.
What the fuck is going on?
Ma, go upstairs.
You, go in the den.
Tommy, come on, man. What the fuck?
Tommy! Shut up!
Sit there. Go on.
Why'd you have to come out here, man?
Couldn't have left well enough alone?
I've been looking for you everywhere. I've been calling you.
Why are you out here at kate's house?
So you and angela can't find me.
Me and angela?
It all makes fucking sense now.
"take all the drug business, tommy.
You'll be the face in the streets."
Telling me i'm smart. I can take control.
All so you pin all this whole shit on me.
I go to fucking prison
And you and angela run off into the fucking sunset.
I can't believe you did me like this.
Tommy, i have no idea what you're talking about.
Stop, ghost. Just stop.
I saw the bags in angela's apartment.
What the fuck you doing in angela's apartment?
Shut the fuck up, ghost.
You were leaving with her. Deny it.
Go ahead.
We were going to miami.
It had nothing to do with you.
I went there to kill that bitch to protect you.
To protect us. But then i see that you're leaving with her.
'cause you made a deal with that fed cunt to sell me out.
What?! Angela!
A federal prosecutor.
A goddamn united states attorney.
No, no, no, no.
No way.
Don't you fucking lie to me, ghost.
I heard the bitch say it.
You didn't know.
She told me she was a lawyer for the government.
What kind of lawyers you think work for the government?
I looked her up.
No information anywhere. She's probably undercover or some shit.
I wasn't playing you, tommy. I was getting played.
That bitch's pussy got you "stuck on stupid" again.
Just like when we was kids.
I've been thinking about this.
It could be none of this is coincidence.
Her coming into the club, the two of you hooking up.
I'll bet she knows everything about you.
Everything about us.
Bet she's known all along.
[ sighs ]
Let's go.
Right now.
Take her out.
Come on. You with me?
We need to think first.
You always want to think, ghost.
But i think when it comes to angela,
We both know that you ain't been thinking too clearly.
What, you want to give that bitch more time to arrest us?
If you can't do it,
I'll go there and i'll do it myself.
You say you didn't know. You say she tricked you.
Come with me now.
I got to tell you something first.
Tell me in the car. Come on.
It's about holly. She got shot.
[ monitor beeping ]
¶ yeah, i'm the only one that get the job done ¶
¶ i don't know a nigga that could cover for me ¶
¶ yeah, got some game from my dad ¶
¶ he said she might say she love me ¶
¶ she don't love me like she say she love me ¶
¶ believe me, believe me ¶
¶ i'm that nigga, boy, they love me in the street ¶
¶ i'm not trying to find nobody else to beat... ¶
[ speaking spanish ]
¶ i'm the one they come to see because they all... ¶
¶ believe me ¶
¶ yeah ¶
¶ for real... ¶
Angela? Isabel?
¶ it's been me and young tune off the rip ¶
¶ that's the man that put me in this shit ¶
¶ if a nigga fuck with him, i'll put him down quick... ¶
[ speaking spanish ]
[ mother calls in spanish ]
¶ find out where you stay and act like we found some oil, nigga ¶
¶ out of duct tape so when he praying i ignore the nigga ¶
¶ all i got to say is "sayonara, nigga" ¶
¶ drop-dead gorgeous, but the bitch ain't dying for a nigga ¶
¶ where the real queens at? Shout out capone-n-noreaga ¶
¶ we can shoot it out and see who live to tell the story later ¶
¶ diamonds in my rollie face cannot be exfoliated ¶
¶ they think i'm associated, i'm the one that orchestrated ¶
¶ yayo get her ass whipped... ¶
Yes, i'd like to activate my atm card, please.
Oh, and is there any way we can raise the withdraw limit?
5,000 isn't enough.
[ chuckles ] yes, well, i'm a mother.
You never know what you might need to protect your kids in an emergency.
[ phone beeps ]
¶ believe me, believe me ¶
¶ i'm that nigga, boy, they love me in the street ¶
¶ i'm not trying to find nobody else to beat... ¶
Delivery came in.
We're gonna have to expand in every direction
To move this amount of weight.
Where's tommy?
I thought you said you found him.
¶ rip ¶
¶ had to get it popping off the rip ¶
¶ rich young nigga that ain't never had to trick ¶
¶ slim thug flow, but you know i like 'em thick ¶
¶ if she get a job at doa, i drop her off a tip ¶
¶ i had to get it popping off the rip ¶
¶ i'm the one they tell you been repping in the 6 ¶
¶ come into the city and you niggas get to trippin'... ¶
Take it.
I never carried a gun before.
It's time for you to grow up.
Take it.
From now, on you keep that with you at all times.
May have reason to use it someday.
Uncle g doesn't like us to have a weapon in the car.
In case we get stopped. Too much to explain.
What ghost don't know won't hurt him.
Might even save his life.
This'll be our little secret.
You know, like father- and-son type shit.
¶ cross my neck, niggas know what that mean like they deaf ¶
¶ nigga, i'll fire this "nina" like it's her first day ¶
¶ on the job and the bitch overslept ¶
¶ tune stay humble, nigga, i'm a king ¶
¶ need a horn and a drumroll ¶
¶ they throw motherfucking roses at my feet, nigga... ¶
[ knocks on door ]
¶ i'm the only one that get the job done ¶
¶ i don't know a nigga that could cover for me ¶
¶ tape a couple kilos to the bitch stomach ¶
¶ she look like she got a bun in the oven from me ¶
¶ preheat, believe me... ¶
Jamie, what are you doing here?
I thought you said you were gonna spend more time at home.
I needed to see you.
Come in.
I love you, jamie.
You do, don't you?
[ laughs ]
[ speaks spanish ]
[ plates rattling ]
So, baby,
How was work?
¶ rip, rip ¶