Power (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Who You With? - full transcript

Angela wires one of Tommy's gang members up as he makes peace with Ruiz. Ghost forgets Tasha's birthday, as he and Angela realize the wider effect that their affair may have.

Previously on "Power"...

All that money I found
in your place, Tommy,

- that's not from the club.
- I'm a drug dealer.

This D.A. has a bunch of cases
under judicial review.

- That's why you're getting out fast.
- When?

Leave Isabel alone, Nomar.

Looks like you're cleaning house.

While you're eliminating
the competition?

I saw Simon Stern today.
It went great.

- Vegas, Miami.
- Mm, I like Miami.

If Tasha ever found out,

she'd blow up your family
and our whole game.

I got you a little something myself.
I hope it makes you smile.

Celebrating my High Holy Day
and this puta sticks me.

- The hitter was a girl?
- We find this girl,

we find out who's been hitting us.

Try to get yourself near
Ruiz and his top guys

when they're talking business.

Especially if they mention
Lobos or the distributor.

Who's the blanquito
in there with Ruiz?

That's the guy who gets us
the products. Distro.

Ripped By mstoll

- Your party was over the top, T.
- Sure was.

I'm still trying to work through
that vodka hangover.

- Oh, God.
- What did your husband get you again?

He got her that new Celine Tote,
like Kanye got Kim.

And then something
a little more stimulating,

if you know what I mean.

So your man delivers
in accessories and in bed?

Shit, Tasha,
that's a goddamn fairy tale.

- That's what I said.
- It's just a life, y'all.

It's got its ups and downs
like everybody else's.

I want to know how he proposed.
I'm taking notes.

All right, well, take notes,
'cause I'm gonna tell the story.

It's my favorite story.

You know, basically,
she was still a kid.

And one day, they were driving
down the New Jersey Turnpike.

- No, it was the BQE.
- Okay, whatever.

And then the cops pulled them over.
So he leans in and he's like,

"Yo, I got a piece in the car."

- Why did he have a gun?
- For protection.

You know how the hood was.

It was in the glove compartment.

As the cop's walking up,

I take it out, put it in my purse.

Cop searches him,
he searched the car, found nothing.

Cop walks up to me,
eyeballs me.

I was never so scared in my life.

And then what happened?

He just walks away.
I don't know why.

I still don't know why.

We drove away,
didn't talk about it.

I didn't even cry
until we got home.

Two days later,
he gives me this ring.

- You a stone-cold bitch, T.

Ride or die.

Well, you know, he said
he knew he could trust me.

He knew
he had my complete loyalty.

And I said
as long as he gave me the same,

we'd be together forever.

I love that story.

It's like the first time
every time I hear that story.

Now we got to figure out
how to get you a man

and a house and a ring,

'cause you didn't even understand
why he had a gun in the car.

I still don't understand
why he needed that gun.

Thanks for meeting me here.
I couldn't make it all the way uptown.

I still wanted to see you.
I prefer my apartment,

but being here has certain benefits,

like room service.


I wish I could stay here all day.

I don't want to go out there
to the real world.

This, us, is real...


You feel that way, too, right?


It's okay.
You can get it.

I'll call her back.

What's she like?

Well, Tasha is...

not you.


Oh, good, I'm glad you're here.

Do you mind if I borrow
your black leather jacket?

It's Tuesday, laundry day.

- Should I have called first?
- Why start now?

No smoking in it, okay?

I'm still angry about the burn hole
that was in my sweater.

I quit three months ago.
Where you been?

Never mind, I guess I know.

Shit is so much hotter in hotels,

Manny took me to the Marriott once
and let me--

I'm just glad you finally found a way

to get your fireworks with Greg.

I'm not with Greg anymore.

Que qué?

You got some new hot thing
you didn't tell me about?

I didn't know what it was for a while,
so I didn't want to say anything.

What's his name?

- It's Jamie St. Patrick.
- From the old neighborhood?

- I guess I never really let him go.
- I guess not,

no matter how many times
papi chased him out of the house.

He was a punk.

Playing lookout
for those gangsters.

He's changed.
He's not like that anymore.

You got it bad, don't you?

He's a good guy, Paz.
You'll see.

I sure will.

How about dinner?

If he's as great as you say,

it feels like I should remeet
my future cuñado.

- You'll ask him, right?
- I'll ask him.

We are not competition.

We are only old friends.

It should not take you so long
to come to friend for help.

Guns in the sauna.
You Serbians have an interesting way

of defining friendship, Vladimir.

They are overprotective.

What can I say?

Now, tell me, how can I help?

I'm looking for a gun.
Actually, a knife for hire.

A woman.

A white girl, Spanish,

or a black?

Definitely Latin.

I do business with
a Haitian from New Jersey.

You must have conversation
with him, but he is a little...

- interesting.
- You talking about Drift?

I got work with that motherfucker.

If he knew something about this shit,
he should've reached out.

When he and I worked together,

he knew who to call
to eliminate a problem.

If she's out there,
he know about her.

- You heard from Stern?
- No.

What, you getting nervous?

Just want to know what time
this dinner's gonna be.

Men like Stern
are on a plane half the year.

I bet his wife
can't get a hold of him.

- Yeah, good point.
- He was impressed, boss.

Don't worry, we got this.

I can get you two lovebirds a room.

I bet you'd like that.
Come on, get out of here.

We got grown-man business
to talk about.

- I'll let you know if Stern calls.
- Do that.

- You see the Triads?
- Yeah, and the Italians.

Hadn't heard of her,

but the Serb told me
you should talk to Drift.

Aren't we
supposed to meet with Drift, yeah?

As soon as we squash all this shit?
I thought you two were cool, man.

Yeah, you think he would've reached
out if he knew something.

- So either he doesn't know anything--
- Or we're getting played.

Yeah, and there's only one way
to fucking find out, Tommy.

Yeah, we got to go visit him
in his fucked-up house in Jersey.

- Mm-hmm.
- Man, I hate going out there.

- You're driving. Come on.
- I can't go with you, man.

- I got a lot to do for this party.
- Save it.

Look, go tomorrow. Take Julito.
I know he's doing runs today.

Whatever, man.

Angela, we've been waiting for you.

I'm sorry.
It's good to see you again, Mr. Collins.

Good morning.

How do you feel about Detroit?

We're putting together
a border drug unit there,

want someone
of your caliber on board.

I'm sorry,
I don't understand.

California appears to have made
significant headway in the Lobos case.

An associate of his has been
arrested and might sing.

If he does, they may be ready
to arrest within the week.

They're shutting down
our Lobos task force.

We're shifting funding
to other departments.

My father isn't in good health.

It's not a good time for me
to leave New York.

Frankie said you were ambitious.

I thought you'd jump at the chance

for a successful prosecution.

All right, look.

Barring a huge development
in your Lobos investigation,

I'm gonna need your answer
about Detroit by the end of the week.

Yes, sir.

Is it wet?

It is?

Oh, how wet?

Um, I got to go.

Don't even.

What the fuck?
He was just about to kill the doctor.

Bitch, are you crazy?

You could
lose your job for this shit.

- It's, like, police brutality.
- I told you before.

Nobody cares what I do to you.

You all right, bruja?

Something's got you shook.

All these white boys
look the same to me.

these pendejos are small-time.

The hijo de puta you're looking
for ain't gonna be in here.

I gave you his name.
What more do you want?

His picture.
So until you find him, you keep looking.

Mrs. St. Patrick.
Hey, I got here as quick as I could.

I told you.
When we're alone, you can call me Tasha.

So where do you need me to take you,

- That's up to you.
- What?

Look, I've been thinking
about what you said

when you tried
to give me those earrings,

- about Ghost, about loyalty.
- No, no, I didn't mean anything by it.

Sure, you did,

and the way you said it,

seems like my husband
is seeing another woman.

And the way I see it,

if he's stepping out
on our marriage...

...maybe I should, too.

I know you said what you said

because you care about me

and I care about you, too.

I mean,
don't you think I deserve better

than to be kept in the dark?

You ever been to Detroit?

A couple times. Why?
You trying to go?

Not exactly a vacation spot
this time of year.

No, nothing like that.

You okay?

What's up?

You think you can get out
again this week,

for dinner?

Uh, dinnertime is tough,
because of the kids, you know?

I know, it's just...

my sister found some hotel keys
in one of my pockets.

She asked what was going on,
so I--

- You told her.
- About us.

She wants to have dinner,
see how you turned out.

How is Paz?

ls she still borrowing money?



I remember her
breaking your piggy bank

so she could buy
some damn Candies.

I want her to see
how much you've changed.

When and where is this dinner,

I will be there, I promise.

- Day after tomorrow?
- You're lucky I like you.

You sure you want to do this?

I deserve to know what I'm up against.

What are you gonna do?

What you think I'm gonna do?

No, that's not her.
That's not her.


You know her name?


Thank you. Good night.

Come here. Hey.

I've seen her before, at the club.

Ghost was talking to her.

He said it was just a
friend from high school.

He told me--
he told me not to trip.

- I saw her, and he--
- Have a good night.

Just take me home.

Look, Tasha, I'm--

Just, please,

take me home.

We need to start over
from the beginning.

Consider Anibal.

Hermanos Taínos are well-connected

and have a lot of territory.

- Dead.
- Soldado Nation's just as connected,

and even though Lobos
told Ruiz to fuck off,

he still made an attempt
at the throne.

And his punishment was being
aired out with a switchblade.

So Anibal is dead,

Ruiz is out, who's next?

We know Hermanos Taínos
and Soldado Nation

are in Ghost's network.

So we need to revisit the geo-profile
to see what other crews

in different boroughs
fit the same criteria.

There are over
200 criminal organizations

in New York City that could apply.

It could take us
days to narrow that list.

I'm sure you've heard the talk
about breaking up this task force.

Frankie and Collins
are out of their fucking minds

if they think I'm leaving this bitch
without getting Lobos.

Me, too.

Not until we're done.

This voodoo zombie shit
freaks me the fuck out.

As you're unfamiliar with our religion,

I will forgive your disrespect.

I was surprised to hear about your...


You and Ghost
run a respected network.

Word travels fast.

It made me reconsider
our fledgling partnership.

We'll get this handled.
We'll be back on track to do our thing

if you're straight with me.

I have cousins in Miami.

A few years ago,
they crossed paths

with a female Spanish hitter.

She was good,
put down five people in his crew.

Well, this crew that
your cousins had a beef with,

- you got a name for me?
- Rock Street Killers.

And they're very,
very strong in Florida, too.

Your friend Rolla,
he has street brothers there.

Should I make an offering for you?

- I think you need it.
- No, thanks.

Hey, yo,
you gonna call Ghost?

- Nope.
- No?

Isabela, mi amor...


It's not a boy, is it?

It's definitely not a boy, papi.

Jefe, you have a visitor.


- I wasn't expecting you.
- I wasn't expecting to be here.

I got pressing business.

I got my crew on the streets
shaking trees.

We got nothing
on that bitch who hit me.

That's what I came to talk about.

I got it on good authority

the people responsible
for hitting us and stabbing you

could be the RSKs.

Could that be?

Soldados and RSK
always had beef.

Rolla's arrogant, headstrong.

I had eyes on him
since all of this started.

He's just the kind of man
that makes a move like this.

Looks you right in the face
and points the finger

in the other direction.

The question is,
will Ghost do what needs doing?

He'll do it.

I just need to talk to him.

He doesn't know?

You came to me first.


We are at a crossroads, hermano,

not just for
everything we've worked for,

but for you.

Change is hard
and sometimes necessary.

Maybe you should
handle this yourself.

Either way...

needs to be put into the dirt.

And if you don't,
there's gonna be

a body dropping
from RSK every day.

What about the Triads in the Bronx?

Too small.

Russians in Brooklyn?

Russians working with Latinos?
I doubt it.

Hey, Nancy Drew,
you're quiet over there.

Take a look at this.

RSK in Queens?

The guy running the crew's
named Rolla.

He's got one serious rap sheet.

RSK has doubled in scope
and influence

over the last six months.

- What can do that?
- Influx of cash, new product, both.

Suddenly, the RSKs are controlling

a huge amount of territory.

Whoever Ghost is,
Rolla could be our connect.

- It makes perfect sense.
- If Rolla is in the Ghost network,

he's either Ghost's next target

or at least knows who he is.

Either way,
we need to talk to him.

We might just save his life.

I know who's been going after us.


That's what Drift told you.
Okay, all right.

Get the fuck out of here
with that bullshit.

You're fucking with me, right?

Cousins of Drift's in Miami
were iced

by a Latin girl hitter
a few years back.

The crew that hired her
was a Miami set of RSKs.

Pretty straight line
to Rolla from there.

That's not proof, Tommy.

Ruiz thinks it is.

He's threatened to go to war
with the RSKs

- unless we fix this.
- First of all, fuck Ruiz.

I ain't never taken orders
from his snake ass,

and I ain't gonna start now.

And secondly,
why would Rolla do it?

We've known him for years.
Come on, man.

Same reason
two former corner boys

looked Breeze in the face
and shot him in the fucking head.

When you want that top spot,

you're willing to do
whatever it takes to get it.

Everything we've been through,

this is the only thing
that makes sense now.

I'm telling you, it's Rolla.

We're supposed to be partners
in this shit, 50-50.

You trust me, right?

You and me were sure it was Anibal,

and then you and me
were sure it was Ruiz.

See, Tommy, the problem is,
we can't be wrong again.

I'm not wrong.

This is the priority now.

Not this fucking club

or any other bullshit
that's been a distraction

from what we're doing.

This is gonna happen,

one way or another.

One way or another.

If you don't want a war...

there's only one way to stop it.

I'm not pulling that trigger
without proof, Tommy,

no fucking way.

You don't believe me.

Fine. Get all the fucking proof
you need, if you can,

by tomorrow.

Kill Rolla...

or I will.

Can't sleep, baby?

Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you.

Something on your mind?


You want to talk about it?

I got a big decision to make,

What does Tommy think?

You know Tommy.
He doesn't think.

He wants me to trust him,
you know?

You got to trust the people
who've always been loyal to you.

Tommy's always been loyal.

Always has been, up until now.

Is there anyone whose
judgment you trust as much?

Anyone who's been on
your side all this time?

Big J,
I need to send a package upstate.

Hey, yo, man, lights out
is gonna be at 9:00 tonight.

Whatever, man.

I turn them off when I turn them off.

What's up, K?

Must be real shit
if you're reaching out this way.

Shit, I ain't get no
message like this since--

The Trenton beef.

you guided me right then, man,

- and I need your ear now.
- So what you need?

Well, look, man,
I don't know if you heard.

Someone's been hitting our crew,
dropping motherfuckers left and right.

Now, I heard RSK might be involved.
Hard to believe, though, you know?

Rolla a loyal motherfucker, man.
You made him what he is.

- He wouldn't move against us.
- Yeah, that's what I think.

But, you know, I trusted people
before and been burned.

- I hear that.
- Well, word's out.

I got to move on this shit today
or I got a war on my hands, bro.

Say no more.
Keep the phone close, all right?

All right.

James St. Patrick here.

Mr. St. Patrick,
this is Simon Stern.

Oh, hello.

How does tonight
work for you, 6:00 P.M.?

6:00 P.M. tonight is great.

Good, I'll have my assistant
send you the address.

I look forward to seeing you
and your wife in a few hours.

Oh, and leave that sycophantic
boy wonder, Kantos,

at home, will you?
Tonight is adults only.


You look like you just saw a ghost.

That was Simon Stern.

- Dinner's tonight.
- What did I tell you?

He wants to partner.
What time should we be there?

Not you, just me and my wife
at 6:00 P.M.

Oh, shit, at 6:00.
I got to go make a call, now.

Well, have a good time.

I guess.


Thank you for doing this.

I want you to like him.

He makes me happy.

I know.

You cooking, it says a lot.

Angie, how you doing?

I'm covered in flour.

- What's up?
- Stern called.

You were all worried for nothing.

You're right, always are.

He invited me to dinner
at their house.

It's tonight, Angie.

I know, I'm sorry.

Look, I'll make it up to you.

I need to swing by
the house on my way back,

um, but I can come by after,
you know?

It's okay.
Don't worry about it.

Focus on Stern tonight.


Yeah. Go kill it.

All right, thanks.

So it was a meeting?
That's why he cancelled?

A business meeting, yeah.

Pretty last-minute
for a business thing, don't you think?

Don't, okay?

I'm just saying, doesn't it sound
a little sketchy to you?

I know what business happens
last-minute at night,

and it ain't the kind
in boardrooms.

If he wants to make you happy,
he has to get off the streets.

I know you said that
he's different now, Angela.

He's married.

He's a businessman, legit,
aboveboard, real.

I told you, he's changed
since we were kids.

He's just...

- married.
- The hotel keys.

Now I get it.

And you're supposed to be
the smart one.

I know. I can tell.

But it's not enough.
It never is.

This isn't gonna be
a happily ever after.

You look great.

Well, I had hope you'd like it,

since you picked out
everything for me to wear.

It's an important night, Tasha.

We got to be on our A-game,
all right?

We got to handle tonight
so we earn a tomorrow.

So go easy on the drinking.

I don't need these people
seeing you tipsy.

And if the wife wants to get chatty,
just play along with it.

I won't embarrass you.
Okay, Ghost?

Ah, I take it this is the lovely

Mrs. St. Patrick.

James didn't mention your beauty.

- This is my wife, Madeline.
- Oh, hello.

- Your home is beautiful.
- Oh, thank you.

The place in Boca feels more like home,
but here we are.

- Mrs. Stern, pleasure.
- Likewise.

Darling, why don't you take
Mrs. St. Patrick on the tour?

James and I have
some business to talk about.

Trust me,
you do not want to be here

when they talk about business.
You will fall asleep.

- My wife is beautiful, isn't she?
- Um, yes, sir.

It's expected, you know?
We have to play the part.

They have to look the part.

It all gets
so goddamn boring after a while.

Ah, Perrier-Jouët, 1825.

Oh, no, thank you.

A club owner who doesn't drink.
How curious.

You are full of surprises,
Mr. St. Patrick.

I've invited another couple
to join us,

one of my lieutenants and his wife.

- Todd and, uh--
- Sandra.

This is James St. Patrick.

- Todd, Sandra.
- Pleasure.

The pleasure's mine.

This is the young upstart
who stole our Cynthia Sheridan parties.

That is me.

It certainly is.

How about food? Let's eat.

I need you
to meet me in 30 minutes.

So then he asked,
"Do yachts like to sink?"

Oh, God, it's so much
better once they leave.

God knows
they don't want to talk to us

and we do not want
to talk to them.

Sweetie, those are so pretty.
Are they new?

Oh, $15,000.
Didn't bat an eye.

You should've got him
for at least 30.

Price they pay for the time away.

Should've been 50
for that new club location

he's been investigating
on the side.

It's so funny how
they think you don't know.

Oh, no, they know you know.
They just don't care.

- Mm.
- That's the spirit.

The only way
to get through these things

is to stay drunk.

Can I ask you something?

Can I touch your hair?

I just think it's fascinating.

Excuse me for a second.

- So pretty.
- So cute.


Back when I was still
in the clubs day to day,

the ideal mix was models,

the musicians, of course,

politicians hoping not
to get caught,

gays, drag queens,

those smooth,
hairless young men.

Anything went.

A buffet of pleasures, really.

That was before AIDS
came in and ruined everything.

I digress.

My point is,
times have changed.

A truly successful mix
now involves

a certain element
that I admit I am less familiar with.

African-Americans and Latinos

have begun to have
real purchasing power.

They're dictating the marketplace,
not just influencing it.

How do you
get the blacks and the Latins

to show up
night after night and behave?

Mixing with the club kids,
the socialites.

And on top of that,
take my Cynthia Sheridan business.

Guys with your background
usually open clubs uptown

or in Brooklyn

and open and close
within a week, but not you.

What's your secret?
No details, just your philosophy.

There is no secret,
just me.

- I don't follow.
- Well, I'm a black man from the hood.

Most of the guys I came up with
are either dead or in jail.

I live in
the penthouse of my building

above the lawyers and doctors
trying to get into my club.

See, people take you
at face value, Simon.

Me, well, I have to transform

to meet
everyone's expectations constantly.

Truth isn't one thing,
because I'm not one thing.

You understand?
I take all my experiences and use them

to cater to all different kinds
of people

under one roof.

Whether it's the black
professional athlete

ordering his next bottle of Cîroc,

or whether it's the Wall Street

getting blackout drunk
on the company's dime,

I understand him.
I get him.

And because I get him...

I get him.
And because I get him...

I get rich.

- Okay, I want to hear details.
- I want your offer.

$6 million.

- To open the next club?
- No, to own it outright,

to add it to my brand.

Truth is not for sale, Simon.

James, once you get started,
you won't even have time for Truth.

You're gonna be
seeing so much of this world

working for me.

You're gonna
forget all about that club.

Working for you?

As one of my executives
in training.

I'll bring you into management.

Maybe you'll replace
Todd here as my right hand.

- Maybe.
- I told you,

I'm "the secret"
to Truth's success.

I don't need training
to be myself.

I came here
to discuss a partnership.

Partnership with you?


You may be talented,
but you're not ready.

But since you are so unique,

you come on,

I'll let you report directly to me.

My husband
doesn't report to anyone.


Is that how you feel, James?

I didn't get where I am by following.

I lead.

I urge you
to reconsider partnership,

because if I walk out of that door,

I turn from potential ally
back to competitor,

and I don't think you want that.

I don't think you want that,

I'll take my chances.

Thank you for your hospitality.

May the best man win.

I will.


Mrs. St. Patrick,
you're a feisty one.

- I like that.
- Mm-hmm.

Don't worry, baby.
You did the right thing.

It wasn't your call
to speak for me, Tasha.

- It's my decision to make.
- There was no decision.

You're nobody's fucking
number two, are you?

I mean, I don't even know why the hell
we went up there in the first place.

You know that white man wasn't
gonna see you as no partner.

The fuck you want from me, huh, Tasha?
What you want me to do?

You want me to stay the same
and never change?

It ever occur to you I ain't
the same street nigger

you married anymore?

Who's that?


Seems like
the same old Ghost to me.

What's up, man?

You ain't gonna like
what I got to say, G.

You was right about Rolla.

Little nigger put up 100 thou
for anybody who could help link him

with an out-of-town hitter.
Said he wanted top of the line,

no mistakes, to take down
your whole network.


- Yeah, that's what they're saying.
- Damn.

Some of my niggers in here
got connections down in Miami.

They said Rolla took a trip
down there about a month ago,

met up with his brothers down there.
They introduced him to a Latin girl,

hot piece of ass they said
knows her way around a knife.

Bitch wear these crazy-ass
pink sneakers everywhere she goes,

don't even take them off to fuck, man.

That's the chick
we've been looking for, man.

Rolla know he in trouble,

so he already moving around
a little different.

He's hiding out on Long Island,
some bitch's place.

I know exactly where it is.

Look, K, good looking out, man.
Keep your head up, all right?

All right.

I'm sorry it turned out like this, G.


I need you to take Tasha home.

I got to make a stop.

I said 30 minutes, Nomar.

Couldn't wait, huh?

I'm beginning to think
you get lonely without me.

Who's this?

boss of the Rock Street Assholes.

Is he involved with Lobos?

There's no way
he's got a blanquito in his crew

might go by Ghost?


No white guys in the RSKs.

As for Lobos, I know Rolla
has history with Ruiz.

Long-standing shit,
but we're under strict instructions

not to mess with the RSKs
if we see them on the streets.

Like a professional courtesy?

Don't antagonize the other
dealers in the network?

I can't see another reason
why Ruiz would keep us

from stomping
these motherfuckers out.

Where can I find this guy?

We went to his last known,
and he wasn't there.

I can find out where he is.

He's got Poncho keeping tabs
on everybody he's pissed at,

just in case. I'll call him.

Don't ask too much.

I won't.

Gracias, Nomar.

Make the call.

- Try calling my cell.
- What?

Call my cell.

You're scaring me, Tommy.
What's going on?

You can tell me.

James was supposed to...


something for me...


Son of a bitch better do it tonight.

- Do you think he's gonna do it?
- No.

We used to do everything together,

side by side.

Something's changed.

He ain't the same.

You ever think

you don't need him anymore?

I mean, if you don't trust him
to do this thing tonight--

If I can't trust him?

Then I don't know.

I don't fucking know.

If you can't trust him, baby,

you can trust me.

Come here.

As soon as you get back
with my food,

I'll put this long nine on you.

- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.

Better hurry up with my food, yo.

I'd offer you a drink,

but we both know you won't take it.

They say we're gonna get
ten inches tonight.

That what they say, huh?

Well, then we should probably
get to it, then.

- You don't want to know why?
- We here now.

Knowing why
ain't gonna make no never mind.

I know it's been you hitting
us from the inside, Rolla,

smiling in my face
the whole fucking time, man.

You actually said that shit
like you truly believe it.

- I do.
- No, you don't.

'Cause if you did, my black ass
wouldn't even got a chance to sit down.

I'm offering you
a chance to come clean.

No, that ain't it.

You're offering me
a chance to convince you.

Okay, I'll play along.
So you're saying I hit your shipment,

I killed fat-ass Anibal,

I stabbed Ruiz,

- and what else I do?
- A few weeks ago,

you had a courier
of mine jumped, a woman.

God damn.
I've been a busy motherfucker.

And we know about the hitter
you hired, a female, Latina.

A bitch?


- That's a tall tale, G.
- Don't fuck with me, boy.

Ruiz is down to go to war,
Tommy is convinced,

don't fuck with me.

Heard you went through your brothers
in Miami to hire the chick.

Yeah, I went to Miami, sure,

and got a goddamn tan.

I didn't get no hitter in a skirt.

Look me in the eyes
like a man.

Tell me you did it.
Just own the shit.

I can't do it, Captain.

I get Ruiz.
Yeah, his bitch ass go bye-bye,

I'm gonna be on them corners,
no doubt.

And Eminem, well, shit,
we both know he ain't never liked me.

But neither of them bring
you to shooting a boy

you raised from the streets,
do they?

It's Kanan, right?

You and that crazy motherfucker

still tight after all these years.

Shit, you trust him more
than anybody, even Tommy.

The question is, G, what the fuck do he
gain from pointing you in my direction?

He don't gain
a motherfucking anything.

He's my friend.

I'm your friend.

I am your friend.

Said we're supposed to get
ten inches tonight, huh?

- Still pretty warm.
- Carajo.


I'll call NYPD.

Maybe the killer's still in the area.

Thanks, girl.

So he wasn't
Prince Charming after all.

Unless princey
was a two-timing nigger.

Have you
confronted his worthless ass?

- Keisha, you don't--
- He's the one who married you,

put your name
on every bill, on every paper.

You have his kids,
this fancy penthouse,

his bank accounts.
Take it all, T.

Divorce his ass
and take every last bit of it.

She ain't white, is she?

'Cause I could see a brother
like Ghost going that way.

No, she ain't white.

Ain't black, either.

Nothing like me at all.

Sorry you're going through this, T.

But you got to take care of yourself.

Ghost took back his loyalty,

so now it's time
for you to do the same.

All hail
the goddamn conquering hero.

The redhead lives here now?

Don't worry about her.
She's out cold.

So can we scratch our friend
off the Christmas list?

You did
what needed to be done, G.

I'm going home, man.

It's a good day's work, brother.


- How long have you been here?
- I was supposed to go home.

The truth is, my place doesn't
feel much like home anymore.

I'm sorry I stood you up.

How was Stern's?

I should've taken you.

Don't say that.

We're not dating.

We're not a couple.

We're just

two stupid kids playing house,

trying to wrap our hands
around a fantasy.

- I missed one night, Angie.
- You miss every night.

I need you to hear me.

I want to change my life for you.

I don't want to break up your marriage.

That's not the person
I ever thought I would be.

So this is on you now, Jamie.

If you are telling me that this,
us, is gonna happen,

then it has to happen,

because I don't know
what I'm gonna do

if you don't come through.

I'll make it happen.

Just say you love me.


Say it.

I love you, okay?

Rolla's dead.

Ghost, you dumb motherfucker.
Anybody know he did it?

Not yet.

Well, we know two things.

One, Ghost trusts me,

and two, he's all alone now,

just got Tommy.

And that boy way too dumb
to see what's coming.

It's so much better
that you fucked up and Ruiz lived.

He gonna come
looking for protection

- when I come calling.
- You owe me money.

- 100K.
- And you owe me bodies,

but I'm gonna give you
another chance to get it done.

I'll pay full freight.

Oh, and, honey, you're gonna
need to get you some new shoes.


You make sure my son ain't there
when you do it, neither, right?


- When?
- I'll give you the signal.

I want Ghost dead before I get out.


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