Power (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - I Gotta Go - full transcript

Tasha grows more and more concerned about Ghosts attitude, so decides to get involved with business at the club more. Ghost and Angela's affair heats up, whilst Tommy is attracted to someone at the club.

- Previously on power...

- You recognize
the name simon stern?

He's one of the biggest
nightlife investors in new york.

- You got
some fine-ass-looking girls

Serving drinks in there,
by the way.

There was this one--
red hair, tall--what's her name?

- Her name is don't touch
the merchandise, motherfucker.

- Not everybody
understands us, jamie.

- I'm not going anywhere, tasha.

I'm stuck here,
right where you want me.

We have us a meeting.
I sit across the table.

I look all those motherfuckers
in the eye,

And I'll find out who's hitting
me once and for all.

Until then,
no one gets product.

- The lobos'
new york distributor

Is meeting with his network.

- So not only is
he not getting us product,

But he doesn't respect us enough
to be here.

- Fbi!
Let me see your hands!

- Why you switch up the spot

For the meeting
at the last second?

- You can never be too careful.

- Where the fuck is anibal?

- [coughs, gasps]

- I never stopped thinking
about you all these years.

- ♪ they say this is
a big, rich town ♪

♪ I just come
from the poorest part ♪

♪ bright lights, city life

♪ I gotta make it,
this is where it goes down ♪

♪ I just happen
to come up hard ♪

♪ legal or illegal, baby,
I gotta make it ♪

- ♪ I never took a straight path
nowhere ♪

♪ life's full of twists
and turns, bumps and bruises ♪

♪ I live, I learn

♪ I'm from that city full
of yellow cabs and skyscrapers ♪

♪ it's hard to get a start
in these parts without paper ♪

♪ homey, I grew up in hell,
a block away from heaven ♪

♪ that corner every 15 minutes,
they moving seven ♪

♪ pure snow, bag it,
then watch it go ♪

♪ occupational options,
get some blow or some hos ♪

♪ shoot the ball or the strap,
learn to rap or to jack ♪

♪ fuck it, man, in the meantime,
go head and pump a pack ♪

♪ this my regal, royal flow,
my james bond bounce ♪

♪ that 007,
that's 62 on my count ♪

♪ I'm an undercover liar,
I lie under the covers ♪

♪ look a bitch in the eyes
and tell her, baby, I love ya ♪

♪ you're my inspiration,
you're my motivation ♪

♪ you're the reason that
I'm moving with no hesitation ♪

- ♪ they say this is
a big, rich town ♪

♪ yeah, I just come
from the poorest part ♪

♪ bright lights, city life

♪ I gotta make it,
this is where it goes down ♪

- ♪ oh, yeah
- ♪ yeah

♪ I just happen
to come up hard ♪

♪ legal or illegal, baby,
I gotta make it ♪

- [laughs softly]

[door opens]

[dance music in background]

- Hey, hey.

[door closes]
- oh, yeah?

[indistinct conversation]

[hip-hop music]

- It feels
like we're 15 again

Sneaking out
of my parents' apartment.

- It ain't like that.

My driver's parked
in the back.

- Of course,
just like when we were 15.

I could've taken a cab.

- What kind of guy
do you think I am?

Um, angie, are we...
- What?

- Okay, I guess.

- Better than okay,
I think.

[distant car horns honking]

[distant siren wails]

- Good night, angie.

- Good night, jamie.

- ♪ stand out a mile,
stand out a mile ♪

♪ but, brother,
you're never ♪

♪ fully dressed
without a smile ♪

- Watch that turn now,
raina, okay?

- Mm-hmm.
- ♪ you're never

♪ fully dressed
without a smile ♪

Hold that out a little.

- You sound really good.
- Thank you.

And you will, too,
if you do what I said.

Good morning, sleepyhead.

- Morning.

- I didn't hear
you come in last night.

- Yeah, the count was off,

So we stayed to make sure
it was right.

And then y'all woke me up
with those beautiful voices.

You keep singing like that,

I guarantee you'll get the lead.

- The fifth graders
never get it.

- Yeah, but, baby girl,
they never seen

A fifth grader like
my raina st. Patrick.

You come from good stock, girl,
you know hear me, huh?

Your daddy's looks
and your mama's voice.

- Mm-hmm. Whatever, negro.
- [laughs]


- Gross.
- "gross"?

Give me some sugar.
- No, no.

- Wait, wait.
You trying to run--

- [laughs]

- Mwah. I love you.
- Love you too.

- Have a good day at school.
- Okay.

- All right.

Keep practicing that song.

[cell phone vibrates]

- So we got fuckups all around,
don't we?

The meeting information
from nomar arcielo was bogus.

- And I take full responsibility
for that, frankie.

- But it's no worse
than the potential key

To the whole investigation
getting murdered

While you two idiots
were sitting outside.

Saxe, what were
you doing there anyway?

You were supposed
to write the warrant,

Not go out on a field trip.

And you distracted agent medina
from good surveillance.

- All due respect, frankie--
I hardly think I'm to blame.

- You're right.

There's enough blame
to go around.

But the question is,
where do we go from here?

- If you were right

And anibal was the distributor
lobos was unhappy with,

Then lobos had the biggest
motive to call a hit.

If we find anibal's killer,
there's a chance

We could connect lobos

- We're gonna need
nypd cooperation for that.

- Good luck with that.

The detective on the case,
meredith haines,

Is a power-tripping bitch.

- Takes one to know one, saxe.

- I'll talk
to detective haines.

Let you know
what I find out.

- I'll drive you
to the precinct.

I've got some friends
over there.

- If detective haines is
as prickly as they say,

Then I'm better off going alone
so we can talk woman-to-woman.

You want to try calling nomar?

He's not responding
to our calls.

- Yeah, okay. But as some point,
we need to talk

About the dresser situation
from the other night.

- Later, okay?

- We're gearing up
for my high holy day.

- That some kind
of religious shit?

- No.

We're celebrating
the day I got made--

Born into the mighty
soldado nation 25 years ago.

Boys in my crew are getting
snake tattoos on their arms

So they can honor me--

- Dos decades in the game.

Always seems like guys like us

Should be able to not
look over our shoulder.

That's why anibal's death
came as a surprise

To me and my partner.

- Can't say it did
the same for me.

- Because you made the order?

- Because
he's straight up fat, man.

You ever see
that motherfucker eat?


I'm a businessman like you.

I don't wish death on
any man

Except if it benefits
my pockets.

- Maybe you're trying to take
over the tainos' turf.

- I got enough trouble
maintaining my own territory.

I don't want to expand.

- What about that shit
you were talking

At the chinese spot,
about another connect?

- I know a guy who knows a guy.

But it's not
your product's quality.

[speaking spanish]

You're here to accuse me
of something or not?

Because not too long ago,
you came to me for help,

And I strapped your crew up.

- [speaking spanish]

Reason I'm here, papa.

[speaking spanish]

- Yeah?
[speaking spanish]

You'd open up
that damn pipeline again

Like you did for rolla.

[speaking spanish]

But I haven't seen shit.

- Give me a couple days to
get some things back in order.

You'll be flying high again.

[speaking spanish]


- Hmm.

- For a minute there,
you had me thinking

You weren't gonna kill him.

- Motherfucker straight up
lied to my face,

Didn't he, tommy?

Knowing damn well he met
with lobos about stepping up.

- Told you it was ruiz
all along.

- Yeah, except
when you said it was anibal.

- Except then.
I don't care.

Now I just want to kill
a motherfucker.

Yo, shawn. You ready to finally
get your dick wet?

- Tommy.
- No, it's cool, uncle g.

I want to help.

- Did I ask you anything,
shawn, huh?

He ain't ready.

- Hey, the kid handled himself
at the meeting, ghost.

Ain't it time we let him step it
up like his dad did with us?

- Kid ain't ready.

- All right,
get out of here.

- What's wrong with
you man, huh? What's wrong?

- How's he gonna get ready?

Driving you around
ain't prepping him

For no real shit.
- Ruiz is too hard of a target.

Shawn's green.
He'll get himself killed.

How the fuck we supposed
to explain to kanan,

Who gets out in a year,
that he's coming home

To no money and no son?

- Fine. I'll do it--
fast and clean.

Ruiz won't know what hit him.

- Nah, I don't want
any of our hands

Getting dirty on this, okay?

We need to outsource,
so we have plausible deniability

In case something goes wrong.

- I do it,
ain't shit gonna go wrong.

- The important thing is
it stops, all right?

The streets don't need
to know we did it,

So long as it gets done.

- Fine. You want to blow loot.
Fuck it.

I'll just call in the dreads.

- Good.

- I just can't help
but think none of this shit

Would be doing down
if kanan were here.

- If kanan were here, we'd still
be working the corner.

Cheer up.

Let the jamaicans
do their thing, man, huh?

It'll all be over,
it can go back to business--

The way you want it, right?
- Right.

- Right?

- Right.

- I just want to talk about
anibal santalises's murder.

Give me what you have,
and I'll give you

Whatever federal resources
you need to clear this case.

And you'll get all the credit.

- The victim's throat
was slashed,

And he was gouged in his chest
in the shape of a trident.

- Calling card
of the soldado nation.

- It's damn near impossible
to confirm.

Soldados don't so much
as talk to outsiders.

- And what if I can get you
an insider?

- I'm listening.

- I'll just need your help
finding him.

- Why am I not surprised
to see you here?

- I could've gone to any
of 128 nightclubs in manhattan.

- Yet you wound up
right here at truth.

- My clients signed off
on your nightclub

When they found out what I was
getting on the back end.

- What exactly is that?

- Have your people draw up
a contract.

You're getting
all four parties.

You should know
that simon stern

Fired his entire
event-management team

When he found out
that he was underbid.

You're not making any friends.

- It's not personal,
just business, cynthia.

- For now.

james st. Patrick.

Every boldface name in town
is gonna walk

Through those doors
this season.

Well played.

- Thank you,
cynthia sheridan.

- I look forward
to working together.

[reggae music]

- I'd like to order some soup.

- Right now the only thing
we have is fish tea.

- I had my heart set
on some mannish water.

- Sorry.
We out of that at the moment.

But why you don't look
at the menu and see

If there's anything else
you want to order?

- I was hoping to get some
in the next two days.

- Let me talk to me son
and contact you

When he make another batch.

- ♪ they stand out a mile

- What part is your daughter
auditioning for?

- She's also going out
for annie.

- That must be suzie's fault.

She played the female lead
last year too,

Even though she was only
in fifth grade.

Must make the other girls
think they have a shot.

- ♪ but you're
never fully dressed ♪

♪ without a smile


- Thank you, suzie.
Nicely done.


- I just would hate
for your daughter

To get her hopes up.

- Raina will be just fine.

- ♪ hey, hobo man,
hey, dapper dan ♪

♪ you've both got your style,
but, brother ♪

♪ you're never fully dressed

♪ without a smile

♪ ro dee oh
doe dee oh ♪

♪ your clothes may be...

- For you.

- Actually, I'm--

- I was told to have this
waiting for you.

- [chuckles]

[both speaking spanish]

- No.

- It's not polite to make
a lady drink alone.

- I just want to remember
everything that happens tonight.

- Aren't you presumptuous?

What line of work
are you in, carlos?

- I'm a salesman.

- Oh.
So what do you sell?

- I sell people...

- [laughs]

- A fantasy.

- That feels
a little too real to me.

- Hey.

Come on, don't do that.

Stay here...

In the moment...

You and me.

- Jamie?

- Who's jamie?

- Have we been here before?

- [laughs]

I didn't think
you'd remember.

- [laughs]

- I saved all my money
to bring you to the city

And then could barely afford
the tokens to get back.

[both laughing]

I was going crazy...

Trying to decide
the right moment to kiss you.

- How about now?

- Why is our fridge
the first place you start

Every time you come over here?

- It's hard out here
for a pimp.

- Mm-hmm.
Uh-huh, don't start.

You know how ghost gets
about his junior's.

- He was supposed to meet me
here at 9:00.

He's late.
It's his fucking fault.

- You noticing ghost
has been m.I.A. A lot lately?

- Can you get more of this shit?
- How much do you need, boy?

- It's just...

I got a girl.

I was thinking maybe
I'd bring her by for dinner.

- Something ain't right.

You must be coming down
with something

If you claiming girls, let alone
want to bring 'em by here.

- I like this chick, and I want
to bring her to dinner

To see you what you think.

Stop making such
a federal case of it.

- You want me to pick your girl
for you, tommy?

- What, I'ma let my mom do it?

Look, t, I respect
your opinion.

If you like holly,
that means a lot.

- All right.

Bring her by tomorrow.

I'll fry up some chicken
or something.

- Ooh!
Like old times.

- Like old times
you eating up all my food,

That's what it is.
- Mmm, mmm.

- What's wrong, angie?

Come on, talk to me.

We've been friends
since the eighth grade.

If you can't tell me
what's on your mind,

We got real problems.

- I want to know
what we're doing here.

Are we just fucking?
- Is that what you think?

- I don't know what to think.
- Maybe don't think.

- Don't say that.
Men always say that.

Look, last night was
last night.

But if this happens again,
then I'm making a choice--

- I am making a choice...

Right here, right now...

With you.

- What is this?

The wing?

- That's something I got
a long time ago.

I wanted to fly away...


I'm sure
you wouldn't understand.

- No, I understand.

I missed a lot, being away.

Oh, you're better
at that now.

- Some things have changed.

[both laughing]

- What's all this?

- You know that show

That's my mom.

It's her
oldies and goodies collection.

I took it out
her basement to spin.

- On what, a record player?

- Hell, yeah.

It's the best way
to listen to music.


Check this out.

[the miracles'
a fork in the road]

- ♪ beware

- ♪ beware
- ♪ beware

- My mother used to play
this song to death.

- [laughs] I never heard this.
Who is this?

- Smokey robinson.
You know, the miracles?

- ♪ beware

- ♪ seems like love
should be... ♪

- Stick with me.

I'll teach you a lot.

- I'm not going anywhere.

- ♪ such a heavy load

♪ worldwide traveler

♪ you ain't been nowhere

- I want you to come to dinner
and meet my family.

- Your mother?

- No.

My family.

- ♪ I know I may be
just a stranger ♪

- He's all yours.

- I should've known you were
behind these bullshit charges.

[speaking spanish]


- You didn't return my calls.

What's a girl to do?

- It's that damn coverage plan
I'm on.

Phone company's a bitch.

- So are you for feeding me
fake intel about that meeting.

- Nah, there was a meeting.

The place got switched
at the last moment.

- Of course it did.

We're done here.

- They hashed that shit out.

Now vibora's gonna hook up
with the distributor again,

Restock our drug supply.

Fucking time.

- So you're serious?

That meeting actually happened?

- That's what I said,
isn't it?

You got trust issues, bruja.

See someone about that.

- We need to get you close
to ruiz

So you can identify
this distributor.

- I'm not high enough
on the depth chart to find out.

- Bullshit,
you were high enough

To set up that meeting
with lobos.

- And when that went south,
I did too...

In terms of juice.

- Well, here's your chance
to get it back.

According to our files,

Ruiz's high holy day
is coming up.

- I'm going to the party.

But I won't get anywhere
near the inner circle.

- I got you here,
didn't it?

Let me worry
about getting you in there.

- It's okay, baby.
- [crying]

- It's all right.

It's okay.
[elevator bell dings]

It's okay.

- What happened?

- The school called.

Raina didn't get the part
in the play.

- I don't know
why they didn't pick me.

I did my best.

- Come here, baby girl.

- It's totally unfair--
that's why.

Raina was the best singer
on that stage,

And they gave it
to the little white girl.

- Tasha.

- They should've picked her,

Not suzie spencer.

- I know how disappointing
it is to work hard

For something
and not get it.

- She busted her ass on this,
and they took it from her.

- Everything you want in life
you don't get the first time.

You got to keep going for it.

- You think?
- I know.

You keep practicing,

And next year you will be
the lead, I'm sure of it.

- Okay, daddy.

- That's my girl.
Give me some sugar.

I know you're not gonna run
from me this time.

Her school made a decision.
- And it was the wrong decision.

We need to do something
about it.

- And that happens sometimes
in life.

We're supposed to prepare her
for that.

We can't go around correcting
every goddamn wrong!

- And we can't roll over
and chalk up everything

As a loss either.

I'm not letting raina go
through the same shit I did.

- Just because you didn't make
it into destiny's child

Don't mean somebody's out
to get our daughter.

- Fuck you, ghost.

You know what my mother
did to me,

Telling me
I would never make it.

I gave up because of her.

- This ain't
about your singing career.

It's about raina, and I'm not
telling her to give up--

The opposite.
- Mm.

- But she's not always
gonna win, and that's life.

You need to let this shit go,
okay? Leave it alone.

You hear me?
Leave it alone.

[elevator bell dings]

Are we clear?

- We're having dinner
with tommy and his girl tonight.

Just make sure you're here.

- Tommy got a girlfriend?
Since when?

[door closes]

Let's go, shawn.

[elevator bell dings]

So how'd it go at
the meeting with tommy?

- It was good...
Being out in the field.

- Yeah.

Listen, man, I know you want
to get in the action

And be like your old man.
- No doubt.

- I get it.
Felt the same way.

Your pops brought me
in the game,

Schooled me on everything.

Make sure your word is
your bond.

Never turn your back
on your friends

And most importantly,
know when to talk

And when not to.

God gave you two ears
and one mouth for a reason.

You volunteered to take
a man's life today.

Is that what you want?

- I'm ready to step up.

- If you want the street side
of the business,

It'll happen,
but not until I say so.


- Yes, sir.

- Because before
you get out there,

It'll be like your dad.

I got to be sure, 100% sure,
I can trust you

With my life,
with everything.

- I got your back, uncle g...

[door opens]

- You like this fabric?

- Yeah, it's tight.
You getting another one?

- No. You are.

Acting the part
is one thing, shawn.

You got to look
the part as well.

- Vibora ruiz has a thing
for poisonous snakes, huh?

- [chuckles] been caught
smuggling illegal species

Into the country
a couple times.

- You know anyone
over at ice?

- Yeah, I got a customs guy.

- Nomar confirmed
the meeting

With the distributor
actually happened.

The guy we've been looking for
is still alive.

And I'm gonna get
my c.I. To I.D. Him.

- That guy just screwed over
the whole goddamn department,

And you're talking
about using him again?

- Next to you,
I got the biggest hard-on

For lobos in this place.

And this is the best
lead either of us has.

So let's pool our resources
and bust his ass.

- All right.

If I do this for you,

Maybe you can clear
something up for me.

- Sure.

- How long have you been fucking
agent knox?

- Excuse me?

- I'm an undercover agent
trained to read people.

Obviously there's something
going on between you two.

- There's nothing going on.

- Whatever.

- Melissa,
have you seen holly?

- She called in sick, again.

I guess she thinks
'cause she's fucking the boss,

She doesn't have to follow
the rules.

- Wait. What?

- Not the black one--
the white guy, tommy.

You ask me, he's an asshole.

- No argument from me there.

Boss wants us starting the
secret v.I.P. Entrances tonight,

And I need her here.

I got to call her.

Chasing down
these fucking employees.

- I'm sorry, sir.

We're not open
to the public yet.

- It's okay.

I'm not the public.

- Mr. Stern.

- Are you kidding me?
- What?

- You haven't gotten
a shower yet?

- Babe, we got plenty
of time.

- They're gonna be here
any minute.

You're the reason why
they say black folks

Are always late.

- No, they say black folks are
always late

'cause we always late.

[cell phone vibrating]

[shower running]

- Hell, no.

Not tonight.


[telephone ringing]


- Good evening,
mrs. St. Patrick.

It's joshua kantos
from truth.

I left a message for the boss
on his cell phone,

But it's very important
that I talk to him.

Is he available?
- He's in the shower.

I'll have him return
when he gets a minute.

- This is very important.

- It always is, kantos.

I'll be sure to let him know.
- Please, mrs. St. Patrick.

It's very important
that I get a hold--

- All right, babe,
the doorman just buzzed.

Tommy and his date
are on their way up.

By the way,
you see my cell phone?

- Oh, yeah.
It's right here, babe.

- Oh, cool.
- You get the door, okay?

I got to go freshen up a bit.

- All right.
[elevator bell dings]

- Hey, tommy.
- What's up, g?

I think y'all know each other.

- Holly...
Holly from the club.

- Nice to see you,
mr. St. Patrick.

- Oh, you can call him james.

- [sighs]

- My lovely wife.
- Hi. I'm tasha.

- Hi. Tommy told me
all about you.

I had no idea
mr. St. Patrick,

The big boss,
was actually the brother

He's always talking about.

- Yo, it's time to drink.
I'll pour.

T, why don't you show
holly around.

- I'll take your coat.

[busy signal beeping]

- Holy shit.

This thing is bigger
than my apartment.

Is this louis vuitton?

This thing costs, like, $1,000.

- 2,000.

My husband brought it back
from his last business trip.

- That's what I want.

That is real love.

It's not about the gift.

It's about the fact
that he's thinking of you,

And he thinks
you're worth the money.

- I'm sure tommy will get you
anything you ask for.

- Tommy wouldn't know that bag

If I hit him
in the face with it.


You guys got it made.

- Yeah, I guess so.

- [sniffs]

The good stuff.

- Cheers.

- I am really impressed
with how you bounced back,

Got your own club.

I do have one question for you.

How did you raise
the money so fast?

- I'm only
a limited partner here, sir.

It's james st. Patrick's money.

- But you're the reason

This place is turning out
to be so successful.

- I couldn't say that.

For a guy who's never been
in the business,

James knows what he's doing.

We're full every night,
extremely tight door,

And once they're in,
every kind of customer

Gets specific treatment.

The drinks they ordered
last time, the booth they loved,

The waitress they wanted
to fuck.

- Well, you'd know about that,
wouldn't you?

- We've got
a great system here, sir.

- Seeing as
it's just the two of us,

What is st. Patrick's deal?

Where's he from?
What's his background?

I tried looking into him myself
and came up empty.

What did he do before this?


- Remember jsp and tommy-toms?

- Oh, please tell me tommy-toms
was not your stage name.

- It was the '80s.
Everybody had two names.

Lisa lisa, marky mark.
- And tommy-toms.

That shit sounded like
a bad chinese restaurant.

- You're not gonna sit there
and just blaze us up like that?

Yo, let's bust out a verse, b.
[rhythmically slaps table]

- My husband used to always do
this rap about how we first met.

- Go for it, tommy.

I don't remember the words.

- ♪ I like it,
she--she love it ♪

♪ no hesitation,
I had to push up on it ♪

♪ I like it,
she--she love it ♪

♪ no hesitation,
no hesitation ♪

♪ her breathtaking beauty
had me gasping ♪

♪ me and her together,
this was simple math ♪

♪ and at least for me,
it was destiny ♪

♪ perfect recipe

♪ was me and baby girl

- Oh, come on, man, you know I
hung my mic up a long time ago.

- [groans]
- boo.

Party pooper.
- Mm-hmm.

That's my husband.
- Fine.

If you ain't gonna rap,
I need you to work a bit.

- [laughs]

- That club sure
keeps them busy, huh?

- Like you couldn't imagine.

- Mind if I you use
your bathroom?

- Sure.
It's right down the hall.

- We're all set with
the jamaicans for tomorrow.

- Didn't I tell you not
to fuck the merchandise?

- Let's get one thing straight
from jump.

You don't tell me shit.

I'm not a fucking child.
- You're acting like one--

Bringing breezies over
to my house for show-and-tell?

- This ain't
some skank-ass broad.

Holly's different.
She's special.

- Tonight she is.
Tomorrow morning she might be.

Give me a fucking break.

Come on, tommy,
you--you and I both know

You ain't gonna feel that way
in a month or a year.

- Why you care
who I'm boning anyway?

- Because you're fucking someone
who works at my business,

Which makes this
about my business.

- Last I checked,
this was a 50-50 partnership,

Which makes holly just as much
my employee as she is yours.

- Look, man, that just means
I can't fuck her either.

But you better not have told her
about our other thing.

- This ain't my first rodeo.
Do you think I'm fucking stupid?

- Hmm?

- The department splurged
on this?

- I may have submitted it
as a slightly different expense.

We get lobos,
no one will care.

- You manipulated
nypd and customs?

You don't give two shits
about protocol, do you?

Just like you fucking knox
right under frankie's nose.

- Not this again.

- [speaking spanish]

- Why do you care?

- 'cause I don't want you
to fuck up again.

If knox's dick is the reason
you got distracted last week,

I want to know.
- Were you sucking saxe off?

Is that why you missed
anibal's doer?

Your head
was under the dashboard,

Saxe's eyes were closed.
- [chuckles]

[both speaking spanish]

[knock at door]

- Where's your fucking key?

- I heard voices.

I wanted to make sure
the coast was clear.

- I got you just the ticket
to get you

In the high council
of the soldado nation.

- You must be offering yourself
or a ton of drugs,

'cause pussy and powder
are the only things

That'll get me next to ruiz.
- Whoa.

Can you watch your mouth?
There's a lady present.

- Who the fuck is this?

- Nomar,
this is joe gonzales,

A reptile specialist
with the department.

- Why you always bringing
new people?

This is supposed to be
an "a" and "b" situation.

Reptile man needs
to see his way out.

- Okay, but not
until I show you...

How to handle this.

- Whoa.

[r&b music]

- Holly!

I got your coat!
Come on!

We out of here.
[elevator bell dings]

[door closes]

- Bye, tasha.

Bye, james.

Uh, I'll see you
at work tomorrow.

- See you, t.

Thank you.

- Yeah.

- They're like
the cosby show, you know?

She seems to have it all...

Other than the fact that her
husband's cheating on her.

- What did you just say?

- I was dropping
some receipts off

In the office the other night,

And I walked in
on mr. St. Patrick

Nailing some latina.

- You need to mind
your own fucking business.

- What did I do?
- Just shut the fuck up!


- Tommy!

I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have said that.

- What are you apologizing for?

- That made you angry.

And I don't like
seeing you that way.


I like it
when you feel good.

[elevator bell dings,
doors open]

- Where you been?
- You're not gonna believe this.

But medina finally got on board,
helping me with a nomar thing.

Nomar should be in
at ruiz's party tomorrow night.

- Look, I'm not trying
to be a dick,

But technically,
nomar is my c.I.

So, if you want
to let medina in,

You should have at least
consulted me first.

- I know you're upset,
but can we talk some other time?

Because I'm running late
to meet some friends.

- Yeah, sure.
Some other time...

Like when you're ready
to be honest with me.

You know, whenever that is.

- Greg.
- Are you sleeping with medina?

- [laughs]

- It's not like
it's not your m.O.

To fuck somebody at work.

- Fuck you, greg.
- Not lately.

- We're gonna talk
about this tomorrow.

- No. No, we're gonna talk
about this now.

- I got to go.

- I'm not letting you walk
out that door.

- Can I at least tell my friends
I can't show up?

- Rolla, what up?

- I heard the fat man
got marked.

I don't know who you got
on them corners, but--

- Rock street killahz
are ready to step up

And take one for the team?
- No question.

I done kept it 100 with you
and whiteboy from the jump.

- Good. Tommy filled me in
on the meeting.

But we still haven't found out
who's hitting us...

Unless you got something
you want to spill.

- Negative.

- Well, tainos got anibal's
number two in place already.

I don't see any reason for him
to lose his territory,

Unless you doing
some serious ear hustling

And want to help me kill

The motherfucker
behind this shit.

- On it.
- All right. Later.

- First of all,
I'm not fucking medina

Or anyone at the office.
- Anyone else, you mean.

- People get into relationships
at work, greg.

When you spend 20 hours
a day together in an office,

It happens.

I'm not a whore.
- I never said that.

- Funny, I heard it
loud and clear.

Medina asked me today
if I was fucking you.

- And what did you tell him?
- That nothing was going on.

He was asking
because I fucked up the raid

The other day.

I don't want to fight
with you, greg.

I just want to catch lobos
and call it a day.

I got to be able to talk
to our other colleagues

Without you thinking
I'm sleeping with them.

I got to be able
to meet our c.I.

Without you breathing
down my neck.

I got to have some space, greg.

- You know what?
You can blame this on our jobs

As much as you want,
but this is a "you" problem.

So, whatever it is,
whatever's going on with you,

Jesus, good luck.

Here's your space.

[door opens, closes]

- [sighs]

[elevator bell dings]

- Morning, shawn.

- Hey.

- Is that a new suit?

- Yeah.

- Let me see how it looks.

This has my husband written
all over it.

- Yeah, yeah, I'm going to visit
my dad again in a few days.

G wanted me to look nice.

- You and ghost are getting
pretty close.

You probably see a lot
driving him around, huh, shawn?

This suit fits you perfectly.

And I love how it feels.

I think he's keeping something
from me,

And I want to know
how long it's been going on.

- Uh, I wish I knew
what you were talking about.

- Hmm, you're a terrible liar.

What's going on
between my husband and tommy?

- Well, um...

They've been having
a lot of disagreements lately.

- Disagreements about what?


You can tell me.

It'll be another one
of our little secrets.

- I don't really know.

They've been beefing ever since
we got back from that meeting.

- Tasha.

Is shawn out there?

- Yeah, he's reading the paper.

- Morning, boss.
You ready?

- Morning. Yeah.

- Have a good day.
- You too.

[elevator bell dings]

- Whatever you want.

Hey, let me call you back.

You got my messages?

- What messages?

- Simon stern came
into the club last night.

- You better be shitting me.

- You were m.I.A.,
so I bonded with stern,

Skinning and grinning my way
around a conversation

About us underbidding him
for those parties.

- You trying to angle to get
a job with him, huh?

- No, I left you a message
on your voice mail,

And I tried you at home.

Your wife said
you were in the shower.

I did my job.

- I didn't see one missed call
or a fucking voice mail, kantos.

You were hooking v.I.P.S up
with bottle girls

At the last club you worked.

No one would hire you
with a fistful of 50s.

So don't stand there acting
like your ass don't stink,

Or I'll send you back
to your p.O. To air out.

Next time you get
in your fucking car

And you drive to
my fucking house, you hear me?

- I heard raina's audition.
She sang well.

- Obviously not well enough.

- These roles are limited

And typically granted
to sixth graders.

- Except suzie spencer got
the lead last year

As a fifth grader.

- Mrs. St. Patrick,
three generations of spencers

Have matriculated
through our school.

I'm sure you understand.

The decision's been made
in the matter.

- Oh, has it?

[hip-hop music]

[indistinct chatter]

- Vibora.
- Mira quien es.

How are you?
- Felicitaciones.

- What's that?

- A tribute for vibora.

- [gasps]

[snake hisses,
crowd ohs]

- [laughs]

[speaking spanish]

- How did you get this
in the country?

- Happy high holy day, vibora.

[both speaking spanish]

- Venga.
Dame la botella.

Thank you.

Toma ahi.
Toma, toma.

[man speaking indistinctly
on television]

[cell phone vibrates]

- [sighs]
I'll be right back, babe.

- Uh, babe, you want to tell me
why you didn't tell me

Kantos called last night?

- I must've forgot,

With all the running around
with the dinner.

- I missed a very important
meeting with simon stern.

- I'm sorry.

[telephone rings]


May I ask who's calling?

Raina, pick up the phone!

- [shrieks]

Mom, dad, I got the part.
- What?

- That was the drama director.
They made a mistake.

I've been double-cast with suzie
to play annie.

- What?
Congratulations, honey.

Oh, I'm so proud of you.

- Look at that.

I told you it would work out
in the end, baby girl.

- I got to go call
all my friends!

- Call 'em.

[door closes]
- um, I'll be right back.

We're out of milk.

[elevator bell dings]

- Yo, I ain't got a 420 text
from you in a minute, t.

Got some extra-good shit
to mark the occasion.

You must really need
to hit this.

- Yeah, but don't be rolling up
in front of my building.


Ghost hates it when I smoke.

- Fuck that.
He don't need to know.

- [laughs]

- That girl holly is way too
fast for you.

- Seriously?

- I mean, you like her,
you like her,

But that's just my two cents.

- Noted.

Relax. I'm a pro with this.
- Yeah, all right, I can't tell.

Nigga, I got kids.

- [spits]

- Look, I know I'm starting
to sound like a broken record,

But your boy's head
ain't in the game.

- You know ghost is always
on some next shit.

Come on, we'll be out your hood
in a minute.

Ain't no one gonna see
your ass.

- I'm just saying, he depends
on us to keep him grounded.

But now he's talking
to me sideways,

Disrespecting you and shit.
- Nah.

- Don't lie to me to my face--
you left early the other night

Because you and ghost got
into a fight, right?

You think ghost
is drinking again?

- This ain't
no bottle problem, t.

Maybe ghost
is just going through

Some sort of midlife crisis.

- It's too early for that.

- I think
it's just this club shit.

- That's a symptom,
not the disease.

Ghost is changing, tommy.

I'm starting to think
it ain't a temporary thing.

- ♪ slow down,
grab the wall ♪

♪ wiggle like you trying
to make yo ass fall off ♪

♪ hella thick,
I wanna smash 'em all ♪

♪ now speed up

♪ gas pedal,
gas pedal, gas pedal ♪

♪ gas pedal, gas pedal

- ♪ hey, you already know me

- ♪ s-a-g-e
- ♪ gas pedal

- ♪ look, uh...

- It's starting to get crowded.

Stay by me and keep your head
on a swivel.

- Salud.
All: Salud.

- ♪ whoa, say a friend

♪ I play a hole
every night dj, amen ♪

- Otra.

- ♪ tell them give me topper

♪ beat it, beat it up,
911, hit the coppers ♪

♪ I'm s-a-g-e,
who would like to know? ♪

♪ fee-fi-fo-fum,
large meat in your throat ♪

[chuckles] ♪ west-side, baby,
do what you do ♪

♪ and you got tail,
what that shit do? ♪

♪ it's pretty nigga mob

♪ that's the way
that I grew up ♪

♪ I be steppin' up in the club
they make 'em drop to my shoe ♪

♪ and her dude mad
'cause I spooned ♪

♪ but I don't give a fork,
silverware a nigga out ♪

♪ if he actin' a poor spork,
you's a dork ♪

- I'll be in the champagne room.

♪ got a booty like coupes
I'm tryin' to make it ♪

- ♪ wow
- ♪ gas pedal, gas pedal

♪ gas pedal, gas pedal

♪ now speed up,
gas pedal, gas pedal ♪

♪ gas pedal, gas pedal

♪ gas pedal, gas pedal,
gas pedal ♪

♪ now speed up,
gas pedal, gas pedal ♪

♪ gas pedal

- ♪ uh, she a trick
for a dollar bill ♪

♪ and her boyfriend a bitch,
call him tyler perry ♪

♪ ugh, I'm in the black bat
lookin' scary ♪

♪ on my way to the cake,
no bake-ery ♪

♪ oops, bakery,
never been no fakery ♪

♪ lead her to the bathroom

♪ she askin',
"where you takin' me?" ♪

♪ uh, tell her,
"slow down, baby" ♪

♪ I'm too turned up,
it's fixin' go down, baby ♪

♪ when you hit the stage,
the people do a 180 ♪

♪ when I hit the stage,
man, the club wanna pay me ♪

- ♪ speed up,
gas pedal, gas pedal ♪

♪ gas pedal

[hip-hop music]

- ♪ west

♪ west

♪ yeah

♪ you know what it is

Both: Mmm.

- ♪ you know what it is

♪ you know what it is

♪ what's up?

♪ bad chicks in the lineup

♪ knock 'em all down in a row

♪ she could be a thought

♪ turn it up for the night,
get it down, down low ♪

- ♪ down low
- ♪ get it down

♪ get it down, down low
- ♪ down low

- ♪ get it down,
get it down, down, low ♪

- ♪ down low
- ♪ get it down

♪ get it down, down low
- ♪ down low

- ♪ get it down,
get it down, down low ♪

- ♪ low
- ♪ west side

♪ west side, they wonder
why I say west side ♪

- ♪ west side
- ♪ I fly till I die

♪ r.I.P.
To the girl left eye ♪

♪ tryin' to find
where the chicks is ♪

♪ tryin' to duck
all the snitches ♪

♪ no game, no play

♪ what you gonna do
when I come your way? ♪

[both moaning]

♪ river rat, bitch,
you make it bounce like a 64 ♪

♪ and I'm a fly a g6

♪ she let me jump
on the beat like a remix ♪

♪ shit, hey, my nigga

♪ it's californ-I-a, my nigga

♪ l.A. To the bay, my nigga

♪ what you gotta say,
my nigga? ♪

- Aah!

- [breathing heavily]

- [groaning]

- ♪ she could be a thought

♪ turn it up for the night,
get it down, down low ♪

♪ get it down,
get it down, down low ♪

- ♪ down low
- ♪ get it down

♪ get it down, down low
- ♪ down low

- ♪ get it down,
get it down, down low ♪

- ♪ down low

- ♪ get it down,
get it down, down low ♪

♪ bad chicks in the lineup

♪ knock 'em all down in a row

♪ she could be a thought

♪ turn it up for the night,
get it down, down low ♪

♪ get it down,
get it down, down low ♪

- ♪ down low
- ♪ get it down

♪ get it down, down low
- ♪ down low

- ♪ get it down,
get it down, down low ♪

- ♪ down low
- ♪ get it down

♪ get it down, down low

- ♪ she all up in my grill
like a t-bone ♪

♪ got the girl,
only she won't leave me alone ♪

♪ like to think
he got bad credit ♪

♪ if a hater want to talk,
I get it ♪

♪ my doors on the whip go up
- ♪ go up

- ♪ so sick,
make 'em want to upchuck ♪

- ♪ upchuck
- ♪ I'ma pimp, so pimp I must

♪ got my money,
ain't got our trust ♪

- Shit.


Vibora's hurt!

- ♪ we lift it
- something's wrong!

- [shouts indistinctly]

What the fuck happened?

- ♪ I'm in the club
in the v.I. ♪

♪ bad, bad b.I., z.I.

- ♪ bad chicks in the lineup

♪ knock 'em all down in a row

♪ she could be a thought

♪ turn it up for the night,
get it down, down low ♪

♪ get it down,
get it down, down low ♪

♪ get it down,
get it down, down low ♪

♪ get it down,
get it down, down low ♪

- You remember tommy and I
had a rap group?

- Jsp and dj tommy-toms?
- [laughs]

- You remember the rap
I made up for you?

- Mm-hmm.

- ♪ I like it,
she--she love it ♪

♪ no hesitation,
I had to push up on it ♪

♪ uh, uh, I like it,
uh, uh, she love it ♪

♪ no hesitation,
I had to push up on it ♪

- then you became a businessman.

- Be quiet.
- [chuckles]

- You know you like it.
[cell phones vibrating]

- [sighs]

It's work.
I should probably get this.

I'll take it
in the other room.

Tommy, what's up?

- What do you need?

- Nomar just called.
Ruiz has been stabbed.

- Are you serious?

- Ruiz got stabbed,
right in the chest.

- Excellent.

- Apparently
nomar's in with him,

And they're headed somewhere
to get medical attention.

- It wasn't the jamaicans
we hired.

Someone went after him
and missed.

He ain't dead.

- Where are you?

I'm on my way in right now.

- So, if someone else
swung at him,

That means he's not the source
of our problem after all.

We got to meet up,
sort all this out.

- Work is blowing up.
I got to go.

- ♪ here's a little info

♪ you should know

♪ you don't know
what you're in for ♪

♪ what you're in for
- ♪ come on

- ♪ we get the party rockin',
bottles poppin' ♪

♪ tonight we gonna turn it up
- ♪ yeah

- ♪ twisted, twisted, yeah

- ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

- ♪ let's toast to success
and take it a little higher ♪

♪ may tomorrow bring you
everything your heart desires ♪

♪ let your drive and ambition
offer you new visions ♪

♪ may your gut instincts help
you make good decisions ♪

♪ this is more than champagne

♪ this is more than
just a glass ♪

♪ it's a symbol
of accomplishment ♪

♪ we rarely ever have

♪ let's enjoy tonight
like tonight's our last ♪

♪ we could focus on the future
and reflect on the past ♪

♪ we done came so far,
I mean, look where we are ♪

♪ if they don't call us by name,
they call us entrepreneurs ♪

♪ from the block
to the boardroom ♪

♪ the hood to the high life

♪ skyscraper paper, baby,
life in the limelight ♪

♪ want the best of the best,
the top of the top ♪

♪ I mean, the bad,
this business ♪

♪ you know the cream
of the crop ♪

♪ we got a hustlin' habit

♪ we better than average,
more like the elite ♪

♪ my nigga, we got to...

- ♪ we get the party rockin'
bottles poppin' ♪

♪ tonight we gonna turn it up
- ♪ turn up