Power (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Who Are You? - full transcript

Angela schedules surveillance of a meeting between Ghost and Tommy and some gang leaders. Ghost reveals the truth to Angela. The assailant returns.

- Previously on power...

[door opens]
- ghost! We need to talk.

- This club is the dream.

I don't know any old,
wrinkled drug dealers.

They're either dead
or inside.

- They're not as good
as you.

- Retail side's
been locked up tight

Since we sent
those body parts around town.

- You hire this motherfucker
to boost my product?

- Fuck, no,
I've never seen him before.

- Anibal santalises.
[speaking spanish]

- You want a ride home?

- When was the last time you
asked a girl out on a real date?

Do you even know how?

- My boss told me
not to get distracted.

But somehow
when it comes to you...

- I got you.

- ♪ they say this is
a big, rich town ♪

♪ I just come
from the poorest part ♪

♪ bright lights, city life

♪ I gotta make it,
this is where it goes down ♪

♪ I just happen
to come up hard ♪

♪ legal or illegal, baby,
I gotta make it ♪

- ♪ I never took a straight path
nowhere ♪

♪ life's full of twists
and turns, bumps and bruises ♪

♪ I live, I learn

♪ I'm from that city full
of yellow cabs and skyscrapers ♪

♪ it's hard to get a start
in these parts without paper ♪

♪ homey, I grew up in hell,
a block away from heaven ♪

♪ that corner every 15 minutes,
they moving seven ♪

♪ pure snow, bag it,
then watch it go ♪

♪ occupational options,
get some blow or some hos ♪

♪ shoot the ball or the strap,
learn to rap or to jack ♪

♪ fuck it, man, in the meantime,
go head and pump a pack ♪

♪ this my regal, royal flow,
my james bond bounce ♪

♪ that 007,
that's 62 on my count ♪

♪ I'm an undercover liar,
I lie under the covers ♪

♪ look a bitch in the eyes
and tell her, baby, I love ya ♪

♪ you're my inspiration,
you're my motivation ♪

♪ you're the reason that
I'm moving with no hesitation ♪

- ♪ they say this is
a big, rich town ♪

♪ yeah, I just come
from the poorest part ♪

♪ bright lights, city life

♪ I gotta make it,
this is where it goes down ♪

- ♪ oh, yeah
- ♪ yeah

♪ I just happen
to come up hard ♪

♪ legal or illegal, baby,
I gotta make it ♪

[goapele's play]

- ♪ uh, uh

♪ I wanna know

♪ what you wanna do

♪ what if I could say
there wasn't any rules ♪

♪ I wanna play

♪ play around

♪ tell me if you think
that you can get down ♪

- [laughs]

- ♪ 'cause this is what
I'm dying for ♪

[phone vibrating]

♪ I mean, this is what
I'm dying to do ♪

- [sighs]

- I don't give a fuck
what anibal said.

He's behind these hits.

Right now the retail business
is all we got running.

We both know that shit alone
is not paying the bills.

We need to light
anibal's ass up

And turn this fucking tap
back on.

- Anibal has always
been a person

Who likes the status quo.

I don't see him
making a move like that.

He's too fucking lazy.

It's just as possible
somebody's setting him up.

- You over-think everything,

We burnt the shit
out of that kid,

And he told us
that fatboy gave him the job.

Case closed for me.

Kanan would've had this
motherfucker toe up already.

- Yeah, and I ain't
fucking kanan.

We're having this sit-down
in a couple of days.

We kept 'em all dry
for a minute now.

The motherfucker
who ain't thirsty

Is the one hitting us.

We'll know for sure
who's behind this shit

When we're across a table
staring them all in the eye.

- What if it ain't
one of them?

I mean...

You ever think lobos might be
the one behind all this shit?

- Every damn day.

But I can't figure out
why he'd do it,

Why he wouldn't have
had us capped already.

So until I got good answers
to those fucking questions,

I gotta assume
lobos ain't involved.

We'll compare notes
after this meeting

And see where we end up.
- All right.

- We're gonna find out
who's fucking with us.

And then
we're gonna kill 'em.

- Hmm.

[door opens]

- There's my baby girl!
Hey, come here!

- [laughs]

- Yo, what's up, "t"?

- Go say hey to uncle tommy.
- Come here.

- Where you been?

- Out...With 'keisha.

- 'keisha.
- What?

- Mm.

- Leave her alone.
You know that's my friend.

- Mm-hmm, your friend
that has everything

To say about everything.

- Yas doing all right after
that thing the other night?

- Yas has forgotten about it,
of course.

I can't get it out
of my head.

- She was just fine,
and then, boom. Yeah?

- That's how things happen.

Your whole life can change
in one breath.

- I'm still trying
to figure out

Where she got the keychain from
in the first place.

You know, I'm gonna talk
to the housekeeper about it.

- It don't matter now, right?
- Right.

Count our blessings
while we have 'em.

- Hey! Cynthia's here to talk
about the sutton place party.

- Cool, where is she?
- She's in your office.

Now don't give away the store
to get this party, all right?

Offer her a good deal,
not a great one.

- Mm.
- Should I come with?

- I got this.

- I got us 8:00 reservations
at that italian spot

At 7th and the park.
- [laughs]

You haven't heard the word "no"
very often in your life,

Have you?

- I hear it all the time,
I just ignore it.

- You have to find
another date.

Maybe there's some girls getting
off their shift at cheetah's.

- Hey, tell kantos you feel sick
so we can break out.

- I'm working.

And Thursday's one
of our busiest nights.

So I don't care
if you're derek jeter,

I'm not losing out on $1,000
worth of tips for anyone.

- Here.

Here's 2,000.

Let's bounce.

- I'm not gonna fuck you.

- Good to know.
Can we go now?

- [coughs]

I think I'm coming down
with the flu.

- That drug overdose
the other night

Is not the kind of publicity
you want, james.

- It wasn't an overdose.
A girl got some bad coke.

Could happen anywhere.
- But it happened here.

And it's unseemly of us
to partner with a venue

That has a reputation
for drug use.

Now one incident's
an anomaly,

Another one, well...

You should know that my budget
for the sutton place party

Has been dramatically trimmed.

But you shouldn't focus
on money.

If I have the event here...

Truth will be
in every major publication

From the new york times
to china daily.

That's game-changing publicity
for a new club like yours.

You need this party,
trust me.

- One party.

It's an anomaly.

you can have the venue.

All you have to cover
is bar and staff.

But I want the rest
of your parties this year--

Tribeca film, fashion week,
hot list.

I want them all.

- Okay, unfortunately

Those parties
are already spoken for.

Fashion week is at parley.

Tribeca film festival
is at verbatim.

- Simon stern's clubs.

I'm offering you a better deal
than he will.

As you said, your budget's been
"dramatically trimmed."

Why don't you go talk
to your employers

And get back to me?

- That's the kind of person
I am.

I don't think first,
I just do what I want.

What about you?
What kind of person are you?

- What kind of person am I?
- Yeah.

- I don't know,
a regular person?

- [laughs]
do you have any hobbies?

I mean, like,
what do you for fun?

- I don't know.
Video games?

- [laughs]
what are you, 13?

- Hey, let's grab a drink.
- What about dinner?

- Drink now, eat later.

[opens door]

- Remember, no one dances
on the banquettes.

That blonde bitch last week

Cost us 800 bucks
in refinishing

Because of her fucking

- Headed uptown.
- How'd it go with cynthia?

- Well, I told her
all she'd have to do

Is cover bar and staff
if she'd give us

The rest of her parties
this year.

- Boss.
- No, look.

I know we'll lose money.

But hey, if we get those events,
fools will be

Cutting blank checks
to get up in here.

- Look, I get that you're
building for tomorrow,

But we gotta keep
the lights on today.

- See, short-term thinking
creates short-term results.

- Come on.

- My first day
of sixth grade,

I find the biggest kid
in p.S. 142

And bam!

I put him on his ass.
Lights out.

Right hand
to the motherfucking jaw.

- So no one ever messed with you
after that?

- Are you kidding me?

I was the only white kid
for 20 blocks.

I got my ass kicked
every day.

But I never gave up.

I never stopped fighting.

- Some people
are asking for it.

- [laughs]

- Wow, it looks...
Looks good on you.

- [laughs]

It would look good
on anyone.

- Not like this.

- We went 18 years,

Now I feel like I can't even
make it two days.

- Yeah, I know.

I needed to see you too.

- This...
Why did you--

- I just wanted, you know,
to give you something nice.

Make you feel special.

- I feel special
when you look at me.

You don't need
to buy me anything.



What now?

Are we "going out"?
Is that what we called it?


- My baby daughter
almost died two days ago, angie.

- You...
You have a daughter?

- I have three kids.

And I have a wife.

I almost lost
my baby girl yasmine.

- Yasmine.

- And it made me think
about you...

And us.

I got no excuse.
I should've told you.

I never stopped thinking
about you...

All these years.

I can't just ask you--

- I have a boyfriend.


- Greg.

- I guess we were
just fooling ourselves.

I didn't tell you
about greg

For the same reason
you didn't tell me.

I just thought that--

- Yeah, me too.

- You should take this.
- No.

You can't give it back.

That's a gift.

When you walked
out of my life,

You left ten days
before your birthday.

Consider it a belated
birthday present.

- I should go home.

You should get back
to your family.

Good night, jamie.

- Good night...Angie.

[overlapping chatter]

- My body is my business.

- Well...
Business is dope.

- [clears throat]

[rock music]

- [grunts]
- [gasps]

[glass clattering]
- motherfucker!

- Yeah! Beat his ass!
- [laughs]

- You wanna fucking
touch her?

- Yeah, yeah, fucker!

- Punk!


- Don't come back!
- Jesus.

- Yeah, come on!
- Fucking get out of here!

- Yo!
He touched her ass, yo!

He got what he deserved.
Get back in your fucking bar.

I'll beat down
every motherfucker in there!

[door slams]

- [gasps]
that was awesome.

- What the fuck
you talking about?

- I snatched it
from his neck.

This is where you live?

- I don't actually spend a whole
lot of time here, I guess.

I kinda hang out all over.

- With other girls?
- Naw! It's not like that.

I just--
- shh.

I don't care.

I lied to you before.

Turns out I am
gonna fuck you tonight.

- I forgive you for lying.

- If you lie to me,
I won't forgive you, okay?

So don't do it.

- Ah.
- Okay?

- Yeah.
- Promise?

- Yeah.


- Got any blow?

It's always better with.

- Yeah.
I got some.

- [snorts]

[jamie n commons'
worth your while]

- ♪ picked a fine old time
to think about leaving ♪

♪ when I'm down on my knees
and my heart keeps bleeding ♪


♪ I'll make it worth
your while ♪

[both panting]

♪ just bring it back
to me, yeah ♪

♪ just bring it on home
- oh, yeah!

- ♪ and turn your light on,
baby ♪

- [snorts]


- ♪ yeah, yeah
yeah, yeah ♪

[both grunting, panting]

♪ yeah, yeah
yeah, yeah ♪

- [groans, grunts]


[both breathing heavily]


- [sighs]



How long
until you can go again?

- Girl, I don't know.

Things got better between us
for a minute

After the thing with the baby...
- Right.

- But he's still
keeping shit from me.

He's never done that before.

- Well, if he didn't act
the fool every now and then,

Then he wouldn't be a man.

Ooh, girl, look at these.

These are fly.

- I bought them in black
last week.

- Of course you did.

- Is there a reason
why you pressing up on me?

- Well, it's my job
to protect you.

- Who told you
I need protection? Ghost?

- No, I-I was just--
- you need to back up, shawn.

- Oh, well, you can protect me
anytime, baby.

- come along, 'keisha.

- Relax, girl.

Everybody know
that boy only got eyes for you,

Jump in front of the damn
two train for you.


- You go out earlier
this morning?

I missed you.

- It's nice to be missed.

I was out shopping
with 'keisha,

Shawn was breathing
down my neck.

I checked him, and he said
he was there to protect me.

Something I need
to know about, ghost?

Me and the kids need
to get out of town for a while?

- Nah, nothing like that.

Kid is just being

Taking his job too seriously.

I'll tell him to ease up.

I'll talk to you after work.

- You meeting up with tommy?

- Headed to the club.

- I don't recall you getting up
at the crack of dawn

To head out
to the wash n' folds,

Emptying quarters
out the dryer.

- This is different.

- Yeah, looks that way.

Steady trying
to figure out why.

- I told you why.

- Seems like you could spend
the day at home with me and yas.

You know,
like you used to.

- Everything I'm doing,
I'm doing for you, tasha!

- What the fuck
is that supposed to mean?

- Everything.

[door opens, closes]

- [sighs]

- So lobos' new york distributor
is meeting with his network.

We just don't know where
or when it's happening.

- My c.I. Is trying
to get me specifics,

But as of right now
I don't have anything

Beyond what I told you

- Your c.I.'s info is bogus.

For the record,
we haven't heard shit

About a big meeting with lobos'
new york distributor,

And we've been shaking trees
all over town.

- Maybe you're shaking
the trees.

- Or maybe this lead
is just bullshit.

- It's not bullshit.

It's legit intel
that's been cultivated

From a confidential

It's how a real investigation
is conducted.

- Mm!

- I don't need you to tell me

How an investigation
is conducted.

I been on lobos
since you were sucking

On your mommy's titty, knox.
- [laughs]

- I was on
your mama's titty last night.

- Where are we on fatman?

- Our opinion hasn't changed.

If in fact lobos is looking to
switch up his current connect,

Anibal santalises would be
the most likely candidate.

He's got the infrastructure,
the relationships,

And the disposition.

- We've got guys on him 24/7.

- I want you two on him.

If he's the player
you say he is,

I want agent medina to handle
surveillance personally.

Saxe, you work up the warrant.
- Understood.

- You stay
on this distributor meeting.

If it's happening,
we need to be there.

- Ruiz won't go near harlem.

Rolla won't fuck
with the bronx,

Anibal ain't feeling
either of them.

We need to find
some neutral ground

For this sit-down.

This shit's tomorrow!

We need to get everything
in place.

- Yeah, we'll do it
at the chinese spot downtown.

- Lok sing?
What about food?

on some vegan shit now.

- This ain't no goddamn
catered affair!

I put fucking food on their
table every fucking day, tommy.

- Motherfuckers gotta eat.

- If one of these guys
is behind these hits,

We need to make sure
they don't have the drop on us.

I don't want anybody
stashing fucking gats

Before we all get there,
all right?

We do it okeydoke
20 minutes before game time.

And get the room swept.

I don't want anybody
listening in on our shit.

We need to get
to the bottom of this

So things will go back
to normal.

We need our shit
to work smoothly

So we can think
about other things.

- What other things?

- Not this.

[kids playing in distance]

[door opens]

- What do you got?
[door closes]

- I got what you want.

But it's gonna cost you.

I was watching
the fbi files...

And they said...

Informants get paid.

So...You want information
about this meeting...

you pay.

- Something tells me...

You're not hurting for cash.

- Hmm.

You got me there, mami.

You ever think,
if we'd met a different way...

- [laughs]

Just tell me
what I need to know.

- Lok sing restaurant, downtown,
2:00 tomorrow.

- And the new york connect's
gonna be there?

- Mm-hmm.

- We need you to wear a wire.

- I told you
I'm not invited.

I'm on the outside.

- Then how'd you find out?

- Little birdie told me.

- Leave isabel alone, nomar.

- Even if that's how you get
your precious information?

- Be careful no one makes you
coming out of here.

- Mm-hmm.

- Pastrami, pickles, and swiss.

- Mm!

- Thanks for picking up tariq
from practice.

I would've asked shawn,

He's with ghost.
- Mm.

- Speaking of shawn,

He was hanging real close
this morning.

Told me
it was for my protection.

What's going on, tommy?

You know, I got kids
to think about.

- [chuckles]

We got it under control.
Don't worry.

- Ghost ain't telling me shit.

It's all, "the club this,
the club that."


So sick and tired of hearing
about fucking truth.

- Me too!

- Did ghost tell you
he took a grip of money

Out of our personal account
and used it to open truth?

- That's none of my business.

- He didn't even tell me
about it.

I had to find out myself.

- Look where you live, tasha.
Look at your life.

From where I'm sitting,

It looks like things are
playing out pretty good for you.

So he dug in a little deep
on this club bullshit.

So what? Doesn't change shit
about your life.

- He's changing, tommy.
Ghost is changing.

And that's not good
for either of us.

- You got any more pastrami
up in here?

[door closes]

[door opens]

- You should really take
the "b" to the "n" or the "r"

From the safe house.

- You tailed me?

- If you insist on seeing
that piece of shit alone,

I'm gonna watch your back.

- You can't fucking spy on me,

- You're right.

Instead I should tell frankie
that you're subverting protocol

To play footsie
with that dick.

Did he even give you anything?


- I got the address.

- You're good.

- You're fucking stalking me.

- Ah.

- [giggles]

- I'm only stalking you...

Because I like you so much.

[both laugh]

- You're a dumbass.

- You're a pain
in my dumbass.


Did you tell frankie
about what nomar said?

She's gonna call in the cavalry.
- I know.

- Better go right.
- I know that.


- What do you think about me
leaving some clothes over here?

At this point, I'm staying
over here a few nights a week.

It'll be easier for me
to just leave some shit here.

You got any room in this drawer?
- [gasps]

[slams drawer]

- What the hell was that?

- Um...

- Angela,
what the hell was that?

Are you hiding something
in that drawer?

- Of course not.
- Then what's the problem?

What's going on here?

You haven't wanted
to hang out,

You've been distracted
when we have hung out,

And now you practically
take my hand off

When I mentioned
leaving some clothes over here.

So what's up?

I mean,
what are we doing here?

Is there someone else?

- No.

There's no one else.

- Then what is it?

I'm going home.

- greg!

[door opens, slams]

- We have directional cameras
set up on the street,

But we couldn't get inside.

There's just too many people
going in and out of there

Over the past 24 hours.

- Did you guys hear that?
We couldn't get inside.

- Mm-hmm.

- Control, dispatch,
for a 730 switching,

Secondary transmission.
Stand by.

- According to valdes,

This meeting's supposed
to start in an hour.

- Yeah, and anibal's still up
in his house

Eating pints
of cherry fucking garcia.

How the hell are they gonna
have a meeting without him?

- That's because
there is no meeting.

Valdes is full of shit.

- [sighs]

- Who'd you rather bang,
valdes or frankie?

- Frankie don't take dick.
- I know!

But let's just say she does.

Or she would.

- I'd go with frankie.

I like a broad with balls.

- Ah, I think
I'd smash valdes.

She's always got
that expression on her face

Like she's so fucking full
of herself.

I wanna see
what her face looks like

When she's full of me.

- You mean half full.

- Fuck you.

- They're all
on their way.

- Time for the okeydoke.

Do it now.

- [laughs]

You always land on your feet,
don't you, kantos?

- Who's the man in charge?

- You're looking at him.

- Nobody is stupid enough to
bankroll a spot for you, kantos.

Come on.
Where's the boss?

- He's not here.

What can I help you with?
- Jack shit.

You can help us
with exactly jack shit.

We need to be laying eyes
on your boss right now,

Or you're not gonna be
opening up your doors tonight

Or any other night.

- I got victor, darien, queso,
and jayski

Patting motherfuckers down
for steel at the door.

Now as far as food goes,
I'm just having them bring

Those fucking pu pu platter
joints with a little

for everybody.

I figure anibal's gonna
be hungry as a motherfucker.

[phone vibrating]

You remember
when he ate 25 donuts?

- Yeah?

Shutting us down?

I'm on my way, kantos.

Drop me off at the club.

- Where the fuck you going?

- Cops saying
they're gonna shut down truth

Unless they speak to me
face to face.

You're gonna have to run
this meeting solo, bro.

- Are you fucking with me?

We're getting hit,
you shut shit down.

Now we got an entire
network meeting

And you're gonna go deal
with some bullshit at the club?

- They're shutting
the club down, tommy!

We wash more money up in there
than we do

At every other front
we got combined.

You want me
to just fuck this off?

- Hell, yeah, I do.
- They want the fucking owner.

That's me.
I gotta deal with it.

You can handle this
on your own, tommy.

- I don't even believe
this shit.

- You got this.

Just don't tell them
you're turning shit back on.

Until we know who's hitting us,
we're not moving any weight.

Go get julio.
- No time.

I'll take the kid with me.

- Hit me when you're done.

[door closes]

- You ready for your balls
to drop today, kid?

- I want photos of anybody
and everybody on that block.

I don't give a shit
if it's little sally kimball

Walking her cockapoo,

I want her photographed
and I.D.'d,

And I want the dog's
license number.

- Are all our cameras up?
- They're up.

- 6987, now confirmed to copy.


- [speaking spanish]



- Everything's
been permitted,

The place is up to code,
all our licenses--

Business, beverage, noise--
are current.

- Yeah, you see,
the problem is, jimmy--

You don't mind
if I call you "jimmy," do you?

See, the problem is
we know illegal narcotics

Have been sold
inside this establishment.

As you can imagine
that's a big problem for us.

- Yeah, well,
we're in the process

Of tracking down the dealer
right now.

And I'm gonna make sure
I turn him over to you

As soon as I find him, okay?
You have my word.

- And that's great, jimmy.

I mean, that's all a man
really has, right?

His word.

But in this instance,
I don't think your word's

Really gonna do the trick.

So what are you thinking, ed,
two weeks or so?

- I'm not following.
What do you mean by "two weeks"?

- Jimmy, we gotta shut you down
for at least 14 business days.

- This is totally unreasonable.
We have a business to run.

- We gotta go through
all your paperwork,

We gotta get health in here,
we gotta get fire in here.

We gotta make sure
everything's on the up and up.

- Officer, I just told you.
Everything's up to code.

- Well, sometimes
it seems that way

When it really isn't that way.

- This is bullshit!

- Enough. Look.

What do you say you give
my partner and I some time, huh,

To work out the kinks?

- Pleasure.
- The pleasure's mine.

- Oh, and hey...

Keep us posted
on that drug sting of yours.

- They're gonna be back.
- No shit.

- This is a restaurant?
- Yeah.

In our business, you try not
to use the front door.

Oh, hey, hey, hey.

Here's how it's gonna play.
I sit down, you stand behind me.

Look straight ahead.

You don't look anyone
in the eye.

And no matter what,
you don't say a fucking word.


And by the way,
while I'm thinking of it,

Lay off tasha, man.

You don't spook her
under any circumstances.

Get it?
Let ghost handle his wife.

All right, time to focus
on this sit-down.

Stop distracting me, man.

- What the fuck?

- What is it?

- It ain't anything good.

[camera shutters clicking]

- What about the entrance
on elizabeth street, anything?

- Nothing.

- Is there another way in?


Isn't there
an old tunnel system

all these buildings

That the tongs used back
in the day?

- Yeah.

But the entrance
to the only remaining tunnel

Is on doyers street.

That's out
on chatham square.

They wouldn't use that
to come here.

- I'm just thinking about what's
underneath this neighborhood.

Get me a blueprint
for the restaurant.

- Angela, the agents
already canvassed the building.

The entrances are covered.

- Did they walk through
all the floors?

See, there's no other entrance
to lok sing from the street.

But if they came
from the building behind it,

The basement could still have
a connecting door underground.

Street level,
you'd never know

You could get
to the restaurant that way.

we should have known.

They're too smart
to walk through the front door.

- It's a guess.

- You're right.
- We looked.

- Are you absolutely sure?
- Mm-hmm.

- Because it's your call.
It's on you.

And if I'm right,
and they're in there,

Then we gotta go in
right now.

- We don't have shit on them.

We can't bust in there
and arrest them

For just having lunch.

- I just want to see his face,

- [sighs]

- I want to see him
and know who he is.

Once we I.D.
That distributor,

We're this close to turning him
and getting lobos.

[camera shutters clicking]

- We're going in.

- I guess anibal
can't tell time.


How's everybody doing?

- We'd be better
if we had product to sell.

I'm losing corners.
- Me too.

- Is that why you've been
stepping all over mine?

- Those aren't my people.

Just 'cause they black
don't make 'em mine.

- They flying your flag.
- Bullshit.

And if they say they are,
they lying.

- Shut up.
- You're lying, rolla.

- Kiss my ass, ruiz.

- Shut the fuck up!

We may beef on the streets,

But in here,
we're business partners.

- Speaking of partners,
where's yours?

We call this big,
important meeting

And ghost doesn't even bother
to show up?

[tires screeching]

So not only is he not
getting us product...

But he doesn't respect us
enough to be here?

I got a connect in mexico.

Says he can get us fish scale

For half of what
we're paying now.

- Out of where?

- Nueva leon.

Ghost has been
overcharging us.

We can do better.

- I'm turning shit back on.

I'm gonna start moving weight
to all of you again.

- Hey.
- [gasps]

- Let the agents
clear the room first, angela.

- You wanna go with ruiz
and try another connect,

Go right ahead.

- We're happy
with you and ghost, tommy.

We don't do business
with the spanish.

- What do you mean, spanish?

I look to you like
I'm from Spain, motherfucker?

- When you come back...
- Fbi! Let me see your hands!

- On your knees
'cause our shit is purer,

We're gonna charge you
double, ruiz.

- Don't move!
[overlapped shouting]

- Spring rolls up in this spot
ain't got shit on lok sing.

In fact, I'd consider
sucking a dick right now

For some of them
lok sing green beans.

- Oh, hell, no.
- [laughs]

- Why you switch up the spot for
the meeting at the last second?

- Can never be too careful.
Always keep 'em guessing.

- Can I get a fork, please?

- We gotta know
who's been hitting us.

Where the fuck is anibal?

[sirens blip]
- how long?

- It could be one
or two hours,

Three at the most.

- And it was just the cut
to the neck?

- That's all she wrote.
Looks professional.

- Excuse me for a minute.

Who are you, and why the fuck
are you in my crime scene?

- Dea.
- Fuck off.

This is nypd business.

- We were surveilling

For involvement
with felipe lobos.

- You mean you were right
outside when this happened?


Bang-up criminal
interdiction there, gentlemen.

I think
I'll handle it from here.

- Detective--
- beat it!

- Let's go.

[elevator dings]
- where you at?

This sit-down should've ended
a while ago.

Hit me back.

- What sit-down?

- Just trying to find tommy.

- Tommy went
to a sit-down alone?

- No, he took shawn with him.

- Shawn?

Since when do tommy and shawn
do meetings without you?

- Tommy needs to start
stepping it up.

- Why?
You going somewhere?

- No, I'm not going anywhere,

I'm stuck here,
right where you want me.

- What was
the sit-down about?

[phone vibrating]

- Senor lobos.
Que paso?

[line trilling]

- Shawn, it's tasha.

I need you to pick up
some groceries for me.

- Fantasma,how are you?

How's things?

- Things are under control,

- Are they?

I find it interesting
that the death of one primera

And the insubordination
of another

Meet your definition of...
"under control."

- Death?

- [speaking spanish]

I was hoping
he was the problem,

And you eliminated him.

But now I see I was wrong.

- [speaking spanish]

- Nypd should pay better.

[speaking spanish]

The question is not
why I know

That anibal is dead,

The question
is why you don't know

Anibal is dead,

And why your friend,
vibora ruiz,

Is so anxious
to take your position

In my organization.

- He reached out
to you directly?

- Of course.

I said no to his proposal
out of deference to you,

And the promise
that you would handle

The problems
in your network...

- [groans]

- A promise
that is yet unfulfilled.

- [crying]

- You see, ghost,
I refuse to tolerate disloyalty

In the men that work for me.

The moment
I detect disloyalty,

I cut it out
like a cancer.

If you don't, it will grow
and the whole organism will die.

- [speaking spanish]

- [speaking spanish]
- [crying]

- Have a good night, ghost.
[line disconnects]

- I specifically told you
not to tell them

When we're turning shit
back on.

- Ruiz said he had another
connect with a better price.

The whole point
of the meeting

Was to figure out
who's robbing us.

You said the motherfucker
who ain't thirsty

Is the guy who's hitting us.

Anibal didn't even show
to the meeting.

Is that not thirsty enough
for you?

- Anibal's dead.
- Get the fuck out of here.

- Lobos called and told me.
- How the fuck does he know?

- He got people in nypd.
- Jesus christ!

- You do it?

- Do what?
- Anibal.

You seemed pretty fucking sure
it was him hitting us.

Are you taking shit
into your own hands, huh?

- Come here to me.
- I'm already here.

- Get out of my face.

You fucking kidding me?

You think I killed anibal?

You think
I'd play you like that?


We had a conversation.

You told me sit tight,
and I did.

- I also told you
not to tell them

We were gonna start
moving shit.

- I didn't
fucking kill anibal, ghost.

- Lobos said ruiz
is behind this shit.

Said he met with him
about stepping it up.

- He was gappin' the fuck off
as this meeting.

- Ruiz has to go, tommy.

- Fuck, yeah.
Do or die, baby.

- do or die.


- Girl, it's like you said.

You know, if I wanna know
what ghost is up to,

Then who better to tell me than
the cat who's with him all day?


I mean, I wouldn't say

He's wrapped around
my little finger yet...

But he will be.

[huli shallone's make it twerk]

- ♪ now hold up,
let's turn up now ♪

♪ hold up, let's turn up,
turn up, turn up, hold up ♪

♪ let's turn up,
turn up, turn up ♪

- You should follow me
on instagram.

- You should get your hand
off my ass.

- ♪ I think they like
my appearance ♪

♪ that's how I do

♪ and when
I walk out the building ♪

♪ I get the tap
on my shoulder ♪

♪ like the party is over,
I leave with you ♪

♪ they got me feeling
like a celebrity, heavenly ♪

♪ more than just
what they telling me ♪

♪ 'cause they feeling
the lyrics ♪

♪ ch-ch-check out the melody,
good, you got it ♪

♪ when I play this
out on the block ♪

♪ the whole hood be rockin',
the whole hood be rockin' ♪

- How we feeling?
- You hear from cynthia yet?

- No.
But don't worry, boss.

Line outside's a block long.
- Damn.


- That guy,
the one with the bad blow?

He's at table seven.

- Son of a bitch came back.

Should I call nypd?
- Nah.

- But you told those cops
we'd hit 'em up

If he showed again.
- Yeah, I know what I told them.

Move him up to vip,
let him drink for free.

- I don't get it.
- Just do it.

- ♪ yeah, it's a party

♪ got loud music
and women drinking bacardi ♪

♪ got the fellas
in the vip ♪

♪ throwing up dollars,
getting bottle after bottle ♪

♪ to let 'em know
that we got it, hold up ♪

♪ let's turn up now

- [crying]

[inhales deeply, exhales]

[inhales deeply, exhales]


- ♪ into the roads,
it's open ♪

♪ bare to your left,
my heart sits here ♪

♪ they say my dreaming
is hopeless ♪

♪ this is the bed I lie in,
yeah ♪

♪ I remember...

- Mrs. St. Patrick!

- ♪ seeing your pain...

- Mrs. St. Patrick.


Mrs. St. Patrick?

I'm back from the store
with that stuff you wanted.

[shower running]

Mrs. St. Patrick, hey.

- ♪ yeah

♪ can I come, come, yeah

♪ can I come, come, yeah

♪ can I come, come

♪ come, come

♪ come, come, yeah

♪ can I come, come

♪ come, come

♪ come, come, yeah

♪ can I come, come, yeah

[techno music playing]

- Whoa!
All right, yeah!

Which one of you lovely ladies
wants to get on this dick?

[overlapping chatter]

- [inaudible]

- Mm, mm, mm.

- We're about to cancel
christmas on this motherfucker.

[door opens]

- I can't keep it.

I tried...

But I look at it
and I think of you and us

And everything
that didn't happen

And can't happen
and won't happen.

I can't live my life
like that, jamie...

Thinking about
what could've been.

We can't be friends.

It'll never be enough.

I gotta go.


- I can't be friends
with you either.

- [sighs]

[pusha t's no regrets]

- ♪ yeah!

♪ ah, yeah

♪ I'm on the move,
can't, can't look back ♪

No way!

♪ screaming, "no regrets,
no regrets at all" ♪

♪ wasted time,
I can't get that back ♪

Can't get that back!

♪ so every day I go hard

♪ no regrets

♪ ahh

♪ say hi to the bad guy,
say ah to the champagne ♪

♪ got a call
from my jail niggas ♪

♪ said I'm doing
my damn thing ♪


♪ they see I'm doing
my damn thing ♪

♪ magazines, videos, they ain't
missing a damn thing ♪

♪ nowadays I sell hope

♪ what, you rather
I sell dope ♪

♪ what I sell is a lifestyle

♪ naked bitches on sailboats

♪ foreign cars
on a freight train ♪

♪ for every nigga
they railroad ♪

♪ rent-a-cars we road run

♪ money longer
than train smoke ♪

♪ I done been
in that same boat ♪

♪ I ain't letting
this chain go ♪

- Hey.

- Oh!

- ♪ till they free 'em
like django ♪

♪ it's the same old
[both panting]

♪ just the same old

♪ how the game go,
where the pain go ♪

♪ where the blame go

♪ my mind wanders on a pj,
my mama brought up in the pjs ♪

♪ in the club sippin' p&j

♪ on the same arm as my piaget

♪ if I leave today,
throw the keys away ♪

♪ but I'ma live today,
I wanna see tomorrow ♪

♪ I wanna lead the way

♪ yeah, I'm on the move,
can't, can't look back ♪

- Ugh!


- Don't ever go back
to that club.

- [grunts]

- You hear me?

Get out the damn
drug business, dummy.

Your shit could kill somebody.

- [grunts]

- ♪ no, no, no regrets

♪ ah

♪ I'm on the move,
can't, can't look back ♪

No way!

♪ screaming, "no regrets,
no regrets at all" ♪

♪ wasted time,
I can't get that back ♪

Can't get that back!

♪ so every day I go hard

♪ I'm a real nigga,
and all my niggas real niggas ♪

♪ came from making
the real figures ♪

Too much money!
♪ nothing less

♪ no regrets

♪ no, no, no regrets


♪ I'm on the move,
can't, can't look back ♪

No way!

♪ screaming, "no regrets,
no regrets at all" ♪

♪ wasted time,
I can't get that back ♪

Can't get that back!

- [moaning]
- ♪ so every day I go hard

♪ I'm a real nigga,
and all my niggas real niggas ♪

♪ came from making
the real figures ♪

Too much money!
♪ nothing less

♪ no regrets
[both moaning]

♪ no, no, no regrets

♪ ah

[tourist's I can't keep up]

- ♪ I'm trying hard

♪ and reaching out
for a rainbow ♪

♪ I made a start

♪ but didn't have
any love shown ♪

♪ I'm trying hard

♪ I work my skin
to the bone ♪

♪ it's just a start

♪ won't let the pain
ever show ♪

♪ although I can't keep up

♪ I can't keep up

♪ I can't keep up

♪ will someone
ever show me love ♪

♪ won't somebody give a fuck

♪ because I can't keep up

♪ I can't keep up

♪ I can't keep up

♪ will someone
ever show me love ♪

♪ won't somebody give a fuck

♪ because I can't keep up