Power (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Whoever He Is - full transcript

Ghost and Tommy attempt to deal with those responsible for the attack on their drug organization. Ghost's wife has a new career.

Previously on "Power."

Boss is here.

It's the best goddamn nightclub
opening the whole year.

To Truth!

To Truth!

When we met,

who'd you think
I was gonna be?

The biggest goddamn drug dealer
in New York City.

The men you're protecting

set you out to steal from
the wrong motherfuckers tonight.

If I knew who ordered it,
yeah, they'd be dead already.

50 stacks,
75 you bring him to us alive.

It's good to see
that you knew enough

not to let it affect
our pay schedule.

Angela Valdes came
into the club last night.

From high school?

I'm sorry I left the way I did.

Who can give us the names,

places and dates
we need to convict Lobos?

His New York distributor.

we have no idea who that is.

Our soldiers are strapped now.

We should be, too.

My girlfriend,
she just got mugged.

The guy got away.

Please, please send
an ambulance!

- Tommy, what's up?
- Julio got a 911.

A courier's been hit.

I'm on my way.

Boss, where you going?

The woman from "Vogue"
is coming to talk details

for the party, remember?

She lost her venue
at the last minute.

We land it,
it can change everything.

I know, I'll be back.

De Sangre?

This guy came all the way from Miami
to fuck with us?

A hired hitter is smart.

Somebody flies him up,
he does the job and then goes home.

No trace.

Well, the good news,
the girl called Julio.

He's probably still
at the hospital.

- Probably.
- Haven't heard from him yet.

When Darien was cleaning up,
he said that the girl

was cut up pretty bad.

So she could be dead by now.

I gotta get back to the club.

There's a lot of shit
I need to be doing right now.

We opened that place
to clean our money.

The shit you need
to be doing right now

is helping me figure out
our next fucking move.

Okay, how'd they find her?

Followed her, maybe?

From where, how?

It's just like Cruz, they knew exactly
when and where to hit.

The phones,
they got our phones.

I don't see how, they're all burners,
none of them traceable.

FlexiSPY, some shit,
they gotta be tracking us

some kind of way.

rotates phones tonight.

Yeah, as soon as I get
the all clear from Julio.

Listen, once we figure out
who hired this asshole,

we need to mount up,
clean up the yard once and for all.

With who, hmm?

Our operation's built
for finesse.

We got motherfuckers
that blend in.

Part of the scenery, we ain't got
no real street soldiers.

So we find some
or buy some.

- Ask Lobos for help.
- No.

'Cause if he sends it,
then he owns us forever.

And if not, he takes advantage
of our weakness

and he sells us out.

Either way,
we're fucked.

You're right about one thing.

We can't let this go unanswered.

That's goddamn right.

Look, man,
I gotta get back, seriously.

Yo, D, you got the ax?

Hey, Shawn,
get in here and help him.

You don't need to do that.

His father would want us
to teach him the ropes, G.

If he ain't gonna get his hands dirty,
he doesn't need to be there.

I can do it.

Unless you need me
to drive you back into the city.

I'll drive myself.

Call me when you hear
from Julio about the girl.

Have a good day at work, honey.

Fuck you.

Here, gimme that.

Hey, watch this, Shawn.

Well, does James even bother
to call and tell you

that he's not coming home
to have dinner with the kids?

He doesn't have to call.
I know where he is.

He's working.

He's trying to book a big party
at the club tomorrow night

for "Vogue" magazine.

That's what he told you.

Yes, and if it--

If it were the other business,
he'd tell me that, too.

We're partners, Mama.

It's a marriage.

But you wouldn't know
too much about that.

Well, if he tells you everything,
you tell me

why he'd open a night club
in the first place.

For appearances,
like the Laundromat.

Ain't no magazine party
at no Laundromats, Tasha.

High-fashion models,
young girls.

Hard for a man
to say no to that.

Ghost ain't checkin' for
no flat-assed skinny white girl.

Not when he got
all this ass at home.

I used to have one
just like that, sugar.

Now you let me tell you one thing
I do know about men.

There is always another ass.

Ghost and I are fine.

And as long as I'm paying your rent,
you need to mind your mouth.

James pays my rent.

Don't get it twisted.

If he leaves you,
he leaves all of us.

That ring on your finger
ain't no insurance.

You can't collect alimony
on income the government

don't know about.

Thanks for coming to cook.
But you don't need to, I'm okay.


Eat, mamita.

When was the last time
you went to see papi?

I haven't been up there
in a while.

It's not that good a place.

We should still go see the one
upstate again.

It's pretty up there.

Plus, I like the idea of him
being able to see the water.

I do, too. But I told you,
the one upstate is too expensive.

Junior's tuition
check is by the door.

Thank you.

You know I'll pay
you back every cent.

I'm happy to do it.

But papi has to stay
where he is for right now, okay?

When Junior graduates,
we'll have no kids left in the family.

There's plenty back in P.R.

You can bring Nadia's
five boys back with you

next time you go.

Cute. You know what I mean.

What's happening with Greg?

I'm not sure.

Don't look at me like that.

I just don't think
he's the right guy.

They're never the right guy.

What's wrong with this one?

He can't fuck?

The sex is good.

There's nothing wrong, but...

there's no goose bumps.
No butterflies.

There's no tingling anywhere,
you know?

You still think of love
like you're a little girl.

Butterflies and goose bumps
are fairytales.

Mira, nena.

Ripped By mstoll

Stick with us.

You'll get your own

But some nights,
have a body in the trunk.

Back in the day,
Ghost and I drove a '91 Honda Accord.

You shared a car?

We got more pussy
in that back seat--

Back then, Kanan
kept us in line.

Taught us the business,
made us men.

Ghost and I owe your father big.

That's why you're here.

I know.

Ghost just wants you to stay
in the car and in the club.

See the pretty shit.

But if we go to war,

it'll be all hands on deck.

I need to know
you'll be ready.

I won't let you down.


Ms. Sheridan.

James St. Patrick.

Nice to finally meet you.

You're James St. Patrick.

You know, I tried to run
a background check on you,

and no one in the nightlife world
seems to know who you are.

I was expecting a fat Irish guy.

Well, I hope I can meet
your other expectations.

I do, too.

You know we lost our venue
for this party at the last minute.

But I'm not gonna make the wrong call
just because we're pressed for time.

I'll decide whether
I like what I see

or if I should keep going down
my list of clubs.

I'll admit, it's a beautiful space
you've got here.

But what turns my head
is perfect service.

Seamless evening.

And that is what my client expects.

But I see you've been working hard.

We have, Ms. Sheridan, we haven't left
a single moment to chance.

That's good, because this party isn't
only about our December issue,

which is the biggest
in fashion magazine history.

- It's also about--
- Your boss' position.

Editors all over your building
report to her.

This party's about,
let's say, um--

makin' them feel it.

You don't look like
you read Keith Kelly.

I make it my business to know
what you know, Ms. Sheridan.

If I'm doing my job,
I should know what you want

before you ask me for it.

Hey, send a bottle
or two of Ultimate to VIP

with some cranberry juice.

We've got a promotion tonight, sir.
We're not serving Ultimate,

just Grey Goose.

Honey, you're
serving whatever I want.

I own this place.

I've never seen you before.

You see me now?

Yeah, I'll sneak you some Ultimate.

But I can't take it up there,
I don't work VIP.

Do you want to?

I get it.

Page him.

And where does
my client sit?

Right here,
where you can see all the action.

But very few can see you.

She'll love it.

Oh, should the photographers
check it at the front

or come early
and enter through service?

Cameras aren't Truth policy.

We like our guests
to be able to relax without

thinking their images
will be online the next morning.

Okay, technically
my guys are paparazzi.

But they're the obedient kind.
That's not a problem, right?

I mean, I'd hate to tell everyone
we had a conflict.

No, no, your photographers
can come through service early.

They'll have full access.

Good night, James St. Patrick.

Good night.

If we're gonna have
photographers here,

you should get into
some of those shots.

Ain't my thing.

You should be out there
as the face of the club.

People are gonna wanna know
who owns this place.

Stern takes us on,
we can go national.

More people know who you are,

the more interested
he's going to be.

You've reached FBI
Special Agent Greg Knox,

southern district of New York.
Leave a message.

Hey, that's weird,
you always pick up.

If you wanna come over,
I'm here.

Call me.

What the fu--

Sorry I'm late.
Coffee smelled like dick.

So I had to make a new pot.

Oh, hey, sorry,
Ms. Lavarro.

I'm not offended, Mr. Saxe,
the smell of dick turns me off, too.

Speaking of late, you see
Agent Knox out there?

He should be here.


I've charted the existing
distribution networks

in the five boroughs.

I'd like to construct a clear--

Angela, I was thinking
we should talk more about Ruiz.

Lobos moved on from Ruiz.

So we should, too.
He's a dead end.

Frankie, morning.

- Morning.
- Good morning, sir.

I'd thought I'd see
how your Felipe Lobos task force

is coming along, we got a wire
from the Federales.

Lobos landed
in Juarez last night.

He's staying close
to the border,

so now we're racing both California
and Texas on the districts

to get an indictment.

We're all aware of the urgency, sir.

In fact,
Angela was just diving in.

We're creating a profile to help us
identify Lobos' New York distro.

More specifically,

we were discussing
a meeting Lobos had

with Víbora Ruiz
from Soldado Nation.

And as discussed,

Lobos told Ruiz the Soldados
were too low-rent for him.

They made no agreements,
so it's not a fertile area.

But how did Lobos arrange
that sit-down with Ruiz?

I issued a warrant
for a Ruiz lieutenant.

Nomar Arcielo.

You issued the warrant
with what probable cause?

A burner cell
traced to Nomar by NYPD

spiked high usage details
around the time of the Lobos meeting.

If he set it up,
he could have valuable information.

I've worked closely with this judge,
he'll slap us down if we overreach.

That's why all applications
go across my desk.

Understood. I was trying
to be proactive.

You know, since,
like you said, sir,

other offices are on Lobos, too.

Ruiz is our local advantage.

In future work with the team,
cops and robbers is more fun

when we all can play.

In case we could
get something new,

call an agent
to serve your warrant.

Now, moving on--

Actually, Special Agent
Greg Knox

is trying to locate
Nomar as we speak.

I called him last night.

Now as I was saying,

we know Lobos wants
a reliable pathway for his product.

The most likely point of entry
is Port Elizabeth, New Jersey.

So the distributor we're looking for
should have an extensive network--

Thanks, babe.

I'm sorry I left early
the other night.

I didn't want to bother you,
you were with somebody.

Looked like you really wanted
to talk to her.

I ran into a friend
from high school that night.

I think,
I can't remember.

Hey, ain't no reason
to trip, T.

- Hmm?
- Sorry.

Mama and I were talking yesterday,
and I just--

Never mind.

Mrs. St. Patrick, hey.

I hope it's okay,
I took some coffee.

Help yourself.

Where'd you grow up, Shawn?

Hollis, originally.

No way, I went to Cardozo.

Hollis must have changed,
because I ain't never seen

no girls like you
round the way.

There's plenty of girls
just like me out there

looking for somebody responsible
like you to treat them right.

You have a girlfriend now?

Wait, I probably shouldn't
ask you that.

No, no, no, no.
It's cool that you asked.

I ain't seeing nobody.

You're single?

I don't believe it.

You wanted me
to see you

the other night in the car?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Talk to Tommy last night?


Y'all had to rotate the phones?
What happened?

just taking precautions.

Giving that spandex
a workout of its own, girl.

I'll see you tonight.

- All right.
- Okay.

Oh, wait!

Your new number!

How the fuck am I supposed
to get ahold of you now?

Collins walks in
and Saxe busts out

with this "we're not
done with Ruiz" bullshit.

Turns out
you're already looking

for this Nomar guy

and I'm caught
with my pants down.

You should've called me.

Saxe gave me
explicit instructions

not to do so.

Okay, fuck him.

But fuck you, too.
There's a chain of command.

You knew he was
fucking with me.

What should I have done?

I call you to check in
before every move

and it's pretty clear
what's going on between us,

am I right?

You said we had
to keep our relationship a secret.

If the rules have changed,
let me know.

The rules haven't changed.

People find out, you'll
get "atta-boys" and high fives,

while I'll lose all credibility
for fucking an agent.

I don't want to go public,
I just don't want you

to sandbag me.

I didn't sandbag you,
I followed protocol.

Those rules matter, too.

Good luck finding
your man, Agent Knox.

we're not done here.

Goodbye, Greg.

This is ridiculous.

We're sorry.

The number you have reached
is not in service.

Please check the number
or try your call--

Excuse me.

Is James here?


Got eyes on the boss?



Sorry I had to
track you down at work.

You changed your cell?

I had to ditch my phone.

Nightclub business,
you know,

too many people
get your number, it gets messy.

I'm glad you actually called.

This place looks so different
during the day.

You're saying
it looks busted now?

A little.

No, I'm just surprised
at how at night it's--


That's the idea.

People come here and become
whoever they want to be for the night.

It's a fantasy.

And then they buy
a lot of drinks.


You still haven't told me
how you made this happen.

We cleaned up an abandoned lot,
charged for parking,

that money
bought a Laundromat.

And another
and another.

I always had my father's place
in the back of my mind.

And then we found this space,
and Tommy thought I was crazy.

Wait, Tommy?

Tommy Egan?

You still hang out with him?

He's my partner in the club.

What? You surprised
we still tight?

Yeah, to be honest.

I always thought Tommy
liked the streets too much.

You must have been
a good influence on him.

Let me
show you something.

Watch your step.

Are you serious?

I didn't know people
still made these.

Close your eyes.

Close your eyes, Angie.

They're closed.

This still
your favorite song?

Are you kidding me?

Makes me want to break
out the baseball jersey

and the kneepads
for the video.

So what happens next?

I know you got a plan.

If Truth takes off,

then we open a second club
right here in New York City.

And maybe one
in Miami or Vegas.

It's gonna take a while,
but I'll--

You'll get there.

You got here.

You want to come through tonight?

We got a big party
for "Vogue" magazine.

Wow, that's huge!

I wish I could,
I gotta work.

I hope your clients pay extra
for that kind of dedication.


It's not that kind of--
I work for the government.

It's boring.

Anyway, you're gonna be too busy
tonight to hang out with me.

I'll make the time.

Come on, Angie.

Okay, I'll come through.


Go, go, go, go, go!

Oh, come on, Uncle Tommy,
you're supposed to have my back!

Is this some sped-up mode
or something?

I don't remember it
being this fast.

No, you're just old.

Just wait. What?

You're old!

I got next.

Oh, what's up, Dad?

What's up, son?

Go finish your homework.

- I know you didn't finish it.
- Good night.

Get outta here.

And what did I tell you
about playing on the games, huh?

The girl who got cut,
you want to clip?

I don't see another way.

I don't know, man.

Like you said,
she followed protocol.

She called Julio.
She didn't call 911,

even to save her own life.

She calls 911 with the drugs on her,
she could go into jail.

She kept a cool head.

You and I are good, Tommy,
because she didn't fuck it up.

What does it say to other soldiers
if she does her job well

and we ice her anyway?

Nice kill!

The truth.
They're replaceable.

Just like you wanted it.

She's replaceable.

This is a female
we're talking about, Ghost.

Who's gonna want her now?

One day she's gonna wake up,
look at her ruined fucking face

and her ruined fucking life,
and she's gonna blame us for it.

And even though she doesn't know us,
she knows Julio.

She knows how
our whole thing works.

She's gonna be like,
"Fuck these motherfuckers,

I'm going to the cops."

With some random-ass courier chick?
That's a risk you wanna take?

I'll talk to Julio.

Yo, T, you ready to go?

My reservation's in 20 minutes!



No, man.
We're good. No problems.

Good, let's keep it that way.

Remind our people of the bitch's
description in case she comes back.

What did the courier say,
"Fucking weird shoes"?

Yeah, she had
bright pink sneakers on.

I told them already.

All right, good.

I'd better be on my toes.
One of these motherfuckers staring

might try to take you home.

Wish I had that effect on you.

What's that supposed to mean?

I'm just saying, if I'm all that,

you'd be home more.

I'm not home because I'm working,
trying to provide for you

and the kids.

And for that weave and that dress
and those shoes.

I don't need you stressing me,
all right?

I ain't trying to stress you.

But I ain't even got your new digits
and I'm your wife.

Now you got me and the driver.

You're right, baby.

My bad, I forgot.

You've been forgetting
me a lot lately.

Come on!

I know you're not turning down
kung pao chicken.

I even got the extra peanuts
just how you like it!

I'm hungry.
That doesn't mean I'm not still mad.

You know I didn't
have a choice.

You just don't like to lose.

When you gonna tell me
what's going on, Ghost?

I ain't no kid.

New phones and shit?

Guessing y'all had a car accident?

We got run off the road.

Your car still running?

Still running, but the repairs
might be too expensive to make.

And the other guy's car?

We had to tow it.

So now it's about
the next move.

You take it to the chop shop?

You still got the parts?

What you thinking?

Back in the day,

remember what those Dominican boys
did to that red truck?

Half went to one garage,
half to another?

Stopped all that bullshit.


More wine, ma'am?

Yes, please.

Look, Saxe told me
that if nothing

came from going after

no one
would even know about it.

I didn't think he was stupid enough
to go off about it

without knowing
if I'd catch the guy.

Please tell me Saxe
wasted taxpayer dollars

sending you on a wild-goose chase
and the guy's left town.

You got him.

I'm a fucking FBI agent, Angela,
damn right I got him.

He still had
his goddamn phone.

Conclusive proof he set
the meeting or knows who did.

Saxe wins.

Good news for the team,
bad news for me.

Maybe not.

Wait till you hear
who else he called.

Isabel Ruiz.

Víbora Ruiz' daughter?

Isn't she 14?


Nomar called her.

Multiple times a week
for weeks.

No fucking way.

The soldier
that got hurt's a woman.

Face all cut up.
Tommy thinks she'll talk.

But she was loyal,
and her life was at stake.

You want a woman's loyalty,
give her security.

You give her that,
she'll never betray you.

Come on.

He knows better
than to watch.

And Saxe
doesn't know about this?

I didn't tell him.

I'm telling you.

So are we good?

We're good.

Mama took the kids
to the movies.

We got an hour, maybe.

When we talk business,
it's like when we

first met--

Black Bonnie and Clyde.


- Nothing.
- Come on.

Come on--


You sure?


You sure you gotta go down
to the club right now?

I gotta go.


I'm expecting perfection
from you tonight.

The people who are coming
to the club for this party,

models, magazine editors,
actors, rich motherfuckers

who ain't do nothing
to earn that shit.

But they have
the right friends.

They have a good time here,
they come back.

They bring more people.

The truth is,
the more people hear about this spot,

we all get rich.

I don't make you pool tips.

I don't believe in that shit.

Then the lazy motherfuckers win.

But tonight,
you work as a team.

Keep each other on point,
make it hot,

give them what they want.

Fellas, if a cat's gay

and he wants your number,
give it to him.

Ladies... shit,
you already know what to do.

You been doing it
your whole lives.

Tonight, our guests are drinking
on someone else's dime.

Make them want to come back
and spend their own money.

All right, open the doors, boss.


We're keeping track
of the arrivals,

I want to know about
an Angela Valdes.

No one with that name
has checked in yet.

Cynthia's up in VIP, though.

She's looking for you.

Tell Bueso he's still gotta do
the damn deliveries.

He's got his fuckin' piece, right?

You've reached 3-4-7-5--

Are you kidding me,

Hey, I have to admit,
I'm impressed.

You run a smooth
operation here, James.

Even my boss said
she liked the food.

Not that she ate any.

You know I don' t just plan
parties for "Vogue",

I handle "G.Q.,"
"Allure," "Bon Appétit,"

"Vanity Fair," it's events
all year long.

Plus servicing
my non-Condé Nast clients.

That's a lot of responsibility.

You know, I was thinking
that you and I

should work together

You know, I bring you the press,
the big names,

you give me a big fat discount.

How's that sound?


Oh, you know what? I will
make sure this runs in the "Post."

Get your face out there.
Make this place a brand name.

What's up, man?

Sir, we're just about
to take a picture.

So if you can wait a minute.

You can talk
to James in a sec.

Oh, no, I think James wants
to talk to me right now.

Cynthia, I'll be right back.

Work never stops.

Enjoy the party!

What the fuck you thinking, man?

You want to be
in the paper tomorrow?

You want everyone to know
who you are, Ghost?

All right, man.
No pictures.

I gotta get back.
We'll talk about it later.

No, we'll talk
about this right now.

We're not like
these people, Ghost.

You and me in the paper
ain't a good thing.

You and me in the paper
means we got got.

These people don't know about
our other thing, man.

- One picture--
- Is too many!

You standing next
to these people in pictures?

The next question is,
who the fuck is this guy?

People digging
in your life story,

what do you think
they're gonna find?

We lay low.
We sell what we need to sell.

We ice who
we need to ice.

All business,
all the time.

This is about business.

You ain't been about
business since we opened this place.

Check your phone,

- What happened?
- Same bitch

tried to jump
Bueso tonight.

He got away.

Must have kept his phone.

No, he kept his route!

These fuckers
know our system.

They know our routine.

What you wanna do?

No time for thinkin', man.

What the fuck
you wanna do?

Tasha said something tonight
about the Dominicans.

What they did with D-Lo,
remember that?

That was some sick shit.

Why don't we take that
to the next level?

Show everybody
we ain't afraid to do dirty.

We do it right, it'll shut
this shit down for good.

And if it doesn't?

Then we go to war.

Is that Nomar Arcielo?

Yes, sir.

Agent Knox brought him in
for questioning last night.

I can't believe
you kept the phone, Nomar.

That was
incredibly stupid.

You can't prove it's mine.

Eight people
live in that place.

Plus, you know, it's Latinos.

We got a lot of cousins.

Could belong to any of us.

We know it's yours.

Víbora Ruiz
had you arrange his meeting

with Felipe Lobos.

Yes, Nomar.

That's why you're here.

We don't want you.

We don't even want your boss.

We want Lobos.

This is a list of all the numbers

dialed and received by that phone.

Your phone.

Just tell me which numbers
belong to Lobos

or his men.

You want me
to rat on Felipe Lobos.

I'd rather live
a couple more days.

Days, how about years?

I can have you
doing hard time

in Leavenworth
by the end of the week.

Getting fucked every day.

An hour of sunlight
if you're lucky.

I've been inside already.

I was 19 and weak,
too small to fight them off.

You get used to getting fucked.

Makes you appreciate a woman.

I'm a Soldado now.

I'm more powerful inside
than I am out here.

This is gonna take a little longer
than he thought.

Why don't I give it a try?

Can I have the room, please?

I don't think that's
a good idea, Angie.

- This is my suspect.
- I'll call you if I need you.

I ran the numbers of the outgoing
calls you made.

Mostly other burner cells,
other Soldados probably.

And the numbers
that might be Lobos-related.

But one of the numbers
you called is actually registered,

you know which one?


Your little secret you're hiding
from Ruiz.

You've been calling Isabel,
his 14-year-old daughter.

How could she know that?

The numbers were
in my initial report,

the evidence used
to get the warrant.

You didn't cross-check them
with the Ruiz file?

I guess she did.

Like I told el blanco,

the phone could have been
used by anybody.

Maybe my cousin
met her at school.

Could be, but who do you think
Ruiz is going to believe?

You or me?

Especially after
I show him this.

That's bullshit!
That's a fucking fake!

And when he lets
the Soldado Nation know

you like to mess with little girls,
then we'll see what you get used to.

Or you can tell me everything
you know about Lobos

and your nasty pedophile bullshit
will stay our little secret.

Just sign the agreement...

here and here.

Not bad.

What the fuck?

Whoever's fucking with us

knows where they're hiding.

They'll get the message
loud and clear.

Two days of street chat
and people will know

we're not the ones
to fuck with.

And about the girl?

Callin' J now.

- Julio.
- Yeah?

Get some flowers, man.

You're going to the hospital.

Where's room 1804?

That way, sir.

Can I see your I.D.?

Nice work in there.

Did Nomar really leave that
picture of the girl on his phone?

I grabbed it
from a child porn case.

It's not even Isabel.

Good girl.


You ain't seen fit
to call to say you weren't

coming through last night?


Stand a brother up and pretend
not to know his voice?


I'm sorry about last night.

A work meeting came up.

I just wanted to make sure
you're all right.

How about I
make it up to you?

He left about a half an hour ago.

I wanted him
to take me to lunch.

Did he say when
he'd be back?


But he never does.

You want me
to give him a call?

No. I'll do it.

I don't need an audience.

Mrs. St. Patrick.

Hey, you okay?

I can't reach Ghost,

and I'm starting to get worried.

I've got eyes on Mr. St. Patrick
and he's just fine.

Okay, guess I feel better, then.

Shawn, could you do me a favor?

Don't tell Ghost I called.

He wouldn't like me
checking up on him.

Can it be
our little secret?

Yes, ma'am.

Our little secret.

Thanks for making it up to me,
big spender.

You want the change?

Promise not to spend it all
in one place?


Haven't been here
in years.

This was my favorite
field trip back in the day.

They always put us on the bus
in alphabetical order, man.

I had to work up a whole scheme
just to sit next to you.

Jose Uribe always wanted
all my lunch money.

So you didn't eat?


It was worth it.

Come on.
Let's go inside and see the whale.


Used to make me feel so small

standing under here.


Thought I'd feel different
when I got older.

Why don't you ask him?

I guess some things
don't change.

Well, I don't think
we'll get busted

kissing in the stairwell
this time.

I was so embarrassed
we got caught.

I wasn't.

I got you something.

When you went
to get the map.

One for each of us.

You dared me I wouldn't boost
anything from the gift shop.

Yeah, I ate those words,
didn't I?

I bought them this time.

This is great.

Thank you.

Look, Angie,
I can't stop thinking

there must be a reason
you came in the club

the other night.

A reason we're seeing each other
again after all this time?

Me being around you...

Me being with you.

It just feels right.

I know.

Me, too.

Oh, fuck!

My phone didn't ring.

I gotta go, like, right now.

Jamie, I'm sorry.


Ghost call you?


How'd you do it without
setting off the machines?

Hospitals are tricky.

Do what?

Boss told me to tell her
she was promoted.

She's going to start working
markets in the bank.

Yo, he didn't tell me
to ice a chick.

Did I get it wrong?


You ready
with those deposit slips?

I don't like doing things
this way.

But you get to keep your job
for one more day.

It's a joke, man.

Lighten up.

Where's James?

He's in the back.

Should I get him?


I am so sorry,
I just stepped out for some air.

You scored major points
with Collins today.

You're on his radar
in a big way.

He wants you to come
to his poker night next weekend.

Holder might be there.
He'll be in town.

Holy shit.

Thank you, Frankie,

for the shot,
for the support.

Totally justified.

You owned that little shit
Saxe today.

But if you really want to compete
with these guys,

you can't have an outside life.

They have wives,
they have families,

but we can't.

We gotta be available 24/7.

You can't have kids.

Because the one time
you pick your baby over your case,

some asshole like Saxe
gets your shot.

So what he's a dick?

You weren't there.

Today, Collins came back
after lunch

to invite you
to poker personally.

You were M.I.A.

I'm sorry.
It won't happen again.

Oh, I know it won't.

I know your file, Angela.

I know where you came from.

And I know how hard
you worked to get here.

The stakes are even higher now.

Whoever he is,

he's not worth blowing
your shot

There's no man,

Sure, Angela.

Hey, Mrs. St. Patrick,
what are you doing here?

I need a ride home.

And when we're alone,
you can call me Tasha.

It's okay, it's okay.

Daddy's here.

It's okay, Yasmine.

Daddy's here.

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