Peur sur le lac (2020): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

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Liz, we can handle it.

Don't come!

I will die! I will die!

I will die and I won't see how he will grow!

translator note: buah,buah, Life is so, so unfair! ah.ah buah, I will be a walking dead mum! buah

Forgive me.

Allow me.

Come with me

We will examine you.

- Do not come !
- Pull yourself together.

- It's useless. Nothing will help.
“Pull yourself together, please.”

FEAR BY THE LAKE. Peur Sur Le Lac Episode 6






Maya, you must get out of here.

- I won't leave you.
- Go away! They will be back soon.

Zoom in.

- That's her. “Follow” her.
- There are no cameras on this street.

- Do you have in the gas stations?
- Yes, one.

- Does video calling work there?
- Yes.

Shit, I need Clovis here.

Well? Are the results ready?

- Yes. You are healthy.
- And the my wife?

Her result has not arrived yet.

If I am healthy, then you should be too.

“I lied to your husband.”
Your results are ready.

This isn't an infection. You are pregnant.

About six weeks.

At the door

and you out the window?
Here is a stubborn one.

Don't touch her.

You and her took my loot.

In the bag were 2000 euros.

- What do you want from me?
- You shouldn't ask me, but your girlfriend.

Bring me 3 pieces, do you understand?

- You said 2 pieces.
- 1000 is the percent.

Cork, leave her.

- Where will he get them from?Release him!.
You are welcome.

“You know, you're right.”
Sometimes it gets me up.

And I don't think well.

Get out.

- What are you waiting for?
Did you change your mind?

Thank you!
It's my pleasure. Wait a minute, beauty.

Hey! What are you doing?!

Money. Do you know what it is?

Better currency she can find!

You’ll bring grandmas.

What are you doing?

Go to my mother’s hospital in the mountains.

Just about, go to the mountains to her mother.

- Listen...
- 4 pieces. The counter is on.

Come on.

And so no cops.
I don't like them.

“I need to get through.”
- The steward.

In the sense?

He's here.

Skip it.

I will kill you.

She needs to refuel.

- Did you manage to track her?
“No, we lost her.”

Establish supervision over the remaining three.

The only one working is in Crans-Gevrier.

She is unlikely to take such a risk.

Lily isn't in the car: Not in the back
or in the trunk.

I was late but it happened to me before.

- I didn't think.

“I know.” Otherwise, you would have
told me before vaccination.


- What are the risks?
- There is no 100% guarantee.

Tell the truth.

The vaccine contains
artificially attenuated virus.

The immune system should not be weakened.

But it can penetrate the placenta
and infect the fetus.


We don't have statistical data yet.

The vaccine is experimental.

Please answer.

There is a risk of malformations
and a miscarriage.

I said risk, but it’s not necessary.
Do you understand?

Please, not a word to my husband.

How is Tom?

His condition is slowly improving.

You can be with him, but outside.

Thank you.

My little one.

It's all right, darling, I am feeling better.

Leave us please.

It’s empty.

How long this will go on?

Well, yes, we aren't in any hurry.

People are dying, but nothing to hurry.

When did you last see Claude Bertoy?

Last year.

We meet every year on the anniversary
of the death of our daughter.

And what, no news from her?

I am not lying. We only see each other at
the cemetery every June 17th.


We come there for the sake of Sarah.

And then we disagree: Each goes
to their own direction.

Without saying a word?

I could not...

I couldn’t forgive her.

“Where could she be hiding?”
- I do not know.

Neither of us have anyone in the city.
She is alone.

What about a lover?

“Is she bisexual?”
- Yes, but ...

“Does she have a relationship with anyone?”
- Not...

So, random connections.

She, of course, is impulsive,
but she would never hurt a child.

As I.

What the hell am I doing here?

You are free.

You can go now.

I think she hasn't finished.

Yes. I put a wiretap on her phone.

And put our man in her team.

And how are you feeling?
Things are good?

I found something.

This is a shot at the Alpine Hotel at 2 PM.

HOTEL. 17:25

- You can't leave the hotel.
- Listen ...

It is an order. Don't go out to meet anyone.


Sorry. What does it mean to “you cant leave”?

I've already been examined. I am well.

- Leaving the city is prohibited.
Excuse me.

How is forbidden? You are
constantly here and there.

You have connection with the investigation
You must stay in touch with us.

“What kind of investigation?”
I already told you everything.

- Tomorrow in Paris, I have a hearing in court.
- Well, I’ll talk to the prosecutor.

Why aren't you fed up with me yet?

- Listen, old man ...
- Captain.

- As you say. Captain.
Let's be honest.

You are a cop and I am a lawyer.

Everyone does their job.

As for Liz, Yes, to be honest,
I had a thought,

after i found out she was living in Annecy.

But when she said she was married,
I dropped that thought.

Do you think I'm so stupid,
I would contact the police captain?

We are friends.

Did you never want invite your ex for a drink?


What a moron!


- Agreed.
“Does he understand what is at risk?”

He's just not ready.

No news

nothing about baby Lily,
nothing about Claude Bertoy?

Is it time to think about changing tactics?

“So we're not going anywhere.”

- If she can manage to escape from the city?
- Despite the cordons, Madame Prosecutor ...

It is impossible to close
the city completely!

Ask them.

We cant control all the roads,
station, patrolling the lake.

Two helicopters are constantly
flying around the city.

What else can we do ?!

So we need an army.

Sorry, but the same problem.

as looking for your daughter.

But with her we have an advantage.

Claude Bertoy doesn't know we found a
connection with her daughter's death .

She thinks she was evicted from her ...

residence because the fault of medical team.

But one of her potential victims

- still here and he is in danger.
- Abel Verdan?

- Bertoy was seen in front of the hotel.
We set up surveillance there.

According to my version,
the fourth undetected box.

Claude will use against him.
She will take revenge to the end.

And it is where we can stop her.

You're using.

Verdana as a bait?


He is aware?


You said he agreed.

I hoped he would agree.

Listen, there is no other way!

We scour the city for hours.

It can drag on for days

then how can you wait for her there!

We have our people working in the
hotel. We aren't risking anything!

“Let's hope you're right, Captain.”
It would be very annoying ....

if after surviving as hostage,
this time he will die in our noses

Sorry I didn't mean that. We still need
to think over how we will act.

With him this is the best option.

You could have told me.

Do you think I can’t lie?

Honestly, yes.


Still, We may not find
neither Claude nor Lily.

It is possible ...

- Get it out of your head. We are all
very tired. Have a rest.

I can’t sleep.

She killed Matthias, infected Tom.
I won't be able to sleep.

I don’t know how you still hold on.

“What else I can do?”
People are counting on us, Liz.

What will happen if everything
goes down the drain?


What are you doing here?

I'm hiding.

May I sit next to you?

Do you want to drink?

- Thank.
- You are welcome.

Are you scared too?

“Yes, but now there are two of us.”
You can't be afraid.

Where are your parents?

I don't know. I think,
they forgot about me.

- That can't be.

- I was kidnapped.

I am Issa. What's your name?

- Lily.
- Shit!

- That's rough.
- Oh, sorry.

We can't stay here.

I think,
I know where your mother is.


The military will take you to mom.

But they won’t let me stay here.

“I don't want to go there alone.”
“I know.”

I'll pretend to be sick.

It’s like my blood has gone.

And you run and shout "Help."

Well, looks like you are sick?

Come on, run and scream louder.


Please help! Please help!


- Please help!
Please, help!




They found a girl!

YOU, I blame you for everything.

You and your virus.

I had no choice.

This is my husband

there wasn't choice.


And should I tell my daughter ?!

- AND?
- I beg you.

You are welcome.

He did this to save our daughter.

He had no choice.

I understand you.

Your anger

and a sense of injustice.

I am in your position.

I AM...

I don’t even know if she is alive.

To save Lily, Darius
introduced the virus to himself.

Let him work.

I ask you to.
At least let him do his job.

But he won't die from this virus!

Do you think this is fair?

I AM...

- working on a vaccine.
- Great!

But your vaccine will return Matthias ?!

Noemi, don’t.

Please lower your gun.

He deserves to die.

No one deserves ...

I promise he will be tried.

Look at me,

Noemi ...

Matthias wouldn't want you to do
what you want to do.

Think of the child, of your daughter.

They found Lily.

She isn't harmed.

They’ll bring her now.



Mum! Dad!

Darling, is everything all right?
How do you feel?

-- I was so scared.

I was too, darling.

I need to help Issa.

Who is it?

I need talk with the judge,
Madame Tardieu.

His girlfriend is locked up.

Like I was. I have to help him.

So you were together?

Yes. He found me.

It's time to go.

“She needs to be examined.”
“I'll go with you.”

Madame, I am Issa.

“I need to talk to you.”
- Hush!

I even cut myself to get here.

You think you are the smartest?

Wait, wait. What's the matter?

Maya is in the Quarter, she is in trouble.

- You need to save her.
- Come on! Let it go!

I’m saying she’s alive.

At least when I left.

She returned to the quarter
to save me.

But Cork he took her.

- Cork?
- The local drug dealer.

- I owe him money. - Money?!
- 4 thousand.

“How did you get out of there?”
“It's simple, madame.”

Gundogs ... That is, the police think
they blocked the city

but, actually, there is one a loophole
through which everyone walks.

Cork is charging money for the access.

- Doesn't want to ...
- Enough.

And what will we do?
How do you think we should act?

-“You just won’t get there.”

Sentinels everywhere.
They will immediately notice police cars.

Everything has just calmed down there.

I have a plan.

What kind of coffee today?

How long are you awake?

- Go get some sleep. If anything, I'll call.
- I myself wanted to offer.

Good evening. Come with me


- Hello.
- Hello.

Get to know each other.
This is Dr. Dougen, a psychologist.

She needs to talk to your daughter.

“Please, not now.”
I want to take her home.

I understand, but the person who
kept her locked up

was never found. Her testimony
can be very important.

Don't worry. Everything will be fine.

My princess!

Is everything all right honey?

The cops want to ask you
a few questions, okay?


Wouldn't take long.

Don't worry.

“I need to help Issa.”
- We'll figure it out.

Everything is over.

Ophelia Ruiz.

Heart failure.
But not as a result

- taking serum.
- Are you sure?


Take her away.

"Mark, if you read this,
it means me

no more.

I really loved this life.

And dreamed many things
which I won't longer be possible.

I lived beautiful moments with you

will stay with me forever.

You need to think about yourself, children and Cecile.

She is the woman you need.

You need each other.

Remember me at least sometimes.

Most likely, they gave her something

She doesn’t remember anything.. Either

where she was, not the abduction itself.

She kept her in the basement
but treated her well.

The was there more kidnappers?

She mentions only the school

principal. She says she saved her.

In the apartment of Claude Bertoy

- no drugs were found.
- Her psychological

state is unstable.

If she remembers anything,
it won't be soon.

What news do you have?


We are preparing an operation
for the liberation of Maya.

I asked for help from the tracing service.

Colonel Wagner?

Our patients have already received a new serum.

The first signs of remission
very encouraging.

It concerns Dylan Amrun,
the hardest patient.

It didn't affect any of the others patients.

We are trying to understand why.

- Well, I’ll inform you in Paris.
- Don't do that.

If it all works out, I relax there.

If something goes wrong,
we ourselves have to get out.

All that is required is
is to produce a vaccine

in sufficient quantities
for further treatment.

We have a shortage of it.

But hospitals in the region should
somehow continue the work.

Our treatment unit isn't closed. Wait .

wait in case of new cases.

So, We can't see the end of this tunnel.

At least a bright sun at the end isn't yet shining.

With existing staff
vaccination will take two weeks.

Given the pace of the spread of the virus,

can be expected

50 dead.

This can be passed on to the president.

How are you feeling?


Not to bad.

Have a rest.

At the slightest ailment,
bleeding, headache

come to me.

- Good luck.
- Thank you.

- What did she want?
- To say that we should rest.

- Sorry.
- Yes?

How is he?


I told him at school I used to bite
everyone in the class.

Yes, there is one.
“Do you know why?”

- The dining room was poorly fed.

You know, we think, we know people ....

.. but I think you are missing out

something important:

You are looking for the man I once loved.


HOTEL "ALPS", 07:00.

- Well?
- He didn’t leave the room.

Room service.

- Do you want coffee?
- With pleasure. Thank you.

Hey! Is there anyone?

Shut up!

- I'm thirsty!
“I can't help you! Don't shout!"

- May I go to the store?
- You have 10 euros.

This is a business. Go on.

Why do you stand on ceremony with her?

- Hands up!
- On the floor!

- Hands up!
- Fast!

Hands up!

- Maya!
- Yes! I'm here!

“Are you not injured?”
- Not!

Get away from the door. Watch out!

It looks like the sanitary epidemiological

have developed an effective serum.

The city is planning to organize
vaccination points.

Last appeal from the Ministry of Health ...


This is Claude Bertoy. We need to meet.


- You better give up.
- Turn on the speakerphone.

I want to discuss this with you.

- Do you want to give up?
- Yes.

You are a lawyer and you know my
situation.. Is it interesting for you?

You already tried to kill me.

How do I know you won't try again?

Like treat me with a bottle of
wine stuffed with a virus?

I'm at the restaurant.

I am waiting for you here.

Is she in the hotel?
What are you doing there?

No one entered the hotel.

No one came in.

- The same thing at the service entrance.
- What is happening?

Marina, check restaurant.

She knows you. Don't go in.

Most importantly, don't get too close.

There is something wrong. Marina, stop.

She's watching us.

It is a trap.

- Let's leave, commander?
- Not. Everybody stay where you are.

We will wait.

- I left a note for you at the front desk.
- Thank you.

Sorry. My last name is Verdan.
They left me a note.

- What was in the note?
- "Meet me at the Cafe des Lodges. "

- He is going to the Cafe des Lodges.
What's next?

- Now You should stay here,
I am going to follow him.

How you got me!

I was a bait ?!

Yes, I followed you.
“Well, what would you do?”

Work is Work, but you should
have warned me first.

Of course, we are both professionals.

Now I should thank you?

It wouldn't hurt.

- Thank you.
- It's my pleasure.


We need you.

Fatou? What are you doing here?

We came to help.

In the center we sit locked all day

Doing nothing, but we can help.

And we want to learn.

“You don't have enough doctors.”
For example, I am a surgeon.

- I am a dentist.
- I am a nurse.

How many doctors are among you?

Medical staff?

I understand, but I can’t promise anything.

We aren't demanding anything.

What is your specialty?

- Orthopedic surgeon.
I studied in Liberia.

I am well acquainted with this disease.

- Fatou, I need to apologise to you.
- For what?

- I didn't welcome you. I don't know what to do
with Maya and you. I am afraid of her reaction

- She's a great and clever girl.
You brought her up perfectly.

Now her homeland is here.
She is already an adult.

- A bag.
- What kind of bag?

With money.

- Relax.
After what they found

in Cork’s apartment, there’s no problem.

We now know the connections!

Well, you're a bore.

- Come on, I'm joking.
- I hope so. Dylan, bye.

See you soon.

She's cool.

I know.

Well, come on, tell me.

What to tell?

Listen, I got a running nose,
I fell asleep at your place.

And woke up here.
Is there a war?

What's happening?

Don't you remember anything?

Nothing at all.

Mother will tear my head off.


Wait, Dylan, but ...


- What?
- Your mother...

What with her?


Where's she?


No, not that.

...Not that.

Firstly you measure

the temperature. Everything is simple.

This is an infrared thermometer.

Then, track ...

I want to start a pre-trial investigation

on a Non-governmental organization called
Better Life

they worked in Central Africa in the 2000s.
Thank you.

- Who is this woman?
- What woman?

You know I need to tell you something....

- We checked the entire sector. Nothing.

She was spotted at the Basilica of Visitation.

She turned her mobile on for a couple of
minutes several times

at the Rue Royal, at the Basilica
and at the flower market.

It looks like she was waiting for a SMS.

Today, June 17th,
Congratulations to all Herve.

I know where she is.

- I need your help.
- Not today.

It is today, June 17th.

You call her like you
do it every year.

It’s not necessary that you
know what happened.

This time, You should call her yourself.

Why I should?

Because she has the last box with the virus.
If she throws herself into the crowd?

I beg you to call her.

See, I haven't forgotten you.

They said I was a bad mother.

But that was a lie.

They lied.

I'm here for you.

Like always I will be.

They will be punished for all their lies.

All this is for you.

Today, is a special day,
I wanted to tell you all about it.

Everything worked out for me.

I am very glad that you came.

Thanks for picking up the phone.

You see, darling,
your mothers are here for you.

We are here together

and we still love you.

And always will be.


- All this for her!
She would not bear

our break up.

But we are not together.

Am I asking a lot? Once a year

for a few minutes for me and for her!

I still love you.

Point her to the facts.

I love your mom so much.

Come on.

Well, enough, you talk to a grave.
Stop this performance.

Why do you say that?

Have you brought THEM?

Talk about your daughter.


She pulled the microphone out.

It all happened because of you.

Not! Not true!
I have nothing to do with it.

I just ... Just ...

distracted for a minute.

They said that,
everything was my faulty

I was to blame!

And you didn’t mind!

You didn’t say anything.

And you left me too!

You know very well why. Stop it!

That could had happened to me too.

But I would blame MYSELF,
not other people.

I am going there.

Only 3 years in a prison ...

for OUR girl!

OUR baby!

They all deserve death! So they'll die!

The one who was driving
and the lawyer

who blamed me for everything!

- The lawyer is alive!

I know! I know!

Joel Breton ...

I AM...

I AM...

Do you know what you’ve done ?!

Do you understand what you did ?!

I did what everyone would have done

when faced with such injustice!

Hiding behind her name
you spread death!

Death, her face is death!

I AM...

I ... I ...

You kidnapped a child, Claude.


But I protected her.

I didn't harm Lily.

She was safe with me.

I just wanted to ...

I wanted to be ...

a good mother.

I really wanted to be a good
mother. I'm so tired.

So tired.

I can't do it anymore...

I didn’t want that.

Put the bottle down!

Put the bottle down!

Step away.

Bag to the ground!

Do you smoke?

- For the first time in 10 years.
- So silly.

I know.

You are very lucky.

History never repeats itself.

In life, you need to be able to trust.

Do you have children?

- Sorry for the immodest question.
- Everything is fine.

In a July 14th, we flew to Guinea.

It was my 4th year I was studying
to be a doctor,

I wanted to be specialist
in tropical diseases..

In a couple of days, Ebola took him.

My condolences.

That's how the virus became
my personal enemy.

This time the victory was yours.

For several years or months.
The earth rises.

We have done so much harm to her.

We ourselves are a virus from which
she is trying to get rid.

I took leave at my own expense.

- Are you kidding?
- Quite seriously.

- How much?
- Six months.

- What will you do?
- I will raise our son.

Years fly so fast.

I'm also going, one might say, on vacation.

I want to tell you something.

Oh, oh, oh!

Well ... Who is crying there?

Like this!

Uncle carries chips!

Hush hush!

Be careful.

All come here!

Subtitles by IzaG London and Bill McGirr USA