Peaky Blinders (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 5 - The Shock - full transcript

As Tommy reveals his intentions for Mosley, someone close to the Shelbys is targeted.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
My name is Brilliant Chang.

Mr Thomas... is the purest opium
that has ever arrived in Europe.

Came off a ship called the Capital,
out of Shanghai.

This is a gift, Mr Shelby.

Canals are the idea, right, Chang?

I believe we've friends in common.
We should postpone our war.

Your message said you wanted to seal
our truce with some business.

I'm involved in a transaction
with Jimmy McCavern.

I need your signature as a guarantor
on the transaction

should his cheque
fail to be honoured.

The war with the Billy Boys
is postponed. We've made peace.

We're gonna do business together.

There's a part of me
that is unfamiliar to myself

and I keep finding myself there.

And only the January
can get me away.

His name was Frederick.
All we ever did was talk, Arthur.

He just listened.
And now he has no face.

May you Peaky Blinders all rot...

- Clear that shit. Clear it!
- All right.

Take her.

Go outside. Till it's done.
Till it's done, brother.

Linda, I would have taken
your bullet.

I deserved the bullet.

An eye for an eye
and a tooth for a tooth!


Linda, look at me.

Linda, you've got a kid.

If you die, he'll come to us to

You hear me?

I used a derringer.

- Shh!
- Right.

- Shh!
- It's still in there.

It's above the bone.

Mr Shelby, your guests.

Get him out. Arthur!

Family only. Get him out!

- Mr Shelby...
- Get out!

Get out!

Lizzie, go to the kitchen
and get some iodine. Now! Go!



You'll have to bite on this.

- Linda... Arthur.
- Bite! Come here.

Now, it's really gonna hurt.

One, two, three...

You're all right. You're all right.

- It's all over.
- Hold her.

Is she going to be all right, Tom?
Is she going to be all right, Tom?


Oh, Jesus.

Arthur, come here. Come here.

If you love her, go to the library,
get some opium.

- Go on. She'll be fine. Go sort it.
- Right.

Actually, you can use mine.

Brought a bit to celebrate
the wedding proposal.

Oh! He proposed, eh?

One knee.

Congratulations, Poll.



- You're gonna have to drink this.
- No.

I don't want anything you've

25 seconds. 25 seconds
and the pain will be gone.

Even the pain in your head.

Right, here you go. Drink.

Cushion, Poll.


Oh, Jesus Christ...


She's gonna be fine.

I gave her something
to get her to sleep.

She's gonna be fine.

You should have... You should have
let her do it, Poll.

You should have let her do it.


You should have let her do it.

Look at me, brother! Look at me!

You've got things to do.

You've got a kid.

- Yeah.
- We need you!

- All right? You understand?
- Yeah.

Aberama wants you as best man.

You hear that?

I save his life, he hugs him.


I'll do it.

No take.

Right, fine. Let him be. Let him be.

Ladies and gentlemen...

Ladies and gentlemen...

...I would like to extend our
gratitude to the musicians

and the dance company
for your wonderful performance.

Hear, hear!

This has been a wonderful evening.

And not only
for the music and the dancing.

It has also been about us,
the people gathered here.

English people
in the very heart of England.

There are no people
I would rather be among,

no place I would rather be
and no time I would rather be alive,

because ever since
the terrible events of October,

when the money markets betrayed us

...I have known that change is

The human species has never faced
such immense possibilities,

such choices.

In the lives of great nations...

...there are moments of destiny...

...which have swept aside
small men of convention

and discovered men of the moment.

- Hear, hear!
- And our host is such a man.

For him...

For him, the little calculations
of little men mean nothing.

He is a man well suited
to the mighty mood

that England is now in.

The only reason I say this now,

at this moment, on this stage,

is because I have some news.

Good news, I think.

I'm sure our host will forgive me
if I use this platform,

this gathering of friends
and like minds,

to give you, his trusted allies,

an early announcement
of a long-overdue event.

I want to tell you good folk

...that with the dawn
of a new decade...

...I will be setting a new course.

Setting up a new political movement
here in the very heart of England.

And Mr Shelby will be with me,

shoulder to shoulder.

Hear, hear!

It will offer
a new conception of politics

in which the great character
of the British,

our true character,

will be reborn.

Many of you lost fortunes
in the recent stock market crash.

The men of money,

the capitalists in New York,

the Jews...

...the money-power, they... they run
an international system

in which the infinite mobility of

its capacity to create
financial chaos and panic,

can bring down any government

that dares for one moment
to oppose it.

For generations,

the efforts of hard-working men
like you

have equipped our competitors
against us.

The cotton mills of India.

The cotton mills of Asia.

Created with British money

but used for the destruction
of Lancashire and Yorkshire!


The usurers of New York,
the sweated labour of the Orient

combining to destroy
the iron and steel factories

of Warwickshire and Staffordshire.

These are policies that could not
be pursued by British statesmen

unless they were mad
or the servants of Jewish finance!

They are the ones
who took your money,

but it is I
and those who know this truth

who will light a flame
the atheists cannot extinguish!

The ranks of our heroes
of the Great War

have been betrayed
again and again by politicians!

But hear this - those of you who
fought the Jew war for nothing,

you brave men,

you will join hands
with the angry youth of Birmingham

and Manchester and London
and Liverpool

and declare that England lives

and marches on!

Well said!

I say all this to you now...

...because I believe
it is in places like this,

with people like you,

that we will have to pass on
our message directly.

Our message can be summarised
with these words -

Britain first.

And because this is our message,

I doubt it'll be reported
fairly in the press.

I'm afraid the newspapers
of this country

are owned by the same vested
interests who took your money.

They sell to the people
false news... raise the interests of
the faction and the section

above the interests of the nation.

- Good man!
- So hear my words

and pass them on
to those with ears to hear.

And be reminded
that when the new decade begins,

there will be the birth
of a new political party

which will speak for you.

Well said, sir.

Well said!

This party, this new movement,
this revolution...

...will be called
the British Union of Fascists.


Good man!

What the fuck are you doing,
dealing with a man like that, Tommy?

You're going to have to trust me.


I'm going to fuck the swan.

Somebody go and tell her
to come to my room.

How do you know she'll come?

Because they always do.

Now, forgive me.

I'm going to borrow your husband
for a little while.

This way.

Things like tonight, that shooting,
a family dispute in public,

things like that will have to stop.

It's very lower class.

It's all been cleared up, Mr Mosley.

So, did you learn anything
from my speech tonight?


Yes, I learned many things.

Religion was a beast,
but it's dead.

You have to ride the new thing
when it comes.

Like a horse.

You grab it.

I looked into the audience
and I saw medals

and Savile Row suits,

and bitterness.

They are my people.
Your people will be different.

Oh, do see the funny side, Shelby.

I do.

I do see the funny side.

Do you enjoy strategies?

Yes, I do.

Things will begin to happen now.


...there are some things
we need to discuss.

I've been looking
into your companies.

The Shelby portfolio.

Your company lawyer is a Jew.

He will have to go.

Of course.

Also, our friend Jimmy McCavern

has asked for control of the
racecourses north of Wincanton.

I decided it is a trifling thing,
considering our new enterprise,

so I said yes.

In return for what?

No return.


When our campaign begins,

the country will be divided
into distinct areas.

McCavern and his men
will be our soldiers in the north,

controlling rallies
and breaking up demonstrations.

In the Midlands, it'll be you.

The south...
Well, I have yet to decide.

Please understand what I'm offering
you as we go forward, Mr Shelby.

When we succeed,
even the King will not be above us.


Like plugging into the mains.

A lighthouse beam.

Your millions of dollars
safe in Switzerland,

and access to every dirty-minded
swan in England.

Oh, and also, Shelby... drink less.

Put it on.

Put the costume back on.

The ballerina and I were wondering
whether perhaps... might want to join us.

If I told Tommy,
you wouldn't see the morning.

Oh, I doubt that very much.

You see, he is being seduced,
just as you were.



- Tom!
- What?

Lizzie... What?!

Tommy, I swear to God,
you're bad.

That man is fucking evil.


I'm only doing this... bring the bastard down.

Yeah, but why?

Tommy? Why?

I am supplying
the British Government

with information
on his organisation,

and in return,

they are giving me favourable terms
on defence contracts.


You're doing it because you think
somebody should stop him.

I saw your face
when he was speaking.

You're doing it because you think
it's the right thing to do.

All this time, you just did things
that feel nice...

...because you can afford it.

Lizzie, please. Please. Please stop.

Don't scare me... saying you see things
in my face.

I still want things that feel nice.


Shh. Shh.


Let's go.


Let's go, let's leave.

Let's get in the car.
We'll go and pick up Billy.

We'll drive to the docks.

Any dock you want.

We'll get on a boat.

We'll sail away.

You and me.

Any destination.

Be careful, it's...

It's broken everywhere.

We leave tonight. Hmm?

We'd leave this place.

We never come back, Linda.

We never come back.

I mean that.

We go before it gets light.

Say yes.

I've got a better idea.

You stay here... inside your head.

Inside your life. Inside your war.

I'm glad I didn't shoot you.

It would have been a kindness.

Now get out.


An evening with a bunch
of fucking Gypsies.

Peter! Peter! Kick it here!

Kick it here, mister!

This is a cheque guarantee,
signed by Mosley...

...on behalf of a man
called Jimmy McCavern.

A cheque for what?

Well, I said it was
for the sale of a gin distillery.

But it doesn't matter.

It is direct evidence of a link
between Mosley

and the head
of an organised criminal network.

A relationship
he will try to deny...

...after the bonfire
of all conventions.

It also contains the names of MPs
who have signed up to the movement,

and those MPs who are sympathetic

but will not show their hand

until the organisation
is announced officially.

On the 2nd of January.

In Grosvenor House. You might want
to write some of this down.

I am experiencing resistance
from my superior officers, too.

This isn't intelligence, Younger.

This is evidence.

Give it to the Branch.

Special Branch?

Half of whom spend their lives
defending the Union against Fenians,

and the other half
who spend their lives

defending men like Mosley
against socialists.

I heard about his speech
at your house the other night.

Was favourably reported
as the passionate

and spontaneous outpouring of a man
moved by the emotions of a ballet.

Reported where?

Daily Mail. Morning Post.
Daily Mirror.

It's upper, middle
and working class,

all united in admiration.

Also, I'm being asked the source
of my information on Mosley.

Which you don't divulge?


And as a result, my six-monthly
review was unfavourable.

They're talking about moving me

to a black and coloured desk
in Johannesburg.

I also suspect there are
specific threats to me personally

from an organisation
called Section D.

I believe you've had a dispute
with them in the past.

Sit down, Younger.


We are now Section D.

And I fucking beat them.

You're a soldier, I'm a soldier.

There are elements within the state
who are prepared to kill.

We need to meet them unafraid.

Spoken like a true believer.

My superiors also ask why
the information on Jessie Eden

and the Communists
has apparently dried up.

Why has it dried up, Mr Shelby?

Your sister has
an interesting theory.

She thinks perhaps at last

Tommy Shelby has actually started
to believe in something.


Please don't listen
to my sister's opinions of me.

They are always... hopeful.

Therefore they are always wrong.

Can you hear me? Look at me.

You're going to be all right.
I'll be back.

You'll be OK.

Look at me. Look at me.

It's OK.


Call an ambulance!

Call Moss!

Find out where I can reach Ada.
Come on, love.

Up you get. Good girl.

Come on, take her. Take her.

Come on. Up you get. Up you get.
Good boy.

Come on.

In you go. Inside. Stay inside.


Let's sit down, Ada.

What's happened?

Here, sit down, eh?

Ben Younger is dead.

Someone put a bomb in his car.

I don't know how you felt about him
or how bad this is gonna hurt...

...but whatever happens,

just remember
you've a baby inside of you.

Oh, God.

Anyone you touch...

Which means anyone I touch.

Which means anyone any of us touch.

He never knew I was pregnant.

I hadn't told him.

I didn't love him.

But I liked him.

He was decent and good...

I wasn't gonna marry him.

The baby was a mistake,
but that's OK.

I didn't ask anything of him.

God, he didn't deserve us.

Well, I've spoken to his family -

they're gonna take care
of the funeral.

It will go down
as an IRA assassination

of a British military officer.

And what was it really?

It was...

...a consequence of good intentions.

My good intentions.

I pushed him to report
on the fascists.

I thought it was the right thing
to do.

And as a result,

Section D, or the Branch,
or Intelligence

had him killed.

There was a kid...

...died in the explosion.

He was ten years old.

It's funny...

...isn't it, how it works?

Look, Tommy.

Don't give yourself this excuse.

He was ten years old.

If I'd have stuck to what I do,

he'd still be kicking a ball
in the street.

It's funny, isn't it?

Push the button.

Unlock the door and come home to me.

Chinese lanterns. Brass on deck.

God fucking help us.

Chang will be waiting
at the dock with the cargo.

We weigh it,
we load it, we fuck off.

Where the fuck is Chang?

Isiah, take point.

Look lively.

there's your lanterns.

Where the fuck are the Chinese?

All right, Charlie.

Arthur, it's Chang!


Get over! Get over. Get over!

I knew we shouldn't trust these
fuckers and their fucking lanterns.

If it's the police,
hold fire.

Chang, where's the stuff?
Where is it?

They didn't look like police.
Smelt of gin.

They said they were taking the opium
on behalf of the King.

Then they saw your boat coming.

So, were they Italian?

- Were they Italian?
- Irish.

Irish, I think...

Oh, fuck.

Fuck! Charlie,

my gun. Give me the gun.

Give it up, that's it.

Listen. Listen to me.

They're Titanic boys out there,

They're out of Poplar.

In the war, they were very capable.

Very capable soldiers.

So was I.

I was a fucking capable soldier,

Hey! Hey, you fucking bastards!

Arthur! Arthur!

Stop firing! Arthur, they've gone.

To any of you still alive,

you do not fuck

with the Peaky fucking Blinders!



Here we go.


Purest ever in Europe.


There's a dead man
in a copper's uniform.

Should I throw him in the cut?


No, he'll float, won't he, eh?

Even Irishmen fucking float.

No, go and fire... go and fire
the kilns.

But there are men working them.

Why do you carry a gun, Isiah, eh?

And razor blades in your cap?

Cos you're a Peaky fucking Blinder,
that's why.

You take that body
and you burn it to the bone.

And if anybody speaks to you
on that... offer them the chance
to burn in that furnace with him.


Yes, Arthur.

Yeah. Yeah.

Do we know the people
who tried to trick us?

The uncles will be mad.

Fuck your uncles.

And your aunts, your cousins,
all of them, right?

Curly! Load this up onto the boat.
Let's get back to Birmingham, eh?

Get back to fucking civilisation

and find out who's been talking.

Yeah! Now look,

the Titanic heard about this, right?

That means every gang from Poplar
to Birmingham will want to be here.

Well, let 'em come, eh?

Let 'em come, Aberama.


Oh, let 'em fucking come!

Hat and coat off.

Stand up against the wall.

For your own safety,
I need to search you

for items that could potentially
be used as weapons against you.

Oh, that's nice.

He was my friend.

Yeah, well,
he's nobody's friend any more.

He's a fucking animal.

Laces out of your shoes.


Barney? Visitor.

This one's real.

You can wait here.

No. I can't.

It's your funeral.

- I'll have to lock you in.
- Yeah.

Hello, Barney.

Arthur says to say hello.

Sergeant Major?

You're alive?

Arthur's alive, John's dead,

Danny's dead, Freddie's dead...

...Jeremiah preaches the gospel


And I'm alive.

Them as have gone
are the lucky ones.

Thanks for the letters you send,
Sergeant Major.

Yeah, Arthur mostly writes them.
I just... just sign them.

How the fuck do you write back?
With your fucking teeth?

No, they stick the pen up me arse.

Someone in here said your name.

They said out there
you are a politician now.

Sometimes I am.

I didn't know if it was real,

I see rats coming out of bodies
like at the black wood.

The shit they give me in here...

Hey, Barney, look at me.

Barney, this here is opium
and cyanide.

It'll bring on a heart attack.

They won't even check the cause.
You won't feel a fucking thing.

So, here.

You're in here forever, brother.

You don't have the use
of your fucking hands.

You're still in the tunnels.

I can give this to you now.

Do you want it?


Why not?

I know.

I know.

You still remember...

...that French waitress.

You still going on about that, Tom?


Did you fuck her before me?
Because whoever did

gave me the fucking clap.
But I'm guessing it was you.

- Yes, I fucked her before you did!
- Yeah.

- She was beautiful.
- She was.

She was.

And I reckon

I was second best after Barney.

Why did you bring the capsule, Tom?

You're in here, Barney,

you have no hands,
there is no daylight...

...and you don't wanna die.

No, I don't.

Because one day things might change.


Things might change.

Maybe they already have.

Come here, Barney.

Come here.

What if I could break you
out of here?

Why would you break me out?

See, the trouble
with the people in here

is the fucking meds
they keep you on.

Ten years since we were back,

Barney, ten fucking years.

Maybe the storm has passed.

Passed for you, then, has it, Tom?

What would the world do with me
if I was out?

I've a job for you.



Barney, you were the best fucking
sniper in our company. Never missed.

I can use that man.

I'll get you the latest BSA,
fucking... telescopic sights.

Who am I shooting?

Fuck do you care, Barney?
Get that fucking thing off,

get you free.

- Are you all right in there?
- Grand in here.

What do you say, Barney?

I'll come for you...

...after midnight on Wednesday.

I don't keep track of days, Tom.

Don't have to.

You'll know it will be Wednesday,
cos there'll be a big fucking bang.

All right.

Big fucking bang.

Big fucking bang.

Big fucking bang.

It's fucking Wednesday!

Big bang on Wednesday!

They called from the Black Boy
in Knowle.

They'll be here any minute.

I hear you agreed
to give up the north.

I hear... there needs to be
some certainty in the south.

Some of my people were attacked
by members of the Titanic,

who've heard about a cargo.

Mr Mosley is open to suggestion

regarding who he can rely on
to offer him support in London.

Well, I would suggest

the most competent organiser
of men in the south... Alfie Solomons.

He's dead.

And he's Jewish!

And I'd say as far
as our boss is concerned,

him being dead would be less
of an obstacle

than him being Jewish.

I think he'll give London
to the Italians.

He likes Italians.

That'll mean more concessions
on your part,

but you're going to have
to accept it, tinker boy.

I like Wincanton.

It's a grand old racecourse.

And that brother of yours,

the one who left me
a hand grenade...

...he'd be the first of you tinkers
I'd go for if our truce should end

and the whistle blew.

Good. He's in the mood
for a quarrel.

We had a brush with the Titanic,

Yeah, I heard.

Yeah. Fun night. Got noisy, though.

And to think they all said I was mad
to take me dad with me, eh?

Your dad? Who's your dad?

This is my fucking dad.

Right here.

This is my fucking dad.

Where's Aberama?

He got off at Solihull.

Said if he sees Billy Boy here...

...he'll cut his fucking throat.

Tell the tinker

he's welcome to come and try it
any time.


Is it all aboard?


It's all there.

We weighed it at the wharf.

We used cockney scales.

I wouldn't trust 'em.
They're probably crooked.

- But, er, I reckon seven tonnes.
- Curly?

Put ten sacks of flour

- onto Mr McCavern's boat.
- Tom!

I-I don't think it's really flour.

I know, Curly. Just do as I say.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.


Hey, Arthur?

Someday, yes?

You and me.

Oh, Tommy, hey?

Fascists, hmm?

Look at 'em.

I fucking hate 'em.
Always have done.

But you...

You, Billy Boy...

Oh, you're special.
Y'know, I fucking like him, Tommy.

I like yer.

I do. You're a man
after me own heart.

- Someday, Mr Shelby.
- Yeah.

- Someday.
- Yeah.


You just tell me when, Tom.

You just tell me when.

So, er...

So you spoke to Barney Thomason,


Barney Thomason... gonna kill...

...Oswald Mosley,
shoot him in the fucking head.


While he's on stage.

While I'm stood next to him.

And then I will take over
as leader of the party...

...and you and Aberama can take care
of that bastard McCavern.

I had more complicated strategies
in mind for Mr Mosley.

Then he spoke badly

to my wife.

It's going to be
a busy few weeks, brother.