Peaky Blinders (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 6 - The Company - full transcript

During the fight between Goliath and Bonnie Gold events escalate. Then Audrey Changretta appears at a funeral, waving a white flag. She proposes to declare the Vendetta between her family and the Shelbys settled. And she names her price.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I just got served a black hand.

Everybody will have got one. They're coming for us all.

These men will not leave our city

until the whole family is dead.

This was all my fault. It was me that shot the old man.

John's dead because of me.

Within a four-mile radius of the Garrison

every man is a guard and a soldier for us.

We're going back. Back to Small Heath.

That's how it works. An eye for an eye.

It's called vendetta.

We are an organisation, but different. Imagine...

None of you will survive.

And how is Tommy Shelby OBE, going to stop a revolution?

Ifl getJessie Eden's trust,

she gives me the names of the instigators,

I'll give them up to the Crown forces.

I want you to help my son achieve his ambition.

You're a Peaky Blinder now, son.

We control him, run the book, control the odds.

We got a lot going on, that's all.

So it might be a good time to get around?

Mr Shelby will give you a 20% cut

if you put Goliath down in the fourth round.

So you're gonna take my boys

and you're gonna bring them to the ring as seconds.

Yeah, Tommy Shelby was right about you. Wasn't he?

# Take a walk to the edge of town

# And go across the tracks

# Where the viaduct looms

# Like a bird of doom

# As it shifts and cracks

# Where secrets lie in the border fires

# In the humming wires

# Hey man, you're never coming back

# Past the square, past the bridge

# Past the mills, past the stacks

# On a gathering storm comes a tall handsome man

# In a dusty black coat with a red right hand

# A red right hand

# With a red right hand #

Yeah, you're like me, Tommy,

you can't bear to watch a fight which has got rules.

Tommy, right, imagine...

Imagine that you could not see.

At all, you was born blind.

Then one day you open up your eyes

and you can see everything

in the world.

When before you could only

touch it or smell it.

Hmm. There it is.

The revelation.


I've had one.

Yeah, saw a beautiful house down in Margate.

Great big white building...

Monkey puzzle tree against the sky blue.

Beautiful. A piece of heaven.

Actually, you see, the way the Earth, it curves, I thought to myself,

"Alfie, what are you doing?

"What are you doing?

"Why don't you just sell every ounce of gold and sell

"every barrel of rum you got and just buy yourself some time, mate?"

I need to buy myself some time.

You're moving to Margate?

I am actually, yeah. I need to get myself some rest.

I need some rest.

Plus, the Americans are here now, aren't they?

So, that's it.

Yeah. It's been that way ever since the war, innit? The Americans.

Big fucks small.

Always, actually.


And there is a fight going on, out there, between big and small.

Big will fuck small.

Right. Margate then. Blue skies, heaven.

I will see you, Tommy.

Might appear.

Stay and watch the fight, Alfie?

No, you're all right.

I already know who wins.

Don't I?

Cheer up.

Round one!

Left, right.


Bonnie! Bonnie!

I know he's a big bastard but you got to...

- Where's Solomons?
- Apparently he doesn't watch.

Look at that corner. Look.

The men there, they don't know fighters.

I don't like it.

You feel it though, Tom, don't ya?

I feel it. We're all right.

We're surrounded by soldiers, Arthur.

Alfie's men were strip searched. We're all right.

Right, come on, Gypsy boy, let's go.

Round two!

So what did Tommy say when you told him?

He said I'd get a weekly allowance.

Oh, he can be romantic.

Course as company treasurer,

I shall be questioning that expense.

He said something like, "We've had enough death, let's have some life."


This fight is fixed, isn't it?

Poor Gypsy boy's getting battered out there.

Right. You said you have some news?

Lizzie has some news.


Well, tell her. Now!

While the men are screaming for blood.

Have a swig. You're gonna need it.

I'm up the duff.

And it's Tommy's.

How far gone are you?

If I were going to London I'd be in Coventry.

And are you carrying on past Coventry?

All the way to fucking Piccadilly Circus.

You found out whether she's having a boy or a girl, Poll?


Go on then.

It's a girl.

Call her Ruby.

Ruby Shelby.

She'll be a star in a Hollywood movie.



Hey, Linda.

Welcome to the extraordinary general meeting of the Shelby ladies club.

Is there spit on my back?

There were men out there spitting. It's fucking disgusting.

No, there's no spit on your back.

Don't let us stop you doing what you came in to do.


It's helped me get through the fucking nightmare of being stuck in this city.

Well, since you're here and you're almost family,

Lizzie's got some news.

- I'm pregnant.
- Oh?

And who's the father, have you managed to narrow it down?

Yes, it's Tommy.


You've won the raffle at last.

Yeah. She's a real Shelby lady now, Linda.

Just like you.

Right, ladies, let's rejoin our gentlemen.

And just remember, Linda,

if they spit, just spit back.

- I'll see you out there.
- All right.

Come on, Bonnie!

Put him away!

Right. Who's with me, boys?

Come get your loyalty, boy.

You still in control, Bonnie?


Then take him.

I give ya two to one!

On the big Cockney Goliath, here.

Take it or leave it, boys.

Take it or leave it, boys.

Two to one! Two to one!

Look at them men in his corner. Look.

They don't know fighters.

They don't know the fucking ropes.

It's the pills and the booze spooking you, Arthur.

Round three!

Ah, look at them. They don't stand right. They don't move right.

They don't even care if he fucking wins.

It's the fucking pills, brother.

All right?

Come on, Bonnie!

Whoo! Come on, Bonnie!

What the fuck are they laughing at?

Send her back.

Too strong.

Come on, Bonnie!

- Arthur, leave it.
- Where is he going?

Sit down and watch the fight, eh, Arthur!

Come here!

Let me do my fucking job!


Bonnie! Are you okay?

I'll give you two to one now on the Cockney.


That's it. One, two. One, two!

Come on, Bonnie boy!

Bonnie, come on, get him!

Come on!

Where are Tommy and Arthur?

Punch him!

I don't know.

Come on, Bonnie!

Come on!


You fucking bastard.


I declare Bonnie Gold the new welterweight champion...

of the Midlands South...


Yes! Bonnie!

Tommy, what's happened?

Arthur's dead.

He's dead.

Tommy, we have the other wop.

Cunt had a wire in his pockets.

Go on, Finn!

Go on, Finn!

Take his eyes, Finn.

Do it for Arthur.

Take his fucking eyes!

No. No!

Close the doors!

No one fucking leaves!

My brother is dead.

You hear me!

My brother is dead!


Hello, Michael.

There's been a change of plan.

Mr Gold will come and get you.

Arthur's dead.

Tommy, I've been trying to think of words...


Words don't work.

Michael, we're in a grave situation.

Tommy has a plan.

Instead of going to Australia,

you're going to New York.


'Cause the company has business to attend to in America.

Will I be coming back?

Train leaves in an hour, Michael.

You made a choice.

You knew I was gonna be shot

and you chose not to tell me.

I chose my mum.

When all this business is over

we'll all be free to make our own choices.

So is that it?

You get the train to Liverpool then the SS Monroe.

Boat sails tomorrow.

Now you can go.

I need an overseas connection, please.


- Tommy!
- It's all right, let her come.


Once we're all finished.

Your note talked about making terms for peace.

But my son says there are no terms.

You took my husband and my son.

We took two of your brothers.

The vendetta is done.

We say the vendetta is won.

We will take everything you have.

All your businesses,

signed over to us.

You agree to this.

Or my son will kill you all.

One by one.

The vendetta is won.

That's it.

No more killing.

Who do you think you were, Mr Shelby?

Why don't you let him know we're hereto buy his business?

Mr Solomons!

Mr Changretta's here to see you!

Come now.

My Peaky!

They say he was a captain.

Oh, yeah?

Then you might wanna tell them not to open that fucking door.

Seems Mr Solomons already left town.

So all this is mine.


You don't knock?

You don't know my new address?

Hello, Lizzie, how are you?

I know your new address, Lizzie,

because it was me who bought you the new fucking house.

Then why don't you visit it?

We have been busy.

Busy doing what?

Preparing for tomorrow.

Why, what's tomorrow?

Luca Changretta is coming to Birmingham. It's our turn.

He's already taken over Alfie Solomons, Sabini,

Titanics... All of them.

And now he's coming to take control of Shelby Company Limited.

What are we going to do about that?

We're gonna let him have it.

All that's left of the Peaky fucking Blinders.

I've had my lawyer draw up these papers.

Cover, uh, every enterprise in your possession.

Bars, restaurants, warehouses.

Every fucking thing that you've taken all these years to gather together.

You will sign them all over

to my family

or you're gonna die.

Right here.

I would've buried you all

but my mother, she, uh,

she knows you, she said.

It'll be worse for you if I let you live

and take away everything that you have.

Search him.

Especially don't trust this bitch.



Every fucking one of them.

You can sign them on your knees.

On the floor.

Get on your fucking knees and sign.

A friend of mine once said...

Big fucks small.

So I had to find someone bigger than you.

Now, you may know there are two families in Brooklyn,

who want take over your monopoly

on the import of liquor into New York.

But if they move against you in New York,

they'll start a war between the families.

But if you were to die in a vendetta

with some fucking bookmaker in Birmingham,

they could take over your business without a war.

We also contacted a businessman in Chicago.

He's also interested in moving into the liquor business in New York.

His name is Alphonse Capone.

You been talking to that fat fuck?

You see, all the blood relatives you brought with you

from New York, they're all dead, Mr Changretta.

And these men here,

they work for money, for the highest bidder.

They now have new orders.

Is that right?

Is that right?

And you, Matteo?


Very fucking...

Arthur's been injured but he's all right, Poll.

We need to make them believe that he's dead.

To everyone but you, me, and Linda,

Arthur Shelby is dead.

I've got it all worked out.

We can use his death to win this war.

Tell your people in Chicago

that Michael Gray

will sign the import licence to New York.

300 barrels of English dry gin a month.


All of ya.

Tell your boss what you saw here today.

And tell him...

You don't fuck with the Peaky Blinders.

Nice. Hey!

Listen up. Um.

Before we go and eat, I'd like to say a few words.

Last time we were all here,

it ended badly.


And now, we're in a happier place.

That's it. I'd just like to raise a toast.

Hold on.

A few words I want to say from the heart,

and this time,

you're gonna let me finish, Tommy.

Now, as you all know,

Arthur Shelby is dead.

'Cause of that,

Tommy's offered me a way out.

A new identity.

Start a whole new life for meself.

I've thought about it.

Made a decision.

I ain't fucking going nowhere.

Our enemies are gone.

Dead, all of them.

For the first time since me,

my two kid brothers,

Tommy and John,

enlisted in the Warwickshire Yeomanry,

we have peace.


I think I'd like to make a proposal

to all of you, the Shelby Company Limited,

insist that Tommy here

take some time off.

Time you took a holiday, Tom.

Put your feet up.

War's over.

No one wants to kill us.

To peace.

To peace.

I do hope you're gonna leave the dog out of this.

You were easy to find.

Yeah, well there's a good reason for that, Tommy.

Because I wanted it to be here.

I once told you, Alfie,

that for business reasons or in bad blood,

I would kill you.

I have no business reasons.

It seems you have retired.

So this is all purely for bad blood, is it, Tommy?

- Yeah.
- Right. Yeah.

Told you.

I wanted it to be here.

- You gonna look after this dog?
- No.

Right then. Well, his name is Cyril

and he'll be very upset and distressed,

so you'll need to find him someone.

- You're not armed?
- No.

Don't be daft.

The only thing I got on me

is fucking cancer, mate.


Riddled with it.

Doctor told me I might have picked it up in France in the gas or something.

He even showed me a photograph...

Alfie, stop talking.

So I said, "Margate" right, and here I am.

- Come on, Tommy.
- Alfie, look at me.

There's an honourable reason now to pull that trigger...

Alfie, look at me.

Fucking get on with it. Stop acting like a little girl.


# Jumped in the river, what did I see?

# Black-eyed angels swam with me

# A moon full of stars and astral cars

# And all the figures I used to see

# All my lovers were there with me

# All my past and futures

Mr Shelby.

Mr Shelby.

Mr Shelby.

# There was nothing to fear and nothing to doubt

Mr Shelby, you are not yourself. I should call a doctor.

It's all right, Frances.

I'll call Mrs Gray.

I know what this is...

It's just myself talking to myself about myself.

Out. Thank you.

# I jumped into the river

# Black-eyed angels swam with me

# A moon full of stars and astral cars

# And all the figures I used to see... #


Since I know you won't go yourself,

I've been to a doctor on your behalf.

No, it's all right. None of the boys know you're sick.

I'm not sick, Polly.

It starts when you stop, when you rest.

Could be nerves.

The war.

It might be the alcohol. Blue devils, they call that.

Yeah, well. Yeah.

Yeah, it's the fucking booze.

It's the booze, the booze got out and the booze got in me bones.

Lizzie wants to see you.


Tom, she's showing.

I don't want to see Lizzie, Poll.

Shit. Maybe it's in us.

It's with Shelbys.

It's in our Gypsy blood.

We live somewhere between life and death,

waiting to move on.

And in the end,

we accept it.

We shake hands with devils

and we walk past them.

Mr Shelby, you're meant to be resting.

I've learned something, Frances.

There's no rest for me in this world.

Perhaps in the next.

Them there, you pay out. This one, you have to think.

Use your fucking head, man.

Right, even money.

Whose fucking idea was it that I go on holiday?

Welcome back, Tommy. How was it? What'd you get up to?

Went fishing, played golf.

Golf's fucking boring.

Boring and easy.

Yeah, well, what's the plan?

I need you to give this toJessie Eden.

By hand.

- Yes, Mr Shelby.
- By your hand.

This will be the last job you'll do for me.

You can go to Glasgow and be with your family.

You're free.

You need to sign all of these.

So you shook hands with the devil?


And I walked past him.


I've had an idea.

Oh, fuck.

"DearJessie, now, more certainly than ever,

"I believe things must change. Things must change.

"The general strike is holding.

"We've not an hour to lose.

"Meet me."

- I've made up my mind, Jessie.
- About what?

Your cause is now my cause.

I wanna help.

The strike is holding. I want to meet the people who can take this further.

Are you serious?


I've done a lot of thinking.

Right. I'll arrange a meeting.

The operator knows my voice.

Give me the name and the number.

His name is Casey Douglas.

It's Sparkhill 453.


And he's the leader of the cell?

He's in contact with London and Moscow.


Yeah. Sparkhill 453.

You are quite a creature, Mr Shelby.

When I received your note, I wasn't sure you could deliver.

I've made contact

with a Soviet agent inside the Birmingham Communist Party.

And do you have a name?

And an address and a telephone number.

I can be of great use to you.

I can give you the name of any communist party member,

who is prepared to cross the line

into armed revolution.

We're in the fourth day of a general strike,

which appears to be holding.

Even if it fails today,

tomorrow they may succeed.


And you're offering to help ensure they never succeed.

If my cover is maintained,

I can begin to shape the movement and organise it myself.

And undermine it?

Rise through the ranks of the wider Socialist movements.

Of course. You want something in return.

What this time? A knighthood?

My proposal.

And my conditions.

For the attention of Winston Churchill?

He holds me in very high regard.

Are you serious?

Breaking up a revolutionary cell is one thing.

Given my position of influence in my home city.

I could be of much more use to you than that.

# Where have you been my blue-eyed son?

# And where have you been my darling young one?

# I've stumbled on the side of twelve misty mountains

# I've walked and I've crawled on six crooked highways

# I've been ten thousand miles in the mouth of a graveyard

# And it's a hard, and it's a hard

# And it's a hard, and it's a hard

# And it's a hard rain's gonna fall #

Ronald Carr, Conservative, 3,412.

Bernard Hall, Liberal. 4,015.

Michael Ross, Communist. 6,406.

Thomas Shelby, Labour Party.


I now declare Thomas Shelby

to be the new Labour Member of Parliament

for the constituency of Birmingham South.

# I saw ten thousand talkers whose tongues were all broken

# It's a hard, and it's a hard

# And it's a hard, and it's a hard

# It's a hard rain that's gonna fall #

# On a gathering storm comes a tall handsome man

# In a dusty black coat with a red right hand #