Peaky Blinders (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 5 - The Duel - full transcript

Tommy prepares himself as the bloody battle lines are drawn between the Peaky Blinders and Changretta. A deal is struck - with potentially devastating consequences.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
If the Italians win, they're not planning on leaving.

They're coming and there here to stay.

Intelligence services in London have sent seven officers up to Birmingham.

A t the top of their list is Ada Thorne.

Alfie Solomons runs a fighter. Says it's money for nothing.

That there, is the Southern Counties welterweight champion,

Name the day, Mr Shelby.

Stop drinking whisky. Switch to stout.

And then go and see a doctor about that baby.

Make sure Tommy keeps that Friday free.

Tell him I have an appointment for him.

You've agreed to give up Tommy to save my life.

# Take a little walk to the edge of town

# Go across the tracks

# Where the viaduct looms like a bird of doom

# As it shifts and cracks

# Where secrets lie in the border fires

# In the humming wires

# Hey man, you know you're never coming back

# Past the square, past the bridge, past the mills...

Shoot out his tyres.

And remember,

I fire the final shot.

# A tall handsome man in a dusty black coat

# With a red right hand

# Red right hand

# Red right hand

# Red right hand #

Stay inside, love.

Come on!

Go! Go! Go!

Come on.

It's all right, love. It's all right.

Come inside. Come inside. Come inside.

Listen to me. Stay inside. Don't come out.

Get away from the window.

Right. Stay inside. Stay down.

Everyone, stay indoors!

Stay down! By order of the Peaky Blinders!

Come on.

Come here.

Which way? Which way did he go?

You sure?




I know you own the cops in this dirty fuckin' town!

But you'll be dead before they get here!

Come on, me and you, Tommy.

Come on.


Stop what you're doing!


Get out of it!

Get away!

- Enough!
- What the fuck you doing here?

Saving your life. All this.

I'm a police officer, Tommy.

I'm a fuckin' police officer, right?

Doing my duty. Stopping all this!

Three bodies need cleaning up.

No. Enough.

Tell the people who live in these houses

that they are free to go about their lawful business!

Tell them that the rule of law has been restored!

Haven't you heard, Tommy? Eh?

Soldiers are coming.

Do you know, I remember the very first time you head-butted a policeman.

After you got your OBE from the King, I didn't think there'd be a next time.

What do you think you're gonna tell Arthur?

I'll tell him the truth.

They're here.


What the fuck happened today, Tom?

We all heard, shooting in Artillery Square.

Yeah, there was.

Today, I killed three men.

Now our enemies will have to act.

I suppose, they er...

I suppose they took you by surprise, did they?

No, I knew they were coming.

Just after Christmas, I received a letter

from Luca Changretta.

Offering to spare my son, if I gave up Tommy.

And I gave Tommy up.

Because that was the plan that Polly and I agreed on.

I knew that Luca, would want to pull the trigger himself.

So I used the set-up as bait to bring him in.

You're a fuckin' idiot, Tom.

Look, I didn't get Luca, but I got three.

All right? That's it. That's what happened.

- Come here, you.
- Ah, but, he's right.

I mean, I thought you'd gone soft.

- So you got three?
- Yeah, I got three.

Well, I'll drink to you, Tom. You mad bastard.


Pretty soon, you're gonna get the shakes. When your blood cools down.

Let go get a drink.

Dad, you got three what?

I got three shillings on a two shilling horse, my boy.

You come with us, eh?

Want a drink, Lizzie?

I've had a hard day.

I don't drink whisky or gin any more, Tom.

Why not?

As they say, it harms the baby.

Yes, it can only be yours.

That day by the canal, when you were fucking somebody else in your head.

Except it wasn't her who got pregnant.

Have a seat, Lizzie.

- All right, I know a woman, Lizzie.
- There are lots of woman, Tommy.

If you don't know this already, you don't know me.

I'm keepin' it.

Who's gonna run my fuckin' office?

I'll find somebody.


You better put a fuckin' advert in the paper, then.

I'm not laid up yet.

You're not gonna work with a child of mine inside of you.

Fuck. Now my hand shakes.

It's okay, Tom.

We'll be okay.

All this death, Lizzie...

It'll be good to have some life, eh?

I got three.

I know, Tom.

One of them point-blank.

A baby, little you and me.

Point-blank, Lizzie.

And he looked up at me.

You'll get an allowance, every week from the company.

Business is booming.

We'll erm... Buy a nice house, eh?

Come on, I'll drive you home.

I'm just lookin'.


- Fuck.
- Linda.

- Arthur, you scared me to death.
- Linda!

Linda, I need you to save me. I'm dying.

You're drunk. Again.

I'm drunk again.

I am drunk again.

I need you to save me.

Tell me what you said to me this morning.

Tell me... Tell me again.

Tell me.

Say it, say it, say it. Tell me.

We'll be back in our garden

before the time comes to plant anything out.

Just one winter.

Just one winter.

Come to bed, Arthur.

They're coming, boys.


No fucking way.

You've never eaten hedgehog, Michael?

I'm getting back in this car.

Michael, you're number two on Luca Changretta's hit list.

Yeah, and I'll stay in a hotel.

If you stay in a hotel, I'll know where you are.

So will the people who take you there.

So will the people who work in the hotel.

And hotels don't move around.

They don't even know where they'll be tomorrow.

They follow the patron and the crows.

And if anyone should come for you, Michael,

the Palmers and the Boswells will put up a fair fight.

Take your medicine.

- I'll take them.
- Pain killers.

The hills up there, they'll heal you much quicker.

Fuckin' witches, the lot of them.

Show some respect, Mr Gray.

They've agreed to welcome you on account of your blood.

Take your medicine.

Take the gun.

I won't be able to contact you,

till you phone me.

We'll make a plan.

Tommy says it won't be long.

Then we'll be free.

You might learn something.

Tell them your grandmother was a Gypsy princess.

Name of Birdy Boswell.

You're royalty up there, Michael.

Is that true, Mrs Gray?


Don't I look like royalty?

Well, now that you mention it, you do.

I've been cooped up in Small Heath too long.

I can smell spring in the air.

Do you know a longer way back, Mr Gold?

I know ways back, would take forever.

Get in, Your Majesty.

# When your work is o ver

# Your day is done

# Put down your hammer... #

I thought you were a busy woman.

# Into my world come #

Do you have time for this?

- Is it a buck?
- It is a buck.

Good, bucks taste better.

In this smoke, I'm 16 again.

When the police were after my dad, he used to take us out.

We'd be gone for days living on what he caught.

Oh... Do you have a sharp knife?

I heard you have second sight.

I heard that you speak with the dead.


Your wife's often around you.

She watches you.

Is she watching me now?


Your family were healers?

Yeah, long time ago.

Came back when I put my head in a noose.

It's like putting your head through a window and seeing the whole world.

Give me the rabbit.

And the knife.

You know, Polly...

I believe it's you who's kept Tommy Shelby alive all these years.

How we've kept each other alive...

That I didn't just put my head through that window.

I climbed through it.

First, I thought it was madness, but, no.

When you put your head out of that window,

you can do anything you want.

'Cause there are no rules.

'Cause there are no risks.

Now, give me the knife.

Now, come here.

I can do whatever I want

whenever the mood takes me.

And you are a strong handsome man.

And this is a beautiful place in the world.

And it is.

This time.

Let me make one thing clear, Mr Gold.

I just gave Michael a little speech

about how no one would know where to find him.

But you'd know how to get him.

If any harm comes to Michael,

you shall have me as your enemy.

And none of your knives can kill me.

Do you understand?

Oh, I understand.

Mr Solomons.


My little cousin was born blind.

As a result, I now donate a considerable sum of money to a charity

which gives dogs with eyes to blind Jews.

The chairman of the board recommends

that those of us who were blessed with the gift of sight,

and that we spend, you know, at least half an hour a day

with our eyes closed so that we may

that we may better understand the...

Well, the darkness, and erm...

Also, to increase our donations and that. Mmm.

What time is it?

Twenty-nine minutes past eight.

Right. Well, then I...

I have another minute to go, actually, but you er...

You can begin. Go on.

I'm Luca Changretta.

Oh, yeah, I know who you are. Mmm.

You are a bit of a failure, aren't you?

You come all the way over here to this country,

in order to kill Tommy Shelby,

but, I mean...

Well, he's not dead, is he? So...

- No.
- No.

He ain't.

How much time have I got left, mate?

Ten seconds.

Nine seconds.

Eight seconds.






Right. Hello.

How can I help you?

- I have a proposition for you.
- Mmm. No, it's...

I already know what do you want.

Yeah? I just want to hear you say it out loud

so that I can check how ridiculous it is.

I hear there's gonna be a little fight.

A boxing match between your boy and Tommy Shelby's boy.

- Eh? Birmingham.
- Mmm-hmm.

And the whole Shelby family is gonna be there.


And you, Mr Solomons,

you too will be there.

- Huh?
- Er, that's it.

I'll tell you what, all right?

Here's a gift. It's free.

A souvenir of your visit here.

Goodbye. Trot on. Down there is Bonny Street.

You know, they say you're a smart guy.

I mean, you already know what we want before we say it.

That's funny 'cause now I believe I know what you want

- even before you say it.
- Mmm? Mmm.

So you gonna taste it?

You're damn fucking straight, mate.

Otherwise you wouldn't still be thieving my oxygen, would ya?

Because I have 200 barrels a month, yeah?

Cleared by your people, distributed through your teams to this...

The thing is that people want gin these days.

Well, the exit is still out there, all right? On Bonny Street.


You're fucking crazy, you know that?

200 barrels, huh?

Huh. What do you think, huh?

And also, I want some cash.

Bang right, 'cause I've broken it down here,

the, uh, list of costs pertaining to the assassination of a dear friend.

All right. Now you're normal dispatch, well, is you know, £500 cost,

but you're gonna have to add another 100 to that,

because Tommy Shelby, like me, is from an oppressed people.

Then I need you to put another ton on top of that,

because his brother is a fucking animal and he will come after me.

Yeah. And then you will need to put another 100 on top of that,

because, well, you are a fucking wop, mate.


And you.

And then we have to deal with

the ugly business which I've been incredibly clear of before.

I'll need another £500, because, like I stated,

Tommy Shelby is a very, very good friend of mine.

Take all of this down there in black and white.

- All right? Crack on.
- It's okay.

Mr Solomons,

I'm gonna be very fucking clear with you.

I don't need you to kill anybody.

I have people that I trust, okay? So you're gonna take my boys,

and you're gonna bring them to the ring as seconds.

Well, in order to qualify as my seconds, right,

they will first have to qualify as being Jewish, yeah?

And in order to do that, they would have to replace

their natural Italian fucking arrogance with a Jewish air of absolute certainty.

See, my good friend Tom Shelby, he will know the difference.

These days,

back in the old country, mmm,

a lot of the, uh, you know, the Jewish peoples, they, uh,

are having to pass themselves off as Italian.

Right, well, you will have to add another ton onto your bill

for being a cunt, mate.

All right?

You will bring my men to Birmingham.

And you will circumcise them.

Yeah, you will have to circumcise them, because the Peakys will check, yeah?

Okay. Any other requests, huh?

Two hundred fucking barrels. We have a deal.


- What's the matter?
- Hmm. Well...

I said we have a deal.

And you just made a deal without a negotiation, didn't ya?


Yeah, Tommy Shelby was right about you, wasn't he?

Ada Shelby?


She was armed when we picked her up, sir, so we strip-searched her.

- That will be all.
- Yes, sir.

I apologise, Miss Shelby.

The Territorials can be overzealous.

Your men watched.

And they will be reprimanded.

They won't see Saturday.

A naked woman alone making threats against the entire British Army.

A significant indicator of character.

I'll turn my back while you dress, and perhaps we can talk.

I have a dossier on each member of your family.

I know your family's extraordinary history.

Fuck you.

I also have a totally blank page

on which together we can write your family's immediate future.

You rehearsed your speech.

A significant indicator of a lack of confidence.

- What rank are you?
- Colonel.

- May I turn?
- Not unless you want to get blinded.

I'm sorry. This has got off to a bad start.

What is "This"?

Three days ago, you were seen at a meeting

for the Stechford Communist party.

You were then seen talking to a woman called Jessie Eden.

Turn around.

I'm leaving.

And you can burn this. It's history.

Ada Shelby,

a person of interest and under the surveillance of Special Branch

since you've joined the Birmingham Communist Party in June 1919.

I'm no longer a member of the Communist Party.

I know. Irrelevant.

Most of the more active subversives

shed their official allegiances to avoid detection.

Okay. Let me explain it to you.

I'm no longer a member of the Communist Party,

because I'm no longer a believer in the cause of socialism.

Now open that door.

So in the past, you were blinded by love.


Blinded by faith.

I believed people deserve justice. They don't.

So you've arrested me because I had a drink with Jessie Eden.

Whisky with ice for you and a beer for her.

I met Jessie Eden to settle an industrial dispute.

Head of Acquisitions. So you've swapped sides.

If you know what I drink, you know what I do for a living.

Miss Shelby,

you must understand that these are extraordinary times.

General strike is certain. Attempted revolution, perhaps.

Soldiers on the streets very soon. They're already drilling.

And here stands you,

a woman with her foot in both camps.

It's potentially very useful.

Useful to who?

Maybe you should ask your brother Thomas.

Put some fucking effort into it, son. The fight's in two days.

Make use of the reach.

Get used to the long arm on him.

Get under it!

That's it. On to the corner.

Talk to me about Colonel Ben Younger.

What about him?

He's just made me a proposition.

You're in my chair.

He said you knew about it.

And remember I know when you're lying.

Ben Younger was an officer in the Warwickshire Yeomanry in Flanders.

The only cavalryman who could ride a fucking horse.

I was strip-searched.

Two soldiers watched.

I'm sorry, Ada.


The arrest was so all the neighbours would see, and word would go around.

Younger is all right.

Younger came to me for help.

- He's been given Birmingham.
- Given Birmingham. By who?

By Churchill. By the fucking King.

By people that want to stop the revolution.

No one's laughing any more, Ada.

The Home Office is making provisions.

This is part of those provisions.

And how is Tommy Shelby, OBE, going to stop a revolution?

Jessie Eden has accepted my invitation to dinner.

Oh, of course. I'm sorry.

Tommy Shelby is gonna stop the revolution with his cock.

It's not her the military are interested in.

It's the people around her.

The people like you used to be. Like Freddie used to be.

People that want an armed revolution.

If I get Jessie Eden's trust,

she gives me the names of the instigators,

I give them up to the Crown forces.

Tommy. Tommy, sweetheart,

why would a man whose medals rust

at the bottom of the Saltley Canal want to help the British military?

Because I've been offered three five-year contracts

to supply military vehicles to the British forces

in India, Ceylon, Singapore and Burma.

Total value, two million pound.

And there'll be no strikes in your factory

'cause Jessie Eden will be in your bed.

Tommy, this can only happen if you're still alive.

I'm planning on staying alive.

And if I'm dead, you can all go back to being what you were.

The British Army came to me, Ada.

I said, "Why not?"

They'll put that on your grave, Tom.

"Tommy Shelby. Why not?"

You gonna help me or not?

Other way round.

Erm, will they want music, Charlie?

We have that gramophone we found abandoned inside that gentleman's car.

No, they don't. Tommy said they're here to talk.

Charlie, Curly, this isJessie Eden.

Jessie, this is my Uncle Charlie and my... Whatever Curly is.

- This is actually lovely.
- We were just wondering

- if you'd like some music?
- No, we weren't.

- Actually, Jessie likes music.
- Don't go to any trouble.

No, Curly, go to some trouble.

Go on, then.


- Don't I get a choice?
- I want an opinion. Try it.

Don't really drink gin.

Then you're perfect. My gin is for women that don't really drink gin.

Your gin?

Let's drink to something. You chose.

To the revolution.

Why not?

To the revolution.

All right, well, since I invited you for dinner, I thought I'd cook.

These two beauties were shot this morning

by a poacher friend of mine

at Lord Packwood's estate.

I thought you'd like that. These here,

these were stolen from under his trees.

Mr Shelby, I came to talk business.


So did I.

Wage cuts withdrawn, parity between men and women guaranteed.

You can instruct your members to return to work tomorrow.

And all I have to do in return

is tell you everything I know about socialism.

That's what your sister said.

You don't like your gin?

It's okay.

It's okay.

What do you want to know about the cause?

I'm approaching the current political crisis

as I would approach a horse race.

Assessing the runners and the riders.

Now the favourite is, of course, the King's horse,

but the King's horse was also the favourite in 1913

when Emily Davison threw herself in front of it.

You know the names of Suffragettes?

I'm impressed.

Ah, everyone laughed at them at first, but now look,

women with serious faces everywhere.

When I study a horse race, I study form,

and on the other horse, the one that wants to beat the King's horse,

let's call her "Dangerous", shall we? She's no form.

- That's what makes her so dangerous.
- Russia.

- Isn't that form?
- Ah.

The Russians are not like the English. We're beer, they're petrol.

So I invited you here for dinner,

because you know people.

People that want to make this fight real with guns and ammunition.

So before I place a bet on who's gonna win,

I need to know how strong they are.

How serious they are.

Your concern is that if the unthinkable happened,

you would find yourself on the wrong side of the barricades.

Well, as you can see,

my natural side of the barricades, is the same as yours and, as you know,

I once believed...

But the war changed you?


Man I love couldn't speak when he got back.

Not one word.

I've said very few true words since.

Men who blew the whistles in France are our enemy.

And you count yourself among those who want a real fight?

I do.

- Well, well.
- Yes.

Not just in my dreams. In the day now.

And you're not alone.

I am not alone.

Well, well.

I've researched you.

We have researched you.

You've never been a friend to the government.

They've used you.

And I imagine you've found out already that no amount of money allows you

to pass through the steel sheets that separate class from class.


Yes, that I have learnt.

Men like you would terrify them.

I'm betting them, what they do.

Would I change the odds, do you think?

It's all wound up, Tom.

Erm, you just put the needle on and let it spin.

And there are some popular records, mostly romantic. Uh...

Thank you, Curly.

Food's nearly ready.

Let's eat before we dance, shall we?

So we're going to dance?

I think so.

Swear to God. Swear to God.

She gave me sixpence, she sends me to the shop,

margarine, eggs and bread, and I came back...

With a top hat and a coconut.

And that was all the money we had for the whole fucking week.

And my mum beat me with a fucking frying pan.

Why the hell did you buy a top hat and a coconut?

Because I thought she deserved it. I thought we all did.

And I could never understand

why people like us only had bread and fucking lard.

And I wanted to be different.

That's what I wanted.

And you are.


When I showed you that photo of Greta Jurossi, your face changed.

She wanted everything to be different.

The whole world.

As do I.

Shall we have some more music?

You were married, but she was killed.

Bye Bye Blackbird reminds you of your sweetheart, eh?


You want it on fast or slow?

Let's be slow. I betterjust sit. I'm drunk.

Come on.

# I'm a young girl And ha ve just come o ver

# Over from the country Where they do things big

# And amongst the boys I've got me a lover

# And since I've got a lover Why I don 't care a fig... #

Will you help us, Tommy?

Soon. Soon.

Arrange a meeting with the appropriate people,

and I'll be there.

Beanie. Come on, boy.

Get over here, you lazy bastard.

Now, what's all that, eh?

The room is, uh, clean, Mr Shelby.

Right. Lock it all down.

All right, boys. Lock her down.

No weapons. No admission if you've any weapons.

You're good. Go on.

Go on!


Can I open the book, can I?

Right. Open it up.



Now you listen to me. You put all your money on the Gold.

You hear me? Let's fucking fine dine.

Oi, Jacko.

Come on, boys, and place your bets with me!

HonestJohnny Dodds.

The only show in town

in order of your special constable brothers,

the Peaky fucking Blinders.

Bonnie boy!

There we go, boy.

Bring out that fucking tiger, eh? Go on.

Tiger's already out.

Fair enough.

Bonnie, Mr Shelby will give you a 20% cut

if you put Goliath down in the fourth round.

Been caged up too long, brother.

If the women are going to have fun, so am I!

# On a gathering storm comes a tall handsome man

# In a dusty black coat with a red right hand #