Peaky Blinders (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 1 - The Noose - full transcript

It is Christmas and Tommy Shelby receives a letter that makes him realize that he and every member of the family are in danger. He knows that it is time for the family to bury their differences and face the enemy together.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -



The chief constable of Birmingham has issued a warrant for your arrest.

I've made a deal with people even more powerful than our enemies.

Trust me, brother.


What is it, Sunday?

There's been a mistake.

There's an appeal process underway that doesn't begin until January.

I want to see my lawyer, Mr Patrick.

Stop! This shouldn't be happening!

Get your hands off me!

All right! I'm John Shelby!

.. clean up when I come back. When I come back I gotta be clean.

Whatever I said, whatever I decided.

Whatever I decide...

Michael? Michael?


- Arthur!
- John!

Where's Tommy?

- Arthur! Arthur!
- No!


Arthur, you have to call the King.

- About what?
- About this.

This is the case of a family of Birmingham gangsters

on trial for murder and sedition.

Why would the King intervene?

The leader of the gang, Thomas Shelby.

He claims his family was caught up in a wider conspiracy.

He names Winston Churchill.

- You woke me up for this?
- And he also sent us this.

How the fuck did a Birmingham racketeer

get his hands on a personal letter written by King George?

During a robbery at Hampton Court,

Shelby discovered a box of correspondence.

Among the papers he stole was that letter from the King himself,

which proves his Majesty was involved.

Oh, utter fuck.

If his family walks free,

then he will burn the papers in my presence.

When are they due to hang?

Today. This morning in Winson Green prison.

Why the hell didn't you bring it up before?

The plan was for the Lord Chamberlain

to intervene at the appeal

but late last night some localjudge brought the executions forward.

Oh, my giddy aunt.

Put me through to His Majesty.

Well, wake him up!

In the bleak midwinter.

In the bleak midwinter.

Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done...

Help, Lord Jesus,

with this rope pull me up to heaven.

I see your face shining down on me.

# No heaven, no hell, no innocence

# No heaven, no hell, no innocence

# No heaven, no hell, no innocence

# No heaven, no hell, no innocence

# No heaven, no hell...


# No heaven, no hell, no heaven...


# No heaven, no hell No heaven, no hell

# No heaven, no hell #

Also, sir, in return for burning the King's letters

Thomas Shelby has asked for something else.

Inclusion in this year's New Year's Honours List.

Thomas Shelby has asked for the King to award him an OBE, sir.

# Take a little walk to the edge of town and go across the track

God bless. Merry Christmas.

# Where the viaduct looms like a bird of doom

# As it shifts and cracks

# Where secrets lie in the border fires

# In the humming wires

# Hey man, you know you're never coming back

# Past the square, past the bridge Past the mills, past the stacks

# On a gathering storm comes a tall handsome man

# In a dusty black coat with a red right hand #

Not going home for Christmas, Mr Shelby?


So, Maria or Clara?

Or Elizabeth?

It's Christmas.

Someone new, Billy.

I've wrapped all Charlie's presents and left them in the room.

What did I get him?

Toy horses, toy cars, toy guns.

You're due at the Singer factory at eight tomorrow, not eight thirty,

there's a union problem.


And the driver will take you home.

I'll drive meself.

Goodnight Lizzie, have a good Christmas.

- I'll have a vodka tonic.
- Yes, ma'am.

Tommy, I've had Christmas cards from John, Arthur, Ada, Michael and Polly.

And an invitation,

New Year's.

Party atJohn's house.

A party at John's big house, good for him.

Ada's coming back from Boston for it.

I know.

It was me who gave her the time off.

Why don't you come? Just turn up, bring Charlie,

bring a lump of coal, first footing.

Dark-haired man crosses the threshold to bring good luck for the new year.


The babies will make everybody okay, babies stop everything.

Can't pull a razor with a baby there, not even Esme.

Just come.

See what happens.

Tommy, you've never even seen Arthur's kid, norJohn and Esme's.

Your drink, madam.

Thank you.


Who did you get for me?

- Theresa.
- I said someone new.


Do it for Charlie.

Charlie should know his cousins.

I'll get Charlie a real horse, Lizzie.

Not a toy, a thoroughbred.

And on Christmas day it'll be just you and Charlie.

And the horse.

Can't live like this another year.

Sex, freedom, whiskey sours.

Which one should I give up first, Lizzie, eh?

I got you something.

Merry Christmas.

# If only I didn't want the world I wouldn't make you feel so sad

# I'm sure my shame would be gone Is it human to adore life?

# If only I'd hidden my lust And starved a little bit more

# If only I didn't ask for more Is it human to adore life?

# I adore life

I told you you didn't need to come on Christmas Eve,

I could've dealt with it.

Yeah, like you dealt with it at the pressings factory.

Well, this is the same problem.

Same fucking union convenor.

Area convenor for the boiler makers union has got involved with something

that could've otherwise been fixed with a drink and a bribe.

- A wire cutting shop?
- Hmm,

and all the wire cutters here are women,

that's why the union convenor thinks they're being underpaid.

Well, tell him

there are no men in the cutting shop so there can be no comparatives.

- It's a woman.
- What is?

The union convenor causing all the trouble.


Her name'sJessie Eden.

- You heard of her?
- Yeah.

Do you want me in the meeting?




sometimes I have a sniff of snow, so what?

How's your mother?

I drove past her house, the drainpipe was hanging off.

Look, the cocaine keeps me awake.

Very long hours these days and when I do sleep

I dream about what happened.

I wasn't asking about you, Michael, was I?

I was asking about your mother.

Since she was pardoned she's been on these fucking tablets

the doctor gave her when she was in the prison.

She says that when she was inside the noose

she saw spirits.

She's running séances

but people just come into the house to steal things.

- Tommy, it's bad.
- All right, all right.

All right, listen to me, Michael.

The spirits she sees...

are real.

Believe they're real.

Believe it with her.

And eventually,

you can take the remembered noose

from around her neck,

like a horse that's been choked off.

Keep her off whiskey,

throw away the tablets,

and stop giving her fucking snow.

Fuck, Tommy, sounds like family advice.

You coming back?

Nothing to come back to.

Truth is they're all fucked.

The lot of them.


Find out about that woman, Jessie Eden.

Don't let your mother keep cash in the house. And oi,

no cocaine on the registered premises.

Did you see they all came?

Yeah, I saw you at the back.

It's funny they don't notice.

Oh, my sweet.

Oh, my heart.

Crushed to death in the canal...

but back home again.

It's so beautiful.

Inside the loop.

Inside the merry loop.

For fuck's sake.

Fucking birds.


Come on.

# Salvation

# Alas Salvation

# Gilded lily nest of vipers never ever did invite us #

Thought we lost you to the great white way of Broadway.


Well, this beats Watery Lane, John.

Does it? Here, take a seat, I'll grab the kids.

No, it's all right,

I'm not stopping.

Just wanna drop those presents off for tomorrow.

I don't want words on Christmas Eve.

Well, it's my house, you're welcome.

It's okay, I'm staying with Polly.

Huh, she's in a bad way.

Mm. I'll bring her to her senses.

- Michael's already tried that.
- I'll get through to her.

You still gonna come to the party on New Year's Eve?

Yeah, who else is coming?

Arthur, Linda.

Hello, Esme.

Who paid for your car and driver, Ada?

Shelby Company Limited.

Nice car, treats you well,

his last little pet.

Look, this visit is meant to be about making things all right.

John had a rope around his neck, he shit himself.

All right, Esme, that'll do, yeah.

Go on, go in the kitchen.

Take the cars back to the money.

Anyway, there's your presents.

How's Arthur?

Uh, for Christmas get him a sewing kit,

so he can sew his fucking balls back on.

Maypole 245.

Hello, Esme.

There you go, look, couple of eggs, eh, two eggs.

Off you go.

Arthur, be careful with Billy in there, there's a cock.

Yeah, I will.

And don't smoke that near him.

All right.

Get out of it.

Esme called to say Ada's on her way over.

Did you hear that, Billy boy?

Your auntie Ada's coming, all the way from America.

Bye, chickens.

Oh, we dropped an egg, look.

We dropped an egg, Billy boy.

Give him the hell he gives us, Miss Eden.

# Take a little walk to the edge of town and go across the tracks

# Where the viaduct looms like a bird of doom

# As it shifts and cracks

# Where secrets lie in the border fires and the humming wires... #

Excuse me. This is the gents' lav.

You don't have a women's lavatory on the second floor,

because no women get this far up.

If you don't have a women's lavatory I can't go to it, can I?

# On a gathering storm comes a tall handsome man

# In a dusty black coat with a red right hand #

You say there is a disparity in pay based on sex.

The male wire cutters in the Rover factory,

a mile and a half down the road

are paid ten shillings a week more than the female wire cutters here.

Different factories, different rates.

But both factories are owned by you, Mr Shelby.

Not in your own name, of course,

in the name of Arrow House Holdings.

You own the Manchester Car and Van Factory

in the name of Tilton Company Limited,

the Billings Machine tools factories at Hay Mills and Greet

in the name of Stechford Engineering.

The Bilstone Forgings and Presses Factory in the name of Canalside

and the canal warehousing in Gas Street.

Saltley in Cadbury in the name of Shelby Company Limited,

also 255 streets of back to back houses.

Very good.

Very good.

So this isn't about women and men, it's about me, eh?

Tommy Shelby, OBE. No, it's not about you.

It's about disparities.

It's about ten shillings a week for working mothers

so they can buy shoes for their kids.

- Never had shoes meself.
- So now you deny others?

And barefoot I grew up mean.

Oh, I know.

Oh, yeah, you know everything.

- Your turn of phrase...
- Is unacceptable?

You grew up mean you say. Threat in there I think somewhere.

No threats.

The whole of Birmingham knows you, Mr Shelby.


whatever you've heard

I don't need to make threats.

My comrade brothers and sisters...

Your brothers and sisters! All right, listen,

I will conduct myself as a businessman.

Who says sweetheart.

You say there's a ten shilling disparity between male and female cutters

in two of my factories.

Very well.

I will increase the pay of the female cutters

in this factory by five shillings

and I will cut the pay of the male cutters

in the Rover by five shillings,

thereby achieving your sacred fucking parity.

And I will tell the men

with families to feed

whose idea it was to cut their pay.

You do that, I will bring all my members out on strike.

Oh, yeah? A week after Christmas, you think so?

You know, everything you've said here today

and the fact that we're having this meeting today

tells me that you're a woman without a family.

And everything I hear about you tells me you're a man without a family as well.

My comrade brothers and sisters are not afraid of you, Mr Shelby.

I will call an extraordinary meeting of my executive committee

as soon as Boxing Day.

You will hear the whistles blow all across Birmingham.

I've heard lots of whistles blow, sweetheart.

The post has arrived, Mr Shelby.

I'm sorry to keep asking

but chef needs to know how many for dinner tomorrow.

He's new,

he's foreign, he gets very upset.

Right. Well, you tell chef

there'll be 27 guests for Christmas dinner tomorrow.


- Family?
- Yep.

I thought Charlie could do with some company

so I asked Johnny Dogs if he knew anyone who liked to eat goose

and he said he knew 26.

Tell chef I want ten geese, a buck cut into steaks,

some trout from the river,

fetch whisky, brandy and wine from the cellar, best we have.

There will be children?

Lots of children.

With Johnny's tribe, new ones might be born on the floor,

so have... have mops and buckets ready, eh?

And I want you at the table, Frances, so make it 28.

I will be busy.

You've put up with me this past year,

looked after Charlie when I've been on business,

tomorrow you will eat at my table.

Things will get better, I think, next year.


Gets much warmer than here in the summer, much colder in the winter.

I knew it.

But parts of it are just like Birmingham.

Yeah. Shit and smoke the same everywhere.

Hmm. What about you, Linda? You working?

I've been seeking work as a teacher.

- Teacher.
- Hmm, but you know,

it's quite difficult. The Shelby name is always in the papers.

And, uh, what do you get up to all day, Arthur?

As you know Arthur's previous endeavours have left us with no need for a salary.

Arthur occupies his time in the garden,

doing voluntary work.

He drives old people and cripples.

- Oh.
- Yeah, well, something to do.

I wanna open a garage.

- Someday.
- Fixing cars, you know?

Sometimes cars attract ambitious men.

Yeah, but...

- I like fixing cars.
- Hmm.

I'll go.

I got it.

Maypole 244.

Arthur, have you checked your post?

I just got served a black hand.

I just got delivered a black fucking hand to the house

from Luca Changretta.


Jesus Christ!

Wait a minute, John, which one's Luca?

The old man's oldest son.

He was gonna get done for killing a bank clerk in a robbery.

So his old man sent him back to New York.

You know what the black hand means among the wops, Arthur?

It's Mafia shit.

The Sicilian fucking Mafia.

Just check your post, Arthur.

Arthur, I was just leaving.

No, you're not.

I need... I need to talk to you.

- Arthur?
- It's all right, Linda.

Stay here. Ada, please?

Linda, you stay here.

Did you say Mafia?

Esme, I need to make a call.

- No.
- I need to make a fucking call.

- Give it here!
- What the fuck is this?

- Give it here!
- Tell me what the fuck it is.

- Give it here.
- What is it?

It's from Luca Changretta, All right? We killed his dad.

I remember.

It was Tommy who killed him.

It was fucking... Arthur pulled the trigger.

All right, it was mercy, but it was Arthur.

Anyway, it makes no fucking difference.

For the wops it's family.

The black hand came here, everybody will have got one.

They're coming for us all.

We made an agreement.

We made a solemn promise.

We're the family now.

Here, look at that.

That's from Changretta's son, Luca.

How the fuck he knows where I live, eh?

And why has he waited a year?

I'm gonna see Tommy next, I'll talk to him.

I've been served a black hand

and she won't even let me keep a fucking spud gun in the house.

Go to a hotel.

It's Christmas Eve, Ada.

I've got a gun in the glove compartment, you take that for now.

I'll talk to Tommy and have him call,

just make sure you get to the phone first.

- Yeah.
- Now,

hug me like you came out here 'cause you were emotional.

I am emotional.

I just don't know what fucking emotion it is.

It'll be okay. I'll talk to Tommy.

You talk to him.

You and me both, brother.


You wait there.

You won't leave empty-handed, here you go, look.

Some eggs, you get them to Polly, all right?

And you, keep your eyes on the road.

- Take care.
- Mm.

Who was on the phone, Arthur?

John, wishing me Merry Christmas.

Come inside,

it's getting late.


Take off the hat.

Are you with those other Italians?

We're Americans,

says it right there on the paper.


And what's the purpose of your visit?


Mum? It's me.

- Left the door open.
- To change the air.

I told you I was busy today, what do you want?

Why haven't you opened your post?

Tidied up.

Ada's coming today.

She's late.

Tommy asked about you today.

I hope Ada's car hasn't broken down.

Shelby Company Limited still using Bentleys?


Bentleys are no good in the cold. You should tell him.

I will.

Any other messages for Tommy?

Yeah, fuck off.

He saw that your drainpipe was broken.

He's worried.

Is that it? Is that all he asked about, drainpipes?

No, he said that I'm to accept that you have a gift.

That you've always had a gift.

What gift?

Second sight.

Spirits, all that gypsy stuff.

He said that I'm to believe you.

You think I don't hear his voice in yours?

You don't think I recognise his strategies?

- I'm still a match for him.
- Yes,

you are.

And you still can be.

Me and Lizzie decided

that this new year we're all to turn a page.

You can't spend another year like this, Mum.



Word is like a bullet to me.

See your sister in that chair sometimes.


me and Lizzie decided.

It's time.

I bought these. One for you and Ada...

One for you and me.

So Tommy said, keep her off the whisky?

I'll drink champagne

the day my son leaves the employment of Shelby Company Ltd.

You tell him that next time he mentions fucking drainpipes.

Right, now, this is your job, Charlie.

Now, give those to Santa,

and Rudolf.

Good boy.

Leave this out for Santa, that's whisky.

Now, night-night. Merry Christmas.

I'll see you tomorrow. All right? Sleep well.

Come on, Charlie.

Mr Shelby, it's your sister.

I know. Send her in.

I've had a card, Ada. I'm guessing Arthur and John have had one as well.

"Hello, Tommy." "Hello, Ada, welcome home."

"Thanks, it's nice to be back."

I've spoken to Moss.

Moss says that Changretta is a soldier for the Spinetta family,

which means that he'll have men with him, professional men.

They usually operate in units of around ten.

Moss is checking Cunard records to see if they're already in England.

This one's for you.

What is it, a time machine?

My God, Tommy Shelby, is that regret?

I'll open it tomorrow.

So, boss, in light of the changed circumstances, what are your orders?

Changretta knows where we all live.

If we stay out in the open, isolated, he'll pick us off one by one.

We need to be together in a place even they won't dare to come.

You mean, back home?

Within a four-mile radius of the Garrison,

every man is a guard and a soldier for us.

I'm calling a family meeting.

Charlie Strong's yard, Boxing Day.

Finn's already there.

You tell Polly and Michael, I'll deal with John and Arthur.

And Esme and Linda?

Anyone who wants to live to see another Christmas

needs to come where it's safe. These bastards will kill kids as well.

When this business is finished we can...

go our separate ways.

Go and see Polly and explain. She'll have had a card as well.

Do you think I'm on the list?

We're all on the list, Ada.

I gave my gun to Arthur.

Welcome home.


Holy shit.

- It's Father Christmas.
- Yeah.

And if you're good

you get what you deserve.

Fucking come here, you.


Yeah, put me through to Maypole 245.

- Hello?
- Arthur, it's Tommy.

Be quick, they're asleep.

Family meeting, Charlie's Yard, Boxing Day, midday.

I can't raise John but I'll send Michael to get him.

If you have to pull a gun on Linda, do it.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Tom.

What did you do with them?

My tablets were in the bathroom cabinet. What did you do with them?

I threw them in the lavatory.

- Tommy's orders?
- No. My own decision.

How am I gonna get through Christmas without them? They close everything.

How am I gonna get through Christmas without them?

- I'll help you.
- They don't open anything.

Fucking no apocethary, nothing.

You can move in with me and I'll help you.

How am I gonna get through fucking Christmas,

without... without anything?

You can move in with me and I'll help you.

Fuck off. Fuck off. Fuck off, Thomas Shelby. Fuck off.

It's all right, it was me. I just want you to stop, just stop.

- I just want the tablets.
- This has got to stop!

Tommy said to believe in spirits with you but I can't.

Hello, Polly. Hello, Michael.

Merry Christmas.

Door was wide open.


I spent the whole day tidying up, I wanted it to be nice.

I wanted it to look nice.

All right, Poll, it's only me.

It's okay. It's okay, we can sit.

Sit and talk, we'll put things back together. It's okay.

- I'll leave you two to it.
- No, you stay.

Now listen, something's happened.

Things have changed.

Today, everyone in the family

received one of these.

- What does it mean?
- Tommy's called a family meeting.

He wants you both to come.


I'm really sorry to bother you again, sir,

but chef insists on knowing what time the guests will arrive.

Frances, for the last time,

it's Johnny Dogs,

they're gypsies,

they're camped down by the river.

When they're ready they'll walk up. All right?

- He says it's about preparation, sir.
- What is?

He's asked specifically,

will they arrive before the King's speech or after?

You said he was new, this chef.

- When did he join us?
- October.


And he's foreign?

- He's Italian, sir.
- Oh.

He's the best chef we've ever had in the house.

No shouting or swearing or blaspheming.

- Do we know his references?
- Yes.

The only problem has been his assistant.

What assistant?

He brought an assistant with him, he calls him his sous chef.

Are they still working, Frances?

They'll be there till midnight, sir.

All right, thank you. Goodnight, you can go to bed.

Merry Christmas, sir.

And I thought about your offer,

I'd be happy to sit at your table.

All right, thank you.

Mr Shelby.

What's your name?

- Max, Mr Shelby.
- Max.

It's all right, don't get up.

Oh. Sorry, sorry, sir.

You knew I'm Mr Shelby?

Hello, sir.

I haven't taken time to introduce myself.


What have you done that's so wrong, eh?

Excuse me?

Sous chef, peeling potatoes?

It's an emergency, late notice.

Oh, late notice.

All right.

All right, carry on.


Here, £10.

For the late notice.

You wanted to know if my guests would arrive

before or after the King's speech.

- Eh?
- Yeah.

It'll be after.

How are you?

Just... worried about tomorrow.

Yeah, I'm worried about Antonio.

He's been here two months and we've not met before, it's my fault.

I've been busy.

Thomas Shelby.

- My hand has blood.
- Oh, mine too.

Hey, how much do you pay Antonio?

I forget.

Must be a lot.

I just gave him £10,

didn't mean a fucking thing to him.

Maybe it isn't you that pays him.

I've been reading up on you.

Bertorelli, Claridge's.

You used to work in a place called San Marco's...


on Fleet Street.

I used to know the man that owns San Marco's.

A man called Darby Sabini?

- I've never met him.
- No.

Maybe your, um, assistant...

Antonio, maybe he's met him.

Here's how it is.

- Antonio was sent from New York?
- I don't know, please.

Darby Sabini facilitated.

He passed him onto you, told you to bring him into my house,

threatened to kill you if you didn't do it.

Do you want me to dress you like you dressed that fucking stag?

Please, don't...

- You know about me?
- Mmm-mmm.

All right.

- You know what I do?
- Mmm.

You wanted to know when my guests would arrive

'cause Antonio needed me alone.

He's an assassin, the plan is to kill me tomorrow.

I don't know.

They just said bring him here.

Well, bring him here.




You're a black hand!

You're a black hand!

How many came from New York? Eh? How many fucking came from New York?

What did he say? Is that a curse or a number, what did he fucking say?

What did he fucking say?

- He said fuck you.
- Yeah?

Black hand means kill or be killed.

You go back to London,

you tell Darby Sabini

he picked the wrong side in this war.

Once we've dealt with the Americans we're coming for him.

Go on, go.

Go. Oi!

You tell anyone else, I'll come and find you.

Arrow 335.

The Hare and the Hounds pub.

Robert, yes, it's Mr Shelby.

Merry Christmas to you too.

Robert, is there a gypsy in the public bar playing the fiddle for shillings?


can you, uh,

can you tell him I need to speak to him? Thank you.

Oh, fuck, Tom.

I thought your sporting days were over.

Yeah, so did I, they keep coming back at us.

There's a black stallion in the stables, he's invisible at night. Use him.

Take the body across the river to the rough ground.

- Burn him?
- No. This one's a message.

Will there still be geese for dinner?

- Only if you can steal 'em on the way.
- On the way where?

We're going back, Johnny.

Back to Small Heath.

Back where you belong.

Merry Christmas, you can keep the stallion.

Christ the fucking night.

Michael, they're coming today. No, Michael, shut up and listen.

Gotta get everyone out, get Polly and Ada to Charlie's Yard.

I've told Arthur but I can't reach John.

When you've dropped Polly and Ada, go to John's place and get him out.

All right?

- Is it Christmas?
- Not just yet. But let's go, eh?


Come on! Move.


Oh, fuck, it's you.

Got nothing better to do on Christmas morning?

Tommy wants everybody at Charlie's Yard now, come on.

Get in! Get in!

What's gonna happen, mate, it's fucking Christmas.

Look, John, we don't have time for this.

- All right? Just come to the meeting.
- Just come in the house, have some food.

- Hey.
- Tell Tommy Shelby

we can look after ourselves.

Tommy says that they could come for us today.

Tommy says, Tommy says. Are you his fucking parrot?

Look, it's the Mafia, all right?

This is the New York Mafia we're talking about.

And we're the Peaky fucking Blinders.

No, we're not, John.

We're not the Peaky fucking Blinders unless we're together.

We were together in the gallows

with one man missing.


John, come to the meeting. All right? Think about the kids.

Come to the meeting and if you want to leave, then fine.

No. It's Christmas day,

we're the family now, we're staying at home.

- Get in the fucking house!
- Esme.