Peaky Blinders (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 6 - Episode #3.6 - full transcript

As Tommy prepares to commit the most audacious crime of his career, an unexpected blow forces him to face his worst fears in a race against time.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
"A factory break-in," that's what you said.

We should never have got into this, Tom.

On the night of June 21st,

a general strike will be called across the city.

How do we know this foolish man

will hand over the diamonds when we're done?

We don't. But that's another business.

When this business is done, it will all be over.

And afterwards,

you and Arthur can begin your new life.

So there are three cellars underneath the house.

There's a tunnel here that runs

from the house, underneath the river, to an underground strong room.

We need our tunnel to run from here and hit the strong room, direct.

I need to speak to you about the Priest.

I will shoot him myself, Tommy.

I swear to God, if my son pulls the trigger,

I will bring this whole organisation down around your ears.

Welcome to the opening of the Grace Shelby Institute

for non-insured children of the poor.

I would very much like you to join me in thanking the man

that made the founding of this establishment actually possible.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Mr Thomas Shelby.


Come on, speech!


Say it, Tom. Say it to 'em!

Erm, I didn't come here today to make a speech, but I will say this.

These children are now safe.

In our care, they will be safe.

Because we are from the same cold streets as they are.

And in our care, they won't be shipped away to the colonies,

or separated from kin,

or made to work for men in their various ways.

They will grow up here, at home...


in Birmingham.

Because this is our city.

By order of the Peaky Blinders.


Now let us sing Immortal, Invisible.

You hear that, Grace?

The absence of my invitation for this event

was obviously an oversight on your part, Mr Shelby.

Look, I have the keys. I have allocated myself an office.

Just there, two doors in from the street,

it's the one that already has the stove and the crucifixion on the window.

Mr Shelby?

It is the one that has the crucifixion on the window in orange and red,

that will be my office.

And I will take them to Saint Aloysius for confession.

You do understand these keys are part of our broader arrangement?

In the next 24 hours, you will do exactly as you have been instructed.

You will not deviate, you'll not fail.

Come on, little fellas.


The, uh...

The Lord Mayor would like you to come and eat cake and drink some tea.

Tommy says, "Mingle and smile."

It must be the trains.

No Ruben?

Do you know any other guests from London who have not turned up?

Some, I think. Yes.

Pol, I'm paid by the company now, so I have to talk to other people.

So you have moved from horses to automobiles in just four years?

When you ship to New York you pay a higher dock duty.

You should consider coming with us through Boston.

I just spoke to johnny Dogs. He said the tunnel's hit heavy clay.

- It's slowing him down.
- How long?

Two days before they hit the wall.

Tell him to dig a sinkhole to drain the clay.

He's asked if you could go down and have a look yourself, Tom.

I told him, wild horses wouldn't get you down.

- Hmm.
- Yes.

Mr Shelby, I'd just like to say that I wish I had met your dear wife

before she was taken from us.

And I would like to allocate an hour a day of each of my lady's time

to make winter clothes for the little ones.

Speak to my secretary, Ms Stark, in the grey hat. She knows my diary.

Fuck me, Tom. I don't know how you do it.


- Mr Shelby?
- Yes?

Aw. Your little boy looks so much like you.

He does, yes. He's a little rascal, isn't he?

Mr Shelby, would it be too inconvenient to steal you for a moment?

No, no. No inconvenience at all.

Tommy, I am sorry. He wants you.

- Aw, come here, Charlie.
- There's Daddy.

Oh, little boy.

So lovely to see a man willing to hold his child in public.

From the members of

- the Moseley War Widow's Institute.
- Ooh, watch this!

Made by Mr Winslow himself of Winslow Castings.

Look at that!

From a photograph of your horse that ran at the derby.

Oh, that is very kind.

- Thank you very much.
- Grace's Secret.


Would you mind holding it for us

so that we can have a photograph for the gazette?

Hey, hey, hey.

Oh, thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.

Thank you, Mr Shelby.

- Not at all.
- Thank you.

Thank you for your time, ladies.

Thank you. Thank you for your time. Thank you. Thank you.

Where's Charles, Ada?

I gave him to you.

- Where is he?
- I don't know.


- Have you seen Charlie?
- Eh?

- I haven't seen him.
- I don't know.

He is playing, ain't he?

Pol, where's Charles?

Lizzie, where is Charlie?

- I don't know.
- Where is he?

Back Door. Kitchen.

Get to Blake Street, where the cars are.

Tommy! Someone said they saw a nurse take him through the back door.

- Fuck.
- What nurse?

I don't know. Go.

- Arthur.
- What?

Somebody said they saw a woman and a kid getting into a car.

Ah, fuck!





- Where is he?
- John.

- Arthur.
- Go find Moss.

- Arthur, where is he? Where is he?
- Junctions, block them all off.

- Tell me.
- Someone took him.

All right.

Hey, listen to me! They put him in a car.

They put him in a car and drove south.

We've got roadblocks and spotters.

I'll set up shop and put every man we have

- on the junctions from here to Maypole.
- Yeah. Yeah. Right. You do that.

- But you have got to go to the office.
- Yeah.

You've got to sit by the phone.

- Whoever took him is going to call.
- Right. Of course.


Let's go, Pol.

Stay by that phone. Me and John will cover the roads.

I need Michael at the Maypole junction.

I need Moss to block all the roads south.

Give me Moss. Gone where?

- Tommy...
- It's them.

- Who?
- It's fucking them.

Look, it might just be some random woman.

- Because sometimes women go mad...
- No, it is them.

Did you break the phone?

He broke the phone.

It's all right, we have got another phone.

- Tommy?
- Ada?

There's someone outside, a priest.

Stay here, Pol, stay here. Don't do anything.

We have your son. Get in the car.


Is he safe?

Of course he's safe.

All children are dear to me.

You have all the cards.

Tell me what you want me to do and I will certainly do it.

You ever drive one of these beasts?

I am asking you to conduct business.

Of course, I borrowed it.

Lent it by a Lord for the duration of this business.

I will certainly do what you need me to do with no complaint.

We were forced into doing this awful thing.

We did warn you that your son would be in danger if you deviated from the plan.

It was you who made a mistake.

- You understand?
- Yes.

What mistake did you make? Do you even know?

Tell me what you want me to do.

- You made a deal with our enemies.
- I will do what needs to be done.

You went behind our backs to stop the Soviets from blowing up the train.

But it's all right. It's all right.

We've rectified your mistake.

You ask me, "What do I need to do?"

Well, here is what you need to do, you fucking mongrel, you...

Since the Bolsheviks will not be blowing up the train,

you will blow up the train yourself.

It has always been about the explosion

from the beginning. The bang. The outrage.


Those are notes and fragments for you to scatter in the wreckage,

implicating named officials from the Soviet Embassy.

I will scatter them. It will be done.


Our friends at The Times and the Daily Mail will do the rest.

And once the British government

cuts diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union,

that will be our mission accomplished.

You would have been part of a fine adventure.

To help with the outrage, we need people to die in the explosion.

How many?

Let's say... six.

Rail workers, perhaps, men from the factory.

And I want my son returned to me within an hour of the explosion.

Oh, it's conditions now, is it?

We need to fix the handover in advance.

I haven't finished with you yet, Mr Shelby.

We also hear that you are digging a tunnel.

Mining for precious stones under Wilderness House.

I'm told they have a Faberg? in the strong room.

The Lilies of the Valley Egg made in 1898.

One of the Odd Fellows has a wife who's obsessed with Faberg?.

He wants to give her the egg for her birthday.

Then he will have it.

And the Economic League will take all of the jewels that you steal,

to cover our considerable expenses.

The fight against Communism is not cheap you know.

- So if you want to see your...
- I will give you all the jewels.

A bang first.

Then bring everything that you have stolen to your office at dawn.

No. No, I'm, uh...

I'll not be able to get the jewels to you by dawn.

The tunnel has hit clay.

If the St. Andrew's clock strikes 5:00 a.m. on the night of the robbery

and we don't have everything that we asked for,

the bell will be tolling for your boy.

Now get out of my fucking car.

- Where's Linda?
- With Esme.

Esme's water broke.

I was just with her. Running around, fucking broke her water.

- Where is Finn?
- Out with the young ones,

looking for the Riley. We couldn't reach him.

I need to know who spoke.

Our enemies know everything. Everything.

I need to know who spoke about business outside of the family.

I need to know who spoke and who they spoke to, now.

- Tommy, listen, uh...
- Your wife, Arthur?

I am going to tell myself that you are not thinking straight.

Your mind is not clear.

Or Esme getting cash for cocaine, eh, John?


All of a sudden, back in the family, Ada.

Eh? That is a surprise. Out of the blue.

On whose orders?

Tommy, this is not helping find him.

And you and your painter.

You said he knows you.

Things developed. You talked.

If anyone has talked about the tunnel to anyone else,

I need to know, and I need to know this second.

- What about your clay kickers?
- Hmm.

Drunk in a pub.

I'd trust those men with my life.

- More than you trust us?
- Yes.

As of an hour ago, yes.

Why is Michael not in this fucking line-up, anyway?

- You leave Michael out of this.
- Oh, yes?

- No, he should be here.
- I fucking don't even know him.

And I have only fucking known him for fucking three years.

No, he is not going to be your whipping boy.

I don't even fucking know the boy.

I never told Michael about the Lilies of the Valley.

The only people I told about the Faberg? eggs are in this room.

Tommy, I want you to know that I came back for love...

and common sense.

And Esme's got no need for extra cash.

And you bring my wife into this,

means we speak when this business is done.

John, Arthur,

I need 50 sticks of BSA dynamite and 300 yards of cable

and six detonators by midday tomorrow.

And this is evidence. I need you to scatter it.

We're blowing up a train, and people are going to die.

Ruben and I talked about many things.

But not that. Not ever.

Tommy, I'm sorry I'm late.

We looked everywhere, all the way up to Hay Mills.

We saw nothing.

Put four cans of petrol in the boot of my car and bring it round.

Put cigarettes and a lamp in the box.

And fetch Michael. I need him.

Ada told me he gave you red wine.

I imagine you can't remember half of what you talked about.

He was never interested in business.

He came to you at my wedding.

He pursued you. Sought you out.

Why would an educated man of his standing do something like that?

- You mean, to a woman like me?
- Yes.

I've done the odds on all of you. Even's it's him.

There is another possibility, but even's it's him.

Bloody hell.

I asked that you come alone and unarmed.

Yeah, well, alone I ain't never gonna do, am I?

And as for the cane, don't worry about it.

That is just my sciatica.

It always plays up around the winter and the summer solstice.

What have you got for me, Alfie?

What did you bring me out here for?

This is on the way to somewhere I need to be in a hurry.

- Mmm.
- What have you got for me?

Well, seeing as you were prepared to pay such an exorbitant amount

for this information, I decided to give you value for money.

So here are the names of all the men in England

whom I would approach, right, if I had a Faberg? egg for sale.

Here you go.

And then, here's all the men on that list,

you know, who would buy the old Faberg? egg,

even if they knew that that item was stolen.


Then comes your curious fucking gyppo question.

I won't ask but, erm...

Here is a list of the men who would buy a Faberg?

because of their wife's obsession.

Ah, yes. Thank you, Mr Shelby. It's lovely doing business with you.

You left a name off the list, Alfie.

- Did I?
- Yeah.

I've already spoken to my people in the jewellery quarter.

Experienced dealers.

They tell me there are only three men in Britain

whose wives are obsessed with Faberg?.

Makes them good customers.

You missed the richest one off the list.

Yeah, well, if you knew already

how come you dragged me all the way out into the fucking oggin, mate?

Two reasons. Reason one.

By withholding a name that you most certainly know,

you've proven to me that you have done a deal with the Odd Fellows.

It was you who told them about the tunnel.

You who told them about the fucking deal with the Soviets.

Reason two.

The name of the man that you're withholding must be my enemy

otherwise, you wouldn't be protecting him.

He is now a man I can use.

Listen, sweetie, you can't take a man...

You gave information in exchange for a share.

Tommy... Tommy there were things in that treasury, right,

that God himself, He spoke to me,

and He said, "Alfie, you are meant to have these things."

You crossed the line, Alfie.

- You fucking what?
- You crossed the line.

- "The line"?
- They are using my boy!

Did you fucking know?

Yeah, I knew, you know.

But damned as I am, it made no fucking difference to me, mate.

Fucking hell, Tommy!

Oh! Crying out loud.

What the fuck is going on?

What is the matter with you, Tommy, eh?

Eh? You've gone fucking angry, ain't you?

- Yeah, I got fucking angry...
- It's in your fucking head, man.

- Come on, man!
- This bastard deserves it!

He's nuts!

It's in your fucking head, son.

I know this bastard deserves it.

I fucking know.

But if you kill him now, the truce with the London outfits

will be blown to fucking pieces, all right?

- Michael. Michael.
- Don't worry about that truce, kid,

right, because it fell apart.

You got nothing to worry about when it comes to the ol' scary London boys.

Which fucking side are you on, Alfie?

I do not give a fuck right now, kid. All right?

I do not want him to spare me because of some fucking peace pact.

I want him to acknowledge that his anger is un-fucking justified!

I want him to acknowledge that he who fights by the sword,

he fucking dies by it, Tommy.

So what, they took your boy did they, eh?

They have got your boy?

What fucking "line" am I supposed to have crossed?

How many fathers, right, how many sons, yeah,

have you cut, killed, murdered fucking butchered, innocent and guilty?

You are going straight to fucking hell, ain't ya?

Just like me!

You fucking stand there, you, judging me,

stand there and talk to me about crossing some fucking line.

If you pull that trigger, right,

you pull that trigger for a fucking honourable reason.

Like an honourable man, not like some fucking civilian

that does not understand the wicked way of our world, mate.

Look, Tommy,

the killing of Alfie Solomons is not going to help.

This will be very bad for business.


go and call Inspector Moss. Tell him it's Palmer.

Well said, Alfie.

Well said.

I did not know about your boy, though.

I know.

I saw.


Good Lord.


Why didn't you come?

I was going to get on the train last night but then I...

I realised I simply I wasn't ready to enter your world.

Good God. I'm shaking.


But now, I am ready. I have been searching all night for you.

Polly, whatever you have been told, it is not true.

The painting was wrong.

She was too sure of herself...

and I'm not.

Not any more.

I can paint another.

Oh, Polly.

Oh, Polly.

What the fuck am I doing?

I want a dull life.

I want you. I want you. I want you.

I want you to paint me in a dress that I bought in a shop.

We have a life?

I think so.


I demand to see my solicitor.

I have a right to have him here.

Gilbert Palmer.

I want to talk to you about a missing kid.

We are Peaky Blinders.

Where is he?

Deep breath.

Where is he?

johnny! johnny!

What the fuck are you doing here, Tommy?

They've taken my boy, johnny.

Everything's fucking changed.

I have the hole dug before midnight or he's gone.

Do you hear me?

Are you not going after Charles yourself?


Well, I was at...

This morning, I was out on the road with Tommy.

I killed a man.

Well, he needed cover. I was all he had.

So what did he give you?

He said it was good for close range.

You're better with my Smith & Wesson.

No, no. This is mine now. It feels part of my hand.

Where'd you hit him?

I hit him in the side of the head.

How was you when he went down?

Tommy said I did all right.

This is where we think Charles is being held.

They're not expecting anybody, so he should be alone.

There is two good men there.

You do what they say.

But I fire the bullet. All right?

Yes, you can be there.

But it's better if they do it.

See, these are experienced men, Michael.

When you're sure the kid is safe, you call Finn.

All right.

Come on, boys.

Hello there.

There you go. How's that?

Like a spoon? A shiny spoon?

Do you want to hold the spoon there?

All out, boys! Wild cat strike!

This locomotive

couples in 15 minutes.

If we don't hear word by 10:00,

we blow it up.

There are men on board, Arthur.

Yeah. Six men on board, Charlie.

Driver, stoker

and four men I hand-picked myself.

Me and John picked those men.

So it is me and John who will pull the switch.

The rest of you men can go home.

Tommy. Tommy.

He has got the shakes, help me with him.

Get him out. Get him out.

We are bringing him through.

We need to move. Now.

You wait here.

I'll do the killing.

That is a fucking order.

You move too fast, Thomas.

We need more timber.

Make it safe. I will go on.

Thomas, it is too fucking wet. It's sludge.

Make it fucking safe, and I'll go on!


What do you think you are doing, boy?

Please don't.

Please don't shoot. Please don't shoot.

Please don't. Please.

You fucking rat!

What do you think you're doing?

You know who you're fuckin' messing with?

We don't have much time.

I'll take your fuckin' life from you.

Let's go!

You are a gypsy bastard.

Who wants to be in heaven, eh?

Who want to be in heaven when you can be sending men to fucking hell.


I will do it, Arthur. Eh?

I'll do it.

I will take him.

No, this bastard is mine.

Go call Finn.

I told Tommy I'd do it...

so I'll do it.

Arthur, wait!

Charlie is safe.

It's all right.

- Oh, God!
- Oh!

Let me speak to him.

Hello, Charlie?

Hello, Charlie.

Can you hear me?

- Yeah. - Yeah.

Yeah, you go to bed.

Good boy.

Where the hell have you been?

I've been out in Maypole.

There has been some trouble.

I can't stay.

You can't stay?

Tommy needs my help.

It's family business.

- No, no. Please.
- I am sorry.


- Where is he?
- He is upstairs.

Mr Shelby, this is Monsieur Silk.

He is here on behalf of the Parisian buyers.

He needs to verify the value.

It was a pleasure doing business with you these past few months.

You would never steal from your family, would you?

The collection was mostly my mother's, anyway.

It is more mine than theirs, and they would never have sold it.

They would have wasted it on a lost cause.

You needed a tunnel.

I need your signature to make this sale legal.


The original Duke Alexander Petrovich's collection.

To raise a legal bill of sale and get this across the border,

I will need an authorisation

signed by yourself in the family name in my presence.

As we agreed.

Half for the tunnel, half for the signature.

Where will you go?


There is a man waiting for me.

Poor man.



I'm going to buy a racehorse

and have it trained.

Also, ?5,000 for the sex.

And five for helping you through the grief of losing your wife.

You didn't even come close.

The papers are in order.

Now I just need your signature for the provenance.

Of course. I have a pen.

At home, these jewels saw way worse.

That is why they are all cursed...

as are we, Mr Shelby.

If you are ever in Vienna, look me up.

Yes, yes.

Before I begin,

I want to let you know I made a mistake.

I made a mistake,

and I want to apologise to all of you.


you warned me against getting involved in Russian business,

and you were right.


I doubted your wife, for that, I am sorry.

Linda, I have added 3,000 here, in the hope you will forgive me.

Apology accepted.

Esme, I doubted you as well.

Now John has got innocent lives on his conscience.

- Ordinary working men...
- Yeah, all right.

- Esme, we got it.
- No. She is right.

You and Arthur are going to have to share that burden.

But I hope the house that you can buy with this

can become a place of...


and perhaps, redemption.

Charlie, for lost tools and dangerous goods

and Curly's wise words.

Johnny, for board and lodgings.



for the killings.

Five for cutting and five for shooting.

- No, Tommy.
- What?

Tell me, eh?

This is who I am!

And this is all I can give you for what you have given to me.

For your hearts and your souls.

Yesterday, I nearly lost my son.

You should fucking understand that.

For what, eh? For what?

For this? For this?

And I know that you all want me to say that I will change,

that this fucking business will change.

But I've learnt something these last few days.

Those bastards. Those bastards

are worse than us.

Politicians, fucking judges, lords and ladies.

They are worse than us.

And they will never admit us to their palaces

no matter how legitimate we become.

Because of who we are,

because of who we fucking are because of where we are fucking from.

Is that right, Ada?

Our Ada knows.

She got smart about revolution.

And she knows you have to get what you want your own way.

Lizzie, I want it known, that money

was for you because some nights it was you

who stopped my heart from breaking, no-one else.

And the rest of you, you took the King's shilling.

You took the King's fucking shilling.

When you take the King's shilling, the King expects you to kill.

Right, Arthur?


That is how it works. Right, John?

That's right.

That's right, Pol.

That is fucking right.


You've had a bad time.

We understand.

So at an alternative time,

when we have all recovered...

I would like

to put before the family

an alternative view

of the future of the Shelby Company Limited.

A more hopeful view.

Which I, for one, would quite like to hear.

As would I.

As would I.

Come on, Arthur.

The train for the dock leaves in one hour.

Then we'll get the boat to New York,

and it'll all be in the past.

I will be off then, Tom.

I will see you, eh?

I will see you, Brother.

Bye, Curly.

You can go, but you won't get far, Arthur.

Uh, all right, Tom.

I spoke to Moss last night.

He told me that the Chief Constable of Birmingham

has issued a warrant for your arrest.

Murder, sedition,

conspiracy to cause explosions.

John, they're coming for you as well.

Murder, conspiracy to cause explosions.


- What the fuck? - ...for the murder of Hughes.


Wait a minute, what the fuck are you...

...the murder of Chief Inspector Chester Campbell.

Why didn't you fucking tell us, Tom?

The people we betrayed last night, they want to bring us down.

They control the police, they control the judges,

the control the juries, they control the jails.

But they do not control...

- Look what they did to us. - ...the elected government.

- Why didn't you tell us before?
- You are my brother.

Listen to me.

So I've made a deal.

- They will hang us!
- In return

for giving evidence against them.

We will fucking hang.

It is all taken care of.

Lizzie, collect up the money and bring it to the cellar.

You will all get your money in due course.

When the police gets in, do not resist.

You go with them, and you do not say anything.


I have made a deal with people even more powerful than our enemies.

- Arthur!
- Trust me, Brother, eh?

Trust me.

- No, Linda...
- You did this deliberately!

You made this happen to keep us!

Come here. Come here.

Come on now, we have to run. We have to run.

Fuck you!