Peaky Blinders (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - Episode #3.4 - full transcript

Tommy plans the arms robbery but Polly is troubled to think that he is about to kill Father Hughes and confesses to a priest. Meanwhile the Shelby women feel used and threaten to go on ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Remember last night when you asked after Mama?

Do they always have to do the stock taking at night, Arthur?

I'm gonna have a baby.

What business do you have with the Russians, Tommy?

I've been to the factories

and the armoured vehicles are in good condition.

"A factory break-in," that's what you said.

When you go home today,

be sure to check under your little boy's pillow.

We can reach anyone.


The priest is passing information about the robbery

to a Lloyds underwriter called Monkland.

Why would the priest pass information to our enemies?

The complexities are your business.

Now give me permission to kill the priest.

Watch out, John-Boy, he has got a strong left.

Arthur, John, Finn. Come here.

All right, what is it?

This letter says that Dad's dead.

He was in Boston in a bar called the Mickey Free.

Two men waiting in an alley. He was shot twice.

Who's Rosie Rice?

Some fucking whore.

She is a woman who took the trouble to write to us.

And she wanted us to know that during the night,

while he was dying, he asked for our forgiveness.

The only thing he ever taught us was how to kill and cut a stag.

- Finn, John, you won't remember.
- I remember. Cannock Chase.

Parked up at a pub called the Griffin.

He got drunk and sang Silver Dagger about 100 times.

Yeah. One weekend.

One weekend he was like that.

The stag is to remember him.

We eat and then we forget him.

No need to forgive him. Agreed?

John, I have to say this.

You can name your new baby after him if you like.


Arthur, I won't even ask.

So his name dies.

It's been in the family for a long time, but now it's gone.

All right, that's done. Fuck him.

Before we cook and eat, there's some business.


I wanted to say this out here, 'cause I don't trust the maids in the house.

There's gonna be a robbery.

- I wish to confess.
- There's no confessional today.

The name's Shelby.

Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.

Today is a holy day.

Look, I came. I made myself.

Have you been drinking?

I couldn't sleep.

I tried to get enough down me to get myself to sleep, but...

I just do these night vigils by myself, thinking...

How long since your last confession?

I don't remember.

Mrs Shelby, do you have something to confess?

Do you know it is actually "Gray"? My name is Elizabeth Gray.

Yeah. Do you think God calls me Pol or Polly?

The voice calls me Pol.

You hear a voice?

- Yeah. Like Bernadette heard a voice.
- And what does the voice say?


It says this to you?

It's in my head. Who else would it be talking to?

And are you a murderer?

If you're talking about the law, then...


- I'll be out in a moment, Peter.
- Yes, Father.

Are you saying you want to confess to a murder?


My confession is that I feel no regret.

He was a policeman. He was a bad man. He hurt me.

I do the things I do so that my son doesn't have to do them.

It's just the wiping away of the shit from under your feet.

The taking of any human life is a mortal sin.

No, the unjust taking of a human life is a mortal sin.

Look it up. Look who did it.

Moses, Samson, Lord Kitchener.

Are you saying you took the life of a policeman?

Oh, Father.

Now there is another life to be taken.

If there is a voice telling you to take a life, you must ignore it.

The voice doesn't tell me. The voice asks me.

It says, "Pol,

"does this way of excusing a murder still work

"if the life that is going to be taken is a consecrated man?"

He's a man of the cloth.

He's a holy man.

What kind of holy man?

It's not fair.

They're off drinking and shooting rifles as we sit here.

Listen to the mugs swearing,

spitting on the bloody floor for us to fucking wipe up!

Without men here, they'd be like dogs pissing up the wall.

I was just saying it's not fair.

The men are down there like lords.

Esme, just...

Get on with it.

I'm bloody five months gone.

- I forgot the combination. - 24-8-22.

How do you know the paper cash combination?

- Tommy talks in his sleep.
- Shut up, Esme.

He's changed the combination.

- You've put it in wrong.
- No, I haven't.

Your hands are shaking.

And actually, I am sleeping with Tommy, OK? Now and then.

Because he wants to, now and then. When the mood takes him.

Except we don't sleep.

It's hard to sleep bent over a desk, isn't it?


None of it's fucking fair.

It's two hours' work.

Bit of grease on your cuffs, and that's it.

Tommy, should I really be here for this?

I've cleared it with Polly.

There's no way around it. We need you to know.

Who the fuck wants to buy 27 stolen armoured cars?

A foolish man.

And how much is this foolish man paying?

?150,000. Cash, diamonds and sapphires.

So that's 20 for you, Charlie.

Isiah, there's 5 to you.

The rest we take to America to invest in legally-acquired property.

Assets bought with untraceable income resold,

and the profits reinvested to make sure it's clean.

And after that, I suppose,

the whole business will be like that stag

hanging up over there, right, Tom?

Well, with profits on this scale,

we'll be in a position to stop the off-track business for good.

Keep the pubs, stop the protection.

Horses for the sport and race days for a lark.

I made a promise to Charles' mother.

Now, I also made a promise to Linda.

I know.

I can see it in your eyes, man.

Part of the reason for doing this last job

is so you'll be set up when you do decide to walk away.

Look at you, Arthur.

A man that wants to live a clean life,

but here you are signing up for the biggest robbery of all.

I have to hand it to you, Tom.

- You're a smart man.
- You in or out, Charlie?


Shouldn't have killed the stag, Tommy.

- Oh, shut up. Shut up.
- Bad luck.

How do we know this foolish man will hand over the diamonds when we're done?

We don't.

But that's another business.

Right, let's cook some meat.

Can't wait to part with their money,

stupid bastards.

It's all right, it's me.

Arthur said you'd be short-staffed today because they are on a works outing.

Piss-up, actually.

I brought sandwiches and the lemonade I made myself.

I'll make tea and empty ashtrays, but I won't handle money or slips.

Arthur says what you do here is illegal, but not immoral.

Depends what time you get here, Linda.

And anyway,

I thought I'd offer you my physical and spiritual support in your time of need.

Oh, Linda, if you want to be a help,

run up to the shops and get me 20 Senior Service.

- Lizzie'll give you the change.
- No, I won't.

Actually, I'll use my own money, Polly.

And before you ladies decide to find me so amusing, I have a message for you.

Oh, God, no, Linda.

I've been to church already. Have you?

It's not a message from God, Polly.

- It's from Jessie Eden.
- Who's Jessie Eden?

She's the lady shop steward at the Lucas factory in Sparkhill.

Lady shop steward?

She's bringing all the female workers

in the spot-welding and wire-cutting shops

out on strike for the day.

In protest at being made to work on a holy day.

Poor conditions, lack of holidays, unsanitary lavatory provisions

and lower pay for female workers.

Apparently, all the female factory workers in the city

are joining the protest in sympathy

and will walk out of their places of work at 9 a.m.

to march on the Bull Ring.

All oppressed female workers welcome.

Them bastards down there shooting deer.

Me five months gone, sat here like a pudding.

Only one outside lavatory between the lot of us.

Not consulted.

Bent over a fucking desk.

Ladies, I honestly believe those who march on Good Friday

will have God on their side.

It's 9 o'clock, ladies!

Open the fucking door!

Fuck it.

I'm not in the mood today.

Let's go to the Bull Ring.


The foolish man?

Not quite.

I'm sorry I came unannounced.

What do you want?

We need proof.

Proof Of what?

You said the priest is a traitor.

We need to know how you know.

The proof is my word.

If he is involved, I'm out. He needs to die.

Are you always so violent?

I killed a stag today,

and it hurt me to do it.

But I treated it with respect,

and the spare meat will go to poor people.

It will grieve me far less to put a bullet in the priest's face.

Will you not sit when a duchess sits?

I'm told you're part of the deal. Is that true?

The Royal Court in Tbilisi actually worked very efficiently.

Ah, I see. And it worked like this, eh?

There were lots of corridors and small rooms.


There were no rules there. Deals were done.

Brothers gave sisters, aunts gave uncles,

fathers gave daughters and servants.

It was my aunt's idea that I came alone.

She is in charge of this.

When there are no rules, women take charge.

They understand that the power they have comes through silent agreements.

I've promised I will do everything I can to make this plan work.

My aunt assumed you would want me as part of the deal.

I will tell her she's wrong.

Tommy, you ain't gonna believe this, man.

I just phoned the garrison, right? I just spoke to Billy.

He says Polly, Esme and Lizzie have gone on fucking strike.

- They what?
- They've gone on fucking strike!

Half of Birmingham is out.

The female half, they're all out, every single one of them.

Quakers put 'em up to it.

Who's watching the shop?

Polly's locked it up.

See, Good Friday's one of our best days for takings.

All the men get drunk. The races are all fixed.

It's like picking apples off the lowest branches.

Hey, John?

Hmm, yes.

Then your business is very easy.

- Was Linda with them?
- You know,

Billy said that Polly jumped in the fucking Bull Ring,

just pissed out of her mind, started going on about revolution,

screaming to the rooftops.

Was Linda with them?


Then it was Linda's idea.

Linda's a smart woman.


There's a Bentley in the drive outside.

I want you to go out and put a nail in its tyre.

It's Good Friday, so there'll be no garages open.

The lady will have to spend the night.

Then I want you and the boys to all go home.

You take Charlie, put him with Arthur and Linda for the night.

They can use the practise.

- You want to put a nail...
- Yeah.

- You heard me.
- Yeah.

Right. Nice to meet you.

Why do you need to put a nail in the tyre?

I want it so neither of us can change our minds.

We came back early.

Polly didn't finish the count yesterday.


So you thought you could take a tenner.

I thought I'd finish the count.


Esme, I've told you. Stay off the snow till the baby's born.

It does no harm, passes the time.

- Knocks down the walls.
- Listen.


I know you miss the travelling.

It's all gonna be all right.

It's like being a hen in a coop.

Remember that house in Lichfield?

The one the bailiff used to throw you out of?

Throw you in the ditch.

I'm gonna buy that fucking house.

Big as Tommy's with more land.

If you feel cooped up,

we'll take a wagon, camp out by the ditch.


It's all gonna change, Esme.

This is not your bedroom.

This is not where you slept with your wife.

Do you ride horses?


I would need to open my legs in a public place and that is not allowed.

You drink whisky?


It tastes like men. I prefer wine.



So, diamonds are your only love, eh?


They're just a currency.

Well, you know, if it was me who had all them jewels,

I think I'd just sit with them,

look at them,

touch them.

Izabella does that sometimes.

Late at night.

I swear she puts one of the biggest sapphires into her body for pleasure,

and walks up the stairs to breakfast with it still in place.

- And it stays in there all day?
- Yeah.


What is your weakness?

Talking about duchesses with sapphires inside of them.


I think I already know your weakness.

I can get a fuck whenever I want, love.


But I am a duchess.

And I am under you like a horse.

I'm like a telegram.

"A telegram"? I don't think your English is so good.

Or maybe you should listen more carefully

to what I have to say.


I have a message for you, Mr Shelby.

As a duchess, I can show you what is possible for a man like you.

A man in a house like this.

Right now, you hide inside it like a boy who's broken in through the window.

Why did we come to a bedroom for this? Hmm?

In your own house?

That's a loaded fucking weapon.

We could fuck by the fire with the maids standing to attention and watching.

What can they do?

- Give it here.
- Nothing.

There are no rules for you. Hmm?

Give me the fucking gun.

You have maids here. You can bring a maid into the room.

What can I do about that? Nothing.

- Give me the fucking gun, now.
- You have power.

Everyone does what you tell them to do.

Your brothers, your soldiers, no one can stop you.

Don't point the fucking weapon at me.

I can be an actress.

Who do you want me to be?

Your dead wife?

Now, that's enough. Give me the fucking gun!

If you don't like something, you say stop, and it stops. Hmm?

But you are afraid of it.

You break the law, but you obey the rules. Why?

Did you know that madness sets you free?

Otherwise, we're just peasants obeying the law.

There is madness inside your head, too. I can see that.

Let a duchess show you something.

I emptied the chamber, except for one bullet.

- No! No, please.
- This is a game we used to play.


- Watch.
- Do not fucking do this.

No. Look at me.

Don't do this.


Give me the fucking thing.

It brings you alive. You won't try it?

No, I do not want to try!

And I do not want your mad fucking Russian brains

all over me fucking walls.

I survive each time by the will of God.

Get to fucking bed, now!

I already called a maid.


You see?

You are afraid.

Like a boy who's broken in through the window.

I need to educate you in how to run a house like this.

Yes. Come down.

Pour us a drink.

Mary, go back to bed, please.

You go back to bed, please. This woman is drunk.

That's all right, sir. Should I pour whisky?

- Yes, he will have whisky...
- No, go back to bed.

He will have whisky and I will have wine!

Mary, go back to bed.

- In a house like this...
- Stop talking.

- The servants expect it.
- Go back to bed! Do as I say!

Normally, if there's a call after midnight,

the maid who comes in is the one in love with the master,

- but she is not in love with you.
- This is not fucking Russia!

Please, Mary. Go back to bed, hey?

I know your weakness, Tommy.

It's freedom.



I am the first one who understands you.

I found her perfume.

Put it on.

What proof do you have that the priest is a spy?

I told you. I gave you my word.

Then kill him.

From now on, you must do everything that you want to do.

There'll be two of us for breakfast this morning, Mary.

She's gone for a walk by the river.

The lady left, sir.

Left? How?

She took your car.

She what?

She was in a terrible hurry. She said she had your permission.

She told David to go to the garage to get a new tyre for the Bentley.

She said you could use that.

And why the hell would you listen to her, eh?

The way she said it, sir.

- How was she, Tom?
- Talkative, yeah.


I was fucking working, all right?


From what she said, when she was out of her fucking mind,

I'm pretty certain the treasury is underneath the house.

What have you got?

Our Ada got this from the British Library

using her scholar's pass.

She talks about her aunt

coming up the stairs to have her breakfast in the morning,

which means it has to be in the building somewhere.

Wine cellar. Septic.

Kitchen cellar.

And a tunnel under the river.

They don't trust a soul in this country,

so my guess is they've turned one of the cellars into a strong room.

Did you find someone, Arthur?

Moss gave me this.

Stefan Radischevsky.

He's a kid from Greet, lives in Cheltenham.

Dad's a Russian. He has dreams of owning a pub but he's got a record.

- Breaking and entering.
- Hmm.

- And he speaks Russian?
- Yeah.

Their butler drinks in a pub called the Masons Arms.

Get to him, tell him who we are,

offer him some money if he gives the kid a job in the house.


Talk to the kid,

offer him one of the pubs we took off the Italians

if he works in the house for four weeks, keeps his ears open.

All right?


The executive committee of the union of bookies and allied trades

will see you now, sir.

I heard you were giving speeches off the back of a wagon, Pol.

I can't remember a fucking thing.

Well, Moss tells me you were threatening to burn down the town hall.

Oh, Tommy, we were having a laugh.

You know, actually, the crowd around me was bigger

than the crowd around Jessie Eden.

Who's Jessie Eden?

She's too soft.

You're not gonna break the capitalist system

talking about separate lavatories for women.

Who is Jessie Eden?

She's our new best friend.

Shop steward at the Lucas factory.

A woman shop steward, I've heard of her.

There is a leaflet here if you want to take a look, Tommy.

So, a separate lavatory? Is that it? Is that what you want?

I don't know what you want.

You have to tell me what it is that you want and then I'll know.

Actually, we want to know about the robbery you're planning.

Not the factory robbery. The other one.

The one you're not telling the women about.

- John has a big mouth.
- No.

Arthur's got a big mouth. Arthur told Linda, Linda told me.

- Polly?
- Read the leaflet, Tommy.

Ladies, why don't I talk to Tommy privately,

and then I'll report back to you faithfully.

You're not just gonna take payment from the Russians, are you, Tommy?

You're going to clean them out, is that right?

- Esme?
- So...

What happens after, when they come for us?

When I'm about to give birth?

Get out, get back to work.

Esme, come on.

- Keep us posted, won't you, sister?
- I will.

Fucking hell.

So Arthur tells Linda everything, eh?

She's stolen his soul and taken it to a better place.

The suburbs.

Where men are honest with their wives.

We can trust Lizzie.

Yeah, but I can't trust Esme.

I can't trust the fucking Russians to pay me or the army,

and I can't trust my own brother to keep his fucking mouth shut.

Did you make progress last night?


John said the girl looks like Edna Purviance from the pictures.

Be careful.

She's an excellent source of information

regarding the location of the merchandise.

- Here we go.
- You know,

there is a general lack of discipline in this fucking company.

She stayed the night.

I'm working, Pol.

I am working for the good of the company.

You're grieving.

And when you grieve, you make bad choices.

I know. I did it myself.

Look. No more marches.

No more fucking politics.

It can kill us. All right? Joke or no joke.

Did you tell Arthur about the priest?

I only told you.

Thanks for the burden.

You were correct not to talk over the phone.

What did she say?

She said there was gonna be a killing. A holy man.

And she was with the Shelbys, was she?

I suppose you have something to say about yesterday.


It's something else, actually.

I believe Arthur has told you

about some business we're planning, Linda.

Oh, there's always business, Thomas.

And Arthur believes when this business is done,

it'll all be over.

Arthur believes you, but I don't.

Linda, the people who have hired us to rob the factory are very bad people.

They'll not pay us, as they've promised.

So, on the night of the robbery, we will take what is ours from their treasury.

And a bit more on top for luck.

If you're saying you're gonna stop Arthur,

I need to know.

That'll be Arthur's decision.

And your plan is still to reform him, eh?

- To the absolute degree of redemption.
- Mmm-hmm.

Well, Arthur will walk away from this with ?30,000. We made a deal.

And afterwards,

you and Arthur can begin your new life.

Did you say 30,000?

Arthur said the estimated total proceeds would be 150,000.

- Estimated. Yes.
- A third of 150 is 50.

- Why a third?
- The three brothers.

- Finn is not yet a man.
- There are expenses.

Of 25,000, you said.

As of last night, the expenses increased.

We need to dig a hole.

Arthur agreed to a plan with a figure of 25.

25 from 150 is 125.

A third of that is ?41,000.



Thank you.

So, you've worked this all out, I see?

Only in my head. I haven't written it down.

Linda, are you saying...

If it were 41,000".

I've already told you, that'll be Arthur's decision.

But I don't imagine he'll accept less than 41.

- May I smoke?
- No.

So, I imagine you have some plans

for your 41,000.

Yes. California.

For the child's health, away from the smoke.

We want to run a general store on an Indian mission.

The Americans invite Quakers to do good work with the Indians.

We've already sent our papers and been accepted.

Arthur Shelby as a missionary...

- No. Arthur will run the store.
- Hmm.

I will teach in the school next to it.

Arthur will swim in the ocean. I will be on the beach with a towel.

The open air and the sun

will get rid of all the nonsense in his head from France.

That's some plan.

As you know yourself,

the arrival of a new life

concentrates the mind on practical things.

Amen to that.

When is the child due?


When is the robbery?


Then the timing's perfect.

We'll book a passage through the Panama Canal

the day after the 41,000 is paid to Arthur.

Did we agree 41,000, Linda?

I heard nothing to the contrary.

- Word association. Right now.
- Oh, God. I hate this game.

It's Freud. It's terribly fashionable.

I'd rather you put on that music that I hate.

Are we going mad in here, do you think?


We shouldn't have drunk red wine with the cake.

And I believe your vow never to sleep with another man is a good one.

Good for the painting.

It's not a vow. It's just...

I think when men want sex, they become hilarious.

Like a dog, when you pick up a lead, and he knows he's going for a walk.

May I respectfully point out

that so far you haven't even picked up the bloody lead.


That's the look.


No man is good enough.

You idiot. You nearly killed him.

I told you we needed him fully conscious.

We need to stop using soldiers who've been in India, they hit too hard.

Not fucking hard enough.

Hey, Mr Shelby. Hey.

I heard about your plan to kill a holy man

from a voice in the confessional.

Can you hear us?



Why were you attempting to kill Father Hughes?

Maybe we should wait until he is fully conscious.

I have a dinner appointment.

Hey, Shelby?

Wake up. Eyes front.

Mr Shelby, you were trying to kill me, were you?

Passing information...

Fuck. He knows.

Where am I?

You are among the Odd Fellows. Please count from 10 to one.

Ah, fuck you.

Whatever else you might have forgotten about last night,

remember this.

I am passing on information to the Soviet Embassy

on the instruction of Section D.

It's part of a bigger picture.

You explain to the Russians that you were mistaken about me,

and you apologise to me in front of them.

A threat on your sister was evidently not enough.

You do as we say, or we will take your son.

Hear this. We will take your son.

We can do it at any moment.

We have people in your life.

You will make your apology to me tomorrow night,

and you will repair the damage you've done.

Or you will never see your son again.

Sir, I don't understand...

I don't understand why, as a former soldier yourself,

you have sacked all of the former soldiers on the staff.

It means there is only one man left in the household.

Mary, I want it so that Charles is never left on his own.


Sir, I should call a doctor.

There will be some men coming down from Birmingham.

And you put them up here in the house.

You put them in the front and back of the house, you feed them, and you...

Why are they needed, sir?

I brought a cursed sapphire into this house, Mary.

And now, I'm paying for it.

And I don't know what to expect.

But neither do my enemies.

Tell David to bring the car around. I'm going to go to London.

- Sir...
- And get me some tea, Mary.

Yes, sir.


- Yes, Arthur. - Tommy?

They want the robbery to be sabotaged.

They don't give a fuck who gets hurt.

Are you OK, Tommy?

- It's a bigger picture now. - What...

Did John make a list?

Speak clearer, Tom.

I said did John make a list?

John-Boy! John!


Gypsies and kin only. Yeah.


Tommy, can I ask you why?


No, Karl. I told you. Go on and play in there.


Ada, it's me. It's Tommy.

Ada, I need you to...

I need you to speak to one of your comrades

and get me a meeting with someone from the Soviet Embassy.


Your place, 10 p.m.

It seems that Mr Shelby

was given bad information by an informant

who was also in contact with the underwriter,

who, as we know, is in the pocket of the Soviets.

- Wine, Tatiana?
- A little.

Bad girl.

Sorry I'm late. I, uh...

There was a body on the line.

Drink, Mr Shelby?

No, thank you.

It was drink that caused half this trouble.

I have come here to apologise.

I have already explained that you now realise

that your absurd allegation against me was false.


And that your base nature made you rash.

And that now, once again, our plan is back on track.

When a child in my care commits a sin,

first of all, he confesses, as you just did.

And then, I instruct him to perform penance

in a manner of my choosing.

As a child, you went to church?


Do you remember the Act of Contrition?


Do you remember the words of the Act of Contrition?


As your penance, I would like you to recite it now,

in the presence of our associates.

Go away.


Oh, my God, I am heartily sorry for having...

Instead of "God," say my name.

Since it was me you offended with your false allegation.

Father Hughes, I am heartily sorry for having offended you,

because of your just punishment,

but most of all, because they offend you.

Father Hughes, who art all good and deserving of my love,

I firmly resolve to...

With the help of your grace, to sin no more

and to avoid all near occasions of sin.


Very good. Thank you.


And now that we are a united band once more,

perhaps we could order some food.

I'm sorry. I am not feeling well. I have to go. Good night.

Mr Shelby...

My God, Tommy.

- Are they here?
- Yeah.

- Do you have cocaine?
- No.


Tommy, this is the Special Adviser to the Soviet Consul.

Members of the British establishment and exiled White Russians

are planning to rob armoured cars from a factory in Birmingham.

We know about the robbery. We have an informant.

No, your informant is working for them. They want you to know about the robbery.

Your informant is working to their instruction.

Why would they want us to know?

They want you to...

They want you to stop the robbery.

They want you to commit a violent act on British soil.

Tommy, do you want water?

A violent act on British...

To force the British government to break off diplomatic relations.

That's the game.

The robbery in Birmingham is just the bait.

Why are you telling us this?

Because my family are the ones who will be sacrificed

if you decide to blow up the train.

The Consul wants to know who you are.

He's Tommy Shelby.

You can take his word.

- Ada.
- Tommy...



Stop, stop.

Ada, stop.


Drive me to a hospital, Ada.

If I'm not conscious when I get there, tell them I have a fractured skull,

concussion and internal bleeding.

I think I may have haemorrhaged.

- Tommy.
- Ada, go on.

- Be quick because I can't see.
- OK.

I can't fucking see.


Except for you, Dad.

I can see you.