Peaky Blinders (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - Episode #3.2 - full transcript

Tommy discovers the extent of the mission given to him and the extreme lengths his new paymasters are willing to go to in their quest for power. Meanwhile his own family's activities lead to escalating danger in Birmingham.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Thomas Michael Shelby...

Today is my wedding day.

Take the photograph!

- The Russians have made contact. - On your wedding night.

Whoever it is up there, he gave the wrong name.

Can you do it? Can you kill?

You know why he didn't come, don't you?

My bloody man.

There was a fire at his restaurant.

No fraternizing with the foreigners.

There's a cavalry officer.

In March, we'll be engaged.

But you want to try things first.

I'm Ruben Oliver, portrait artist.

You have my card.

What was in your heart was beautiful.

just get this business done and get away from things like this.

Promise me.

I promise.

I will make us safe.

Your brothers came to my house.

They said the Peaky Blinders had business with me.

You're not afraid of me.


what is it you want from a simple working man?


Poor Mr Nutley drank too much.

He went for a piss on the train tracks that run behind the factory.

Train came.

They found his body in Saltley broken into bits.

I know what you do.

Tell me what you want.


The let's complete warehouse. Bays 4, 5 and 6.

You have the keys?

Yes, I have keys.

What's in Bay 4?

Completed type 40s and type 21 s waiting for the paint shop.

Bay 5?

- Paint shop and parts.
- Uh-huh.

So, it's Bay 6.

What is?

Give me the keys to Bay 6.

It's just old stock in storage.

Give me the keys to Bay 6.

For your trouble.

Give it to your charity.

I'm only doing this for the safety of my family.

So, will it be just boys in your charitable institution or girls as well?


You must divide them.

You know how the little creatures can get.

Where are your people? You said they'd be here by 5:00.

They are a law unto themselves.

You can never quite grasp who they are.

Like gripping wet soap-

I've done my research.


Perhaps you know them as the, uh, Economic League.

Only once did I get a letter from them headed "The Vigilance Committee."

Which tips the hand a little.


The name I've heard is Section D.

That's what Special Branch calls them.

Business men, MPs, army officers.

Yes, it will be fun to bring such men to a Gypsy scrapyard.

You asked for privacy.

Since the election, the government has decided that we are the enemy.

When all we're trying to do is save the country from revolution.

Are you political, Mr Shelby?

Because these Odd Fellows believe

that the time is coming soon when everyone must choose a side.

Are your people coming or are they not coming?

Mr Shelby, you will learn that these men are far too grand

for the clock to govern them.

You'll get used to meeting in the small hours of the morning.

They're like monks.

So, when is your charitable institute opening?

When I fucking say.

Well, I'll stop by from time to time

to hear confession from the little creatures.

You'll meet Mr Patrick Jarvis, MP.

He'll probably want to become a trustee.

It's just his thing, to drop by in the evenings after a few drinks.

We'll make it a formal arrangement as part of the bigger deal between us.

I will have an office there.


My God. Some devil gets into you, doesn't it, boy?

Mr Shelby,

if I want to play the squire in your place of false charity, then I will.

Ambition for respectability doesn't make you a saint.

Am I wrong?

Oh, Lord. That's 6:00, is it?

Well, I wish you a good day.

Where the fuck are you going?

Did I not make it clear?

They said if they weren't here by morning prayers

then the meeting has been cancelled.

Perhaps Mr Jarvis has been held up at the House of Commons.

Perhaps Admiral Hall's been held up at the House of Lords.

Am I impressing you?

Or perhaps they have decided they don't care for doing business

with Gypsies in scrap metal yards

which would be a poor outcome for you.

You give them a message from me, Priest.

You tell them I've been to the factories

and the armoured vehicles are in good condition.

How many?


And the foreman is ours.

This is someone you'll meet.

Today, at the Ritz.

I have meetings today.

You have one meeting, this one.

In London.

So, you'd best catch the milk train.


My apologies, sir.

And how many times I asked you to tell them

about sending us the servant's crockery.

I have no control over the choice of service, sir.

Hmm, and what about yesterday's eggs and last year's fish

and last century's tea leaves in a cracked pot.

Sir, I have a list of today's social engagements, if you'd like to hear them.

Oh, are we in a rush today?

- I have duties at the main house, sir.
- Mmm.

Luncheon at The Ritz with Duke Michail Michailovich.


- What reason?
- He says he is unwell, sir.

You are due to have tea at 3:00

with Prince Sevlod Ianovich and Lady Mary Lewington, sir.

Mmm! Good.

I miss out on the bore and meet the beauty.

However, in the absence of the Duke,

the, er, Prince and the Lady too have cancelled, sir.

Other than that, your day is, er, your own.

You do have one business appointment

to discuss automobiles with a Mr Thomas Shelby, sir.

You asked for a meeting out in the open.

Fresh air and the fine aroma of shit.

"Neutral ground", you said.

This is hardly neutral ground.

Well, it's what you've got.

So, por favor,

sit down.

- Where is Thomas?
- He got called away.

He'd said he'd be here.

Yeah, he is busy.

And I just told you he got called away. What do you want?

There has been a peace

between the Peaky Blinders

and the Changretta family for two years now...

Do you want some tea or not?

Here, Finn, pour the Italians some English tea. Go on.

We don't want fucking tea.

We want an explanation.

Well, I'll have fucking tea.

Explanation for what?

The Little Venice Restaurant on Forge Street was burnt down.

No. No. Couldn't have been us, we was at a wedding.

You burnt it down to stop my son being at that same wedding.

He wasn't missed.

You are such big boys now.

But once you borrowed clothes from us to look like men.

How's the tea, Arthur? Is it...

It's cold.

Please tell Tommy

that we pay him whatever he asks us to pay.

We stay out of the city and off the tracks.

But you tell him from me

that my son will walk with any woman in this city.

Any woman he chooses.

Even if that woman works for the emperor, Thomas Shelby.

My son is in love...

Sorry. Do excuse me.

Carry on.

And if he wishes, he will walk with the woman he loves.


You know...

It would be hard for your son to walk anywhere

with a bullet in each knee, wouldn't it?

Too much.

You said too much, my friend.

Sabini says, "Suck and swallow." But no.

Too much.

I spit.

Oh. OK. A bit strong.

- Fucking hell.
- Isiah.

Put two extra men on our pubs in Nechells.

What are you talking about, Arthur?

We're not scared of fucking Eyeties any more.

Don't tell Tommy about the chair and clean this fucking shit up.

We're not scared of fucking wops!

All right, John.


Hello, Ada.

Tommy Shelby? In a library?

I need to borrow a book about the Russian Revolution.

Have you got a new wharf at Maida Vale now?

I've got a new wharf everywhere now.

Sometimes, I see our trucks driving past.

"Our" trucks?

Shelby trucks.

Why the interest?

I just want to broaden my mind.

Well, this is a list of the bastards who ran away.

And this is written from the point of view of the peoples' struggle.


There was a Russian at your wedding.

He wouldn't tell me how come he got invited.

Well, sometimes, exiled Russian aristocrats get invited

to social occasions to add a bit of class.

Is that why he was there?

Why do you want to know?

He was nice. Maybe I'd like to see him again.

Would that be possible?

No. That would not be possible.

What business do you have with the Russians, Tommy?

Can I rip this page out?

No, you cannot rip that page out.

Property of the people.

Tommy, when Arthur took the Russian away,

he had his killing pistol under his jacket.

And then johnny lit a fire in the woods.

You want all the details because you're bored, Ada.

You used to chase rats with a revolver, Ada.

For fuck's sake.

I might just have a job for you after all.

Did we run Kempton yesterday or not?

Danny Lee got drunk.

Instead of injecting the horses with cocaine,

he decided to share it with his cousins.

Jesus Christ.

He's your brother-in-law.

Tell Esme to speak to him about it.

Look. Before I start...

I don't want you to do anything about this.

About what?

Vicente Changretta's son.

- The one Lizzie was stepping out with...
- What, Angel?

He's no bigger than twopence worth of change.

Well, he heard you threatened him directly to shoot him in the knees.

And now he's going around Nechells

telling everybody he's going to kill you.

This is Lizzie's fault to start with, Tommy's for leaving it up to you.

What are you talking about?

We run London.

We run the north, we run the whole fucking country.

What do we care about some fucking Nechells Green Eyeties?

We don't need to be getting involved in all these little piss pots.

What does Arthur say?

That's why I'm here and not him.

If he said it, there'd be a fight.

He says,


He fucking said what?

We own the city.

But we don't need to rub everybody's noses in it.

If the old man decides to make a stand,

he might get Sabini feeling sentimental...

Sabini's done.

They're all done.

And they all pay up.

But we don't want rebellions.

What does, erm, Tommy say?

Tommy's busy. He left me in charge.

And what do you say?

- Compromise.
- Mmm-hmm.

I've asked Lizzie to do it for you.

She's going to meet him, break up with him for good,

apologise for any inconvenience, say it was all her fault...

For fuck's sake!

You know what all this is?

This is Arthur's fucking missus.

Turn the other fucking cheek?

We'll be handing out Bibles in the fucking Bull Ring with her cousins.

John, you don't have to do anything. Lizzie will do it for you.

Then it'll all calm down and nobody will lose face.

I'll take his fucking face. How about that?

John, do nothing...

I believe you have a reservation for a private room

in the name of Mr Romanov.

You work for Mr Romanov?

- Yes.
- For his household or his office?

Is there a problem?

I'm afraid without the presence of the Duke Mikhail Michailovich

or Lady Lewington, we shall have to ask for payment in advance.

Can I ask why?

Already, Mr Romanov has four outstanding bills with us.

One for accommodation and three for dining.

And two banquets, which we wrote off.

We've been asked to be understanding of our Russian friends by His Majesty.

But it has been some time now...

- May I ask your name, sir?
- Shelby.

Thomas Shelby, and in the future I will be dining here quite a bit.

Then I shall put you on our special list.

You do that.

Here is a menu.

I recommend the teal and the pork.

Although your guest, I'm sure, will order the caviar.

Myself and my wife and my niece travelled by train,

then coach, then on foot through the Villa Ai-Todor in Crimea.

On that journey I lost a toe.

I don't know, I woke up one morning and it was gone.

All of a sudden I saw a dog, and it was eating it.

They said the British had taken pity on us,

and we were taken aboard HMS Marlborough.

I immediately kissed the steel deck, my lips froze to it.

And then, of course, I thanked God and your King for saving us.

Though since then, he has done nothing but humiliate me.

Who? God or the King?

Sometimes both, Mr Shelby.

Mmm, so, you met my niece already?


Are you in love with her yet, hmm?

You would be wise not to love Russian women, you know.

Ah, better not speak of Russian women.

Mmm... That is the worst thing about being here.

Russian women, they know how to hold it

and most important, they know exactly when to let it go.

Your cock, I mean.

English women, they do not know so much. You know?

Did he die well, the spy?

He begged for his life.

I heard you had your brother do it.

So you trust your family, like me.

Like us, Mr Shelby.

Let's talk about trust then, shall we?

You are not a direct relation to the Romanovs, you are Georgian.

And the palace where you live in Hampton Court

is, in fact, a grace and favour house

donated to you, rent-free by the British Crown.

The ma?tre d' here, tells me that you are in some debt.

Both here and other places, I imagine.

See, I've been given 10, but I've been promised 40.

Already, I have had to have a man killed.

That sort of work does not come cheap.

Do you understand?

Let me tell you something, Mr Shelby.

Before we boarded the ship,

my niece sewed 16 diamonds into her velvet dress,

and also she had two sapphires in her intimate places.

My wife managed two sapphires and five diamonds.

This is already for the killing of the spy

and a down payment on future services.

Now, tell me, where do you keep these things?

In a bank?

How could we plead poverty around London society

if we used banks, Mr Shelby?

Well, you should know...

Hatton Gardens is not safe.

That's why we have our own treasury.

Very well, I shall have my people check its veracity.

Before the revolution began, we were soft and weak.

We made compromise.

But let me tell you.

We will never be soft and weak again.

Do you understand?

Good day, Mr Shelby.

This way, Mr Changretta.

just there, sir. There.

Are you going to kill me?

Get fucking up.

Stay away from Lizzie!

By order of the Peaky fucking Blinders!

Going to introduce me, Michael?

This is Charlotte Murray. Her father makes cars.

I really enjoyed your wedding, Mr Shelby.

Polly said that you should call her. There's been some trouble.

What trouble?

I'm guessing it's stuff she doesn't like to tell me about.

Nice to meet you.

All right, Finn. Thanks for coming. Fuck off.

Finn, you can stay.

Sit down, John.

Sit down.

John, you cut Angel Changretta.

Even though Arthur told you to apologise.


- Polly told you to compromise. Mmm-hmm.

You chose not to listen to Mr Apologise or Mrs Compromise.

And now I have got an Italian walking around my backyard

saying he's going to kill my brother.

So what do we do, John. Do we apologise or do we compromise?

Oh, it was just something John said as a joke.

Yeah, but he's your brother as well, Arthur.


I know I didn't want to start a war

over something John said without meaning it.

So, should he apologise in Italian or in English?

Or should we ask them which fucking language they prefer?

I'm not clear.

You said while this business was going on in London,

you wanted peace at home.

And the only way to guarantee peace

is by making the prospect of war seem hopeless.

If you apologise once, you do it again and again and again.

Like taking bricks out of the wall of your fucking house.

Do you want to bring the house down, Arthur?

If you're soft on rebellion, it'll grow.

Bloody "soft on rebellion".

You did the right thing, John.

Now, we go on the offensive.

We take two of the Changretta pubs, and we take them tonight. That's it.

Oh! Right. For Christ's sake, why?

- Hey.
- Why?

Why? Because we fucking can.

Because we fucking can and if we can, we do.

And if we lift our heel off their necks now, they?ll just come at us.

Remember these are the bastards that wanted Danny Whizz-Bang dead.

You're getting soft, brother.

Soft and weak.

Save the Bible for Sundays, eh.


I need to get to Hockley and then home.

It's been a long day.

You take the Wrexham, you take the Five Bells.

You get them signed over to us in the morning.

You make sure the coppers stay away.

Don't use the fucking phones, all right? There's someone listening.

Well done.


Not hungry, Mrs Shelby?

"Hungry"? Oh, no. Sorry, Mary.

You'll ruin your eyes.


- Hello.
- Hello.

Sit down.

- Guess.
- Guess what?

- He said yes.
- Who?

The leader of the Birmingham City Council is going to attend the dinner.

- Everyone has said yes. Everyone.
- Ah.

I keep having to change the catering.

And my writing hand is almost falling off.

Oh, what are you writing for? I bought you a typewriter.

You don't write letters of a social occasion on a typewriter.

Oh. Forgive me.

I have the drawings

of what they plan to do with the grounds of the house.

There'll be an area for the children to play. Look.


And the Birmingham Charity Commission have agreed to set aside

their three rotten floorboards upstairs and grant us the licence within a month.

- You're not listening to me.
- Yes I am. I am.

Do you think I'm becoming obsessed?


Should I ask you how your day was, like a good wife?


I'm guessing that means your day was not as successful as mine, hmm.

That all depends on how you measure success.

See, personally,

I measure it in sapphires.


- Sapphires. Mmm.
- Uh-huh.

Close your eyes.

Close your eyes.

All right, you can open 'em.

Where the hell did you get that?

It's beautiful.

You can wear it to the foundation dinner.

Don't you think it's a bit much for a charity dinner?


this is fucking Birmingham.

"Good taste" is for people who can't afford sapphires.

Oh, Mr Shelby.

Did you wind the clock, Arthur?

We should go to bed.

I need to...

I need to go out.

Some business I need to do.


But you only just got in.

I won't be long.

It's 10 o'clock.

It's pouring with rain.

I'll go...

I'll go and I'll come back.


Working in the dark is for the devil.

We said.

Start to do your work in the light.

Your own light.

Inside your head.

It's just paperwork.

I need you to clear your men out of Nechells tonight.

I thought you boys were a bit grand for this sort of thing these days.


Mind you, I think Tommy enjoys the sport.

Something like that.

Good night, Arthur.


Arthur, what are you doing?


We're going to the Garrison.

No. I'm going home, John.

Go and fuck yourself, Arthur.

Yeah! Fuck off!

- Come here, Charlie.
- Charlie.

This big man and his brother are going to make us a lot of money.

Or lose us a lot of money.

Who the hell cares when they are such beautiful beasts, eh?

Go on.

- You've got a house, John.
- Oh, fuck.

Full of kids.

Well, you've got a maid to look after the kids.

Yeah, she listens.

Have you done the odds for tomorrow?

Something urgent came up.

They get worse when they're pregnant, Tom.


Esme, I need you to leave now. Go out the back door,

and lock it after you.

Come on, I left the office.

There's two trucks full of coppers out there, John.

Where the fuck is Arthur?

He goes home to the Madonna of Moseley on the stroke of five.

- You need to talk to him, Tom.
- Esme, please, go. Now.


This is very fucking unusual.

So, call Moss.

They're from out of town. London, by the looks of their boots.

Since when are we scared of coppers, Tom?

Since things changed, John.

- Scotland Yard!
- Get down! Police!

- Go on!
- John!

John! John, it's the Yard.

Put it down.

Putting it down. Putting it fucking down.

- Hands on your heads!
- Down on your knees! Now!

Let her fucking go! She's fucking pregnant.

Leave her alone.

What the fuck is happening, Tom?

Let's go.

Put me down!

- Tell Polly it's Russian business, John.
- All right.

Peaky fucking Blinders my arse.

- Is he afraid?
- No.

Go on.


I'm talking to you, Mr Shelby.

So, the Odd Fellows want you to know that any deviation

from your instructions will have consequences.

What's your dog's name?

You visited your sister.

Eh? What's your name, boy?

Your sister is a potential security breach.

She has connections with the Bolsheviks in London

who have connections with the Soviet Embassy.

I think I will just call your dog, "Boy".

You love your Boy, don't you?

Understand this.

You have the local police in your pocket,

we have Scotland Yard.

They do what we tell them just as surely as this dog.

Let him off the leash.

Are you hearing me, Mr Shelby?

I can charm dogs.

Gypsy witchcraft.

And those I can't charm, I can kill with my own hands.

You learn it when you have a dog on a boat.

They go fucking mad in tunnels.

I feel like I'm in a tunnel now.

You know that feeling, when you have to kill or be killed?

Let the dog off the leash

and give the order you give in Gaelic...

Like I'm told you do

when someone displeases you or someone reports you.

Visit your sister again and she will die crossing the road.

Then you say it.

If you wanted me dead, I would be dead, wouldn't I?

It's true.

It's true, we do need you alive.

But when you go home today, Mr Shelby...

Be sure to check under your little boy's pillow.

The tooth fairy has been.

We can reach anyone.


- Is everything all right?
- Yes.

Everything's fine. Everything's fine.


You promised, Tommy.

I trust you.

- I trust you, Tommy.
- Yes.

He's fine. He's fine.

Grace. Grace.

Come On.

You're not one of those Impressionists, are you?

They're all terribly political, aren't they?

- And you're not?
- Goodness no.

The people I work for just want me to paint what is there.

To me, politics is deliberately making things better

for some people by deliberately making them worse for others.

Well, I thought I might wear this.

Oh, God. It's too much. I'll try something more simple.

No. Don't...

Suddenly, I feel incompetent.

I want the portrait to hang in the office, so I want it to look formal.

It's not formal.

It's beautiful.

It was made in Paris.

It was stolen in Birmingham.

My mother stole it from a house she was cleaning. 1901.

No. No.

It's yours. It belongs on you.

A woman of substance and class.

Believe me. I've painted many women

who don't belong in their expensive dresses.

There'll be no charge.

Your normal rate.

- I insist.
- Hmm! There's a first.

- So, when shall we start?
- I've already started.

Come to my studio this evening.

- Uh, I am busy this evening.
- Polly, invite him.

Invite me to what?

Ada, this is a professional transaction.

- Invite me to what?
- Shelby Foundation dinner.

- Polly's going alone. You're invited...
- Ada.

I'll come to your studio on Sunday.

And then we shall begin.

A woman of substance...

...and class.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.


Hello, Polly.


Here's the leader of the Birmingham City Council.

- Hello, Tommy.
- Hi, Danny.

How's business?

All right, it's holding up, holding up. How are you?

You know each other?

I have interests in a steelworks in Cradley Heath.

Tommy helps me get my products to the carmakers.

Congratulations, Mrs Shelby, on your wedding.

Thank you, I'm surprised you weren't invited.

Now, how would that look, eh?

Oh, now, the party has really started.

Who are they?

Father John Hughes from St Mary's Boys Reformatory.

And with him is Mr Patrick Jarvis, MP.

They are part of an organisation called the Economic League.

Did you invite them, Grace?

Their names sound familiar.

They were recommended by the Lord Mayor.

Oh. On your "best people of the city" list, eh?

- Do you know them?
- I'll introduce you, Tommy.

That's all right, Danny. I'll introduce myself.

We appear to have taken you by surprise.

I have adjusted.

Since the socialists got into Downing Street

we are all being followed.

We have to meet in places where we'd meet anyway.

You should have stopped by Small Heath.

I could have given you a more traditional welcome.

- They want to know about ammunition.
- And chains for the wheels.

When the White Guard make their run for Tbilisi,

it will be over rough terrain.

The chains are suitable for snow or wet ground.

They're already stored on the vehicles.

There's a batch of weapons set aside at the BSA,

which is bound for the Turkish army.

And how will you get it all aboard the London train?

There will be a strike that night across the city.

You will have to stop the train twice. How?

Two drivers will join the strike at different points.

Rather fun, getting the Communist unions to help get weapons to the Whites.

Yes, rather fun, eh?

I am thinking ahead, thinking of every possibility,

remembering everything that is happening.

The Russians want to inspect the vehicles.

- I'll take photographs. Mmm-mmm.

The Duke has sent his niece, she's here.

Tomorrow you will take her to the factory and show her.

No. Union conveners are watching the factories.

Not possible.

Anything is possible, Mr Shelby.

You will take her.

You will pick her up from this hotel at ten.

Now, look, a priest with an empty glass.

Let's get back to the party.

You know, gentlemen, there is hell and there is another place below hell.

I will remember everything...

And forget nothing.


this is Duchess Tatiana Petrovna.

Come on, Tommy, aren't you impressed to meet a real duchess?

Well, I understand they charge a fee.

Mr Shelby, you are very direct.

Too direct.

But it's true.

I attend these things for the champagne.

And for the chance to be treated like a duchess again.

You should have kissed my hand, Mr Shelby.

Forgive me.

She was asking about my sapphire.

- I thought I recognised it.
- She said it was Russian.

My husband has business in Russia. Perhaps you know about it, Tatiana?

Well, tonight is not a night for business, eh?

Is that why you were in the concert hall for 10 minutes?

I think people are ready for dinner now, Grace.

No, no. I'm not done pumping people for money.

What is "pump for money"?

It's what I do every day.

You know each other, do you?

You see, I am in charge of compiling the list of guests,

but it's my husband who seems to know all of them.

I hear he is very well connected.

And where does a duchess hear that?

In certain circles.

All right, enough. Ada.

Grace, there's a Lady Dowager

who wants to speak to you about coffee mornings.

She mentioned a ?2,000 cash donation.

Tatiana, you and I will speak later.

I would like that.

Going to the factory tomorrow is a mistake.

Nevertheless, we will go.

Also, my uncle ordered me to seduce you to give us an advantage.

But with a beautiful wife like that it will be difficult, no?

Tomorrow is a mistake.

Have you not heard? We have no morals, we Russians.

And no fucking sense.

And no options.

I would fuck you for the cause. What do you think of that?

I think you should not drink vodka with champagne.

Does your wife know that the sapphire she is wearing

has been cursed by a Gypsy?

What did you say?

Nothing on Earth would make me wear it.

Grace, listen to me. Look, I can explain.

- Go away.
- It's...

Ladies and gentlemen.

For once, you shouldn't have to explain.

The loyalty toast, to His Majesty the King.

To the King.

Dinner is served.

You look beautiful, but you need to take this off.

Why? Because you think it would look better on her?

Grace, look at me, fuck these people, eh.

Fuck 'em, I need you to be all right.

I need you, Grace. I need you.

Damn you, Tommy Shelby.

- Shall we go inside?
- Yeah.

For Angel!

Get me a fucking ambulance now!