Peaky Blinders (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

Tommy and the Peaky Blinders prepare for a big operation, that quickly becomes way trickier than they thought.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Mr Churchill.

If there are bodies to be buried...

Dig holes.

And dig them deep.

Don't do this in here.

You're taking me away from my baby!

- Freddie!
- Ada!

It wasn't me who shot Freddie Thorne.

He trusts me, I told you that.

I think I know where the guns are hidden.

I want your word that Thomas Shelby will not be harmed if the guns are recovered.

It would be an honour to work with you, Mr Kimber.

Nobody works "with" me. People work "for" me.

Black star. What does that mean?

Black star day is the day we take out Billy Kimber and his men.


Will you marry me?

You deserve better.

Is it him?

- Where is he?
- He left.

With the barmaid.


We don't open two more hours.

You come back later.


Inspector Campbell, sir.

Any trouble, sir?


I know.

I know.

That is,

I'm given to understand by several of my officers...

Several of my officers that people come here...

That men come here for...

a certain purpose.

Arthur. Arthur, wake up!

Get home, get bathed, check your kids, check your weapons.


What's going on?

We're doing it today.

# Where secrets lie in the border fires in the humming wires

# Hey man, you know you're never coming back #

Fetch the wagons, Charlie.

It's today.

# On a gathering storm comes a tall handsome man

# In a dusty black coat with a red right hand #

I'll be there in a minute, mate!

john, I've told you to keep the doors locked.

It could have been anyone.

Get dressed.

We're doing it today.

As a matter of fact, he's doing me today.

Make sure he's done you by 9:00.

You should learn to knock!

It's not a day for knocking.

Dear Lord, make this day pass well.

Let none get hurt,

and make them that do not Shelbys.

Watch john,

'cause he has so many depending on him.

Watch Arthur,

because he's as likely to hurt himself as anyone else.

Watch Thomas.

I know how he is.

But he does what he does for us.

I think.


I used to do that every morning during the war.

Think'd I'd done it for the last time.

Today will be the last time, Poll.

After today, there'll be no need for prayers.

We'll be set.

Family meeting, half-ten.

I'm sorry I kept you.

It is so early.

That's all right.

I, I didn't sleep last night.

Mr Zhang said that you are special, special customer.

Do you want to sit?

Do you want to take off your boots?




So tight.

We can also clean and press your shirt while we do this.

Ah, that's a very efficient service.

You've never been to a place like this before?

It's okay.

Sometimes old men who lost their wives, they come here

all the time.

Old men?

I am so old?

No, I mean...

I am young. Anyway---

I will make you young as well.


Dear Grace,

I write this letter to you with a heavy heart.

I know exactly what you did.

And with whom.

I will not mention any of it in my report.

However, you should be aware

that I know you gave yourself to the man who is our sworn enemy.

That is not only treason,

it is disgusting beyond all measure.

Your father would be ashamed of you.

And as for myself, I am beyond desolation.

You have betrayed every principle and standard of honour

that was your birth right.

And, for what?


Oh, my God, I'm sorry, did I do that?

It's okay.

You are special, special customer.

Would you sit with me for a moment?


For the suits.

You want to hear something funny?

I am unarmed.

It's curious, Inspector.

I thought you came here to clean up the city.

Not to sleep with its whores.

You're no different from any other copper that came before you.

I'm no different from those who would follow, should I choose to leave.

Oh, you've no reason to stay.

You have what you came for.

Yes, I have what I came for.

I have a meeting with Mr Winston Churchill at midday.

And, no doubt, he intends to

congratulate me on finding those stolen guns.

And you still don't know how we found them, do ya?


Oh, you got lucky.

Did I?


One thing I have learned

is that you and I are opposites.

But also just the same.

Like an image in a mirror.

We hate people.

And they in turn

hate us.

And fear us.

Before the day is over,

your heart will be broken.

Just the same as mine.

Men like us, Mr Shelby,

will always be alone.

And the love we get,

we will have to pay for.

You forget, Inspector,

I have my family.

Enjoy your day.

Oh, little one.

You're much better with him than I am.

He settles quicker with me because he can't smell the milk.

You're tired.

Let's put him down.

Mine were terrors for the tit.

Both of them.

Well, you never knew my children, did you?

I was a child myself then.

You never talk about them.

I've no reason to.

Heart breaks even when I think about them.

But, today,

I do have reason to.

Sit down, Ada.

They were three and five years old.

Sally was three, Michael was five, well, two weeks away from being six.

It was Sunday morning,

I was at church...

"You're not forgiven."


Pinched-faced bitch said to me, "You're not forgiven."

You see, some sheets I'd washed and hung on the line

had the name of a hotel in them.

They'd been stolen in a robbery,

and they said some porter at the hotel had been coshed.

And a woman from around here told the police about the sheets.

Jealous, you see, about the new sheets.

And when the police came,

they found a spirits still.

Making a few drops of gin.

And for that...

They took my children from me.

And they never told me where they took them.

And they did it 'cause they could, and 'cause I was weak.

They will never take your baby away from you.

Do you know why?

'Cause Tommy won't let them.

'Cause Tommy won't let them walk all over us.

Now, it is Tommy that has brought strength and power to this family.

'Cause he knows...

You have to be as bad as them above in order to survive.

I'm telling you this because I want you to forgive him.

How can I?

When my Freddie's rotting in jail because of him.

There's something about today you need to know.

All right, Freddie. Time to go.

I want to get a message to Campbell.

I can't let them move me to Brixton.

If I go to Brixton, they'll kill me.


You're not going to get as far as Brixton prison.

You're free.

I told the Prime Minister personally

that the guns have been retrieved,

and he actually heard me and listened,

and I'm pretty sure he gave me a half smile.

He never usually smiles unless a political opponent dies.

I've plan to put your name forward in the New Year's Honours List.

- That would be too much, sir.
- Nonsense.

You deserve it.

As I recall, you wrote to me several times about an undercover operative,

a woman.

Was she involved in the discovery?

Does she deserve some kind of commendation?


She was instrumental.

A truly loyal servant to the Crown.

And that is what the record should state.

And what of the men who actually stole the guns? The Peaky...

Blinders, sir.

If we were to make arrests,

the whole thing would end up in open court, and I know we wish to

keep this matter confidential.

So they'll go free?

Not quite, sir.

See, I have plans

for the Peaky Blinders.

All right?

Leave that, boys, we'll get back to it later.


We've brought you all here today

'cause this is the day we replace Billy Kimber.

This is the day we become respectable.

The day we join the official National Association of Racecourse Bookmakers.

But, first,

we do the dirty work.

Now, you've all known this day's been coming,

I just haven't told anyone the date.

We're going to the Worcester races.

Track opens at 1:00, we get there at 2:00.

Now, Kimber thinks we're going there to help him fight the Lee brothers.

Thanks to the efforts of our john

and his lovely new wife, Esme,

the Lees are now our kin.

I interrupted those efforts this morning and, uh,

I can assure you all, john is making great sacrifices

in the cause of peace.

Yea h, a ll rig ht.

So it'll be us and the Lees against Kimber's boys.

We take 'em out and leave the bookies.

I'll expect a swift victory which will send a signal all the way to London

that we believe in letting legitimate businesses run peacefully.

JOHN: And, uh, what about Kimber himself?

I'll deal with Kimber.

Any other questions?


Does anyone object if I bring a newcomer to the meeting?

Come on.

I'd like to introduce the newest member of the Shelby clan.

Welcome home, Ada.

We named him Karl.

After Karl Marx.

Karl bloody Marx.

Let me get a look at him.

Oh, here we go.

Hey, look!

He looks just like me, look!

- Unless his arse looks like you.
- He's all right.

He's a Shelby.

Well, Ada...

Am I forgiven?

If what Aunt Polly says is true, you are.

It's true.

Thank you, Tommy.

So who the hell are you?

Someone who wants to keep his eyes.

They came to my house,

told me to volunteer for this.

Who did?

The Peaky Blinders.

Tommy, Tommy, Tommy.

Get out of the way!

What the bloody hell is that?

Looks like your friends are here.

Stay down on the ground! Or the next one's for you.


Make it look good.

I am sorry about this, comrade.

Holy shit!

- Danny, you're dead!
- No. I've been living in London.

Same thing.

In you get.

All right, lads, listen up.

You have a pint and a chaser, no more, on the house.

Right. Let's get pouring.

Do you have the enclosure tickets?

And the registered bookkeepers on the track?

In me coat.

You did a good job, Grace.

- Much.
- Much.

Next family meeting,

I'll make sure you're there.

If I were family.

But I'm not.

That could change.

- Tommy...
- We'll talk about it more

when I get back, all right?

When will you be back?

Oh, is this how it's gonna be, eh?

You waiting at home for me,

saying, "What time do you call this?"

The barrel needs changing.

Go on, Tom. Go out the back, give her a good seeing to before we go.

All right?

Hey, Grace, I was joking.

Tommy, we need more mild.

Just help yourselves!

Tommy, the truth is...

When you come back from the races, I won't be here.

What are you talking about?

All right, look.

Grace, I know you weren't born to be with a man like me.

But I'm turning things around.

When I get back here tonight, I will have

one of the biggest legal race track syndicates in the country.

I'm gonna close down some of that other stuff.

Maybe open a club.

Hey, back in London.

And another thing,

you have a contract of employment.

With a real limited company.

You remember?

I remember everything, Tommy.

I am going to a make a success of this.

I am going to a make a success of it.

- I am.
- I know.

I know.

I'm not talking about marriage.

I'm so...

We know each other.

We can talk.

We're the same.

Tommy, I've done something terrible to you.

Right. Tell him what you just told me.

Just heard there's two vans driving up the Stratford Road.

An old corporal of mine said he recognised some of the men.

He said it's the Kimber boys.

And they're heading this way.

Ada! Wake up!

You and the baby, get into the bullring where there's lots of people.

- What's going on?
- We've been fucking betrayed.

Someone let slip. Kimber's men are on their way here.

- Yeah, but you can handle them, Tommy.
- It's just us.

All the Lees are on their way to Worcester, we're outnumbered.


Who else knew today was the day you were moving on Kimber?

You said you kept it a secret. Who else did you tell?

There's only one thing can blind a man as smart as you, Tommy.


It's that barmaid.

I'll deal with Grace.

If you set eyes on her again, you might kill her.

Going for good?

I heard there was trouble.

Instinct's a funny thing.

See, normally I can tell about a person, but with you...

Look, the fighting's about to begin.

- We should get out of here.
- We know who you are.

Tommy knows as well.

Turned out that copper as good as told him this morning.

But I wanted to hear it from your own lips.

I am an agent of the Crown.

I have the power to arrest and the right to use force.

So please, step out of my way.

Like I say, instinct's a funny thing. You fell for Tommy for real, didn't you?

This gun is loaded.

I'm not afraid of you.

I feel sorry for you.

Slip of a thing.

Thought you'd come in here and stitch us all up.

I mean, we've had some copper's narks in here, but you...

You're the queen of them all.

So who are you?

Rich girl, I'd guess.

Unionist. Ulster Volunteer.

You thought, "Fenians, communists, low people...

"They're all the same. Scum."

Then you met Tommy.

I'll fight you with my fists and show you how a rich girl fights.

I'm from a tough family, too.


We women have more sense.

Why don't you pour us both a drink?

So am I right?

Did you fall for Tommy?

Yes, I did.

Then I pity you.

You think he'll try to kill me?

That's too soft.

- Soft? -Soft.

Like you.

You saved his life the night the coppers came.

That's why we're drinking, not fighting.

We owe you.

What was he like?

Before France?

He laughed. A lot.

He wanted to work with horses.

He won medals?

Threw them in the cut.

Not a single man came back the same.

You know, after all this is over,

he might forgive you.

He might take you in.

Can never tell with men.

They go for whoever their dicks point at and there's no changing their minds.

But I should tell you something.

I will never forgive you.

Or accept you.

Or take you in.

And it's me who runs the business of the heart in this family.

And as far as I'm concerned,

you're a snitch from the parish.

And if you're not gone from this city by tomorrow,

I'll kill you myself.

Now go.

Maybe what really upsets you

is the thought that one day you might lose him.

Tommy! We've had word from Nipper at Hay Mills,

and he says the police are letting them through.

And how come all our police have disappeared?

'Cause it was the police who told Kimber about the plan.

And who told the police?

You know what,john? For all I think I'm the smart one,

I'm guessing it was me.

All right, men.

You were mostly in the war, so you know that battle plans always change

and get fucked up, well here it is.

Things have changed.

We fight them here. Today. Alone.

Now, they're gonna come for the pub,

they're gonna try and break us up for good.

And we'll have no help from the law today.

That pub there is called The Garrison!

Well, now it really is one.

And it belongs to us! Right?


How many are there?

Jeremiah said two Reilly vans.

So I reckon we're outnumbered three to one.

ARTHUR". Ah, fuck.

But it's us, boys, it's us!

The Small Heath rifles.

Never lost a fight yet, did we?

- No!
- All right!

Jeremiah, I know you vowed to God to never pick up a weapon again.

But can you ask him from me if you can help us today.

God says he done a deal with Small Heath, sir.

Good man!

Arthur, Scudboat, you take the flanks.

- Just like at St Marie.
- Sure.


If any Shelby man dies here today,

you bury us side by side.

All right. We've about ten minutes.

Make your peace with whoever.

We've heard a report of a large group of men

in vehicles heading towards the city.

Most of them are known to the police, sir.

Uh. We think a gang fight's about to break out.

I want all officers and constables

stood down in the following areas.


Small Heath, Shard End, Greet,

-and Hay Mills.
- Stood down, sir?

Immediately. And the vehicles approaching the city

-should not be impeded.
- What the hell is going on?

Let dog eat dog.

Let the beasts devour each other.

And then we shall pick the bones.

She's gone, then?

You're not accustomed to not getting what you want, are you, Tommy?

You wanted my pub, and you took it.

You got a fair price.

What I got was an ultimatum.

Like you give to everybody.

Do it, or else.

And yet, it's funny,

everybody around here, they want you to win this battle.

I think what it is,

you're bad men, but you're our bad men.

Will you go looking for her?

She's in the past.

The past is not my concern.

The future is no longer my concern either.

What is your concern, Tommy?

One minute.

TOMMY". The soldier's minute.

In a battle, that's all you get.

One minute of everything at once.

Anything before is nothing.

Everything after,


Nothing in comparison

to that one minute.

Didn't you get enough minutes over there?

Seems not, doesn't it?

Tommy, they're here!

Get your weapons out, boys, and load 'em up.

Take your time.

Hold 'em up in the air so's they can see what we've got.

All guns and no balls, right, Billy boy?

So what do we do now? just give the order.

The men that have arrived in Garrison Lane, they're armed with rifles.

Did you hear me?

Their methods of self-destruction are not my concern.

Well, we've outside reports of machine gun fire in Saltley.

It's the ravings of an old soldier with shell shock.

We only found 24 of those 25 Lewis guns. If they were to get use of one...

You know, uh... When you came here from Belfast, I was overjoyed.

I was sick of this force, and I was sick of all the corruption.

When you made that speech about cleaning this place up,

I gave a little cheer inside.

You said it was the devil's work to look the other way.

I am not looking the other way, Sergeant Moss.

I am looking directly at the events of the day!

And I like what I see.

It doesn't have to be like this, Kimber.

It's too late for all that.

You've bit off more than you can chew, you little toe-rag,

and now I'm going to take over this shithole.

Well... If we have to use guns...

Let's use proper guns!

Sergeant Thorne reporting for duty, sir.

You were saying something about being out-gunned?


What are you doing?

I believe you boys call this "no man's land".

- Ada!
- Shut up and listen.

- Have you lost your mind?
- I said shut up!

Now, most of you were in France. So you all know what happens next.

I've got brothers and a husband here,

but you've all got somebody waiting for you.

Now, I'm wearing black in preparation.

I want you to look at me.

I want you all to look at me!

We'll be wearing black for you.

Think about them.

Think about them right now,

and fight if you want to,

but that baby ain't moving anywhere.

And neither am I.

She's right, you know.

Why should all you men die?

It should just be them whose caused it!

Tommy, come here!

Don't shoot! You're all right, Son!

- You're all right.
- Ada, move away!

Don't shoot!

Hold your guns up!


Kimber and me fought this battle one-on-one.

It's over.

Go home to your families.

Scudboat, Curly, pick him up.

I want to ask you one question. Then I'll leave.

Tommy knows who I am. What did you say to him?

What did you say to him?

I told him...

That his heart would be broken before the day was over.

So it seems... You've broken two hearts, Grace.

As well as my own.

That's it, Tommy, that's it! Fight it, Tommy!

- No!
- Take it! Take it!

- Hold him still!
- That's it, lad!

Come on! Come on!

- There! I still have the knack.
- Argh!

Have a drink.

All right. Deep breath!

That's it. It's done!

Now we can bury him properly, in the grave we dug for him.

Yeah. It's high on a hill. He'll like that.

- To Danny Whizz-Bang.
- Danny.

May we all die twice.

To Danny Whizz-Bang.

Danny Whizz-Bang.

Danny Whizz-Bang.

Come on. The day is ours. Let's celebrate.

Well, who won?

A Mr William Kimber has been found dead. A gunshot wound.

So, uh, I'm guessing that means the Peaky Blinders won, sir.

Also, the communist agitator, Freddie Thorne,

was taken from his transport by armed men.

Since there were no officers on the street at the time,

following your orders, he managed to escape easily and he's now at large.

The, er, prison officers said they recognised the men.

They were Peaky Blinders as well, sir.

I mean, we could go down there and make a few arrests,

but no one will have seen anything.

And there were no officers there to witness, so...

The Shelbys'll get away with murder.

Just like they always have.

Some things never change, eh, sir?

- A toast! To Shelby, Limited!
- To Shelby, Limited!

He's got sons. Should we find work for them?

No. Let 'em be.

Let them find ordinary work. Like ordinary men.

Could you put me through to Mr Churchill, please?

Yes, sir. Sir...

I have made a decision about my future.

Everyone's leaving town.

- Tommy, you're hurt.
- I'm fine.

- What exactly can I say?
- I don't know, Grace.

- If I tell you who I really am?
- I think I know who you are.

- Okay.
- You know who I am?

Circumstance is not important.

- Circumstance.
- Is all it is.

- Just uniform.
- Yeah.

Someday I will throw this gun in the canal.

Why not now?

Here it comes, Tommy.

I love you.

And there it goes, Grace.

Away it goes.

You can say it as much as you like.

But there's no chance.

I'll be in London one week. This address.

Finish your business here and join me.

I have an idea.

- There he is.
- Tommy!


Not whisky.

If you check behind the bar...

You will find a bottle of champagne.

One she bought?

Today was a good day.

All of Kimber's men were busy here.

So the Lee boys took all the pitches at the Worcester races.

Couldn't have gone better if we planned it.

The Shelby Brothers, Limited,

are now the third largest legal racetrack operation in the country.


Only the Sabinis and the Solomons are bigger than us, boys.

And all my family is here to celebrate.

To Shelby Brothers, Limited!

- Shelby!
- Cheers!

There'll be others.

To the others.

All of them.

TOMMY". "Dear Grace,

"without a secretary, I write my own letters.

"And I write without lies.

"I learnt long ago to hate my enemies,

"but I've never loved one before.

"The idea of New York is interesting,

"but I have worked so hard for this day. For this victory.

"I have responsibilities here, for people I need to protect,

"and people who I love.

"Before the war, when I had an important decision to make,

"I used to flip a coin. Perhaps that is what I will do again.

"Polly tells me you fell in love for real,

"and Polly is never wrong about matters of the heart.

"I will give you my decision within three days.

"All my love, Tommy Shelby."

# Love is blindness

# I'm so sick of it I don't wanna see

# Why don't you just take the night

# And wrap it all around me, now

# Oh, my love

# Blindness

# Oh, love is blindness

# Mmm-mmm...

# Oh, I'm too numb to feel... #