Peaky Blinders (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

Thomas continues dating Grace, barmaid at the Garrison pub, unaware that she has been planted by Campbell to spy on his activities. At a country fair outside the city Thomas gets into a ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
He's a Chief Inspector.

I reckon it's communists he's after.

So this copper's going to leave us alone, right?

What the fuck!

I want you to see this as me introducing myself to you.

He said Mr Churchill sent him to Birmingham.

Something about a robbery.

Thomas, you're a bookmaker. You're not a fool.

You sell these guns to anyone who has use to them, you will hang.

I'm just a poor communist frog with a big mouth.

I'm with you 'cause you're the only man around here not scared of them.

The only difference between you and me, Freddie,

is that, sometimes, my horses stand a chance of winning.


You're fixing races now.

GRACE". I'm here about the job as a barmaid.

Are you in position?

I am, sir.

# Take a little walk to the edge of town and go across the track

# Where the viaduct looms like a bird of doom

# As it shifts and cracks

# Where secrets lie in the border fires in the humming wires... #

I thought you said we were going to the fair.

We have business first. Come on. Bring your wits.

- What business?
- That's the Lee family.

- Tommy! 'Johnny-dogs!

Tommy, how the hell are ya?

All the better for getting the city smoke out of me lungs.

I thought you became a bit too grand for us.

- I've been busy.
- I'm riding with the Lee family now.

I heard. Myself, I'd rather live among pigs.

Come on, Tommy, no disputing.

So your first fair since France?

What do you know about France? You war-shy, gypsy bastard.

- So this is the horse?
- And that's the car.

Hang on a minute.

You're not swapping the family car for a bloody horse.

Of course we're not swapping it.

Huh? That'd be mad.

We're gonna play two up.

- Here you are.
- Yeah, I knew it.

See, I knew it. Tommy, you bloody idiot.

Shut up, Arthur, I won.


I promised johnny I'd let him have a spin in the car if he lost.

All right.

Are you Lee boys laughing at my brother?

Are ya?

- Eh?
- Tommy! Tommy, come on!

- I asked you a question.
- Tommy, come on, it's just the craic.

Get your family out of here,

and go and enjoy yourselves at the fair before they start a war. Huh?

Yeah, but his mum was a didicoy whore.

We will take them before last night's beer

turns to piss and wakes the devils up.

We will leave no stone unturned.

Every gun, every bullet will be brought to me for inspection.

Now, take your positions.


Are you sure your brothers are at the fair?

If it was them, they wouldn't knock.

Mr Thorne!

What is it?

The police are rounding up the communists.

Come on, Ada. If the cops find me, we're screwed. Fuck!


You have to jump, Ada. I'll catch ya.

Come on.

Look at this.

A prescription for iron tablets for Ada fucking Shelby.

Mrs Donovan, I need that favour.

- Come in and be quick.
- I'm not coming in. She is.

Holy Jesus! It's the Shelby girl.

You've not seen her with me, okay, Mrs Donovan?

Just give her a cup of tea and let her stay

until the police are gone.

She's the sister of those Peaky Blinder devils.

And, yet, she's an angel. Come on, Ada.

What are you gonna do, Freddie?

Me? I'm gonna have to leave town for a bit.

A gentleman would take off his hat.

Put out his pipe.

I see you Specials only dare come here

when you know the boys are away at the fair.

You mean your nephews?

With their guns and their razors? Is it them you're lighting candles for?


I'm lighting candles for the boys from The Garrison

who lost their lives in France.

There's a list there.


I hear you didn't make it to France,

Inspector Campbell.

You've heard of me?

I've heard of you.

Is it the Holy Grail you're looking for?

As a matter of fact,

it is the Holy Grail I'm looking for.

Something precious, something stolen. Perhaps you know what I'm talking about.

Sorry. I misunderstood your intention when you pushed me against the wall.

Turn the place upside down.

Arthur Shelby said you people would help us.

If we don't know what you've lost, how can we help you find it?

But I have found out subsequently that I was speaking to the wrong man.

Next time, I want to talk to the boss.

Lickey Tea Rooms. Friday, 10:00.

And when I say "the boss," I mean Thomas.

Come on.

Now what the bloody hell's been going on here?

Jesus Christ.

The coppers told everyone Arthur had agreed to it when he was arrested.

They said the Peaky Blinders had cleared out to the fair to let them do it.

No one never said nothing to that copper

about smashing up bloody houses!

All right. Which pubs did they do?

The Guns, The Chain, The Marquis.

All the ones that pay you to protect them.

The only one they didn't touch was The Garrison.

Made sure people think we were in on it.

Smart, this copper.

So go on. Drink your beers. Get out.

You better show people you'll still the cocks of the walk.

Hand out some cash to the landlords of the pubs.

Pay some veterans to fix the places up.

Give us the bag.

So what about you, Tommy?

I've to go to Charlie's to stable the horse.

Looked foot sore in the box.

Let them see your faces.

So we both know what they were looking for.

You don't read the papers?

Racing papers.

So let me tell you the odds.

I reckon it's 3-to-1 there'll be a revolution.

I wouldn't bet on that.

That copper's betting on it.

He's not gonna let it rest till he gets those guns back.

Did he talk to ya, Pol?

In the church.

Did he try to find our Ada?

She was sleeping.

Where was she sleeping, Pol?

I thought you didn't care for women's business.

He knows you're the boss.

He wants to meet you.

- Will you talk to him?
- No.

You don't parlay when you're on the back foot.

We'll strike a blow back first.

Hey, lad.

- What are you doing?
- We're having a fire.

Take off your picture of the King.


Bring it to Watery Lane.

Chuck them on, boys.


Well, I hope to God you know what you're doing.

I'm the reporter.

The Birmingham Evening Despatch.

I had a phone call.

Someone called Thomas Shelby?

Come with me.

Move aside. Give us a bit of room. Tommy.

Move back for us, please, folks.

You're Mr Shelby?

- All the way back, please.
- I am.

You said I would be protected.

You're protected.

What's going on?

There are some things I want you to write down.

Now, first of all.

It's not the people around here that are disloyal to the King.

It's the opposite.

You see, we don't want our beloved king

looking down and seeing the things that have been done to us.

So we are taking down his pictures.

But why are you burning them?

We went through hell for our king.

Walked through the flames of war. Write all this down!

And now we're being attacked in our own homes.

These new coppers over from Belfast,

breaking into our homes and interfering with our women.

We don't think our king would want to see that happening.

So we are lighting fires to raise the alarm.

May I ask you, in what capacity do you speak?

No capacity.

I'm an ordinary man.

I won gallantry medals at the Somme.

I want you to write in your paper what's going on here.

Go on, go.

Come in.

There... There...

There's a telephone call for you, sir, on the London line.

There is? It's almost midnight.

It's Mr Winston Churchill, sir.

- Yes, sir.
- Inspector Campbell.

I hear there's been a bonfire in your city.

There was a small fire reported around 9:00 in Watery Lane.

Certainly nothing to trouble you about, sir.

Ah, but I'm afraid it has troubled me.

Half an hour ago, I received a wire communication

from the editor of the Birmingham Evening Despatch.

It seems one of his reporters was invited to the fire

and discovered that they were burning pictures of the King.

Of the King?

Any newspaper report which may cause embarrassment

to His Majesty is always referred first,

and as a matter of routine, to the Home Office.

I will go down there immediately, and, er, arrest those involved.

No, you most certainly will not make arrests.

If there are arrests, there will be trials.

If there are trials, there will be more newspaper reports

which will necessarily mention the burning of the King's likeness.

I put you in Birmingham for one very specific reason.

Are you any nearer to finding those stolen guns?

- We are making steady progress.
- We need results.

Goodnight, Mr Campbell.

Sir... Could I at least ask...

Does this report name any of those involved?

It names a Mr Thomas Shelby.

The report mentions he's a war hero.

Good of you to join us.

- Where have you been all day?
- In bed.

Couldn't sleep. Then I couldn't wake up.

Then I was cold, and then I had to go for a wee.

Then I was with this bear on a boat.

That was just a dream. Then I was hungry.

Why are you reading the paper?

Why wouldn't I be?

Well, I've never seen you read the paper.

I've only ever seen you light fires with them.

The BSA on strike. Miners are on strike.

IRA are killing our boys.

Ten a day.


Stand up.

- Why? -just stand up.

Side on.

Oi, what are you doing?


how late are you?

One week.

Five weeks.

Seven, if you count weekends. I think it's a lack of iron.

I got some tablets.

But they didn't work.


You can get dressed now, love.

So, am I or not?

Keep bloody walking, Ada. If anybody sees us here, they'll know.

I'm not getting rid of it, Aunt Pol.

Just come home and we'll talk about it.

You get off of me, or I'll scream it, I swear.

All right, you want to do this on the street? Let's do it.

Whose is it?

If I tell you, you'll tell them and they'll cut him to pieces.

Not if he marries you, they won't.

Will he marry you?

I don't know. I don't know where he is.

Jesus Christ, Ada!

Look, he's gone away but he said he'd come back.

Yeah, but they all say they'll come back.

He's not like that, he's a good man, he promised.

He will come back, Aunt Pol, I know he will.

Get me down a Spanish saddle, Joe.

Yes, Tom. A Spanish saddle... He's a beauty, Tom.

Yeah, yeah... Beautiful. Yeah.

Fine beast you got there, Thomas.

But is he worth falling out with the Lee family over?

Just passing it on.

Declaration of war. The whole Lee clan.

The guns and now this.

The guns are not spoken of.


Tommy. Tommy!

You mind how to speak to me.

Forgive me, Uncle.

It's Thomas Shelby against the whole bloody world, right?

Easy! Easy!

Easy, boy.

Shh. In France, we used to say...

Shh. In France we used to say it's just the musical hall band turning up.

Shh. It's just trombones and tubas, that's all.

It's just noise. Shh. Shh. Shh.

It's just noise, all right? It's just noise.

You get used to it.

It's just noise. Good boy.

Good boy.

In some pain there, boy, eh?

I... I'm so sorry, Mr Shelby.

- I'm Grace, by the way.
- I know who you are.

What's his name?

He doesn't have a name.

Poor boy, deserves a name.

Do you have something to say to me?

The other night you came into the pub when I was singing.

You said singing wasn't allowed.

I'd like there to be one night a week when there's singing.

I think it would be good for everyone.

Saturday nights.

Harry was too afraid to ask you so...

But you're not?

I am.

But I love to sing.

You sound like one of those rich girls

who comes over from Dublin for the races.

Do you like horses?

How'd you fancy earning some extra money?

Doing what?

Dig out a nice dress.

I want to take you to the races.

Go a couple of charges coming in, john. Rock Ferry down two-eighths.

Sorry, Mr Shelby. Go on!

- All right, Mr Shelby. How's it going?
- Hello, Frank. How's the leg?

- Not bad.
- Good.

Nice to see you, son.

Morning, Charlie.

The odds are good, boss.

- How are we looking?
- Looking good, Tommy.

Tom my? Tom my?

They're all here for Monaghan Boy.

That's what I like to hear, johnny boy.

And Aunt Pol wants to see ya.

Tell me the man's name, Ada.

Rudolph Valentino.

Get out!

All of you.

Go on. Now!

I said tell me his fucking name.

Freddie fucking Thorne!

Yeah. Your best mate since school, the man who saved your life in France.

So, go on. Go and cut him.

Cut him up and chuck him in the cut.

Oi! I'm a Shelby, too, you know!

Put my fucking film back on.

So Monaghan Boy finally lost?

Third time unlucky.

We took money from all over the city.

Yeah, but you'll pay it back to people round here.

Buy your popularity back.

Already done.

Taught you well.

And you fixed this race without the permission of Billy Kimber?

Obviously didn't teach you well enough!

Rule one. You don't punch above your weight.

- Billy Kimber is there for the taking.
- Says who?

Says Tom and his parliament of one.

- I ran this business for five years.
- Yeah.

While I was away fighting, remember?

Where I learned some things, such as

you strike when the enemy is weak.

And I thought you came here to talk family business.

I'll deal with it. You're too busy taking over the world.


It's about Ada. I need to know.

Ada wants you to give Freddie this letter.

She wants Freddie to know she's having his baby.

He deserves an opportunity to do the right thing.

I say we give them a chance.

For a woman who's had a hard life of men,

you're still full of romance, eh?

What do you think Freddie sees in our Ada?

- That's Freddie's business.
- No.

No, I'll tell you what he sees.

He sees machine guns and rifles and ammunition and some glorious revolution.

What is it you really don't like about Freddie?

She'll have no life with a man on the run.

If you can't see that, you can't see much.

Damn them for what they did to you in France!

Tell Ada Freddie went to America.

Or Russia.

Polly, it'd do no good for Ada to bring a baby into the world alone.

Pol, listen. The truth is you would've hit me with that thing

if it weren't for the fact that you know I'm right!

Thought I heard someone knocking.

Couldn't get back to sleep.

The longer you leave it,

the worse it gets.

Believe me.

I know.

I was 16.

And I didn't dare tell anyone.

Polly, Freddie'll come back.

In the end, I did it myself.

I did it to myself.

And I almost died.

And he didn't come back.

They don't. Why should they?

You know the words.

You're a whore. Baby's a bastard.

But there's no word for the man who doesn't come back.

One day,

on your wedding day,

you'll have a good man on your arm.

And you'll say, "Polly,

"thank you,

"for common sense."

This woman's in Cardiff.

We'll take the train tomorrow.

Go to the castle afterwards for a treat.

I chose this place because

it is outside both of our jurisdictions.

Do you want tea?

Inspector, I responded to your invitation

because I want us to understand each other.

I'm a businessman.

I want to make my business successful.

And I want my city run peacefully.

Well, if the city is peaceful, business can thrive.

So we're on the same side.

I think perhaps we could be.


How can we be on the same side when I see things like this?

My men found this

in the bedroom

of a known communist.

It has your sister's name on it.

It was obvious she'd been sleeping in his bed.

Are you also in bed with the communists, Mr Shelby?

I do not share their fantasy.

And as for my sister,

I've already dealt with the situation.

Freddie Thorne is at the very top of my list.

Well, cross him off.

He won't be returning to the city.

I'll make him part of our deal.

What deal?

You and your Specials will leave my businesses alone from now on.

No more raids into our territory, no more smashing our pubs.

No more lifting my runners.

You will turn a blind eye to all of my gambling operations. Also,

I am planning an expansion

onto the race tracks.

I intend to do business with Billy Kimber.

He runs most of the legal trackside betting outside of London.

He has policemen on his payroll.

I want you to put in a word with the Chief Inspector of Gloucestershire,

that his men should leave me alone

when I make my move.

Forgive me, I don't seem to have a pen

to write down this rather long list of demands.

And what do I get in return?

I have what you're looking for.

I have the guns.

What guns?

- I'm not here to play games.
- Wait, wait...

Twenty five Lewis machine guns. Fifty carbines.

Ten thousand rounds of ammunition.

All in a crate bound for Libya.

Stolen from the BSA factory proofing bay.

I'm guessing they sent you to Birmingham to get those guns back.


it's me that has them.

I have left word with men I trust,

that if I am taken into police custody for whatever reason,

those guns will be shipped to Liverpool.

From there, they will be sent directly to Belfast.

And sold to the Irish Republican Army.

All your good work in Ireland will be undone.

Each stolen weapon is numbered and marked.

If I sell them to the IRA, it won't be long before Mr Churchill finds out.

I imagine you got into enough trouble

over the burning of the King's photographs.

That was just a taster.

If those guns reach Belfast,

your life in the force is over.

When I have achieved what I have set out to achieve,

I will let you know where to find the guns.

You'll be a hero.

You'll probably get a medal.

I'm a fair man.

It's a fair offer.

Do we have a deal?

I need an answer.

Right now.

Very well.

But I'd prefer if we don't shake hands on it.

Now, why would I shake the hand of a man

who didn't even fight for his country?


I have new information.

Thomas Shelby is now the beginning,

the middle and the end of your mission.

So what shall I do?

It hurts me as much as it...

As it would a father sending his own daughter into a whorehouse.

But no matter how repugnant it may be,

you must do everything you can

to get close to him.


Find out where those guns are hidden.

Of course, when I say

everything, I don't mean...

You underestimate me in every way.


You are now active on a military operation

on behalf of the Crown.

And I wish to God circumstance hadn't chosen you.

It's what I'm trained for.

I'm late for my shift.


my heart is with you.


Tom! Tom! Tom!

You'd better come quick, Tom! Tom!

Curly, tell me.

Cursed, Tom.

Curly, Curly... Shh. Shh. Shh. Curly, Curly.

Tell me. Tell me, Curly. What's wrong with the horse?

You bought at the fair in bad feeling.

The Lees put a bad seed in the hoof and got an old woman to put a spell.

So those Lee bastards cursed him.

Whatever it is, he says it

spread to the other feet.

It's going to his heart by tomorrow, I say!

I've seen curses like this twice. Can't take them back, Tom.


I told you, Tommy.

Better enemies to have than black blood gypsies.

Get out.

Get out, Curly.

I'm sorry.

We're closed, Mr Shelby.

Just get me a drink.

Shall I leave you alone?

Came here for company.

Where's Harry?

He took the night off.

Went to the pictures.

How's your beautiful horse?

I just put a bullet in his head.

Was he lame?

He looked at me the wrong way.

It's not a good idea to look at Tommy Shelby the wrong way.

- What a waste.
- Yeah.

A waste is what it is.

You know, in France...

In France, I got used to seeing men die.

Never got used to seeing horses die.

They die badly.

I dug out a dress like you asked.


It's Cheltenham you're talking about.

Cheltenham's a grand affair, is it not?

The King will be there.

- King George?
- No.

King Billy Kimber. And all his men.

And what must I do?

For ?2, you'll do what I ask you to do.

I want three.

If I'm meeting a king, I won't be wearing a cheap dress.

And I ask you to let me sing.

It's part of the deal now, too.

Since when?

Since you nearly smiled.

Saturday nights. Open and easy.

Everyone gets to sing their song, just like we did in Dublin.

You never worked in Dublin.

So don't lie to me.

I asked around about that pub you said you used to work in.

I have friends over there.

No one has heard of you.

My guess is,

you're a girl from a good family

who got herself pregnant.

It's not something I want known.

And bringing a child into the world alone ruined your life.


So I'm right.

And Polly is wrong.

Right about what?

Doesn't matter.

Looks like it matters to you.

Family business.

You won't tell anyone my secret?

Do you think I tell people things?

So what do you sing?

- Anything you want.
- Right.

Get up on the chair.


Happy or sad?


Okay. But I warn you,

it'll break your heart.

Already broken.

# In a neat little town they call Belfast

# Apprenticed to a trade I was bound

# Many an hour's sweet happiness

# Had I spent in that neat little town

# A sad misfortune came over me

# Which caused me to stray from the land

# Far away

# From my friends and relations

# Betrayed

# By the black velvet band

# Her eyes they shone like diamonds

# I thought her the queen of the land

# And her hair hung over her shoulder

# Tied up

# With a black velvet band #

- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

I think there are some more carriages over there that are gonna be empty.



You came back?

I got a tip-off.

Freddie, Tommy will kill you.

It's Tommy who tipped me off.

Maybe he's got half a heart, after all.

Tommy got a message to me.

Said, "Get out of town. Take her with you."


Ada Shelby,

will you marry me?




Right. Get on this bloody train and get out of here.

- Come on, both of you.
- Freddie, come on.

Freddie... Cardiff's okay, anywhere but here's okay.

We're not going anywhere, Ada.

We're gonna stay here, we're gonna marry here.

I'm not afraid of Tommy Shelby.

Did you want whisky as well?

No, just beer.

Why no whisky, Tom. You expecting trouble?

Jesus Christ, Tommy, what the hell made you let them sing?

They sound like they're strangling cats out there.

All right. Twenty's the play, come on.

Now, what did make you change your mind though, Tommy? Hmm?

- It's about time, Tommy.
- Time for what?


- Time you took yourself a woman. -just play the bloody hand.

You stay the way you are, Tommy.

Remember what Dad used to say.

- Fast women and slow horses...
- Will ruin your life.

- Coppers.
- No.

# Come, josephine, in my flying machine

# Going up, she goes

# Up she goes

# Balance yourself like a bird on a beam

# In the air she goes

# There she goes... #

Holy shit!

It's Billy Kimber.

Is there any man here named Shelby?

I said, "Is there any man here named Shelby?"

Harry, get these men a drink.

Everyone else go home.

You go home.

- But Mr Fenton said...
- I said go home.

I've never approved of women in pubs but when they look like that...

You said you want men called Shelby.

You've got three of them.

Right, I never heard of ya. And then I did hear of ya,

some little didicoy razor gang. I thought to meself, so what?

But then you fucked me over.

So now you have my undivided attention.

By the way, which one am I talking to? Who's the boss?

- Well, I'm the oldest.
- Ha! Clearly.

Are you laughing at my brother?

Right. He's the oldest. You're the thickest.

I'm told the boss is called Tommy, and I'm guessing that's you,

'cause you're looking me up and down like I'm a fucking tart.

I want to know what you want.

There were suspicious betting patterns at Kempton Park.

A horse called Monaghan Boy...

He won by a length twice and then finished last.

With ?3,000 bet on him.

Which one am I talking to?

- Which one of you is the boss?
- I'm Mr Kimber's adviser and accountant.

And I'm the fucking boss, okay? Right. End of parlay.

You fixed the race without my permission.

You fucking gypsy scum!

What, live off the war pensions and these poor old Garrison Lane widows?

That's your level. I am Billy Kimber! I run the races

and you fixed one of them. So I'm gonna have you shot against the post.

Mr Kimber.

Look at it.

That has my name in it.

It's from the Lee family.

You are also at war with the Lees, Mr Kimber, am I right?

The Lees are attacking your bookies and taking your money.

Your men can't control them. You need help.

Perhaps we should listen to what Mr Shelby has to say,

before we make our decisions.

Right. The Lees

are doing a lot of talking at the fairs.

They have a lot of kin.

They're saying the racetracks are easy meat

because the police are busy with strikes. Now,

we have connections. We know how they operate.

You have muscle.

Together we can beat them. Divided, maybe not.

Mr Kimber, perhaps we should take some time for reflection.

Possibly make arrangements for a second meeting.

I admire you, Mr Kimber.

You started with nothing and built a legitimate business.

It would be an honour to work with you, Mr Kimber.

Nobody works "with" me. People work "for" me.

Pick it up, pikey.

Sit. Sit down.

It's for your ceiling.

Thank you, Mr Kimber.

We will be at Cheltenham.

As will I.

So you picked a fight with the Lee's on purpose.

Tommy, we can't mess with Billy fucking Kimber.

Get yourself a decent haircut, man.

We're going to the races.

# Take a little walk to the edge of town and go across the track #