Paranormal (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - The Myth of the House: The Return - full transcript

Refaat uses his brain's faculties to decipher the real story behind Shiraz's death, taking him back to where it all began.The third tarot card is shown.



I'll never forget the first time
I saw Al Khadrawy's house.

You have to be
a good boy, Ibrahim.

I took a long time to get this job.
I don't want to get fired because of you.


Follow me.

I found it strange
that Mr. Khadrawy

showed us around the house personally.

Listen, Om Ibrahim,
this is the hall...

the dining room...

and this is the guest room.

You'll be sleeping in here.

This is the kitchen.

And this is the chimney.

We don't ever use it.

This is Hamdeya, the house manager.

She knows all of the rules.

In this house, we do not permit noise
or unnecessary chattering.

Didn't I tell you the master of the house
doesn't like noise?

I'm sorry, Mom.

- What's that?
- Nothing. Go to the room!

There it is again!

It's nothing.

And don't you dare say
you heard something.

Om Ibrahim...

Nargis isn't done eating her food yet.

Yes, I am.

I said leave the plate right there!

I heard that sound again.

Shut up. Follow me.

Let's go.

Didn't I tell you? You never listen.

You scared me! Who are you?

I'm Shiraz.
Would you like to play with me?

The master is very forgiving.
Anyone else would have killed them both.

Well, God himself
forgives our sins.

How long will he keep that girl locked up?

If something happens,
her blood will be on his hands.

Actually, it'll be on her father's,
since he's the one who abandoned her.

And her mother,
for having her out of wedlock.

Hey! Hey! Get out of here, boy!

I'm sorry.
I thought you were a ghost.

My mother says that only ghosts
live underground.

You're the one who keeps knocking, right?

Yes, whenever I need something,
I knock on the walls.

I know that your grandpa locked you up.

Don't tell anyone you saw me.

If my grandfather finds out,
he'll kill me.

Want some berries?

- That's the sea in Alexandria.
- I don't know what that is.

It's a bunch of water
next to a bunch of sand.

You've been there before?


But when I grow up, my mom said I can go.

Shut up!

Shut up!

Shut up!

Don't cry.

I want to get out of here.

Can you please help me?

I'll do anything I can for you.

Don't cry.


I did what you told me.

Someone will have to come
and let you out now.


No, Shiraz!

No, I'm not bringing her.









Ibrahim, don't leave me!


- Let her out, Mother! Let her out, Mother!
- Don't leave me!

- Let her out! Let her out!
- Ibrahim, don't leave me!


Let her out, Mom! Let her out!

Mom, let her out!

Let go of me! I want my daughter!

You're my daughter, too.
I'm not leaving you.

- Let her out, Mom!
- Ibrahim!

Don't leave me, Ibrahim!

Don't leave me, Ibrahim!


Don't leave me!


Mom! Shiraz!


There is no one named Shiraz
in that house, hear me?

Ibrahim, help me!

Ibrahim! Ibrahim! Help me!


I saved up money
my whole life so I could buy this house...

and finally bury her body.

Maybe then she would forgive me
for abandoning her.

But when I bought this house...

the basement had vanished.

So, when I learned that you can see her,

I started wondering

why she had never appeared to me.

But then I realized
she didn't want to see me

because she thought I abandoned her.

So, the only option I had
was to die like she did.

Maybe then she would forgive me.

Please try and find her.

And if you do...

Hopefully, you'd be able to do
what I could not.



He used to say, "I'll die soon,
then I won't be a nuisance anymore."

And I'd say,
"You'll outlive us all, Talaat."

He's at peace now.

I used to yell at him
because I was always worried.

He was like a little boy, just like Taha.

And now that he's gone,
I feel like a little girl, all alone.

I miss him. I need him so much!

Raeefa, we, uh,
we couldn't find Refaat anywhere.

Ready or not?

Ready or not?

It's nothing! I don't see anything!

I don't see anything.

Refaat's law number 55.

"Everything seems normal
until Refaat Ismail touches it."

I was just in here.

Where could he be? What happened to him?

Raeefa, we, uh...

We have
to figure out what to do.

Taha, sweetie! What's wrong?

It's nothing.

What do you mean "nothing"?

"Dear Refaat,
I hope the tarot card was wrong.

And that you didn't lose
a loved one after all.

I'm sending you the last tarot card,
the one I didn't have time to read.

Don't worry. This card symbolizes home.

Maybe the card just telling you
to go home to your country,

or to your house
which you must have done already.

Please tell me how you're doing.
Regards, Louis."

- Hello?
- Can I speak to the doctor?


I'm at Refaat's office, but he's not here.

We thought he'd be with you.

Do you have any idea
where he might have gone?

- We've looked everywhere.
- No, I don't know.

Can you let us know if you hear from him?

We're waiting at Raeefa's house.






Taha, are you all right?

Auntie Raeefa!

When I came in,
I found him drawing all of these.

What are those, Taha?

Did you see her again?

- Taha, answer me!
- So, Raeefa, are you crazy?

That's Al Khadrawy's house.

I swear it is.

Enough of that. The boy just lost
his father, he's delusional.

He heard you telling the stories so much
he believed it.

Just like the day
he almost jumped off the roof.

Even if that's true, he drew that house.

How could he? He's never even seen it.

I saw her too, Uncle.
The day I was hospitalized.


What does that thing want from us?

Reda. He's the one who made us promise
not to see her again.

And Talaat...
She must be the one who...

That's it. Shiraz wants
the children who used to play with her.

What does that mean?
That she wants to kill us all one by one?

We're the only ones left.
Who's going to be next?


He must have gone to Al Khadrawy's house.

Elham, will you please shut up?
We have to figure out what to do.

We go to Al Khadrawy's house
and save Refaat.

And just hand ourselves to her?
Have you lost your mind?

Do you honestly think
she won't find you here?

Stay with the kids, if you're scared.

- Watch yourself, Raeefa. I'm not scared.
- You are!

You pretend like
you're some kind of big man,

but then you're always
the first one to run.

Do I, Raeefa? Fine! Whatever you say.

Let's all go to Al Khadrawy's house
and save Refaat.

we'll make it out of there alive.

Refaat's law number 65.

"The monster in your mind is scarier
than the monster itself."

Ready or not?

- No, not yet!
- Not yet!

Ready or not?

Ready or not?

- Not yet!
- No, not yet!

Ready or not?

Someone is going to get caught.

Got you, Refaat!

Hey, guys! Game is over.
Refaat is still terrible at hide and seek.

Now Refaat is it!

Ready or not?

Ready or not?

Ready or not? Here I come.


If I had known that,
one day, hide and seek

would become so important to me,

I would've focused on it
instead of medicine.

My life would be perfect
for some hero in a Greek tragedy.

Someone like Sisyphus...

Who drops the rock just as he reaches
the top of the mountain.

Every time he thinks he's figured it out,
it turns out to be wrong.

But Sisyphus managed
to cheat the god of death.

What did you do, Refaat?


The only thing that has both
is the fountain.

All this time...

you're asking me to save you.

Forgive me.

I didn't understand.


What? What are you doing here?

We came to find you.
We couldn't leave you on your own.

- Is she going to kill us, Refaat?
- Refaat, have you seen her or not?

Don't worry.

No one will see her ever again.

Follow me.







Help me, Refaat!

How the hell did you get here?

Help! I'm going to die!

Stay still. Don't move!
If you move at all, the rope will break

and you'll fall.

Wait, wait.

Do something! Hurry!

Hurry up, Refaat!

Refaat! Ahh!




What do I do, Refaat? Help me!


Stay. They react to movement.

I'm so scared, Refaat!

Help me, please!

Stay still.


Refaat! Help!
I don't want to die!

- I don't want to die!
- Raeefa!

- Help me, Refaat!
- Don't be afraid!

- Help me!
- I'm going to...




Come down, Refaat.

Go away, Maggie. I have to die like them.

Raeefa, Elham, and Medhat.

They're dead.

- There's no one here, Refaat.
- They're dead.

They were just hallucinations.

I... I... I...

I found Shiraz's body...

but her soul still isn't laid to rest.

I don't understand.

I'm losing my mind, Maggie.
Someone is trying to make me look crazy.

- Calm down, so you can think straight.
- I don't know.

Now, if you found her body...
why is all this still happening?

It's your fault he caught me.

He could see the bag of berries
behind the curtain.

I was trying to help,
but you're being stupid!

Shiraz! Wait!


Shiraz was...

trying to help me this whole time.


Refaat, I tried to help you...

but he wouldn't let me.

He made me a monster.

I stopped you from taking the mummy
to the wrong place.

And I led you to the cave.

It was... you who lured Taha
to the roof statue?

I wasn't going to let him die.
I was waiting for you to rescue him,

but you didn't want to see me.
I had to do it. I tried to warn you.

I wrote "death" on the wall.

I tried to warn Howaida
and untied Reda so he could save you.

The incubus kept locking you in the maze.

You never wondered
how you woke up every time?


The maze is your mind.
Never give up your mind, Refaat.

Inside it is something more precious
than you could ever imagine.


why didn't you warn me...

...or tell me it wasn't you?

As long as I was locked in the basement,
I wasn't able to talk to you, Refaat.

I thought all of this was you.

Who's behind all of this horror?



The devil?

I have to go, Refaat.


Shiraz, wait.

I can't stay here!

The price for talking to you...

is... to leave...


We can't stay together, Refaat.

But I'll always love you.

Goodbye, Refaat.

Maggie! Maggie! Maggie!


Are you a relative, sir?
This house... is haunted.

Everyone knows that.


All those years,
people denied you existed.

I was one.

This is the least I can do
for everything you did for me.

Let me carry that for you, sir.
Welcome back. Welcome back home.

Are you Dr. Ismail, young man?

Uh, no, I'm not.

Do you know when he'll be back?

Mmm, no.

I, uh...

My house is haunted...

and I've been told that's his specialty.

When he's back, I'll tell him you called.

And who are you?

You look like his photo on the paper.

I'm his ghost.

You sure I can't take you to the airport?

You know how I hate saying goodbye.

I'll see you again soon.

You want to see me again?

Well... we survived this time.
We might not make it home the next one.

Tell her, "Stay, Maggie."

Tell her, "I love you."

I hope you have a safe trip.


You still believe
I don't say what I think?

You wouldn't be Refaat if you did that.

However, I'm done
trying to read your mind.

If you don't say it,
then it doesn't count.

When you can say it, doctor,
Scotland isn't far away.

Refaat Ismail,
Professor of Hematology...

and certified jerk.

I'll never stop loving you, Maggie.

Until the stars fall from the sky.
Until the world ends.

Uh, Howaida...
uh, I don't know what to say...

but... I'm very sorry.

- For what?
- For everything.

For the pain I caused you...

how I treated you.

I know I haven't always had
the best attitude.

You don't have to apologize, Refaat.

You just didn't fall in love with me.
It's not your fault.

If people could control their hearts,
everyone would be happy.

Maggie came to see me...

and she gave me this ring.

She said it wasn't her size.

The ring was never my size, either.

It's too small.

I was too shy to tell you...

but I'm not that girl anymore.

Take care of yourself, Refaat.

Lucifer himself!

What could the devil want with my mind?

I guess I should be flattered.

Obviously, there's something in my head
that would allow me to rule the world.

But as faith would have it,
I don't know what that thing is.

Which officially makes me...

The unluckiest person
on the face of the earth.

Come on!


What's wrong, Refaat?

I thought you'd never answer.

Slow down!

Can I tell you a secret, Uncle?
But you can't tell anyone.

Uh... I won't.

I don't see that girl
on the white dress anymore.

Her name is Shiraz, Taha.

Shiraz Al Khadrawy.

Ready or not?

- Not yet!
- Not yet!

Ready or not?

- Not yet!
- Not yet!

Ready or not?

- Not yet!
- Not yet!

Ready or not?

- Not yet!
- Not yet!

Ready or not?

"Dear Refaat,

if you're reading this letter right now,
then it means you're still alive...

which is something that always
makes me happy.

I'm sending you a small gift.

No more mazes, my friend.

Perhaps we should play some other games
that are a little more fun."

The maze is your mind.

Never give up your mind, Refaat.

Louis is Lucifer?

Refaat's law number one amended.

"There is definitely... such a thing as...

the paranormal."

Ready or not?

- Not yet!
- Not yet!

Ready or not?

- Not yet!
- Not yet!

Ready or not?

- Not yet!
- Not yet!

Ready or not?

- Not yet!
- Not yet!

Ready or not?

- Not yet!
- Not yet!

Ready or not, here I come!