Paranormal (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Myth of the Curse of the Pharaoh - full transcript

After a supposedly cursed mummy is autopsied, a black cloud looms over Cairo. Refaat refuses to believe they're linked - until a loved one is affected.

The extreme weather that has
been plaguing the country,

and that meteorologist claim is caused
by the condensing of dust and smoke,

and the burning of agricultural wastes

is predicted to come to an end soon.

To speak further on that,
we have Dr. Sobhi Saleh…

…a weather expert,
who will go into more detail and explain

the precedence for
this strange weather phenomenon.

- Welcome, Doctor.
- Refaat.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Refaat's law number five.

"If your mind is playing
to trick you, play along."

…and a weather like that…

That this never happened



Hello there.


The sample that you're looking at is
the diplococcus bacteria…

You know, these live in pairs,
if they're separated, they die.

But this always remind me
of our parties in Edinburgh.

Once the music started, the boys would…

Would run around.
Each one grabbing a girl to dance.

As if she could save him from…

And I would always end up all alone,
do you remember?

Of course, I do. But who would have
wanted to dance with you

when you never bother to ask them?

Can you take a look?

When the bacteria
were placed in a different medium,

they're separated,
but they remained alive.

That's very strange.

And how's your research?

None of my materials are available.

I can get you all the materials you need.

No, you're busy.

By the way, I once asked a girl
to dance with me, she refused.

I've been too shy to ask again.

That's a shame.

Ms. Howaida.

Is it true that the sun
will never rise again?

No, sweetheart. Don't worry.

The sun will come out tomorrow.
Don't be scared.

Go back to your seat.

- How are you, Dr. Ismail?
- Hm?

You're officially summoned.

Yes, you're right.

Ah, forgive me. I've been busy with exams.

As well as my book.

Please come with us. It's urgent.

- Let's go.
- Let's go.

Refaat's law number 16,

"When the authorities call you in
to do a job

make sure you protect yourself."

We've gathered here today
specifically because an official decree

appointed you to perform an autopsy
on a recently discovered mummy.

We should've started earlier,

but some people
just keep wasting our time.

The autopsy will be performed
in absolute secrecy.

No reports to the media will be allowed
under any circumstances.

Are we clear?
And the autopsy report is due today.

Give me a hand, would ya?

They say they're sending
meteorological equipment

to examine the black cloud.

I don't know though.

I have fear that might only make it worse.

Do I look good?

- Murphy's law number ten.
- What?

There are these laws…


…that are very interesting created
by an American military engineer.

One of them is what you just said
that every solution creates a new problem.

Uh, Murphy.

Just like my wife suspecting
that I'm cheating on her right now

because I'm just pretending to be at work.

Want a cigarette?

No, thanks. I will take back
my whole pack once we're done.

All right. I'm going in.

Sir, you can't perform
an autopsy on the mummy.

If you touch the Black Pharaoh's body,
each of you will be...

Ramzi, let the doctors
do their job.

I beg you, don't touch the mummy.
You're all going to die.

Everyone who's ever touched it has died.
You'll kill us all!

You're forcing me to ban you
for ever coming back here. Get out here!

- Please, sir. Just hear me out! Sir!
- Let's go.

- Let's go!
- Please listen! You're all going to die!

- Please leave.
- You're all going to die!

What's the deal, Dr. Ismail?
Heading to the moon later?

Why do you think they requested
all these security measures?

Just for fun?

Scalpel, Mustafa.

Are you kidding?

Get out! Get out!

Everyone, get out!

Get out! Get out now!

Quick! Get out!

Get out!

Everyone, get out!

- What is this, Raeefa?
- I'm burning incense for Taha.

- Ah, what's wrong?
- He saw the ghost, didn't he?

By the way, I've ironed all your shirts.

But you need to get some new ones,
all right? All of them are worn out.

All right.

And why don't you ever answer
when I call you at home, huh?

How's this supposed to get rid of ghosts?

Do they have asthma?

What the hell were you thinking?

Coming to my house with that foreigner
with your fiancée here.

I don't know.
I just invited her out of courtesy,

forgetting how foreigners, unlike us,

actually show up.

"Out of courtesy"?

You know, you're very lucky
that Howaida is so kind and naive.

You know what, brother?
If I were her, I'd smash your face.

And then I'd do the same to her.

I'm glad you're not her then, Raeefa.

I'm not joking, Refaat.

If Howaida breaks up with you,
you'll live and die alone.

I told her that you're taking her
to the movies tonight.

You'll pick her up, and you'll be wearing
that tie and your engagement ring.

It's a shame that I have to remind
a doctor about the most basic things.

And by the way…

Talaat! How many times do I have
to tell you not to go into the kitchen!



How are you doing?

You're good?


Did you see something?

Something like what?

Never mind.

Go on.

Go play.

Rumor has it that…

It's some weapon the enemy is testing us.

And that this fever
is linked to the cloud.

Refaat, are you listening to me?

I'm listening.


You know how much I love you.

You're closer to me than my own brother.

I know we don't talk all that much.

But trust me. If you ever want
to just talk, I'm here for you.


If someone is stuck in a relationship

and he wants to get out of it,

what should he do?

Is it a woman?

No, with a chimp, you idiot.

Yes, a woman, for example.

If I knew how to break up with a woman,

would I still be married with your sister?

Of course, Raeefa is the best woman ever.

Really the best ever.

See how she yells at me?

But I still can't live without her.

If she stopped yelling at me,
I'd be worried sick.

I should go get the laundry.

In today's episode
of The After Midnight Show,

we will discuss the dark terrifying cloud
that has been hovering over Cairo.

Is it a natural phenomenon or a sign
of something else entirely?

Is it a result of a hidden catastrophe?

Or perhaps a warning sign
of something yet to come?



I booked those two middle seats.

As you wish, sir. The place is empty.

Who can afford these prices?
Enjoy your movie.



I don't know which is worse.

To break her heart right now…

Or let her spend the rest of her life
with a man like me?

That tie looks very nice on you.


Thank you.

I wonder what's it like to be
with a star like Shoukry Sarhan?

How staggering is the difference
between what we aspire for…

And what we are predestined to receive.

By the way, the novel
is much better than this movie.


You read the book?


And I know that you like Yahya Haqqi.

You also like "Al Atlal"
and dislike "Enta Omri".

And your favorite part of the
newspaper is the obituaries section.

Because it reassures me
that the human population is decreasing.

It's beautiful how much
you know me, Howaida.

Thank you.

That's enough.
I'm not gonna marry Shoukry Sarhan,

at least I need a husband
who isn't always coughing.

Also, I forgot to tell you.

I think I saw the ghost
that you all were talking about.

Where did you see her?

At my school.

She was in the hallway
when I tried to look closer, she left.

We talked about her too much
you imagined it.

And Maggie, how is she?

She's fine.

Did he hurt you?

I am. I am Egyptian.


No, no, no, don't get out.

I'll walk you to the entrance.

No, you're tired. I can go on my own.

I'm not that just
your little cousin anymore.

You're alive?

I think I am.

Please forgive me.
I needed to see you myself.

All the people in the autopsy room today…

They are dead.

Yes, sir.

Dr. Ismail is alive.

Yes, I am.

Yes, sir.

You're welcome. Good night.

I'm very sorry, Dr. Ismail,

but Mr. Zakaria insisted
that I check on you myself.

Thank you.

You don't believe me, right?

Why would I not believe you?

You think I'm delirious that nobody died.

No, no. I believe you. I really do.

Doctor, please.

You must help me save
the country before it's too late.

All right.

Everything that's been going on

is the curse of the Pharaoh.

You're the only one who survived
the autopsy today.

You must help me bury the Black Pharaoh.

And then we can all rest
and the Mut can too.

- The what?
- The "Mut", Doctor. The Mut.

It means "a restless soul"
in ancient hieroglyphics.

It's come back to seek revenge
in the living.

The Mut and the Pharaoh is on the loose
and it must go back in its body.

- Whatever it takes!
- Yes.

Well, I have some things to do tonight,
I don't want you to worry.

But I have to worry. Just hear me out...

Yes. The soul will go back to its body.

- This can't wait till tomorrow.
- We are already working on it.

I have documents.
I can explain everything!

- Thank you for coming.
- Please, Doctor!

- Dr. Refaat!
- Thank you so much for coming.

Dr. Ismail!



Did you see anyone coming or leaving
before I arrived?

This is a message, Dr. Ismail.

This mummy belongs
to Neferkare the Seventh.

Also known as the Black Pharaoh.

He usurped the throne
from his much-beloved brother.

He killed him, erased his legacy,
and married his lover…

Who never stopped mourning him.

That's why the Egyptians called
her Ka-She-Ra.

"The saddest one."

Good evening, Dr. Sohbi.

What is the association
of the cloud with the curse of…

What's wrong, Ms. Howaida?

Can I use your phone?
Someone is following me.

The phone is out of service.

Howaida! Howaida!

And what's this have to do with today?

The Pharaoh knew how hated he was.

That's why he threatened anyone
who desecrates his grave with a curse.

There was a papyrus that said…

"My curse shall befall
whoever goes against my will.

It shall come to them when they're alone

- with no lover…"
- Just what I needed.

"I shall take their life, when no one
is there to bear witness or…"

Are you laughing?

No, no, go on.

Doctor, please, we have no time to lose.

"My revenge shall bring forth darkness,
then disease, then the end."

Okay, look, this is all Greek to me.

There's a bad Pharaoh, the villain.
He's evil, immoral, a bully.

This Pharaoh is dead set on killing
anyone who disobeys his rules.

He hunts his victims down
when they're alone

so that no one can come to their rescue.

Hieroglyphic were easier.

Okay, so…

What do you need from me?

I mean, how am I suppose…

Supposed to deal with his majesty?
The Pharaoh?

We need to bury him together.
The darkness is here.

Next comes disease or the end.


Is what's going to protect us
from the Pharaoh.

It's a sistrum.

A spell protected
by Hathour and the eye of Horus.

We're going to use this
to save the country...



The Pharaoh's spirit.
It's taking its revenge, Refaat.

What are you doing?

That's how the doctors died.
If we don't act fast, she'll die too.

We suspect that it's DIC.


What does is that?

Disseminated intravascular coagulation.

Is this related to the epidemic
that's spreading across the country?

No, it's not.

How did she get it?

How could you leave her alone?

I didn't. I dropped her off at her place.

Then how come
you found her on your staircase?

Refaat! You need to see this.

The epidemic is spreading, Refaat.


Sorry for calling you so late.

Howaida is in the hospital.

We don't know.

At least I don't know.

No, she's not stable at all.

We did. We did.

Maggie, I need you so much.

Yes, please.

Thank you.

- I'm sorry about her.
- Thank you, Doctor.

Howaida's case is very strange.

But it's definitely
not related to the current outbreak.

What happened to her…

Is exactly what happened
to the doctors in the autopsy room.

But thank God we were able
to save her with the sistrum.

What autopsy?
And what is it have to do with Howaida?

Maybe this explains
what happened to Howaida.

Exactly. This is a scarab.

It guides the Pharaoh's angered soul.

To those who desecrated his mummy.

Scarab, darkness, and an epidemic.

And that baby rattle of yours
will stop it all?


this sistrum saved Howaida,
and you saw for yourself.

But you cannot save anyone here right now.

We have to go to the lab
and analyze the insect first.

We don't have time. But I have an idea.

I just need Dr. Ismail to help me.

You're the only who has access
to the autopsy room.

The doctors that were there fell sick,
just like your fiancée, they died.

You survived because she saved you.

You have to believe me, Refaat,

do it for Howaida.

I know a story like the one you told us.

The Egyptian prince who loved a foreigner,
and was killed by his brother.

- Prince Neferkahor.
- That's right.

And politics is what kept him from
marrying this foreign woman.

Exactly. So he avoided marriage
through traveling and war.

His leg was injured, they had to amputate.

He came back with a wooden leg,

his younger brother stole his throne
and his lover.

- And she's buried in the temple, right?
- Right.

Oh, I think she wrote his elegy
in a kohl bottle

where she kept a lock of her hair inside.

No, it wasn't a kohl bottle.

It's an amulet with a spell written on it.


"Blessed by Amun and Maat,
'til destiny reunites me with my..."

Stop. Stop with all the hieroglyphics.

These are all just versions
of the Isis and Osiris story.

They're all just myths and folktales.
I doubt any of them actually happened.

Of course. Refaat knows everything.

What about my research?
I thought I convinced you, Refaat?

I wasn't convinced, I had no other choice.

Maggie, go back to the hotel.

No, I'm going to help you with this.

Maggie, what I'm about to do is dangerous.

So you asked me to come along
just so you can drop me at the hotel?

If it is important for you,
it is important for me.


But there's no one inside, sir.

My name is on the list
of those who have access, right?

Right, sir, your name is here,
but that was for the morning.

So I should tell Mr. Zakaria
that you're not letting me in?

You're willing to bear the consequences
under these circumstances?

Brave man.

Just wait, Doctor. Go ahead.

In that case,

can you please buy me some cigarettes

and something to eat
so I can start working?

I'm the only one guarding the gate.
And my colleague isn't here yet.

I'll wait for you here. Do need to worry.

All right.

Get in the driver seat and be ready to go.

- You sent him to buy food and cigarettes?
- Yes.

Then we only have half an hour.
Come, hurry.

The research no one believed
for years will now save the world.

Or just waste our time.

You really should thank me.
I'm helping you save your fiancée.

Oh, Sekhmet, your messengers
crossed over from hell.

The devils of your night
spread fear in us.

Your winds won't do us harm. Horus
is protecting me. Horus is protecting me.

This way. This way, Refaat.

Oh, Sekhmet, your messengers
crossed over from hell.


Please protect us, Horus.

- Go back from where you came from...
- Those are humans. Run! Idiot.

Come on! Quick!

Howaida, please. Howaida!

- Howaida!
- Answer me, darling!

- Howaida! Answer me, please!
- Everyone, get out!

This way!

This way, Refaat!


I don't know the way.

Don't worry, I'll get us there.
Just keep going straight.

We have to bury
the Pharaoh tonight in his home.

- I know the way...
- It's not him, Ramzi.

It's not who?

This isn't the Black Pharaoh.

What are you saying?

This is not the Black Pharaoh, Ramzi.
It's not Nefer Khafra.

It's "Neferkare"!

Whatever! This isn't the Black Pharaoh.
It's his limping brother.

No, no, no, no. It can't be.

Listen, if this is the limping prince
and the woman is his beloved

who married his brother,
then the spell on the kohl bottle...

It's not a kohl bottle. It's an amulet.

That damn thing! That damn thing, Ramzi!
What does the spell on it say?

It says, um…

"Blessed by Amun and Maat,
'til destiny reunites with my beloved,

then all evil in the world shall end."

If there's any logic to what's happening
and if the papyrus is authentic,

then this is the curse the Black Pharaoh
cast on his brother

in order to bury his history.

And the spell of the queen
is our only hope.

I can't think straight!

What about the Mut?
The Pharaoh's angered soul?

I don't know what it all means
but this is a curse.

A curse that prevents the reunion
of the prince and the queen.

Maggie, turn around.
We have to go to the temple.

Are you sure this is the temple, Ramzi?

Queen Kashira is buried in this chamber

in a black granite coffin.



Well, where is Kashira, Ramzi?

I think she's here
or she could be over there…

Or maybe we could look outside
in the corridor...

Ramzi! Look over there.

Maggie, you search this hallway.
And I'll check the one outside.

All right.



Now what?

What's up with you two?

Did you see a ghost?

She's stable, but still recovering.

Let's hope for the best.

Okay, so what do we need to do
for her now?

The Amenhotep antidote!

Howaida needs
the Amenhotep antidote, Refaat.

It's the treatment for the untreatable.

A yellow flower that grows
in the far west.

- It is called silphium. We can...
- That's enough, Ramzi.

I followed spells, papyrus,
sistrum and still I can't save her.

The sun came out.

No new cases.

Did we really save the world
from a mummy's curse, Refaat?

None in my wildest dreams
would I have thought…

Of such a thing.

Don't worry.
You'll get used to it with time.

Fifteen years ago, I bought a ring
because I wanted to…


Then someone came along
and married her instead.

So I gave up.

I don't think I can give up again.

I did all that I could.

I did things
I never imagined myself doing.

Forgive me, Howaida.

Get well, Howaida.

We'll get married.

And I'll do whatever you want.

My love…

Get well.