Paranormal (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - The Myth of the House - full transcript

Refaat's old flame Maggie returns from Scotland, and he reluctantly invites her to a party in honor of his birthday. A sighting exacerbates the tension.

Ready or not?

No, not yet.

Ready or not?

No, not yet.

Ready or not?

No, not yet.

Ready or not?

No, not yet.

Ready or not?

No, not yet.

Ready or not?

No, not yet.

Ready or not?

No, not yet.

Ready or not?

No, not yet.

Ready or not, here I come.




- Safe!
- Safe!

Ready or not…

Ready or not…

Here I come.



We received news that
our valiant army inflicted massive damage

on one of the enemy's strategic
naval camps.

Some military officials are optimistic
that our successes in the region

will continue as our courageous men
in uniform tirelessly manage to advance.

More updates later in the day
as the situation develops.


I don't know who's more pathetic.

A mouse stuck in a maze,
these retched students…

Or me.

A tenured professor, lost
and unable to finish this simple game.

Oh, excuse me, Dr. Ismail. I am so sorry.

Murphy's law number one.

"Anything that can go wrong…

Will go wrong."

But you know what they say,
that's a good omen.

So good omens only manifest
themselves through spilled coffee?

Or maybe good omens
have a grudge against caffeine?

Coffee doesn't spill itself,

and it's not fair to blame omens,
good or bad.


There's good luck…

And bad luck.

Speaking of bad luck,
many accuse me of being unlucky.

For example, how is it that I,
someone who detests cardamom,

always end up with a seed in my mouth.

It's probably because
I'm the last to arrive to dinner,

and therefore, the last to be served.

That's the most logical explanation.

It's definitely not because I'm cursed
or possessed or unlucky.

Like those idiots claim.

The only laws that I believe in that
aren't supported by scientific evidence

are those laid out
by the famous engineer Murphy.

One of them, for example,

says that you should always
expect the worst.

Because the worst will happen.

Perhaps, my life is the scientific proof
of these laws.

And, mythical creatures
simply do not exist.

Why pretend there's a spirit
moving the curtains

when we know it's just the winds.

Or that a ghost is lurking in the doorway
when we know it's just

the rusty door hinges.


Don't get me started on figures
made by streetlights

shining through the trees.

Am I to believe that these shadows

are somehow the specter
of some little girl?

Just like Mr. Murphy, I, Dr. Refaat Ismail
have set down my own laws.

The first one is that nature operates
by the principle of 1 + 1 = 2.

Cause and effect.

Anything outside of this equation
is not normal.

And there is no such thing
as the paranormal.

Most days, I wear my grey suit.
But since today is my 40th birthday,

and in a bad mood, I wear the suit
I save for special occasions.

A navy blue one that makes me look
utterly charming.

Hi, Raeefa.

We're having lunch
at my place today

and you're bringing your fiancée Howaida.

And don't dare forget to wear your ring.
Are you wearing it or not?

I like this girl,
and I don't want her to run off.

If you really cared for her,
you'd tell her to flee now.

And escape the tragic destiny
that awaits her.

Let's skip my birthday today, Raeefa.

You know I hate all that.

And, I don't want anyone
to make a big deal.

Just take the cake back.

What birthday?
It never even crossed my mind.

I didn't buy a cake. It's just lunch.

Elham was craving for Mulukhiyah,

so I thought I would make some
with the meatballs that you like.

Doesn't that sound delicious?

Just have some food. It's no big deal…

What do you want from me?

Go on, leave if you want.

I never wanted a cat in the first place.

You were forced on me.

Some people are capable
of making your heart skip a beat,

even if you haven't seen them in 15 years.


Maggie is in Egypt.

Uh… What a surprise.

Now I know why I wore
my navy blue suit today.

It is strange that you are here,
with everything happening in the country.

I was looking forward to sunny Cairo.

But now I find it even cloudier
than Edinburgh.

You lost a lot of hair.

You haven't lost
your candor, Maggie.


What brings you here?

Every time I got
the university grant to Egypt, I declined.

This year, I decided to come.

After the divorce,

I felt like I needed a trip like this.

I needed to go somewhere far.
Maybe have a new beginning.


I didn't know. I'm sorry.

Are you?

I'm not.

Where are you staying? I can drive you.

Where are you going?

To my sister's.

To have lunch.

Egyptian food?

Don't you dare invite her.
Don't! Raeefa will eat her alive.

Would you like to come?

Are you sure?

And don't be shy like you always are.

If it's not appropriate
to take me there, say it.

No, they will be very happy.

Now I finished the dolma
and the Circassian chicken.


Now we add
some cardamom for flavor.

Listen, I want you to stop being
so awkward around Refaat.

I know my brother very well.
He's stubborn.

You have to loosen him up a bit.

Uh, I'm not being awkward, Auntie Raeefa.

I don't know what to do
when I'm around the doctor.


You refer to your fiancé as doctor?
That is awkward.

I've called him that
for as long as I can remember.

You were his little cousin.
Now you're a grown woman and his fiancée.


And soon you'll be his wife so pamper him.

I got him a tie.
I'm gonna give it to him today.


Good. Better than those shabby scraps
he keeps on wearing all the time.

Mama. Mom, can I tell you something?

What is it, Taha?

- Yesterday, I...
- Listen, ask him if he ate or not.

Serve him some food, if he tells you
it's enough, serve him more.

Of course.

I swear I didn't touch it.

And I swear, I'll beat the hell
out of you one of these days!

You hear me, Taha?

Did I add the cardamom yet?

Cardamom always gives
the dish a lovely aroma.



Where did that boy go?

Has anyone seen him?

Ah, peace be upon you.

Peace be upon you. Come in, Reda. Welcome.

- How are you, Talaat?
- Come in. Come in.

- Welcome.
- Refaat is not here yet, eh?

He's on his way here. Have a seat.

I came all the way from Mansoura.
I still got here first.

- I'm glad you're here.
- Hi, Raeefa?

How are you?

- Don't run.
- I am good.

Bas, bas.

I made the Mulukhiyah with the cardamom.

- And I made a cake.
- A cake?

He told me not too, but it's not up to him
whether he has a cake for his birthday

- or not.
- Raeefa, you are full of surprises.


Hello, our beautiful bride-to-be.

Good to see you, how are you?

- How are you, my dear?
- I'm fine.

Oh, where are Medhat and Elham?

Hello everybody!

Here they are now.

- Hi, Reda? I'm good to see you.
- Hello. Hello.

By the way, Refaat's parking his car.
I just saw him.

After you.


Is something wrong?


Who is she?

Sorry, we're late.

Refaat and I studied together in Scotland.

Who is she, Refaat?

This is the moment I feared.
Raeefa sharpening her knife.

Sorry, I was
Refaat's classmate at the university.

- You speak good Arabic.
- Yes, thank you.

Wow! She's perfect! God bless!

It's very nice to meet you. A friend
of the doctor is a friend of mine.

Ah, this is Raeefa, my sister.
This is her husband Talaat.

This is Reda, my older brother.

This is Medhat, Talaat's brother.
And this is his wife, Elham.

We're all childhood friends.

My cousin and my fiancée.

Refaat has so much on his plate
that he sometimes forgets

to wear his engagement ring.

And there she is striking me
with the very knife she just sharpened.

I thought I was wearing it.
Sorry I forgot.

- Forgive me.
- Mm-hm.

Looks like you had a lot of fun
when you were a student Refaat.

Give it to me, doctor,
so it doesn't get dirty.

I mean, Refaat.

Neckties are a strange thing.

You see, dress shirts and jackets,
you know they have a function.

But what is this?

It's a noose we wear voluntarily.

Thank you.

Thank you, Howaida.

I mean it. I can do it. Thank you.


- Uh, sorry!
- It's fine.

- I'm sorry.
- It's fine. Thank you!

Refaat, don't you think…

You should check in
our mom in the village?

You haven't set foot there
in well over two months.

I will come soon.


Pass me the lemon, Talaat.

Murphy's law number four.

"That thing you try to avoid the most
is certain to happen to you."

Excuse me.

I'm going to go for a smoke
on the terrace.


Here's some piastre.
Get me a pack of cigarette.

I don't really want to go down there
by myself.

You can keep the change
to buy candy.

We're very happy to have you here,
Ms. Maggie.

By the way,
I know all of Refaat's secrets.

I have so many photos of him as a kid

running around the playground
without a stitch on.

- Excuse me?
- Naked. Naked.

He was very naked, yeah.

So you like pictures of naked men?

Of course.

Around a foreign woman,
every Egyptian man…

Suddenly becomes
the most charming one in the room.

Don't be deceived by how Refaat looks now,
he was once a real Don Juan.

Do you know who is his first love was?

The stuffed grape leaves are delicious.

You know, the origin of stuffed
grape leaves goes all the way back to...

Don't even try, Refaat. Here, drink this.

Let's not bring this up.


- Who is Shiraz?
- Who is Shiraz?

It's a raid!

- Ready or not?
- Where are the kids?

Ready or not?

No, not yet.


Ready or not?

No, not yet.

Ready or not?

No, not yet.




You lost, Refaat.

I was standing there
so you could catch me.

Come on, Raeefa
Refaat never catches anybody.

It's a stupid game, Medhat.
How can you find what you can't even see?

So is game that's stupid?

Stop it, Medhat. Talaat will be it.
Refaat, go and hide.

- But I never...
- You're it, Talaat.

Ready or not?

No, not yet.

Ready or not?

No, not yet.

Ready or not?

Ready or not, here I come!

Where's Refaat?


Look! Refaat's over by
Al Khadrawy's house.

Of all the houses he could go,
he picked Al Khadrawy's house?

If Reda finds out,
we'll all be blamed.

Who are you?
When did you move it?

I am Shiraz.
Would you like to play with me?

- Hurry up. Come on.
- Let's go down the stairs.

- Come on, be careful.
- Watch it.

- Watch your step, it's dark.
- Come on.

Go! Go!

Let's go quickly.

Reda, where are you? Be careful.

- Come here, let me get you.
- I got you.

It's okay. Let's go.

Be careful at the stairs.

We need to go.

It's okay. Come.

Careful, kids.

Look where you are going. Careful.

Be careful. Be careful.

Be careful.

- Watch your step.
- Everybody get inside.

Children, you're all here?

No. Mom, Taha's not here.

What did you say? What did you say?

What do you mean he's not here?

Where's did he go? What? Taha!


Where did he go?

I sent him to buy me cigarettes.

What? To buy cigarettes?

- I'll go look for him.
- Of course you would.

You don't think! You don't think!

I'll go. You'll just mess
things up even more.

I'll go find him in a store.
Where's the lantern? Give me this!

God, have mercy in us all.

Immediately shelter.
This is not a drill.

I repeat. This is not a drill.

- It is not safe to be out this night.
- Taha!

- What was that?
- Taha must be upstairs.

Let's go and see.

Elham, Howaida,
keep an eye on the children.

- All right.
- And you, stay here!

Please, come in.

Come in and have a seat.

Mom doesn't like noise.

Grandpa doesn't like noise either.

Come in. Have a seat.

I don't like this. Let's go back home.

This whole place is super, super creepy.

Elham, it's just a house.
A house like any other house.

Are you sure you're not just jealous
'cause she's pretty?

Jealous? That girl is ugly and toothless.

Help yourself. There's juice and jello.

Those are strange colors.

I know. We make them out of fruit
that we grow in our garden.

Will you come to play with me every day?

Listen to me, Howaida.
Don't listen to Raeefa.

The way to a man's heart
is not through his stomach.

The way to a man's heart
is through his behind.

The more you slap that behind,
the more he'll fall for you.

Dear God! How is it right
to slap Refaat on his behind?

Keep your voice down.
She's an arashana, and she speaks Arabic.

What does "arashana" means?

Beautiful women, like you.

I'll look for him at Elham's apartment.
Maybe he hid in there.

Talaat, come with me.
Refaat, go look for him in my apartment.

Ready or not?

Ready or not?

Ready or not…

Here I come!




I found you.

Shiraz, do you keep hiding
in obvious places just so I can catch you?

I made it easy for you to catch me
so they won't make fun of you.

What would you do for me in return?

Whatever you want.

Hm… What should I ask for? I want
berries on the left branch up there.

Those are berries?

Yes, we call them berries.

Shiraz, I… I think I love you.

You're so funny! I'm gonna go tell them.

No, wait.

Listen, everyone! Refaat said he loves me.




Any luck?

What's an arashana?


Well, it's a bit hard to translate.

Am I an arashana?

No, not at all.

I didn't know you got engaged.


Um, uh… Taha!

I am surprised.

I never imagined you getting on your knees
and proposing to someone.

Can you say romantic things to her?

Or do you say the opposite
of what you feel? Like always.

I say the opposite of what I feel?

Yeah, whenever you're silent,

I know you're murdering a soul
in that mind of yours.

I do.

I don't.

I always spare your life, Maggie.




If Reda asks, we'll say
the same thing we say every time.

- We're playing by the canal.
- No, I won't lie.

I mean, we're already in there
so we should have stayed there longer.

You're all cowards.

You're stupid. That girl isn't normal.

If anyone asks me,
I'm gonna tell them the truth.

Raeefa is right.

We're never going in there again.
And nobody say a word about this.

Don't cry. I'm back now.

Everybody hates me.
They always abandon me.

I'll never leave you.
I'll stay with you forever.

All right, if you're willing to stay
with me forever.

Will you do whatever I ask?

We'll play a game that will make you
stay with me forever.

Hide and seek?

Um, something like that.

Ready or not?

Ready or not…

Here I come.









Refaat went
to the Al Khadrawy house by himself,

and he hasn't come back yet.

- I'm getting worried.
- What?

What made did he go there?

- We all went there...
- It's not important.

We have to get Refaat.
I'm worried about him.







Why does the house look like this?


- Refaat!
- Refaat?

- Refaat!
- Refaat!

Good job. You found me. You win.

Now climb up, Refaat, and jump to my side.

The roof!

The house looks weird now.
I saw strange people downstairs.

I see them too. They're not real.
They're only in our heads.

If you jump and join me over here,
you will never see them again

and we'll be together.

Don't you want us to be together?


Come down, Refaat!

Come down, Refaat!

What are you doing?

Forget about them.

Jump, Refaat. Don't be afraid.

I'll catch you.


Get over here!

Everyone, now!

Swear on the Quran that you'll never go
near the Al Khadrawy's house again.

That house isn't what you think it is!

You live in the city,
you don't know anything!

You know how many people lived
in that house after it burned down?

Do you know what happened to them?
They all died.

From suicide, from burning alive.

Come here and swear.

Repeat after me. We'll never go near
the Al Khadrawy house again.

"We'll never go near
the Al Khadrawy house again."

- Yay!
- Yay!


You better stay put. If you leave
this room, you'll regret it.

I will deal with you
after everyone leaves!

This is all your fault. Are you happy now?

It's because he said her name.

Tell me what happened up there.

The same thing that happened to him.

It's not her. Raeefa, it's over.

It's better not to bring it up.
The boy must've imagined it.

So what's for dessert?

Here, I brought you this.

But don't tell your mom I gave it to you.


I shouldn't have sent you out.

- It is my fault.
- No, it's not.

I saw her yesterday.

I was afraid to go downstairs
and see her again.

Who did you see?

A little girl. She looks very strange.

She was wearing a white dress,
just like a ghost.

Well, I can see her too.

For real?

And I see other things.

For example…

Over there on that chair,

I can see an evil witch.

Hey there, witch. How are you tonight?

Really? You don't say.


And by the coat rack, I see, um,
a headless man.

Hey there, headless man.

How's your neck doing?

Are you wearing bandages?

All right. Very good.


And by the curtain over there.

I can see that same girl.

But I don't see her these with my eyes.

This is what sees.

And in order for your mind not to see,
you need to stop being afraid.

What do you mean?

All you need it to control your mind.

I do it all the time and I swear it works.


Why did you wipe off
the writing that was on the wall?

Thanks for the cigarettes, Taha.

When you grow up, don't ever smoke.
Cigarettes are much worse than ghosts.

I prefer the backseat.
You can sit on the front.

I'm sorry. We didn't get
to spend much time together today.

You saw how messy it got.

I'm not upset. Can I just tell you
something before you go?

Of course.

I really like the present
you gave to me last week.

It was Raeefa who gave it to her.

I got you a gift,

a tie, but I didn't know
you didn't like them.

I'll get you something else.

That was just a joke.
I'm sorry about that.

Can I please have my present now?

Here you go.


Now I'll have to wear a green necktie
every time I see her.

It's great.

From now on, it's the only tie I'll wear.

Good night.

Good night.

That lunch has been the highlight
of my trip so far.

So your first love was a ghost?

You're from Scotland,
and you believe in ghost stories?

If that story never happened,
how did your brother break his leg?

I don't remember.
That was a long time ago.

It must've happened
while we're playing on the roof.

It was an abandoned house.
We played there.

Everybody said it was haunted.

We invented that story
and everyone believed it

because it was so scary.

And you all remembered every detail?

Maggie, all myths start this way,
like a virus.

Someone tells a story, they keep
repeating it. And it just keeps spreading.

Eventually, it turns into an…

Invented memory.
Then it becomes a part of history.

And no one wants to believe it's not true.

Or you refuse to believe
that it did happen.

And by the way,
we have ghosts in Scotland too.

I don't say the opposite of what I feel.

Looks like I offended you.

Or maybe I say the opposite
of what I think. Ah, who knows.

Maybe because what I think can't be said.

If you try to say it, you'll faint again.

I got a present for you for your birthday.

You remembered?

This is the only photo of us together…

Back when we were in school, so I took it.

I was so upset when I lost it.

I didn't tell your family this,
but I learned Arabic

because I loved the poem
that's written on the back.

It was a lovely evening.

You don't have to walk me in.

I will never stop
loving you, Maggie.

Until the stars fall from the sky.
Until the world ends.

Until planets collide and suns wither.

Until the moon is extinguished…

And all the seas and rivers dry up.

Until I become senile
and my memory is eroded.

Until my tongue is no longer capable
of uttering your name.

Until my heart beats for the last time.

Only then, I might stop.

I might stop loving you.

Refaat's law number five.

"If your mind plays tricks you,

do not play along."

You do not exist, Shiraz.

You do not exist.