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Pagan Peak (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Die rote Jahreszeit - full transcript

Subtitles by
Johannes Itten

I must tell you
about my dream.

I was in a forest,

but the trees were bare and instead of moss
there was only ash on the ground.

I heard a scream,
as if of a wounded animal.

I followed the sound,

deeper and deeper
into the woods.

The cry was so heart-rending

that my heart was breaking.

And then ...

I finally found you.

You, in your primal form.

And I realized it's not a dream,
but ...

a memory of
our first meeting.

I woke up,


you'll be ready.

you'll be free.

Pagan Peak
[Der Pass]

I work in a bakery.
I must be up at 5 am.

Yes ...

This house has thin walls,

I live next door,
and your phone keeps ringing!

You can go crazy!

What is wrong
with you?

Does it have to
ring all the time?

Switch it to vibration
for the night!

- Winter, yes?


- I'll go mad with such a
neighbor! I get up at five!

- Who is it?

- I work at a bakery!

- Who said so?

Why are you calling?

- Next time
I'll call the police!

- Where did you
get my number?

- At five!

- What?
Speak slowly, OK?

- I eight hours of sleep or I'm dead!
- Speak slowly!

Are you
completely mad?!

Next time it's the police!
I need to get up!

- Where's that?
Don't move anywhere!


It's me.

That fucking
Albanian junkie ...


That fucking ...

Got a line?
My nose is already itching.

Are you mad?

Take this,
calm the nerves.

Why the fuck are you
calling my cellphone?

Dad said to call you
in case of problems. So I did.

Yes, but this costs extra.

He will kill me anyway.

Not my problem.

Who saw you?

My angry ex called,

told me to
go back to Vienna.

I don't care.
Who saw you?

Just four whores.
Illegals, won't rat.

I kicked
them out.

Take your
jacket off.


Take it off.
Come on, quickly.

Put it here.
Move it.

T-shirt too.

Move it!

Why so

Shut up and listen:

you get out right now,

Call your daddy,

ask for an alibi
for this night.


If they find your
DNA, say

you've been here
before, to fuck.

But you don't remember
when. Got it?

Got it? Hey!
Did you get it?

What about
my knife?

Get out.


You awake?

No, sleeping.
What's up?

A murder.
- What?

- A murder.

And there's
no one else?



A house in St. Johann.
I'll let you know.

Send me
the address.


Tonight, in Austria,
this woman was found naked

by a plow driver
on a ski path on Devil's Horn.

Has serious stab wounds,
is now in surgery.

In the meantime,
we identified her.

She's Spanish,
Nuria Garrido.

Born in Madrid,
32 years old,

works as a translator at
the Ortus Foundation in Munich.

Because of the depth

and the number
of stab wounds,

at the moment,
our Austrian colleagues

suspect a murder

Good afternoon.

Mrs. Garrido
was last seen

in company
of this man:

Dominic Gross, Chairman of the
Ortus Foundation in Munich.

He disappeared
last night.

Dominic Gross is German,
his house is near the border,

so we'll do
our best to help

our Austrian

Did you see
this man?

No, who's this?

I was at the crime scene.
Did you hear from the hospital?

Then ask! She's
an important witness!


What do wounds
look like?

No info yet.
Hello, Ellie.

Good morning all.
- Good morning.

Back to work.
Let's go!

Wait a bit. For now,
there's little info.

I will keep you
up to date, okay?

- Okay.
- Okay.

Got it.

And the tracks heading away from
the snowmobile?

Increase search radius.


The pilots
got something.

November 1, I see
someone at the peak.

November 1,
he doesn't move.

Could you leave?

Central here.
Get closer.

November 1,
I'm at 50 meters.

Central here.
Rescue team, what do you see?

Looks like he's
kneeling in the snow.

Can you see?

Rescue team,
do you see him too?


The Austrians
just sent this.

Well? Done with your
photo shoot?

Glad to see you too,
Mr. Winter.

Yes, yes,
I'm happy too.

Well, seems you're stuck
with this case, after all.

Yeah, so
it seems.

And the woman?
She saw the criminal.

Dunno. Surgeons are done,
but she's still unconscious.

I was driving to the
hospital when I heard

the good news
that you're here.

So let's go
there together.

Honestly, I'm not too
happy about the whole thing

but this time, the head and
the ass are on our side, so

until it's clear who's

it's an Austrian

Do I sign it
in blood?

Politics ...

is politics.

Yeah, but I'd like to go anyway.
Maybe I can help.

Okay, let's go

We know each other,
from the pass. How are you?

Fine, thanks.
And you?

Fine, too.
Could you return my car?

- Uh, okay ...
- Excellent, thanks!

But who are you
going with?

Before joining the Foundation,
Gross was CEO

of Henning LLC.

In 2007, a bribe scandal
cost him his job.

He wrote a book,
"At the height of power."

Married for 30 years,
four children.

My colleagues have already
shared the bad news with his widow.

Or two news.

She found out that
her husband is dead ...

and that he's been
cheating on her for years.

She won't even
talk with him about that.

This is the worst part
of our work,

telling people
their loved ones died.

When a train
in India derails

and 200 people die,

it seems too
abstract to us.

But when a child
drowns in a pool,

then we get gripped
by powerful feelings.

So that's why you
prefer to feel

completely nothing?

Damn you.

Listen, I call you,
not the other way around.

And don't call
me on my cell.



Something like that.


In summertime,
it's beautiful here.

Now this place is just
the armpit of the world.

And a cold one, too.

Cold pit!

No, thanks.

Don't be
afraid of the boss.

She's like that
to everybody.

She hates me.

Even though
I do my best.

Just ignore her.

Think of
something else.


Magic trick.

Hocus pocus ...

You're a
poor magician.

No, I'm really good.
I just forgot to finish the spell.

I have to go back.

I just got it.

Wonderful, great job!
Thank you!

Do you remember
the murder on the pass?

Dead smuggler.

Still working
on this?

German homicide squad
leader, Ellie Stocker.

Picture taken this morning,
at the Dominic Gross' home.

The guy is the Austrian liaison officer,
he was on the pass too.


Murders may
be related.

Let's prepare
a note.

No, it's bigger
than a note.

This has potential,
people want things.

We'll see.

I'm sure.

a promised land,

and in this


the evil strikes.

Sounds interesting
but aren't you exaggerating?

He sent
me a message!

That is, us.

Our newspaper.

So we are responsible!


Then keep
on working.

It's your call.

No idea when
she wakes up.

She was hard
to stabilize.

Lost much

Chest wounds
are wide and deep,

organs are damaged,
stomach and intestine punctured.

The abdominal aorta and large
arteries were spared.

Incisions on the face,

and lighter cuts
here and here.

How could she escape
with such injuries?

She didn't.
At least not at first.

How so?

Fear bradycardia.

If during an extremely high
adrenaline rush

neither fight nor flight
is possible,

the body can literally
freeze out of fear.

Heartbeat drops
to a minimum.

This state can last
a few minutes.

She must have
looked dead

but then
she just woke up.

May I?

- She had to feel a horrible pain.
- Yes.

Okay, thank you
very much.

We've been working for
three weeks only in this case.

I know, I called
your boss.

But the matter's bigger
than we thought.

The criminal acts on both
sides of the border.

It'd make sense
to work together.

When will
they decide?

Interior ministers
are in touch.

But even now we're
counting on your support.

Mr. Winter?

Yes, yes,

If you want,
Christian Ressler can advise,

a case analyst.


It'd be great.

- Frau Stadlober?
- One moment.

Sorry, today it's hell unleashed
One article and everybody plays detectives.


Go to Mnchner Zeitung's
website, they wrote again.

There's a beautiful
photo of you two.

Ressler, amazing!
Have you read his book?


We got only the DNA of
Gross and the woman.

There was also someone
else in the house.

The criminal must've been
wearing gloves or a coverall.

The sole
looks manipulated,

as if changed

Lab report.

There was Rohypnol
in Gross' blood.

It paralyzes
the muscles.

He didn't
poison the woman?

She probably woke up

So he stabs her ...

thinks she's dead ...

and then he kills Gross.

Drags him through the balcony
door to the snowmobile ...

Slowly, Litkowski,
don't rush.

How did he
get in there first?

Looks like he disabled in advance
alarm and surveillance.

And then
he entered.

Sliding door opens easily.
No additional lock.

And the alarm system?
It's harder to disable.

It appears so.
But ...


There was hacking software
installed on Gross' phone.

Come on!

Someone sends you a link or
an email attachment.

You open it and ...


It installs on the phone
and you can read all data.

Emails, convos, chats, calendars.

Security systems were
also managed via the app.

That's how he knew when Gross
came to the chalet.

- Yeah.
- With whom.

- Yes.
- And how often.

- Yes, yes,
I understood.

Very well planned.

Great work!

It was still
a risk.

There are many parallels
with the first murder:

a lone offender
with a detailed plan,

the poison,
the knife,

the way of killing,
body demonstration,


But here he took a
much greater risk.

A prominent victim, in company,

and he enters a house
with an alarm system.

Why make it harder
than the last time?

I don't think he wanted
to kill her first.

May I?

The chair's position,
the blood traces around ...

The first injuries
weren't fatal.

Maybe he wanted to injure
Nuria Garrido lightly,

to intimidate her.

Then ...

he put her
on the chair.

And she had
to look.

The woman
has to watch ...

as he shows
his power ...

as he torments
Gross ...

And then, he probably
executed the man before her eyes.

Next, he throws her on the bed
and stabs her with a knife.

He needs

That's why he
makes the effort,

and finds a place with
her as his public.

And now it's us, the press,
the readers.

He chose Gross
on purpose.

It seems he wants
to tell us:

I'm great,

and I've got
the biggest ...

Uh, this is ...

our colleague Stocker
from Germany.

Thanks for the
interesting guess.


Oh, by the way, we
checked the calls,

there's one worth
taking a closer look.

Maybe it's just a wacko,
but he mentioned

punishment and
"the red season".

Gross was Henning's
chairman, right?

Saw him on TV
and in the newspapers.

He always spoke of him,

"the powerful",
he used to say,

"fat cats
and globalization"

"they're writing
the last chapter".

In your statement, you mentioned
"the red season".

I already said everything
on the phone.

Could you repeat, please?

It's the end time.

When all that we know
comes to an end.

When the society finally
destroys itself,

and only the ready
ones survive.

Those who are not against,
but with the nature.

The members
of the sect?


It's not a sect.

He is a man who
looks farther,

and since he sees
more than anyone,

he doesn't just speak,
but acts.

What, exactly?

He helps those
who want it.

Only those who can live
with the nature can survive.

Are you going to
be one of the survivors?


He didn't want
me anymore.

Back then, I drank a lot,
did some stupid shit.

He said I was
too weak and stuff.

That's why you
backstabbed him?

For revenge?



I didn't
betray him.

Are you crazy?

I just wanted to help you.

But he can't find out you
heard that from me!

No matter what!

Do you know what
he'll do to me?

Do you have any
idea who he is?


god of the forest.

He looked through my soul.


Hello, Stocker.

And this is
Mr. Winter from Austria.

We'd like to speak
with Mr. Brunner.

he's not here.

And you are ...?

Everyone calls me Manus.

I'm his right hand.

Manus and Cernunnos.

Where did you
hear this?

We have many sources.

Where is Mr. Brunner?

I cannot say.

He's gone for
a couple of days.

- And where did he go?
- No idea, either.

He often spends
much time in the forest.

No one knows
when he comes back.

What does he do there?

Brunner crosses the border.

The border between
nature and civilization.

He's our teacher.
Prepares us for what's coming.

Rightly so:

"The end is near,

the red season is around the corner".

Sounds crazy to you?

Take a look at
the history of mankind.

All the
societies collapsed:

Roman, Persian,

We shouldn't think
we're better.

Human pride,
human decadence

toppled everything.
Brunner knows how to survive.

- Seriously?
- Yes.

Where can I join?

There is no place
for cynics here.

Everything's alright?

Nah, let him
look around.

When you and your group

survive the fall of our civilization,
what happens

with the rest?

Well, those who are not ready
won't survive.

That is, those who don't
share your views, they ...

must die?

Yes, that's a
completely natural process.

When our civilization
is no more,

only the nature remains,
and it's stronger than us,

much stronger.

And those who can't live
with it in harmony ...

So what you're explaining
sounds somewhat brutal.

Brunner, too, likes violence.
He was previously convicted.

His ex-wife told us.
Grievous bodily harm.

Excuse me, ...

I have a question.

Are you accusing me of anything?

If not,
as far as I know,

I don't have to answer questions.

That's right.

But tell Brunner to
contact us as soon as possible.

we'll find him ourselves.


Mr. Winter?

Let's go.

Another package,
I left it on the table.

- Thank you.
- Good night!

You too!

Mr. Turek!
Did he get in touch?

Easy, not so fast!

I came all the way from Munich
to speak with you.

I'm happy to finally meet you.

I read a little about you.

You seem to be are very
goal-oriented, I like it.

If you want more info from us,
then I'm afraid your trip was in vain.

Miss Stocker,
it's very important to me.

You can trust me.

I sent you the first message,

before writing a single word.

So he got in touch.

He trusts me.
I ...

The editors wanted to
print right away,

but I told them:

"no way, first
I need to talk to you two".

So, I believe

we should work together.

I give you something, and you - me.
I'd like exclusive information.

Mr. Turek,

we make no deals
with the press.

I doubt you'll

but we put
people first.

Victims, for whom
it's too late,

their families, all the people
we need to protect.

So if you have something,
give it to me now.

Otherwise, it's
withholding of evidence.

I also put people first,
Miss Stocker.

Are you too
this inaccessible?

I'm the good cop.

"I don't want to live in the Abyss."

"I step down from the heaven,"

"and crush the hell under your feet,
not knowing the humility."

"I was greedy."

"I grew rich, I lied."

"My punishment will be your salvation."

"Please, no."

"A new, better world ..."

"will come."

"The red season begins."

The interior ministers
of both countries

expanded and
combined the teams.

The crisis staff will be located
near the border,

enough place for everybody,
easy access.

There's more money, and
an additional budget for an analyst.

Now ...

Now it's a
different story.

With Gross' murder,

this became
a political issue.

They asked
if I trust you.

I don't care what
they think, but ...

If we make a mistake,

the press will turn
our life into hell.

Everyone will talk
and know better,

and it'll be all about emotions,
not the case.

From now on,
30-40 people

will work 24 hours a day
under you, Ellie.

And you alone are
responsible for them.

I told you about
my last fall.

I almost broke my neck.

Perhaps I was a bit
too ambitious, but ...

I surely underestimated
the external pressure.

So it's the last
moment to quit.

Nobody will hold it against you,
we'll get someone experienced.

will understand.



I'll miss you.

I'll be half
an hour away.

But who'll go with me
for smoke breaks?

This Brunner ...

If something comes up,
let me know.

I'll call
the prosecutor.

He always wants

to know everything.

I already sent some men
to watch the farm.


Hello, Mr. Ressler.

Ellie Stocker,
chief investigator.

I'm very glad
you decided to help.

I read your book three times.
At least.

You're not
the only one.

I'm writing
a second book.

The first chapter seems
to be a new case,

but turns out
to be a dream.

Sounds interesting.

You'll have to
tell me more later.

A coffee, maybe?

God forbid!

Green tea with milk
and honey, please.

I'll get it done.

This is my colleague,
Gedeon Winter from Salzburg.


we know
each other.

Oh, really?

Not closely.

Great, let's get
started, then.

As I can see from
the police reports,

the culprit was very well
prepared for both murders.

He had enough time
to plan the crimes.

Presumably, he is childless
and has no stable job.

But he has financial resources,

which give him a
certain independence.

The offender has
certainly a room

where he can safely plan
and get ready.

His own house,
basement, attic,

a place which only
he can access.

It was
established recently

that the second
victim's cellphone

was infected
with malware,

so our culprit possesses
computer skills

and leaves no traces.

Both crimes have
been prepared beforehand.

The placing

and the staging of bodies,

the symbols,

the voice messages,

show strong
narcissistic tendencies.

He needs an audience.

Hence the selective
contact with the press.

It's not enough that
only we see him.

He wants everyone
to see him.

On the other hand,
the culprit is clearly a sadist.

He needs the pain
and fear of his victims.

He enjoys the moment
before the act of murder.

But he's certainly
not crazy.

He doesn't suffer from hallucinations
he'd like to play out.

Our man is neither
a politically motivated terrorist.


both victims, in his eyes,
committed evil acts:

the smuggler,
the corrupt manager

but for him,
it's not about that.




Only that
drives him.

Of course, he knows
his desires

are socially unacceptable.

A dilemma.

His narcissism
demands admiration,

his sadistic urge is
to torment and destroy.

What to do?

He builds himself
an ideology,

where he can
be both.

A cruel butcher

and a white knight
at the same time.

Our criminal

is an executioner and a judge
in one person.

Why does that moron
call my cell phone?

Are you
completely dumb?

I know.

My son is a useless
bag of shit.

But we have a rule
which says:

"Family is holy."

That includes you.

You're our

Everything is like before,


You helped us,

and I will
not be stingy.

This knife

was a ticket to jail.

For life.

I got rid of it,
no traces left.

Sure, I know.

You've always
been reliable.

So, how much
do you want?


this is my price:

I'm out.

No more favors,
no information.

Our business relationship
comes to an end.

But you know that

with us,
life's much easier.

I look forward to
some complications.



Mr. Winter,
this is Ellie Stocker.

Our witness woke up.