Oz (1997–2003): Season 5, Episode 8 - Impotence - full transcript

In the Season Five finale, Robson goes to extremes to remedy his gum dilemma, Meanwhile, McManus struggles with personal turmoil over his decision to stay at Oz and Rebadow deals with his grandson's fate.

[bright tone]

[tense, jazzy music]

♪ ♪

[jazzy, percussive music]

♪ ♪

- Here are some scary facts
about impotence.

10 to 20 million Americans
suffer from it,

85% due to physical causes
not related to the penis.

10% suffer because of
psychological reasons.

And scariest of all,

for 5% of the men
who are impotent,

the cause is unknown.

[dark music]

[zipper sound]

[gate buzzes]

- Hey.


Don't do this to me, Vern.

You guys
are all I got in here.

- It's not my choice,

We got a charter
we gotta follow.

You know that charter
better than anybody.

- I asked
the fuckin' dentist.

He said he put

white man's gums
in my mouth--white!

- Really?
'Cause that bruise

Dr. Faraj planted
on your cheek is blue.

That tells me
you didn't get the answer

you were looking for.

Tomorrow you're moving
to another cell.

[gate buzzes]

- There's Robson.
You were right, Imam.

Allah has punished him
for his sins.

How's the mouth?

- Arif?
Fuck you.

- Robson.

Despite all you done,
my heart goes out to you.

God is trying
to teach you something.

Please be smart enough
to learn.

- Yeah.

He's saying my friends
will take me back.

I'll make them
take me back.

- Oh, looky here,
my stepbrother.

Feels good talking with
a black man's gums, don't it?

- I need a shitload
of tits, now.

- You? All that Aryan drug-free
bullshit just bullshit ain't it?

- Will you shut your fucking
corn-trap and hook me?

Or I can take
my cash elsewhere.

- All right, man.

[dark music]

♪ ♪


- Guard!
[alarm blares]


- [continues screaming]

- One of the physical causes
of impotence

is lack of frequent
spontaneous erections.

In other words,

you can't get it up...

Because you don't
get it up,

because you can't
get it up,

because you don't get it up.

Either way, you're fucked.

I can't get it up.

- Miguel Alvarez is up
for parole again.

- So what?
He'll just get rejected,

same as last time.
- Maybe not.

- [small laugh]
Tim, come on.

With all the shit
he's pulled,

the Board's not
gonna let him go free.

- Well,
Alvarez is a changed man.

He's really trying to
stay out of trouble.

- Bullshit.
Look, I know he did a good job

training the seeing-eye dog,

but one pooch hardly balances
out his criminal record.

- Well...

I'm writing a letter to the
Board recommending parole.

Alicia Hinden,
who ran the training program,

is gonna do the same thing.

And if Ray Mukada were here,
he would, too.

- Tim, do you honestly
believe Miguel Alvarez

is ready to rejoin society?

Six months ago the dink
was in Solitary

smearing shit
on his cell wall.

- Well, I know there's been bad
blood between you and Alvarez

almost since the day
he arrived.

- What are you saying,
my judgment is clouded, man?

Fuck you!
- Have you even spoken to him

since you let him out of

- No.
- Don't you think

you owe him that?
- Owe him?

- Not warden to prisoner.
Man to man.

I mean, if a person's
trying to change,

shouldn't we at least
acknowledge that?

- Not in Alvarez's case.

- Leo--
- No, damn it, no, hell, no!

Look, you file
your fuckin' letters

of recommendation, okay?

I'm gonna call
Steve Dawkins myself

and put an end
to this bullshit.

- Thanks for setting up
the parole hearing, McManus.

- Well, to tell you
the truth, Miguel,

these parole board hearings...

your chances for release
are a long shot.

- No, no, no, no.
I got a good feeling.

I got a good feeling.
I got my A-game on.

God, it'd be great just to
get away from Oz, you know?

I could see Maritza.

She's been let out
of Parker Women's.

She got a job.

You know, she's got
her life on course.

Shit, maybe I can have
another baby, you know?

I just gotta let the parole
board people understand

that I can do that,
too, you know?

That I know in my heart
that I'm ready.

[gate buzzes]

[tense music]

♪ ♪

It's a pleasure
to meet you guys, you know.

Um...yeah, my--my, uh,
dad and my, uh, grandfather

were both incarcerated in here.

Excuse me?

- Alvarez,
what are you doing?

- I'm just practicing my answers

for the parole board hearing,

[gate buzzes]

- Count!

- Hey.
- Hey...

[overlapping chatter]

[whistling cat calls]

[kissing sounds, laughter]

- Hey, Charlie Brown.

[laughter, chatter]

[wolf whistle]

- Maritza.


Maritza, mi amor,

pronto estare en sus brazos.

- Fuck you.

- Ooh, careful, Miguel.

You wouldn't want a smudge
on that record

this late in your parole.
- Shut the fuck up!

- You know what would be
a terrible tragedy?

Just before you got out,

had some kind of accident.

- You hurt her...

you're dead.

You fuck with my parole,
you're dead.

- Oh, you're so fuckin'
beautiful when you're angry.

- All right, Mr. Alvarez,

that was a very lovely
speech you just made.

But now we'd like
to ask you some questions.

- Mr. Dawkins, you can
ask me whatever you want.

- You were convicted of
beating a 75-year-old man,

then cutting his face,

all because
his car scraped yours.

- Yeah.
I wasn't myself that day.

- Once you were here in Oswald,
you cut your own face

and later tried to
hang yourself in your cell.

Were you yourself
either of those days?

- Last year you masterminded
an escape from Oswald.

- I didn't
mastermind an escape.

Busmalis was digging a tunnel,
and I was fearing for my life--

- You were one of the major
leaders in the riot

and hurt a number of people,

including an officer,
Joseph Mineo.

- He was making a move on me--

- Later, you poked out the eyes
of another officer,

Eugene Rivera.

Then you murdered
two fellow prisoners,

Carlo Ricardo
and a Jorge Vasquez.

So, my question is,

what the fuck makes you think
we should set you free,

you little prick?

- Knock it off!

Knock it off!

- Let him go, Alvarez!

- Fuck!

This is fuckin' bullshit!

I'm fuckin' tellin' them--

I'm trying to tell them
how I got rehabilitated.

Fuckin' bullshit!

He asked me how I think
I changed in all this bullshit.

I'm talking to him and I'm
trying to explain how I changed.

Are you listening to me?
- McManus, I gotta talk to you

about my trial.
- He just fuckin' cuts me off.

He just cuts me off.
- Come on, man.

I'm lonely.
- McManus.

- I'm afraid!
- You listening to me?

- Montgomery is a cunt
that got what he deserved.

- I'm afraid!

- Hey, that CO had no right
to shove my face in shit.

- Cunt!
- Get me out of here.

Get me the fuck outta here!

- I'm afraid.
- Cunt!

- Get me the fuck
outta here!

- McManus.
- Cunt!

- McManus!
[door clangs]

- [clears throat]

It's quittin' time.

You promised
to buy me a drink.

I really need
that fuckin' drink.

Let's go.
- I'm sorry, Tim.

I'm gonna have to take a pass.

I don't want to leave Pancamo.

- You know...
[case thuds on floor]

I've been dumped by a lot
of women for a lot of guys,

but never one in a coma.

- Ohh...he could die, Tim.

It's my fault.

A man comes into my E.R.

with a non life-threatening
stab wound,

gets infected
and goes into toxic shock.

I didn't take proper care
of him before,

but I sure as hell am not
gonna let him die alone.

- How about a cup
of coffee?

- Okay.

There you go.

- You ever met my wife--

my ex-wife,
Eleanor O'Connor?

- Our paths have yet
to cross.

- We've been divorced
five years.

When I was first offered
the job at Oswald

to build Em City,
to fulfill a lifelong dream,

she didn't want to trail along.

You know,
she had this great job,

she didn't want to leave,
so...I just walked out.

And for five years,
I've, uh...

I've carried the guilt
of that.

I mean, every time
something goes haywire,

I just think, you know,

I could be with Ellie

and maybe by now
we'd have a couple of kids...

- Ohh...don't talk to me
about regret.

I own the patent.

- Well, my point is...

today I was
walking in solitary and...

I was surrounded
by all my mistakes,

and my head was gonna explode.

But then I thought
about Omar White,

about how hard it was
to turn him around.

But we did it.

I mean, we can't
save them all, Gloria,

but if we can save just one,

that's enough.

- And I want to save Pancamo.

- [small laugh]


thanks for the coffee.

Now I'm gonna
get myself a real drink.

- Good night.

- [screaming]

- [overlapping]
- Come on!

Take his head off!

[engine revving]

- Oh! Oh, God!


- Prisoner number 0-2-C-7-7-3,

Wolfgang Cutler,

convicted February 20, 2002,

murder in the first degree.

life imprisonment

without the possibility
of parole.

- I want into
the brotherhood.

- You know the deal,

[weights clang]

You gotta demonstrate
your fearlessness.

By whacking somebody?

- Killing a nigger's

always nice.

The higher up the better.

- Kareem Said.

- I like the way you think.

- Omar, you ready
for some hot gossip?

- Hmm?
- I overheard the Aryans

in the gym.
That new guy, Wolfgang Cutler,

he was bragging to the others
how he was gonna kill Said.

[dark music]

- Yo, you Cutler?

- How the fuck
did you get back here?

- [softly] That don't matter.
Look, I came 'cause

I heard a rumor and shit,
all right?

Just stay away from Said,
all right?

No, no,
whatever you got brewing,

just--just stop it, okay?

- I don't know what the fuck
you're talking about.

And get the fuck
out of here.

- I'm trying to be
diplomatic here, okay?

- And I'm telling you,
get the fuck outta here!

- Look, I've been
pretty good lately.

You don't want
to see me bad, okay?

You touch Said...

- And what?

Nigger, you gonna cry?

Fuck you!

- Hey, hey--
- [shouts]

Fuck you!

[both grunting]

Fuck! Little fuck--Fuck!
- Motherfucker...

Stay away!
Stay away!

Stay away!

- You motherfucker!

I'm gonna fucking kill you...

fuckin' black motherfucker!

- [whispers] Shh!
Don't touch Said!

Stay away!

Stay the fuck away from Said!

Stay the fuck away.

Stay--stay the fuck--

Shh, what's that?

What's that, Cutler?


Hey, hey.

Cutler...come on.

Come on, man.
[object clatters]

Hey, Cutler.

Come on, man,
don't do this to me.

Don't fuckin' die.
Oh, shit.


[tense, percussive music]

♪ ♪

- [gasps, coughs]

Oh, shit, fuck!

♪ ♪

Fuck! I almost
killed the motherfucker!

I mean, look, it's not
like I started anything!

The motherfucker was just all up
in my shit, man, I don't know,

taunting me and shit, man.

I don't know
what the fuck happened.

- Omar, slow down.
Who you talking about?

- Cutler's getting ready
to jack you!

- Wolfgang Cutler.
- Look...

the motherfucker's
still alive, okay?

In a second, the fuckin' hacks
are gonna be up here

punching in my fuckin' ass,

Fuck, fuck!
- Omar...

you follow me, you do
not stop, you understand?

- But I saved him, both of them,
I mean, Cutler and Said.

- What do you want?
Do you want a fucking medal?

You almost killed a man.

Do you understand that,
God damn it!

I give you
ten second chances.

This is what I get in return!

I bend over
backwards for you!

As a result,
a man ends up almost dead.

You want me to be
fuckin' happy about that?

- McManus,
it is not that simple.

Miss O'Connor--
- Yes, it is

that fuckin' simple, Said.

Don't you be looking
to her for help.

I've made by decision.

The rulebook says Solitary.

I'm playing by
the rulebook this time.

- No, McMan--
- And if he had done this

to protect you instead of me,
would you be sending him away?

- Shut up,
or you're going with him.

- McManus!


[gate buzzes]

- That wasn't for you,

- No, no, that was
genuine rage.

I remember it well.

[gate buzzes]


you think I divorced you

because you wanted
to come to Oswald

and build Emerald City,
but that's not true.

You want to know
what made me leave?

Your relentless, unflappable,

never-say-never idealism.

- You would have
preferred me cynical?

- No! You want to
save the world,

and when you
realize you can't,

you crucify yourself
and everyone around you.

This nonsense where it's up
to you to change everything

for the better--
your wife, your prisoners,

whoever else until
we all fit your ideals--

isn't it time to see that
for the pride that it is?

- Go on.

- No.

I'll just go.

- Minister?

- Look, whatever it is
that you want...

it can wait.

- What I want is for you

not to blame yourself for
what happened to Omar White.

- Well, like I said,
what you want...

Can wait.

- ♪ Amazing grace ♪

♪ How sweet the sound ♪

♪ That saved a wretch ♪

♪ Like me ♪

- Will you
shut the fuck up?!

- ♪ I once was lost ♪

♪ But now I'm found ♪

- Ohh!
- ♪ Was blind ♪

♪ But now I see ♪

- Impotence can also be
the result of depression,

marital discord,

job stress,
financial worries.

That's right, a little salary
can make a hard man soft.

A drop in the Dow can
diminish rising expectations.

- That was my son.

Alex Jr.'s
days away from death.

- Gosh, Bob,
what are you gonna do ?

- What can I do?

I'll wait for the call
that tells me

that my grandson's life
is over.

- No, you gotta see him.
- How?

He's in intensive care.

He can't even
leave the hospital,

let alone visit a prison.

- Then you go to him.

- They'd never let me.
- Why not?

McManus has been
helpful in the past.

Go. Ask him.

- You can cuff me,
shackle me,

gag me if you have to--
just let me see Alex,

make eye contact

so that he knows
that his granddad loves him.

- I remember when
you took up that collection

to take him
to Adventure Country.

- That trip meant
a lot to him.

- [small laugh]
It did to me, too.

Not only you
wanting to raise the cash

but then actually rallying
these dinks to help you.

- So...

may I go?

- Yes.

And gagless,
shackle-less even.

I'll arrange the visit today.

- Are you traveling with me?
- No.

Handing you off
at the door.

- I was once sentenced
to die, you know.

- I remember
something about that.

- A power failure shut down
the electric chair.

My death was
commuted to life...


I only wish there were laws
that could do the same for Alex.

But only God can grant
that kind of reprieve.

[edgy music]

♪ ♪

- Chugga-chugga,


- This is the best
"Miss Sally" ever.

- Mail call!

- What you got for me,

Mr. Schillinger.

- Stinkin' with cheap perfume.

- It's from Norma.

Hey, Fiona, would you
do me a favor?

This letter's
from my former fiancee.

Would you mind
reading it to me?

Make me kind of feel like
she's here in the room.

- Hey, we all got our trip.

- "Dear Agamemmnon,

"I got very depressed after
'Miss Sally' was canceled,

and I lost my job.
- Mmm. Poor thing.

- "But the one thing that
hasn't been canceled

"is my love for you, and I'm
coming to visit on the 15th

"to explain why I never
showed up on our wedding day.

"If you can find it
in your heart,

please see me.
Love always, Norma."

Ah, well,
ain't that sweet?

- The 15th.
That's today.

[edgy notes]


- Hello, Agamemmnon.



[dramatic percussive notes]

♪ ♪

- Hey, Bob,

how'd the visit
with little Alex go?

- Tired.

- Guess what happened
while you were gone.

I'll tell you tomorrow.

[gate buzzer]

If you want, we can
talk more about little Alex.

- I have nothing else to say.

I'm on the death watch.

I fold.

[shouting, commotion]

[thunder rumbling]

- Bob, you've gotta
get some rest.

- Did you see that?

- See what?

- He's gone.

[gate buzzer]

- Count!

- Uh, y-your grandson
was stable,

but the storm--

Well, the electricity
went out for a minute,

and, uh, the surge
scrambled his equipment.

- And?

- Uh, I-I'm sorry.
Alex died.

- [sobbing]

- I need help.

- [sobbing]

- Hey.

I'm real sorry
about little Alex.

- You know, you try
to prepare for a death...

but always secretly
you believe there's a chance

that the doctors were wrong,
that they'll find a cure,

and that as long as
he's alive there's time.

So while you think
you're steeling yourself

for the sorrow,
what you're really doing

is waiting on the miracle.

Which is why,
when death comes,

it's so horrible,
because you realize...

you weren't prepared at all.

- But you knew last night.

- On some level.

30-something years ago,
it was a power outage

that saved me from execution,
but last night the electricity

finally came back on
to finish the job,

except so much time had passed

that my grandson
was now in the chair.


Never really liked this hat.

But now that
he's passed away,

I understand this hat.

This was my grandson
at his most alive.

- So I'm going to let Rebadow
go to the funeral.

- Jesus. For 35 years,
he gets out twice in one week,

and all for the worst reasons.

- Holy shit.

- I'm back.

I decided...

to give Rebadow his money.

I decided he should
help his grandkid.

- New studies show
that even Viagra,

which is supposed to help
a fella get an erection,

can sometimes
cause problems in young,

sexually active men who use
the drug recreationally.

You see, if an erection
lasts longer than six hours,

the blood supply
gets cut off permanently.

Of course,
after six hours, you know,

maybe you don't give a shit.

You know what I mean.

[dark music]

♪ ♪

- Your father and I went
to Adam Guenzel's funeral.

When I saw Olivia walking down
the center aisle of the church,

so crippled up with arthritis,
moving so slowly,

each step measured,
supported by a cane,

my heart--my heart broke.

You know, when you
were first arrested,

Olivia Guenzel was one of
the few friends who stood by us,

and there we were,

burying her grandson
who caused her so much...


- I'm sorry.

I couldn't protect him.

- I know.
I know you did your best.

when I hugged Olivia,

when I saw the grief
in her eyes,

I thought...


now you really do understand."

God forgive me.

I almost forgot...

Holly sent you this.

[paper rustles]

Happy Valentine's Day.

[dark chords]

♪ ♪

- Winthrop...
- Get away from me, Beecher.

- Hey,
I need to talk to you.

- I gotta get this food
to Schillinger

or he'll kick my ass.
- Look, I've been where you are.

You don't have to be
Schillinger's bitch.

- Yeah, right.
- I can help you.

- Like you helped Adam?
No fuckin' thanks.

- [breathing hard]

[ominous music]

- Sister,
at our last interaction,

you were asking
about Adam Guenzel,

about the circumstances
surrounding his rape,

and I kept silent at the time
because of...

Because of my own involvement.

Now I think, had I spoken
and told what I knew,

Adam might still be alive--
- Beecher.

- Vern, you know the rules.

No interruptions.

Go on.

- Yes, go on.

- Though it's too late
to save Adam,

I think being honest might...

- Might what?

We're all getting along
so well these days.

- Vern!
- No.

He starts making
wrongful accusations,

all the good work
you've done here will unravel.

You don't want that,
sister, do ya?

- I want him to speak his mind.

- Well, I'm not gonna sit here
and listen to this horse shit.

- That's your choice.

- Beecher,
tread very carefully.

- You tell the truth,

Just tell the truth.

- Take Said to his unit.
Beecher stays here.

[door clangs shut]

- In accordance with
D.O.C. regulations,

this committee has
given you a fair hearing.

We have listened to
testimony from witnesses

and examined evidence.

We have determined
the following--

one, that you conspired to

and engaged in the rape
of Adam Guenzel,

two, that you conspired to

and engaged in the rape
of Franklin Winthrop.

We find you guilty
of these charges

and have decided that you will
be transferred immediately

to solitary confinement for
an undetermined length of time.

- Hey, Vern!
[overlapping shouting]

- Nice color.

[shouting voices muffled]

- Chris...

how'd the trial go?

- Fantastic.
A jury of my peers

found me guilty of murder
in the first degree.

- [exhales]
Oh, God.

- And my idiot lawyers
are going to appeal,

but he doesn't
hold out much hope.

I go back, uh...

Thursday to the courthouse
for sentencing,

and more than likely...

I'll get the death penalty.

- Well, I'll do ev--

I'll do everything
I can to help.

- Show me your tits.

- Don't do that.

- I'm sorry.

I guess I'm in a bad mood.

It's not every day
you get sentenced to death.

Weird. All these years
my penis has dominated my life,

forced me to go in
whatever direction...

"it" chose.

Now I want to share
my love with someone, and...

I never will.
[zipper sound]

- [sighs]
You know, there are people

out there
who are fighting against

the return
of the death penalty.

- Tell that to
Shirley Bellinger.

You know,
on the ride over here,

I was thinking about
how I wanted to die.

- Well, there's only
two choices now,

lethal injection and, uh,

the electric chair.

I want the chair.

I want the juice.

I want to go out on a charge.

- Christopher Keller
was convicted today

in the brutal slaying
of Brice Tibbetts.

Tibbetts was tortured,
sodomized, and murdered

in July of 1997.

who faces the death penalty,

will be sentenced on Thursday
by Judge Grace Lema.

Keller is suspected of

at least
two similar murders.

And additional charges...
- Fuck. I have to go see him.

- May I remind you of
your promise to yourself

never to speak
to Keller again?

- Yeah.
Well, the great thing about

breaking a promise to yourself

is only one person gets hurt,
and I can live with my guilt

a shitload easier than I can
live without ever seeing Keller.

- No, no, no, this is wrong.

- How is love wrong, Kareem?

In whatever form it takes,
how is love wrong?

E-especially here in Oz,

where there's so little of it.

You and I...
we love each other.

You stabbed Schillinger
and Robson for me.

But the Aryans say
that any sort of love

between the races
is a perversion.

Who decides these things?

Who chooses which love
is permissible?

- God.

- The god I worship...

loves everybody,
and he created a universe

full of different
kinds of people

sharing different
kinds of love.

- Allah says, "Man"--

- Don't quote scripture
to me, Kareem.

- You know
what's gonna happen

when you go
and see Keller again.

- I'm not gonna fuck him.

I'm just gonna
let him know I care

that he's not totally alone.

I think Allah
would approve of that.

[gate buzzes]

[loud metallic clang]

- Here you go, Keller,
your brand-new home.

They say the ghost
of Shirley Bellinger

still haunts this cell.

- Oh, yeah?

- When the moon is full,

you can still
smell her vagina.


- You're a very funny guy
there, Lopresti.

You should think
about doing comedy.

- [laughs]

- Hey, how you doing?


You got mail.

- Diabetes,
multiple sclerosis,


high blood pressure,

aging can all cause impotence.

So can riding a bicycle.

You put that hard seat
between your legs,

there may be nothing else
hard between your legs

for a long, long time.

[inmates yelling]

- Quiet down!

- Come on, man!

- Get up.

Leave it.

- No.
- Leave it.

[tense music]

♪ ♪

- Fuckin' retard.
- Hang in there, Cyril.

[metallic clang]

- Where is this?

- End of the line.

- I'm not supposed to
be here.


- Relax.
- Where's Jericho?

- Relax!
- Jericho--

- Oh!

- Ryan!
- Let's go, retard boy!

- [screaming] Ryan!

[indistinct yelling,
Cyril screaming]


- No, man, cut that out!

- I'm not supposed to be here!

I'm not supposed to be here!
[alarm blaring]


- Finally the Sort Team
had to subdue your brother.

- Christ.

- I gave him some Haldol
to calm him down,

but as we learned
from previous episodes,

it's just a stopgap measure.

It's never gonna
be a long-term solution

to Cyril's violent episodes.

- We don't need
a long-term solution.

The judge has set
his execution for next month.

- What?

- Why are you acting
so surprised?

He was found guilty of
the murder of Li Chen.

The punishment is death.


you're gonna have to
discuss with Cyril

the way he wants to die,

either the electric chair
or lethal injection.

- Lethal injection.

Yeah, I want Cyril just
to doze off and go to sleep.

- There's more to it than that.

The drugs they inject into
his body

- Oh, yeah...
- First paralyze him...

- I don't want
to hear the details, okay?

- It's not okay, Ryan.

Up to this point,
you resisted all our attempts

to help your brother.

You should know what
his last moments will be like.

- Can I see him?
- Not yet.

I'll allow a visit
once he's settled down.

Take O'Reily back to Em City.

- The guilt or innocence
of Cyril O'Reily

is not at issue here.

The question is whether
the eighth amendment

of our constitution,
which protects us

from cruel
and unusual punishment,

will also protect
Cyril O'Reily,

whose IQ, by the way, is 51.

That's one of the lowest IQs

of any condemned prisoner
on record.

- As a mother,
I appeal, I plead

to all of the other mothers
and fathers out there

to stop the state from
committing this monstrous act.

- Governor Devlin refused
to comment on the demonstration

held outside
the Capitol building.

[headphones clatter]

- You know, Meehan,

you can hold
a million press conferences,

but you're still not gonna
be able to save my brother.

- Well, if I had that attitude,
you'd be right.

But I'm going to prove
you wrong, Mr. O'Reily.

I'm going to show you
the power of prayer,

of hope, and faith
in the almighty.

- Okay, well, while you're at
it, why don't you suck my dick?

- Tch, tch, tch, tch.

[mellow tune]

♪ ♪

- Father Meehan,
are you here for a lesson?

- No, I was only seminarian
booted off the choir.

The prefect said,

"Your voice is
an offense to God."

But you were magnificent on your
television press conference.

- Oh, thanks.
- A veritable firebrand.

- Well, I've had
a lot of practice.

- I want to talk
to you about Ryan.

Ever since I came to OZ,
I've been trying to reach him.

Well, I know that he and Cyril
were brutalized by their father,

and that's enough
to dent any boy's psyche.

But my gut feeling
is there's something more,

that your son
is hiding something,

some naked truth,
some deeper pain.

I was wondering
if you knew anything.

- My greatest regret, Father,
is abandoning my child.

He was just a little baby
when I left,

and until a few months ago,
I've had no contact with him.

- Is there anyone I could ask?

- Well,
certainly not his father,

but maybe Brenda, his aunt.

- Thank you very much,

Yes, we're doing everything
we can for Cyril.

Well, keep praying.

- Lockdown, lockdown!

- Ryan,
tell me about Carolyn.

- What the fuck
are you talking about?

- Carolyn,
your little sister.

- She's dead.
End of story.

- Well, then don't
tell me the end,

tell me the beginning,
the middle and all--

- Who the fuck told you
about Carolyn?

- Well, that doesn't matter.

Just tell me
your memory of her.

- No.

- She died.
She was barely six months old,

fell out of her crib
and broke her neck.

- Why you doin' this?

- Well, I've seen
how you love your brother,

how you're
protective of him,

yet you're willing
to let him die,

and I was wondering why.

- I thought I told you
this before.

Death is better
than any day in Oz.

Isn't that what you priests
are always preaching,

the upside of
life everlasting

and all that fuckin'
Catholic nonsense?

- Did you have any

for Carolyn's death?

Were you taking care of her
when she fell?

- No, I'm not
talking about this.

I haven't spoken
about my little sister

with anyone my entire life,
not even Cyril,

and I'm not about
to start with you!

- So that's what happened.
You think you killed her!

- No.

- So...what did happen?

- Shut up!

- Ryan, now is the time
to speak the truth.

You've been carrying this burden
on your back for far too long.

Whatever you say to me
will stay right here between us.

- No, no.
- Like in confession.

Now, you can finally say
what you want to say

since Carolyn died.

- No, fuck you!

God damn it!


[tense music]

♪ ♪


- Come on.
- [crying] Please don't.

- Come on.

It's all right.

- [whispers] God loves ya.
- [sobbing]

- God loves ya.

It's all right.

- [sobbing]

I went to a priest,
and I told him the truth...

and he didn't believe me.

She was so small.

It's my little sister.

- I know. God loves ya.

God loves ya.
- [sobbing]

- Suddenly I'm famous.

I done six interviews,
newspapers and TV,

ever since that nonsense
with your brother started.

I got to admit, I'm getting
kind of used to the attention.

The guys down at Kelsey's,

they've been buying me
rounds every night.

And there's this broad,
sits at the end of the bar,

she's been flirting with me.

I might just fuck her.

- You gonna see Cyril
while you're in the building?

- Yeah, yeah.
I guess I oughta.

I don't know what the fuck
I'm gonna say to that boy.

- Tell him you love him.
- Oh, yeah, right.

- You ever told Cyril that,

Cyril or anyone?


Tessie when you were married?

Have the words "I love you"
ever crossed your lips?

Because I never
heard them, not once.

- Don't start with
your whining.

- I'm sorry, I forgot
how sensitive you are.

- You asked me to come.
I'm here.

State your business.

- I want to talk
about Carolyn.

- Carolyn?
- Yeah.

- What about her?

- I want to talk about
the day she died.

I remember her crying,
you know,

non-stop for what
seemed like hours.

couldn't get her quiet.

You were drunk
and in a foul mood.

Sit down!
- Fuck you!

- [softly ]You sit...

Or I finish
telling my story to a cop.

Carolyn was crying

and you took her
from Tessie's arms

and you put your hands
around her and you shook her

and you shook her

and you shook her
until she stopped,

until she went limp
like a rag doll.

- She fell out of her crib.

- No.

I was there, Dad.

I was in the doorway.
I saw what happened.

- You were just a kid.

What the fuck did you
know about anything?

Think my old man didn't beat me,
that fuckin' scumbag?

My life has been
nothing but shit

since the day I was born,

and I didn't have no brother
to lean on like you did.

I been alone
my whole fuckin' life,

and soon...

you will be, too.

- I'll never tell
anyone the truth

about what happened
with Carolyn.

That's between you and me.

But, Dad...

You better pray
to Jesus Christ almighty himself

that I never get out
of this place,

because when I do...

I will kill you.

[bell rings]

- And...

I brought you some company.

- Jericho.
- Yeah.

- Hiya, buddy.

Did you miss me?
Well, I missed you.

- Hey, sister.
Look, I want you to know

that I've decided to become
totally selfish, okay?

I'm not gonna lose Cyril
from my life.

I'm gonna help save him.

And whatever
you need me to do,

I'm there 100%.

- I am so glad to hear that.

- Hey, little brother...

Who loves you?

- You do.

- Fuckin' "A".

- Drugs can cause impotence.

heroin, steroids.

So does alcohol and tobacco.

72% of men who smoke
20 or more packs a year

suffer from
penile artery clot.

Anybody got an ashtray?

- Look, just because I'm sending
you back to Emerald City

doesn't mean
you're completely well

or that you can stop
taking care of yourself again.

- Uh-huh.
- Don't "uh-huh" me, Augustus,

or I'll come and clean
your catheter myself.

- [laughs]
- You think it's funny.

- You know, when I heard that
you was healthy again, man,

and that you was coming back,
I kicked myself with joy.

Hey, let me give you a hand.
- I don't need no help, man.

- Man, you know I always
liked you, Augustus.

Man, I always respected you.

- Cut the shit, man.
What you want? What?

- You know Burr
got all lathered up

when you went down,
all right?

Blamed me for
getting you smack.

- You did.
You gave me the tits.

- Yeah, I know.

Burr ain't got to
know that, though.

See, he thinks Guerra
gave you the shit,

so our little peace treaty
with the spics,

it kind of fell apart.

You know, Burr and Morales
got into a little fandango.

Now they both in the Hole.

- And if Burr finds out you
was the one that gave it to me,

he's gonna skin your fat hide.

Don't worry, son,
I ain't gonna rat you out.

I wanted those drugs.

Don't matter
who gave it to me.

I'm gonna tell Burr that.

- A'ight.
Thanks, man.

You know, if I was a girl,
you'd get tongue.

- If you was a girl, son,
you'd be butt-ass ugly.

- [murmurs] Why you gotta
be all like that, man?

[dark chords]

♪ ♪

- So I was sitting in my office
watching the two of you

when the fight broke out.

Now, I'm not naive enough
to think you're gonna tell me

what the argument was about.
And you're not naive enough

to think
that I'm gonna let it go.

So in order for me to not send
both of your asses to Gen Pop,

we're gonna agree, once again,

no violence between you.

- I agree.

- Redding?
- Sure.

- That was a little less
than enthusiastic, but okay.

You can go.

So it was Morales that gave
Augustus the drugs, right?

Morales or one
of his stooges, am I right?

- Gospel truth, I don't know.

I thought it was the spics,
but maybe I was wrong.

- Then who?

- Well, like I said before,

Augustus will give it
to me straight.

You should've let me talk to him
in the first place.

[gate buzzes]

- Isn't that touching?

- Look, I know I didn't
do right by you guys,

siding with that nigger,

muscling you
out of the tit trade.

I'm sorry, okay?

- Sorry?

You think sorry's
gonna be enough?

- Mario, please.

I think you'll find that
we Sicilians are misunderstood,

that at heart...

we can be
very forgiving people.

- Oh, yeah?

And what's that
forgiveness gonna cost?

- Redding's 50%, 10 of yours.

- That's bullshit.
- Chico.


One condition, though.

You kill Redding.

- My pleasure.

♪ ♪

- I got angry when I heard
you was using that shit again.

I wanted to lash out
in every kind of direction.

And then I realized
that I was really angry

at myself...

For being so blind
that I didn't see that

you had been back
on that shit again,

for getting you strung out
on it in the first place.

- Burr.
- I sit down there at the table,

sitting in your daddy's chair,

eating your mama's food.

And all along
Eugenia never knew

that I was
feeding you that shit.

That I had you
slinging for me.

Why I do that?

W-why I tell a lie?

Why'd I hurt
that sweet girl?

- Listen, it's like
you said, Burr,

life happens the way
life happens.

- No, man, that's a copout.

We make life happen.

I got you strung out
on that shit

'cause I wanted you
dependent on me,

'cause I was always afraid
you was gonna leave me.

And yet, I almost lost you
altogether forever.

- Burr...

You never need no drugs
to keep me close to you, man.

I always loved you...


[chokes up, swallows]
- Look at me,

acting like
a weepy old woman now.

[intense musical buildup]

- Burr, no!
- No!

[overlapping yelling]

[alarm blaring]

- Get him a doctor,
for Chrissake!

Get him a doctor!
- Let him go!

[alarm blaring]

- Jesus Christ.

- I--I--

I can feel my legs.