Oz (1997–2003): Season 5, Episode 4 - Next Stop, Valhalla - full transcript

Penders, Hill and Alvarez are given a chance to train seeing-eye dogs; Martinez gives Brass a 'cocktail' he definitely didn't order; the love triangle between Beecher, McClain and Keller becomes more complicated.


[bright tone]

[tense jazzy music]

♪ ♪

[horn blaring]

- Vikings!

The word alone conjures up
images of drunken hordes

attacking and pillaging
defenseless villages

from the shores of Britain
to the steps of Russia.

But we've got a lot of

about the Vikings.

Example: they never actually
wore these stupid helmets,

and because they had a limited
amount of land on which to farm,

they only pillaged
to survive.

- I want to follow you.

You're the next wave and
I want to be your lieutenant.

- Kill Guerra.

- What the fuck you doing,

- Sorry, bro, you gotta die.
That's just how it is.

- Wait, at least
do me in the front.

Let me die like a man.


That's how it is,
right, bro?

- [grunting]

- Hey, father, I need
to make a confession.

- Saturday, 3:00.

- I need to make one now.

[gate buzzes]

- Close the door, Officer.

What's up?

- You know, ever since
I've been let out of solitary,

I've just been going
right and left, you know,

up and down.

I'm just trying to prove
to everyone that I'm no pussy.

- I know what you mean.

I should have died
in that bus crash,

and now the Reverend Cloutier
has disappeared,

which I think is supposed
to mean something,

but I can't figure out
what that something is.

- So, what do you do?

- Pray.

- Yeah, well, you know,

toss in a couple
of extra for me.

- I always do, Miguel.

- Yeah, well, I need
just a little bit more

than my usual amount.

Someone died
because of me.

- Jaime Velez?

- Yeah.

This kid was innocent,
you know?

- You and I have had a long
and battered relationship,

but I continue to believe
that you have a good soul,

and that you'll
find a way to right

whatever wrong
you've committed.

- And if I don't?

- Then you really
are a pussy.

[tense percussive tones]

- The problem
is in our state,

there are more
visually-impaired people

than there are guide dogs,
but there are more dogs

than there are people
to train them.

That's why I created this
program, "Man's Best Friend",

where prisoners
do the training.

- And it's worked
elsewhere, huh?

- Oh, better than we'd hoped.

- Sorry, am I late?

- Well, she got here early,
so we just kind of dove in.

- Sure, why wait
for little old me?

- Alicia Hinden,
Eleanor O'Connor,

the governor's liaison.

- Nice to meet you.

- Please, continue.

- Having inmates care for
and train these pups

has been a perfect match.

60% of the dogs
qualify for placement,

90% of the prisoners
demonstrate a better attitude

after their participation
in the program.

- Aren't there certain skills
necessary to train a guide dog?

- Of course, but the skills
are teachable.

- And the prisoners
don't harm the animals?

- Well, we were worried
at first,

but what's happened here
is the dogs

bring out the best
in their trainers.

Inmates go from having nothing
to nurturing a life.

It means more to them
than you can know.

- You'll pardon me, Ms. Hinden,
if I'm skeptical.

I think we should start small.

- Sure, the less people,
the less chance of success.

- I'm not saying
the program will fail.

- No, you're just trying
to guarantee it won't last.

- I'm trying to save
time and money.

- Yeah, right.
- Fuck you, Tim.

- Actually, I prefer
to start small.

- Oh.

- So, I'll just need
three good volunteers.

- If you're interested
let me know, but remember,

this isn't a few weeks
of playing fetch.

You gotta be strongly
motivated to participate.

Now, the woman
running the program

will interview each potential
candidate, review your files,

and then make her final
decision, that's all.

[gate buzzes]
- Shit, man.

I don't want
no dogs in here, man.

You know,
where I grew up, man,

there was this rott-pit bull
mix, mean motherfucker.

I'm sure he had
some Schillinger in him.

Fucking took a chunk
outta my leg, man.

- Something tells me
you deserved to get bit.

- Yo, maybe a dog would take
my mind off my problems.

I'm signing up.

- You know what,
I think I'm gonna apply.

- I bet these mutts
are drug sniffers.

- Undercover dogs?

- Hey, you never know, man.

- Fuck it, you know what?
I'm in, man.

- Me, too.

- Ryan?
- Yo.

- Can we get a doggie?

- Not a chance.

[dog panting]

- Come on in and sit down.

- Hey, girl.

Yeah, yeah.

What'd you do to get in here
with us bastards, huh?

- Miguel, I've looked
through your file,

and I gotta
be honest with you,

you're not really suited
for this program.

- Why's that?

- You've got quite
a history of violence.

- You read in there
about the C.O. I blinded,

Eugene Rivera?

- [screaming]

- Yeah, that kind of
jumped out at me.

- Well, that's why
you gotta let me do this.

It's what I owe.

Just a good thing
to even out all the bad,

you know
what I'm saying?

Check this out.

She already picked me.


good girl.

- Oh, that's my bitch,
right there.

- Step back a second, Penders.

You don't get
your "bitch" just yet.

This isn't
the city pound,

so, I'll be assigning you
your dog,

which is how
you'll refer to them.

- You the bitch.

- First let me run down what
we're going to accomplish here.

The goal is to teach them,
and you, basic obedience.

- So, if we
step out of line,

then you hit us on the nose
with a rolled-up newspaper?

- If I have to.
- [laughs]

- Now, you'll teach the dogs

come, sit, stay--
the basics.

But more importantly,
you'll show them love and trust.

For these dogs to be useful
to the visually impaired,

they have to be comfortable
not just with their owners,

but with all people,

and if we don't
accomplish that,

then all you've raised is a pet,
just like any other schmo.


- These dogs,
they stay with us?

- Yes, in your pods.

- How do you keep them safe
from the other prisoners?

- Like I said,
love and trust.

- Shit, now that's like
conjugals and cigarettes.

- Meaning?
- Those are two things

that don't exist in Oz.

[gate buzzing]

- Check it out, the boys
brought their dates home.


- So, has your little mongrel
learned about pain yet?

- You stay the fuck
away from her.

- Oh, you afraid I'm gonna hurt
your little poochie-woochie?


- I'm afraid she might
hurt you, bro.

C'mon, girl.

C'mon, get inside.

This is your new home.

Yeah, come over here.

Got you, girl.

- All Vikings were
not stupid brutes.

They had moments of brilliance.

They were such great
shipbuilders and sailors,

that Leif Eriksson and his crew
landed in America first,

some say traveling as far south
as New York harbor.

Here's where
the true brilliance comes in.

They took a look,
turned around and went home.

- You sent 200 letters
to the station,

protesting the cancellation
of "Miss Sally's Schoolyard"?

- I wanted
the programmers to see

there's a groundswell
of support,

a grassroots demand
for the show to continue.

- All from
the same address?

- I just got this letter
from the station manager today.

"Thank you for writing,"
blah, blah,

"the exceptional educational
value of the program,"

blah, blah,

'Miss Sally's Schoolyard'
has ceased production."

- Oh, I'm gonna miss
"Miss Sally".

- Wait, "I'm happy to announce
Whitney Allen will be appearing

"in a new exercise series
called, 'Sallycise.'

We hope you enjoy it,
sincerely," blah.

I wonder if my Norma will
have a job on the new show.

- You still haven't heard
from her, huh?

- No, but I live in expectation.

Did you get ahold
of your son?

- Yes.

- And?

- And, there is no and.

- But, Bob, did you tell him
you plan to win the lottery,

that you're gonna use the money
to save Alex, Jr.

from the leukemia?

- No.

- Isn't that
why you phoned him?

- Midway I decided I shouldn't
get the family's hopes up.

- You're starting to doubt
you picked the winning numbers.

- Of course not.

My concern is I don't know
whether Officer Brass

actually bought
the ticket for me.

Officer Brass!

Officer Brass?

Officer Brass!

- What?
What is it, Rebadow?

- Did you buy
my Mightyball ticket?

- What?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.


- Dave, what are you doing here?

I thought the Warden
had you assigned to cafeteria.

- He does,
I'm on a break.

Just wanted to see
how you guys are doing.

I've got PMS.
I'm doing like shit.

- Officer Brass,
good to see you.

- Yeah, why's that?

- Glynn's bringing more and more
nigger COs in here every day.

In my book, any pale face
is a good pale face.

- Let me ask you something.

Were you around
the day I got cut?

- No, me and Robson
were on work detail.

Believe me,
if I'd have been here,

I'd have pulled
that monkey off you.

- So, you know which
monkey it was?

- Who exactly?

I guarantee you
this, though,

it wasn't a white man.

- Hey, Brass.

- Yeah?

- You drink?

- Why, you want to go
grab a couple of beers?

- How about a blood, piss, shit,
puke cocktail, motherfucker?

- Ah! Ah!

- Fucker! [laughing]


- Ah! God! Son of a bitch!


- How you feeling, Dave?

- I'm fine, can I go?

- Sure, just come back
in a week or so,

and we'll do
all your blood work.

It's important that we check
for everything, you know,

hepatitis, TB, HIV,

you know,
just to be safe.


I always feel it's not
my place to say this,

but when I think of
what can happen if I didn't,

I know I'd hate myself.

- Say what?

- Do you have a girlfriend
or a sexual partner?

- Kate.

- You should mention
what happened.

Just so she knows.

- You're right,
it's not your place.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

both: [speaking Spanish]

- Stop that.


- Problem?

- He really should
be in the hospital.

- No can do.

- Look, I know he attacked
one of your own,

but I can't treat him
properly here.

- I have to check
with the Warden.

- Then go check.


both: [speaking Spanish]

- [screaming]

I said, stop it.

I said, stop it!

Stop it, stop it!
Stop it, stop it!

I said, stop it,
don't touch me!

Don't touch me!
What's the matter with you?!

kept touching me,

and I had these flashes
back to the rape,

and then I just lost control.

- Or maybe at the moment,
you were actually in control.

- Peter Marie,
I beat an injured man.

- Yes, I know,
but by beating him,

you were finally
in charge of the situation.

Look, you've told me
on any number of occasions

that since the rape,
you feel adrift.

Well, maybe this incident today
was an attempt to

regain control of your life.

- Well, all I keep having
are incidents like these.

Are you saying I antagonize
these men on purpose?

- No, no, no, no.

But I do think you have
to answer a question

I asked you when
you first returned to work.


Why, after being beaten
and violated,

did you choose to return to
a place filled with brutal men?

- Oh, I still don't know.

- Well, I think if we work on it
and if we figure it out,

you'll finally
start to heal.

[tense percussive tones]

- According to Norse mythology,

man was made from an ash tree
and woman from an adder.

The great god Odin
gave them both life and souls

and a place to live
called Midgard,

which Odin created from
the eyebrows of a giant he slew.

Sounds almost true, don't it?

All of us...

Living on the edge
of an eyebrow.

- Homosexuality?

It's a perversion
against God's will.

- I agree.

- And yet, you've practiced
sodomy yourself.

- I'm no faggot.

- You've raped Beecher
and Cyril O'Reily,

and God knows
how many others.

- I never touched anybody.

- You lying, cocksucking fuck.
- Tobias--

- How can you deny
what you did?

Get the fuck up!
- Tobias! Officer!

- Get your fucking
hands off me!

- Stop it!
- Come on!

- You fucking lying bitch!
You lying fucking sack of shit!

[tense percussive tones]

[bell ringing]

- Hey there, Petey.

You having some shrink time?
That's good.

After a trauma
like you went through,

getting gang raped and all...

[dramatic music]

- [screams]

- It's healthy to talk
about the experience.

You probably shouldn't get too
specific in the details, though.

That might not be
so healthy after all.

- Leave me alone.

- Sure.

For now.

Keep your
sunny side up.

- Hello, Chris.

How are you?

- Well, I'll tell you,
being alone

gives you an awful lot
of time to think.

I'm sitting here
thinking about irony,

the irony of my life.

- I'm sorry I can't convince the
Warden to let you see Beecher.

He's not even allowing
an exchange of letters.

- I'll tell you,
it was easier being apart

when I was
in Massachusetts.

Knowing he's
in this building...

Knowing that maybe
he's behind that wall...

You said you were
gonna talk to a lawyer,

get a defense lawyer
for me.

Because I'll tell you,
the only way I'm seeing Beecher

is if I beat
this murder rap.

- I'll know
something shortly.

keep the faith.

- Keep it where?

- Hey.

- Hey.

What a nice surprise.

- My cell phone never
seems to work in here,

so I asked Sister Peter Marie
if I could use her phone.

I was talking to Freddy Rudolph
about his hearing

when Sister asked if I could
speak with another prisoner...

Chris Keller.

- What?


- Why?

- Just don't.

- I've heard so many legends
about Keller,

I'm curious.

- Catherine...

I love you.

- And you love Keller, right?

I mean, you still
love Keller, don't you?

- If you meet him...

He's very seductive.

You--you're gonna fall
in love with him, too.

- I'm willing
to take that chance.

Besides, I can't
pass up the opportunity

to meet my boyfriend's

- Here you go, Keller.

Bag of atomic fireballs,
per your request.

- Thanks, Claire.

You know, I always need
a little something to suck on.

- Warden finds out
I smuggled them in for you,

and he'll have my ass.

- Mmm, what a great ass it is.

- You're bad.

- So, spank me.

[door opens]

- You got a visitor, Keller.

- Hello.

- I'm Catherine McClain from the
Alliance for Prisoner Rights.

Sister Peter Marie
asked me to stop by.

Can we be alone?

- We'll be right outside.

- Did you kill
those three men?

- [laughing]

You get right to the point,
don't you?

- You don't have
a lot of time.

- I've got nothing but time.

- Maybe not.

You're facing
the death penalty.

- I'm not afraid to die.

I just want to die
for the right reason.

- And the right reason
would be...

- Love.

- We have a mutual friend.

- Yeah, who?

- Tobias Beecher.

- Oh, wait.

I know who you are.

You're the one who tried
to help Toby with his parole.

- Yes.

- And he wrote me
about you.

- Yeah, what did he say?

- He loves you.

- Well, you understand
my dilemma now.

You see, if you fry,

you're a memory.

If I get you off,
you and Toby will be reunited.

- So now I know you'll do
everything in your power

to get me off.

- And why's that?

- Because if you love Toby
as much as I do,

then you'll want him
to be happy.

Reuniting us
will make him happy.

- Yeah.

- Counselor?

- Did you kill
those three men?

- No.

- No, no!


- Shut the fuck up!

You fucking cunt!

[dramatic music]

Come on! You want it?

- Let me go!

♪ ♪

- Prisoner numbers 0-2-G-5-6-1
and 0-2-W-5-6-2,

Adam Guenzel
and Franklin Winthrop,

January 14th, 2002,

rape, attempted murder
in the first degree.

Sentence, 28 years,
up for parole in seven.

- Okay, let's go!

[gate buzzing]

Come on.

[gate buzzing]


- Come on over here, boy!

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

- That one's yours.

- This'll be the first time
I ever had to make my own bed.

- Adam, take my word,
nothing you experienced

growing up in Broun Park
has prepared you for life in Oz.

I know it's hard,

but I'll be here for you,
I promise.

Your dad was my scoutmaster,
for God's sake.

- You have
to understand something.

That girl Franklin and I raped,

we were drunk,

all three of us,

I blacked out.

I never meant
to hurt her.

- Yeah, but you did.

That's why you're standing
where you're standing.

Don't forget that, ever.

The guilt
may keep you sane.

Get settled,

and I'll introduce
you around.

- [sighs]

- Yo, you need a helping
hand there, pretty boy?

You ever
suck cock before?

- Back off, Clarence.

- Alright, Vern,
no need to get testy.

- You okay?

- He was gonna rape me.

- Fucking nigger.

- We'll protect you
from now on.

You'll be safe.

- Jesus, thanks.

- But, like everything else
in life,

it's gonna cost.

- You've got an alcohol problem,

so you should join
Sister Pete's therapy.

[overlapping chatter]

- Fucking Christ.

- What?

- Remember that friend,
Franklin Winthrop,

I was telling you about?
- Yeah.

- That's him.


- Your boy's next.

- Fuck!

- I need your help.

I need you to protect Adam
from the Aryans.

- I can't.

- What do you mean, you can't?

- Beecher, when I stabbed

Schillinger and Robson
defending you,

I put a lot of
my Muslim brothers in jeopardy.

- I know.

- So, I can't do that again,

certainly not over some boy
who rapes and beats women.

- I know Adam's no angel,

but I've known him
since he was a child.

I know his family.

I can't justify
what he did, but I--

- Beecher, stop.

My answer is no.

[gate buzzing]

- Well?

- [sights]
It's not gonna work.

- Shit!

- Okay, here's what
we're gonna do.

As a temporary stopgap,
you're gonna go to McManus

and request a stay
in Protective Custody.

- Until when?

- Until I can figure
something else out.


[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- He's mine.

♪ ♪

Clean him up.

- Prisoner number 0-2-U-6-7-2,

Francis Urbano,
AKA Frank the Fixer,

January 7th, 2002,

murder in
the first degree.

Sentence, life.

Up for parole in 25 years.

- Sister Peter Marie wanted me
to drop this off for Dr. Nathan.

- [coughing]

- Pancamo, you look like shit.

- I got a fever
or something.

Can you hand me
some water?

- Yeah, sure.

You know, I know you hate the
Aryans as much as I do, right?

- More.

Those Nazi fucks shanked me
and raped Petey Schibetta.

- Well, I got a friend who
they've threatened to rape, too.

I was wondering if you could
do something to protect him.

- Beecher,
what are you doing?

- Nothing.

- Do it somewhere else.

- Yes, sir.

What do you say?

- Done.
- Thank you.

- Ooh, I like a man who sweats.

- Leave him alone.

- Stay out of this, prag.

So there's two ways this
could go, precious,

kick or kiss.

They both end the same,

with my dick up your ass.

- Not necessarily.

- Oh, who the fuck
are you?

- Who the fuck am I?


[gate buzzing]


[dramatic music]

- You guinea piece of shit.

- Fuck you!


- How's the wound,
you fuckin' guinea? Huh?


- Lockdown!

[bell ringing]

- Man, oh man, I was
so fucking terrified.

- I know.

- I mean, there were arms and
legs and knives everywhere.

- Yeah, well,
it's over now.

- Damn, Jesus, I didn't know
which way to turn.

I mean, I was so pumped,

part of me wanted to jump
right in and kick some ass.

- Adam...
- I could've, you know.

I could've kicked
some royal ass.



- The Vikings had
a code of behavior

which they followed

Honor and valor
on the battlefield

were the values that
a warrior strived for.

But much like
the men in Oz,

they had no concept
of good and evil.

They couldn't tell
the difference.

They didn't know
there should be one.

- Hey, Gloria,
I heard what happened.

Are you okay?
- I'm fine.

- That's good.

- Come in.

I met your mother.

- Yeah, I know, she told me.

- She seems nice.

- She's so completely different
than the woman I grew up

thinking was my real mom,
my other mom,

Cyril's mom, Tessie.

That was her first name,

Growing up,
Tessie was always sobbing.

She had good reason,
you know, Cyril and I,

we never gave her
any cause to smile.

It's crazy, though.

- What?

- Now that
my mom is here,

you know, doing this
community service,

well, she
and me and Cyril,

it's like we're
a family, you know?

It's fucking great.

- Ryan, have you

told her anything about

what went on

between you and me,

Cyril, my husband, Keenan?

- No, uh-uh.

Uh-uh, I mean,
she's been asking, but...

- Don't you think
you should?

- Why?

What good would it do her
knowing that shit?

- You can't just present the
good son

side of yourself to her.

- Look, Gloria, I'm in Oz.

You know, I don't
think my mom thinks

I'm up for
any sainthood.

- If you want to have
a real relationship with her,

you have to tell her
the whole truth.

- Uh-uh, I can't tell her
the whole truth.

- Why not?

- Because then
she'll stop loving me.

- I don't think so.

In my experience,

you don't love
Ryan O'Reily by choice.

- ♪ Old McDonald had a farm ♪

♪ E-I-E-I-O ♪

- Relax, relax.

- ♪ And on that farm
he had some cars ♪

- Cars?
- ♪ E-I-E-I-O ♪

♪ With a vroom,
vroom here ♪

- That's not bad, kid.

- Don't laugh,
at least I'm trying.

- Yeah, he's right.

I don't see you
making any effort.

- I got a little

I might bust out
at the variety show.

- Oh, really?
- Yeah. [imitates whip cracking]

- What's that?
- You'll see.

Hey, Ma, I want
to ask you something.

Do you think families need to be
100% honest with each other?

- Yeah.

Well, I mean, if your father
and I had been honest,

if we'd been open,

and if we'd worked
through our problems

and all our fears,

maybe I wouldn't have left.

- I think about how different
my life would've gone,

if the two of you'd
stayed married.

- Yeah, well,
don't romanticize it, honey.

It still would've been
really difficult.

- No, I know that.

But, you know,
we would've been,

you know...

- Yeah.

- After we're done
fucking around here...

I want to tell you about
some of the things

that I've done,
you know...

Since I've been in Oz.

And I just...
I want to warn you, Mom,

it's not pretty.

- Well, I wouldn't
expect it to be.

But that's good, because
maybe if you tell me about it,

it'll start to make
some sense to you.

- Yeah.

- So, what do you got?

- Just a little

- Let's see it.

[rap music playing]

♪ ♪

That's great.

♪ ♪


- Today's the day.

- Yeah.

- Kill 'em both.

But if you could
only get one, get Ryan.

We can always whack the 'tard
once the older brother's dead.

- There's Schupe.

- Hey, O'Reily.
- Not now, Schupe.

- It's important.

- Okay, you got 10 seconds,
what is it?

- I overheard Li
talking to Jia.

They were arguing
about your mom.

- What?

- Li was saying
he's gonna rape her.

- Fuck.

- You got any tits, man?

- Yeah.

- Ryan, is that man
gonna hurt Ma?

- No fucking chance, Cyril.

Whoa, so your boy's
gonna hurt my mom, huh?

- He's out of control, O'Reily.
I don't know what to do.

- Yeah, well, I do.

[dramatic music]



♪ ♪


♪ ♪

I'm telling you,
he was gonna rape my mother.

- You have proof of that?

- Ask Jia,
he knows all about it.

- I will.

- Meanwhile, I want Cyril
in solitary.

- No.

- Li's just the latest in a long
line of people Cyril's hurt.

I want him somewhere he's not
gonna hurt anybody else.

- Hey, he's all yours.
- Ryan?

- It's gonna be okay,
Cyril, it's gonna be okay.

Be gentle with him,
man, come on.

It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.

- I'm sorry!
- You cocksucker!

- Save your anger, O'Reily.

This time we're gonna
go the distance.

Cyril either ends up in
the insane asylum or death row.

- And you're going
to the cage, come on.

Come on, O'Reily,
let's go.

- Sister, come on!

Sister, you gotta believe me!

- You know, it's just possible
he's telling the truth.

- O'Reily, the truth?
I doubt it.

- Please!

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry, please,
I don't want to go in there.

No, no, please!

I'm sorry, please!

No, please,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

I'm sorry,
I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

[gate buzzing]

- Hey, Jia, Jia, Jia,
come here, hey, come here.

Hey, look, you gotta
go to McManus

and tell him that Li
was gonna rape my ma, okay?

- I got nothing
to say, O'Reily.

- Whoa, whoa,
Jia, Jia, come on.

Come on, come on,
you gotta do that for me, man.

You gotta tell him.

- Your brother's gonna die.

They're gonna
fry his white ass,

and I'm gonna be
sitting in the front row,

laughing my balls off,
you fucking mick.

- What, you fucking chink

You fucking kidding me?
You're fucking dead, Jia!

You're fucking dead, you

little fucking bitch!

You're fucking dead!

You're fucking dead,
you fucking chink motherfucker!

- You wanted to see me?

- Yeah, Warden.

Nice place you got here.

- What do you want, Redding?

- Control of
the cafeteria.

- The Sicilians run
the cafeteria.

- Yeah, but Chucky Pancamo's
still in the hospital,

Pete Schibetta, psycho ward.

The place is out of control.

- Hmm, you think you can pull
the operation back together?

- Well, most of those guys
are friends of mine.

Most of them are black
and they don't take too kindly

to kowtowing
to the dagos.

- I let Adebisi call
the shots in the cafeteria.

It was a disaster.

- I ain't Adebisi, am I?

- The truth is, there have been
a lot of fuck-ups

all the way back
to the gas explosion.

Alright, Redding,
I'll give you a chance.


- One other thing...

I'd appreciate it if you got
them Sicilians out of there.

- Sure.

- Much obliged.

- Augustus, Augustus.

- Augustus, where's your dog?

- She's in my pod.

I don't feel like
playing with her right now.

- Thinking about your mother?

- Yeah, believe it or not,

it's gonna take more
than a few weeks for me

to get over her death.

- That's not what I meant.

- I just keep picturing her,
trying to figure out

which way is up
as the fucking bus rolls.

She hated closed spaces,
being trapped,

freaked her out.

Now she's trapped forever
in some cheap-ass coffin.

- You gotta move beyond that.

- Fuck you, Beecher.

- I know what you're feeling,
I buried my son.

You know,
this may sound strange,

but you gotta
work those images.

Your mind's already taken
your mother

from the bus to the grave.

Now keep going.

You gotta picture her body
under the ground rotting away.

- Get the fuck out of my f--
- Listen to me.

You have to imagine
your mother decaying,

the maggots
eating away at her flesh,

leaving nothing
but the bone.

You gotta hear
the coffin splinter.

You gotta smell the dirt
falling through the cracks.

- And why the fuck
would I want to do that?

- To let your mother go.

Right now she's defined
by her death.

This is the only way to lose
the horror of what happened,

and to move on
to everything good about her.

- I can't, you fuck!

All I can see
is the fucking bus!

Just take a walk, Beecher!
- Augustus--

- Take a fucking walk!


- Give me that shit, man.


Yeah, let him in.

- Give me something.

- Some of this?

- Yeah.

- Word.
Why the change of vein?

- I need
a consolation prize.

- [laughing]

[tense music]

- [sniffing]

- Yeah, welcome back.

- Yo, this motherfucker
ain't done tits in like years.

There he go,
go get it, yeah.

- ♪ Swing low ♪

♪ Sweet chariot ♪

♪ Comin' for to carry me ♪

♪ Home ♪

♪ Swing low ♪

♪ Sweet chariot ♪

♪ Comin' for ♪

♪ To carry me ♪

♪ Home ♪

- You, uh...

you somehow expect
me to sing like that?

- No, no, Omar, I--
I just--

I want you to enjoy it
as much as I do.

- I never thought
I'd say this, but I do.

I think I really do.

- Good, good.

- I mean, you know,
the last couple of lessons,

they were slammin',
I mean, they rocked.

[bell ringing]

- Well, it looks
like time's up.

- I'll catch you later,

- Okay.


- Yo.

How's it hangin', boss?

How'm I doing?

♪ Swing low,
sweet Harriet ♪

♪ Bustin' my nut
to the bone ♪

♪ Swing low, swing low,
sweet chariot ♪

- Omar, Omar, Omar,
your lesson's over.

- Hey, I got
a song in my heart.

You ain't gonna
begrudge me of that?

- All I'm asking you,

is to keep the song
in your heart.

- Yo, White,
you take requests?

- Yeah, sure, motherfucker,
what you want to hear?

- Shut the fuck up.

- I will not fight,
I will not fight.


- See if you can sing now,

- Leave him alone, Guerra.
- Or what?

- All right, break up
the square dance,

Come on,
as in right fuckin' now!

- Tell Mr. Bojangles,
keep his fuckin' trap shut!

- Get the fuck
out of here now.

Move it.

- That's pretty good
looking out, man.

- Stay out of trouble, Omar.

- Yo, hey, wait, wait,
let me tell you something,

for the first time
in my life,

me and trouble ain't even
on speaking terms.

- Then what was up
with Guerra?

- He stepped to me,
you saw that.

- Stop the finger-pointing,

All blame lies with you.

And, therefore, on me,
and I am not gonna have it.

- Mr. Said, I gotta practice.

I mean, practice
is gonna make me perfect.

- Then when trouble comes,
run away.

- That ain't gonna help
my reputation up here at Oz.

- The only person your
reputation matters with is me!

And the moment you forget that,

you go straight back to

now, do you
understand me?

Do you
understand me?!

- ♪ Swing low ♪

♪ Sweet chariot ♪

♪ Comin' for
to carry me home ♪

- What's up?

- Omar White.

He's following instructions
without too much whining.

I have managed
to keep him clean.

The singing...

Seems to have
focused him, it's just...

- He's driving you crazy.

- No, the problem is
he's catching a lot of flack

from the other inmates.

They're harassing him,
and he may get hurt, McManus.

There's only so much
that I can do.

He doesn't have anywhere else
to practice except in my pod.

- Which is when
he drives you crazy.

- Yes.

I don't know if there
are any other options.

I want to support him
as much as I can,

but I need to pray
in silence, McManus.

- Okay, okay,
let me do some math, okay?

[gate buzzing]

- Thank you.

- ♪ Comin' for to carry me ♪

♪ Comin' for to carry me home ♪

♪ Swing low ♪

- Omar, let's take a walk.

- Did I fuck up?

- No, nothing like that.

So, I hear you're
singing up a storm.

- Yeah, I know, I mean,
who'd have thunk it, right?

I'm the motherfuckin'
Omar "Barry" White.

Yo, you want to hear
a few bars and shit?

- No, not right now.

And as a matter of fact, Omar,
neither does anybody else.

- Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, hold it.

First you encourage me
to do this shit, right?

Now you want me to stop?

- Follow me.

- Where we going, man?

Oh, you ain't sticking me
in Gen Pop and shit--

- Calm down.
We're almost there.

- Where the fuck is "there"?
Man, shit.

Hey, yo, McManus, I ain't
with this shit at all, alright?

Oh, no, man, you ain't gonna
make me mop and shit again.

- Omar, Omar, if you would
just shut up a fucking second,

I think that
you'll be pleased.

- Holy shit.

Damn, boy.

- You'll practice in here
for an hour each day.

- Damn, you all right,

You a straight up
motherfuckin' humdinger, boy.

- Yeah, yeah,
that's me, humdinger.

[metronome clicking]

- I heard you got your own
little private practice shack.

You ready to do
a little slinging for me?

- Slinging?
Sling what?

What you mean,
like selling drugs?

No, no, I can't--
I can't risk that now.

- Now, see,

that's not the answer I was
looking to hear from you.

Now here's how
it's gonna work.

I'm gonna
give you the stash,

you move it on over
to my man Reggie,

and he moves it
on over to Unit C.

And if you got
a problem with that,

then you gonna have
a bigger problem with me.

So, I'm gonna
ask you one more time,

are you ready to do
some slinging with me?

- Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it.
Fine. Fine.

- Take it.


if I find out you been
using some of that shit,

there ain't gonna be
nothing left of you

to sweep up
off the floor.

- Believe me, Redding,

this time I actually
want to stay clean.

- Yeah, well,
miracles do happen.

- ♪ Swing low,
sweet chariot ♪

♪ Comin' for
to carry me ♪

[metronome clicking]

♪ Comin' for
to carry me home ♪


You Reggie?

- Who the fuck else you think
is gonna be knockin'?

Destiny's Child?

- Yo, that was some
rhetorical shit, all right?

- If "rhetorical" means dumb
as fuck, you got that right.

- You ain't too big on the small
talk, is you, brother?

- Business is business.

- Yeah, well,
pleasure's better.

- Later, fuckin'
rhetorical nigga.

- Yo, man.

- Good work.

Never let it be said that
I ain't a patron of the arts.

[bell ringing]

- Whoo, boy.

Tough day
at the office, Jack.

How was yours?

What--what you doing?

- Omar...


- What?

- Be quiet.

- Yeah, I'm just trying
to wind down and shit,

you know
what I'm saying?

- Then wind down
in silence.

- What the fuck?
What's eating you, huh?

Something I did
or something, what?

- Omar, now you may be
my biggest concern,

but you are certainly not
my only one,

so please,
please, please!

Leave me in peace.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

[gate buzzing]

- Good morning, Imam.

Preparing for
tomorrow's lecture?

- No.

- Music appreciation
and theory?

- That's right.

- What about us, minister?

I understand our faith
does not discourage against

the improvement
of others,

but it also mandates
that our leader lead.

We're concerned
that Omar white

is becoming too much
of a distraction.

- "We"?

Lalar, you concur?

- Look--

- Ahmad, do you feel
spiritually adrift,

now that I've taken
somebody else under my wing?

- Imam, I--
- Oh...

Lookie here.

Huey, Dewey, and Jigabooey

are having a little lesson.

- Lalar, step back!



Let's go.

- I hope it was
something I said.

Out on the Serengeti,
where these nigs are from,

you know how you send a message
to the leader of the pack?

You kill the youngest
and the weakest of the herd.

- I seen that
on those wildlife shows.

- Well, I think it's time
we do a little big game hunting.

- The Vikings
eventually got civilized,

became Christians.

They're now the Danes,
the Norwegians, the Swedes.

What's ironic is...

Despite all them war-loving
genes in their system,

Norway now gives out
the Nobel Peace Prize.

I guess a people
can change

if they put their
collective minds to it.


- [muffled yelling]

- Pretty cushy gig for a jig.

Trusting you around
all of this merchandise.

I mean, how are we to know
that you're not stealing shit?

- [muffled yelling]

- Guess we better
open you up and check.

- [muffled screaming]

- Nope, nothing there.

- Maybe in his arm.

- [muffled screaming]

- Maybe.

- [muffled screaming]

[tense music]

Oh, strike fuckin' two.

Well, Lalar,

I recommend you get comfortable.

This could take
a little while.

- [muffled screaming]

♪ ♪

- Oh!
- [laughing]

- [muffled screaming]

- Oh.
- [muffled screaming]

♪ ♪

[tense jazzy music]

♪ ♪