Oz (1997–2003): Season 4, Episode 6 - A Word to the Wise - full transcript

In an effort to reduce violence, white inmates are transferred out of Em City. Said and Arif talk to Querns about the negative impact of his changes, but their efforts are in vain. Mobay gets in good with Adebisi's crew...but pays a price.

[bright tone]

[tense jazzy music]

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

[jazzy, percussive music]

♪ ♪

- There's all kinds
of slang words for prison.

The joint, the slammer,
the big house.

But my personal favorite
is the clink.

[chains clinking]

That's because
the word comes from

the sound the chains made
back in the 1400s.

They had these big-ass,
motherfucking iron chains.

The prisoners
weren't allowed to talk,

so when they moved
around the dungeon,

all you heard was "clink".


- Listen up!

The following are
being transferred

out of Emerald City.

96G333, Guccione.

[prisoners murmuring]

91H481, Harden.

94S727, Schirner.

Get your stuff
and follow Officer Titon.

[laughter, chatter]

- Yo, so long, suckers!


- Psst!

[tense music]

♪ ♪

- Blow me.

[dark music]

♪ ♪

- You gotta fix this
damn thing by noon.

- Querns.

How can you condone
what Adebisi is doing?

The drugs, the sex?

He even has a curtain across
his cell to hide his sins.

- I don't have to explain
why I condone,

what I condone to you.

- No, you don't.

But I can go to the warden.

- I can send you
to the Hole.

- You know, others have
tried to silence me.

- Others ain't me, Said.

If you wanna move
to another unit,

I can arrange that.

If not,
do what you do best--

pray to Allah.

The rest of the time,
keep your mouth shut.

♪ ♪

[gate buzzer]

[chatter, laughter]

- Arif...

Look out there.


Can you see
what's going on?

- Yes.

- Then how can you
just sit there?

You said you wanted to lead.

Well, in the name
of all that's holy...


- All right, okay,


- You're on.

- I been trying to get five
minutes with you for days.

- Well, you got 'em now.

Don't waste 'em
by complaining.

- First off, when you
set up this new system,

why wasn't I named
one of the trustees?

The Muslim population
constitutes 18% of Oz.

As their leader,

I expect some sort
of representation.

- I know the Muslim
population is large,

but as a force,
you all seem...


- You wait, Querns.

You'll feel the full
force of our power.

- Are you threatening me?




Huh? Are you
threatening me?

Get your ass out of here.

[ominous music]

♪ ♪

- But me and Supreme,
we was just talkin'.

- I don't want you
anywhere near him.

- But I was just listening
to what he had to say.

- That's an order.

- Yes...sir.

- Now go.

I must pray.

- And just then,
I heard a voice,

a thunderous voice
with like an easy E

type of nasalness saying,

"Truth casts no shadows

"because it soaks sun
like fava sponges.

"Do bungee-cord jumpings
into the abyss.

Hold truth
tightly in your fist."

[background chatter]

- What I tell you,

- My name's Supreme Allah.

- Your name is Kevin Ketchum.

You're nothing but
a low-life corner boy.

- What are you, Arif?

Other than a...
Kareem Said wannabe?

- I'm not warning
you again.

- [chuckles]

[utensil clatters]

- Adebisi.

- That's me.

- We need to talk about
this guy Ketchum.

- Oh, yeah,
what about him?

- He's a danger
to us both.

- Yeah?
How so?

He's making all these converts
of my people, yours.

- No worry.

- You should be.

Pretty soon, they'll
be following his orders.

- Well, me and Supreme,
we have an understanding.

- You can't trust him.

- What are you suggesting?

- You should do
what you usually do

when you face an enemy.

- You mean kill him?


I thought you Muslims
were against murder.

Ah, yeah, but it's okay
if I kill him for you, eh?


- Adebisi!
- No.

My answer is no.

You want him dead,
grab a knife, eh?

[ominous chords]

♪ ♪

- Morning.

- Hey, Sean, what
are you doing here?

- The new guy running
Em City, Querns,

well...he and I came
to a parting of the ways.

- Oh, yeah?
- The warden reassigned me

to reception,
but I'll tell ya,

I'm not cut out
for desk work.

My guess?
I'll be gone in a week or two.

- Hey, listen.

You know what I said
about being mad at you

because you didn't quit
when I was fired?

That's bullshit.

Given my behavior
at the time,

how could I possibly
pass judgment

on what anyone
else did?

- Tim, you...
you sound so enlightened.

You find God?

- Better.
An affordable shrink.

Let's have dinner tonight.

- Okay, but you're buying.

- Okay.

Hey, Andrea.

- [scoffs]
It's morning already?

- Quiet night?

- If you count two fistfights
and some anal penetration

as quiet, yeah.

- Who got in the fights?

- That biker Hoyt and one
of those Irish boys, Keenan.

[bell rings]

- Cocksucker!

- Fuck you,
fucking rapist!

[laughter, chatter]

- All right, all right,
quiet down, come on!


- Martin, what's up?

- As you know,
Sean Murphy has been asked

to transfer out of Em City,

and I've made Travis Smith
my new C.O. Supervisor.

The problem is, some of the
officers are loyal to Murphy.

So I'm asking you
to move these C.O.s out

and bring these in.

- Okay, done.
Um, Mobay!

I need these transfers
taken care of right away.

- Yes, sir.

- So how's
the campaign going?

- Great.

- I say we talk to the warden.

- Nah, he's got his head
up Devlin's ass.

He's not paying attention
to our problems here.

We oughta
go to the union.

- Huh? Go to
the union about what?

- My pal Querns

is replacing
all the C.O.s in Em City

with people of
his own choosing.

- That's his right.

- Yeah, only he's choosing
all black guys.

- Oh.

Well, good news is,

you can come work
for me in Unit B.

- Really?

- Yeah, I could use
the muscle, believe me.

I'll go to Glynn,
I'll make the transfers.

- Thanks, Tim.
- Hey, were a great team,

- Yeah.

- Okay.

I'll put
the paperwork through.

- Good.
Hey, Leo.

- What?

- Doesn't it bother you that
Querns is putting together

an exclusively
black staff?

- Look, I told the man
he could run his unit

any way he wanted as long
as the violence was kept down.

Okay? You know,
since Querns took over,

there's been no significant
nonsense in Em City.

- Yeah. how long
is that gonna last?

- There's that Romanian place
around the corner.

It's a dump
but the food's delicious.

that ciulama de miel.

- Well, well,
Frick and Frack.

I hear you two choir boys

are working together
again in Unit B.

- That's right.

- I just got
a transfer myself.

Seems the warden
was in a tizzy

'cause Querns has
all black C.O.s in Em City.

[tense music]

- You're gonna work
in Emerald City?

- Yeah.

Life's full of ironies,
isn't it?

- [loud vomiting]

- For Christ's sake,

I can't take it anymore!

All day, all night
with the vomiting.

Why don't you
hurry up and die?


- I just came from
seeing Nat Ginzburg.

- What's he want?

- You know he has AIDS.

- Yeah, but he refuses to
move to the AIDS ward.

- Gloria tells me
he hasn't got long to live,

but he's tired of
fighting the disease,

so [clears throat]
he asked me to ask you

if it would be possible
to move up the execution.

- Move up the execution?

- Yeah.

- [scoffs]

- No one's ever asked
to be executed early.

I mean, the court
set a specific date.

There's no legal
precedent to change it.

- So let's start a precedent.

- [chuckles] You're encouraging
me to do this,

given your position against
capital punishment?

- The man is dying, Leo.

I believe,
in this particular case,

ending his life would be a...
a blessing.

- That's euthanasia.

I thought your church
was against euthanasia.

- My church is against
a lot of things I'm not.

- Okay...
I'll call the lawyers.

- Good.

- State troopers closed
Bear Mountain this morning

after a reported sighting

of escaped convict
Miguel Alvarez.

An extensive search
was launched, but Alvarez,

who has been missing
for three weeks,

once again evaded capture.

In a related story,

Superior Court Judge
Mason Koessler today

granted the unusual request

of convicted murderer
Nathaniel Ginzburg

who asked to be executed
two months earlier

than the court had ordered.

The execution will
take place next Thursday

at the Oswald State
Correctional Facility.

- Sister Pete's
here to see you.

- [whistles]

- How do I look?

- You look like
Susan Hayward.

- Bingo. That's what
I was going for.

I'm so grateful to you

for everything you've done,

but I've gotta ask
you one more favor.

- Anything.

- My nails.

I'm so excited, can't
hold the damn brush still.

Will you do me?

- Sure.

[both chuckle]

Sit down.
- Yeah.

- Okay.

Now, keep your hands still.

Okay, that's it.

Are you all right?
- Yeah, yeah.

- You know what?
No, no, no, no.

You'd better lie down.

We'll finish your
nails later, okay?

5:00 a.m.

I got me a date
with an angel.

- You rest.
[pats hand]

- Ginzburg's dead tomorrow

'cause he killed
Antonio Nappa.

- Yeah?

- You wanted him
to do it.

- Yeah.

- Doesn't that
bother you a little?

He's dying 'cause of you.

- No. This is
the life we chose.

- Sure, but Chuckie,
are you afraid of dying?

- No.

- What the fuck you doing

with a cigarette, Pancamo?

- Smoking it?

- Put it out...now,

or I'm coming in there!

- Now, her I'm afraid of.

- I heard Ginzburg
picked the gas chamber

as a way to die.

- That'd be all right.

One minute you're sitting there
breathing in and out,

the stuff fills your lungs,
the next thing you know,

you don't know nothin'.

- A blow job.

- What?

- Instead of a last meal,

they should give you
one last blow job.


[bells chiming]

- Ginzburg, it's time.

[dark chords]


- Nat?

Oh, my God, he's cold.

He's dead.

- Get a doctor.

- Go figure.

He dies in his sleep
of natural causes.

- He looks so beautiful.

- What are you doing?

- I'm going to
finish his nails.

[gate buzzer]

♪ ♪

- Count!

[background chatter]

[edgy music]

♪ ♪

- Mobay...


Get your ass
in the air!

- [inhaling]

[ominous chords]

♪ ♪


- yeah, yeah, coming.

- Mobay, pay attention.

- Tomorrow,
we get healthy.

- Healthy?

What does that mean,

- Means we getting
a new shipment in.

- Where?

- None of your business.

So Mobay, Tidd, Browne,

I want each of you to
bring me five new babies.

- Babies?

- Some new customers,

- Babies, okay.

- Poet, you supervise.

- I don't need supervising.

- What you need is to
learn to take an order.

- Yes...sir.

- Mobay!

You know Detective McGorry
from Homicide?

- Sure.

Hi, Guinevere.
- John.

- You're here about
the death of Bruno Goergen.

- Goergen may have
been a bad cop,

but he turned state's evidence
in the gun smuggling case.

The D.A. is pissed
that his prime witness

didn't last a week in OZ.

- Any idea who killed him?

- I thought him falling
down the elevator shaft

was an accident.

- Aah!

- No, my gut says otherwise.

- You think somebody
whacked Goergen

'cause they found out
he was a cop?

- No, this is something else.

I just can't
figure out what yet.

- Wait, Mobay,
please, man, please!

- Aah!

- Well, if I can help your
investigation in any way...

- Yeah, well,
keep your ears open.

You hear boasting,
you call me.

Warden, I'm gonna
set up some interviews

starting with Goergen's

- Okay.

- Later.

So...you in good with
Adebisi and the boys?

- Yes.

They've got a fresh supply
showing up tomorrow,

only I can't find out
which door.

They also want me to
recruit some new buyers.

- As a police officer,
you can't sell drugs.

- I know.

I'll use the cash I have and
pretend I found my "babies".

[dark, percussive music]

♪ ♪

- Hey, there's your boy.

- Oh. Got him, got him.

Where you been?

- Recruiting.
I got two babies.

- Who?
- I don't know their names.

- Well, point 'em
out to me, man.

- They already left.
- Shit.

Well, give me
that money, man.

Come on, come on,
come on...

- I want the tits.

- A'ight.

Here you go.

Keep on selling, baby.

Keep oooon selling.

- [coughs]

[loud sniffing]


- Hey, Mobay,
give it a rest, man.

You been shoving that shit up
your nose since lights out.

I wanna get some sleep.

- [coughs, sniffs]

[without accent]
So, sleep.

- What'd you say?

[tense music]

- [with accent]
Nothing, sorry.

[tense music]

♪ ♪

- Sister Peter Marie,


I'm glad the warden
told you who I really am.


I need to talk, and I need
this to be confidential.

- Of course.

- Oz is my first big
undercover assignment.

A lot of the guys
I work with in Narcotics

didn't think I could
handle the job,

but I knew I could.
I thought I could.

I left my wife and son.

Told them I'd be gone
I don't know how many months.

Abby, that's my wife,

she's worried, naturally,

that I'll be found out,
that I'll be killed.

Today's Robbie's birthday.


I thought I was close
to busting the drug ring,

but...I'm not.

Only I've got to.

I blow this, my career's over.

I'm back to riding
the subways arresting bums,

so I gotta stay,
I gotta see this through.




I-I'm an addict.

[dark musical sting]

♪ ♪

- People in love sometimes say

that they're head over heels,

but if they knew
what the phrase really meant,

I'm not sure that
they'd make the claim.

Back in the bad old days,

as a warning to criminals,

judges would order malcontents
to be hung by their ankles,

heels over head.

The phrase came to mean
a state of helplessness,


Now that I think of it,

that is being in love.

- What should I do

if I ever find out
who killed Gary?

- You whack him.

- Yeah?

That'd be my pleasure.
- What the fuck?

- You murdered my son!

- My son is dead.
Nothing can change that.

And Keller had Gary killed.

Nothing's gonna
change that either.

- Beecher, killing Keller

is no way to
mourn your child.

- What, now you're defending
that cocksucker?

- No, he must be punished.

But not by you.

[knock on door]

- Tobias, the FBI
found your daughter.

Holly's alive.

- We investigated
the lead you gave us.

Bob "Big Butt" Toland

had nothing to do
with the kidnapping.

He'd been arrested
two days before

and was sitting in the
Crown and Shield Holding Center

awaiting arraignment.

- But if he didn't do it,
that means...

- Chris Keller is...innocent.

- Oh, Christ.

Oh, Jesus fucking Christ!

- We arrested the real
kidnapper this morning.

- Tobias...

it's Hank Schillinger.

[percussive chords]

♪ ♪

- Sit down, Vern.

We got a couple of
items to discuss.

- Oh, do we now?

- [scoffs]

- I got a file just full of
fights between you two.

Plus, I'm told you like to
fuck each other up the ass.

Now, I'm not wild
about either practice,

so, Keller, I'm moving
you to another pod.

But if either of
you touches the other,

in love or war,

I will transfer
both of you to Gen Pop.


- Yes.

- Yes.

- Keller, go pack.

Beecher, I have
other business with you.

The warden tells me that
an inmate from Unit B,

Vern Schillinger,

may be responsible
for your son's death.

So we've decided
for the time being

to restrict your movements
through the rest of Oz.

No library or gym privileges,

and you'll eat your meals
here at Em City.

- He killed my son,
and I get punished for it?

- Well, given the fact
that I have transferred

all the Aryans out of Em City,

this is the safest
place for you.

- Safe?

- Relatively speaking.

- Chris?
- Don't.

Don't even.

- My son...died horribly.

I was out of my mind
with grief.

- You actually thought
in your heart

that I could do
such a thing?

Order the murder
of a child?

Your child?

Yeah, you've got
plenty of reasons

to assume
the worst about me.

But I worked very hard...

To regain your trust,
your love.

I thought I had, but
this proves that I haven't.

- Chris...
- I don't, I can't...

- Please.
- I never will.

- Please!
- No, we're over.

We're finished,
we're done.

- Chris,
you gotta forgive me.

- No.

- I forgave you.

- Well, I guess that
makes you the better man.

- Howdy.
I's your new neighbor.

- This is my bunk.

- It ain't no more.

- Hey, Mondo,
play nice.

- Lunch detail!

- Follow me.

- Feds arrested Hank?

- Yeah.

After letting the girl go,
the Feds surrounded him.

- Push comes to shove,

with the federal boys
leaning on him,

think your son'll
give you up?

- Honest to Christ,
I don't know.

- Hey, Vern.

Four marriages...
I never had any kids.

So I don't know dick
about parenting, but you--fuck.

You deserve
some sort of prize.

One son, you give him drugs
knowing he'll O.D.

The other you set up
for lethal injection.

You're father
of the fucking year.

But you know what
the best news is?

When both your sons are dead,
that'll be the end of it,

'cause you ain't making
any more children--not in here.

So that when you die,
your name dies with you.

Everything you are
dies when you do.

And the world'll
be a better place.

[water running]

- Well, well, well.
What have we got up in here?

Oh, I see, my man, Keller.
What's up, dog?

Hey, Keller, man, I gotta
ask you a question, man.

You mind if I fuck your
girlfriend Beecher?

You mind
if she sucks my cock?

- I don't give a fuck
what you do or what he does.

- You heard that, Leroy?

- I did, Mondo, I did.

- All right, 'cause we don't
want no problems in Em City,

so it goes on record
that I got Keller's permission

to fuck Beecher up the yazoo.

- Yes, you do.


[tense music]

♪ ♪

- Peace.
- [snickers]

[dark chords]

♪ ♪

- What happened
to your hand?

- I was remembering
what hell felt like.

Bless me, Father,
for I have sinned.

In the past year or so,

I've committed numerous
homosexual acts.

Do you want me to elaborate?

- No.

- Before coming to Oz,
I had sex with several men...

And then I whacked them.

- What?

- After sex,
I murdered them.

- Why?

- I didn't want 'em to tell.

I didn't want 'em
to speak my name.

- You have to go to
the authorities and confess.

- What?

You can't absolve me?

- I can absolve you,
but the only way to show God

that you're truly sorry
is to go to the police.

- Look...

I'm truly sorry, okay?

So just fucking absolve me.

- No.

[ominous chords]

♪ ♪

- [whispers]
Give me my fucking penance.

- No.

- God damn you.

God damn you to
fucking hell,

you Goddamn hack in black.

- [whispers] Oh, no.

[edgy music]

♪ ♪

- Come on, Beecher,
suck my dick.

- Jesus,
you're such a romantic.

That the way you
talk to your women?

- Well, when I'm horny,
the less talk, the better.

- Okay, lover boy.

Pucker up.

[dark chords]

♪ ♪

- For centuries, part of any
punishment was humiliation.

In England,
they'd hang a criminal

inside a cage
a few feet off the ground

in the middle
of the town square.

The guilty fuck sat in his cage
looking like a canary,

like a parakeet,

so people started
calling them jailbirds.

Only the kind of
chirping we do in Oz

ain't all that pretty.

- Ahh!

[screaming continues]

- Ahhhhhh....

[frenzied screams]


[overlapping chatter]

- Mr. Morales.
- Mr. Rebadow.

- My request.

You said you needed time
to think it over.

- Ah, yes.

- Well?

- When you asked me
to kill Raoul Hernandez,

you said I could have
anything I wanted in return.

- And now you want me to
let you kill someone else?

- Yes.

Oddly enough, there's no one
I need exterminated

at the present time.

Besides, as a newly
appointed trustee,

I have promised Querns

that there will be
no violence in Emerald City.

- You're going
against your word.

- Ask for something else.

Cigarettes, money, drugs.

- I want to kill somebody.

- If you have your
heart set on it,

why do you need
my permission?

- Not permission, protection.

- That you can have.

- No matter who I kill?

- You aren't gonna do
anything crazy, are you?

Like waste Pancamo?

- Certainly not.

- Then who are
you gonna kill?

- Who, indeed?

[tense music]

♪ ♪

[background chatter]


[all screaming]

[tense music]

♪ ♪

May I join you?

May I join you,

- You're talking to me?

You're actually saying words
intended for my ears?

- Yes.

I've been treating you badly,
and I'm sorry.

- You mean all's forgiven?

- That's right,
all's forgiven.

Would you like my pie?

- Yes!

- I'm tired but happy.

You're speaking to me again.

The chicken
at dinner was edible.

All in all, life is good.

I'm the happiest of men.

[bell rings]

- Lights out!

- I've been reading
"The Art of War" by Sun-Tzu.

Fascinating stuff.

The instinct to kill
is as common

as the need to procreate.

Those of us in Oz are
actually the normal ones,

following nature's lead.

Funny, huh, Busmalis?


[dark, edgy music]

♪ ♪

- Aah! Aah!
Jesus, Bob!

What are you doing?

[alarm blares]
Get him off me! Help!

He's trying to kill me!

Jesus Christ, he cut me!

[alarm blaring]

[overlapping shouting,
Busmalis wailing]

What the fuck
did he do that for?!

God damn it...
- It's okay!

- I'm all cut up here!

[ominous music]

♪ ♪

[phone beeping]

- Eddie, hey, yeah,
no, it's me.

That's why I'm calling.

Yeah, right.

You'll get it
done by next week?


No later than
next week, right?

Okay, all right, see ya.

- You called for me?

- Did you put
Hoyt into Solitary?

- No.

- He tried to kill me.
- I know.

But so far neither
of you will tell me why.

- It's personal.

- Fine.

You asked for
protective custody,

I set you up here.

But sooner or later,
I'm bringing you back,

and Hoyt or one
of his biker buddies

will finish the job on you.

So go ahead...
keep it personal.

- Wait!

I will tell you...


Gulino had the cell phone.

After he died,
I got hold of it.

Now O'Reilly's got it.

He's hidden it
somewhere in Em City.

- Where is it?

The cell phone.

- What cell phone,
Mr. Querns?

- You know
which cell phone.

- They're against
the rules, sir.

- Mm-hmm.

- You didn't find it?

- No, and without
that cell phone,

I have no way of proving
your story is true.

- So what happens now?

- Well, I leave you here
a couple more days,

then I'm sending you back.

- To die.

All right, Mr. Querns,
I have two requests.

I would like to see
my girlfriend

and a rabbi.

- I'll set it up.

- I am soon very
likely going to die.

- Nikolai.

- There is one thing
you must do for me.

- Anything.

[speaking Russian]

- Tonight at 5:00 p.m.,

I want you to dial
this phone number.

It must be 5:00 p.m. sharp.

[speaking Russian]

[speaking Russian]

- In my proudest moment
as your governor,

I signed the law that
reinstated the death penalty.

we've made great strides

in the war on crime,
but there's much more to do.

Let's finish the job.

- The courage to lead.
James Devlin, Governor.

- A long time ago,

if a man stole another man's
cow or lamb or pig

and butchered it

and was found with the animal's
blood on his fingers,

he was Said to be caught

Of course, if the robber
was too cocky to wash his hands,

maybe he deserved
to get busted.

[clock ticking]


- Count!

[background chatter]

[loud ticking]

- Fuck that.
- Yeah.

[phone rings]



- Shit.




[ringing continues]

[cheering, whooping]

- [exhales]

- I never touched
the cell phone.

- He never
let me touch it.

- I didn't kill Gulino.

- Stanislofsky did.

- It's his word against mine.

- I got five guys
that'll back me up.

- I want Stanislofsky dead.

- Protective custody?
No can do.

- I thought you had some clout
in this fucking place.

- Sorry, O'Reilly.

Your brother,
he sleep all day?

- No, they just got him
on this new medication

to calm him down and stuff.

- [sniffs] You ask me,
he's, uh, too calm.

- Cyril, psst!


Cyril, wake up.


Cyril, wake up!

Cyril, wake the fuck up!


Officer Smith,

there's something
the matter with my brother.

- What do you mean?
- I don't know!

Hurry up,
call a fucking doctor!

Let's go!
- Central, this is 16.

We got a possible
O.D. here.

[alarm ringing]

- BP's 80 over 60.

- Let's start two large IVs
with normal saline

running wide open.

We'll need to tube him.

- What happened?
- He ODed on the Haldol.

- O'Reilly?
- What?

- Any news on your brother?

- No. The fucking hacks,
they tell me to wait here

and I'm fucking waiting here,
and there's nothing.

What's going on in there?

- I'm sure he'll be fine.

- You know, she did this.
This fucking Dr. Nathan.

She gives him too much
of the drugs on purpose.

It's her way of trying
to get back at me.

- I don't think she's capable of
something like that.

- Hey, Gloria
fucking hates me.

Wake up.
I mean, she thinks

I hired Keenan to rape her.

Now she's got my brother
back there in her clutches

and there's not a fucking
thing I can do about it.

I fucking
hate this place!


- Gloria, how's Cyril?

- Well, they pumped
his stomach.

He's breathing normally.

Problem is, we don't know
how long he was unconscious

before they
brought him in,

so the next few hours
will be dicey.

But I think he'll be fine.

- How does that
make you feel?

- Are we suddenly
in session?

- No, no, I just
want to be sure

that he gets the best
care that he can.

- Oh, and you don't think
that I'm capable

of separating my
professional obligations

from my anger?

- I think that right now,
you're so turned around,

you can't see
which way to go.

- I have other patients--

- Gloria, Gloria.

Ryan O'Reilly did not
hire that man to rape you.

- He admitted that he did.

- He told you what
you wanted to hear.

- Keenan raped me
because of O'Reilly.

- The attack on you
was random.

If Keenan hadn't
raped you,

he would've
raped someone else.

- Hey, Keenan.

- Hey.

- Hey, luck of
the Irish, right?

- Uhh...
- All right.

Hey, I, uh, want you
to do something for me.

- Anything.

- I want you to tell me.

- About what?

- When you raped
Dr. Nathan,

I want to know what
it was like to fuck her.

- Okay.

She was headed
into her apartment.

Looking so hot.

- Yeah.

- How you feeling?

- My head hurts.

- That'll go away.

- Where's Ryan?

- I don't know,
probably Em City.

- And then I just
slammed my cock into her.

I slammed her.

- You don't like us,
do you?

I like you.

- Until she couldn't
scream no more.

breathe no more.

- My brother...

he does bad things,

but deep down
he's not bad.

- I came inside her,
and she was moaning.


- He loves you...

with all his heart.

[dark chords]

♪ ♪

- Jesus, you sure did
a job on her, huh?

- Oh, yeah.

- Yeah.

So...you say you wanna
work for me?

- Definitely.

- I do things
different here in Oz

than the way
we worked on the street.

For instance,
when I want someone dead,

I never grease 'em

I always talk someone else
into doing the deed for me.

I make them believe
the person I want dead

is their enemy.

That way the kill
can't be traced back to me.

- That's so cool.

- You got, what,
seven years till parole?

- Uh-huh.

- You think
you'll go the distance?

- Sure, I'll get out.

- Yeah, that's good.

You keep believing
that, Patrick.

You know how I said

I always get someone
to kill for me?

- Yeah.

- Well...

in your case,

I'm gonna make an exception.


[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- Take him down
to the morgue.

[percussive chords]

♪ ♪

My only real memory
from that night

was this shamrock.

I remember the light
from the street lamp

kept bouncing off it.

When they brought
Keenan into the E.R.,

I thought...


He's dead. Good."

You were right.

I came back too soon.

I need to take
some time, you know.

Just put my anger back
in its proper place.

Maybe then I can
learn to forgive...

myself more than anyone.

- The job will be here whenever
you decide to come back.

- If I come back, Leo.

- To seal one's fate.

Years ago,
the death sentence

could not be carried out
unless the death warrant

had the judge's official
seal affixed to the bottom.

Imagine...the only thing
standing between you and death

is a little lump
of melted wax.

But that's
the thing about life.

The big changes all come

because of
little lumps of wax.

[dark, edgy chords]

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

[machinery beeping]

[dark, jazzy music]

♪ ♪