Oz (1997–2003): Season 4, Episode 4 - Works of Mercy - full transcript

Em City gets a new Unit Manager, Martin Querns, whose methods are hardly orthodox. Beecher's torment over his missing children is worsened when Schillinger presents him with an unexpected package. McManus returns to Oz in a new capacity.

[bright tone]

[tense, jazzy music]

♪ ♪

[percussive music]

♪ ♪

- Mercy
is the compassion we feel

for someone else's misfortune.

Mercy compels us
to alleviate that misfortune.

Mercy is a child of charity,
but the sister of justice

because both are about
the invisible link

that exists between people.

Mercy is spontaneous
because misery is involuntary.

- At approximately 3:15 p.m.,

as your children were
walking home from school

with four classmates, a blue
van pulled up beside them.

A male Caucasian stepped out.

The man approached Gary
and Holly saying that you,

Mrs. Beecher, had asked him
to pick them up.

Gary was reluctant at first,
but eventually

the man persuaded him,
using Pokemon cards.

The van then drove off
to the east side of town.

- So what's being done
to find them?

- Kidnapping
is a waiting game, Sister.

We have to wait
to be contacted.

- And what if you're not?

- Milk cartons.
- Toby.

- Come on,
Schillinger did this.

- We have no proof of that.
- Oh, for fuck's sake.

Who else?!

- You come from
a wealthy family.

Most likely we have
a ransom situation.

- You are fucking this up,
you asshole!

[dramatic musical sting]

Find my goddamn kids!

- Oh, my God!

- Find my goddamn kids!

- Get them out! Out!

- Find my kids!

[tense music]


- I don't know anything
about a kidnapping.

- Beecher seems to
think you do.

That you're behind this.

- He and I have had a lot of
shit happen between us, so...

I can understand him
saying that.

But Beecher and I have
one thing in common, too.

We're both fathers.

I lost a son.

I know what
he's going through.

- I'm sorry about what
happened in the library.

I just got so frustrated.

- I know, I know.

You might want to
call your mother.

She's pretty upset.

We talked about it
in the car.

Toby, the reasons
you're in here, the...

the alcoholism

and hitting the little
Brockwell girl...

your mother and I
can't help but think

that we're...to blame
for so much of it.

- Dad--
- No.

We failed you growing up.

- Look, as much as
I'd like to blame you

for the miserable shithole
my life has become,

what's wrong with me
is inside me.

I own it.

And either I have to control it
or it will control me.

Right now, I just want
to hold my babies.

- So...our sweet young things
are safe and sound?

- Yeah.

- All right.

Time to kick this thing
into overdrive.

I want you to send the package.

- Dad, you sure?

- Yes.

- 'Cause I been thinking.

Like you know I've never had
a problem with breaking the law.

I'm talking about at most
a couple stolen Camrys.

This kidnapping...

- Keep your voice down.

- This kind of thing's
really not my style.

- I'll pay you double.

- Okay.

- Are you Les Hibitz?

- Yeah.
- Tobias Beecher.

Mind if I join you?

- You want to sit with me?
- Yeah.

- Ha ha. Nobody ever
wants to sit with me.

- I understand you did some Fed
time for kidnapping, right?

- Yeah, I was framed.

- Yeah, I'm sure you were.

But I, um, don't know
if you've heard,

but my two children
were abducted recently.

- I had nothing to do with it.

- I know, what I'm asking is--

I was wondering if you might
be able to look into it.

Find out if somebody
was hired to do the job.

- I could ask around,
see what I could find out,

but...I wouldn't
hold out much hope.

So do you like Def Leppard?

- Years and years and years ago,

the Catholic church made a list

of all the ways
we can show mercy.

Feed the hungry,
give drink to the thirsty,

clothe the naked,
shit like that.

Another of them
was ransom the captive.

In those days,
pirates and infidels and such

would abduct fair maidens
and Christian pilgrims.

God-fearing people were expected
to pay for their return.

Who gets to ransom the captive
in this day and age?

Instead, we're expected
to visit the imprisoned.

That's right.

Come on down!

[edgy, percussive music]

♪ ♪

[banging on metal]

Break it up, you two.

- You okay?
- Oh, shit, yeah.

Hey, man, they stab me,
they shoot me--

I ain't going down.

How you doing?

- My kids.

- I heard.
That's fucked up.

I'm sorry, man.

- I feel so goddamn helpless.

- I bet.

- At least the baby...
Harry's safe.

- Toby, they're gonna
be all right, you hear me?

They're gonna be okay.

They're gonna be fine.


- Oh, man.

- I missed you.

- Me, too.

- Keller's back
in Emerald City.

Two lovebirds
have reunited.

- And I hope they enjoy
their evening together.

It's gonna be
the last night of sleep...

or peace that Beecher's gonna
have for a long, long time.

- Chris?

- Sorry, did I wake you?

- Hey.

What's the matter?

- Toby, I died.

And there's no white light.

I was there,
but they brought me back.

But I was there, Toby.

I was in hell,
and I felt everything.

I felt the pain and I felt
the fire for all eternity.

- Hey, hey.
It's gonna be okay.

- No, it's not gonna be okay.
Don't fucking lie to me.

I was there, Toby.
They're bringing me back.

- You know what's funny?

You got pissed at me for
talking to Said about God,

but that's what I was
talking to him about.

'Cause if all that's left
for us in this life is Oz,

then we better start
thinking about what's next,

what comes after.

[pounding on bars]

- Don't let go.

- Okay, okay.

- Tobias.

I didn't expect to see you here
today given what's going on.

- Yeah, well,
work helps keep my mind

from caving in on itself.

- Oh, I hear that.

It's a madhouse outside,

though the crowd of
protesters is smaller.

I'm afraid people are getting
used to capital punishment.

- Sister Pete,
I need to ask you a favor.

- If I can,
you know I will.


- Talk to Chris.

- Now, how is it
that you ask me

the one thing
that I won't do?

- He feels terrible.

- Tobias, he tried to
use me to get to you.

Now he's using you
to get to me.

I will not play his game.

- He's afraid that
if you leave the convent,

he's gonna burn forever.

- Oh, he's gonna burn all right,
but not for that.

He's gonna burn for all of
the other people he's hurt,

all of the other lives
he's destroyed,

including yours.

- We've been going
through the records

of various prisoners
at Emerald City.

One pops out as a potential
connection to the kidnapping.

- Who?

- Christopher Keller.

- No.

Chris is my friend.

- Let me see that.

- Keller broke every
bone in your body.

- He's the one?

- He also saved my life
from Schillinger.

I'm telling you,
Schillinger is responsible.

- "Armed robbery,
assault, kidnapping."

- He wasn't convicted.

- "Police suspect him of raping,
torturing and murdering

several homosexual men"?

- It can't be him.
It's not him.

- How can you be so sure?

- I know Chris, Mother...


- Intimately?

- He's my lover.

- Holy shit.

Vern, you better
come see this.

- What do you got?

- Package
for Tobias Beecher.


- Jesus Christ.

Officer Howell?
We got a problem here.

- What the hell is that?

- A child's hand.

- [wailing]

[continues wailing]

[continues wailing]

- [coughing]

- Leave us alone.

How you holding up?

- A few days in the Hole

only increases
my credibility with Pancamo,

Adebisi, and Morales.

Ever spent any
time in here?

- No.

- Good.

[gate buzzes]

- [laughs]
You look like shit.

- So I'm in?
- "So I'm in."

ain't convinced, man.

Looks like you're gonna
have to take another test.

Oh, yeah.

- We going to box?
- We wanna see

if you can take a punch.

- Or two.
[Poet laughing]

- You got a problem
with me, man?

- Oh ho ho ho!

- Yeah, you're weak.

- Give me gloves.

- Well, actually,
we're not gonna spar.

- No?
- No.

I'm gonna use you
for a heavy bag.

- And the rest of us bet on
how long you stay standing.

- Ready?

[laughter, chatter]

- Yeah.

- Ding, ding.

inmates: Oh!

[overlapping chatter]

- He's gettin' up.

[laughter, chatter]

- Oh!

[tense music]

[inmates exclaim]

- 15 seconds.

I win.
Pay up.

- [laughing]

- Ow!

Yo, real impressive.

- Yeah, thanks.

- [chuckles]
Your bruises must hurt.

- Uh-huh.
- Yeah.

Brought you a little something
to sooth your wounds.

[pats arm twice]

- Yo.

What the fuck
is you doing?

- Breakfast of champions.

[edgy music]

♪ ♪

You wanted to see me?

- We just took a straw
poll on you.

- I voted yes.

- I voted no.
- I abstained.

- A tie.

- How do I break this tie?

- There's a final test.

- Which is?

- You gotta kill somebody.

- Who?

- Anybody.

We don't care.

- All right.
I'll do it.

- Pete.

I have terrible news.

- Oh, my God, what?

- The Cardinal is coming.

- Cardinal Abgott
is coming to Oz?

- He wants to say a mass,

meet with the staff,
and then with some prisoners.

- You're friends
with him, right?

- I worked with him
in his office

he transferred me here.

I...disagreed with him
once too often.

- I'm taking the day off.

- [laughs]
Oh, no, you can't!

- Ray, I have one foot
out of the convent door.

I think hobnobbing
with the Cardinal

would be just a little
hypocritical, don't you?

- Yeah, well, he specifically
asked to meet you.

- Me?

- Well, apparently
this whole thing started

because his Eminence received
a letter from a prisoner.

- Which one?

- Chris Keller.

- Chris Keller.
Of course.

- Raymond.

- Cardinal Abgott,
it's good of you to come.

- It's a pleasure
to see you, son.

Let's suit up.

Do you know why
I transferred you to Oswald?

- I had too many opinions?

- You had too big an ego.

- Probably.

- Something tells me
that's changed.

Body of Christ.
- Amen.

- The body of Christ.

- Amen.

- Body of Christ.
- Amen.

- The body of Christ.
- Amen.

- The body of Christ.
- Amen.

I spoke to the head
of your order,

Sister Leo Carria.

She says you're questioning
your own vocation.

- Yes, I am.

- Welcome to the club.

- You?

- My first parish was way out
in the country,

a desolate area.

The pastor was old,
the housekeeper even older.

When winter hit,
it was lonely.

I cried...

and I prayed.

I cried some more...

and prayed even harder.

- Well, that's--
that's what I'm doing.

- Good.

Then whatever you decide
will be the right thing to do.

- Thank you.

- God bless you, Sister.

[gate buzzes]

- God bless you,

- As you already know, the jury
has ruled in our favor.

They recognize that
the state was guilty

in all injuries and deaths
caused after the riot.

So they have made

that we receive
the full settlement:

$45 million.

- Oh, yeah!

- Before you all go spending
that money, know this:

the State has appealed
the decision.

- Appealed?
- Yes, appealed.

It is an election year.

There is no way that Devlin
will write us a check,

not before November.

- Said, you can't goose
this thing along?

- As we are all aware,

the legal system
moves very slow.

There's no way we can know
when our case is gonna be

coming before
the appellate court.

- Took almost 30 years for
the prisoners of Attica to win.

- 30 fucking years?

Christ, I'll be ancient.

Like you, Rebadow.

- Look, I know
this is frustrating,

but I want you all to see
the court decision this week--

that was a huge hurdle,

a huge victory.

We must remain resolved.

I'll inform you
of anything else.

[low chatter]


- Have you ever
killed anyone?


- An extraordinary experience

watching the life fade
from someone's eyes.

- Aah!

- Even as he was dying,

Hernandez's instinct was to
kill me for killing him.

[Hernandez screaming]

[both screaming]

Survival meant less
to him than revenge.

- And this preamble
is taking us where?

- Jason Cramer.

You've successfully
gotten him a new trial.

- Yes.
- I know you've been

under a lot of pressure
from the other Muslims

not to get involved
with the case.

- Yes.

- I think you should
listen to them.

- And you think
this because...

- Last night
I had a premonition.

Cramer will go free.

- Rebadow, I'm gonna
tell you something.

I'm gonna explain to you.

Jason Cramer is guilty
of murdering his lover.

I have seen
the trial transcripts

and all the evidence.

He will be
convicted again.

- Then why did you fight
to get him a new trial?

- The jury voted against
Cramer because he was gay.

- So this whole thing
is theoretical for you.

- There is nothing
theoretical about justice.

- And if Cramer goes free...

[edgy chords]

- That's not gonna happen.

- You'd better pray
you're right.

- We have a request for
a meeting regarding your case.

- Yeah, a meeting with who?

- The homicide detective
who arrested you.

Robert Stransky.

- Here's the deal.

You got this cocksucker
a new trial, right?


My doctor tells me

I got three or four
more months to live.

Now, before I die,

want to make certain
things straight.

Want you to know I tampered
with the evidence.

I couldn't find
the murder weapon,

so I went to the kitchen.

I opened a drawer
and took out a kitchen knife

and I smeared it
in the blood

and I dropped it
next to his body.

- His fingerprints
are all over that knife.

- [coughs]

No, they weren't.

My pal in forensics
doctored up the tests.

- And you would be willing
to give a deposition?

To go into court
and say this?

- I know this fucker's
guilty as shit,

but I want to buy back
a piece of my soul.

Yeah, if you want me to,

I'll yell it
from the prison roof.

Okay, sweetheart?

- [laughing quietly]

We go public
with this information,

the press will get
a seven-inch boner.

- Yes.
- And you say the only witness,

the guy at Airborne, is dead?

- Yes.

- Ohh...I don't know, man.

I'm feeling like maybe this
could swing in my favor.

- Yes.

Cramer, I'm recusing
myself from the case.

- W-what's that mean?

- It means I am resigning
as your lawyer...


[tense, percussive music]

♪ ♪

- To instruct the ignorant,
counsel the doubtful,

to admonish the sinners.

In order for these works
of mercy to happen,

you need two things:

someone in distress and someone
with the capacity to help them.

In other words,

an ignoramus can't
instruct another ignoramus,

and a sinner
can't admonish a sinner.

- Today in the retrial
of Jason Cramer,

who had previously
been convicted

for the murder of his lover,
the jury reached a verdict,

finding Cramer not guilty.

The Adamsville native, who has
served nearly two years,

is expected to be released from
the Oswald Correctional Facility

sometime this week.

In other news, the state's
jobless rate fell slightly

over the past month to 3.8%.

Preliminary figures
released yesterday

by the state's labor department

show that employers
created nearly 1,000 new jobs.

- [praying in Arabic]

- Allah is not listening,

He is deaf to you.

[continues praying]

[gate buzzer]

[tense music]


♪ ♪

[gate buzzer]

- Warden.

A word?

Um...I know that you've been
having meetings recently

with members of
the local community

regarding possible replacements
for Tim McManus.

- Yes.
- Well, I also know

that you talked about hiring
an African-American

for the job.
- What--

you got my office bugged?

- I want to come
and see you, Warden,

discuss with you the kind of
man who you should consider.

- Well, I'd love that, Said,

but you see,
I've already hired someone.

In fact, he's on his way in now.

His name is Martin Querns.

- I want to thank you for
this opportunity, Warden.

I've heard about
Emerald City for years now.

- Well, the place started
out as an experiment,

but, unfortunately,
it pretty much failed.

- Well, I don't know.

Maybe the first stage failed,

but like any
worthwhile experiment,

we need to try different methods
till we figure out what works.

- Well, for me the most
important elements are,

one, keeping a lid
on the racial tension;

and, two, keeping a lid on
the violence in general.

- Those are
my priorities as well.

Do I have your permission
to do what I feel is necessary

to keep the peace?

- Yes. I'll let you have
a fairly free hand.

Until you fuck up.

- Well, I can't ask for
any more than that.

[gate buzzer]

[dark, edgy music]

♪ ♪

[background chatter]

- [sharp whistle]

- Okay, everybody,
listen up.

I want to introduce you
to Martin Querns,

the new unit manager.

He has a vast range
of experience,

having worked
in both federal prisons

as well as state
detention centers.

- The Warden is correct.

I have served in many
correctional facilities,

but what he didn't say
was that like most of you,

I come from the streets.

I'm not some
candy-ass white liberal

looking to turn you
into better citizens.

I intend to meet with
each of you individually,

but until that time,
keep one principle in mind:

don't fuck with Querns.

[low murmurs]

That's all.

I wanted to
meet with you first

because as I understand,

you're one of
the leaders around here

in terms of the drug trade.

As a teenager, I worked
for Slim Sam Colby.

You know him?

Slim Sam weighed about
300 pounds, of course.

I worked my way up
through his organization

until Ricky Jay Lee
blew Slim Sam's head off.

I decided the moment
had come to retire.

- And the point of all this?

- To let you know I know
every trick you got.

To let you know
I'm smarter than you.

- You smarter than me?
- Oh, yeah.

'Cause unlike you,
I never got caught.

How do you keep that
thing on your head?

Now, what are you gonna do?

Hit me?

Sit down.

I want you to listen
to me good, Simon Adebisi.

To my mind,
drugged-out prisoners

make for
a quiet cell block,

so you can sell
whatever the fuck you want

to whoever you want to
sell it to--I don't care.

I'm gonna be looking
the other way.

- On one condition, right?

- Jeez, you are smart.

One condition:

no violence.
I mean none, zero.


- That's it, no violence?

- Yup. He just want me
to make sure

that everybody obeys all
the rules all the time.

- This could be
a trick.

- Yeah.

I don't think so.

- Like the way things were
back in the old days.

We Sicilians controlled
our own streets,

so the cops backed away.

Little italy was the safest
place in the city.

- Look, I vote yes.

- Me, too.

- All right.

- I'm glad you called.

I've actually been
meaning to call you.

- Oh, Leo,
after the shooting and, uh...

and after Diane left,
I admit that I went--

I went south.

I mean, singing at Officer
Howard's memorial service,

that was just crazy.

But I've had time to rest
and relax and think.

- Tim...

- I'm ready to come back.

- Come back?
- To run Emerald City.

- You can't.
The job's not available.

- What?

- I've hired someone
to replace you.

- Well, unhire him.

- No.

- Leo, I took the heat for
that gun coming into Em City,

but I read in the papers it
was actually Clayton Hughes,

your little protégé,
that brought it in.

- Yes, and he's been charged.

He's out on bail until his trial
starts in a few weeks.

- I want my unit back.

- How many times you want
to hear me say no?

- Leo, this is my life.

- I'm well aware of that.

I do have another offer.

Holt's retiring.

I need someone
to run Unit B.

- I'll take it.

- Well, well.

Look who's here
to join the party.


The arrest of Busmalis
and the Cardinal's visit

can clearly help
the situation.

- Our most recent poll shows
that 42% of the public

now believe the prison
system is well run.

That's up 16 points since
after the Em City shooting.

- We're not getting
any backlash

because of
Bellinger's execution?

- A little.
But capturing Miguel Alvarez

would balance it out.

- Unfortunately,
there's still no sign of him.

- Our biggest concern
right now is Clayton Hughes.

He's out on bail
and he's been making

a lot of speeches
condemning the Governor.

- I know.

- You have a relationship
with Hughes, don't you?

- Clayton's father and I
were both rookies at Oz.

His dad died in my arms, killed
by a prisoner back in 1982.

- Well, we could use that.

- You need to talk
to the man, Leo.

Tell him to shut up.

Time for me to charm
the D.A.

- Desmond...

Get me Clayton Hughes.

- What I'm asking is for
you to cool the rhetoric.

- Rhetoric?
I speak the truth.

Devlin represents all that
is evil in white society,

and honestly, I can't understand
how you could even think of

running with him as
lieutenant governor.

- Clayton, you lived a very
protected childhood.

- Aw, here we go.

You know, not everything
is tied to my father's death.

- Yes, it is.

You only see the world
as black and white.

Trust me, Clayton,
life is gray,

as gray as
these fucking walls.

Now, I don't love
James Devlin,

but I don't see him
as Satan either.

- Somebody must stop him,
and soon.

- It's what sets real leaders
apart from typical politicians.

One man running
for governor has...

- You Americans think just
because you have democracy,

you're better than
everybody else.

Elections are not what
makes a country great.

- Yeah,
and what does?


- [speaking Russian]

How do you say it?

To be ruthless.

- Who's Ruth?
- Huh?

- I don't know
anybody named Ruth.

- Listen, Nikolai,
I been thinking.

You and me, we can
make a lot of money

renting that cell phone out
to the slugs around here.

- We?
- Yeah.

We're business
partners now, right?

- No.
The phone is mine, O'Reilly.

The more people
know about it,

the sooner someone
blabs to the hacks.

So just keep
your mouth shut tight.

- Oh, God, I wish
I could find out

where his fucking
hiding place is.


- Like a treasure hunt?

- Yeah.

Yeah, like a motherfucking
treasure hunt, Cyril.

Listen, I want you to search
every square inch of Em City,

see if you can find
that cell phone.

But the trick is,
you can't let anyone know,

especially Stanislofsky,
what you're doing.

- Okay, but can I start now?

- Right now, go ahead.

[tense, suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

- I did just what you wanted.
I didn't say anything

to anybody.
- Good boy.

You didn't find the cell phone,
though, did you?

- Nope.
- You, uh, looked all over?

- Yup.
Where does he keep

that fucking thing?

Hi, how you doing?

I'm gonna kill that

I'm gonna
fucking kill him.


- Yes?

- Dr. Nathan is here.

- Send her in.


May I hug you?

- Yeah.

- Sit down, please.
- Thanks.

Can I, uh, get you anything,
do anything?

- Yeah, you can stop
being so goddamn nice.

- [soft laugh]

All right.

- No, I didn't mean that.

Leo, I know you know
what I'm going through,

with your...daughter
getting raped.

- Well, she's better now.

In time,
you'll get better, too.

- I want to come
back to work.

- So soon?

- If I don't come back now,
I never will.

- Gloria, I don't
want you to quit,

but I also don't want
you to rush yourself.

Healing is a process,
a slow process.

- Not for me.

There's only one thing I need to
do to make myself feel better.

- And what's that?

- Confront Ryan O'Reilly.

I know
you're responsible.

- For what?

- For me getting raped.

- No way!

- Don't you deny it.

Don't you fucking deny it.
- Gloria.

- I know, I know.

You called somebody
and asked them for a favor.

- Why would I do that?

- Because the session the other
day didn't go your way.

Because you
couldn't manipulate me.

Because you're a twisted fuck.

- You want me to say that
I called a pal of mine...

and I had him beat you

and rape you?

Is that what you
want me to say?

- Yes.

- Fine.
I did.

[dark chords]

You happy?

- [exhales, sniffles]

- Yes.

The one thing
through all this shit

you said over and over again
is that you love me,

and all you wanted was
for me to say I love you back.

Well, I came today
to tell you,

to see your face
when I tell you

that'll never, ever happen.

In fact, it's the opposite.

I hate you.

I will always hate you until
we're both dead in the ground.

I will hate you!

[dramatic chords]

- Fine.

Then tell me something else.

When he was fucking you,

did you think of me?

[intense musical buildup]

- Gloria!

- Stop it, stop, back off!

Back off!
[overlapping shouting]

- Gloria!

[overlapping shouting]

- Did you think
of me, huh?

Did you fucking
think of me, huh?

Did you
fucking think of me?

Come on, Gloria!
Were you thinking of me?

Huh? Huh?


- Another work of mercy:
to comfort the afflicted.

But you see, there are a lot
of ways to comfort somebody,

and a lot of afflicted just
don't want to be comforted.

- Gloria Nathan has decided to
press charges against you,

so you might be looking
at another five years

added onto your sentence.

- Five years, gee.

- And I have to
file a report.

- Fine.

- I know you
pretty well, Ryan.

And it may seem crazy,
but I have to tell you

that I think you're lying.

I don't think you had anything
to do with Gloria's rape.

- I said I did it.

I did it, okay?

- Okay.

- When can we see Dr. Nathan
and those nice people again?

- We're not,
It's over.

- Oh.

They still hate me?

- No, Cyril,
they don't hate you.

They hate me.

Listen, um...that man
that you killed...

- Dr. Nathan's husband?
- Yeah.

- That wasn't your fault.


- Okay.

And, uh, Hamid Khan...

that was my doing, too.

All right?

You gotta
know that, Cyril.

I'm guilty, not you.


- I remember
when I was little

that Mama used to
take us to confession,

and we'd go in
the big wooden box

and tell all our sins.
- Yeah.

- And Mama said
by telling God,

our sins were washed away.


- Yeah.

Yeah, I remember.

Bless me, Father,
for I have sinned.

Today I lied.

I told someone I did
something that I didn't do.

- Why?

- Because it's what
she wanted to hear.

Because it's what
she needs to know

to make herself
whole again.

♪ ♪

[not audible]

- Fugitive Miguel Alvarez
continues to evade capture

as police widen their
search across the state.

Alvarez, along with
another prisoner,

Agamemnon Busmalis,

- Look
who's out of the Hole.

- Agamemnon
was recently captured

and returned to Oswald
earlier this week.

- How are ya?
What are you doin'?

Anybody here
from Cleveland?

All right.

- Being free, even for a few
hours, was so wonderful.

I mean, I had no money,
no overcoat,

it was cold out there.

But man, oh man,
I was so happy.

I stopped in
the middle of the street

and did a little dance.


Of course, that's when
they caught me.

- You were standing outside
Miss Sally's house.

- Yeah, I was hoping to catch
a glimpse of her in the flesh,

maybe even exchange
a word or three.

- What the fuck
happened to Alvarez?

- I don't know.
Soon as we crawled

out of the tunnel,
he vamoosed.

- You know what I miss more than
anything about being free?

Taking a bath.

I hate showers.

To sit and soak in a hot tub,
bubbles everywhere...

- Bubbles.

- [speaking Russian]

- I'll bet you even had a little
rubber ducky, huh, Nikolai?

- Rubber ducky?

- Yeah.

- What is rubber ducky?

- A product of capitalist

- What do you miss most, Bob?

- I have nothing
to say to you.

- Bob, please, talk to me.

This silence is grueling.

Why are you mad at me?

- The fact that you don't know
makes the offense worse.

- You're pissed off
that I tried to escape?

- I'm pissed off that you
didn't ask me to go with you.

- Oh.

- That you never ever told me
you were digging another tunnel.

- Oh, well,
I had my reasons.

- Which were?

- Well...
- What?

- I thought
you'd slow me down.

- Slow you down?

- I'm sorry, Bob.

- I'm as vital as I ever was.
- I know.

- I killed a man.
- I know!

- Fuck you.

- Oh, shit.

- Tomorrow at dawn,
Shirley Bellinger

will be executed
for the drowning

of her eight-year-old daughter.

State law allows Bellinger
the right to choose

her own means of death.

And Bellinger, the first woman
executed by the State

since 1841,
has asked to be hanged.

- Man, I can't listen to
this fucking shit anymore.

- Yeah, depresses
the fuck out of me.

- Adebisi, weren't you
in love with Bellinger?

- No.

- Yeah, you had
a little crush on her.

- She had a crush on me.

- If I had to die, I'd go
lethal injection, man.

- Me, I'd D.D.

An ounce or two of heroin,
straight up.


- The State is not
going to give you drugs.

- A-ain't lethal
injection a drug?

- You know they get
a doctor to decide

where the knot on
the noose should be,

depending on the person's
height or weight,

so that the noose snaps
the neck in the right place?

- I remember the day of
my execution, I was terrified.

But then when I didn't die,
I felt like such a coward.

- Anti-capital punishment

continue to march
outside the prison,

though officials claim
the number

is considerably smaller
than was expected.

- Bye-bye Bellinger,

- Yeah.

I was kind of hoping
to see her one more time,

but the hacks have delayed
all mail deliveries

to death row till
after the execution.

She was quite a gal.

Reminds me of my late wife.

My Arlene.

[indistinct cheerful singing]

♪ ♪

- She showed me her cunt.

I was mopping up the floor
outside her cell and wham, bam.

Showed me her cunt.

[singing continues]

- Next item.

Shirley Bellinger's execution is
scheduled for dawn tomorrow.

- Bye.

- Peter Marie...
- No, no, no, Leo.

I agreed that I wouldn't
protest publicly again,

but that doesn't mean
I have to sit here

and listen to
the grim details.

- But Bellinger has asked you
to do something for her.

- What?

- Well, after she's dead,
she wants you

to collect her
personal possessions.

She doesn't want anyone else
touching her things.

- What am I supposed
to do with them?

- Well, she says dispose
of them as you wish.

- Okay, can I go now?

- [sighs]

- Ray, she's asked for
you to pray with her.

- Right.

- Shirley, have you any
thoughts as the hour approaches?

- Thoughts?

Of course I have thoughts.
How could I not?

- Would you share
them with us?

- Sure.

I'm wondering why anyone cares
what my thoughts are.

Sure as hell didn't care
when my husband was drunk

and beat me or when
my father-in-law raped me.

No, it wasn't until
I killed my daughter,

till I did something horrific
that what I think matters.

All I wanted was for
someone to pay attention,

and now that
you finally are,

I see that my life then
or now isn't worth shit.

Oh, if I say shit,
you can't use this, right?

I'm not supposed to say
shit on the air, am I?

- Aren't you curious to know

who got Shirley
pregnant here in Oz?

- No.

[bell chiming]


It's time.

- Good morning, sugar.

- How you doing?

- Woke up with
a crick in my neck.

Must've been sleeping funny.

- Maybe it's stress.

- In any case, the hanging'll
take care of the crick.

- What'd I--
what'd I miss?

- Nothing yet, Natalie.

- And Miles is sleeping?

- Yeah.

- The man has no sense
of propriety.

So, uh...

so what'd you have
for your final meal?

- Nice Slimfast milkshake.

Girl's got to
protect her figure,

even if she's a corpse.

[metal clangs]

- Ready?

- Quite.

Sorry to get you up
so early, Father.

Warden, Officer Lopresti
has been coming to my cell

every night and fucking me.

- That's a lie!

- You and I will talk later.

- Yes, sir.

[whispers] Bitch.

- Speaking of that,

would you mind
solving a mystery for me?

- If I can.

- When you got pregnant
here in Oz,

who was the father?

Was it Lopresti?
- Oh, no.

He wasn't working
death watch then.

My lover was Satan
in the form of a man.

- Which man?

- A lady never reveals
such secrets.

But I'll give you a hint.

Neither rain nor snow...

Good-bye, Moses.

- So long, Shirley.

- See you around, kiddo.

Save me a seat
at the beauty salon.

- The Lord is my shepherd...

together: I shall not want.

He makes me lie
down in green pastures.

He leads me
beside still waters.

He restores my soul.

together: He guides me in
the paths of righteousness

for his name's sake.

Even though I walk
through the Valley

of the shadow of death,

I will fear no evil.

- [crunching]

both continue:
You prepare a table before me

in the presence of mine enemies.

You anoint my head with oil.

[praying silently]

- And I will dwell in
the house of the Lord forever.

- Amen.

[dark music]

♪ ♪

- [whispers] No.
No, no.

Uh, I changed my mind.

I don't want to die
this way.

I don't want to die.
- It's too late.

- No, you--
- Shirley!

- No, please, please!

No, no, no, please!


No, no, no, please, please!

Oh, God, oh, God,
not yet, not yet!

Not yet, not yet!


Oh, sweet heaven.

Oh, sweet Jesus.

I'm sorry for all I've done.

Please, please, please,
intercede for me now.

Oh, sweet Jesus.

Help me, sweet Jesus.
Help me, sweet Lord.


I'm sorry for
all I've done.

Please, please, please
intercede for me now.

Oh, sweet Jesus.
Oh, help me, Mary, Jesus.

- [sobbing]

- Hey, Sister.

Can I have her mirror?

- Sure.

- I'm the next one to die,
you know.

- Yes.

I know.

- The final act of mercy,
to bury the dead,

to pray for the dead
and the living.

We are merciful,

not just for
humanitarian reasons.

We are merciful because
we ourselves want to be saved.

God expects mercy from us.

God demands it.

And how much mercy
does he show us?

"Kyrie eleison"...

That means Lord have mercy.

Christ have mercy.