Oz (1997–2003): Season 4, Episode 3 - The Bill of Wrongs - full transcript

Glynn learns from Adebisi that he was given the gun by former C.O. Hughes. Morales enlists Rebadow's help in taking Hernandez's place in the drug ring run by Adebisi and Pancamo. Mobay finds himself in a dangerous position.

[TV static drones]

[bright tone]

[tense jazzy music]

♪ ♪

- The Bill of Rights,

those first ten amendments
to the Constitution?

We invented them, us,

the U.S. of A.

Before our Founding Fathers
dipped their quills

into the inkwell
and wrote the Bill of Rights,

no other country
had ever defined

a government's responsibility
to its people.

The prime
responsibility being

to preserve liberty.


Of course,
there are those

who take all kinds
of liberties with liberty.

- Sometime yesterday
before 5:00,

two inmates escaped
through a tunnel

under the southeast wall
of the prison.

Miguel Alvarez,
30s, Latino,

and Agamemnon Busmalis,
50s, Caucasian,

are not believed
to be armed.

Alvarez is, however,
considered dangerous.

- Alvarez!

- I want to assure
the public

that there is
a coordinated effort

by Warden Glynn's staff,

the local police department,
and state troopers

to locate and apprehend
these criminals.

- Warden Glynn!
- Warden Glynn.

- Warden Glynn,
how long did it take

for them to dig this tunnel?

- I wouldn't know.

- Can we assume the digging
took more than a day?

- Yes.
- More than a week?

- Yes.
- And how can your staff

not have known
what was going on?

- Busmalis
is a low-risk prisoner

who demonstrates
no aggressive tendencies

and so was given
slightly more freedom than,

in retrospect,
he should have.

- You say Alvarez
is dangerous?

- He has a history
of violence,

but he's been
under medication

to control
that kind of behavior.

- Hey, Hernandez,

look like you missed your
chance to kill Alvarez, huh?

- Adebisi, you'd better
shut the fuck up, man.

[tense percussive tones]

- [chuckles]

- Those goddamn reporters.

- You handled yourself
well, Leo,

all things considered.

- Well, I appreciate
your standing by me.

- People love
a prison break.

It's sexy, exciting.

- But in the end,

they want the escapees

- We know where
their families are,

who their friends are.

We're watching
every plane, train,

and highway in the state.

We'll get them.

- I hope so,

because if we don't,

your chances of becoming
lieutenant governor are zero.

♪ ♪

- You had no idea

Busmalis was working
on a tunnel?

- No.

The truth is,
I'm a little hurt

that he didn't ask me
to go with him.

- Alvarez never talked
to you about escaping?

- When?

He's in Solitary.
Then he's in the hospital.

- Come on, Hernandez,

you hate Alvarez
as much as I do.

Help me
bring him back.

- I don't know dick.

[gate buzzes]

- Yo.

♪ ♪

- I want word out
on the street.

When Alvarez
shows his face,

I want his fucking
heart ripped out

and shoved up
his fucking ass.

- El Cid.

- Go.

- Alvarez...

I kill you.

I kill you, Alvarez.
- No, Papi!

- I kill you! I kill you!
- No, Papi!

- Yo, Adebisi,
feeling cocky today?

- [laughs]


- Yeah, you won't be
feeling so fucking cocky

after I talk
to the hacks.

- About what?

- About you giving
the French guy the gun.


Warden wants to know
how Frenchy killed four guys.


I tell him it was you
that was responsible,

they're gonna ship your
kokolo ass to Death Row, bro.

- Tell them it was me,

I tell them
it was you, Papi.

- Hey, that's fine.
We'll see who he believes.

- So Adebisi gave the gun
to Tarrant?

- Yeah, he wanted a white man
to shoot a black man.

- Why?
- Why?

Stir things up.

- One last question.

Who did Adebisi
get the gun from?

[tense music]

♪ ♪

Step out.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

- Hughes.

- Hughes?

Clayton Hughes?

- The day you fired him
as a CO.

- Oh...fuck!


- Leo, what's up?

You called,
said come right over.

- [sighs]

Look at you.

Like a Zulu.

- What's this about?

- Right there.

Right fucking there.

- Yeah, I know.
That's where my dad died.

- Stabbed...by an inmate.

- A white inmate.

- Clayton,

I'm gonna ask you

and I want you
to tell me,

on your father's soul,

the absolute truth.

- Yes, I gave
Adebisi the gun.

Feel better?

- No.

- I knew the minute I heard
your voice on the phone

that you knew
what I had done.

Because of me, four people
are dead, four black people.

- Shut up.
- No, Leo--

- Don't say any more!
- Listen to me.

- Don't say another
goddamn word.

Officer Mineo.

Look, we're gonna
get you a lawyer,

and until then, I don't want you
saying anything to anybody.

You understand?
- I am guilty.

- Clayton, I'm trying
to protect you.

- Hey, Clayton,
how you doing?

- Arrest him.

- What?

- I said
arrest him.

♪ ♪

- Yes, Hughes
gave me the gun.

- And you gave it
to Tarrant?

- No.

Look, the cocksucker

stole the weapon from my cell.

- Take him to the Hole.

♪ ♪

- Cabrón.

- [spits]

- [spits]

- Prisoner number 00M871,

Enrique Morales,

convicted April 6, 2000,

murder in the second degree.

Sentence: 25 years!

Up for parole in 15.

- Hernandez,
Adebisi, and me

have been partners
selling tits.

- This, I know.

- Hernandez is having
some kind of nervous breakdown.

- This, I also know.

- We don't want a partner
who's, uh, loco.

You come with cred,

so we're offering you
Hernandez's third.

- If I waste him?

- Yes.
Do it quietly.

And soon.

♪ ♪

- May I come in?
- Well--

- I won't hurt you, sir.

I'm not like
Hernandez or Guerra.

They're spics,
old-school thugs.

Me, I'm a businessman.

I like Armani suits.
I surf the net.

- Really?

- I have a proposition
for you.

- Really?

- Raoul Hernandez
must be killed,

but he's so paranoid,

he won't let
anybody near him.

I need the person
he would suspect the least

to finish him off.

And that, Mr. Rebadow,

is you.

- Me?
I can't kill anyone.

- You did once before,
and that's why you're here.

- No, I won't do it.

- Well, you see, sir,

this really isn't
a multiple choice.

You kill him,
or I kill you.

It's that simple.

- I can go into
protective custody.

- For the rest
of your life?

It's pretty lonely
up there.

I would hate to think of you
spending your twilight years

mumbling to yourself.

- But if I kill

I go to Solitary
or Death Row.

- No, no, no, no.

Here's the beauty part.

We get you moved
into Hernandez's cell.

I'll handle
the arrangements.

And in the middle
of the night,

you stick him
in the neck,

just like you did
that guy 35 years ago.

You yell for help

and say that Hernandez
was attacking you.

- That I killed him
in self-defense.

- Exactly.

Such a sweet old fella.

Who's gonna doubt
your word?

So do we have a deal?

- What do I get
in return?

- Anything you want.

- Okay, I'll kill him.

[gate buzzes]

- I've known Raoul Hernandez
for many years,

and he's changed--
not for the better.

- Sure is quieter

- He's edgy, dangerous.

- And you suggest?

- He needs
a calming influence.

Someone like, say...


- Hmm.

♪ ♪

- It's not my fault.
I didn't ask to move in here.

- I know.

We have no say.

So how many years
you been here in Oz?

- 35, give or take a day.

- That's about as long
as I've been in prison.

All my life,
in and out.

35 years,
and what do we get?

- Get?

- Yeah, I mean, ain't we
supposed to get something

out of being
locked up?

- No, I don't
think so.

- You know, I wanna
see Alvarez dead.

I don't know why.

You know, it's like, um,

one of those
reflexes you get

when they tap you
in the knee

and your leg jumps up.

What's your first name, viejo?


- Bob.

- Oh, Bob.

Go to sleep, Bob.

Go to sleep, Bob.


[knock at door]

- Yeah?

- We got him, Warden.

- Bring the bastard in.

- Yes, sir.

Bring him in.

[chains rattling]

- Ow.

Hi, Warden.

- Busmalis,
good to see you.

- Likewise.

These cuffs
are very tight.

- Well, you're gonna have

to endure the pain
a little longer.

You and me
are going on TV.

- Really?
How do I look?

- Busmalis was found
stalking the home

of Miss Whitney Allen,

who plays Miss Sally on
the popular children's show

"Miss Sally's Schoolyard."

- Any sign of the other
escapee, Alvarez?

- No, but we're
closing in on him.

[reporters clamoring]

police radio chatter]

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

[tense music]

♪ ♪

- [screaming]

[both yelling]

- [stops yelling]

- [yelling]

- "No person
shall be held to answer

"for any capital
or otherwise infamous crime

unless under presentment
or indictment of grand jury."

Now, that's part of Article Five
of the Bill of Rights.

The first two articles
get all the press.

You know,
freedom of speech,

freedom of religion,
the gun thing.

But Article Five, baby,

that's the one
you gotta cling to

when they slap on
them cuffs.

"No person shall be compelled
in any criminal case

"to be witness
against himself

"nor deprived
of life, liberty,

or property
without due process of law."

Deprived of life.

- [breathing heavily]

♪ ♪

- Out of the Hole

- Yeah.

- You missed
all the fun.

- You know, Hernandez's
murder only helps us.

Now we can go to Glynn
and tell him

that Murphy can't control
Emerald City

any better than McManus

and that Glynn has to hire
a black man for the job.

- We tried that
and got nowhere.

The more we push Glynn
in one direction,

the more resistant
he gets.

- Then we have to apply
pressure from the outside.

We get community leaders
to pressure him.

- We don't know
any community leaders.

- Said does.

- No, not Said.

He won't get involved.

- Have faith,
Muslim, eh?

Have faith.

You are looking good.

I need your help.


Let me ask you,

do you agree that life
would be better

if a black man
ran Emerald City?

- That depends
upon the black man.

- Let's say you
get to help pick.

- Now, why would Glynn
let me do that?

- Because you
have influence.

- I know the man
that I would choose

would not be
your choice.

- Are you sure?

- Yes, because you are looking
to manipulate someone.

- And you are not?

- Don't play me,

I know you're
up to something.

- You and me,
we have different ways,

different reasons
for what we do, okay.

But our goal
is the same:

the survival
of our people.

- Jama'a.

- We appreciate you taking
the time to see us, Warden.

- I'm always open to input
from the community.

- Actually,
we're concerned about

the most recent incident
of racial tension

that has culminated
in the deaths

of several

- We believe
that your decision

to fire Tim McManus as
unit director of Emerald City

will only help ease
the situation.

- This murder last night,
a white man killed a Latino?

- That wasn't
racially motivated.

- Even so, we believe
the man that you have

running Emerald City

isn't any more qualified
than McManus.

- What we're interested in
is this.

Who do you plan
to replace McManus with

on a permanent basis?

- Well, I'm going over
a number of applicants.

- Obviously, we know
you'll select the best man.

We simply ask you that,
if possible,

you choose
a person of color.

- Ah.

- We believe that many
mistakes were made

because McManus didn't have
enough experience

dealing with men
from the inner cities.

- I see.

- We hear that you
may be running

as Devlin's
lieutenant governor.

We would certainly consider
throwing our support behind you

if we knew that you were
sympathetic to our concerns.

- The truth is,
I am thinking about

hiring a black man
for the job,

maybe a black woman.

- That's excellent news.

- I'm not making
any promises.

- Of course not.

Whoever's most qualified.

- Absolutely.


[buzzer blaring]

[bell ringing]

- Mobay?


Yo, man.
- Yeah, man?

- Yo, man,
you move my chair?

How many times I gotta
fucking tell you

don't move my chair?

- I had to pee
last night.

- I don't give a shit
about you peeing!

Look, man, all day,
I got people fucking with me,

all right, jumping on the back
of my chair and shit!

I don't need you
fucking with me too!

- Okay, okay.

I'm sorry
I moved the chair.

- It's all right.

♪ ♪

- I finished
typing your speech

for the Downtown
Businessman's Association.

- Oh, yeah?

What'd you think?

- Cut it by half.

- Oh.

- I've been summoned.

- Summoned?

- To meet with Adebisi,
Pancamo, and Morales.

They'd asked for the name
of a Jamaican drug dealer

they could check with
about me.

I gave them
Nesta Parks.

We busted Parks
four years ago.

Now he's up for parole.

Knows we'll lean
on the board

if he says
the right things.

- Well, I guess he did.

- Yeah, well, I doubt
it's my last hurdle.

Our merry little trio
will probably want

to share some heroin
with me.

- You know, as a law
enforcement officer,

you're not allowed
to use drugs.

- Don't worry.
We have ways of faking it.

Usually the perps are
so fucked up themselves,

they don't even notice.

- Even so,
from here on,

it's gonna get
a lot more dangerous.

- You worried
about me, Warden?

- No, I just don't
want to have

to break in
another new assistant.

By half, huh?

- At least.

- Where is he?

- He's coming.

- I don't like

- You don't like

So far,
you check out.

- There are
a few more steps

you gotta take before
you can gain our friendship.

- You could be
an undercover cocksucker,

but undercover cocksuckers
aren't allowed to use drugs.

Now, we know you've been
buying a lot of product,

but no one's ever
seen you use the stuff.

♪ ♪

- Enjoy.

- We wanna see it
go up your nose.

- [sniffs]

♪ ♪

- More.

- More.

- More.

- Hey, man.
You okay?


Yo, Mobay, you--


Mobay, look--oh!

Yo, you got
a serious problem, bro.

Yo, man, look at me.

Look, I know
where you at, right?

I don't a whole share
of that shit.

We gotta get you
some help, man, all right?

- Shakedown, shakedown!

[buzzer blaring]

- Stand up.

- Everybody in front
of their cells!

♪ ♪

[dog snarls]

- You, out!

[dog barking]

- "The right of the people
to be secure in their person,

"houses, papers,
and effects

"against unreasonable
searches and seizures

"shall not be violated.

"And no warrants shall issue
but upon probable cause,

"supported by oath
or affirmation,

"and particularly

"the place to be searched

"and the person or things

to be seized."

♪ ♪

[dog barks and whines]

♪ ♪

- What's this, Hill?

- I don't know.
Looks like drugs.

- Those are mine.

- No kidding.

To the Hole.

♪ ♪

- Whoa!


[inmates jeering]

[gate buzzes]

- [gasping and coughing]

- Leave us.

Hey, you okay?

- Momentary setback.

I'll be fine.

♪ ♪

- All right, Cramer.

Meet me later
in the library.

As-salaam alaikum.

- Is the rumor true?

You gonna defend

- Yes, I am.

- I forbid it.

- You forbid it?

- You swore you wouldn't
challenge me.

- Over leadership, Arif.

I did not say that I would
subjugate my actions

to your will.

[buzzer blares]

- Harley versus the State.

A black man's life sentence
was overturned

when it was discovered
that the judge

presiding over the trial

was an active member
of the Ku Klux Klan.

- So you think
'cause a juror at my trial

made antigay remarks,

I might get set free?

- Let's just say, at best,
you can hope for a new trial.

- Excuse me, Said.

I just heard the news
on the TV.

Our lawsuit, we won.

- What?

- The jury decided
that the state was responsible

for the deaths and injuries
caused after the riot.

- They say how much money
we're gonna be getting?

- The amount won't be
announced until next week,

but the newscaster said

it could be
the full $45 million.

- Oh, fuck, yes! Nice!

- Great news, huh?

- That's very good.

Now, if you'll
excuse me,

Jason and I
are working.

- Yeah, okay.

- Now, where was I?

Yes, Harley versus the State.

- I thought you'd be happy.

- I am happy.

- Kareem, Arnie Zelman
says that we could get

upwards of $250,000 each
from the settlement.

- [chuckles softly]

- I've decided I'm gonna
take the money

and start again.

- Well, that's terrific.

- I hate my job.

I hate my apartment.

I hate everything
about living in town.

I'm moving to California.

- California?

- The only thing
I'll miss here is you.

And even this,
my visits here,

seem wrong.

'Cause we can never
be intimate

the way I know
in my heart we should.

I love you, Kareem.

And I know you love me.

And I know why
you can't say it,

but please,

just this once,

please say it.

Tell me you love me.

- No.

This will make
your leaving


for both of us.

- Hello, Minister.
- Mr. Fortunato.

My client,
Jason Cramer.

- Hey.
- Yeah, how ya doing?

Congrats on winning that
lawsuit against the state.

- Thank you.

- All rise
for Judge Mason Koessler.

Be seated.

- All right, gentlemen,

I have read the motion
by the plaintiff.

I am ready
to hear arguments.

- Your Honor,

Jason Cramer is a homosexual.

But he was not
on trial for that.

He was on trial for
murder in the first degree,

kidnapping, assault
with a dangerous instrument.

Now, a juror,
a Mr. Christopher Jacobs,

during the jury's

made continuous defamatory
statements to the others

regarding Mr. Cramer's
sexual orientation.

- I did not go on
and on and on.

I made a couple
of simple statements.

Every one of those people
on the jury agreed with me.

- And was one of those
simple statements,

"This should not take long,"

that "he was a fag,"

that "all fags
should be dead"?

- I don't know if I said
those words exactly.

- Before you heard
any other evidence,

any other witnesses,

how were you gonna vote?

- Guilty.

- Mr. Cramer.

- Yes, Your Honor?

- Your lawyers
should never have allowed

Christopher Jacobs
a seat in the jury box.

That was their mistake.

Normally, I would
chalk it up to bad luck

on your part
and wish you well,

but there was a judge
presiding at your trial,

and he should never have
allowed Jacobs to serve.

And for that reason,
and for that reason only,

I am going to grant
your motion for a new trial.

- Yeah!

- Your Honor,
Your Honor--

- You can whine to me,

on the way back to town.

- Thanks.

- "In all
criminal prosecutions,

"the accused
shall enjoy the right

"to a speedy
and public trial

"by an impartial jury,

"to be confronted with
the witnesses against him,

and to have the assistance
of counsel for his defense."

[inmates cheering]

[tense music]

♪ ♪

- I suffocated
Antonio Nappa.

- The mob boss?
- One and the same.

- That took balls.
- Not really.

I killed him at the behest
of Mr. Chucky Pancamo.

- Pancamo wanted
to take over?

- I don't know
the politics, honey.

I just got
the job done.

[buzzer blares]

- Lights out.

♪ ♪

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Let's get rid of this.

[both moaning]

- Zeke Bellinger,
the ex-husband

of condemned prisoner
Shirley Bellinger,

has requested
that after the execution,

the state hand her body
over to him

for burial beside
their slain daughter.

- Hey, rumor has it
that Shirley Bellinger

wanted to be buried
in an unmarked grave.

- So why's he going
against her wishes?

- I hear hubby went born again
after the drowning.

- Hello, Shirley.

- Zeke, you're
looking very thin.

That new wife
not feeding you?

- Patsy's a singer.
She don't have time to cook.

- Singer, huh?

- A chanteuse.

- My, my, lucky you.

She pregnant?

- We decided
not to have kids.

- She afraid what it
might do to her figure?

Might ruin that
chanteusing career?

- No, I just wouldn't
be able to survive

losing another child.

- I want to be buried
in an unmarked grave.

- No, it's wrong.

- All the years
we were married,

you never did
one thing I asked.

Do this.
- No.

- I wanna be
lost in oblivion.

- It's too late for that,
Shirley. You're infamous.

- I don't understand.

I'd think you wouldn't want me
buried anywhere near Katie.

- Well, you see,
you're wrong,

'cause I forgive you.

- You forgive me?

- Took me all this time
to get my heart in place,

but Reverend Kney,
he's been very helpful to me,

praying with me,
praise the Lord!

- You forgive me?

- Yes.

- What makes you think

I want your fucking

- Now, Shirley,
don't cuss.

- You come in here
all high and mighty

deciding to free me
of my guilt?

Well, Zeke,
I don't feel guilty.

I did what I had to do,
and unlike you,

at least my balls
were big enough.


You came to console me?

Well, I got a little
consolation prize

for you, darling.

You and the chanteuse
ought to go ahead

and have yourselves
another child,

because when Katie died,

you didn't lose a child.

She wasn't yours.

- What?

- Your father raped me.

That child was his seed.

- Goddamn you!

- I'm gonna put this
under my pillow tonight,

wait for the tooth fairy
to come.

- Yeah, I need that
by Friday.

I'm dead serious.
All right, thanks.

- And the money.

- You know, Nikolai,

I figure since
we made our peace pact

and now that
we're comrades and all

that you wouldn't be charging me
to use the cell phone.

- Just because we're not
trying to kill each other

doesn't mean
you get a free ride.

- You know, Nikolai,

you and I are the only two
who know about this phone.

I could tell a few people,
and they could take it away.

- If the hacks
confiscate my phone,

you won't be able
to use it.

- Who said I was
gonna tell the hacks?

- I'm real busy here,

so whatever you want,
make it fast and make it good.

- Ralph Gulino.
- What about him?

- I don't know, don't it
strike you odd that he's dead?

- Odd?
Why odd?

- Well, 'cause on the outside,
he had no history of using.

- Well, a lot of guys
who were clean outside

get hooked in Oz.

- Yeah, but not Gulino.

I mean, he and I
became friendly.

He was here, like,
what, a week

and he goes
from zero tolerance to OD?

- O'Reily, I'm not big
on Morse code.

Just tell me
what you wanna tell me.

- I got nothing to tell.

I don't know why anybody
would wanna grease Gulino,

but I do know he was having
some run-ins with Stanislofsky.

- Run-ins about what?

- You'd have to ask

- [scoffs]
Get the fuck out of my office.

Come on.

- You're here because you're
concerned about Ryan O'Reily.

- Well, the other day,
I saw him unwrap his bandage

and hit his hand
repeatedly against the sink,

causing it to bleed.

- Really?

- I'm worried about him.

He's self-destructive,
perhaps even suicidal.

You should examine him,

put him in isolation,
by himself.

- Mm.

I have to tell you,

I'm a tad suspicious
of your motives.

In my experience,
every time a prisoner

shows genuine concern
for another prisoner,

he usually
has an agenda.

- [speaking Russian]

- You wanna run that
past me again?

- [yells in Russian]

- That Stanislofsky guy's
been talking shit about you.

- Stan who?

- The Russian guy.

- What do I care about him?

He's just
a nothing nobody.

- Uh-uh.

Those Russian mobsters,
they're crafty, Adebisi.

They're crafty
and they're cold-blooded.

He came to me asking
if I'd help him

make a move
against you.

- Yeah?
Let him try.

- Oh, I'm just warning you,
that's all.

- Go away, O'Reily.

- No problem.

- [speaking Russian]

- I love it
when he talks like that.

What's shaking, man?

- Ryan O'Reily.

He knows we killed Gulino.

He swears
to get revenge.

- O'Reily and Gulino,
that don't add up.

They weren't
in business together.

They weren't
fucking each other.

So why the fuck

would O'Reily give a shit
about Gulino?

- I'm telling you
what I heard.

We should take care
of O'Reily

before he comes at us.

- If we whack
O'Reily now,

the whole joint
goes back on lockdown.

No way. We wait.

- Hoyt, listen to me.

- What, all of a sudden,
you don't understand English?

We wait.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah,
no, tomorrow's great.

Okay, thanks, bye.

Here you go, pal.

- Anytime, my friend.

- Yeah.

Cyril, stop
playing around.

- I'm not
playing around.

- Well, then wash
behind your ears.

- Nobody can see
behind my ears.

- Listen, Cyril,

today's the day that we're
meeting with Dr. Nathan

and her husband's
parents, okay?

- I know that.

- Come on, you gotta take
this stuff seriously, man.

- I am.

- Well, then wash behind
your ears, all right?

- Okay.
- Right there.

- Gloria,
you seem anxious.

- No, I'm fine.

- Well, I'm anxious.

I know, we've been
preparing for weeks,

and Sister Peter Marie
feels we're all ready, but...

I'm not sure what
my first reaction will be.

I'm afraid I might
just want to clobber them.

- Lars, they're
half your age.

They'll clobber you.

- Oh, well, even so.

- We can still cancel,
you know?

- No, we've
come this far.

Let's see
the saga through.

- I still
can't understand

how you can keep
working here.

- How's your hand?

- Oh, it's fine.

- Didn't you have
to go to the hospital?

- No, it was nothing, you know,
a little bleeding.

The wound reopened.

- Mm-hmm.
I heard you reopened it.

- Really?
Where'd you hear that?

- Some people
are self-destructive,

but not you.

I can guess why
you did what you did.

I can even
maybe guess why

you're going
into this interaction

with the Nathans now.

- Well, I'm here to cure
Cyril of his nightmares,

that's all.

- Listen, Ryan,
I've told you this before.

I am not going
to take you in there

if you intend to cause Gloria
and Preston's parents more pain,

because by professing
your love for Gloria,

you will cause more pain.

- I know, but I promised you,
didn't I?

- Okay.

[snaps fingers]

Lars and Patricia Nathan,

Ryan and Cyril O'Reily.

- [shrieks]

- I'm sorry.

- No, no, no,
I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

- A child dies
of a disease,

in war,

hell, gets hit
by a crosstown bus,

somehow you can
convince yourself

his death makes sense.

But this...

It was so premeditated,

so cold-blooded.

- I was behind him,

so I couldn't
see his eyes.

If I had seen
his eyes...

I don't know if
I could have kept going.

- I keep thinking
about the future.

Gloria and Preston
were almost ready

to have children.

My grandchildren.

I hate you for taking them
away from me!

- You can blame me
and Cyril all you want

for not having

but the truth is,

you're just
fooling yourselves.

- Shut up.

- No, let him finish.

- The marriage between
Gloria and your son,

it was over.

- Is this true?
- No.

- Liar.
- Ryan.

- We were having
some problems.

- She had an affair
with Tim McManus.

- All right,
that's enough!

You speak one more time
without my asking you,

I'm shutting down
the session.

- You had an affair?

- Preston and I
were separated briefly.

- Well,
he never told us.

- We wanted to work it
out ourselves

without any

- Interference?
He was our son!

And because of you,
he's lying in the ground!

- Patricia.

- Well, but it's true,
isn't it?

Because of what went on
between her and him,

Preston's dead!

- This is what
you wanted, isn't it?

To get us fighting
with each other.

- No.
- Yes.

You always have
some plan, O'Reily,

some secret agenda.

- Not this time!

Unlike you,
I never made it a secret!

I love you!
- Stop it!

- I always will,
and that will never change!

- Officers!
- No, let him say it!

Let him try
and convince himself.

you have ever done

for your entire life,

you've only done
for yourself.

You don't know
how to love.

I'm leaving.

I'll call you later.

- Once something's bad,
it can never get good.


- Yeah, yeah.

I need it done
by tonight.

Yeah, I'm serious.

Okay, all right.

- Who were you talking to?
- Nobody.

Let's go watch
"Miss Sally."

[inmates yelling]

- [snoring]

♪ ♪

- You're shittin' me.

- No, I heard it from
Timmy Kirk this morning.

- Hey, who's
this spic Morales?

- Yo, O'Reily,
you hear the news?

- About what?

- Dr. Nathan.

Last night on her
way home from work,

she got raped.

- Raped?
- Yeah.

- Huh.

- Article Eight:

"Excessive bail
shall not be required

"nor excessive fines imposed

"nor cruel and unusual

Cruel and unusual.

In Oz, cruel is
the usual punishment.

- Sister, what happened
to Gloria fucking sucks.

- Yeah, it's terrible.

- Before we begin,

have you heard any more
about how Chris is doing?

- No.

- Rumor has it
he'll be back in Oz today,

though he'll be
spending some time

in the hospital ward.

- Where'd you hear that?

- My sister.

She's a doctor
over at Benchley Memorial.

- Your sister's
a doctor?

- Yeah.

- What's she practice,

- Hey, can we get
started, please?

Poet, since you're
in such a talkative mood,

why don't you do
the kickoff?

- Okay, I wrote a poem.

Fear not love
loosen its hooks

from its sheath
and capture you

in its painfully
seductive grasp.

Fear not the blood
that oozes from your wounds

and holds your patience
to task.

Fear not the tearing
sounds of passion

as they rip apart
the feelings at the start.

Fear not the fainting
pulse of heartbeat,

for that, that is
the very best part.

- Hi, Padre.

- You asked to see me?

- You know I got shot.

You know I died?

During surgery.

They brought me back
from the dead twice.

Now, you come nose-to-nose
with death like that,

you begin to see things

- Are you telling me
that you've changed?

- Sister Peter Marie okay?

- Yes.

- I don't mean physically.
I mean here.

You know I fucked
with that woman.

I enjoy sex.
Don't you?

I bet you were wild.

I wanted her
to help me with Beecher.

Now I hear she's thinking
of quitting the convent,

and, well, I wanna do something
to make it up to her.

- Well, Chris,
even you would admit

that your credibility's
pretty low.

- Look,

there's no--there's no reason
for you or her to believe me,

but I gotta try.

I gotta try
to make her see

that I know that
what I did was wrong.

I don't wanna burn in hell.

- What do you
want me to do?

- Have Sister Pete
come visit me.

- Pete?

- Hi.

- I just came from visiting
Chris Keller.

- How is he?

- He's back
in full force.

He says that he wants
to talk to you.

- Well, I don't
wanna talk to him.

- Tobias,
maybe you should go.

- No, we have
work to do.

Stay where you are, Tobias.

- Pete, he seems
full of remorse.

How genuine that is
is tough to gauge,

but if it's true--

- It's not true.

Chris Keller
is a manipulative,

sociopathic liar.

I won't go see him.

- Well, what if he
really needs you,


- That's too bad.

- Let me go.

- Tobias, no.

- Look, I know
better than you

the hurt he can cause,

but still,
I love him.

- Take this
to Dr. Prestopnik.


[tense percussive tones]

♪ ♪

- [chuckles]


- Hey.

- Beecher, what are you
doing in here?

- I came to drop off a file
to Dr. Prestopnik.

- Where's the file?

- It's on his desk.

- Well, if you delivered it,
take a walk.

- Yeah, I just...

- I don't give a shit.

Take a walk.

- I'll see you later.

- Now, that was such
a touching moment.

I'm gonna write
about it in my diary.

- Where do you think
you're going?

- I have information.
- Mm.

- Mr. Schillinger,

I'm the altar boy
for Father Mukada at Mass.

When I'm in the office
changing out of vestments,

sometimes I overhear things.

This is primo stuff.

- About what?

- About you.

- What do you want
in return?

- This guy in my unit,
Stan Butwin,

stole my watch.

- Done.

What do you got?

- Your son Hank,

I know who paid
to have him found

and arranged
to have him see you.

- Who?


- Hey, don't forget
my watch, will you?

- Doesn't make any sense.

Why would Beecher pay
to find your son?

- This is some
plan of his,

some double-dealing plan
to fuck with me.

He's gonna use Hank
against me,

the same way he did
with Andrew.

- What are you
gonna do?

- Take the offensive.

Look, I know I was tough
on you and your brother

growing up,
but you gotta understand,

when your mom died,

I had to raise you
all by myself.

I'd drop you off
at school,

same one
I went to,

only it turned
into a shithole.

Niggers and gangs, drugs.

If I was hard,
it was only to protect you.

- Yeah, I know that, Dad.

- Do you?
- Yeah.

I'm not like Andrew,

blaming you for all
the fucked-up shit in his life.

I know you did
the best you could.

- Thank you, son.

- You've gotten so huggy, man.

- Listen, I want you
to do something for me.

- Do something?

- Yeah, a mission.

- A crime.

- Yes.

- How much?

- How much what?

- How much cash?
- Cash?

- You want the crime,
you gotta pay the dime.

- $1,000.

- I'm all yours, Daddy.

- Here's what
I need you to do.

- Beecher?
- Yeah?

- Come with me.
- Where?

- Warden Glynn's office.

- What's the warden want
to see me for?

- All he said was for me
to get you, so, uh,

move your ass.

- [laughs]

Oh, fuck.

Holy shit,
what's wrong?

- Sit down.

- Tobias, there's no
easy way to say this.

- Well,
then just say it.

- Your son and daughter
have been kidnapped.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- No. No. No.


- The Declaration
of Independence says

that we are, all of us,
due certain rights,

the most important
being life, liberty,

and the pursuit
of happiness.

I mean, and isn't that
what it's all about?

Life, liberty...

- [screams]

- Happiness.

[bright tone]