Oz (1997–2003): Season 4, Episode 13 - Blizzard of '01 - full transcript

O'Reily is in for a surprise when a visitor reveals the truth about his past, while Cyril faces trouble for his difficult behavior. Meanwhile, Morales and Redding lay out plans that could lead to all-out war in Em City.

[TV static drones]

[bright tone]

[tense jazzy music]

♪ ♪

- A blizzard is coming,

Heaps and heaps of snow
will fall from the sky

and bury everything:

sidewalks, cars, houses.

The ground will grow frozen
and slippery.


But here in Oz,

we're oblivious
to the weather outside.

Here in Oz,
we're all toasty,

cozy, and warm.

[owl hooting, bird chirping]

♪ ♪

[bell ringing]

[gate buzzes]

- Fuck.

Cyril, hey, you okay?

- My hair is changing back.

- Oh, shit.

Look at that.

- And my skin.

I'm not wrinkled.

[pounding on cell]
- Let's go, let's go.

- Well, none of the other
nine prisoners

show any long-term
or adverse effects

when taking the drug.

Since we've stopped
the testing,

their bodies have been
reversing back to normal.

- Oh, thank God.

- Morning.

- Morning.
- Coffee ready?

- Yeah.

- Great.

Hope we're not
running low.

Weather Channel says
a big storm's a-brewing.

With our luck, we'll get
snowed in with no java.

Any word on how
McManus is doing?

- Yeah, I stopped by
the hospital on my way here.

Uh, he's in great spirits.

Dr. Nasca says he's doing well,
and he should be back next week.

- Good.

- Wow,
great news all around.

♪ ♪

- Dr. Nathan.

Jeffrey Seitz.

- What can I do for you,
Mr. Seitz?

- I'm an attorney
at Downing, McNally, Adema.

The Weigert Corporation
has retained my firm

to handle all
the litigation

regarding the so-called
aging pill.

- Litigation?

- The family of the prisoner
who died, Fred Wick,

is suing for $25 million.

You're named as
a co-defendant.

- Wait, I am?

- Relax.

I'm confident that the Wicks
will settle out of court.

The more serious problem

is the State Medical
Board of Ethics,

a decidedly
less-predictable group.

They want to
hold a hearing

to determine if there was
any malpractice on your part

during the drug testing.

- You mean--

- Yes, you could lose
your medical license.

♪ ♪

[distant gate closes]

♪ ♪

[reporters clamoring]

- The Weigert Corporation says
you mishandled the experiment.

[clamoring continues]

- 15 inches of snow
over the next three days,

with a temperature below zero
and winds at 30 miles per hour,

the morning commute
will be havoc...

- O'Reily...

- A travel advisory
has been issued...

- You got a visitor.

- Who?

- I don't know, some broad.

♪ ♪

- Who are you?

- My name is
Suzanne Fitzgerald.

- Do we know each other?

- Yes, but we haven't
seen each other

since you were
a very small child.

- Look, lady, I'm not
real big on nostalgia, so...

what do you want?

- Ryan, I came because I have
something to tell you,

and it's something
I think you're gonna find

impossible to understand.

- Try me.

- I'm your mother.

- My mother's dead.

- No.
I'm your real mother.

The woman that you
thought was your--

- My mother's dead!

- Well, finally!

- Jesus, damn it.

- I feel like you've been
in there since Halloween.

- Hey, I got a lot
on my mind.

- Like I give a shit.

- You know, Howell,
you are such a cunt.

- Look at us arguing like
an old married couple.

You know, O'Reily,
that's the problem.

The thrill is gone.

- Meaning what?

What, what, we're--
we're through?

- Yep, time for me to move on
to greener pastures.

- Oh, I'm just heartbroken.

♪ ♪

[cart rattling]

- About time.

I'm starving.

- Alvin, all you do
all day is eat.

- So, what?

I'm supposed to preserve
my girlish figure?

- Hughes, food's here.

- Fuck you.

- Hello there, blondie.

You afraid of me?

You don't need to
be afraid of me.

I'm good friends
with your brother.

I'd like to be
good friends with you, too.

♪ ♪

- You can't do that to me!

Get off me!

[grunting, screaming]

♪ ♪

- Officer Howell says
that your brother,

without provocation,
hit her.

- She's a lying cunt.

- In any event,
I've sedated him.

He'll sleep in
the ward tonight.

- We seem to be coming back
to the same problem.

I'm not sure
what else we can do.

- I don't understand.

- We're thinking Cyril
should be transferred

to the Connelly Institute.

- The insane asylum?

no fucking way!

- We won't decide anything
until McManus gets back.

John, take him
out of here!

- Gloria, don't
let them do this.

You know he won't
survive in there.

Gloria, I'm serious!

Hey, Dad.

- It's snowing like
a motherfucker.

They say we're getting maybe
15 inches by Thursday.

- I appreciate you
making the effort.

- What's wrong?

- The hacks are talking
about sending Cyril away

to the state looney farm.

- So?

- So?

So, if he goes to
that shit hole by himself,

then he's gone forever.

- What's the difference?

This shit hole,
that shit hole.

- Yeah, but at least here in Oz,
he's got me.

- And you've been such a force
for good in his life, huh?

- Fuck you.

- That's my boy.

You didn't call me
about Cyril.

You got some
other nonsense going.

Now, out with it,

because I want to get back
before the roads get worse.

- Suzanne Fitzgerald.

She came to see me.

She says
she's my real mother.

- She's a lying cunt,
a miserable lying cunt!

You hear me?

- Fuck, it's true.

- I gotta go.

- It's true, isn't it, Dad?

It's true!

♪ ♪

A son's obligation is
to protect his mother,

no matter from who,
even his own father.

The woman who
I thought was my mother,

I knew she never loved me.

Now I see why.

- And Suzanne Fitzgerald?

- I-I think she's my mom.

You know,
only I chased her out,

and I have no idea
how to reach her.

- Well,
maybe I can find her.

- Would you?

Would you do that for me?

And this bullshit
about sending Cyril away,

you'll take care of that, too?

- Ryan...

I can't make any promises.

This isn't my decision.

- But you'll plead
my case, right?

- Ryan...

- Please.

Don't let them separate us.

- Ryan?

- Hey, how you doing,

- Better.
- All right?

I know you'll do
what's right.

[gate closes]


- So, how are you
getting along, Clayton?

- I'm fine.

- And the men in
your cell block, who are they?

- They're cops,
one was an undercover narc,

the other's some yokel
from a small town mid-state.

- So,
at least you're safe.

- You've got to stop
worrying about me.

I'm not a little boy

- I know that.

- My entire life,
you and Leo treated me

like I was some
fragile piece of china,

afraid I'd break
at the slightest touch,

because Dad was stupid enough
to get himself shanked

when I was seven years old.

- Clayton, don't speak
that way of your father.

- All I'm saying is,
you are too protective of me.

- You'd rather what?

That I'd let you
run with the gangs?

- Yes.

At least then it wouldn't
have taken me this long

to find my balls.

- Oh, and you found them by
shooting at the governor?

- For the first time,
I know who I am...

my true self...

the thing
I was born to do.

I can change the world.

But tucked away in Unit J,
I can't do anything...

At least not yet.

- What do you mean,
"not yet"?


what are you planning?

- Nothing.

♪ ♪

Don't worry.

♪ ♪

- Mail!

Hmm, another letter
from your wife, Basil.

She sounds
worse and worse.

I think you ought to
let her come visit.

- Always grateful
for your input, Robson.

- My pleasure.

A couple of magazines
for you.

"Field and Stream",


- I like my reading
to be well-rounded.

- Check out the pussy
on page 15.

Ooh, hey, nothing
for you today, tough guy.

- Bite me.

- Where?

- Fucking cocksucker!

- Oh, fuck,
Christ, not again!

Take off, Robson, now!

- Yes, sir.

Bye-bye, baby.

- Fuck you, you fucking
dickless Nazi fag!

- Clayton, Clayton,
if you keep this up,

I'm gonna
have to spank you.

- Careful, he might enjoy it.

- You fucking cocksucker!
- Hey, hey!

- Put Hughes in his cell!

- Fucker!
- Get the fuck in there!

♪ ♪

- Uncuff me!

- First, you got to learn
not to run with scissors!

♪ ♪

- We've got to do something
about Hughes, Alvin.

We've tried being friendly.

Now we gotta do something else.

- Like what,
boil him in oil?

- We should talk to the warden,

have Hughes transferred
to Solitary.

- Eh, that guy's like
a son to Glynn.

Would you put
your son in solitary?

- My son.

[pop music playing]

♪ ♪

You got to...

Here, let me show you.

♪ ♪

- Thanks.

- John, come on in.

- Office looks great.

- Oh, I hope you're not here to
ask for a new microwave.

- Clayton Hughes.

- Look, I've been meaning to
come down to J

to talk to Clayton.

I've just been
so goddamn busy.

- How's your wife?

- She's...

How's yours?

- I haven't seen Abby
since my trial.

- Why not?

- I'm too...mortified.

- [scoffs]
John, look...

I'm the last one to be
counseling on marriage.

But trust me,
you don't want to push her away.

You push once too often,

and she won't be there
when you need her.

- Abby?

Please come...

and soon.

[wind howling]

- ♪ Oh the weather outside
is frightful ♪

♪ But the fire
is so delightful ♪

♪ And since
we've no place to go ♪

♪ Let it snow, let it snow,
let it snow ♪

- ♪ Let it snow ♪

- It's cold in here.

You guys cold?

- Put on
a fucking sweater.

♪ ♪

- When is Busmalis
getting married?

- Tomorrow.

- That's what I thought.

Shouldn't we be
doing something?

- Like what?
[shuffles cards]

- I don't know.
Bachelor party.

- A bachelor party
here in Oz?

- Bachelor parties
are one part alcohol,

one part strippers.

We're in short supply
of both.

- Okay, fine, I just thought...

tomorrow's a big day
for Busmalis...

Forget I brought it up.

- He misses Keller.

- I don't.

So, Rebadow,
you're the best man, huh?

This marriage is doomed.

Let's go, Cyril, come on.

- Just think,
by nightfall tomorrow,

I'll be an old,
married man.

You don't think I am,
do you?

- Am what?

- Too old to get married.

- No.

- You don't think
I'm crazy doing this, do you?

- You gotta be a little crazy
to tie the knot,

but it's a good crazy.

- Sure.

Well, like you said
when I first told you...

how's it gonna be,

her outside, me inside?

I mean, we can't even
consummate the vows.

- I've been saving this
as a surprise.

I've arranged
with Sister Pete

for you and Norma
to have use,

on the evening of
your nuptials only,

of one of the old
hospitality suites.

- But conjugal visits
aren't allowed anymore.

- Sister Pete pulled
a string or two.

- Wow.

Norma and I are gonna romp
through Cupid's grove.

There's only one thing.

- What's that?

- You're gonna have to
tell me what to do with Norma...

in bed.

You see, I'm a virgin.

♪ ♪

- O'Reily's right.

This marriage is doomed.

[bell ringing]

- I'm sure
she'll be here any minute.

- Yep, any minute.

Any second.

- She's not that late.

- No.
45 minutes is not late late.

It's fashionably late.

- Plus, I'm sure that
with snow flurries,

the traffic's--
it's just gotta be snarled.

- The snow flurries,
of course.

- She might have even
gotten a flat tire.

- Or a faulty carburetor.

She told me she's been hearing
a strange ping in her engine.

- Well, see, there you go.

Pete, did you reach her?

- I called Norma's home
and got the voicemail,

so I called the studio
where they make

"Miss Sally's Schoolyard,"

and a very nice man
there said...

that he hadn't
seen her all day.

- My sweetie took off
from work to marry me.

- I'm sure
she'll be here any minute.

- Right.

- But with the snow and--

- Pete, we've been there.

- Ah-ha.

Well, you look very nice.

- Thanks.

This is the happiest day
of my life.

♪ ♪

- Are you sure you want
to convert to Catholicism?

- Yes, Father.

- I don't want you
or anyone else

to think that I'm rushing
you into this decision.

- Does it matter
what anyone else thinks?

Father, I know in my heart

that I want to be baptized
a Roman Catholic.

- The Reverend Cloutier--

- I no longer care what the
Reverend Cloutier says or does.

- Okay.

All right, Samuel,
we'll have the ceremony...

Next Saturday.

- Thank you, Father.

- Thank you, Samuel.

- "So, Daniel was
taken up out of the den,

"and no manner of hurt
was found upon him

"because he believed
in his god.

"And the king...

"Commanded that

"they brought those men
which had accused Daniel,

and cast them into
the den of lions."

- Reverend?

- Yes, Father?

- I hope you're not upset
that Samuel Gougeon

has decided to
become a Catholic.

- Well, if by "upset"
you mean angry, no.

But I am fearful
for his soul.

- His soul will be fine.

Believe me.

- Believing.

That's the bottom line,
isn't it?

- You are one cool customer.

I will give you that.

- How would you
have me behave,

red-faced with anger,
gripped by jealousy?

No, that's your game.

- [laughs]
My game?

- When Timmy here left
your church to join mine,

you started keeping a tally

whoever saves
the most souls wins?

- That is not true.

- I think that your head
hasn't accepted

what your heart
already knows.

You're baptizing Samuel Gougeon
to get back at me.

♪ ♪

- Robson.

I need you to take care of
a little something for me.

- You got cash?

- Uh-huh.

- Start talking.

♪ ♪

- The patient's name is
Samuel Gougeon.

- What happened?

- He's been severely beaten,
possible head trauma.

- Frankie, I'm gonna need you
to get me some combines.

- Right away.

- Turn to me.
Let me see.

♪ ♪

- How could you?

How could you have
Samuel Gougeon beaten?

- Mukada, I would never
do such a thing.

- What has happened to Samuel,
it's anathema to me.

- Are you saying this attack
is a coincidence?

- I pray that it is.

But if not, and a member of
my congregation is responsible,

he will be punished.

- Yeah, well, do me a favor.

You leave the punishment to me,
you understand?

- Of course.

- Tim, tell me the truth.

Tell me if you are involved.

- Yes, yes, I am.

- Why?

Why would you
have him beaten?

- Matthew 26:24.
"Woe onto that man by whom

"the son of man
has betrayed.

It had been good for that man
if he had not been born."

You told us
those very words.

- But you are misconstruing
their meaning.

- Gougeon had to be punished for
turning his back on the Lord.

- I just wanted to give you
the schedule that I worked out,

clearing the cafeteria
for Ramadan.

- You came just to
give me the schedule?

- Yes.

- And there's nothing else?

- I made an assumption
about the Reverend Cloutier,

that he was a phony.

- But he's not.

- This all started when
Timmy Kirk decided to convert.

I thought that Kirk
should be celebrating Christ

through the...one true church.

But if he finds his bliss
somewhere else,

should I fight to keep
his soul in my corner,

believing as I do,

that the faith that
he's choosing is wrong...

Or should I just be happy
that he's found God's love...

no matter where?

- The Prophet says, "Let there
be no compulsion in religion."

Each soul journeys alone.

So you must lead...

And you must follow.

- That's impossible.

- If serving Allah were easy,
everybody would.

[distant gate buzzes]

- Reverend,
I've been thinking,

this might be a good time
for an ecumenical service.

- Extraordinary.

I was thinking
exactly the same thing.

Father, I-I accused you of
being consumed with envy.

- I was.

- But I was, too.

- Our sins are our bond.

The house of God
has many rooms.

If a person chooses to move
from one room to another,

we who are left behind
must rest assured

that the room that we're in
is not empty.

God's presence
fills every room.

God's love shines through
the entire house.

Let us pray.

♪ ♪

- Currier and Ives.
Norman Rockwell.

They created images
of America in winter,

ice skating on a lake,

sleigh rides along
a country road,

fluffy white crystals
of new fallen snow.

Maybe there was a time
when life was idyllic

and children didn't go to school
and kill other children.

We see the paintings now
and we grow nostalgic,

nostalgic for a place
we've never seen.

We long for a time that we've
never actually been part of.

♪ ♪

- I feel like
I've hit rock bottom

and another trap door opens

and I plunge
further into despair.

- God only gives us as much
suffering as we can endure.

- You mean he piles on the shit
to see if we'll break?


- To test our faith,
and to make us appreciate

the good that we do have.

- Well, forgive me
for saying so, Reverend,

but God is a sick fuck.

- Vern...

- Hank's wife, Carrie,
is about to show up.

She's been to see me regular
since the day Hank disappeared,

since the day she told me
I'm gonna be a grandpa.

Every visit, I tell her,

"Don't worry,
Hank'll be home soon."

Well, now,
I get to tell her

that he's coming
home tomorrow...

in a box.

[bell rings]

♪ ♪

There she is.

- Hi.

- No, no.
- Oh.

I'm sorry I'm late.

I had to scrape ice off
the windshield all by myself.

- You feeling okay?

- [sighs]
I'm feeling fat.

- What does the doctor say?

- Oh, that I might deliver
earlier than my due date.

- Carrie, I got some news...

and it's not good.

But I need you to be strong,
for the sake of the baby.


- Okay.

- Hank...

was killed.

- He's...

he's dead?

- Yes.

- Fuck.

Oh, fuck.

Jesus, no!

No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no!

No, no, no, no!

No, no!
Oh, God!

- It's gonna be okay.

- It's not gonna be okay!

How's it gonna be okay?

You tell me, huh?

How am I gonna live with a baby
and no fucking husband?

Oh, God.

Fuck, fuck...

Oh, God!


- What's the matter?

- I don't know.

- Get a goddamned doctor
down here fast!

- Central, this is 41.

We need a 68
in the visiting room.

- Oh, fuck, ow, ow!

- Carrie...

- Oh, it fucking--
it hurts!

- Come on, Carrie,
keep breathing.

Remember your breathing,
just pant, keep breathing.

- It's not coming out!

- No, it's coming out,
I can see the head.

On three, I need you
to give a big push, okay?

One, two, three, push!

- Ow, fuck, it hurts!

- Keep pushing, keep pushing.
- Fuck you!

- I can see the head, Carrie,
I can see the head.

- [screams]
- Oh, here it comes,

here it comes,
here it comes.

- [screaming]

[baby crying]

- Here we go.

♪ ♪


[baby crying]

♪ ♪

- No, no, no!



Please get off of me!



- Prisoner number 0-1-G-3-5-9,

Colonel Edward Galson,

February 16th, 2001.

Rape, assault.

Sentence: 15 years.

Up for parole in seven.

- This is Tobias Beecher.

He's gonna help you acclimate
yourself to your new life.

this is Edward Galson.

- Hey.

- Which way?

- This way.

[gate buzzes]

- So, I saw a thing
about you on the news.

You raped a fellow officer
at a military convention?

- I've been in the Marine Corps
since I was 16,

and I have lived by
its code of ethics.

One night,
I failed that code,

and I'm being
properly punished.

- Yeah, well,

you may not feel that way
after a couple of days in Oz.

- I'm used to being in
the company of men.

I'm used to
a strict regimen.

I won't have
any trouble adapting.

[indistinct chatter]

- Okay, then.

- Do you like to be called
"Ed," "Edward," "Eddie"?

- Actually,
I prefer "Colonel."


- All right...Colonel.

You want to tell us
about your addiction?

- I don't think
it's an addiction, really,

because I don't drink
that often.

- I see.

But when you drink
too much,

what happens?

- This one time
I lost control.

It won't happen again.

- That's easy to say.
It's harder to do.

- For a weak man, yes.

- Okay, yeah, I was weak,

and for more than one time.

I probably still am
a weakling,

but at least
I got the balls to admit it.

- That's enough, Tobias.

[bell ringing]

Okay, everybody,
see you next week.

♪ ♪

- John Carpenter is back,
playing for $100,000.

John, welcome.

- Thank you.

- Well, we've got
somebody here to help you,

whose character,
Miles Silverberg,

in the sitcom "Murphy Brown,"

defined the word

- "Murphy Brown,"
funny show.

- Ladies and gentlemen,
Grant Shaud.

Grant, welcome.

- I loved
Candice Bergen's tits, man.

- The other girl was cute.

- Lily Tomlin?

- So the question is...

what country has the most number
of people who speak English?

- America!

- No, England, dummy.

- But for $100,000
it can't be that simple.


- My hint is this:

Redbook gave this country
a rave review.

- China.

- I didn't know that.

- I'm a big believer in
fake TV newsmen, Gordon.

So, I'm gonna have to go
with China.

- Well, John,
it may not surprise you

that more Chinese people

than Americans will
understand when I say

you've won $100,000!

- Yeah!

- Fucking Beecher
always gets the answers.

- Maybe you should
go on the show.

- Yeah, right.

"Hey, I'm Tobias Beecher.

I'm in prison
for killing a child."

Okay, let's play
"Up Your Ante."

[theme music playing]

- Tobias, I'd like you
to meet Katherine McClain.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- She's a lawyer with the
Alliance for Prisoners Rights,

and she'd like to discuss
something with you.

Come in, sit down.

- Mr. Beecher, are you aware
that you're up for parole?

- [scoffs]
Well, when I was sentenced,

I knew I had to serve
minimally four years.


But all things considered,
I figured my record

would pretty much cancel out

any chance of
getting released early.

- Well, you may be right.

But...I've reviewed
your case,

and I think the extenuating

I mean, the death of
both your wife and son,

your daughter,
her genuine need for you,

your improved behavior
over the past six months,

the commendations
from Sister Peter Marie

and Dr. Nathan...

might motivate the parole board
to look highly on you.

They'll let you go free.

- I...



- Tobias?

- I'm okay.

What do I have to do?

- Give me permission,

and I'll set the wheels
in motion.

And in the meantime,
keep out of trouble.

[distant gate opens]

♪ ♪

- I hear you're a faggot.

- Whether I am or not,
what's it to you?

- Lights go out, I don't
want you getting any ideas.

- Trust me, Colonel.

I'm never gonna get that horny.

- As long as
we understand each other.

Fucking faggots are
ruining the military.

"Don't ask, don't tell",
my ass.

- I agree.

You know, I think
the military should stay

the way it's always been,

a bunch of redneck he-men who
murder children and rape women.

- You making a joke of me?

- It seems like you're doing
a pretty good on your own.

- You son of...

- [grunts]
- [groans]

- Fuck.

Fuck, no.

- [groans]
- Wait, no, no, no.

You don't understand.

Wait, look, I'm sorry.

Will you just fucking
let me explain, you fucks!

♪ ♪

God fucking!

Oh, fuck!

God damn it,

Oh, fuck!

♪ ♪

- Fahrenheit and Celsius,

two ways of measuring
the same thing.

Of course, most of the world
is on Celsius,

but we Americans
remain defiantly committed

to Fahrenheit!

We'd like to learn
the other way.

We'd like to change.

But we just can't seem
to accept that zero degrees

is actually warmer
than we think.


- So, Jackson, why were
you sent to prison?

- The file's right
in front of you.

- You don't want
to say the words?

- Assault.

- What else?

- This is bullshit.

- It's not easy
to verbalize, is it?

- So?

- So, that's good.

That means you're not proud
of what you did.

- No, it means I didn't do
what the bitch says I did.

I didn't try to rape her.

She came on willingly.

[bell ringing]

- Okay...I want to schedule you

for another appointment

- Why?
This shit is not helping me.

- Well, it's helping me.

You see, Jackson,
I have quotas to fill.

And I have to see
a certain amount of prisoners

every day or the state
just won't pay me.


you were tested for drugs

just before the parole hearing,
and you came out clean.

Do I need to
have you tested again?

- Nah.

- I believe you...

for now!

♪ ♪

Hey, Redding,
I got a complaint.

The tits Poet sold me yesterday,
they been cut with something.

Shit, I can't even
get my usual high.

- The problem ain't with
the product, nigga.

It's with the consumer.

- Am I talking to you?

Yo, I need some better shit.

- What Poet's trying to tell you
in his own surly style

is that you've been snorting
so much every day,

combined with
the size of your body,

you're gonna develop
yourself a tolerance.

- At least he's tolerant
about something.

- Oh, shut up!

Yo, give me some more.

- More is only gonna kill you.


you need a better way
to, um...

what's that word?

- Ingest.
- Ingest.

♪ ♪

Only be careful
where you stick it.

You don't want to be
leaving yourself any marks.

- So, what, in my tongue?

- Or behind your knee.

[distant gate buzzing]

- Lights out!

♪ ♪

- Number 17,
Jackson Vahue!

- As a basketball player,
my legs are what made me.

I know I'm never going
to see another pro game,

so...fuck it, right,
what's it matter?

[distant gate buzzes]

But it does matter.

These legs took me
out of the projects.

I made something
out of myself.

I don't want
to forget that.

I'm proud of these legs.

♪ ♪

[indistinct chatter]

- [groans]

- [screaming]
- [shouting]

♪ ♪

- Prisoner number 0-1-D-2-5-1,
Carlton Daniels,

AKA Tug Daniels,

February 20th, 2001,

attempted murder
in the first degree.

Sentence: 28 years.

Up for parole in 14.

♪ ♪

- The time for action
has arrived.


you waste Pancamo.

- Done.

- I want Morales.

- Why are so hell-bent
on killing him?

- I made a promise

to avenge the death
of Bian Yixue.

- Augustus, I want you
to get word to Omar White

in the hospital ward

that he's to finish off
Supreme Allah.

♪ ♪

[P.A. system beeping]

- Hey, Burr.

I've been thinking about

this little war
we activating.


A lot of good men will die.

- A lot of them going to die
in any case.

- But assuming you win,
what you gonna gain?

The hacks will lock down
this whole prison.

- Can't keep a lid
on it forever.

- Warden finds out
you're the ringleader,

he gonna send you to Solitary.

- Augustus,
what the fuck's your problem?

- You were my father's
best friend, right?

You and him went off
to Vietnam together,

and you came back alone.

And since then,
I have followed you.

I have done your bidding,
never questioning, right?

- So,
now you got questions.

- When I was ten years old,
I wanted a real job.

- You wanted a paper route.

- Right--instead,
you had me selling smack.

- Well, you got to
learn the business.

- Why?

Why did I need to learn
how to sell drugs?

- Because we didn't have
any other options back then.

Let me tell you something.

I ain't going to apologize for
who I am or what I done.

All right?

Do I wish things
had of been better?


Do I wish we'd been born in
one of those fancy mansions

up there on
Kellogg Boulevard, sure.

But I don't hope
and I don't dream.

I take a shit in this world,

I see reality,

and I make the best of it.

- You ain't got to
tell me about reality.

I live in Oz.

I live in this chair.

And I wouldn't be here if
you'd let me have the goddamned,

motherfucking paper route.

♪ ♪

The man is like a father to me.

- Well, there comes a time
for every son

to leave his father's house.

Make his own way.

- Even so,
I can't betray him.

- Do you believe what
he's instigated is wrong?

- For the most part, yes.

- And do you believe that many
people will suffer as a result?

- Yes.

- You know, I've always
admired you, Augustus,

for being your own man,

for keeping,
especially in this place--

a sense of decency and honor.

- What good has it ever done?

- You get to sleep
through the night.

♪ ♪

[door opens]

♪ ♪

[gate buzzes]

- I need to talk to you.

- So talk.

- In private.

♪ ♪

- Yo, bro.

- What you want?

- Sip of water.

- I ain't no nurse.

- Come on, I'm so thirsty,
man, please.


[bell ringing]

[indistinct chatter]


- Up, baby!

- Mmm, it's so good.

It's so good.

- Up!
Up, baby!

Up, baby!

- Yo, throw the ball.

- Aah!

- [grunting]

[indistinct shouting]

♪ ♪

[all shouting]

♪ ♪

- Judgment day, motherfucker.


- Do not resist!
- Okay, okay, okay.

♪ ♪

- Lockdown!

- What?
- Fuck that!

- Fucking breaking my balls,

- Bullshit!

[indistinct chatter]

♪ ♪

- When I was a kid, I used
to love reading Jack London.

You know, "Call of the Wild",
"White Fang."

I remember one story

where a man was
in the middle of Alaska,

or somewhere,
isolated and cold.

He lost his dog team,
his legs were broken,

he realized he was gonna
freeze to death.

So, he buried himself
in the snow

and simply went to sleep.


and yet beautiful.

Acceptance of one's fate,

the way any man should die.

- Giles, get up.

- [sighs]

- We're a month away
from the date set

by the court
for your execution.

You'll have to decide
which way you want to go.

- Die old...


- Yeah, well...

that's not an option.

- Peter--Peter Marie.

- I'll ask her to see you.

- Hey,
don't you be crying, man.

Your crying's
gonna bring me down.

- [sobbing]

- Stop your fucking crying!

- [crying]

- And then there's gas.

They put you
in a little room

and...and drop a pellet
of sodium cyanide...

Your lungs fill up
and that's the end.

- Stoned?

- Gee, I don't know if
that gas makes you high.

- No.


- I don't understand.

- Throw.

- Wait a minute.

You want to
be stoned to death?

- Shirley Jackson.

♪ ♪

- Moses, listen to me.

As your lawyer,
I have to tell you,

there's a very good chance

that you're looking at
another death sentence.

- So, we'll appeal
that one, too.

- Yes.

But Congress has placed
a lot of limitations

on death row appeals.

- Which means?

- Which means that you will
probably be executed

for one or both
of these crimes.

You have to prepare
for what might be coming.

- Hmm.

You see, I ain't thought through
that part of the situation.

Because I haven't given up hope.

I'm a man of principles,
you understand?

And I believe down
to the bottom of my soul

that a man with principles
will be exonerated.

- It's always good to hope.

But just in case, you might
want to make some plans.

You know?

Get your house
in order.

♪ ♪

- The state attorney general
has refused your request

to be executed by being
stoned to death.

- Law.

Right, mine.

- An anti-death penalty group
has decided

to take up your cause.

They're going to sue the state
on your behalf.

- This mess will probably
drag out for decades.

- Peter--Peter Marie.

- Lights out.

- Giles?


This whole time I thought
you were a damned idiot

talking in flash cards,

but now I see
you're a fucking genius.

- No, genius, no.

- Yes, genius, yes.

You were supposed to die
in two weeks.

All your appeals dried up.

But by asking
to be stoned to death,

you threw a wrench
in the works.

Everybody's suing everybody.

And like the warden says,

this could take years
to sort out.

- Die old.


- Oh, Giles,
you are an inspiration

to us all, brother.

♪ ♪

- I'm curious as to why
you asked the warden to see me.

- I just finished
reading your book.

It's awesome.

- Thank you.

- The section on
Jefferson Keane,

being on death row and
giving his kidney to his sister,

it really got to me.

- I still hear from Grace.

She's very happy,
very healthy.

- Well, I want to do
the same thing,

give my organs away,

let others make use
of my insides

when I'm done with them.

The only thing is...

I want to meet the people
I'm gonna help.

- I'm not sure
that's allowed.

- You can make it happen,

I know you can.

Power through faith.

- I'll see what I can do.

♪ ♪

- Little brother,
I stood where you are now.

And, yo, I know
the need to be a man.

But being a man ain't
fueled by drugs or fists

or banging your bitch.

Being a man starts here.

- Brother Salah's making
another convert.

- Yes.

He has a way of talking
to people on their level.

- You did a great job
guiding him.

[distant gate buzzing]

♪ ♪

- Le-roy.

- What you want, Robson?

- I'm a patient man,
a tolerant man.

But my friend Jaz here is not.

- He's right.

- We had a deal.
Half the cash in advance

for you to whack Kareem Said.

But Said's still walking.

You said you had a long-term
plan to get close to him.

Well, Jaz is feeling
the clock has run out.

- Tick-tock, Leroy.

- First, my name ain't
Leroy Tidd no more.

My name's Salah Udeen.

- [scoffs]
- Second,

I know I said
I promised to kill Said,

but I've changed my mind.

- First, in order
to change your mind,

you gotta have a mind.

And Le-roy...

you got shit for brains.

Second, you don't back out
on the brotherhood.

- As-salaam alaikum.

- Don't give me that
fucking hocus-pocus bullshit.

- Robson, you looking for
jerk-off time in the Hole?

- Uh, no.

- Then goose-step your butt
outta here.

- This shit ain't over.

♪ ♪

- Salah...

you seem troubled.

- My soul is heavy, minister.

- So talk to me.

- I'm afraid.

Afraid to speak the truth.

- Never be afraid of
the truth, my brother.

- I lied to you.

You see,
when I first approached you

saying I wanted to
become a Muslim,

I had vengeance in my heart...
'cause of what you did

killing Adebisi.

But then the bliss of Allah
replaced the vengeance,

and now I'm a true believer.

- I knew the day that
I embraced you,

that you were lying.

- You did?

- Mm-hmm.

- Then why?

- The ways of the Almighty
are wondrous, indeed.

He brought us together
at this time and this place

so that we could
learn from each other.

- You learn from me?


- That day I went to Adebisi
and I swore my loyalty to him...

Since his death, I've been
struggling with my demons.

Still do.

But you've taught me the world
has many possibilities.

- Robson and Hoyt
want you dead.

- I know.

- What are we gonna do?

- As with everything else...

We'll leave this
in the hands of God.

♪ ♪

- If you take care of this,

I'll bring you into
the brotherhood.

- Fuck you, nigga!

- If you don't...
I'll feed you to them.

[indistinct arguing]

- I'm ready to do
whatever you need.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

[all shouting]

♪ ♪

- No!

[shouting continues]

♪ ♪

- Imam.

Salah is dead.

- I killed him, you know.

I killed him just like
I killed Adebisi.

I might as well have had
the knife in my hand...

In these bloody hands.

- Kareem...

- No.

Say nothing.

- But you can't
blame yourself.

- Leave me,

because my demons
need feeding.

Leave me!


- They say that every
snowflake is different,

but how can they
really be sure?

I mean, think about all
the snowflakes that have fallen

all over the world
throughout Earth's history.

Law of averages dictates
that at least two of them

had to be similar.

Like human beings,
like the men in Oz,

even if
they start out unique,

they end up the same.

♪ ♪