Oz (1997–2003): Season 3, Episode 7 - Secret Identities - full transcript

Adebisi accuses McManus of sexually harassing Wangler. Bellinger meets with McManus and requests execution by hanging. Just one problem: she's pregnant.

[bright tone]

[tense, jazzy music]

♪ ♪

- "Know thyself."

That's what Socrates said
or Aristotle

or one of them
dead white men.

To know yourself is the hardest
thing any one of us can ever do.

- Except that
I felt very guilty.

So that was very much
a Catholic thing.

[edgy music]

♪ ♪

[soft moan]

[gate buzzes]

- Hey, Keller.
- Yo.

Yeah, I got you scheduled
for a 10:00 a.m. session

with Sister Peter Marie.

- Yeah...yeah.

it's almost 10:00 now.

- Aw, yeah.
You know something?

I don't wanna go.

I wanna check in
some gym time.

- Suit yourself.
Take him.

- [sucks teeth]

[edgy music]

♪ ♪

[gate buzzes]

- Keller gone?

- Never came.

Second appointment
he's missed.

Is he okay?

- Yeah. He seems okay.

We don't really talk much.

[folder slaps on table]

- When you do talk,

has he ever...said anything
about our sessions?

- Nope.

Sister Pete,
are you all right?

- Yeah.

- You're lying.
- I swear to God.

- [laughs]

- What's going on with you
and Sister Peter Marie?

- Going on?

- You missed two appointments,
and she's a mess.

- Mmm.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

- If you're gonna
fuck with her, Keller,

I'm gonna fuck with you.

Fuckin' bitch.

- What was that about?

- Ah, it's his
time of the month.

- All right, let's go.

- Miguel's on his way.

Hello, Miguel.
Thank you, Officer.

[door closes]
Eugene and Tina Rivera,

Miguel Alvarez.

All right, everybody.

Our purpose here today
is to, uh,

provide an environment
for discussion.

Sit down, Miguel.

To ask and answer questions...

to share experiences.

Now, a few ground rules.

Allow me to lead the meeting,

refrain from interruptions,

tell the truth, no profanity,

and most importantly, listen.


Why don't you begin,

- I can't see you,

I'm looking right at you,
and I can't see you.

Can you see me?


- Yeah.

- Can you see my wife?

- Yes.

- You're a lucky man.

I asked Tina to marry me,

'cause I wanted to
wake up every day

for the rest of my life

and see her face,
first thing.

But instead, 'cause of you,

I'll never
see her face again.

Do you know something
about me which I don't,

a reason I deserve this?

- No.
- Miguel,

have you thought about

what this might be like
for him?

- Kinda.

- Kinda?

- So why go after me, huh?

Not Metzger, not Wittlesey,

not Glynn, or McManus
or Sister Pete.

Me, Alvarez.

- Answer him, God damn it!

- Tina!
- No! He's asking why.

- All right.
- Why do we

have to live with this?

Why do we have to argue
about having a kid?

We shouldn't have to argue
about having a fucking kid!

- Tina, please.
Please sit down.

- Yeah, honey, sit.

- You see, Miguel, that's why
Eugene and Tina are here.

Tell them why it happened.

- I can't.

- Was it a gang thing?

Did you do it
'cause of Hernandez?

You earned your cajones
by blinding me?

- Started out that way,

But, uh, this place...

I hate this fuckin' place,

what it did to my grandpa,

my dad and me.

I don't know you,
you know?

I had nothing against you.

It's your uniform, bro.

It was an hermano
in that uniform, man.

- I want my eyes back.

- I know.

- You're what?

- I'm sorry.
- No!

I said,
I want my eyes back.

Give 'em back to me.

- I can't.
- Why not?

You took 'em.

- Forgive me?

- Fuck you.


Miguel asked you a question.

Can you forgive him?

[die clatter]

- Not today.

- All right, but let--
let's leave the door open

for the possibility of
another meeting, okay?


- Maybe.

[distorted sound wind-down]

[dark chords]

♪ ♪

- Clark Kent is the secret
identity of Superman.

I never understood why Superman
needed a secret identity.

Listen, if I'm invulnerable,

all the chicks want me.

Why would I disguise myself
as a four-eyed wimp?

The truth?

Superman is schizophrenic.
Mm-hmm, yeah.

Superman's id is fuckin'
with his superego.

The man's conflicted,
no doubt about it.

[gate buzzes]

- Hey--

- Hello, Chris.

- How are you, Sister?

- Can I talk to you?

- Yeah, sure.

Let's go in here.

You won.

Sorry about this.

- You missed our last
two sessions. Why?

- Ever since our
last time together,

when you got me to open up,
I've been afraid to come back,

afraid to expose
any more of myself to you.

I mean, you know, the reality
is, Sister, I hate myself.

- All the more reason why
you should have come to me.

- [sighs]

You're probably right.

Do you know what
it's like to want somebody,

to...long for them,

and I'm not talking
about sex, I'm just--

Just to touch them?

- Yeah.

- Of course you do.

You're a psychologist,
you're a nun,

but you're a woman first.

You know about desire.

[pounding on glass]

- Everything all right
in there, Sister?

- I'm fine.

I can help you, Chris.

- I know you can.
Talk to Beecher.

Counsel him.

Convince him.

- Tell him that you love him,
and that he loves you.

- Mm-hmm.

- And that's what this has
all been about, hasn't it?

The sessions, the questions
about my personal life,

getting me to care...

so I can help you
reach Beecher.

- You can do it.
He trusts you.

- You still don't see it,
do you?

That's the whole problem,

He trusted you.
You broke his trust.

Now he can't trust you

- Yeah, but I've changed.

- Have you?

You manipulated me
the way you did him...

And I don't trust you...

- Wait a minute, Sister.
Wait a minute.

- Chris...
[dark chords]

let go of me.

- Hell hath no fury,
huh, Sister?

Ah...ha ha.

- Bless me, Father,
for I have sinned.

I had lust in my heart.

- You...haven't
acted on this lust.

- No.

But, uh...

- You may.

- No.

- Then...

- Well, it's, uh...

it's--it's opened up all
of these feelings in me,

feelings that I thought
I had paved over years ago,

and, uh...

now that I'm back in touch
with these feelings, I--I--

Well, i-it seems wrong
to shut them off again.

I owe it to my soul

to be all of the things
that I am,

all of the parts
of myself.

- And so...

- I've decided to
leave the convent...

[edgy music]

♪ ♪

To stop being a nun.

♪ ♪

- Come on.
Help yourself out.

We found the heroin on you,
in your pocket.

Where'd you get it?

- Que?

- Don't fuck with me,

I could tack on another five
just for obstruction.

And think what I could do
with a possession charge.

- Que?

- Okay.

I got two more of
your compadres to talk to,

and I'm willing to bet
at least one of them

values his ass over yours.

Get him the fuck outta here.

Carlo, wanna help me out?


- I know you think
you're a bad ass

like Hernandez and Guerra,

but I've been watching you--
you're not.

Your family visits regularly.

You come from a better place
than those two other fucks.

Now, I could make life
a lot easier for you.

Where is Hernandez
getting the drugs?

- Que?

- Take him back to the Hole.

Till you talk, you will
not see an inch of daylight,

and if I find out what I
need to know from anybody else,

you'll never see it again.


- I'm here to see my brother,
Carlo Ricardo.

- Ricardo...

Uh, sorry.

- Well, it is visiting day,
isn't it?

- Yes, but your brother's
in Ad Seg.

- What's that?

- It means he's been segregated
from the other prisoners.

He's had all
his privileges taken away,

including visitation rights.

- But I have to see him.

- Sure.
Not today.

- You don't understand.

- If I had a nickel for
every time I didn't understand,

you'd be talking
to an empty chair.

- Where's your superior?

- Miss, I'm really
trying to be pleasant.

- I am not leaving until
I talk to someone in charge.

- In Oz, see, we don't really
take too well to demands.

- I have to
see my brother.

- Well, he got caught
dealing drugs,

and he refuses to talk,

so we don't have any choice
but to keep him in the Hole.

- Well, can I see him
in there?

- No. You'll come back
when he gets out.

- But you
don't understand.

I am all he's got.

- Well, I--
- Luis is disappearing,

days at a time.

fuckin' baby crying.

Juan is an asshole.

Mama goes between the apartment
and work and the hospital...

- I'm sorry, but--
- I got a job in Oakland.

It's good money.

I have to take it to
support my family.

I leave tomorrow.

I can't get there
and right away say,

"I gotta go home to see
my brother in prison."

Course, they don't even know
I have a brother in prison.

I don't want him to think
that I've abandoned him,

that he's dead to me.

Just for one minute,
to tell him--

just one minute, I promise.

- [exhales]

- I'm sorry.

I can't.

There's just no way.

But you can write him a note,

I'll see that he gets it.

- This'll kill him.

[dark chords]

- Lopresti, I gotta split.
Do me a favor.

Take this to Carlo Ricardo
in the Hole.

- Okay.
- Thanks a lot.

See you tomorrow.

- Hey, Lopresti,

since when do you take messages
to that fucking spic?

- Yeah, fuck that.

[intense chords]

♪ ♪

- [indistinct yelling]

Fuck off!

You ain't so bad now,
hack, huh?

- Hello, Roger.
- Lenore.

- Long time, huh?
- Look at you.

You look great.
- Thank you.

You know, I'm just
dropping Clayton off,

and I wanted to
say hi to Leo.

He was supposed to
meet us down here.

- My car's still in the shop.

- Clayton's embarrassed.

- I am not, Mom.
- It's all right.

- Well, it's good to see you,

and it's good to have
Clayton with us.

- Oh, my!
Oh, my!

- [chuckling]
- Oh!

- Well...
- It's so strange

being back in here.

- Yeah, I can imagine.

- You know, I told your wife
this morning

that I didn't think
I could come in this door,

but Clayton's
never been happier.

He loves his job.

- Mom.

- I have something for you.

Found it in the attic.

You and Sammy were so young.

- Yeah, we were.

Thanks, Lenore.

- Keep him there,
close to your heart.

And this one, too,
keep him safe.

- Of course.

Don't you worry.

- Bye.

Happy birthday,

- Happy birthday.

- I got it.
- I can't find 'em.

- It's the, uh...
drawer on the right.

- Right.


- Well, we can't have a birthday
cake without candles.

- Oh, I'll go into town
and I'll buy some.

- No, Hughes' shift
starts in ten minutes.

I got everybody meeting
at the library at 12:00.

- You know, this was
a really great idea, Diane,

throwing Clayton
a surprise party.

- Yeah. Well, my heart
goes out to the kid.

One, because I know what
it's like starting work here,

everybody thinking you don't
have the balls for the job.

Two, his dad...

- You know, I've
been checking into that,

the circumstances surrounding
his dad's death.

- Did you find anything out?

- I talked to William Giles,
who was in the cafeteria

when Hughes got stabbed,

he claims...

and I don't even know
whether to believe him or not,

and if I do believe him, I don't
know what to do about it,

and if I do do something about
it, who knows what'll happen?

- Ray, you're raving.

- He says that Sam Hughes
was stabbed by Leo.

- Leo who?

- Glynn.

- Leo Glynn?
- Yes.

- Giles is delusional.

- I know.

You know, and I dismiss it,
and then I think,

well, maybe...

maybe that's why the murderer
was never identified.

Something tells me that Leo
has never told the whole truth.

- What about a votive candle?

- What?
- For the cake.

Can't we steal some of those
candles you use at mass?

- Yeah, I guess.
I'll go get some.

I'll go meet you
in the library.

- Ray, if you seriously
doubt Leo,

you owe it to the man
to tell him.

[dark chords]

[overlapping cheering]

- Hey, Leo,
you got a minute?

- Sure.
Walk me to my office.

- Okay.
Look, like I told you,

I'm talking to people
about Sam Hughes.

- Yes? Well, let me guess,
you came up with something.

- Well, maybe.
William Giles--

- Who's looney tunes.
- Look, I don't think

that he's so much crazy
as just afraid to be sane,

and he claims--

Well, he says...
- What?

- That you killed
Sam Hughes.

Leo, you have talked to Clayton
about what happened that day.

You have told him the truth,

but if there's more
to that truth,

then he has
a right to hear it,

however hard it is
for you to say.

- God damn it, Ray.

I don't have to
explain myself to you.

- No, you don't.

But you do to Clayton.

It's like a confession.

It needs to be made once...

And only to the person
who can absolve you.

- Get the fuck
out of my office.

[tense music]

♪ ♪

- Hey, it's time to open up.
- Go ahead.

We're almost done.

- Thanks for this, Diane.
- Oh, sure.

Promise me when my birthday
comes, we don't celebrate it.

- [ chuckles]
- Hey, O'Reily.

- Hey what?
- Your brother

fight like a girl, man.
- Oh, yeah?

You wanna go a couple
rounds with him, homey?

- Bitch, I'll take you
and your brother.

- You and what fuckin' army,

- Hey, knock it off.
- Hey, don't talk to me, man.

Talk to the brother, here.
- Sit down.

- I didn't come here
to sit down.

- Sit the fuck down.
- What're you gonna do?

You gonna spank me, huh?
- You got a problem...

Get your fucking hands--

- Oh, fuck!

- Yo, beat it,
beat it, beat it.

- Get the fuck outta here.

- Oh...

- Don't--Don't--
Don't move.

- She gonna be okay?

- A few stitches,
mild concussion.

- What the fuck
were you thinking?

- I was trying
to maintain order.

- Way I hear it,
wasn't much to maintain.

I've warned you before...

- So what,
are you gonna fire me?

- Sit down.


I want to tell you about
the day your father died.

Your dad and I
were both on duty.

I made up my mind that
when I first walked into Oz,

that I was going to
treat each situation

as a worst-case scenario.

Sam knew better.

He tried to hold me back.


But I was...
I was too young,


Too stupid.

Broke the fight up all right,

but I tripped or slipped
on the slop on the floor,

and I was stunned,

losing control,

and then
all my wind left me.

Your dad had to get involved.

You okay?


He fell right next to me.

I didn't know what
the fuck was happening.

By then, other officers

I just held him

till he died

in my arms...

At the hands of my stupidity.

[inmates shouting]

- [exhales]

- Are you okay?

- Yeah.
Yeah, I'll be fine.

It's just I have to go home

to my daughter
looking like this now.

- Diane, when I heard you
got hurt, I went crazy.

- Tim, don't.
- Don't what?

Don't be honest?

Look, I...

I've been thinking--
or feeling--

I know I've been all over the
place and back with this thing,

but maybe we could try
it again,


- If I didn't have this golf
ball on my head right now,

I would think that was more
political than romantic.

- What do you
mean by that?

- Oh, if it
isn't the lovebirds.

[edgy music]

♪ ♪

- I knew a man,
worked on Wall Street,

wore a bra and panties under
his Brooks Brothers suit.

Every day,
he'd sit in meetings,

making harsh decisions
and cold business deals.

Yet underneath,
he felt pretty.

Oh, so pretty.

- Done.
- And?

- And I'm telling you,
Mr. Nappa--

and I'm not prone
to hyperbole--

but this may be the greatest
true-crime book

since "In Cold Blood".

- Really?

I never read that.

- It was chilling.
This is better.

We're going to send this to
that literary agent right now.

- Uh, be careful.
If any of the other wise guys

find out I wrote a book
about the Mob, we're dead.

- Oh, I'll be careful.

And to celebrate,
I wanna make dinner.

And I think we should get
dressed to the nines.

- Well, I...
- Aw, come on.

- We'll see, we'll see.

- Officer, I'm not
feeling very well.

Would it be possible
for me to go to the E.R.?

- Give him a carton.

Yo, your friend's
gonna take care of

that other matter
for me, right?

Fuckin' rat.


- Did I overdress?

- Oh, Jesus.

- Ta-da!

- Ya know, you look a lot
like my ex-wife.

- Thanks.

- That's not a compliment.

- Sit.
- [softly] That's nice.

- Pour this.
- Wine!

- [chuckling]

- You're not the only one
who can move merchandise.

- There you go.

- To your book,

to your life,

and the successful
completion of both.

- I ain't dead yet.

- No, you're not.

- Pretty good.

- In his day, Antonio Nappa
was a great man.

He was like a father to me.

Well, more like an uncle.

- Lights out!

- Mr. Nappa?

[intense music]

♪ ♪

- Good citizens of Gotham City

have to be the dumbest fucks
on the planet.

They got Batman and Robin
saving their asses

from the Riddler
and Joker and such.

They also got
millionaire Bruce Wayne

and his ward, Dick Grayson,
in the headlines every day.

Batman and Robin,
Bruce and Dick--

now, you mean to tell me nobody
ever put two and two together?

[gate buzzes]

- I want to see
the Warden.

- What for?

- My business.

- Adebisi, you oughta
know by now

that your business
is my business.

- I wanna file a complaint.

- About?

- Tim McManus.

- You're accusing McManus
of sexual harassment?

- That's right.

- What'd he do to you?

- Not me.

Kenny Wangler.

Yesterday, he touched
Kenny's penis.

- Officer.

Bring Wangler in.

Sit down.

This is a very serious charge.

And if I find out
you're lying...

- I ain't--
I ain't lying.

- The burden of truth
is on you.

- Look, it ain't like
I ain't had to deal

with guys in here
groping on me.

I just been
all fucked up lately,

sad about my life
and whatnot.

And McManus puts his arm around
my shoulder like a friend.

Only it's not like a friend.

I was gonna just blow it off,

but Adebisi was, like, "don't."

He says, "What goes on with us
prisoners is one thing and...

what goes on with
McManus is...something else."

- He said what?

- That you fondled him.

- That is complete horseshit.
I tried to comfort him.

Leo, you're not taking any of
this seriously, are you?

- Claire Howell accuses you
of sexual harassment, but...

she's full of shit, too.

- Yeah.

- I'd like to know
when it stops--

when it stops being
everybody else's problem.

- You make it sound
like I'm a sex addict.

- Maybe you are.

Since the day you came to Oz,
I've watched you

jump in and out of beds,
and I held my tongue,

even though I thought
what you were doing

was pretty disgusting.

- Wangler's lying.

- Probably. But then again,

maybe there are other inmates
who never stepped forward.

You know what?
I don't know.

And I don't know
how to find out.

But if this is true,
you're finished here.

[dark chords]

[bell rings]

- Rick Donn?
- Yes.

- I'm a big fan of
your news program.

Very hard-hitting.

- Thank you.

You said on the phone that
you have a story for me?

- Yes. It's all about sex.

♪ ♪

[not audible]

[intense percussive music]

♪ ♪

- Mr. McManus, can we get
a comment from you about these

sexual harassment charges?
- Get out of my office!

- In an exclusive,
Channel 2 News has learned

that Tim McManus,
the unit manager

at Oswald Correctional Facility

has been repeatedly accused
of sexually harassing

both inmates
and correctional officers.

McManus was initially accused
of harassing a female officer,

Claire Howell.

The state's attorney has
confirmed that the Howell case

was settled out of court.

- Oh, boy, Miss Sally.

Do you think
her boobs are real?

[TV music plays]

- Taking Wangler
to Gen Pop now.

Call your lawyer?
- Yep.

- And she said?

- Be patient.

Go about your life.

Act normal.

Acting normal's what got me into
trouble in the first place.

- It's gonna be all right.
- Yeah.

- Hello.
I'm Tim McManus.

- Yes, hello.

I really appreciate your coming,
taking time out

of what I know is a busy,
busy schedule.

- Well, to tell
you the truth,

I'm very curious as to
why you asked me here.

- Please, be seated.

Would you
like some tea?

- No.

- May I call you Tim?
- Sure.

- Well, Tim...

in the past few weeks,

I've suffered a series
of stunning blows.

Richie Hanlon's murder...

- Yeah,
we're still investigating.

- And yesterday, my new lawyer,
who is court-appointed

and who I do not like at all

told me that
the state supreme court

rejected my final appeal.

Next Thursday
is the date set for the...


That's the first time I've
said that word out loud--

the execution.

My execution.

Well, the Warden informed me
that I may choose the means

in which I will die.

And I was hoping you might
help me pick one out.

- Me?

- Richie always spoke
so highly of you,

said you were a good man.

- Did he?

- If you were going to die,
which way would you choose?

- Well, I'm, uh...


I'm not sure, uh...

They say that lethal injection
is the least painful.

- Oh, pain is definitely
part of the consideration.

- I would say the only

- No.

The style in which I die must
have a sort of...

lyricism, if you will,
some significance.

- Ah.

There's the gas chamber.

- Oh, they say the gas
turns your skin green.

- Well,
how about a hanging?

When you die, your feet
do a little dance,

a little...
dance of death.

- Well, Richie
was right about you.

A hanging, that's perfect.

I wanna go out
of this life dancing.

Thank you, kind sir.

You know, Richie had
a little crush on you.

- Did he?

- Uh-huh.

And I can see why.

- Officer.

- You mustn't despair over
this sexual harassment thing.

- You know about that?

- Even on death row,
rumor lives.

- Next item,
puncture-resistant vests.

- Well, we all know

that attacks on COs
are on the rise.

- 1 every hour.
10,000 a year.

- These vests, they're similar
to the Kevlar ones

worn by the cops on the street,
except these are shank-proof

as well as being bulletproof.

- They also cost $400 apiece.

I don't have that kind
of money in the budget.

- Are you ready
for this?

Gloria Nathan just examined
Shirley Bellinger.

She's pregnant.

- [whispers] Holy fuck.

- Cyril, would you please
settle the fuck down?

- Well, I'm boxing.
- Yeah, I know.

- O'Reily.

Oh, yo, whoa, slugger.

- Cyril, Cyril, Cyril, Cyril,
isn't it about time

for "Miss Sally's

- No.
- Cyril.

Go outside and wait,
all right?

Cyril, please.

- Hey, O'Reily, yo,

who you betting on
in today's fight,

Khan or the faggot?
- Neither.

I'm sitting this one out.

- You've bet on the winner
every match so far.

How come you decide
to sit this one out?

- Because whoever wins
today's fight

has to fight my brother next
week for the championship.

I don't wanna
bring on a jinx.

- Never took you
for superstitious.

- Hey, I'm a man of logic,
I'm a man of planning.

I consider every detail,
I factor in every possibility.

Then I flip a coin.
- Okay.

But if you were gonna bet,
who would you bet on?

- All right.

Khan. He's got the power
and the discipline.

- So you're saying
the Muslim.

- Well, Cramer's got
the speed and the style.

- So you're
saying the faggot.

[male yelling]

- Yo, Cyril.


Cut it out, man.
Whoa, whoa, hey, hey!

- Get the fuck away from me.
- Hey, hey, hey!

- Hey, hey, hey!
- Fuck off! Fuck off!

- Hey, hey...
- Fuck off!

- Cyril, stop it.

- Fuckin' fruitcake.

- I'm boxing.
- Stop!

- I'm boxing.

- Sorry about that,
Officer Murphy.

Ever since he beat Pancamo,

my brother's been
a little frisky.

- You, save your fists
for the ring, all right?

- Yes, sir.

- Watch your brother,
O'Reily, okay?

You don't want him disqualified
from the championship

because he ended up
in the Hole.

- What the fuck are
you thinkin', huh?

- When I fight,
people cheer, right?

- Yeah.
- I like when they cheer.

- I'm not scared anymore.
That's good, Cyril,

but you don't have to
fight all the time, okay?

- I don't?
- No, you don't.

- But, Ryan, you do.

- The man you're boxing today

all that's repulsive

to our faith regarding
sexual desire.

Your victory over Jason Cramer
will be a victory for purity,

for righteousness,

for Allah.

- Hello, boys.

- Go away, Adebisi.

We're in the middle
of our study group.

- How do you know I don't

want to learn about Islam?
- Be serious.

- Stranger things
have happened.

Beecher, Said.

- Adebisi,
get to your point.

- My point is simple.

We all share the same skin.

They don't.

Don't beat Cramer
because he likes boys.

Beat him
because he's white.

- Hey.

- What do you want,

- Schilling-er.

What I want is for
you to focus on something

other than your dick.

- You know, all this time
we've been in Unit B together,

you've never given
two shits about me.

Now that I'm boxing that
Muslim, you're my best pal.

Musta been kind of hard
deciding who to root for, huh?

Let's see,
the fag or the nigger?

But then again, you know
a lot more about

what it's like having
your cock sucked

than having an afro.

- You better watch
your mouth, Tinker Bell,

or Khan's going to
win by default.

[overlapping shouting,

- Fruit! Fruit!

[overlapping shouting]

[bell dings]

- Kill that white bitch!
- Fucking punch him!

[voices chanting]
Kill the white bitch!

Kill the white bitch!
Kill the white bitch!

[overlapping shouting]

[bell dings]

- C'mon, man,
you ain't tired.

- [wolf whistle]

[bell dings]

[bell dings]

- Way to work the jay,

That's right!

- Allah Akbar!
- Allah Akbar!

- All right.
All right.


From the judges scorecard,

we have from judge one,
30/29 khan.

- Yeah!
[inmates cheer]

Hell, yeah!

- Ho!

Judge two--

judge two has it

29/28 Cramer.

- Yeah!

[overlapping boos]

- And judge three--

judge three has it 30/29,

the winner
by split decision,

Amid Khan.


- You see that, huh?!

- People live their whole lives
thinking they know who they are:

husband, mother, son,

lawyer, doctor,
pizza delivery boy,

Baptist, Jew, Muslim,

Italian, Irish, WASP,

black, white, yellow,

male, female.

Then something comes along

and blows all
those illusions to shit,

and you're left
with the truth--

the lonely, terrifying truth.

- Allah Akbar.

- Allah Akbar.

- Allah Akbar.

- Allah

- Beecher, you are
Said's bodyguard.

- Well, sorta.

Not really.

- I wanna see him.

- Yeah.

- Up and down--life in Oz.

First I was king,
then I was looney.

Now, I'm king again.

- Congratulations.

- You and me, we come at
the world from different paths.

But there's something about
I've always admired.

- And me, you.

- You are alone.

But it doesn't have
to be that way.

Join me.

- I am very honored.

- But you refuse.

They will kill you,
you know.

- Probably.

- Beecher can't protect you.

- [small laugh]
Probably not.

But I'm ready to take whatever
journey Allah has chosen for me.

- We could never hurt Said

'cause he always had
goddamn bodyguards.

Now we get to kill him
and Beecher.

- Can I sit here?
- No.

- Well, that's kind
of stupid.

You need firepower.

- No.

- Fuck you both.

- Beecher,

you came to me wanting to
learn how to get closer to God

because of your part in
the death of Andrew Schillinger.

The guilt you carry can only
be lightened by forgiveness.

- I want to be forgiven.

- So you must forgive

Schillinger and Keller.

- I can't.
- Beecher, you must.

- Well, what about you?

Don't you have to
forgive Hamid Khan?

[dark, edgy music]

♪ ♪

- You are to stay here.

- Peace be unto you.

- Asalaam alaikum,
my brothers.

- Nacim, let him in.

So what do you want,
black man?

- Oh, Khan...

five years ago,
I was a very different man--

selfish, ambitious,
manipulative, arrogant.

One day, I'm in Mecca,

and the words of the Prophet,
praise be unto him,

filled me with the grace
and the glory of Allah.

I wanted nothing more than
to show others

the visions I had seen,
the possibilities.

I studied, became a teacher,
a leader.

But despite all my
righteous intentions,

I was still selfish,
ambitious, manipulative

and even more arrogant.

What's happened over
the past few months

has humbled me.

I have been humbled,

but not by you.

By God.

of everything else.

I have nothing left
but Allah.

And that is
more than enough.

Peace be unto you,
my brother.

[tense, jazzy music]

♪ ♪

- What the hell was that?

- Ya Allah!

In the name of Allah,
the magnificent merciful,

have I witnessed that
there is but one God...


I confess my faults.

Guide me to the right path.

My prayers, my life, my death,

are all for Allah.

Allah Akbar.

- Fuck, fuck.

[pounding keyboard]


- That's not how you do it.

- Oh, ho, fuck.

Hey, I, uh...

I loved Said's
floor show out there.

- I want to talk to you.

- All right.

- Said has helped me see things
a lot more clearly,

Chris, and...
- Chris?



- I forgive you.

And I ask that you
forgive me.

- I love you.

- I love you.

- Kiss me.

- Asalaam alaikum.

- Let's go.
Faster, come on.

Stop fucking around.
This is important.

Faster, Cyril.

- O'Reily, come here.

- I'm busy.

- There's money
in the air.

- Keep working.

- I want you to
help me kill Said.

- Said?
He's nobody anymore.

- Even so, I got to think of
a way to bring him down.

- Without Beecher suspecting,
right, Keller?

Truth is, bro, you don't
got to do nothing.

Rumor has it the Aryans
are going to whack Said.

- Yeah, when?

- I'd say right now.

- I know you're gonna
think this is bullshit,

but I feel badly about
my part in Andy's death.

I'm so sorry.

Losing a kid...
there's nothing worse.

And I want to
make it up to you.

- How?

How the fuck will you
ever make that up to me?

- You have another son.
You don't know where he is.

Through the private

at my old law office,
I could find him.

- And that's supposed
to even the score?

Make everything okay
between us?

- It's a start.

- Beecher, you're crazier
than I thought.

There's only one thing that's
gonna make this all okay.


- No!

- Cyril, Cyril, Cyril--no!

[alarm blaring]
[men shouting]

- Aah!
- Beecher!


[alarm blaring]

- Ah...fuck.

[guard shouting]

Come on, come on, come on.
Move it.

Let's go.
Move it.

- People are defined
by three things:

[gate buzzes]
their heads...

How they think...

Their hearts...

what they feel...

their dicks...

who they fuck.

At the end of the day,

each of us
has to answer one question...

One not so simple question.

Who am I?

Who am I?