Oz (1997–2003): Season 2, Episode 8 - Escape from Oz - full transcript

In the Season Two finale, Wittlesey is transferred to general population and replaced by Karl Metzger, a Nazi. Mack and another Aryan try to escape through Busmalis and Rebadow's hole. Hill gets the idea of escaping Oz by hiding in a coffin.


What a word. What a concept.

The dictionary says ''escape'' means
''to break loose, to bust free. ''


There are all kind of ways
to get the fuck out of Oz.

For example,
you can dig your way out.

Hurry up, l'll put the tiles back.

Okay, everybody, listen up.

As you probably know,

Officer Wittlesey has transferred
to Unit B.

Replacing her as Em City supervisor
is Karl Metzger.

Officer Metzger.

- Oh, no.
- This guy?

Some of you know me from ad seg.

My rep is that l'm tough, but l'm fair.

l won't take any shit from anybody,
but l don't intend to give any either.

All right, that's all.


lt's gotta be in here somewhere.

What's going on?

- Where is it?
- Where's what?

Hey, don't play games with me,
asshole. Where's the tunnel?

What tunnel?

- We been watching you.
- Leave him alone.

Here it is.

Holy shit.

How far along are you?

We figure by tomorrow, we're on
the other side of the prison wall.

When you go, we're going with you.

How? We're gonna leave at night.
You'll be locked into your own pod.

- Then we'll switch pods.
- What?

You two will switch pods with us.

Otherwise, we tell the hacks
about what's going on.

All right.

lf you can arrange the exchange,
the tunnel's yours.

- Rebadow.
- Shut up, Busmalis.

Yeah, shut up, bushman.

l can't let the Nazis go through Lizzie.
lt would be like they were raping her.

ln my years at Oz,
l've learned one rule:

Accept the hand you're dealt.
We'll lose the tunnel either way.

Better to let it go and start a new one
in the next pod.

Oh, fuck.

- Metzger?
- Yes?

l need an ask.

Hey, Tim.

l wanna move Rebadow and Busmalis
out of their pod.

- Fine.
- Don't you wanna know why?

l trust you.

- Take care of her.
- Fuck you.

Stupid fucks.

There they go.

- How can you be so calm?
- What would you have me do?

All right.

Let's go, pussy.

- They should almost be there.
- Yes.

We should have told them.

- No.
- Yes.

We should've warned them that
we weakened all the support beams.

We should've warned them that
the tunnel will collapse on top of them.

Oh, shit.

Oh, shit.

- You all right?
- Yeah.

- What the hell are you doing here?
- Prisoner number 96M542.

Mark Mack.
Convicted June 1 st, '96.

Murder in the second degree,
vandalism, hate crimes.

Sentence: 70 years.
Up for parole in 40.

Yo, back up. Back up, man.
Back up.

Back up, it's falling down.
lt's collapsing, man.

Shit, man, back up. Go, man, go.

l've been here five minutes,
l got two bodies on my floor.

This is not the way
shit's gonna happen with me here.

We find one more hole,
who's going in it?

l'm putting one of you
goddamn cocksuckers

in the next fucking hole we find.

Who wants a shovel?
Dig me the goddamn hole.

You gonna dig me a hole?
Go ahead.

Goddamn it.

The tunnel was found
in what used to be your pod.

Yes, he dug it.

- Rebadow.
- Under orders from Mark Mack.

Mack forced you to dig?

He threatened to kill Busmalis,
didn't he?

Yes. The Nazi bastard.

lf that's true,
you should've come to us.

That's easy to say.
The poor man was terrified.


Busmalis warned him of the dangers,
but they were so anxious to go.

They wouldn't listen to a word.

Even so,
these two should be punished.

Well, neither one
is much of a discipline problem.

You can go.

Poet, what's up?

lt's my new work assignment,

here in the morgue.

McManus' revenge on me
for screwing up outside, man.

Yeah, what happened, man?
You was free.

Yeah, and still a fiend.

l spent all the money
l got for that book on crack.

And when the cash ran out,

them fucking dealers
came after me, man.

l was defending myself.

You shot a guy six times.

l had to make sure
the nigga was dead.

True that.

So, what do we do here?

You know, wait for the mortician
to get back from lunch.

Undertaker school in town
sends a student up

to work on our corpses
for the practise.

And we help them out?

Yeah, you know, hand them shit.
Embalming fluid, cosmetics.


You mean like lipstick and shit?

Sure, you gotta look pretty
before they plant you.

Shit, l ain't no girl.

They ain't putting
none of that shit on my face, yo.

When you're dead,
you don't have much of a choice.

Death is a lot like life in Oz, man.

- lt'll work. l'm telling you, it'll work.
- Yo, Po.

- What you talking about? What'll work?
- Yo, check this out.

Money got a plan
to escape out of Oz, yo.

What's up? What's up?

- Yo, we working stiff patrol, right?
- Right.

So just now, we loaded those
two Aryan fucks into boxes, right,

which get sent to funeral home
for burial.

So my idea is,
next time somebody dies,

l get in the box instead.

Hill, coffins are airtight.

- You'd die of asphyxiation.
- Thank you.

Not if l drill some subtle little holes
in the right places.

But the casket's gonna be sealed.
You'll be trapped inside.

Not if l get a couple of friends of mine
to come to the funeral home

and break me out.

Yeah, but what you gonna do
with the real motherfuckers that died?

How hard is it to hide
a couple of bodies up in Oz, son?

Temporarily, at least.

- lt's a good plan.
- Shit might work.

That's what l'm saying.

That's better than having
a motherfucker mail you out.

- l wouldn't be telling everybody.
- l was bullshitting.

l know-- But l was bullshitting.
You thought l wanted to--?

Express mail, all right?

Every inmate wants out of prison,
by hook or by crook.

Of course, there are some who find
that once they're free,

life on the other side
ain't all it's cracked up to be.

l'm here to see Sister Peter Marie.

Robert Sippel's out front
asking for you.

So, Father,
meet any cute boys on the outside?

Any boys with the first name Dick?

You look exhausted.

Well, the last few days
have been very difficult.

Registering as a convicted pervert
was more difficult than l thought.

l had to go down to the courthouse
and stand in line with ordinary people

wanting fishing licences
and learner's permits.

l stepped up to the counter
and softly explained to the clerk

why l was there.

She boomed,
''Perverts fill out these.''

Oh, boy.

So how's the job search going?

Seek and ye shall find, right?

Hard enough getting employment
as an ex-con,

but once they discover
that l've fondled a young boy...

Well, have you found a place
to live?

After ten years of imprisonment,

my first two nights of freedom
were spent sleeping on the subway.

Well, you know
l'll do anything l can to help.

Well, that's why l'm here.

Would you please speak
with Warden Glynn?

About what?

Letting me sleep here in Oz.

You want me to let Robert Sippel
move into a cell?

Just until he finds a landlord
who will rent him a room.

l need to see the shift log.

He'll have to stay in Gen Pop.

- He'll be at risk.
- Yeah, he's aware of that.

He's not gonna get
an apartment unless he has a job.

Well, that's my next mission.

l gotta find somebody
who will hire a defrocked priest.

- l will.
- You?

Yeah, as my assistant.

l've got a discretionary fund
from the diocese.

Guess it's time
l used my discretion.

Well, there's not
much room here, but...

- l appreciate this, Father.
- Oh, yeah, well, l needed a...

As you can see,
l'm not very organized.

You're still uncomfortable
around me.

Chaplain's office.


Okay. Okay, l'll tell him.

A patient in the hospital is dying.
He's asked for the anointing.

lf l'm really here to help you, Father,

then let me help you.

He pardons all your inequities,
he heals all your ills.

He redeems your life
from destruction.

He crowns you
with his kindness and compassion.

Father in heaven,
through this holy anointing,

grant Joseph comfort
in his suffering.

Through Christ, our Lord, amen.

Mr. Hanssel?
Hi, l'm Father Mukada.

- Thanks for seeing me.
- Sure.

This past few weeks, there's been
plenty of stuff in the press.

What with the legislature passing that
law requiring sex offenders to register,

and with Father Sippel getting out.

lt stirred up a lot of things in me,
feelings l thought l'd put down.

l told him that you were coming.

ls he willing to talk with me?


He feels that he owes you that much,
at least.

l've never been
in a prison before.

Don't worry.

There'll be a correctional officer
with you the whole time.

Yeah, to protect me or him?

l'm sorry, Father. Look, l have
no intention of harming the man.

l don't really know
what my intentions are except...

l haven't seen him since that day.

Ten years is a long time
to carry this shit inside.

Sorry to say ''shit''
in front of a priest.

Sometimes ''shit'' is the only word
that fits.


- How do you live with yourself?
- How do you?

Whatever l've done,
l've done for righteous reasons.

Any laws l've broken
don't deserve to be laws.

But you...

You, you fucking baby raper.

- You should be dead.
- Back in your cage, Schillinger.

Don't make me use this.

You wouldn't want me to enjoy myself,
now, would you?

Way to go, Vern.

Thank you, officer.

l'm just doing my job, pal.

For once,
l agree with that Nazi fuck.

What do you need?

- Some rec time.
- With who?


No! No!

No! No!

- No!
- Keep moving.

No! No!



Don't be nervous.

- l'm not nervous.
- Well, you seem nervous.

Which l can understand,

you and me being locked
in this cell together.


You don't touch many women,
do you?

- Nope.
- l can tell.

You're twisting and turning my body
like l'm a man.

l'm treating you like a patient,
any patient.

That's right.

Doctors can't feel emotion
toward their caseload.

That's not true.
We're compassionate. Look up.

Yeah, compassion.

That marvellous thing
which allows you to be human

and still be above the rest of us.

You're fine. We're done.

Am l well enough to die?

Healthy enough to execute?

Look, if l'm nervous it's because
l don't understand how a woman,

a mother,
could do that to her own child.

- Her own flesh and blood.
- lt was an accident.


The next time l see you, Shirley,

l'll be standing over a gurney about
to poke you with a lethal injection.

Thank you, darling.

What's the opposite of ''escape''?

l don't mean ''arriving. ''
l mean, being in a place

and getting sucked deeper
and deeper inside.

So far down that you almost
burst through to another side.

Please, more Quaaludes
from the hospital.

Hey, Hernandez,
get your feet off the table.

Do you hear me,
or do l gotta have to translate?

What's the problem?

Hernandez here,
he's got attitude.


l'm gonna ask you nicely, once.

Will you please take your feet
off the table?

Will you do that for me, huh?

Thank you. Let's go, Eugene.

Let's go, let's go.

Alvarez, Rivera's still got his eyes.

You gonna do the job, man?
Or are you a fag?

l'm just waiting for the right moment.

Will you shut the fuck up?
l'll take your fucking eyes.

- Come and try.
- Yo, drop it now, all right?

Today, white boy.
Do it today, Michael.

- l got tickets to the Knights game.
- Who they playing?

Chicago. Wanna go?

- l can't. l got a date.
- Ray?

l gotta go see Sippel
at Benchley Memorial.

At least now,
he's got a place to sleep, right?


Leo, do you have any idea
who crucified Sippel?

- No, not yet.
- l bet a CO was involved.

What is that?

Oh, my God.

My eyes!

My eyes!

- l need a CO in here!
- Get some help!

Lockdown. Lockdown!

He's not in Emerald City.

Search the whole prison.
Search every fucking inch.

Lockdown. Lockdown.

Let's go, man.

- How's he doing?
- He's sedated,

but, Leo, his eyes are gone.

He's lost a lot of blood.
He's gonna need a transfusion.

- Then do it.
- He's AB negative.

l called the blood bank. They're out.

Then find somebody in Oz
with that blood type.

We're cross-checking
staff medical records right now

but it's gonna take some time.


Shut up. You shut the fuck up.



All right.

SORT team's going through every unit
cell by cell.

- So far, no sign of Alvarez.
- Shit.

- Oh, God.
- What?

No one on the staff
was AB negative

so l started checking
the inmates' records.

l found a prisoner
with the same blood type.

- So let's get him down here.
- Who is it?

Ryan O'Reily.

- Fuck you.
- A man's life is in danger.

A hack's life. Fuck you.

Goddamn it, O'Reily.

l'm sick of your fucking bullshit.
Now, you need to do this now!

There's only one of two ways
you're gonna get my blood out of me.

You either tie me down
and you take it...


Or you let my brother Cyril
out of the hole

and you put him
in Em City with me.

Miguel, you gotta think this through.

- l'm trying, l'm trying.
- There's no way out.

Eventually, the SORT team
is gonna find us here

and then what you gonna do?
How are you gonna fight them off?

They got rifles.
You got shot during the riot.

You wanna get shot again?

lf they fucking catch me, they're gonna
fucking beat the shit out of me.

Miguel, l promise you,
l won't let them.

That's fucking bullshit, man.
What the fuck are you gonna do?

You gonna fucking hold up
a crucifix?

Lie down.

l remember stories
about my grandfather.

How he killed the guy
who cut out my father's tongue.

Ended up in solitary, right?

- You know what he was like.
- Yeah.

He spent 20 years,
20 years in solitary.

Then he goes fucking crazy
because of the Alzheimer's, right?

The thought of that, man,
the thought of that,

of spending the rest of my fucking life
in a little fucking room.

No-fucking-one around
except a few fucking hacks.



l tell you, man, l couldn't handle that.
l couldn't handle that.

No, no way.

l mean, l got a problem as it is
being in small places.

But to be in a little fucking room...

l'll fucking go bugs in a day.

No, no, no.

They put me in solitary,
they might as well beat me to death.


We've been through a lot together,
you and me.

And you gotta believe me
when l tell you,

there's no alternative.

Yeah, there is.

You see that?

When l did that, l was fucking nuts.

See, l know that now.

You know
what l should've done instead?

l should've cut my fucking throat.

Miguel, no.

You don't know what you're
talking about. Just look at me.

- Say a prayer for me, Father.
- Miguel, please don't. Miguel.

Miguel, no!

- Get the fuck back.
- No!

- Don't hurt him. Don't hurt him.
- No!

- No, please stop.
- Don't hurt him.

No, don't hurt him.
l promised him you wouldn't.

- No!
- Don't.

No! No!

No. Fuck.

- Get him moving.
- Get the fuck off me.

- Get the fuck off me. Get off me.
- Get in there.

Don't leave me here, please.


Let me out. Let me out.

Let me out!



Let me out!

- End of lockdown.
- They must've found Alvarez.


They'll charge him,
attempted murder.

- Let his ass die in solitary.
- Yeah.

l feel bad, man, you know?

l was wrong about him, you know?
He did have balls.

Hey, Gloria, l have to talk to you.


What would you possibly
have to say to me?

l'm sorry?

- How's Rivera?
- We'll know more in a few hours.

All right,
Cyril's been moved to Em City.


l fucked up a lot of people's lives.


My brother Cyril got slow
because of me.

We were at this funeral.

And there was this chick there
that l used to date.

She was there with her new boyfriend,
some wiseguy.

But she and me,
we were still hot for each other.

You fuck. Get off her.

Get the fuck out of here.


Cyril got brain-damaged
defending me.

When the doctors told me

that Cyril
would never be the same again,

that he would have the mind
of a 5-year-old--


--it crushed me.

So l got wasted.

l lost control.


Everything l have done
since l've gotten here

was to protect my ass
so that l could make parole.


What l feel for Gloria...

lt blinded me.

So l lost control again.

And now Cyril's in Oz

and he's gonna be here
for the next 60 years.

And he got raped by Schillinger

and he's afraid.


l gotta stay here with Cyril.

l gotta protect my brother.

l mean, for once in my fucking life,

l'm gonna be his big brother.

You had Cyril kill Gloria's husband.


You'll be brought up on charges.

lt's what l deserve.

Hey, fuck off.

- Hey, Ryan.
- Hey.


- Hey.
- How are you?

This morning
l cleaned out Preston's closet.

Boxed up his things
from his chest of drawers.

The man had seven
mismatched cuff links.

Who saves one cuff link?

You lose one,
you throw the other one away.

Who even wears cuff links
these days?

Preston had style.


You hungry? You wanna
have dinner or something?

- No, thanks.
- Not like a date or anything.


l gotta ask you something.

About O'Reily.

Do you think he really loves you?


No one will ever love me
as much as Ryan O'Reily.

And l have to live with that fact
every day for the rest of my life.

You can escape from Oz
in subtle ways.

Heroin, alcohol.

You shellac your brain
with chemicals

and it's almost as good
as being free.

Problem is, you do too many drugs

and you become a prisoner
of a different sort.

And it's even harder to escape
the emptiness that follows.

l love you.

l love you, Toby.

Chris, at last.

Give me a kiss.

- You're drunk.
- You bet your ass l am.

Did you miss me?

Christ, l missed you.
Come on, let's fuck.

l don't wanna fuck you, Beecher.

l don't wanna be
in the same room with you.

- Where you going? Chris.
- Hey, don't fucking touch me.

- Chris.
- Go away.

Are you mad at me
about something?

- Forget it.
- No, if--

l said, forget it.

No, if l did something, l'm sorry.
l didn't mean to--

Why don't you keep
your voice down, huh?


l had a lot of time to think
in the hole.

One of the things l've decided
is you and me are through.

Jesus, what did l do?

Look, we'll talk about this
when you're sober.

Chris, what did l do?

Leave me alone.

lf it's the drinking, l can stop.
l can stop the drinking. l can.

Don't fucking touch me.

Hey, looks like a little quarrel there.



Lick your shoes for him.



l've been out of the hole two days,

l haven't spoken
more than ten words to Beecher.

Yeah, l seen him.

He's a fucking mess.

- He's on the ledge.
- Yeah.

l say it's about time
we pushed him off.

You look like warmed-over shit,

lt's been a rough couple days.

Workout will do you good.

Hey, Beech.

No! You--

All right.

You fucking--


- You and him?
- Say what?

Oh, yeah.
We've known each other a long time.

l've known Vern since
we were both doing time up in Lardner.

l was 1 7 and...

Well, he saved my life
from some big, dumb nigger

who wanted me to be his prag.
No, l don't think so.

l've owed him ever since.

l don't love you.

l've never loved you,
not for a second.

- Let him go.
- No, Chris.

No, let him go.

Let's see what you got there, Toby.
This time, for real.

My turn now.

Sieg heil, baby. Sieg-fucking-heil.

They broke both his arms
and his legs?

Hey, what's he do if he gets an itch?

He looked like a fucking pretzel.

That's because
he was in love with Keller.

Love hurts.

- Schillinger did this.
- Fucking Schillinger did this, man.

- Yo, son, l wanna move in here.
- Why?

lt's a better view.

How'd this happen?
Who took Beecher to the gym?

l don't know, but l'll find out.

Hey, Leo, what do you know
about Karl Metzger?

l only know what's in the file. Why?

l don't know.
l just got a bad feeling about this guy.

Yeah, there are all kind of ways
to escape from Oz.

You can dig a tunnel, you can die,
or you can exit through your soul.

Nappa got a hold of our tits.
That bitch stole them from us.

- He got my tits.
- Yeah, look.

l don't know how,
but he got the package before we did.

And l don't know
how the fuck he found out,

but we're fucked.

- Okay.
- We got to burn that wop, Adebisi.

- We will.
- When, man? Damn.

All you been doing is laying
in the bed these past couple of days.

And we've been covering for you
in the kitchen.

And frankly,
we getting tired of this shit.

Are you giving me orders, Kenny?

l know why you have come.

You are a fetisher.

You can see the future
in those shells.

They've already told me
we will meet.

Well, if you're so smart,

what are you doing in prison?

Prisoner number 98J604,
Kipkemei Jara.

Convicted August 1 st, '98,
criminally negligent homicide.

Sentence: 20 years.

Up for parole in eight.

l believe l was sent here for you.

lf you don't change your ways,

stop the drugs, the violence,

you will die.

Everyone will die.
That's everybody's future.

How long have you been
in America?

Fifteen years.

You see?

You have lost the sense of:

- Home?
- Yes, home.

Where you come from.

You've been here for too long.

You don't know who you are.

You disgrace our people.

Our people?

Our people who have let oyinbo
come in and use us?

Our people who don't protect
what we have got?

Even so,

when we die,

our souls return to the place of birth.

You have abandoned yours.

You must embrace it

if you want peace.

Well, Simon,
your urine test came in negative.

- You see? l'm drug-free.
- Yeah, that's great.

So how are you feeling physically,

l have the heart of a lion, Sister.

Well, l'll be. You actually look happy.

You were right.

ln snorting all that shit,
l was avoiding something.


But you know,

since the first time l came to Oz,

l found:


Nappa's saying
he's the man in charge now.

He's got the tits
and he's got Adebisi by the balls.

Let him talk all the shit
he wants, okay? Fuck Nappa.

Yeah, well, l don't know
how you can trust Adebisi now.

l mean, just fucking look at the guy.

l remember the peace.

l remember.

You see what l'm saying?

That was bad, what you said.

Yeah, well, in Oz, bad is good.

Adebisi and his crew,
they're starting to crack.

l'd give it a couple of days
before approaching them.


l need you to find out
something else for me.

Yeah? What's that?

Adebisi isn't just detoxing.

Something or someone
is screwing with his head.

You mean that guy Jara?

Man, they got some strange shit
going on.

O'Reily, you a user?

Not anymore.

Tits are purely for profit.

- Pleasure doing business with you.
- Likewise.

- That old man Jara.
- Yeah?

l want him dead.

- Anybody smell garlic?
- Hey, fuck you.

Easy, everybody.
We didn't come here to fight.

Your man, Adebisi,
he's lost his edge.

No, he just a little sick, that's all.
He'll be all right.

l got control of all the tits in Oz.

You guys got shit.

Now, rather than us taking shots
at each other,

l say we call a truce
and work together.

We have our own operation.
We don't need you.

Think about that for a moment.

Who's gonna get every pair of tits
that comes in this place, huh?

Make the smart decision here.

We ain't gonna be your bitches.

Hey, we work together, we share.

We in business?

Now, as a sign of good faith,
there's a little job l need done.


Why you letting that old motherfucker
work in the kitchen with us, huh?

He's slowing us down.

Shut up, Kenny.

l need more corn.

Die, old man.



What happened? What happened?

No, don't speak. Don't speak.
Don't speak.

- l can't breathe.
- Don't talk, l'll get some help.

Get me some help!

Help me. Don't talk.

l'm going home.

- No, don't leave me.
- l'm going home.

Jara, Jara, don't. Jara.

See you, brother.

See you.


Don't leave me.

Can you hear the drums?
Can you hear them?

Okay, Adebisi, settle down.

lt's okay, settle down.
Johnson, grab him.

Okay. We're just gonna
bring you somewhere

where they talk to you
and write everything down.

Back to your cells, come on.

You were there. How can you
not know what happened?

l don't know what happened.

Adebisi's been going through detox
and acting all crazy lately.

And then he goes and stabs
that sweet old man.

l don't know.

l just don't know.

There are legal ways
to escape from Oz.

Parole hearings, court appeals,
and then there's clemency.


lt sounds so benign, doesn't it?
So purifying.

The phone's ready for you.

Thank you, my brother.

His radio show
has thousands of listeners.

lf we don't ask, we'll never know.

Yes, this is Kareem Said.

l have an interview scheduled
for 1 0:30.


Alaikum salaam, my brother.

Oh, yes, l am he.

Let me first say,

l'm really sorry, l didn't know much
about your radio show.

lnside Oswald, we are restricted
in what we see,

hear, and are exposed to.

That is another reason
why l wrote my new book.

- l say we institute a ''no swearing'' rule.
- Fuck you.

Suck my dick.

- Asswipe.
- Cocksucker.

- You stupid cunt.
- Putz.

lf nobody has anything
more intelligent to say,

this meeting is adjourned.

- Said.
- Yes?

l'll take him back to Em City.

lt's about Poet.

l've tried talking to him
several times,

but he's completely closed himself
off to me.

Have you talked to him?

What's the point?

Well, to try to reach him.

To start over.

l've done everything l could
to help that boy.

So have you.

l'm done with him.

Hey, wait a second. What's this?

Where's your every-soul-is-redeemable,
never-give-up attitude?

Yeah, where is it, McManus?

You know, when l was arrested,

l thought to myself,
''Hey, this is the will of Allah.

l can go to Oz
and l can help my brothers.''

And you haven't.

l feel the same way sometimes.

l know you do, McManus.
l see you.

The difference is,
you can go home every night.

You're free to quit,
get yourself another job.

l'm gonna be here
for another 1 7 years.

l've been thinking a lot

about what else
l could have done with that time.

You mean like have a family?

Oh, yes.

You still can when you get out.
You're not too old.

After two decades
in maximum security,

what the hell would l have
to offer a wife?

What could l offer a child?

Your faith.

l thought your faith sustained you.

lt does.

Most of the time.


The following prisoners
are to report to the warden's office:

97F444, Kareem Said.

97 A622, Zahir Arif.

89B267, Nasim Bismilla.

85A245, Sanjay Afsana.


Have a seat.

Said, every year,
the governor grants clemency

for a number of prisoners.

Just around Christmastime.

This year, he's decided to do
two special releases:

- One for Passover, one for Ramadan.
- l know all about this.

l've been working
with other lslamic leaders

trying to get the government
to initiate it.

Right. Devlin's asked us
to go over the case files

of our Muslim prisoners
and recommend a candidate.

But he specifically wanted us
to consider you.

This is a trick, right?

There has to be strings attached.

Exactly what do l have to give up
to gain my freedom?


The big question is:

lf the governor offers clemency,
will you take it?


l tell you this. We must be happy
for whichever one of us is chosen.

Yeah, especially if it's you.

- Arif?
- l'm sorry.

lt's just that l have children.

l know they're being cared for,
but it's not the same thing.

They miss me.

l miss them.

l know.

Do you?

- lt's all about Said.
- lt's the will of Allah.

Come on, now--

Stop it.

Hey, hey, hey. What's going on?
Step away.


Come on. Come here.

You're the one.

The one Devlin's chosen.

Ramadan starts Thursday.

He's doing a press conference.


l feel like
l should congratulate you, but...

But what?

Don't tell me you're gonna miss me.

No, not at all.

lt's just...

None of this sits right with me.

The celebration of Ramadan
is at the centre of lslamic worship.

Therefore, l'm pleased,
in the grand tradition of this holy time,

to bestow clemency on a prisoner.

Kareem Said
has been an outspoken critic

of our administration,
but political differences aside,

he has been an outstanding member
of the prison population.

Even after suffering
a heart attack last year,

he's continued to work with prisoners
of every race and colour,

especially the young, to instruct them,
and guide them to better lives.

So l hereby grant Kareem Said

a full pardon

and l wish him well in his new life.

Congratulations, Said.

Finally, we meet, face to face.

Mr. Said, how do you feel?

How do l feel?

l feel joyless.

My brothers remain behind.

lmprisoned, suppressed.

l don't just mean
my Muslim brothers, l mean

every single man
that will sleep in here tonight,

that was cut off
from everything that he loves.

Cut off from his own self.

You know,
as the word went around

that the governor was gonna give
somebody clemency,

l saw a rift develop

as each inmate wished himself
to be the chosen one.

The longing to be free became
as palpable as the food that we eat.

But it is a meal
that l am being served right now.

And l am Muslim.

And Allah does not allow me
to swallow certain things.

Allah does not allow me
to take scraps

from the hands of a man
such as this.

A man who is corrupt

and immoral.

A man who denigrates
the gift of clemency

just as he violates
the principles of justice.

A man that gave the order
that caused the death of eight people.

And so, Governor Devlin,

because even the cost of freedom
can be too high,

l refuse your pardon.

Officer, take him back inside.


- Take him back inside.
- Stupid.

How do you respond to this,


Said, Said, Said...


Everybody wants to escape
from Oz.

Of course, the truth is,
there is no escape.

l mean, let's say
you manage to sneak out.

Then you gotta run
and keep running.

And a life of running away
ain't no life at all.

Better to stay put, face reality,

deal with what you got
and make the best of it.


The measure of a man
is not where he lives, but how.

How he makes the best of it.

Make the best of it.