Oz (1997–2003): Season 2, Episode 1 - The Tip - full transcript

Season Two premiere. In the aftermath of the riot that killed six inmates and two officers, Oz is locked down, and Emerald City prisoners are sent either to solitary or gen pop. A special committee is appointed to investigate the riot.

[static drones]

[bright tone]

[tense jazzy music]

♪ ♪

- Oz,
the name on the street

for the Oswald Maximum
Security Penitentiary.

- [grunts]

- Oz,
where after months of tension,

a riot erupted.

[alarm blaring]
[indistinct shouting]

- Aah!

- You can't get me now,

[indistinct shouting continues]
[alarm continues blaring]

- The unit known as
"Emerald City"

was overtaken
by its prisoners.

The governor ordered
his troops to recapture it...

by any means necessary.


[glass shatters, clattering]


When the smoke cleared--

six prisoners
and two correctional officers

were dead,

34 others were injured.

- [coughing]

- Some overcome by the gas...

- [coughing]

- Some from the beatings...

[indistinct yelling]

Some from rifle wounds.


Among those shot,
Tim McManus,

who invented Emerald City,

and some say

ran it into the ground.

[indistinct frantic voices]

[bell ringing]
[indistinct shouting]

The rest of the prisoners
were moved

to Gen Pop...

[overlapping shouting]

- Beat your fucking ass.

[shouting continues]

- Asshole!
- I'm gonna kill you!

- Motherfucker!

[shouting continues]

- Fucking bitch!

[tense music]

- Except for the riot leaders,

who were drop-kicked
into solitary.

♪ ♪

By dawn,

peace descended on Oz.

Yeah, right.

- Let me just, uh,
say this about that.

I-I've already started
to put together

a gubernatorial commission

to investigate:
one, the causes of the riot,

two, the criminal activities
of those prisoners involved,

and three, the appropriateness
of the response to it

by Warden Glynn
and his staff.

- Governor, who will
chair the commission?

- Well, uh, I've just spoken
to Alvah Case,

who's the dean of the law school
at Kaufman-Ferber University.

He's agreed to, uh,
lead the investigation.

To my mind, there's no more
respected jurist in the state.

I can assure you
his findings will be fair

and--and complete and impartial.
- Governor Devlin--

- Fuck you, Governor.

- What?
Am I asking so much?

- You want me to come out
on your side.

You want to close down
Emerald City permanently.

You want me to say
that the prisoners

are guilty of everything,
and you were totally justified

in bringing in
the S.O.R.T. Team.

You want your hands clean

of the blood
of those eight dead.

- My hands are clean.
My conscience is clear.

- Well, then back off

and let me do
what you appointed me to do.

- Okay.

But keep one
other thing in mind,

Mervin Suttel
is stepping down

as state's attorney general.

I'm looking for just
the right man to replace him.

Come in, Warden,
we're done.

Find the truth, Case,

'cause the truth
shall set your fee.

[door slams]
- [chuckling]

"The truth."

What is the truth, Leo?

Is Devlin guilty?

Are you?


depending on what I do find,

you could be the one
who gets fired.

- Yeah.

and you may be doing me
one huge fucking favor.

♪ ♪

- How they hanging, Vern?

♪ ♪

- C.C.!

Yo, something's fucked!

- Oh, great,
more Em City prags.

You fucks have a hissy fit,
now the rest of us

gotta sleep
on top of each other?

Hear me, boys,
and hear me good.

This is my cell.

This is my bunk.

You got a problem with that?

- No.

- [mumbling] How do you like
your Katies done?

Fried in butter.
- Hey. Hey.

- [laughing]
- I'm talking to you.

- Hey, either of you hear

what happened
to Dobbins or Vahue?

- No.
- Shut the fuck up.

- Were they in the hospital?

- I was only in ER,
I couldn't see into the ward.

- Shut the fuck up!
- How do you like your Katies

- Beecher!
- C.C.!

- Shut the fuck up!
- Tits!

- Beecher!
- Hookie, Pookie, Winkie, mum--

How do you like your--
- Shut the fuck up.


- [screams] Tits!

- Chill, little brother.

- Who the fuck you calling
little brother, man?

- Get off me, man!

[overlapping shouting]
[punches landing]

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

Let me go!

- Ladies and gentlemen,
let us now pray.

Please stand.

we pray for the souls

of our friends and colleagues.

Officers Edward Hunt
and Anthony Nowakowski...

and we pray for the souls
of the six prisoners

who died as well.

We pray for the recovery
of officers Joseph Mineo

and Jason Armstrong,
and for Tim McManus.

[overlapping shouting,

And, Lord,

we ask your blessing
on this place.

We ask for understanding.

We ask for patience.

We ask for the strength
to forgive.

We ask to be forgiven.

- I say no negotiations.

I say we cut off Em City's
water and electricity

and tonight when they're
sitting in the dark,

we fire
tear gas in there.

- What about the hostages?

- Hopefully, the S.O.R.T. Team
will reach them.

- Hopefully?
- So that we might

renew ourselves in this
important work that we do.


all: Amen.

- Blame's a beautiful thing,

Blame keeps this
whole planet spinning.

You can point your finger
at the next man,

you can shift
the weight onto him.

You don't have to carry
that shit around yourself.

You can slide into bed
and get a good night's nap.

Yeah, right.

- [panting]

- Mr. McManus?

Mr. McManus?

Alvah Case.

- Oh, yes.
[clears throat]

Our grand inquisitor.

- This is not
an inquisition, sir.

- Bullshit.

Devlin's been trying
to dismantle Em City

since the beginning.

This is his chance.

- Ooh, Leo told me
you'd be tough.

He says you two
aren't always in agreement,

but he admires your vision,
your ideals.

- What is it
you want exactly?

- I want to ask some questions.

♪ ♪

- I have nothing to say.

- Governor is busy
picking the other members

of the commission.

In the meantime, I'm doing
some preliminary interviews.

- I have nothing to say.

- Look...

ultimately it's going
to be up to me

to decide if Em City
ever reopens.

♪ ♪

- I have nothing to say.

[door clanging open]

- Minister Said?

- As-salaam alaykum.

- Alvah Case.

I'm here to interview you
about the riot.

- Is that interview
or interrogate?

- I guess that depends on
what you're guilty of.

- There was no riot.

- Oh, really?

- There was a righteous struggle

against repression
and injustice.

- Well, righteous or not,

there are still eight bodies

rotting in the morgue.

- I grieve their deaths.

- Do you mind?
- Please.

- I understand that from
the minute you came to Oz

you started organizing
other Muslims,

converting stone-cold

all the while sowing seeds
of discontent.

- I spoke the truth.
- Then speak it now.

Oh, come on, Said.

You talk a good game
about the truth,

but how come it doesn't include
taking responsibility

for what you've done?
- I didn't fire those rifles.

- Did you create
a set of circumstances

that caused the rifles
to be fired?

- The judicial system created
those circumstances, not I.

Your commission is a fraud,

Governor Devlin--
the one man whose actions

should be investigated,
is the man that appointed you.

That's like me getting to
pick the injury at my own trial.

- [breathing heavily,
singing in foreign language]

You want to lick my balls?

[continues singing
in foreign language]

[overlapping shouting]

- Judge Fee and Mr. Balling
will focus on events

leading up to the riot.

Bishop Callahan and Mr. Dodge
will deal with the behavior

of the inmates and the staff
during the riot.

Mrs. Eiduson and Dudley Fried
will concentrate on

their decision
to send the S.O.R.T. Team.

- Mr. Case,
how long do you estimate

the investigation will take?
Days, weeks?

- Well, it will take
as long as it takes.

[overlapping questions]

- And you're...
- Augustus Hill.

- Hill. Hill. Hill.
Hill. Hill.

- Hey, can I ask you
a question?

Two prisoners got
released on the riot.

Eugene Dobbins,
Jackson Vahue.

- Shut the fuck up.
- Somebody help him!

- Dobbins was
hurt pretty bad.

You know what
happened to them?

- My questions first, Hill.

So--So tell me in as many
words as necessary...

What you think
led to the riot.

[overlapping shouting,

- These men are violent.
All they know is violence.

- The COs, man,
they treat us like shit.

- Sometimes the inmates
get bored.

- They took away conjugals.

They took away smoking.

- No, it's more than that.

You deny a man his freedom,
his family, his privacy,

his dignity, then all he has
left is time to simmer

and eventually
the simmer becomes a boil.

[all chanting]
- Said. Said. Said.

- We've been hearing
whispers that the Muslims

were gonna start trouble.
- The Aryans are paranoid.

- What caused the riot?

Two brain-dead crack-head
motherfuckers playing checkers.

- And then all of a sudden
the world imploded.

- Fuckin' cocksucker!
[overlapping shouting]

- We treated the hostages good.
- They treated us like shit.

- We tried to negotiate.
- Their demands were ridiculous.

- And then the lights went out.


- There was tear gas.
- Guns.

- Tim McManus got
shot in the chest.

- I saw the side of Rodrigo's
head get blown off.


- Hunt and Nowakowski
were both hit in the back.

- What about Scott Ross?

- What about him?

- Well, according
to the autopsy

he was shot three times.

Once in the head,
once in the heart,

and once in
the testicles.

- Yeah?
- I was curious.

Bullets flying
randomly every which way

and he gets shot three times
in three very precise places?

- Yeah, that's right.

- They say curiosity
killed the cat.

What the fuck was
the cat so curious about

that got him killed?

- [singing in
foreign language]



[singing continues]

- Solitary sucks, man.

If you really want
some company,

you just gotta go
through withdrawal.

♪ ♪

- [singing continues]

I love you.

- Just what I love,
my prison in lockdown,

crawling with outside
investigators and TV cameras.

- What are you
afraid we'll find?

- It's not what you'll find,
it's the way you'll find it.

All these questions, they--
they stir things up

and God knows everyone's
stirred up enough right now.

- Leo, who was Scott Ross?

- Ross? Ah, he was a biker,
drug dealer,

three strikes lifer.

- Well, I'm not sure yet,

but, um...

Ross may have been murdered.

- What?

- During
the S.O.R.T. Team's attack

he may have been
killed deliberately.

- What makes you think that?

- He was shot three times,
almost execution style.

And the bullets in
Ross' body were 9 mm's,

not double-oughts,
which were in S.O.R.T. rifles.

- The S.O.R.T. Team
uses 9mm in a handgun.

- Right.
- So S.O.R.T. Team member A,

he enters the common room
in Em City,

lowers his rifle,
Ross comes at him

from out of the dark,
he raises his handgun,

fires, that's not murder.

- You throw a bullet
in someone's brain,

you pretty much
figure he's done.

- Well, maybe he shot him
in the heart first,

or the balls and Ross
just kept coming.

- Yeah, but the bullet
from Ross' brain

was in the wall below
the command center by a TV set.

And the one that went
through his heart,

was embedded in the floor.

So, unless he died
falling upwards...

- It's murder.

[overlapping chatter, grunts]

[whistle blows]

- In all that chaos,

what a perfect
chance to off Ross,

and get away with it,

- That's him over there.

Officer Heim?

- The bullets that killed Ross

came from the same
box as the ones

that you put
in your handgun.

- So?

- So your gun was
used to kill Ross.

- Uh-huh.

- Yet you don't mention
firing at him in your report.

- I didn't.

- Then who did?

- I don't know.

[gunshots, glass shattering]

- Did you hand your
gun to someone?

- No.

- Was it in your holster
when you entered Em City?

- Yes.
- And then?

- It disappeared.

- Did you feel
anyone take it?

- No, things were crazy
in there, you know?

Happening pretty fast.

- So you're telling me...

that someone lifted the handgun

out of your holster
without you knowing?

- That's right.

- Well, how come you didn't
mention that little ditty

in your report?

- Because I found it
on the floor.

- Ahh.

Officer Heim...

do I look like a stupid,
fucking idiot to you?

- No, sir.

- Then cut the shit!

You S.O.R.T. guys love
your weapons more than pussy.

You'd die before
letting anyone take it

and you'd sure as Christ
know it was gone.

Who are you
covering for, huh?

- Scott Ross was
a low-life scum fuck

just like all those
other scum fucks in there.

They hurt Armstrong and Mineo.

'Cause of them,
Hunt and Nowakowski died.

Are you seriously
going after some CO

'cause they whacked
a fucking pig like Ross?

♪ ♪

Who the fuck's
side are you on?

- The law.

I'm on the law's side.

Now you can go.

- Thank you.

- I never lie.

Not 'cause I'm so honest,

'cause I have a bad memory

and you can't be a good liar

if you got a bad memory.

Wangler, you okay?

- I need some tits,
Hill, man.

- Tits is the last thing
you need, man.

- Hey, come on, wake up.

Get up for a second.

- No.
- Come on, man.

- No, fuck you, man.
- Hey, suck my cock, man,

Come on, man, suck my cock.

Come on, man.
Suck my cock, prag.

- Fuck you.

- Get up.

- All right. All right.
- Let's go.

- Come on.
What the fuck, man, let's go.

- Okay, okay.
[exhales sharply]

- Come on.

Come on, bitch.
Let's go.

Oh, yeah.



- [spits]

- [screaming continues]

[alarm ringing]

- It's okay.

Tyrone, I need wraps.

- [screaming]

- [spits]

- [sighs]

You still on the job?

- Yeah.

So are you.

- Well, we had a couple
of incidents tonight.

- Anything I should
know about?

- Nah.

What are you doing in here?

- I'm trying to figure
this Ross thing through.

There were six hostages left

when the S.O.R.T. Team attacked.

McManus, Wittlesey,

Mukada, D'Agnasti, Hunt

and Nowakowski.

Now Hunt and Nowakowski died

during the first moments
of the assault

and McManus was shot,

so there's less of a chance
that he killed Ross.

- [scoffs] What makes you
so sure it was a CO?

Why not a prisoner?

Ross wasn't exactly beloved
by his fellow inmates.

- Oh,
that was my first thought.

That someone used
the opportunity

to take revenge on a guy...

But after talking with,
uh, Officer Heim--

who by the way, Leo,
is lying through his teeth...

I realized he'd never
cover for a con.

He's protecting one of his own.

- D'Agnasti.
- Or Wittlesey.

Or Mukada.

- Alvah, stop!

Father Mukada wasn't involved.

- You never know.

How did Ross treat everyone?

- He was a condescending,
little prick.

- Did he do any harm to you,
personally? Physically?

- Nope.

- What about officers
Wittlesey or D'Agnasti?

- I don't remember.

I'd been beaten pretty
badly and I was...


- Anything else
you remember?

- My nose itched.

But because our hands
were tied behind us,

I couldn't scratch.

- Stand in a straight line.

When they come in,
you get hit first.

- Through it all--

through the tear gas
and the gunfire

and the fear and the adrenaline
in overdrive...


The only thing
I could think of was,

"Christ, would someone
please scratch my nose?"

[gate buzzes]
- Tits!

I need some tits.

- [sighs]

- [howling]

- Shut the fuck up!

- Fuck you,
you fat fuck.

- You hear anything
about Dobbins or Vahue?

- [groans]
- I'm asking you a--D'Agnasti!

I'm asking you a question.
- I need some tits!

- No.
[gate buzzes]

- Thank you!
- [howling]

- You fucking junky fuck.

- Shit.
- Shut the fuck up before I

kick the shit out of you!
- Kiss my ass.

- D'Agnasti.

- What?

- Can I ask you
a few more questions?

- I'm working here.
- I'll be brief.

- Ask him about food.
These sandwiches suck.

All of the hostages
were bound, right?

Hands behind your
back with rope?

- Yeah.
- When did you get free?

- Sometime after
the shooting stopped.

- Who tied you up?
Which prisoners in particular?

- Scott Ross.
- [howling]

- Settle down, Wangler!

- You didn't like Ross.
- Help!

- What was there to like?
- Tits! [howling]

- Shut the fuck up!

[overlapping voices]

- Pretty quiet.
- What?

- Well, compared to
your last assignment

at Emerald City,
this is pretty quiet.

[alarm beeping]

- Whoa, whoa, whoa,
can I help you?

- Yeah, I'm here to see
my husband, Billy Kempf.

- I'm sorry, ma'am,
we're in lockdown.

- No, no, no, okay?
I drove 312 miles.

Look, look.

It says I'm supposed
to see Billy Kempf today.

- Well, we had a riot here.
Maybe you heard about it?

- Fuck yes,
I heard about it.

I also heard
the fucking thing was over.

- Yes, it is.
- Yeah, so you let me see Billy.

- You won't be seeing him today.
- No, no, no, no.

You don't get it, honey,
I drove 312 miles.

- Can I help you
with anything else?

- Yes, you can.
You can open

those fucking gates...
- Can I help you with anything--

Can I help you
with anything else?

- I don't have to stand
for this bullshit, okay!

- That's it. Tommy, come here.
- Who the fuck

do you think you are!
I drove 300--

This is bullshit!
Don't you fucking touch me!

- Maybe it's not
so quiet after all.

Now, Diane, what happened

from the point the S.O.R.T. Team
entered Em City?

- I told you this already.

- I know, dumbass me,

I-I lost my notebook.

- Well...

the tear gas
made it hard to see.

Tim McManus and I,
we ducked behind a column.

We heard gunfire
for what seemed like forever

and then silence.

We thought it was over.

Tim leaned out
and he got shot.

- He fell to the floor?

- Yes.

- And you...

- I cradled him in my arms
until help arrived.

- What kind of prisoner
was Scott Ross?

- What kind?

- Model? Trouble?

- Average.

- You and me...

we're joined at the hip

and there ain't nothing
you can do about that.

- Thank you.
Thank you.

[gate buzzes]

- You ask most people
they'll tell you

lying is wrong,
and then immediately go out

and lie like a motherfucker,

but that's cool.

We all know...

lies are necessary.

- I was talking
to them yesterday.

- What'd they say?

- They say Tim will be out
of Benchley Memorial next week.

- Oh, jeez, I feel terrible.

I've only been over
to see him once.

- Hey.
both: Hi.

- This guy, Case,

has he been
talking to you?

- Yeah, he interviewed
me yesterday.

- Yeah, me, too.

- Did he ask about me?

- Not in particular, no.

- Mm-mm.

- Okay.

- [laughs]
Hey, Jackson.

Yo--You okay, man?

How's Dobbins?

- He's dead, man.
He died.

[cello music playing]

♪ ♪

- Fuck.

- There you are.

- You've been
looking for me?

- Everywhere,
Balling and I have been trying

to meet with you all day.
What have you been doing?

- I've been working
this murder angle.

- Oh, Christ.

Alvah, forget about that.


You don't wanna concern yourself
with things like that.

Believe me, you're looking
in the wrong direction.

- Well, it's all part
of the story, Judge.

It's all part of the story.

[monitors beeping]

- Well, we sedated
Adebisi pretty heavily.

He should be out
for a couple of hours.

- Oh, good.

I could use a break anyway.

- Hm.
- And how about you?

You ever take ten minutes?
- Oh, sure.

- Good.

Can I buy you
a cup of coffee?

- I don't think so.

- Why not?

- You...make me nervous.

- [chuckles]
Who, me?

Listen, I'm the sweetest guy
on the planet,

ask my mother.

- Yeah, well, if we went
out for coffee together

I wouldn't be
sure if you were...

interrogating me or...

- Dr. Nathan, I swear...
- What?

- I'm far less devious
than you think.

I'm a college professor
for pete's sake,

I-I give lectures,
I grade papers.

- You train lawyers.

- Yes, okay.

I'll stop being adorable
and just ask my questions.

[monitors beeping]

[person coughing]

[eerie music]

♪ ♪

- Mr. Robson,
your glands,

the tip of your penis
has been severed.

- You got your dick bit off.

[overlapping voices]

- Dick bit off.

- Absolutely severed.
- You got your dick bit off.

- Severed, severed,


- How's it feel?

- Weird.

- No, shit.

- [chanting in foreign language]


- [panting]

- [exhaling sharply]

- [chanting continues]
[banging faster]

- [screaming]

Get the fuck away from me!
Get off me!

- Hey! Hey! Hey!
- Get off me!

- What's going on?
- Get the fuck off me!

Get off me! Get them off me!

- Just another junkie asshole
spiraling out.

- Let me go!
Get the fuck off me!

- Hey, hey, hey.
Take it easy.

- The public outcry against

Governor Devlin's decision
to use force

at Oswald remains high,

even as
a gubernatorial commission

searches for answers.

- Guys, help me out here.

What the fuck
is taking so long?

- You want this done
right or fast?

- Both!

I want you to hold
another press conference,

give them an update.

I'm tired of saying be patient,

and I am tired of telling them

that I have absolute
faith in you,

'cause frankly, I don't.

- We'd be moving a lot faster

if Alvah could just stay
focused on the big picture.

- What do you mean?

- He's off
trying to solve a murder

that for all we know
isn't even a murder.

- It's a murder.
- Well, if it is,

it is only a small part
of our overall mission.

- I disagree.
I think it's endemic

of the whole problem here at Oz.
- You are so full of shit!

- Well, you know, Benji,
given the last three decisions

you've handed down
from the bench,

you're the expert
on full of shit.

- What the fuck
is that supposed to mean?

- Don't fuck with me.
- Guys.

Guys! For God's sake.
- No! No, forget it!

- That's fine.
Forget it, I'll resign!

- No, I'll resign!
- No one is resigning!

The last thing I need
is for the media to hear

that the commission
itself is fighting.

Now everybody,
back to your corners

and back to work.
- Yeah, right.

- The sooner
we get this done,

the happier we'll all be.

[door opens, slams]

- [moaning]

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- [moaning continues]

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

- [moaning continues]

- Sweet dreams,

♪ ♪

- Dr. Nathan.

you know the last time

I had a woman
tie me down like this,

I married her.

- Well, if she'd kept
you like that,

you might
still be married.

- I feel good.

You can let me go now.

- No.
Before that happens,

you, Sister Marie,
and I need to spend

a little time together.

- Nice.

- Hey, Doctor,
my dick is hard.

Is that good?

- You tell me.

- What are you looking for?

- Your impressions of Ross.

- You're a teacher, right?

- I used to be,
now that I'm a dean,

I spend less and less time
in the classroom.

- You know how teachers get
favorite students sometimes?

Get a real affection for them?
- Oh, yeah.

- I couldn't wait for Ross
to leave the office.

- Did he frighten you?

- That and, uh, he had
a terrible hygiene problem.

- Did he ever mention
having a sexual relationship

with anyone on the staff?

- As you'll see in the files,

he said a lot of things,
he was a compulsive liar.

- Do you ever counsel
staff members?

- Sure.
- Did anyone ever talk of Ross,

I mean negatively?
- Sure.

- Who?
- Everybody.

- Can you be a little
more specific?

- Come on, you know a nun
doesn't reveal the confidence.

- You're not a priest.

The silence of the confessional
doesn't apply here.

- As a psychologist, it does.

- Then we may have to let
a court determine that.

- Well, that's fine.

I want those files back
when you're through with them.

Anything else?

- No.

- Ooh, Ryan O'Reilly.

- Yo, yo, that's me, man.

- Vehicular manslaughter,
reckless endangerment,

possession of
controlled substances,

possession of
a deadly weapon,

violation of parole.

That's an amazing list
of crimes.

- Yeah well, you know,
I applied myself.

- [laughs] Still, I mean even
with all those talents,

you must have had a hard time
adjusting to life in Oz.

- No, I can take
care of myself.

- Yeah, I can see that.

But how?

- I'm like
the Lord of the fucking Dance.

I got moves.

- Yeah, I'll bet you do.

Of all the guys
that led the riot,

you were the only one
with no fire power behind you.

Yet the others included you

in all the decision making.

- I had nothing to do
with the riot.

- Oh.
Oh, I guess I was misinformed.

- I guess you were.

- Like I heard from what I
thought was a reliable source...

That you and Ross...
were close.

- [chuckles] Close? No.
- Mm.

That you and he were lovers.

- Now, who the fuck
told you that?

- Ross poured his heart out
to Sister Peter Marie.

- Hey, look, I'm no fag, pal,
but if I were,

I wouldn't put my dick
anywhere near Ross' scum hole.

That cocksucker'd fuck anything
on two or four legs.

- Yeah, well,
what about COs?

Did Ross ever fuck one of them?

- How about some help
getting me out of this place?

- Sorry, you're not
going any place

until the investigation
is over.

- Oh, well,
then how about a cigarette?

Oh, this is good.

When I'm done puffing on this,

I can suck on my own
secondhand smoke.

- So...

- Ross had a thing
for Wittlesey.

- Yeah?

- Yeah.

He claimed they knew
each other on the outside.

Makes sense.

They were always sneaking off
and whispering to each other.

- What's the matter?

- This guy, Case,
he gives me the creeps.

- Why?

You got nothing
to worry about.

He'll do his inquiry,
he'll be gone.

- Yup.

- Right?

- Yeah, I guess.

- They also say if you repeat
a lie often enough,

it becomes the truth,

or at least you
convince yourself

it's the fucking gospel.

- You run the Aryan Brotherhood,
Mr. Schillinger?

- I used to.

- You have a parole
date coming up.

- Yup.

- You think you got
a chance of getting out?

- I hope so.

My sons need me.

- Well, I'd be happy to put
a letter of recommendation

in your file.
- If I help you out.

- That's right.

Scott Ross.

- Poor son of a bitch.

- So you were friends?


Did he ever mention having
any kind of a...

sexual relationship
with Officer Wittlesey?

- Sure.

Ross and Wittlesey's ex
were in the same bike club.

Ross said...

he nailed her
behind her hubby's back,

but then again,
Ross was sometimes

a lying sack of shit,
so who knows if it's true.

- Did anything go on
between the two of them

since he came to Oz?

- According to Ross, he was
banging her pretty regular.

- You think he was
lying about that?

- Probably.

- Thank you for
getting me permission

to come to the library.

Lockdowns can be boring
with nothing to read.

- Oh, no problem.

They tell me
you know everything

that goes on in Oz.
- [scoffs]

They exaggerate.

- You have any idea--
if anything,

was transpired between

Officer Wittlesey
and Scott Ross?

- Cigarettes.
- I beg your pardon.

- Cigarettes was what
was going on between them.

Wittlesey smuggled them in,
a carton a day.

She gave them to Ross to sell.
Everything was going smoothly

until McManus found out.

He made Wittlesey
shut down the operation.

So Ross hated
McManus for that.

- And because
Wittlesey and McManus

started sleeping together.

♪ ♪

- Hey, got a cigarette?

Yeah, why would you?
Ross is dead.

It's funny, you know?

What a guy can
see with one eye,

in the dark,
through the tear gas.

Don't worry.

I didn't tell that nigger,
Case, a fucking thing.

- So what do you
want from me?

- Well, I got a parole hearing
coming up.

I think maybe
the best thing for you

would be for me
to be out of here.

- So you think
Wittlesey killed Ross?

- She had motive,

- I've known Diane for years.

Don't walk in here and talk
about motive and opportunity!

Give me some evidence.

- Well, in the heat of the riot,

maybe she just lost it.

- No. No, it had to be a more
specific reason than that.

Ross--Ross had to have done
something at that moment

to get her to pull that trigger.

[phone ringing]


Yeah, okay, okay.

Officer down at Ad Seq says
a prisoner wants to talk to you.

- Which one?
- Tobias Beecher.


- Hey, Chief.

- You asked to see me?

- I got a secret.

- About?

- S...cott Ross.


- Tell me.

- If I tell you,
it won't be a secret.

- Would you excuse
us please?


- I bit the tip off
a guy's penis. [laughs]

- So I heard.

- You're not afraid?

- Well, I've got my pants on.

- [laughs]

I used to be a lawyer,
you know that?

- Uh-huh.

- I went to Harvard.

- So did I.

- Rah, rah, crimson.

[groans] I've been under
a lot of stress lately.

I haven't been
behaving very nicely.

Like this biting thing.

But I'm using my time in here

to, uh,
turn my head around.

When I get out of here,
I'm gonna be a--

a better person.

'Cause, like,
this whole biting thing

just isn't working for me,
you know?

I mean--

So as a sign that I'm on
the straight and narrow...

[sighs] I'm gonna tell you
my little secret...

and then...

I'll be on the road back,

- Yeah, yeah.

- I saw the shots fired.

- Which shots?

- Check the bullets.

- The bullets that killed Ross?

- No.

Check the bullets in McManus.


[knocks on door]


♪ ♪


- McManus wasn't shot
with a 9mm

from a S.O.R.T. Team

The striations show
he was hit

with a 9mm,
probably from a glock

or a sig-sauer.

- Sig-sauer, well,
we know there was a sig-sauer

in Em City
during the riot.

- Whose was it?
- Kareem Said.

♪ ♪

[door clanging open]

- You shot Tim McManus.

- No.

- Well, if you didn't,
who did?

- I don't know.

- You had a sig-sauer
in your possession.

- Now, if I say yes, that's
another nail in my coffin.

Do I look like a fool to you?

- Are you comfortable
here, Said?

'Cause you know it's up to me

when and if you get out
of solitary confinement.

Now I know
how important it is for you

to be among your people,

leading, guiding,
nurturing them.

That's gonna be hard to do
through eight tons of steel.

- You're an academic, right?

You know about hypotheses
and theories, right?

Well, theoretically

if I had a gun when
the S.O.R.T. Team entered,

here's what might
have happened.

I might have been underneath
the control panel

at the command station
holding that gun.

When the S.O.R.T. Team
member came in and started

to beat me,

and in not wanting
to kill anybody...

I might have thrown
that gun over the side.

- Where someone else
picked it up.

- Theoretically speaking,

[indistinct announcements on PA]

- I know you've got
nothing to say to me,

but I have a couple
of things to say to you.

you've got balls.

You voluntarily went
into Em City

to negotiate the release
of the injured officers

and Diane Wittlesey.

You traded yourself
for Armstrong and Mineo,

putting yourself in what
could only be called

a jackpot situation.

Especially knowing that
you'd fall into the hands

of Scott Ross,
a man you despised.

How ironic is it then

that he was
the one who shot you?

♪ ♪

- Any last words?
- Suck my dick.

Who told you?

- That Ross was the one
who shot you?

- Yeah.

- You just did.

♪ ♪

You know...

Oz is just
like any place else.

Everybody loves to gossip
about everybody else.

- Not me.

- Oh, but they
gossip about you.

maybe it's 'cause, uh,

you're one of
the few women around.

Maybe it's because, um,
there's truth to the rumors.

Like, for example,

that you were
smuggling cigarettes in

that Ross could sell.

And that you and McManus
had an affair.

- You accusing me
of something?

- Yes.

Yes, I am.


You killed Scott Ross.

- [scoffs] Me?
How did I do that?

- Ross picked up Said's gun.

He fired into McManus's chest.

You took Officer Heim's pistol
and shot Ross.

Bang, bang, bang.

- That's not possible.

My hands were tied
behind my back.

- No, they weren't.

You managed
to loosen the binds

before it all came down.

You told me that after
McManus fell to the ground,



"I cradled him in my arms."

End quote.

How could you cradle him

with your arms
behind your back?

- Have you ever been
in a riot?

- No.

- You have to understand
what's involved.

The idea of being a hostage,
the mob mentality.

You get carried away,
you stop being human.

You become part
of something else.

I have made every
mistake there is.

I have fallen in love
with the wrong men,

I had a baby
out of wedlock,

I drank too much,
I snorted too much.

I have done things
to make money,

including this job,

which makes me dread
getting out of bed,

but each time
I made the choice.

I chose to drink,
I chose to stop.

When my husband got abusive,
I chose to walk.

I refuse to be
anybody's victim.

These mistakes I've made,
they are a part of me.

They are like my skin...

and I do not regret
what I've done.

Do you hear me?

No regrets, no remorse.

I just keep going.

What are you gonna do?

- When I know, you'll know.

- She has a young daughter,
a mother in and out of chemo.

- So what, Leo, so what?

- So if you expose the truth,

you destroy this woman's life
and her daughter's

and for what,
Scott fucking Ross?!

Come on now Alvah,

- What do you want
me to say, Leo?

- To say that Ross died
like the others,

from bullets fired by
a member of the S.O.R.T. Team

in the performance
of his duty.

- I just read the preliminary
draft of your report.

- Yeah, what's wrong?

- You recommend not filing
charges against Said

and the other riot leaders?!

- From a legal standpoint,
the evidence is circumstantial.

From a moral standpoint,
it's laughable.

- I want those bastards
on trial, on TV!

- Look, Governor,
as far as I can see,

whatever they did came about

as a direct result
of your actions!

- You exonerated me.
- Oh, yeah, yeah.

Your commission behaved
like good little boys,

but you can't have it both ways.

If the prisoners are guilty,
so are you.

- This is not the kind
of attitude I expect

from an attorney general.

- Yeah, well,
I've thought about it...

♪ ♪

I don't want to
be attorney general.

I want to be governor.

- [scoffs] What?

- I'll see you on
the campaign trail, Devlin.


I've got a press
conference to do.

♪ ♪

[door opens, slams]

[camera shutters clicking]
It is the considered opinion

of this commission

that though the riot itself

and the deaths that followed
are tragic,

no one in particular
is at fault.

[overlapping reporter questions]

We do feel
that there are certain measures

that can be taken to insure

that an event like this

does not happen again.

- Bitch.

- [smooches]

- So as it turns out,

no one was to blame
for the riot.

In fact,
if no one was to blame,

that means nothing
bad happened.

Nothing at all happened.

So life can pretty much
go on as it has before.

Yeah, right.

[tense jazzy music]

♪ ♪

[bright tone]