Oz (1997–2003): Season 1, Episode 8 - A Game of Checkers - full transcript

After a visit with his sons, Schillinger realizes he needs to get paroled. He convinces McManus to let him return to Em City with the condition that he leaves Beecher alone. Beecher comes ...

[bright tone]

[tense, jazzy music]

♪ ♪

- Remember when your high school
history teacher said

that the course
of human events changes

'cause of the deeds
of great men?

Well, the bitch was lying.

Fuck Caesar,
fuck Lincoln,

fuck Mahatma Gandhi.

The world keeps moving
'cause of you and me,

the anonymous.

Revolutions get going 'cause
there ain't enough bread.

Wars happen over
a game of checkers.

- Hey...

Good night, turd.


[continues laughing]

[night stick clanking
on bars]

- Hey!

[dark chords]

[thud, squish]

♪ ♪

Go! Move it!

♪ ♪

- Prisoner number 92S110,

Vernon Schillinger,

convicted October 21, '92,

aggravated assault
in the first degree.

Sentence: eight years,

up for parole in five.

I had a visit from my sons.

They're almost...
out of their teens now,

almost men.

They live with
their grandfather,

the man who taught me
everything I know about hate.

Yesterday my boys

sat there across from me

ranting and raging.

They were both
fucked up on drugs.

They know I hate drugs,

that I'm in here
because I hate drugs and...

because I love them.

I yelled at 'em and, uh...

they just...


They laughed at me.

It's funny, you know...

With one eye,
I can see, finally...

That...they are becoming
the men I made them.

I got about three months
till I'm up for parole.

All I want is
to get outta here.

Be there for them.

Try to help my kids.

That's all.

- If I let you back into
Em City, you'll kill Beecher.

- If I wanted him dead,
he'd already be dead.

- You say you've changed.

Why should I believe you?

- Trust me, McManus,

you lose an eye,

you get kicked in the balls,

you get a face
full of shit...

you become
a different man.

[gate buzzes]

- King me.


- [singsong] He's back!

- Hey.

-Where's Beecher?

- He's still in the Hole.

- Put these on.

Get up.

- Do you wanna
touch my dick?

- Get dressed.

- I shit all over a man.
- I know.

- That's not normal.
- No. Get dressed.

- [exhales]

- Schillinger's
back in Emerald City,

but he says
he won't harm you.

Tell me
you won't harm him.

- He burnt a swastika
into my flesh.

He made me rip up
pictures of my family.

He made me eat the pages
of a law book.

He made me
wear women's makeup

and he fucked me
up the ass.

- I know.
- [laughs]

So now I just forgive him?

- Yes.

- Could you ?

- Yes.

- All right.

I forgive him.

- Hey, roomie.

how crazy are you?

- "Crazy"?

- Well, you broke
the glass.

You blinded Schillinger,

you took a shit
on his face.

- Hey. What the fuck
are you looking at?!

- [chuckles]

You see, this is
what I'm talking about.

The old Beecher
would've hid just now.

- Yeah, well, I left the old
Beecher in the Hole.

- I hear ya.
- Hey...

don't get
so close to me, okay?

- Okay.

Look, uh...

any day the Muslims
are gonna riot.

I may need you,
crazy or not.

- Need me to do what?

- Be my brother.

- Hey, hey!

It's your move, asswipe!

- Beecher, watch it!

You're gonna have
the fastest turnaround time

in the history
of the Hole!

- "Asswipe".
- I'm tellin' ya, man.

You're gonna have to
take Beecher out,

otherwise you're not gonna
have any jizz left in Em City.

Everybody's gonna think
you're a pansy-ass.

- I don't care.

Let 'em.

- When you're playing poker,

you can't let anybody
at the table know

which cards you have...

what you're feeling,
what you're thinking.

You gotta develop a game face.

In Oz...we wear our
game face all day

and into the night.

You wear your
game face so much

that when you look
in the mirror,

you're not sure which face
you're shaving.

[dramatic chords]

- I bring 'em in,
you sell 'em.

- A carton a day.
That's it.

- What's going on?

- There's a rumor that
you're bringing contraband

into Emerald City.

- What?

- It's bullshit, right?

- Who did you hear
this from?

- Tell me it's not true.
- It's not true.

- You're lying to me.

- No, I'm not lying.

- I have an eyewitness,

that saw you pass cigarettes
to Scott Ross.

An eye-fucking-witness!

- Who?

- Me.

- Oh.

So I'm fired.

- No, you're not fired.

Look, I know that you're
worried about money.

I know you're worried about
your mother and Didi,

but this shit
has got to stop!

- Yeah, okay.

Okay, I'll put
an end to it.

- Today.
- Okay.

I appreciate
the second chance, Tim.

- I've been digging
through your files.

- Yeah?
- I know that Ross and your ex

were in the same biker gang.
- Yeah.

- You should've told me.

- Yeah.

- Have you slept with Ross?

- What?
- I'm just trying to figure out

if you fucked us both.

- Wha...what is this?

You're trying to hurt me
for breaking up with you?

You're trying to prove to me
you've got a dick?!

You know what?
I don't need this--I quit!

- Oh, fuck!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

- You're sorry?
- Yes.

I...I don't know
what's going on with me.

Forgive me, please.

- Forgive you.

Okay, okay,
I forgive you.

I forgive you.
You forgave me.

We're even.
- Say you'll stay.

- I got nowhere
else to go.

- Hey.

- I'm done.

I'm out of
the cigarette business.

- [stammers] Wh--wh--
what happened?

- I can't
take the stress.

I don't wanna
get caught.

I'm done.
- It's not that easy.

- What does that mean?

- That means I have customers
that rely on me.

- Yeah, so what?

- [sighs]


So I'm not gonna
let you fuck this up

with your guilt
and paranoia.

- I say it's done,
it's done.

- No.

You quit, I go to the Warden,
I tell him everything.

He puts me in the Hole for
a little while, big deal.

You--you lose your job,

you probably do some time...

Leaving little Didi
a motherless child,

scarred for life.

- No, you wouldn't do that.

- Why wouldn't I?

Diane, you and me...

We're joined at the hip.

There ain't nothing
you can do about that.

Turn on me again,
your life ain't worth shit.

She's a damn fine woman,
our Diane.

Damn fine woman.

[gaze buzzes]

[metallic clanging]

[edgy music]

- Hey, who's that?

- Oh, new guy, some Polack.


- If the Muslims riot,
we're ready.

Angels, Aryans--

What about the homeboys?

- Adebisi says
they're on our side,

but, I don't think
we should fight the Muslims

if we can avoid it.

- What, are you going
soft on me, O'Reily?

- No, I'm just trying
to stay alive.


[edgy notes]

- Hey, what are
you doing?

- Nothing.
- Yeah?

Why don't you do it
somewhere else?

- Stupid hacks.

- You're the lookout.

- I know I'm the lookout.
- Go on, look out!

- Damn!

I'm Anthony Nowakowski.

- You're late.

- I had never been
to Oswald before.

- I got lost
coming off Route 7A.

- I'm Diane Wittlesey.

This is Joe Mineo.
Don't be late again.

- Another fucking

- Joe's been around
for about two centuries.

There's been a lot of
suspensions lately.

- So I hear.

Officers beating up inmates
on a regular basis.

- Killed one of our guys.

- Some of the COs
decided to take it out

on any prisoner
they could find.

Things got a little tense,
but I'm hoping we're past it.

- Yeah.

Also hear you got

a couple of celebrities
in this cellblock?

- That's Kareem Said.

He's the big
muckety-muck Muslim.

- It's time.

I want you to start
an argument with the guard,

get him to swing on you.

But he must hit you first,
you understand?

- Yes.
And after he hits me?

- Jihad-e-Akbar.

- Jihad-e-Akbar.

- That's Eugene Dobbins,

some classical
kind of musician.

Used to play the cello
till somebody smashed it.

- You wanna
go to the library?

- No.
- Come on, man.


- Leave me alone.

- Now he sits in front of
the boob tube all day.

That's Jackson Vahue.

- Vahue?

Oh, yeah, man, you see that
game against the Bulls?

58 fucking points!
That guy's amazing.

- Rebadow.

Your factory supervisor

says you haven't been to work
for a couple of days.

- God lied to me.

- God lied to you?
- Yes.

- Well, why should God be
so different than anyone else?

Oh, shit.
I'm late for a meeting.

- I used to
have meetings.

They never do
any good, you know.

[singers vocalizing,

- ♪ Baby, do you
understand me now ♪

♪ Sometimes
I get a little mad ♪


[dialogue inaudible]
♪ 'Cause I'm just a soul ♪

♪ Whose intentions are good ♪

♪ Oh, lord, please
don't let me be misunderstood ♪

[vocalizing and harmonizing

♪ ♪

♪ Oh, no, no ♪

♪ Oh ♪

- Prisoner number 65R814,
Robert Rebadow,

convicted September 9, '65,

murder in the first degree.

death, commuted to life.

- I'm beginning to think
I never really talked to God...

that everything
I thought I heard

was actually my own
powers of reason.

McManus, you're a man of reason,
too, but you've gotten lost.

- Yeah? Well,
right now I'm late.

Go to work, Rebadow.

- Hey, Tim,

I want you to meet--
- Uh, later.

Hey, Ray.
- Tim.

- [quietly]
We get the hostages...

- Hey, Miguel.
Could you guys

excuse us for a second?

- Hey, whatever
you got to say to me

you can say in front of them.

- Take a hike.

- What the fuck is that?

- Jose Torres got paroled.

- Lucky prick.

- So I hear that you're
running the gang now.

- Ain't listening
to gossip a sin?

- Miguel--
- Hey, Father,

the only reason why
I didn't

beat the shit
out of you just now

is because
you've been there for me.

Don't push your luck.


- Okay, where was I?

- Losin'.

- You, uh, you move
this piece?

- No.

- Yes, you did!
- No, I didn't.

- You fucking
moved the pieces!

You been doing it
all along!

Every time
I have to take a shit,

you move the pieces!

That's why
I'm fucking losing!

- You keep losing
'cause you suck.

- You motherfucker, man!

[intense music]

- Hey, hey, break it up!

[overlapping shouting]

Hey, break it up!

♪ ♪

- Get off of him!

[intense, percussive music]

♪ ♪

[phone rings]

- Yeah.

- Hunt, send Armstrong
out here now!

- Armstrong, get out there.
hurry up.

- Whoa!
All right!

- Hey, bitch!

Take that!
Sucks, motherfucker!

[intense music continues]

♪ ♪

[alarm blaring]

[overlapping shouting

- Shit.

- Miguel.


- You all know what
you're supposed to do?

- Yes!
- Let's go!

[alarm blaring]
[inmates yelling]

- [toot, toot]

[tooting party horn]

[inmates yelling]

[intense, percussive music]

- Shut down all
the cellblocks immediately.

Cut off the pay phones!

- What's happening?
- Our worst nightmare.

- Aaaaahhh!

[alarm blaring]
[inmates yelling]

[intense music

♪ ♪


[men stop yelling]
[alarm blaring]

- Now, let's get organized!

[all whooping, cheering]

- This is Warden Glynn!

[inmates yelling, booing]

- Surrender immediately, and
there will be no repercussions!

- Fuck you!

- Is there anyone in charge?

[overlapping shouting

Is there anyone in there
we can talk to?!


[men chanting]
Said, Said, Said, Said,

Said, Said,
Said, Said,

Said, Said, Said, Said,

Said, Said,
Said, Said!

Said, Said, Said, Said!

[men stop chanting]

- Gentlemen...
- What's this about, Said?

- If you have to ask, Glynn,

we got a long day
ahead of us.

[inmates cheering, yelling]

[dark, tense music]

♪ ♪

- Glynn is giving us time to
come up with a list of demands.

But I think the most
important element

is that we remain united.

- I don't have
a problem with that.

- Me neither,

as long as we get a few
ground rules laid down.

- Such as?

- Man, you're not the boss.

- Hmm. I am willing
to share the power.

That is why
I asked you here.

You see, we can become
a kind of council.

We will, together,
make all the decisions.

- We can talk parliamentary
procedure later.

How many guns do you have?
- Just the one.

- I don't believe you.

- Well, you're gonna have to
learn to trust me,

just like I'm gonna have to
learn to trust you.

- Yeah, but you got the gun,

and that gives you one up
on the rest of us.

- That's right.

I hear you talking about
sharing power,

but I can't
turn my back on you.

- Okay,

how would you like me
to demonstrate my sincerity?

- Give me the gun.
- Oh! [scoffs]

- Okay, okay.

How about we divide up
the responsibilities?

- [chuckling]
- Look, O'Reily, Ross, Adebisi,

you already have control
of the front entrance.

I propose
O'Reily be our spokesman

when dealing with Glynn.

Ross, you be in control
of the distribution of food,

all other comings and goings.

- My men should
have the hostages.

- Okay.

You're gonna
have to give up Hunt.

- No way.

- We all have to
give up something.

It is much more efficient

to have all the hostages
in one place.

- He's got a point.

Besides, as long as we got
control of the gate,

hacks aren't going anywhere.

- So we all agreed then?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- All right.

So all that remains
is the list of demands.

Who wants to start?
- I wanna see my girl.

- This ban on smoking
is getting to be bullshit.

- We gotta get the wounded
to a separate place, Arif.

- The shower room?

- Yeah, good idea, go.

- Dobbins.
Yo, Do--

Yo, can I get
a hand here?!

Can somebody
help me, please?!


- Let's take him
to the shower room.

- C'mon.

[playing robust
classical piece]

- You always been
my hero, man.

- That's me,
fuckin' role model.

- It's priceless to me,

and that's why it's locked
in the chaplain's office.

- You're gonna do
what I tell you to do

or I'm just gonna
fuck you up.

- Hey, Jackson,
you leave Dobbins alone, man.

- You butt out of this,
all right?

[cello music continues
in background]

[music stops]

Hey, this is
all I could find.

They burned
everything else, man.

Oh, shit.
That don't look good, man.

I had a friend in a fight
get stabbed like that.

He died right in the middle
of Pulaski Boulevard.

- If Dobbins don't get
to a hospital soon,

he gonna be trading
that cello in for a harp.

- Fucking guy
and his goddamn cello.

- Hey, you broke it,
didn't you?

Didn't you?
- No, no, no.

You gotta take him
to ER, all right?

- Yo, whoa, whoa--I go out
there, they kick my fucking ass.

- They're gonna be kicking
our asses anyway, brother.

- Hey...I mean, no.
Hey, this ain't my fault, Hill.

Yo, he is definitely
not my problem, man.

I did not start
all this shit, Hill.

- What difference
does it make, huh?!

Look, you think 'cause of
who you are

you can pick and choose
when to take responsibility.

You can't!
Sometimes you got to step up.

All right?
Look at him!

Look at him!

Dobbins, that cello--

that's all he had, man.
It's like me and that chair.

It's who he was,
it's like you and basketball!

C'mon, man.

[murmuring to Dobbins]

Just hold on.
- All right, all right.

All right, look,
fuck it, fuck it.

Yo, yo, fuck it.
I've been hit before.

C'mon, c'mon.
- Just grab him, man.

- Come on, Dobbins.
Open the gate!

- Come on! Yo!

- I gotta get Dobbs
to the hospital!

- Fuck Dobbins.
- Yo, let us out!

- Yo, let him out, man!
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.

What's up, brother?
- Dobbins is dying, man.

- Let's dump him before
he starts getting moldy.

- [sniffs]

- What about
Said and Alvarez?

- If you vote yes,
that's a majority.

We don't need them at all.
Listen to what I'm saying.

The three of us hang together,
Said's our bitch.

- Okay.

Let's go!
[claps twice]

- We're letting out
one wounded prisoner.

Tell Glynn.

- [speaking softly]

- Open the gate!

- All right, man,
I'll see you.

- Yeah.

[dark music]

[gate buzzes]

- Hold on, man,
he's gonna drop!

Somebody help him!

You fucking--

Ah, shit!

[groans] Ah!

- We got one of
these bastards.

- Aaah!

- [clears throat]

[one cello note]


Hope you don't mind,
I gotta take a shit.

- Beecher, listen.

- Hey!

You know, I'm standing here
thinking about

all the good times we've had,
you and me.

- I don't wanna fight.

- Oh, no, of course not.

You get into a fight,
you fuck up your parole,

and I hear for
the next three months

you're gonna be
a good little boy

so you can get out of Oz,
save your two sons.

You know,
I think that's great.

But, you know
what I'm wondering?

What if Vern doesn't get out?

What if, as he
comes up for parole,

he gets into a brawl,

a knock-down, drag-out
with his old roomie?


What if...

every time he comes up
for parole,

Vern gets into
some ugly incident

and has to serve
his entire sentence?

And his two sons,
they become monsters.


That's what
I'm wondering about.


♪ I got it bad,
and that ain't good ♪

[intense musical sting]

- We love to root
for the underdog.

You know, at halftime,

when one team is getting
their asses handed to them

and they're headed
to the locker room,

we say a silent prayer.

We pray that when
they come back,

they'll turn it around,
they'll score,

they'll beat those cocky
sons-of-bitches, yeah!

We love it when someone
comes up from behind.

- We have to figure out
a way to escape.

- How?
- I don't know,

but I can't just sit here
waiting to get raped.

- Or killed.

- You really think
they're gonna kill us?

- No, they'll
invite us for tea.

- Armstrong.
Is he gonna be all right?

- You sit down
over there with them.

- What's the matter
with Armstrong?

- Shut up, Hunt.
Sit the fuck down!

I'm in charge of you
motherfuckers now!

I don't know how long
this shit's gonna last,

but if you don't
give me any trouble,

you walk out of here
alive, okay?

- We've all been beaten badly.
Armstrong needs a doctor.

- Armstrong.
- Hey, hey!

- Hey.

I'll see what I can do.

- I gotta piss.

- Father, you're friendly
with Alvarez, aren't you?

- I thought I was.

He let them take me
without lifting a finger.

- You didn't really
think that they'd

lift a finger
to help you, do you?

He'd get whacked
if he tried to help you.

- You know what it's like
in the Hole, right?

You get a bucket
to piss and shit in.

Stays with you
the whole time.

[bucket clatters]
Go ahead.

- Uncuff me.

- [softly] No.

You remember that joke
you made when my baby died?

Fucking cocksucker!

Fuck you!
Fuck you!

- For God's sakes, stop it!


What the fuck
is going on?!

- Look, look...right now,

I can't change shit
if I wanted to!

- Well, maybe you can't
change shit,

but you don't have to
give in to the brutality.

- You're so fucking naive!
- "Naive".

I'm not naive.

I'm afraid.

- Yeah. Well, so am I,

So am I.

- We have
unconfirmed reports

that a riot has erupted at
Oswald State Penitentiary.

Correction officials
and the governor's office

will neither confirm
nor deny

that a riot broke out
at the prison,

which has been plagued with
violence in recent months.

It is still under
the tight scrutiny

of the Devlin Administration...
- Move.

- Let him up.
- The ongoing investigations

into the rash of murders here.

And though the Warden,
Leo Glynn, has assured us

that nothing out of
the ordinary is happening,

if recent events
are any indication,

a riot would be
almost inevitable.

So, Alvarez,
how are the hostages?

- They need a doctor.

- I say we get 'em one

because we don't wanna
seem like savages now, do we?

'Course, you're gonna have to
clear that with all the others.

- Okay.

- Adebisi,

you gotta slow down
on that shit.

- Why?

- 'cause we need
our fucking heads

to be together right now.

Besides, if this
situation gets worse,

we're gonna run out
of that stuff,

and I don't want you
detoxing on me

when I need you the most.

- You worry too much,
pretty boy.

Have some.

- No.

I been clean since
my time in the Hole.

- [laughs]

Clean for what, huh?


- [indistinct shouting]
- Hey, hey, hey!

Break it up!
Break it up!

- Fuck this, man!
- Hey, hey, hey!

This is exactly what those dicks
out there are hoping for!

Said, too!


What do you think he gave
you guys the archway for?!

He's waiting for one side

to kill the other, and then--
- Well, let's do it!

- He's gonna kill
who's ever left, all right?!

We gotta stick
together, Wangler!

- [clapping]

Hey, Kenny,

hold that.
- Yo,

there's a couple of hacks
that are in pretty bad shape.

So Said and I wanna
get 'em a doctor.

How do you vote?

- No.

- Fuck that.

- Yo, O'Reily,

it's two to two.

You can break the tie.

- Yeah, break the tie.

- What's it worth
to you, Alvarez?

- What's it worth to me?

- Yeah.

What'll you give me
for my vote?

- Nothing.

- Let the fuckers die.

- Fuckin'
break some knees.

- I had an uncle
who was a drunk.

Tried to get him
some new hobbies

to keep him from drinking.

Got him into
sculpting school.

Didn't help.

Kept coming home

- Oh, Jesus Christ.

- Had another uncle
who was a rare coin dealer.

One day a couple of tough guys
come in the place

and, uh...beat him senseless.

- Stop!

- Got another uncle,
owned a grocery store.

One night, somebody comes in
and caves his head in

with a case of Cornflakes.

Cops think it might've been
the work of a

"cereal" killer.
- Cereal killer.

- D'Agnasti,
shut the fuck up.

- Just trying
to break the tension.

- All right, no doctor.

- Miguel, you gotta
do something.

- Yeah, I know.

I been working as an orderly
in the prison hospital, so...

- So what, now you're
an MD all of a sudden?

All you're good for
is cleaning up shit.

- Shut up, Eddie.

I used to work
as a nurse's aide.

I can give you a hand.
- No fucking way.

- Look, we gave them
a couple hours

to come up with
their list of demands.

Before we take any action,
we might as well

wait and see what they want!
- I say no negotiations.

I say we cut off Em City's
water and electricity,

then tonight when
they're sitting in the dark,

we fire tear gas in there.
- What about the hostages?

- Hopefully the S.O.R.T. Team
will reach 'em--

- Hopefully? Governor, we don't
even know where they are!

- Or if they're alive!

Said says he's got
seven hostages!

How do we know for sure?

- We ask to see them!
- The longer we wait,

the more chance
we're giving them to dig in!

Even though we sealed off
that section of the complex

and locked down
all the cellblocks,

the other inmates
know what's going on!

We're sitting
on a time bomb.

I'm going public.

I'm sending in
the National Guard

to surround Oswald.

[phone rings]

- Yes.


That was Hofmiester.

The rioters want food.

- [scoffs] There's no reason
to give them anything.

- Oh, yeah,
let's starve 'em out.

- Governor,
I see no harm

in sending
in some sandwiches.

- I'll take 'em inside.

- What?
- Yeah, as a condition

for giving 'em food,
we tell 'em they have to let me

check on the hostages.

- You're going in there

- Yeah.

- You're even stupider
than I thought.

- Hello!

- Leave it there.

No, uh-uh.

The deal was
I get to see the hostages.

- You. Alone.

- Dinner is served!
- Help yourself, boys!

- Ah, ah, ah, Who says
your boys go first?

- Hey, I fucking say
my boys go first.

- Oh, yeah? Fuck you.
- Hey, fuck you.

- For chrissake!
We'll serve the sandwiches

the same way we do
in the cafeteria.

Jesus Christ!

- Where are the hostages?
- I'll show you.

- Okay, gents,
line the fuck up.



I said one, Wangler.

[tense music]

♪ ♪

- Are these two okay?

- They'd be better off
in a hospital.

- How 'bout
the rest of you?

- We're fine,

no thanks
to these cocksuckers.

- Diane?

- No one touched her,
if that's what you mean.

- Was I talking to you?

- Ooh, watch your mouth,

You ain't king shit
around here no more.

- Are there any
other hostages?

- No, not that we know of.

- What would it take to get
these two and her set free?

- Gotta put it to a vote.

- I want you to stand.

- So, um...

You let them go, I stay.

- Three for one?

Not a good trade.

- If Mineo
and Armstrong die,

you will be
held responsible.

We're talking
death sentence here.

- So, okay,
the two of them go,

but Wittlesey stays.

- Mmm...then no deal.
- McManus,

I don't think you fully grasp
your current position here.

We don't have to let
any of 'em go, or you.

- You taking me prisoner?

You gonna go back
on your word?

- We have every intention

of fulfilling
our part of the bargain.

- Why should we?

- Because if we lie
to them,

we become just like 'em,

and we won't get
our list of demands.

- I say we let Armstrong
and Mineo go.

- Me, too.

Who else?


[slaps leg]
- Sure, fuck it.

- Ross?

- Oh, well, Wittlesey's
gotta say.

- Said?


[gate buzzer]

This is a letter
for Glynn from McManus

explaining the exchange.

Here's our demands.

Let's go!
- Let's go!

[inmates chattering]

"We want to speak directly
to the media uncensored..."

- [snickers]
Sure, we'll put 'em on

right after "Seinfeld".

- "There are to be no
reprisals or repercussions

to any inmate
involved in the riot."

- Oh, Jesus Christ,
why don't they

just ask to go free?!

- You know, most of these
demands are harmless.

Bring back
conjugal visits, smoking.

- Yeah, well, I reject
all their demands.

I won't negotiate
with animals.

- Then how can you expect me
to end the situation?

- The old-fashioned way...

by force.

- This is all your
fucking fault, McManus.

- Shut up, Eddie.

- No, God damn it.
If I'm gonna die,

at least I want the bastard
who got me whacked to know it.

- How can you
blame Tim?

- How?

'Cause of all this
Emerald City bullshit.

'cause Tim thought he could
help these cocksuckers.

I seen you in action, pal.

I seen you fumble the fucking
ball every single play.

I just hope if we do die,
I get to watch you go first.

- Oh, fuck.

Oh, Christ.

I gotta see Said.

I wanna talk to Said.

- I don't know.
- Please, Miguel.

- I like that.

I like it when
you beg, McManus.

- Said...

I grew up in a small town
in Upstate New York.

There was only
one major industry there,

the prison.

Everybody's parents either
worked at the prison

or made a living from,
you know, motels, gas stations

or, like my dad,

at a diner
right across the street.

It was the Fall.

We'd just gone
back to school.

I was about to turn 10,

so I was very, very excited.

A few days before
my birthday, though,

there was this riot...

And it lasted four days.

But then the governor
authorized 2,500 troops,

state troopers,

to go back in,

take it back.

They did...

firing at anything
that moved.

So when the
tear gas cleared...

31 inmates

and nine hostages
were dead.

- Attica.

- Three of my friends'
fathers were shot.

Instead of going
to a birthday party,

I went with my family
to a, uh, memorial service.

- So that's what
this is all about?

Emerald City
is your birthday party?


- Look...

I built Em City

because I wanna
make a better world

for you...

For all of you.

Right now we're on
the edge of oblivion.

We're on
the brink of disaster.

Now, before we all
join hands and jump...

I want another chance.

- Not mine to give.

- Yes, it is!

- No, it's not!

Because even the best prison
wouldn't be good enough!


I'm gonna try one more time
with you, McManus.

No, I am not saying that
the men in Oz are innocent.

I'm saying they are not here

because of the crimes
that they committed

but because of
the color of their skin!

Their lack of education,
the fact that they are poor!

You see, this riot is not
about getting smoking back,

conjugal rights.

It's not even about
life in prison.

It's about society
taking responsibility.

It's about the whole
horrid judicial system!

And we don't need
more prisons,

bigger prisons,
better prisons.

We need better justice.

Now what can
you do about that?

- If we don't resolve this,
you and me,

and soon...people will die.

You could die.

- I am willing to
lay down my life...

for change.

Now, those deaths at Attica,

they brought real changes
with real reforms.

But everybody's forgotten the
lessons of your little hometown.

Time to wake
this country up again.

- Said,
we gotta talk.

- You wanna
save this place, right?

And I wanna destroy it,

brick by
hypocritical brick.

- Wait, wait!

- Let me outta here!

- This isn't working.
- What?

- The entrance way.
Every ten minutes,

I'm putting a fire out
between the gangsters and Nazis.

- Put the Aryans in another
part of the cellblock.

- They're gonna want
something in exchange

for giving up
the security office.

- Switch them
with the Latinos.

They can take care
of the hostages.

- Okay. There's
something else.

We're out of heroin.

- Good.
- Says you.

Adebisi and his pals
are starting to fiend.

This is gonna get
real ugly, real fast.

- When and if that happens,
I will be ready.

- What are you
gonna do?

Don't you fucking
walk away from me, Said!

- Enough!
- Back off, Beecher!

Back off!

- Arif!

[edgy music]

♪ ♪

Everybody go back.

Allah akbar.

men: Allah akbar.

- Hey, hey--
- I gotta find some--

I'm dying for
some tits, man!

- Be cool, little brother.

- There's some
somewhere around here.

- Da-da-da-da-da.

Follow me,
come, come!

[tense, percussive music]


♪ ♪

Go into every pod,

steal whatever drug
you can find, go!

Go! Go, go, go there.
Go, go!


[inmates yelling]

- Where the fucking tits?
[overlapping shouting]

Where the fucking tits?!
Where the tits?

- Tits?

[Adebisi continues

- Where the fucking tits?

- [groaning]
- Aah! Aah!

Where are the tits?

- Adebisi!!

[inmates quiet down]

- [choking] Ack--
- [panting]

- It's finished!

It's over!

- [gasping, wheezing]

- [laughing]



- Police, police!

- It's execution day, baby.

[metallic clang]

Prisoner number 93A234,
Simon Adebisi.

Convicted May 2, '93,

murder in the first degree.

Sentence: life in prison without
the possibility of parole.

Go ahead...

Kill me.

- I don't wanna kill you.

- I know.
You wanna save my ass.

- Yes, I wanna save you.

- Please...

Give me some tits.

Give me some

Give me some
fucking tits!

- They say it don't matter
if you win or lose,

it's how you play the game.

I call bullshit on that.

It's all about winning,

That's the object
of the game.

- What is that?

- Beginning and the end,
my brother,

the beginning and the end.

Okay, everybody!

They're about to
make their move!

Bring out the hostages!

- Please, untie me.

- You shouldn't have stolen
my fucking watch!

- Untie me.
Don't be like that.

Untie me!
- Stand in a straight line.

When they come in,
you get hit first.

Any last words?
- Suck my dick.

- If only
there were time.

- [muffled]
Get down!

- Said....

- Fuck! Open the
fucking door, man!

- [coughing]

- Fuck!

- Aaaaaahhhhh!

Oh, yeah, motherfuckers!

[men coughing]


[men coughing]


[glass shatters]


[glass shatters]

[tense music]

[crashing, clattering]

[indistinct background


- Yeah, who cares who lives
or dies in prison?

We read the names
in the morning paper,

and they mean nothing to us.

They're faceless.

The truth is we don't wanna
put a face on them.

We don't wanna know
who they really are,

because then it might hit
too close to home,

and home is what
it's all about, right?

Making a home
no matter where you are,

no matter who you are.

At the end of the day,

wants somewhere to rest,

somewhere to lay their bones,

even if
it's in a land called Oz.

Yeah, like Dorothy says

when she wakes up in her own bed
back at Aunt Em's,

"There's no place like home."

There's no fucking place
like home.