Oz (1997–2003): Season 1, Episode 3 - God's Chillin' - full transcript

Friction is growing in the wake of two deaths so Said, Wiseguy leader Schibetta and Gangbanger Jefferson Keane are brought together by Warden Glynn, who tells them to keep their boys quiet or else he'll lock the prison down.

[bright tone]

[tense jazzy music]

♪ ♪

- In the beginning,
God was nothing.

So he started making stuff.

He made the dirt.
He made the sky.

He made the water.
He made things that swim.

Things that slither.
Things with legs.

I mean, God turned himself
into a big shot.

Then, a couple of days,
or a couple of million years,

he breathed life into man.

And he's been sucking
the life out of us ever since.

- "I am the resurrection
and the life.

"He that believeth in me,
though he were dead,

yet shall he live."

- ♪ It's me, yeah, it's me ♪

♪ Yeah, it's me, oh, Lord ♪

♪ Standing
in the need of prayer ♪

singers: ♪ It's me, it's me ♪

♪ It's me, oh, Lord,
standing... ♪

- People, we got three murders
in two weeks.

I got the commissioner

yelling in my ear
and the press shoved up my ass.

The governor's threatening
to send in the feds.

And my daughter wants
to move into an apartment

with her boyfriend.

Can somebody help me out here?

- ♪ It's me, oh, Lord ♪

♪ Standing
in the need of prayer ♪

- Post burned Ortolani,

so, obviously,
the Wiseguys wasted Post.

The next move
is Jefferson Keane's.

- And he's gonna make it?
- No, not necessarily.

I've noticed a change
in the guy, a slight change.

Maybe it's 'cause
he got married.

Or maybe he's just tired
of the gangsta way of life.

singers: ♪ It's me, oh, Lord ♪

♪ Standing in... ♪

- We hit this guy hard,
right now,

all his street instincts
are gonna pop back up.

This is one case where we can't
meet violence with violence.

- ♪ In the need of... ♪

♪ Prayer ♪

- When are we going to
kill those wops?

You know Glynn is gonna lock
this place down any minute.

- Yo, you sure
the wops killed Johnny?

- Kill him.

And start with his dick.

- Just give me the word,
and those wops are dead.

- Everything's all right.
Just chill.

- What, you don't give a shit?

- You know I give a shit.

I had much love for Johnny.

- Well, you ain't showing it.

- Yeah, man, last few days,

you seem like
a million years away.

What's up with that?

- We also got to find out

who ratted on Johnny

and kill those fuckers too.

- Mr. Schibetta.

I know who killed Dino.

- I know who ratted on Johnny.

I just ain't saying.
- How's the white race?

- I'll take care
of that motherfucker myself.

- Okay, you're the boss.

- Yo... now, the Wiseguys know

that Johnny killed Ortolani,

But do they know
who ordered the hit?

Watch your back, brother.

You could be next.

- Let them fuckers come.

- Being in the gang
is a lot like

being in a religion.

You got rules to follow,
a leader to obey,

and, at the heart,
it's about love.

"Love thy fellow man" becomes

"love thy brother gangster."

But what if you stop believing

the religion
you've been preaching?

You come to see
that the hole

is still in your soul,

that the God/love
you thought you had

is nothing but a hologram.

- Hey, Mavis.
Yeah, it's me, baby.

How you doing?

What you doing?


What you wearing?

Mmm, yeah.

Ooh, say that again.
Say that again like that.

Yeah. Ooh, I like that. Mmm.

Oh, baby, yeah.

now I'm feeling you, baby.

Know that.

Ooh, now I'm feeling you,

Ooh, yeah. Ooh.

What'd you say? You say
you want me to spank that ass?

Ooh. Yeah, damn.

- I gotta be interrogated
by Burruano again,

like I know anything
about Johnny Post.

- They cut off his dick
and stuck it in his mouth.

- Where'd you hear that?
- God told me.

- Yo, yo, Italian ice,
what's up?

- You ever hear how the word
"doo-wop" came to pass?

- No, man, tell me about it.

- Well, over in Harlem town,

back in the old days,

a couple of Italians
were giving muscle

to a cat running a speakeasy.

It was during a set,
I think maybe of Billie Holiday.

These Italians
come into the club

thinking they can push
a brother around.

But instead,
the brother finds a blood,

and outside in the alley,

while Miss Billie Holiday
sings the blues,

the brother "do the wops,"

and that's how doo-wop was born.

- [laughs]

- How'd you like
Johnny Post's dick up your ass?

- How would you like
to put it there?

[tense percussive tones]

[indistinct chatter]

- Ah, shit!

[alarm buzzing]

[indistinct chatter]

- I want the SORT team
put on alert,

and leave word
for the commissioner

to call me ASAP.

[knock on door]


- Gentlemen, we have a problem.

- They know why they're here.

I want the violence to stop.

Before anyone else dies.

this place is flooded with feds.

Before we have
a full-blown riot.

Nobody wants a riot, right?


- No.

- Keane?

- No.

- Said?

- Violence for its own sake
accomplishes nothing.

- Then spread the word

that if one more fight
breaks out,

I'm gonna shut this prison down
so hard, so fast,

you won't see daylight
till the third millennium.

Everybody got that?

[indistinct chatter]

- What'd you find out?

- Said, Schibetta, and Keane

agreed to keep the peace.

- Yo, so Glynn said
he ain't gonna lock us down yet.

- It's madness.
It's madness.

[uncertain ambient music]

♪ ♪

- To belong,
you gotta be able to deal.

You gotta share power.

You gotta share pain.

- What's that?

- Probably some cannoli
or some shit.

- Cannoli?

- Oh, goddamn!
- What?

- Motherfucker!
Johnny's dick!

Shit! Oh, fuck! Goddamn!


- There's some pain
that you don't share.

Some pain,
like your fingerprints,

that's all yours.

All alone.

[tense percussive tones]

♪ ♪

- Fire! Fire!

Fire in this motherfucker!

Fire! Fire!

[alarm ringing]

[guards shouting indistinctly]

- You want to tell me what
the fuck you did that for?

- I was bored.
- Bullshit.

I've watched you since the day
you checked into Em City.

I've seen you make cold,
calculated decisions.

I've seen you restrain
loose cannons.

Now all of a sudden,
you torch your fucking mattress!

Knowing it's gonna end you up
in the Hole.

You want to go to lockup
so bad, because why?

Someone's after you?

- I never ran away
from a fight in my life.

- Then what?

- I just want
to spend some time alone.

- Well, you're gonna do that.


You know, your brother Billie's
coming back from the hospital.

- So I hear.

- Yeah, but he's not
gonna be in Em City.

He's gonna be
in Cell Block Three.

- Fucking fag unit.

- Take him to Ad Seg.


Wish you'd learn to trust me.

- Hello, Keane.

- [grunts]

What the fuck is that about?

- A little warning.

Nothing better happen
to Ryan O'Reilly.

- Yes! [laughs]

[police siren wailing]

[tires screeching]

[man grunts]

[glass shatters]


- Freeze! Get down!

- Don't you move!

Check the car.
Stay still.

- Prisoner #97P904.
Ryan O'Reilly! [laughs]

Convicted July 12th, '97.

Two counts
of vehicular manslaughter.

Five counts
of reckless endangerment.

of controlled substance.

Criminal possession
of a weapon.

Parole violation.

Sentence: life imprisonment!

Up for parole in 12 years!

- So, this dude,
he's fiending for a cigarette.

I mean, he's about to smoke
the stuffing in his mattress,

he's dying so bad.

So he comes to me,
and he asks me for a cig,

just one
to get him through the night.

He begs me on his knees,
weeping like a little girl:

"Please? Please?"

So pathetic.

I said no.

- You said no?

- Well actually, I lied.

I told him that I was out,
I didn't have any.

I don't think he believed me.

- And you said no because?

- For his own good.

He's gotta kick
the habit, right?

- So you were being altruistic?

- Whatever.

- So you weren't actually
committing a sin.

- No, Father.

- Then why did you come
to confession?

- The truth?
- Sure.

- I figured when I was done,
I could sneak a smoke.

- They say
confession is good for the soul.

You go into a confessional,

and you can tell a priest


And he can't repeat it.

You go
into an interview room

with your local PD
and say what you've done,

well, the cops are telling
the DA and the papers

and everybody else!

So you do some deed,

and you want
to clean your conscience

and still get away with it?

Well, tell your mama,
or tell a priest!

- Psst.


Hey, how you doing, man?

- Okay.

- Can you believe that shit

that's going down around here?

Three guys capped
in three weeks?

It's fucked up.

- Yep.

- You're a lawyer, right?

- I was disbarred automatically

after I was convicted
of a felony.

- Even so, how come
you ain't appealing your case

and shit like that?

- I did.
My appeal was rejected.

- How come?

- I was drunk driving.

I killed a little girl.

They decided
to make an example of me,

so they sent me here instead
of some cushy Club Med.

- Maybe you can help me out.

My attorney was
a raging dick-brain.

He just fuckin' rolled over
in court.

Could you, um,
take a look at my case

and see
if there's any way I can appeal?

- I-I didn't do criminal law.

I was in litigation.

- I'm telling you, man,
I gotta get out of this place.

- [sighs]

- Ryan O'Reilly.

- Tobias Beecher.

- When you pray,
do you go into a zone?

Does the rest of the world
drop away?

I never been there.
God in coma.

I can say an "Our Father"

and think about lunch
at the same time.

Our Father, who art in heaven...

- Some people say

that if you don't accept
Jesus Christ

as the son of God,
as your personal savior,

you won't go to heaven...

but is there a guarantee

if you do believe in Jesus,

you will be saved?

Or will God,
the great practical joker,

leave you hanging?

- Hey, sweet pea.
How was church, huh?

You feeling
all sanctified and pure?

Get undressed.
We're taking a shower.

- I already took a shower.

- Oh, that's okay.

- When I'm done with you,
you'll need another one.

- So, my assistant got paroled.

See, that's what's wrong
with this place:

you finally break in
an assistant,

he learns your rhythms,
he's good at the job,

and then boom!

The parole board decides

that he's ready
to rejoin society.

I am left with a stack

of un-typed
psychiatric reports.

- Sister, I'm glad
you thought of me for this job.

I really wasn't suited
for factory work.

- Oh, listen, when I heard
you knew Word and Lotus,

I knelt down
and praised Jesus.

- I'm lucky he heard you.

He hasn't been listening to me.

- Oh yes, he does.
He listens.

- No, he doesn't.

Since I got to Oz,
I've prayed more

than the night
before my bar exam,

more than the day
my son fell off his skateboard.

Either God's hearing
has gotten bad, or...

he's ignoring me.

- No, listen, first of all,

quantity of prayer
doesn't mean anything.

And secondly,
maybe he has answered you,

only it's not what you expect.

- God Almighty,
creator of all things...

including the loophole.

- Come on.

There's your desk,
such as it is.


What do you ask for
when you pray?

- To get out of here.

- Oh.
You don't need God for that.

You just need a good lawyer.

- I spent my life
dealing with the law,

finding ways
over, under, around it.

And then when I needed it
to be there for me,

the system snapped back
into my face.

I was a good lawyer.

I was.

I was a lot of things.

A husband. Father.
Son. Brother.


And then I made a mistake--
one huge, huge mistake,

but one mistake.

And as a result...

God took everything.

- Listen,
maybe he stripped you

of the superficial sense
of your self,

you know,
doctor, lawyer, Indian chief,

so that you could find
the real you through him.

- That's what I'm saying.

That's what I've
been trying to do,

but God isn't in Oz.

- Oh. Oh, yeah, he is.
He is everywhere.

He is in you right now,

- Genevieve is divorcing me.

I think she decided
when she saw

the swastika on my butt.

She's gonna take the kids
and go live with her parents.

If God is in me...
he's a tumor.

- "Wow"?

- It's "Mom".

- One of these Muslim monkeys
was trying to tell me

that Jesus was a nigger.


Even quoted from the Bible,
trying to back his shit up.

- Well, Jesus was from Judaea,

so he was probably of
an olive-colored skin.

- Look at that picture there.

Does that look
like a nigger to you?

- No.

- You're getting awful mouthy,
aren't you, prag?

- No, sir, I am not, sir.

- Yeah, I think I'm gonna
have to teach you a lesson.

Polish my boots.

- Yes, sir.
- With your tongue.

[all snicker]

- Son of a bitch.

- Hey, law boy.
- Yeah?

- How's my appeal coming?
You been crying?

- No.
- Ah, sure you have.

That's okay, man.
I cry too sometimes.

Look, you'd have to
be brain-dead not to.

But I got a cure
for the blues, homey.

Come on.

- What's going on?

- Hug the wall.

Let's get high.

- Count time, gentlemen!

In front of your cells!

[gate buzzes]


92M758. 93C472.

- May the road
rise up to meet you.

May the wind be
always at your back.

May the sunshine warm
upon your face

and rain fall soft
upon your fields,

and until we meet again,

may God hold you
in the hollow of his hand.

- Where you been, prag?

- Nowhere, sir.

- You're fucked up.

- Yes, sir.

- I don't want you doing drugs,
sharing needles, understand?

- [sighs]
Yes, sir.

- Listen to me, bitch.

I catch you so much
as snorting fucking lint,

I'm gonna beat
the shit out of you.

- Yes, sir.

You can do
whatever you want to me.

I don't care.

- Yeah, 'cause you're high.

- 'Cause God is everywhere,

and God is holding me
in the hollow of his hand.


[gate buzzes]

- Praise the Lord,
and pass the ammunition.

- What?
- I don't know what to do.

I've never done
this confession thing before.

- I didn't think
that you were Catholic.

What are you doing here?

- I got caught
sneaking into the morgue again.

You ever seen a guy
with his prick cut off?

- No, I can't say that I have.

- It's not pretty.

I-I got put in the Hole.

The hack comes around,
says that...

he'll let me out
for ten minutes

if I need to see you,
so I say yes.

- Well, you have to go back.
- Wait, father.

Maybe I'm a convert.

- You can't become a Catholic

just to get out of the Hole...
come on.

- No, no, no, wait,
I've been reading a lot

since I got here
about different faiths,

and yours is pretty nifty.

- Catholicism is nifty?

- You have that whole...

mystical transubstantiation
bit going.

- That's right.

Eucharist becomes
the body of Christ.

- So
you're actually eating his flesh

and drinking his blood?
- That's right.

- How can I not get behind
a religion like that?

- And God said,
"Let there be light"!

And there was light.

Well, that's easy
for God to say.

He's God.

But for the rest of us,
finding the light takes time.

A lifetime.

[tense percussive tones]

- Whoo!
- [whistles]

[indistinct chatter]

[jazzy music]

♪ ♪

- Jefferson.

Meet your new roommate,
Kenny Wangler.

♪ ♪

- Fuck you!


♪ ♪

- Prisoner #97W566.
Kenneth Wangler. Yeah, boy!

Sixteen years old.
Tried as an adult.

Convicted July 6th, '97.

Murder in the first degree.

Sentence: 20 years.
Up for parole in six.

Ha-ha! Yeah! Ha-ha!

- My man here told me

that y'all was the crew
to get with.

I want to be G.

- I'll think about it.

- What the hell is there
to think about?

- I said I'll fucking think
about it, all right?

- We're going to need
every man we can get

if we're gonna Shakur
those Wiseguys.

Keep thinking.

- In Oz,

the things you can't touch

are more real
than the things you can.

For instance,
fear, hatred, loneliness

are more real to me
than a shank.

And a soul, every day, can grow

into something
you can almost hold.

How fucked up is that?

In a shithole like this,

to first and finally
see the face of God?

- Hey, Mr. Said.

How you doing? I just wanted
to shake your hand.

Shake the hand.

It's like, I saw you, too,
on TV the other day,

and the things you said, like,
man, the things you said--

I just want to shake
the hand of the man

who said the things you said.

- What's your name,
little brother?

- Um, Kenny. Kenny Wangler.

- Kenny? Well, Kenny...

The things that I say out loud,
you already know.

These are words that are buried
deep in your heart.

You understand me,
little brother?

Let's welcome
the little brother.

As-salaam alaikum, brother.

- What's happening?

What's going on?

- You have been robbed, Kenny.

And you have been robbed
of a very special gift...

and it's a gift
that can never be replaced.

- What's that?

- It's your childhood, Kenny,
your youth.

But the thief was tricky,
because he fooled you

by leaving something
in its place.


- I ain't afraid of nothing.

- We're all afraid
of something, Kenny.

See, me,
I was afraid of being poor.

- But see,
you've got no fear now, right?

- [laughs]
Yes, I do.

I fear God, Kenny.

And I love God.

It's what we call "taqwa."

- What's taqwa?

- No, man, doesn't matter.

You want to be in a gang, right?

I want you to be in my gang.

I want you to follow us.

Follow our style.

And you can learn
to be a real man.

[man chanting]

[all chanting]

[man singing prayer]

[all repeating prayer]

- Mr. Woodson? Hey.

Yeah, is Mavis there?

She's out?

Where'd she go?

[tense percussive tones]

What you mean,
you can't tell me?

Don't tell me you don't know!

You track every move
that girl makes!

Yeah, I'm calling you
a liar, motherfucker,

cause you ain't
telling me the truth!

Tell me
where the fuck Mavis is now!

♪ ♪

- [coughs]

Bitches. All women is bitches.

- Yeah man, but we don't know
Mavis is cheating, man.

- I know.

- That boy's 16 years old.

He is in for 20, which means
he can be out in six.

He can be back on the street
by the time he's 22.

He can still have a life!

- Get the fuck out of here, kid.
- What?

- You heard me.
I said, get the fuck going.

- Come on, kid.
Let's get the fuck out.


- You want to rage at the faith?

You fear the fire, my brother.

Fear the fire.

I am done with you.

- Reverend.

[man chanting prayer]

♪ ♪

[indistinct shouting]

♪ ♪


I-I do.

♪ ♪

I do fear the fire.

Save me.

♪ ♪

- No.

You save me.

- Some say
finding God is a glorious thing.

They're wrong.

It's dangerous.

You spend your whole life
in the world of men,

but when you finally see
his power,

his greatness,

other men fall out of view,

'cause you're so focused on him,

you can barely see them
from the corners of your eyes.

You lose sight of them.

- Hey!

- Hey.

- I'm out of the hospital.

- I see.

- Are you gonna give me
a hug or what?

Thanks for taking care
of Ortolani.

What's the matter?

You ain't glad to see me?

- Things have changed, Billie.

I've changed.

And now you gonna
have to change too.

- Change how?

- You have to stop
being a fag, that's how.

- Stop? I can't stop.
I don't wanna!

- If you don't stop,
I can't protect you no more.

- Fine.

- If you don't stop,
you can't be my brother no more.

- Fine!

- I'll beat the black off you
if you don't stop being--

- No, brother, no!

No, no, no.

- But I thought you said

that we're not down
with faggots.

- Islam rejects
homosexuality, yes.

But you are never gonna
reach Billie's heart

through intimidation.

You have to learn
to open up yours

and show him the way
by example,

as I did to you...
through love.

- Reverend,
I hear what you're saying to me,

but it's hard!

I mean, I've been using these
my whole life to settle things.

- And that's okay, brother.

Ain't nobody expecting
you to change overnight.

We all have to struggle with
the devil and his temptations.

But you see, it's like this.

Right now,
you have Allah on your side.

And you can call him.

And he will come, brother.

And he will give you strength.

- It's just that I feel so bad

and so ashamed
of everything I did before.

It's like I feel
as though I should be...

going around
to all the people that I hurt

and telling them I'm sorry.

- Then that's what you must do.

You go out there,

and you make your enemies
your friends.

- And my friends?

- Well, now you're gonna have
to prepare yourself, brother.

You see, your faith
is gonna be a threat to them.

You're gonna have to love them
all the more.

- Yo, Kenny,
I see that drug counseling

doing you
a whole hell of a lot of good.

- Fuck that drug counseling.
Fuck it.

- What are you doing here?

- Yo, Jefferson,
what's up, man?

- Brothers,
my name is now Tizi Ouzou.

- Te what?

- Brother Tizi, step up.

- I'm done with that.

- Fuck's the matter with you?

- Simon, we been doing it
all wrong, brother.

The whole package.
This is not the way.

- I told you, Said's been
fucking with his head.

- We got to cut out
all of this hatred.

We need to learn
to love one another,

embrace one another!

The only person we need
to be fearing is God.

- Motherfucker,
shut the fuck up with that shit!

Are you still with us?

Are you still a brother?

- I am your brother.

We're all God's--

- I said cut that shit, nigga!

You know what I mean.

Is you still a brother?

- Like this? Doing this?


- Then get the fuck
away from me.

[tense percussive tones]

♪ ♪

- As-salaam alaikum.

- Homeboy getting soft, man.
- That's enough, nigga.

Give me that shit.

Fucking faggot.
Just like his brother.

[bell rings]

- Hey,
I just mopped there, asswipes.

What's up, cuz?

- Follow me. Be cool.

We must repent
for what we did to Ortolani

and for getting Johnny killed.

- Repent? Are you kidding,
or are you high?

- I ain't gonna rat on you,

and I ain't gonna tell no one

that you set it up
with the hacks

to get Johnny in the Hole.

- Why you being so good to me?

What's the catch?

- I tell, you die.

And I would much rather
you see the sins you committed

and, like myself,
try to change your ways.

- You are high.

- As-salaam alaikum.

- Mr. Schibetta.

Jefferson Keane ordered
the hit on Dino.

Let me arrange for Keane to die.

- Why would you want to do that?

- As a sign of good faith
between us.

- Good faith?
- Yes.

- All right.

- Why you letting him
take care of this?

- He wants
to get his hands dirty,

what do I care?

Besides, this way,
the niggers will kill him.

- What do you need?

- [whispering indistinctly]

- Okay, Keane,
you're coming with us.

- Why? What'd I do?
- Move your ass!

- The man asked you a question.
What'd he do?

- I don't have to explain
anything to you,

Your Holiness.

[tense percussive tones]

♪ ♪

- Where in the hell
are you taking me?

- Shut the fuck up.

[door slams]

- What's this about?

I ain't got no beef
with y'all.

I don't want to fight nobody!


- [grunts]
- [grunts]

- [grunts]

- Let the games begin.

- [speaking Spanish]

- [laughs]
- [yells]



- Hey, look at that.

The motherfucker
killed Martinez!

- No! No!

No! No!


- Lock it down.

[alarm buzzing]

- It's a lockdown!
Get to your cells!

[indistinct chatter]

- I-I am deeply concerned
by the rash of murders

that have occurred in Oswald
over the past few weeks,

and though I have every
confidence in Warden Glynn here

and-and his fine staff,
I-I felt it was necessary

to make an on-site inspection.

- And we are always happy
to see the governor

and engage in a free-flowing
exchange of ideas.

Now, if you'll excuse us.

[reporters shouting

- What the fuck
are you people doing?

Do you any of you have
a fucking clue

as to how to run this prison?

- Governor, all these deaths
are interrelated.

We've got an all-out race war
in the making,

and we're trying
to contain the situation.

- Well, you're not doing
a very good job.

- And you're not helping much.
- What?

Who are you?

- Tim McManus.
I run Cell Block Five.

- Oh, yeah.

Emerald City.

Wave of the future.

- You are creating
a lot of the tension

that we're dealing with
around here.

- And how am I doing that?

- Well, you ban smoking.
You ban conjugals.

Bit by bit,
you're stripping these men

of their basic human needs.

- This is a prison.
These men are criminals.

The whole point is to strip them

of their basic human needs.

If only
kneejerk liberal prisses

like you would see that,
we wouldn't be having

the problems we're having today.

- The campaign's over, Governor.

Get off your soap box.

- McManus.

When you look at me...
what do you see?

- A man.
- Eh.

You've heard of Olympus, right?

Mt. Olympus in Ancient Greece,
where the gods lived?

- Yeah.
- Well, there was a hierarchy.

Even among the gods.

Mercury was lesser than Apollo,
Apollo lesser than Zeus.

Now, you run your cell block,
and you think you're a god.

Glynn runs the whole prison,
he thinks he's a greater god.

Well, guys...

I am Zeus.

I am omnipotent.

I must be obeyed...

Or my thunderbolts will strike.

- You're not Zeus.
You're a politician.

- McManus, take a walk.
You're not helping.

- Fine.

- Thank you, Warden.
- Devlin, tell me what you want.

- One,
I want the murders to stop.

Two, I want this Jefferson Keane
to go on trial.

I want him convicted,
and I want him to die.

He's gonna be
the first one executed

now that I've brought
the death penalty back.

Three, end the lockdown.

- What?

- The public hears
the whole prison is locked down,

they get tense.

They think we've lost control.

- The fact
that we're in lockdown

proves we're in control.

- I'm not talking
about what's real.

I'm talking
about John Q's perception.

- And what if we have a riot?
What'll John Q think then?

What'll that do
for your political career?

- I wouldn't worry
about me, Warden.

I'm the one
with the thunderbolts, remember?

- I just got a call
from the governor,

who got a call from your friend
Senator Schreiner,

about his interference in Oz.

- Well, Leo,
somebody's gotta stop

this fucking little Napoleon.

Kate Schreiner's got the balls
to do it.

- Devlin is bringing in the FBI
to investigate the murders.

- So what? Maybe they'll do
a better job than Burruano has.

- Hey, this is my prison!

I don't want
the feds running around,

wanking my inmates,
faxing me memorandums,

and the last thing I want,
the last thing I need,

is for you taking shit like this
on yourself.

This is your fault, McManus,
and I won't forget that.

Welcome to Oswald.

- Johnny Post got into
Ortolani's cell somehow

and burned him alive.

You think
the guards were involved?

- Ortolani was strapped
down here

when we found him torched.

- You cut his dick off.

Because you're the big don.

You can do anything--

- We found Post tied up here.

His penis had been cut off
and stuffed in his mouth.

- I don't understand.

How'd it work out
that you and Martinez

were in the gym with no guards?

- The fight took place here.

Keane snapped Martinez's neck.

[knocking on door]
- Come in.

Hi. Jeremy Goldstein.

- Tim McManus.

- Thanks for taking time
out of your busy day.

- Well, I want these murders
solved as much as anyone.

- I'm sure you do.
Interesting place, Oz.

I haven't been called "kike"
this much since prep school.

You don't have a problem
with me being Jewish, do you?

- No, not at all.
- I mean, you don't think of me

as a Christ killer
or anything like that?

- Well, I'm not even really
sure that Christ died, so--

- Good, fair enough.

But Dino Ortolani
sure as hell did.

Roasted by Johnny Post.

Think he did that
of his own volition?

- Probably not. Post wasn't
exactly a brain trust.

- So someone told him
to off Ortolani,

but we don't know who.

- My guess is Jefferson Keane.
- Keane, yeah.

He snaps the neck of a Latino,
one Julio Martinez... why?

- I don't know.

Jefferson hasn't said a word
except to pray ever since.

- I tried to talk to him
earlier, I know.

Doesn't it seem odd to you
that Keane and Martinez

were left in the gym

- Yes, in the same way
it seems odd

that Post was let into the Hole
to burn Ortolani.

- So why would it be too far off

to think
that the guards are involved?

- It's possible.

- How about you?
- How about me what?

- Would I be too far off
to think that you're involved?

- Are you saying I'm a suspect?

- I'm FBI.

Until I got a reason
not to believe it,

you're a suspect.

- Here's a pop quiz!
Name the seven deadly sins.

Come on!
You saw that Brad Pitt movie.

Lust. Yeah, well,
everybody gets that one, huh?

Gluttony, sure.

Greed, yeah.

Envy. Sloth.

Anger, or, to be
a little more technical, wrath.

What else? What else?

Let me put it this way:

if you think you know the answer
and because of that

you think you're better
than everybody else,

then you're guilty of it!


[tense percussive tones]

♪ ♪

[glass shattering]

Prisoner #97A413.
Miguel Alvarez.

Convicted February 3rd, '97.

Assault with a deadly weapon.

Criminal mischief
in the second degree.

Sentence: 15 years.

Up for parole in two.

- According to this file,
you're about to be a father.

You've got a girlfriend...

She's an inmate
at Parker Women's.

- Yeah,
we got arrested together.

Ain't that sweet?

- I can arrange for you
to be there for the birth.

- [speaking Spanish]
Mira la princesa.

[speaking Spanish]

- Carlos, he is a handsome fuck.

- Hey, Miguel, man,
when you fucked Maritza,

did you, like, stare at yourself

in the mirror,
like, the whole time and shit?

- Hey, man,
fuck you motherfuckers.

What's up with Keane?

- What about him?
- Yo, come on, man.

That pendejo broke
Julio's neck, right?

Yo, he got to get done.

- He's in the fucking Hole.
- So?

Yo, Post got to Ortolani
in the Hole, right?

- Yeah, I wonder
how the hell he did that shit.

- Carlos, you wanted something?

- Yeah, man.

You in the mood
to do a little business?

- Always.
- All right.

We need to get into,
uh, Keane's cell, man.

- So? Why are you
coming to me?

- I hear things, Papa.

- You hear
the wrong things, Papa.

- Oh, you're not in tight
with a couple of hacks?

- I don't know
what you're talking about,

but even if I did,
I would tell you

things are too crazy right now.

Nobody's gonna help
nobody do nothing.

- Miguel,
the hospital just called.

Maritza just went into labor.

- Oh, shit!

[angelic choir music]

♪ ♪

[no audible dialogue]

There he is. That's my boy.

- Hey, congratulations.
- Thanks.

- Oh, look at that.
- He's beautiful, right?

- Yeah, he must take
after his mother.

- I'd do anything for him,
you know, I'd die for him.

- Well, you try
and stay alive instead.

Look, I got a message here.

You gotta call Maritza
right away.


Ever since the baby was born,

you know, I-I've been bragging
to all the other guys about him.

About how beautiful he is
and shit like that.

I mean, you really gotta admit,
I mean,

he's the most beautiful baby
in the world.

So now I'm thinking
that, like,

maybe I went a little overboard,

because Maritza called me
this morning

talking about, like,
the baby got a bad liver,

and-and he's still
in the hospital,

and they think
that he's gonna die.

So now I'm thinking

that maybe God heard me
bragging so much,

and he decided to...

you know, punish me.

- Oh, Miguel.
God doesn't work that way.

- I mean, growing up, you know,

I knew I was the best-looking
in my hood.

You know, I told everybody,

you know,
I was the best athlete.

I was the best lover.
You know, even my fucking car.

So now I'm thinking that,
you know, God's pissed off.

I'm wondering if--
if you could talk to God for me,

and-and tell him
that if he saves my baby...

You know, I'll stop
being such a bigmouth.

Could you do that
for me, Father?

- I will, but...

you got to pray to God too,
you know?

Don't negotiate.

You gotta stop bragging
for your own good.

- I know that.

But if my baby dies,

you know, I-I don't know
what I'm gonna do.

I mean, it-it's like I'll die.

- Miguel, you should pray to God
for your son's health,

but you should also ask God
to give you and Maritza

the strength
to face whatever happens.

- Maritza says
that the doctor says

that all this is going on
because of the drugs

that we did
before she was pregnant.

You know,
and after she was pregnant,

you know,
people were fucking telling us,

you know, not-not to, you know,
and Maritza didn't want to,

you know,
and I thought nothing bad

was gonna fucking happen to me.


Pray for me.

Pray for my baby.

- I will.

Repeat after me.

Oh, my God, I am heartily sorry

for having offended thee,

and I detest all my sins.

- That ain't enough.

It ain't enough.

God wants a piece
of my fucking ass.

- We try to figure out
what God wants from us.

Why he put us here.

We try to make deals with him.

But God is one
tough motherfucker.

And we know,
to get what we need,

we gotta give up
what matters most.

Anything less...
he's not interested.

[mass bell ringing]

[mass bell ringing]

[minimal ambient music]

♪ ♪

[mass bell ringing]

- Lamb of God, you take away
the sins of the world.

Have mercy on us.

Body of Christ.

Body of Christ.

- Amen.

- Body of Christ.
- Amen.

- Body of Christ.
- Amen.

- Body of Christ.

- God knows
he's perfect and we're not.

And we can never be,
but he expects us to be.

And he punishes us if we're not,
you know what I'm saying?

God is the ultimate gangster,

the supreme mob boss,
you know what I mean?

Make us live by his code.

Deadin' us if we don't.

Yo, he never has to
talk to us face-to-face,

and he never has to explain
exactly why

he does what he does,
know what I'm saying?

Nigga sits up there
in heaven somewhere

drinking a cappuccino, chillin'.


♪ Got the whole world
in his hands ♪

He got the whole world
by the balls.

"In excelsis Deo"
and all that shit.

♪ Mmm-hmm ♪


- [praying indistinctly]

[mysterious music]

[tense jazzy music]

♪ ♪