Oz (1997–2003): Season 1, Episode 1 - The Routine - full transcript

In the 'Emerald City' experimental unit of Oswald State Penitentiary, we meet some of the diverse inmates who exist in a pecking order of Gangbangers, Latinos, Muslims, Westies, Aryans and Wiseguys.

[static drones]

[bright tone]

[tense jazzy music]

♪ ♪


That's the name
on the street

for the Oswald
Maximum Security Penitentiary.

[gate buzzes]

Oz is retro.
Oz is retribution.

You wanna punish a man?

Separate him
from his family.

Separate him
from himself.

Cage him up
with his own kind.

[blade pierces flesh]

- [groans]
- [shouting]

[gate buzzes]
- Down, down, get down!

[guards shouting]

- No, no!

[men shouting]

- Oz is hard times
doing hard time.

- McManus, don't you
ever knock?

- I've been through
the files

of all the inmates
who arrived today.

I want Tobias Beecher...
- Okay.

- Miguel Alvarez.

- Well, that'll be tough.
He's in the hospital,

stab wound to the chest.

- He gonna live?

- Apparently.

- Fuck you, Healy.
- All right.

- Shut the fuck up, asshole,
before I come in there...

Hey, Warden.

- Hello, Mike.

- And I want Donald Groves.

- Groves?
- Yeah.

- [scoffs]
Let me ask you something,

McManus, and don't take this
the wrong way, but--

- What?
- Are you out of

your fucking mind?

Groves is
a demented sociopath

without a skoosh of remorse.

- Well, maybe.

- He ate his parents.

He killed 'em,
carved 'em up, and he ate them.

What the fuck do you think
you can do with him?

- I'm gonna teach him
table manners.

- Listen, the only thing
a guy like that understands

is punishment, hard and swift.

- Mm-hmm.

- Hey, Warden,
come here and lick me!

Have a fucking nice day,
you piece of shit.

- Leo,
you said it yourself,

our first conversation:

all we do is recycle!

- Hey, Warden,
I need to talk to you.

- Later, Johnson, later.
- Yeah, later.

- I mean, an inmate comes in,
we sit on him,

send him back out,
he's back with a vengeance.

And if we don't do
something different...

- Come back here, Warden, aah!
- We don't do something radical

right now, we're never gonna
break the chain.

- Listen,
Groves isn't going out.

He's here till God
drop-kicks him to hell.

- Do I have to call
the commissioner on this one?

- [sighs]
- I was given total autonomy

to run Cell Block Five my way.

- Fine.
Take Groves.

- Thank you.

- And Paul Markstram.

- Markstram?
He's a petty drug dealer,

and I got enough
petty drug dealers.

- You want Groves,
you take Markstram.

- Why...?
- Warden,

I need to talk to you, man.
- Why?

- Just give me five minutes.
- [sighs]

He's my cousin.

- Timmy McManus...

he created
an experimental unit

inside Oz,

a new approach
to the prison problem.

Some people call it
"Emerald City."

To me,
it's a concentration camp.

- In Emerald City,
we got rules.

We got a lot more rules
than anywhere else in Oz.

Your cell
is your home.

Keep it clean,

You are to
exercise regularly,

attend classes,

go to drug
and alcohol counseling.

You are to work in one of
the prison factories.

You are to
follow the routine.

We tell you
when to sleep,

when to eat,

when to piss.

There is no yelling,

no fighting,
no fucking.

You follow the rules,

learn self-discipline.

'cause if you'd had
any self-discipline,

any control
over yourself at all,

you wouldn't be
sitting here now.


- Yeah.
Can I go to the bathroom?

[gate buzzes]
- Suck it in, tough guy.

these are your sponsors.

They will help you
get used to the routine.

- I don't want
any fucking sponsors.

I don't want
any fucking routine.

- Shut up, Groves.

- Hi, I'm Bob Rebadow.

Nice to meet you, too.

- Paul Markstram,
Jefferson Keane.

- Yo.

- Tobias Beecher,
Dino Ortolani.

- Do I really
have to do this ?

- Cut the shit,
it's your turn.

- Hello.

- Beecher, huh?

I'm guessin'
you ain't Italian.

What are you in for?

Shaving strokes off
your golf score?

- Prisoner number 9-7-B-4-1-2,

Tobias Beecher.

[tires screeching]

[dark music]

♪ ♪

Convicted July 5th, '97,
driving while intoxicated.

Vehicular manslaughter.

Sentenced to 15 years,
up for parole in four.

In Oz,

the guards lock the cages
and walk away.

Then the predators rise,

take control,
make the rules.

[indistinct chatter, laughter]

But in Em City,

the guards are with us
24 hours a day.

There's no privacy.

Everybody sees what
everybody's doing.

Eyes are everywhere...

McManus's eyes.

You see, in Em City,
retribution gives way

to redemption.

Timmy Boy believes
he can save every one of us,

from each other,
from ourselves,

from the system
that dumped us in here.

Only thing
he don't get is,

you gotta wanna be saved.

- Hey, Dino,
how you doin'?

- Hey, look, pal,

I know I'm supposed to
be some kind of bro.

The headline reads:

"I don't give a shit
about you."

- That's fine, Dino, okay.

- Hey.

Let me give you
a slice of advice.

- Mm-hmm.
- Get yourself a weapon.

Anyone tries
to fuck with you,

take 'em out.

- [laughs softly]

Anything else?

- Yeah.

Don't smile.

- Dino, telephone.

What are you lookin' at?

- [laughs]

- Yo, you got a code
for the phone, man?

- MCI.

- What's the number?

- Hey, Ginny,
how you doing, baby?

- 2-4-6...
- Yeah, baby,

I miss you, too.

- Get out the line.

- Are the kids around?

- I could've sworn I seen
the motherfucker in my cell,

going through
my personal effects.

He fingers
fingering my cigarettes,

came out like
nothing was happening,

whistling he tune!

So I mushed his ass like,
move, motherfucker, make room!


Ain't that my cigarette hanging
off the tip of your lip?

I ain't even give him
a chance for he confession,

just leveled his ass
with all that aggression!

Lefts, rights,
to the do-lex, ha-ha, ha!

Foots to the chest,
uppercuts to the grill!

I'm like, kill,
he's like, chill!

Take that for--for me even
being in this place!

Take that for that fucking
C.O. baton across my face!

Feel that for that lawyer

who ain't give two fucks
about me,

and feel this,
feel this!

For me being enslaved
by poverty.


Give me them
damn cigarettes.

Oh, these is Marlboros.
I don't--I don't smoke these.


- Hey, I got some veal coming
you are gonna love.

- Bené, bené.

- Excuse me,
may I sit here?

- No.

- Excuse me?

Is anybody sitting here?

- You.

You're right, you know?

- Beg your pardon?

- You're right.

- About what?

- Genevieve.

She's thinking about
divorcing you.

In fact, she's having lunch
with your old law partner

to talk it through.

- How do you know
my wife's name?

- God told me.

- Attention.

According to new state
health guidelines,

starting the end
of the month,

smoking will be prohibited

inside Oswald Penitentiary.

[prisoners clamoring]

Settle down!
Settle down!

Anyone caught with tobacco
will be charged

with possession of contraband
and sent to Ad Seg!

[clamoring continues]

That is all.

[all shouting]

- Well, one of you fucked up!

- [grunting]

- So, this is where they make
the prison uniforms?

- Well, actually, no.

Our uniforms come from Taiwan.

These are prison clothes
we make to sell.

- Sell?
To who?

- They're hip or hop,
I'm not sure which.

Grab a bolt and pull.

- [grunts]

[vacuum whirring]

- You know, I'm not really

used to doing
this kind of work.

Not that I think that

there's anything
wrong with it or demeaning.

- What you do on the outside?

- I was a lawyer.

- I hate lawyers
almost as much as I hate cops.

[gate buzzes]

- Count!

- What now?

- We go to our cells,
they count heads,

then lock us up
for the night.

- But it's 5:00.

What am I supposed to do?
What time is lights out?

- 10:00 P.M.

- What do I do
for five hours?

- Try to keep breathing.

- [laughs softly]

Hey, what are you doing
with my stuff?

- What stuff?
- Come on, those are mine.

- Anything you got
belongs to me,

you understand?

- Time to count, gentlemen.

Come on out.

- Just getting to know
my new cellmate.

[tense music]

♪ ♪

[switches turning]

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

- There's something
in the air...

and it ain't love.

♪ ♪

[clothes fall]

- I won't be
fucking you, prag.

At least...

not tonight.

♪ ♪

- Hey.

You mind if I sit here?

Vern Schillinger.

All right, I understand.

I saw last night,
Adebisi giving you shit,

taking your stuff.

- This morning
he stole my watch.

- That sucks.

Tried the same shit with me
when I first got here.

- What'd you do?

- I went to McManus,

asked him to switch me
to another pod.

- And he did?

- Yeah, sure.

Just don't say
it has to do with Adebisi.

You get him in trouble,
he'll kill you.

In the meantime,
wear armor.

- Armor?

- [chuckles]


you ratted on me, huh?

- Back off.

- Who are you telling
to back off?

- You, boy.

- [laughs]

Oh, yeah?
Make me back off.

- Play nice.

- [smooches]

- I'm on top.

- Okay.

- You're not a Jew,
are you?

- Me?

I don't even like
Barbra Streisand.


- Like my tattoos?

Gonna have to get you one.

- Uh...no, thanks.

- Oh, yeah.

I'm gonna brand you myself.

- Livestock gets branded.

- "Livestock."

That's what you are:

my livestock.

Because now, Tobias,

your ass belongs to me.

- They call this
the penal system.

But it's really
the penis system.

It's about how big,
it's about how long,

it's about how hard.

Life in Oz is all about
the size of your dick,

and anybody who tells you
different ain't got one.

- [groans]

[lighter ignites]

- [humming]

♪ ♪

[gates buzzing, opening]

Beecher, come on, breakfast.

- No.

- Suit yourself.

[bell rings]
- Shake down.

[dogs growling, barking]

[indistinct chatter]

- No, that ain't mine!

That ain't mine!
Ya set me up!

- Hey!

- Come on.
- Hey!

You asshole!

- Hey, get this scum
out of here.

You believe this?
This guy here.

Hey, whoa, hey.

- Shakedowns aren't enough.

We need more than
a few sniffing dogs

to stop the flow of drugs.

- We need to fight
the addiction.

- No, no, we need
to fight the traffic.

- How do we do that ?

- Week-long lockdown.

Let's see 'em
try to move their shit

sitting in their cells 24-7.

- Yeah, so I get it.

Your big idea is punish
everybody, guilty or not, right?

- I sure as hell
don't hear you

coming up with
anything better.

- I'm telling you, Leo,

fucking McManus
is out of fucking control.

He tells me yesterday

he's thinking of
starting a "quiet time."

You ready for that?

An hour every day when
the cons gotta sit in silence.

I mean, what's next,
milk and cookies?

Arts and crafts?

- Maybe you should've listened
to what I was saying, Healy.

We gotta make 'em
be quiet in here

because when they get out
and they get a job,

they're gonna have to sit
and do their work and be quiet.

- Oh, come on, man, what kind of
fairy dust you been snorting?

These stupid fucks

aren't gonna work
for fucking Microsoft!

It's bullshit.

- If an inmate survives Oz,

he's got balls on the street.

I wanna take some of
the glamour away from that.

I wanna take some of
the glory away from that.

Maybe a high-school education.

Maybe learn to fucking read.

- If everybody's done making
speeches, I'm moving on.

Next item:
no smoking rule.

- More bullshit.

You expect us
to enforce this ban?

- These are state guidelines

recommended by
the board of Corrections,

passed by the legislature,
signed by the governor.

- The governor
is an asshole.

- You mean politically,
or you speaking personally?

- He campaigned on the "no perks
for prisoners" platform.

He's gonna reinstate
the death penalty.

He's gonna slash our budget.

He's gonna incite a riot.

- [scoffs]

- Yeah, I heard what happened
in the cafeteria.

It's just gonna escalate.

This place is fueled by smoke.

- I know that Marlboros
aren't gonna disappear.

They're just gonna
go underground like drugs.

I said we have to
enforce the new rules.

I didn't say
that I liked them.

Next item:
Kareem Said.

Now, he arrives today,
and I don't have to tell you

what a potential
powder keg this can be.

Not just because
he blew up

a white-owned warehouse
in his community.

Said claims that
he is not a criminal,

that he is
a political prisoner,

and until all the appeals
and shit are cleared,

he is to be treated
with kid gloves.

After that we can
bury him in Gen Pop.

- Prisoner number 9-7-S-4-4-4...

- Open.

- Kareem Said.

A.K.A. Goodson Truman,

convicted June 6th, '97,
arson in the second degree.

Sentence: 18 years.

Eligible for parole in five.

- In Em City,
we treat each other

the way that we would
like to be treated.

We treat each other
with respect.

- And what happens when one of
us does not respect the other?

- There's violence.

- Then prison life isn't all
that different

than the outside world.

- Your celebrity status

doesn't buy you any
extra advantages here.

All my prisoners
are equal.

- [laughs]
How ironic.

To finally be an equal
in a place

where I do not have
the freedom to enjoy it.

- You do the work assigned you,
you stay out of trouble,

we're gonna get along
just fine.

Otherwise, you go into
the general population,

and, Kareem...
[chuckle softly]

In the rest of Oz,

nobody's treated the way that
they would like to be treated.

- Then I consider
myself warned.

- I've read a couple
of your books.

I know the influence that
you can have over other men,

so I'm hoping
we can work together,

make everybody's
stay here more productive.

- I would like to help my
brothers live a full life.

- Yeah, so would we all.

Anything else
we can tell you?

- No.

I do have one thing
I can tell you.

- What's that?

- 78% of the population
at Oswald State Penitentiary

are men of color.

The ratio is,
at last count,

one officer for
every nine prisoners.

We could take this prison
anytime we wanted to.

- You could take it.

But you wouldn't
be able to keep it.

- Hm.
That remains to be seen.

- Are you telling me
you intend to start a riot?

- What I'm telling you is,

as of today,

I run Oz.

- Don't you fuck with me,
my brother.

[men chanting outside]

- As-Salaam-Alaikum, brother.

[chanting continues]

[chanting silences]

- There is always in Oz

an undercurrent of fear...

of violence...

of hate...

waitin' to explode.

- [sighs]

- Prisoner number 9-6-C-3-8-2,

Dino Ortolani.

Convicted December 12th, '96,

one count murder
in the first degree,

assault with
a deadly weapon.

Sentence: life imprisonment

without the possibility
of parole.

[thunder rumbling]

[both groaning]

- McManus, we gotta talk.

- About what?

- About sex.

- Sister, you're insatiable.

- And you are not that funny.

Now look,
Dino Ortolani has requested

a conjugal visit.

- So?

- Well, that would make it
the fourth since January.

- So?

- Well, so it's part of my job
to arrange for inmates

and their--what...

Excuse me,
am I in your way here?

To arrange

for inmates and their wives
to make whoopee.

And it's part of your job
to tell me

if said inmate
has earned said whoopee.

- Four times in a year.

That's more sex than I had
when I was married.

- Maybe that's why
you're divorced.

- Give him a six-hour conjugal.

- Wow, is that all?

- Yep.

- Well...

I just hope he's not
a premature ejaculator.

- [laughs]
- [whistles]

- Oh, for a second
I thought you escaped.

- Thanks, kid.

- He ate his mother.

- Get outta here.

- So I heard.
He killed her,

then he broiled
her head,

smothered it in onions.

- What, no garlic?

- He had his father
in the freezer.

- Sick fuck.

What the fuck's wrong
with this country?

In the old days,
murder was murder.

You killed someone,
it was business.

And you sure as Christ
didn't eat 'em.

- Times have changed, Nino.

- Fuck that.

Times change, nothing changes,
nothing ever changes.

♪ ♪

- Now, my brothers,

we must dedicate ourselves

to a whole different
set of principles,

to a whole new
set of priorities.

We must rekindle

our natural sense of purity.

The heart and the mind

must be cleansed and set free.

And that means no drugs,

no alcohol,

and no cigarettes, brother.


Yes, my brother.

No foul language

and no abnormal sex.

You see these temptations?

They must be replaced

by a strict discipline

and a channeled focus.

And not only will our lives
here in Satan's house

be improved, but our spirits

will be renewed.

- Yes, brother.
- Hm.

We are not a gang
of hoodlums.

We are a group of men

rooted in Africa
and living in America.

We are strong and proud.

- Yes, sir.

- We are an entity,
a presence.

We are a force,

and we must
be dealt with.

We are voices

and we must be heard.


Now, there's a white man.

He may have enslaved us
with his laws,

and he may have enslaved us

in his jail,

but he has not...


will not...

enslave the very essence

of our mortal soul.

- Oh, praises to Allah.

- [speaking Arabic]

- Are you hearing this shit?

- Yeah.

- Yabba-dabba-do.

- Heh.

- This fuck Said is a threat.

You tell Schibetta we gotta
stick together on this one.

- You see me riding a bicycle?

- What?
- I ain't a messenger boy.

You got something to tell Nino,
tell him yourself.

- Yeah, yeah.

Hey, lookie here,

We might not have to worry.

♪ ♪

- The fuck you doing, Kareem?

♪ ♪

- You like being
on your knees, eh?

Maybe you like
to suck this?

Come on.

What the fuck you doin', huh?

- Get your ass outta here.

You talking to my boys
about dealing drugs?

Stay the fuck
out of my business.

- Is this what you want?
- Huh?

- Is this really what you want?

- Bust your ass?

- We Muslims believe
in non-violence.

We believe in
respecting our neighbor.

- Well, we...don't.

- I will give my life for you.

- You're gonna have to.

- So be it.

♪ ♪

Brother, hit me.

Now, I told you to hit me,
now hit me.

Hit me.

Hit me!
Hit me!

[both grunting]

Hit me in the face, brother.

[breathing heavily]



- What the hell's
going on over there?

Come on, break it up!

- You're a crazy motherfucker,
you know that?

- As-Salaam-Alaikum, brother.

Peace be unto you.


- What day is it?

- Friday.

- Friday?
Feels more like Monday.

- Ready for this?

Guess who's checking
into Oz tomorrow?

- Your Uncle Vinnie.

- [chuckles]
- Nah, the Feds got Vinnie.

- [chuckles]
- Ryan O'Reily.

- Get the fuck outta here.

- I'm shittin' you?

Why am I gonna shit you
about that scumbag?

- They gotta be crazy to put
that motherfucker near me.

- Maybe they know
exactly what they're doing.

You better be careful, Dino.

- He ain't gonna be
in Em City.

He's gonna be somewhere
over the rainbow.

- I'm gonna cap
that motherfucker.

- You ain't gonna do
a fuckin' thing...

unless I say so.

- Capiche.

[boxing bag rattling]

♪ ♪

- C'mon.


[gate buzzes]

- Count!

- Oz is where I live.

Oz is where I will die,

where most of us will die.

What we were don't matter.

What we are don't matter.

What we become...

Don't matter.

Does it?

[indistinct chatter]

- Hey, how are you?
- Hey, what's up?

- Hey.

- Heh.
Look at this guy.

You fucking faggot.


- Siediti.

- Come on, get up.

- I can't let this guy
disrespect me like that, man.

- Are you stupid or what ?

There are cops
all around the place.

- Fuck it.

- Who's Keane ?

- Me.

- I'm O'Reily.

- Like I said, so?

- I heard you can take care
of a little business for me.

- What kind of business?

- Dino Ortolani.

I want him air-holed
and I am willing to pay.

- We don't kill wiseguys
around here.

- Yum, yum, plastic.

[tray slams]

My brother says hello.

Says you can help.

- I'm here, ain't I?
- Mm.

- Open gate 57, Vegas.

Shut it.


- Ortolani.

The niggers are afraid
to touch him.

- You don't have to worry
about wasting Ortolani.

He's on self-destruct.

[indistinct chatter]

[all cheering]

- Yeah, bettin' me on the ball.

Give it up.

- Allah...

Allah, Allah...

- [blows raspberry]

[both grunting]

[grunting continues]
[alarm blaring]

- Fuckin' faggot!

[alarm continues]

- Aah!

- [grunting]
- Aah!

- [grunting]

- Enough, Ortolani!
- Get off!


[both screaming]

[all grunting]

- Back to your cells.

Back to your cells.
- What happened?

- Back to your cells.
- What happened?

- Lockdown, lockdown!

- Who did this to my brother?

- Back to your cells.
- Who did this to my brother?

- Don't play with that.

You better hope
they get Billie Keane

to City Hospital on time.

He flames out,
you're up for murder.

- Doctor, I'm in here for life.

I don't think
one more murder's gonna matter.

By the way,
you have an angel's touch.

- When you were outside,

did you ever get laid
with a line like that?

- Outside,
I was faithful to my wife.

- Yeah.

- I was faithful by choice.

In here,
I don't got no choice.

Or do I ?

- No choice, no chance.

- How come
you're not volunteering

over at the women's prison?

How come you're in here
shaking your tits

in front of 1,400 guys?

- Well, I'm trying to meet men

and I'm bored with
the bar scene.

- [chuckles]
So you married?

- That's none of your business.

- 'Cause I've gotta
wonder about a guy

who'd let his slice
come into a pit like this.

I mean, don't he got
any concern for you?

- Oh, he's got
plenty of concern.

- Oh, so you are married.


- You happy?

- "Happy", Doctor?

Oh, I'm delirious.

[knocking on door]

- Yeah?

Yeah, have a seat, Dino.

Take the cuffs off, please.

- You sure?

Am I sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.

Take the cuffs off, please.

- [sighs]

- You can wait outside.

- [sighs]

- How you doing, Dino?

You're doing a lot better
than Billie Keane

'cause he's in
Intensive Care now.

- I don't start fights.

- Yeah, I know.
You finish 'em.

Look, I'm gonna
tell you something,

and I'm gonna say it once,

and I'm gonna say it
as simply as I can.

Every inmate, every officer

either hates your guts

or they're terrified of you,
or both.

- Being popular has never been
a big concern of mine.

- Well,
how about staying alive?

Is that a concern, hmm?

Keep it up,
someone's gonna kill you.

- So what?

I'm gonna be sitting
in that cell

until they carry
my tight little guinea ass

out in a body bag.

So why don't you just shut up
or put me in the fucking hole?

[chair squeaking]

do you know why in Em City

I put lifers in with
all the rest?

So that people can learn
to live together.

And not just for
when they get released.

Even if you're in here
for the rest of your life,

even if you're in here
until you die,

your life can
have some purpose.

- [laughs]
Hey, you hear that ?

Are you on drugs, McManus ?

If you're not,
you should start.

- You know,
this is your third fight

related to some kind of
homosexual encounter.

[chuckles softly]

You can't go
swinging on a guy

every time he makes
a pass at you, Dino.

- What am I supposed to do?

The guy's being all faggy,
stroking his dick

in front of me,
trying to make it hard.

- Laugh it off.

- I don't have
that kind of sense of humor.

- As punishment,

instead of
putting you in lock-up,

I'm assigning you
to work in the AIDS ward.

- Wait, wait, what the fuck?

- Mr. Healy?
- Hey, what are you,

fucking nuts?

Hey, I work the kitchen!

- You work in
the AIDS ward.

- Come on.

- You fucking punk!

Get the fuck
out of my office!

- Nino, you gotta do
something about this, man.

You gotta get me off
this hospital duty shit.

- Who the fuck
you talking to?

I don't gotta do
a fucking thing.

- I'm telling you right now,

I'm not touching
no diseased faggots.

- Most of them are junkies.

- Junkies--I don't care
how they got it.

I don't wanna get it.

- Then be careful.

- What, are you saying you ain't
gonna do nothing for me?

- That's right.

- I run the kitchen, Nino!

- You're raising
your voice to me.

[speaking Italian]
This is what I'm talking about.

You gotta learn to behave.

Wiseguys been running
these joints for generations.


With this...

and this.

We run the racket
same as on the street.

But you,
you're il arrabbiato.

You're gonna kill O'Reily.

You're gonna kill the faggot.

You gotta learn to think
before you act.

Life ain't an ice pick.

So go play nurse maid
for a while.

Go wipe some asses.

- [chuckles softly]

"Wipe some asses."

- Yeah.

- Fuck McManus.
Fuck these motherfuckers.


[monitor beeping]

♪ ♪

[man coughing]

Chow time, Sanchez.

- I'm not hungry, man.

- Dr. Nathan said
you might say that.

Dr. Nathan said
to feed you anyway.

♪ ♪

like one of my kids.

Open your mouth.

- I wanna die, man.

- Open your goddamned,

cocksuckin' mouth.

- Well, thanks a lot.

- It's so good
to see you too, Gloria.

- Thanks for shackling me
with Dino Ortolani.

Not only can't he keep
his hands off my fanny,

he's got the bedside manner
of Attila the Hun.

- Well, he gets into a fight,

I stick him in the hole
every time.

I'm trying to
break the pattern here.

- He's a violent criminal,
a thug born to kill.

He'll never change.

- Mm.
So what do you suggest then?

Caning, castration?

- Lorazepam.

Sedate Ortolani with
four milligrams of Lorazepam.

Put him in
a passive state,

he gets a great buzz,
and he doesn't harm anyone.

- Better prison
through chemistry?

- Grow some balls, Tim.

- Free for dinner tonight ?

- I'm married.

- You're separated.

Wanna have dinner?

- Yes.

- I'll have balls by then.

- Hopefully.

- My brother's lying
in a fuckin' hospital,

tubes running up his nose

because of that fucking dago.

- What do you want ?

- I heard you're having
a meeting about Ortolani.

- Brothers only.

- Yeah, whatever.

- Hey, what's going on?

What are you all doing in here?

- Just consoling me
about my brother.

- Well,
your brother's a fag, Keane.

They say it runs
in families.

You a fag, too?

- Why don't you suck my dick
and find out?

- [chuckles]

You got two minutes
to finish your work.

Everybody else, out.

- That's cute.
[tray clatters]

You and me,
we can get this job done.

- Johnny, you up.

I want you to go in the hole
and whack that wop.

- McManus didn't put
Ortolani in the hole.

He's got him doing bedpan duty
in the AIDS ward.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

It'll take
a couple of days,

but I'll get your man Post here
reassigned to the AIDS ward.

- It's all right,
when the moment's right,

you take the guinea out
for all of us.

♪ ♪

- Dino, my friend,

I've been looking for you.

- Yeah?
What do you want, Schillinger?

- I heard
you crippled Billie Keane.

The Aryan Brotherhood
is grateful.

- Swell.

- Just trying to give you
a little jizz here.

- I don't need your jizz.

- Well, fuck you then.

- No, fuck you.

What happened in that shower
was between me and the fag boy.

It had nothing to do with you,
you fucking redneck scumbag.

Why don't you take
your fucking pure-white ass

and get the fuck
away from me?

- Stupid greaseball.

[gate buzzes]
- Count!

- Greaseball, cracker,
mick, spic,

kike, gook, nigger...

words are weapons.

I'd rather have
a MAC-10 anytime, though.

Some inmates say that violence

is the worst thing
we gotta face.

For me, the worst thing
is the great yawn.

How do you fill
day after dull-ass day?

We have these routines

that are supposed to give
our lives order and meaning.

But I'm here to testify,

I'm less afraid of getting
shanked in my back

than the routine,

'cause the routine...

man, the routine'll kill you.

[faucet running]

-[ sighs]

- I wanna see my daughter.

Hey, I wanna
see my daughter.

- You're more fucking trouble
than you're worth, Sanchez.

You have a daughter?

I thought you were queer.

- Queers have daughters.

- I guess so.

- She's...


She's three.

- I have a son that age.

- Yeah.


want cigarettes?

- Not allowed to smoke.

- I wanna see my daughter.
Where you going?

I wanna see my daughter.

- I'm right here, man.

So tell me,

why the fuck
did you get AIDS?

- I-I loves...I...

I loved heroin.

It--it took me to another body.

It made me feel golden.


- No,
I never liked that shit.

I sold a lot of it, though.

- May...maybe I got...

mine from you.

- No, I was never
on the street dealing.

- Still...

- Listen,
you little fuck,

I was in the business,
pure and simple.

♪ ♪

I never told you
to fucking

share your needles
with anybody.

No smoking.

♪ ♪

- Yo, Ortolani.

- What do you want, Post?

- I'm gonna be working
in the AIDS ward with you.

Great news, huh?

- [scoffs]

- Got an extra cig?

- No, no extra one.

- Hey, Ortolani,
how you doing ?

- Christ.

- You know,
Jesus Christ,

this is like
fucking high school.

- You think by shoving me
in the AIDS ward

you're gonna change me?


Let me tell you
something, Coach,

even with all your
good intentions,

all your reforms,
and all your overhaul policies,

I ain't ever gonna change.

We ain't ever gonna change,

none of us.


[door opens]

- Hi, Timmy, what's up?

- Dino Ortolani.

Cancel his conjugal visit.

Tell him, uh...

instead he can have
family time.

- "Family"?
He's Italian.

That can means upwards
of a hundred people.

- No, no, no,
just his wife and kids.

And I want 'em to meet
behind the glass.

I want him to see 'em
but no touching.

- [sighs]
Oh, Tim,

you wanna be careful.

- About what?

- Of playing God
once too often.

If you're not careful,

the real one's gonna get
very pissed off.

[indistinct chatter]

- Hi!

Thank you, baby.
Listen, why don't you

go--go play over there?
Let me talk to Daddy.

- Hey.
- Hi.

- What happened?

Why you got sandbags?

[children chattering]
- I slipped in the shower.

- Shh, quiet.

- Let 'em play,
they're kids.

They shouldn't
feel cooped up.

How you doing, Ginny?

- The house is so empty.

- They treating you okay?

- Of course.

Babe, the money,
it don't mean nothing to me.

- As long as you can
take care of those two,

that's what's important.

- I miss you.

- What'd I tell you about that?

You have to go on
with your life.

- I don't wanna
hear about that.

- You have to go on
with your fucking life, Ginny.

You have to make like I'm dead.

You have to treat me like
I got shot like Mario and Jake.

- What?

You want me to find a guy?

You want me
to get married again?

You want some guy
watching your kids grow up,

call him "Daddy"?

♪ ♪

- I don't want you ever bringing
them back here ever again.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

- Some fucking pussy inmate
took the state to court,

says smoking's
bad for his health.

Fuck, this whole fucking place
is bad for your health.

You know what I'm sayin'?
- Mm-hmm.

- But the state,
they pussies, too.

Ban cigs
in all the prisons.

I'm 30 more years
without a fucking cigarette?

No fuckin' way.

They won't even let the brothers
in solitary puff.

Like they worried about
catching fucking lung cancer.

- You like to hear yourself
talk, don't you?

- You ever wonder what it's like
to burn someone's eye out?

- Oh, yeah.
- Put that out.

You, get out of my chair.

- Yes, ma'am.

- Go take care of
Emilio Sanchez.

- What'd he do now ?

- He had an accident.

Change him
and then sponge him.

- [scoffs]
No way.

I ain't touching
that diseased turd.

- Oh, yes, you are.

- Oh, no, I ain't.

- Look, Sanchez hasn't got long
and he knows it.

Now, I can't do more for him
than dull the pain,

and the least that you can do
is not let him die

lying in his own shit.

- Okay.

Thank you.

- You're welcome.

[distant car honks]

- [scoffs]

- Let's go, Sanchez.

- I wanna die.

- Yeah, well,
you're gonna get your wish.

- Please.

- Please what?

- Help me.

♪ ♪

- [chuckles softly]
Help you?

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

- [sighs]

Help me die.

- Fancy meeting you here.

Hey, I want you to know, Dino,
I got no hard feelings.

Your goombah
tells you to kill me,

to try to make your bones,
I appreciate that.

It's not your fault
I didn't die.

- Yeah, it's not your fault
you didn't have the balls

to come after me, man.

You go running to the D.A.,
you rat bastard.

- You see, now you're trying
to provoke me into a fight,

which will
go down on my record,

which will keep me from
getting a berth in Em City.

- You coming to Em City ?

- Yeah, how about that?

You and me, lasagna boy.

Side by side,
every single day

for the rest of our lives.

Unless, of course,
I get parole in 12, hmm?

- You come to Em City,
you're dead.

- Well, I guess that means
I can't use you

as a reference, huh?


- Come on, come on.
- [groans]

Fuck off!

Fuck you!

- You're gonna eat shit!
- Fucker!


- Shit.

You can take a punch, huh?

- When I have to.

- Got all the answers, too.

- No, not all.

But some.

- Yeah, well...

It's too bad
you're the wrong color.

[machine beeping]

[beeping accelerates]

[beeping slows]

[beeping flat-lines]

[alarm blaring]
- What the fuck is going on?

- That bastard killed
one of my patients.

I came in,
but it was too late already.

He's a monster.
You gotta do something.

You gotta stop him!

- All right!

[men grunting]

No, no, no, no, no, no!

[grunting continues]
No, no!

- We can handle this, McManus!

[grunting continues]

- Fuck you!

[grunting, blows landing]

- [winces]

- People kill to stay alive.

That's as true
in prison as out.

[door unlatches]

- [grunts]
Fuck you!

- But I'm wondering why

in here we fight so hard
to stay alive.

A man gets sentenced
to 100 years,

he really thinks
if he exercises,

gets all buff,
stays diesel,

he's gonna walk out?

- [groaning]

- A judge says
life imprisonment

without the possibility
of parole.

Without the possibility.



At some point they realize
they ain't going nowhere.

I seen it happen.

A calm comes
in their eyes.

It's like
they figured out something

that the rest of
us are never gonna see.

They're suddenly free
in a whole other kind of way.

They are ready to die.

And maybe they do what they can
to help that shit along.

[lock unlatches]

[match sparks]

[dark music]

[tense jazzy music]

♪ ♪

♪ ♪