Outlander (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 4 - The Company We Keep - full transcript

Roger leads Jamie's militia to the trading post of Brownsville and finds himself embroiled in a bitter feud. Jamie and Claire arrive to find that Roger's unusual strategy may have cost them...

I will promise to stand
by your side,

Colonel Fraser, sir.

Confirmed sightings
of Bonnet in Wilmington.

Bree doesn't know, does she?


Kezzie and I
are indentured to a man

who lives not far from here.

Take these lads
and the rest of the company

and continue to Brownsville.

Claire and I will go see
this Mr. Beardsley.

I must speak with your husband.

Husband's dead.

I would like to purchase

yer two bond servants.

Keep 'em.
I got no use for 'em.

‐ [ wheezing ]
‐ [ gasps ]

You said he was dead.

He struck me, and then he fell,
and I couldn't move him.

‐ [ gasping ]
‐ [ liquid splatters ]

Baby's father is black.

You hear that?
She isn't yours.

‐ Fanny?
‐ She's not coming back.

She left the deed
with the baby.

And indenture papers.

♪ Sing me a song ♪

♪ Of a lass that is gone ♪

♪ Say, could that lass ♪

♪ Be I? ♪

♪ Merry of soul ♪

♪ She sailed on a day ♪

♪ Over the sea ♪

♪ To Skye ♪

♪ Billow and breeze ♪

♪ Islands and seas ♪

♪ Mountains of rain and sun ♪

♪ Mountains of rain
and sun ♪

♪ All that was good ♪

♪ All that was fair ♪

♪ All that was me ♪

♪ Is gone ♪

♪ Sing me a song ♪

♪ Of a lass that is gone ♪

♪ Say, could that lass ♪

♪ Be I? ♪

♪ Merry of soul ♪

♪ She sailed on a day ♪

♪ Over the sea ♪

♪ To Skye ♪

[ dramatic music ]

Season 05 Episode 04
Episode Title: "Chalk Two Down"

♪ Sing me a song ♪

♪ Of a lass ♪

♪ That is gone ♪

♪ Say, could that lass ♪

♪ Be I? ♪

[ horse whinnies ]

[ Thunder rumbling ]

Halloo the house!


Do not move.

I'm Captain Roger MacKenzie,

in command of a militia
serving under

Colonel James Fraser
of Fraser's Ridge.

MAN: We saw you up the road,
Morton, you bastard.

[ dramatic music ]

You'll pay for what you did!

‐ [ gunshot ]
‐ [ man yells ]

‐ [ horse whinnies ]
‐ [ grunts ]

[ Men shouting ]

[ Gunshots ]

[ Men clamoring ]

[ Gunfire ]

‐ [ panting ]
‐ [ gunshot ]

What do you want with Morton?

None of your concern.

Hand him over.

[ gunshot ]

Do you think
they're Regulators?

Well, not unless Morton's
secretly a corrupt

tax collector in disguise.

‐ [ door thuds ]
‐ Isaiah!

I'm sorry.
I had to tell.

I couldn't marry Elijah Ford.
[ sobs ]

Please, Isaiah,
say you'll do right by me.

‐ Don't hurt him!
‐ MEG: Alicia!

I'd rather die
than be without him!

Have a shred of dignity.

[ Yelps ]

Shouting for all the world
to hear of your shame.

[ Sobs ]

[ Gunshot ]

[ Sighs ] What can we
do? What can we do?

[ Gunshot ]

Oh, Lord, give me courage.

‐ [ gunshot ]
‐ [ both panting ]

[ Gunshots ]

I suppose we better do
as they ask.


Turn Morton over to them?

‐ [ gunshot ]
‐ Aye.

[ Gunshot ]

We're gonna need some
of that whisky, Fergus.

Oh, are you sure?

‐ [ gunshots ]
‐ Oh.

Aye, and get a full bottle,

[ Sighs ]

A bit of Dutch courage
is all we need.

Aye, Captain.

‐ [ gunshot ]
‐ Stand down.

[ Breathes heavily ]
Stand down.

[ bright music ]

‐ [ cart clacking ]
‐ [ horse chuffs ]

[ laughs ]

How was town, Mistress?

‐ It was good... and busy.
‐ Oh.

We got paper and books,
fabrics, linen, cotton.

Oh, canna wait to see them.

And something
a little special for you.

‐ For me?
‐ Mm‐hmm.

You'll smell
like orange blossom.

Thank you, Mistress.

Now, let's go inside

and, uh, make stew
and dumplings.

‐ What do you think, Mr. Bug?
‐ [ baby cries ]

Go all that way to town
for sugar,

and it's
savory dumplings again?

we all know you're sweet enough.

Ugh, stop your nonsense.

Mrs. Bug...
where did Jemmy get this?

MURDINA: While you
were collecting the post,

a man ruffled Jemmy's hair
and gave him a coin.

Did he say anything?

He said,
"What a handsome lad,"

and, uh, did he take after
his mother or his father?

And then just gave him a coin?

He say anything else?

He was Irish, you see.

So, of course, once they get
talking about this and that,

it can take all day, but‐‐

What did he look like?

A gentlemen, he was,
fair and strong.

Did he have a scar here?

I'm sorry.
I dinna recall.

I hope you don't think I would ever
let the bairn come in harm's way.

No, no, I‐I know.

I just know all about the Irish
gift of the gab, that's all.

Don't want Jemmy's mind filled with
superstitious nonsense about luck.

‐ Let's forget about it.
‐ Aye.

I'll call you
when the stew's ready.

[ Dramatic music ]


Um, with so many away
from the Ridge,

I think maybe we should move
into the big house with everyone.

Aye, mistress.

It is nice to have company.

[ Ominous music ]

[ indistinct chatter ]

[ Sobbing ]

[ Tense music ]

[ slurping ]

How much for a cask?

We'll buy some,
and you can be on your way.

Will you oblige me
and have a little more?

What are you,
whisky merchants?

Heh, no.
No, no.

As I was saying earlier,
we are militiamen

charged by Governor Tryon to
march against the Regulators.


[ Men murmuring ]

[ Slurps ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

Well, it's tolerable,
I'll admit. [ grunts ]

Then perhaps I can
propose a toast... hmm?

To the men of Brownsville

and to the men
of the Fraser's Company.

[ Indistinct chatter ]

Au courage.

[ Indistinct chatter ]

We've come to notify you
of your obligation

to provide men.


Or opportunity, I should say.

40 shillings and two shillings
every day thereafter for each man.

The only present obligation
I have is to my daughter...

[ melancholy music ]

And these men here, who'll break
that boy's neck without hesitation

if I give the word.

What could a young lad
like Morton possibly have done

that can't be resolved
over a drink?

That bastard's cost me
a fortune.

I had a match arranged
with my daughter.

Elijah Ford brought with him
almost 10 acres

and a decent trade in tobacco.

I tell her the news
and she weeps,

refusing to be wed because
Morton got to her first.

Ford won't marry a harlot.

Maybe Morton
isn't as fine a match,

but would you consider him
a suitor?

He's dishonored my daughter.

Now, I told her I'd see him
dead at her feet

if ever he dared show
his wretched countenance

within 10 miles of Brownsville.

And damn my eyes

if that grass‐livered

hasn't the face
to ride right up to my door.

You and your men
can stay the night.

But when you go
on your way tomorrow,

Morton won't be joining you.

[ insects and birds chirping ]

[ Baby cries ]


She's a bonnie wee thing.

[ Chuckles ]
She is.

To see ye with a bairn,

I could watch ye hold her
all day.

[ Baby fusses ]

I hope we're not too far
from Brownsville.

She won't do well
on goat's milk alone.

[ Goat bleats ]

JAMIE: We should
be there before dusk.

Dinna fash.

We'll find someone
to nurse wee "Bonnie."

[ goat bleats ]

And what then?

Do we bring a newborn
all the way to Hillsborough?

I'm not sure it's the best way

to put the fear of God
into the Regulators,

unless they're afraid
of a few dirty diapers.


The surest way to send
any man scurrying for cover.


[ Baby fussing ]

[ Indistinct chatter ]

Some of the men,

Robertson, Morrison,

and a few others...
are gone.

Gone? What do you
mean gone? Gone where?

They don't respect
what you did.

What I did?

‐ Well, I had to do something.
‐ I know, and I agree.

But they didn't.
I'm‐I'm‐I'm sorry. I tried.

Ah, Christ.

‐ [ indistinct chatter ]
‐ [ cart clacking ]

[ Upbeat fiddle music playing ]

[ Faint laughter ]

JAMIE: Sounds like
Roger's won them over.

♪ Where ha' ye been
a' the day ♪

ALL: ♪ Bonnie laddie,
Hielan' laddie ♪

♪ Saw ye him that' far awa' ♪

ALL: ♪ Bonnie laddie,
Hielan' laddie ♪

♪ On his head a bonnet blue ♪

ALL: ♪ Bonnie laddie,
Hielan' laddie ♪

♪ Tartan plaid
and Hielan' trews ♪

ALL: ♪ Bonnie laddie,
Hielan' laddie ♪

ROGER: ♪ When he
drew his gude braid‐sword ♪

ALL: ♪ Bonnie laddie,
Hielan' laddie ♪

ROGER: ♪ Then he
gave his royal word ♪


♪ Hielan' laddie ♪

I have secured you and your
brother's indenture papers.

Ye willna see
Mr. Beardsley again.

ROGER: ♪ Wi' his
friends wad live or dee ♪

What about the mistress?

Well, she's gone for good.

‐ She left her baby with us.
‐ [ baby grunts ]

I didn't know
she was with child.

Kezzie told me the mistress
may have lain with...

well, there's a man,
a former slave.

He came looking for work
once or twice.

Then all of us...

we're all free?

Aye, lad.

[ Exhales sharply ]

Does that mean we can
ride on to Hillsborough

with your militia?

How old are ye?

Ye canna be more than 14.

I must be older than that.

I'm telling ye, ye're 14,
too young to fight.

Aye, Colonel.

Ye've fought hard
to earn your freedom.

I willna let ye lose it
in death on the battlefield.

Go home.

Provide for the Ridge.

ROGER: ♪ Charlie yet
shall mount the throne ♪

♪ Bonnie laddie,
Hielan' laddie ♪

♪ Weel, ye ken it is his own ♪

♪ Bonnie laddie,
Hielan' laddie ♪

[ Applause ]

[ Bright fiddle music playing ]

[ Baby crying ]

[ Indistinct chatter ]

[ Crying continues ]


Is that our whisky?

Oui, milord.
There was a small difficulty.

Uh, before you explain,
I also have a small difficulty.


You work fast, milord.

Uh, the baby
needs milk urgently.

Are there any
nursing mothers around?

Mothers, no.

But the lady of the house
will surely be able to help.

‐ [ crying continues ] ‐ CLAIRE: Hi,
I'm sorry to bother you.

‐ [ dramatic music ]
‐ [ cart clacking ]

This is Mistress Claire Fraser
of Fraser's Ridge,

colonel's wife.

My daughter‐in‐law Lucinda
just gave birth.

She'll have the milk
for the babe.

Oh, I'm so sorry to intrude.

This little one was born
a few days ago.

She's not mine.

I fed her goat's milk
on the road here, but...

She needs to be fed properly.

[ Whispering ]

‐ [ Lucinda squeaks ]
‐ [ Claire chuckles ]

‐ [ baby cries ]
‐ Oh.

Such a strong
and healthy babe.



A girl?


[ Baby cries ]

Does she have a name?


She lost both her parents
before they could christen her.

Is she a slave's babe?

Not quite.

How'd you come by her, then?

[ Upbeat fiddle music playing ]

What's this "difficulty"
Fergus told me about?

[ Sighs ] Wee bit of a
misunderstanding on our arrival.

And ye cleared it up
with our whisky?

When in Rome,
do as the Romans do.

When I was a professor
at Oxford,

I loved telling my students
about words and phrases,

their origins,
their meanings.

Do you know
where the expression

"Dutch courage" comes from?

I'm sure ye're
about to tell me.

What's it got to do
wi' Rome?

Some say it dates back
a century ago

to when English troops
would drink to calm themselves

before heading into battle.

Others say
the English witnessed

the incredible courage
gin gave the Dutch.

A number of times in history,
an advance of soldiers

were stopped by an exchange
of alcohol or goods.

Take the First World War,
for example.

There was a daily rum ration
on the western front‐‐

Where are Morrison and Scott?

Piss drunk already?


They left...

and, with them,
three more.


[ Door squeaks ]

[ Fiddle music
playing faintly ]

Ye allowed Lionel Brown
to do this to one of yer men?

They wanted to blow Morton
to smithereens.

I had to...

I had to agree to some kind
of temporary confinement.

And what were you gonna do
once the whisky ran out?

I was hoping you would arrive
before that happened, and you did.

I avoided confrontation.
I kept the peace.

Do ye ken the meaning of the word
"captain," Professor MacKenzie?

Is that one ye can
explain to me?

Yer men left because
ye betrayed their trust.

Those who remain
willna have much faith left.

They swore to follow us
into battle,

to risk their lives.

As captain, ye must honor
their loyalty above all else.

What good is loyalty
if the men are hurt or worse?

I was responsible for that too.

[ Horse chuffs ]

Now, what disarray
have ye and yer cock

brought upon our endeavor?

If ye have dishonored
the Browns' daughter,

ye must marry her
and put matters to rights.

Ye dinna have much choice,

I would, Colonel,
but I canna.

I already have a wife.

I can understand the Browns
wanting to see ye drawn and quartered.

[ Grunts softly ]

How is it ye have a wife?

My marriage was arranged
between her parents and mine.

Ally‐‐Miss Brown‐‐
she‐she took a likin' to me

on my travels
through Brownsville.

And I took a likin' to her.

My, um... my heart
had a mind of its own.

'Twas as if I had no say
in the matter.

Still, ye made a vow
to yer wife and broke it.

Ye swore an oath to me.

How can I be certain
ye willna break it

before day's end?

My vow to ye was my own will.

Aye, as was yer infidelity.

ROGER: I think we should
consider clemency for the man.

After all,
"love makes fools of us all."

Ye must leave.
Dinna show yer face here again.

I meant no trouble for ye.

As yer colonel, I'll take care
of your trouble.

[ Dramatic music ]

What's stopping ye?

I'll never see Ally again.


It'll be better
for both of ye.

They'll come looking for him.

And they willna find him.

So Mistress Beardsley
disappeared and left us with the child.

When we went outside,

we found
Mr. Beardsley's grave.

She probably
killed the bastard.

Ma, you always think
the worst of people.

I'm just saying, is all.

Beardsleys were strange,

came through here once
on their way home,

didn't say a word.

[ Baby grunting ]

So the babe's dark.

Aaron Beardsley
wasn't the father.


MEG: Fanny Beardsley
may be strange,

but she isn't the first woman
to find herself in...

an unsuitable situation,

and she certainly
won't be the last.

‐ [ cup thuds ]
‐ Oh, I'm so sorry.

Oh, don't worry.

Funny you should spill cider
on it, in fact.

I don't know who these
physicians think they are these days,

writing to the broadsheets
with their "wisdom."

It speaks of means to prevent
becoming with child.

"A woman is most fertile

Alicia, it is improper to speak
of such things in company.

[ Solemn music ]

May I see that?

Trust you to draw her attention
to that vulgar nonsense.

Have you no compassion
for your cousin?

‐ [ baby grunts ]
‐ There now, my little lady.

You'll do well here with us.

The babe's a beauty.

We're not here to judge her
for her parents' sins.

If you like, Mistress Fraser,
I'll take the babe tonight.

It won't do you much good to
be woken up by a screaming child

when I can feed her here.

Won't your husband mind you
having to feed two hungry mouths?

No bother at all.

My husband is a fair man.

A fair man who fired
at my Isaiah.

Aye, he did,
and very fairly at that.

No one to blame but yourself.

If your poor mother could see
how lowly you'd fallen.

Would it be all right
if I, uh, take this?

I, um... I could use it
to, um, light a fire.

[ laughs ]
That's all it's good for.

Thank you for your kindness.

♪ There was two
recruitin' sergeants ♪

♪ Came frae the Black Watch ♪

♪ Through markets and fairs,
some recruits for to catch ♪

Well, you've only lost
a few men.

Men are what I need
for this show of force.

And what should Roger
have done?

JAMIE: Well,
he had command of near two dozen men.

One word from him,
and the Browns would have been outnumbered.

Instead he had them stand down
and gave up one of his own.

Actions have consequences,

Yes, I know they do,

but everyone
can make a mistake.

[ Sighs ]
Here, look at this.

ROGER: ♪ Horses was to
fleg and yer owsen was to rin ♪

Who's Dr. Rawlings?



Beauchamp, Randall,
Fraser, now Rawlings?

Ye have another husband
I should ken about?

It's a pseudonym.

That was the doctor's name of
the medical equipment you gave me.

You wrote to the broadsheets?


No, I wrote out some
medical advice for the Ridge

to dispel
certain superstitions.

Never intended for it
to go any further.

Who would have submitted it to
the printer without me knowing?

ROGER: ♪ That greedy ol'
farmer thinks you never will tire ♪

Matured in oak casks,
you say, huh?

Aye, the Scottish way.

Of course, it doesn't compare to
the wine from Champagne en France.

That's a damsel's drink
if ever I heard of one.

[ Roger singing faintly ]

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Fergus... that advertisement

ye took to the printer,

ye remember the paper
ye wrote on?

Did it have writing
on the other side?

There was.


Ah, printer must have
decided to use it,

a very respectable name,
after all, "Dr. Rawlings."

Do you think it will
cause us any trouble?

I mean, will anyone
associate it with Fergus

or the Ridge?

Not unless someone
tries to find the author,

invite him to speak on how
"bloodletting is a harmful practice."

He's gone. He's gone!

He's gone!

[ Tense music ]

Morton's gone!
He's gone!

Morton's gone.

What are you telling me, boy?
Was no one guarding him?

No, they were drinking.

Find him, and when you do,

don't wait for me.

No, Morton is a militiaman
under my protection.

Well, we're as protective
as you, Colonel,

only I protect my own.

Ho! Ho there!

What in God's name's going on?

I had Isaiah Morton.

He was here,
can't have gone far.

Did you have any luck
with Elijah Ford?

He could not be persuaded.

Well, we can still
catch Morton,

if the militia will
step out of my way.

I'm Colonel James Fraser.

Any harm done to Morton

will be considered an act of
aggression against my militia,

formed by His Excellency,
Governor Tryon.

I'll have no choice
but to consider ye

traitors to the crown,

no better than the Regulators
we were sent to disperse.

[ Gun cocking ]

Who are you calling a traitor?

Stop, brother.

You sound foolish.

[ Dramatic music ]

[ Sniffs ]
And a drunken fool at that.

I want Morton
as much as you do.

So I am gonna talk
to Colonel Fraser...

Come to an understanding.

Is that clear?

You keep strange company,
Colonel Fraser.

Isaiah Morton...

Not of the God‐fearing kind.

Little I can do
about a man's character.

There's enough sin
and lawlessness each day

without counting
those Regulators

causing disorder on an
already crumbling society.

And we don't want no trouble
with the governor.

So if you have come recruiting,

you could not have found
any better men

in all the Carolinas.

We'll ride to Hillsborough
with you,

but they'll all
be answering to me.

Long as we're in agreement
ye will answer to me.

You'll stay the night with us?

If it's no trouble.

What sort of man would I be

if I allowed a lady to sleep
out with the militia

on a cold, dark night?

[ insects chirping,
frogs croaking ]

[ Jemmy babbles ]

[ Insects chirping,
frogs croaking ]

[ Distant screaming ]



Where's Jemmy?
Where'd he go?


Germain, look at me.
Did you see a man?


[ breathing shakily ]




He‐he took him.

What? Who?

Jemmy! Jemmy!

I stepped outside for a minute,
and I‐I shouldn't have.

He can't have gone far,

We'll find him.

Germain, where's Jemmy?

‐ Ball.
‐ BRIANNA: Jemmy!


[ suspenseful music ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

Intent on finding his precious trinket,
that's all.

[ Jemmy fusses ]

There we are,
safe and sound.

‐ [ Jemmy fussing ]
‐ Off to bed, everyone.

‐ [ Jemmy whimpers ]
‐ I know.

Meet me in the kitchen.

I ken an honest cure
for waking nightmares.

[ Jemmy grunts ]

[ Morose music ]

Okay, bud.

Connor Brown.

Hiram Brown.

Phineas Brown.

Abner Brown.

[ upbeat fiddle music
playing faintly ]

Will this do for you
and your husband?

It's perfect.
Thank you.

I hope you don't think
we're a family of ill repute

with all that's happened.

Perhaps God sent you to
bring us the babe for a reason.

If you're looking
for a home for her,

we would care for her
as if she's ours.

That's very kind.

You see, Lucinda's own
was born too little.

She passed.

I'm so sorry.

Alicia will help you
with the bedding.

Come and join us
when you're ready.

[ Door clicks open and shut ]

[ Sighs ]

Mistress Fraser...

I heard.

Is Isaiah truly gone?

Better he stay gone,

considering your father's
feelings about him.

I know... but...

But what?

He's my first thought
in the morning

and my last thought at night.

He never spoke of marriage,

but I wouldn't have lain
with him if I thought...

Will you ask your husband,
if he sees Isaiah again,

to tell him
that I'll follow him wherever?

I'll do whatever I must.


Isaiah Morton...

is not worth
leaving your family for.

I'm sorry to have to be
the one to tell you this.

He's already married.

[ Solemn music ]

What do you mean?

To whom?

I don't know.

‐ [ Alicia sobs softly ]
‐ He told my husband.

[ Sniffles ]

Oh, he...

he's also not worth your tears.

What will I do?

I'll never want anyone else,

and no one else
will ever want me.


are you with child?

I think so.
I don't know.


Your family will
take care of you.

No, I've disappointed them.

I've ruined my‐‐
our reputation.


I wish I was dead.


[ Whimpers ]

No, that is the last thing
you should wish for.

[ Sniffles ]

[ exhales deeply ]

Ye gonna tell me
what kind of devil ye conjured?

[ Exhales sharply ]

I did, didn't I?

I conjured
everything up somehow.

I canna help ye if I dinna ken
what ye're thinkin'.

It's nothing.

I mean, I‐I hope it's nothing.

Then we'll sit here and drink
in sacred silence.

It's my own fault. I‐I shouldn't
have let Jemmy out of my sight.

Nothing happened.

[ Fire crackling ]

I never told you this... but...

I killed my father.

He beat us‐‐
hand, belt, pot...

whatever was close,
whenever he felt the urge,

which was often.

He once broke my lip.
Couldna speak for a month.

I prayed every night
that he would stop.

[ Exhales sharply ]
Wished him dead.

And then one day...

he was arrested as a Jacobite.

Though I prayed every night
for God to take him.

I let my mind
be consumed

by thoughts of all the terrible
things that could happen to him.

[ Somber music ]

He died in prison.

I killed him.

You didn't kill him.

[ Chuckles breathily ]

You see, thinking,

no matter how hard or long,

doesna make something
come true.

[ laughs ]

Or else I'd be the queen
of some castle

filled with jewels
and fine wines.

[ laughs ]

‐ [ glasses clink ]
‐ Thank you.

[ Indistinct chatter ]

[ Slow fiddle music playing ]

JOSIAH: Our men are putting
up the tents for the night, Mistress,

up the road.

They need a hand.


Wait, come here.

Open your mouth.

Stick out your tongue.


Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ.

Must you two be alike
in every way?

Is all well with him?

Does your throat hurt from
time to time like your brother's?

Aye, comes and goes.

Well, there's nothing
I can do it about it tonight.

But make sure to drink plenty‐‐
water or ale‐‐

and pitch your tent
at a fair distance.

Aye, Mistress.

[ Sighs ]

[ Indistinct chatter ]

It's about 20 miles.

It's about two...

‐ What is it, Sassenach?
‐ Kezzie.

His tonsils are as infected
as his brother's.

Must have contracted it
from Josiah somehow.

His fever's very high.

Josiah's strong enough
to wait for surgery,

but I don't think Kezzie is.

Can ye perform it here?

I need penicillin
for this kind of surgery.

And ye don't have that yet?

No, I feel I was close

to finding the right strain
before we left.

Then ye must return
with them to the Ridge.

Josiah's no use to me here.

The Ridge needs a hunter,

Keziah's no good
to anyone dead.

What if you encounter
the Regulators?

Won't you need me?

Well, ye said ye didna ken
of any battles.

No, nor did Brianna.

[ Dramatic music ]

[ Whispering ] I don't
want to leave you so soon.

We didna spend a day in hell

to secure the safety
of those lads to...

see them suffer now.

Heal them both...

[ smooches ]

And return to me.

Roger Mac.


Come dawn,
ye will escort Claire home.


I need to take the twins
back to my surgery.

What about the militia
and Hillsborough?

I made ye a captain
without time to prepare ye

or teach you
what the word meant.

From the old French capitaine
via the Latin‐‐

Lead my wife home.

Don't worry.

We'll be back with them
before you know it.

It's not that
that concerns me.

He doesna have
any faith in me.

He just entrusted you with
the one thing he loves most.

[ laughs ]


[ Warm music ]

[ ominous music ]

[ breathing shakily ]

[ cheerful fiddle music
playing ]

[ Crowd whooping, clapping ]

[ laughter ]

[ laughs ]
Go. Go and dance.

I hope my mother‐in‐law
told you

that if you're looking
for a good home...

We don't mind keeping her.

[ Chuckles ]
Are you quite sure?

It's not her fault
how she came into this world,

and we have plenty of room
to spare now.

She wouldn't lack
for anything.

If you'd allow it.

Well, I'd have to speak
with my husband.

Of course.

[ Drum beating ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Drum beating ]


[ Cheers and applause ]

Here, would you like
to take her?

[ Chuckles ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Metallic scraping ]

[ Crowd whooping ]

[ Man exclaims ]

[ Bright fiddle
and drum music playing ]

‐ [ crowd whooping ]
‐ [ man laughs ]


[ Grunts ]

[ laughter, applause ]

Go on, Mac Dubh.

[ Applause, laughter ]

[ Claire laughs ]

[ laughs ]

[ Rhythmic clapping ]

[ Upbeat fiddle
and drum music playing ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ laughing ]

Mac Dubh! Go on, Mac Dubh!

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Faint indistinct chatter ]

Didn't know you could dance
like that.

[ Both laugh ]

[ Sighs ]

Where are you taking me?

Heh. Away from prying eyes.

[ Both laugh ]

Well, I should warn you,

my husband's as jealous
as he is handsome.


And you should know I can...

knock you off your feet, sir.

[ Both laugh ]

You can't even walk

in a straight line.

Can you recite the alphabet

I expect so.
English or Greek?

[ laughs ]
Well, never mind.

If you can recite
either of those forwards,

then you're in
a better condition than I.

‐ JAMIE: Mm.
‐ [ Claire smooches ]


[ exhales deeply ]

There's a...

a question
I wanna ask ye.

[ Chuckles ]

Do ye want wee Bonnie?

Do ye wanna keep her?

[ Dramatic music ]

We have a big house.

I've seen ye with her,

I've seen how you‐you would
ha' looked with Bree.

And I thought maybe this
might be the last chance

for us to raise
a bairn together.

[ exhales deeply ]

What would you think
if she stayed?

Here... in Brownsville?

It's been suggested.

Lucinda's taken
a liking to her.

I think she needs our wee
Bonnie more than anyone.

She'd be in good hands.

Bonnie comes with the deed
to the Beardsley property.

After the trouble with Alicia,

it'd be a welcome addition
to the Browns' estate.

I have no life but you, Claire.

But if ye wanted
another child,

I thought that perhaps
I might give ye one,

one that ye wouldn't have
to suffer carrying.

[ Tender music ]

Please know...

that if it's at all possible...

I love you even more
for wanting to take the chance.

I also regret that we were
never parents together.

But regret...

isn't reason enough.

I love our life.

I love our home together.

Would we even be
the best home for her?

Then there's our obituary.

[ smooches ]

I am grateful...

for every day we have.

As am I.

[ exhales sharply ]

And Marsali and Fergus...

[ laughs ]

Well, I'm sure they will keep
the Ridge sufficiently populated,

if that's what
you're worried about.

Yeah, that lass is with child every
time Fergus lays eyes upon her.

[ Both chuckle ]

And he dares to joke
about my virility.


[ Gunshot echoes ]

[ Tense music ]

That was a gunshot.



‐ Alicia.
‐ [ Alicia sobs ]

I meant the bullet
for my heart.

Please, leave me
so I can try again!

‐ [ Jamie shushing ]
‐ [ whimpering ]

[ Panting ]

[ Alicia sobbing ]

She's wounded.

We must get her home.

‐ [ Alicia gasping ]
‐ Shh, come.

Come on.

[ thunder rumbling ]

It's all right, darling.

I'm all alone.

[ Breathing shakily ]

I can't live
with what I've done.

I can't live without Isaiah.

You are not alone,

and your baby
is worth living for.

Jamie, would you find
some whisky?

Settle her nerves.

[ breathing shakily ]

‐ [ rain pattering ]
‐ [ Jamie panting ]


What in God's name
are you doing here?

I couldn't leave, sir,
not without seeing Ally.

Do you know
where I can find her?

The lass kens
ye've a wife already.

If her father sees ye,
he'll shoot ye on sight.

She may stab ye to the heart,
bigamist that ye are.

And if neither of them succeed,
I might do the job myself.

What sort of man
gets a lass with child

and no right
to give it his name?

With child?

Aye, she is.

Now, ye'd best leave.

I'm sorry, sir.

I dinna wish to do you harm,
but I must see Ally.

Put it down.

Ye ken fine
ye willna shoot me.

So do I.

[ Breathing heavily ]

I canna speak ill of my wife,

but neither one of us
was happy.

We havena shared a home
nor a bed for two years now,

and we've no children.

Ally‐‐uh, Miss Brown
is my heart and soul.

Please, help me see her.

[ Melancholy music ]

Nothing in this world
is worth

taking your life for.

[ Door clicks open ]

[ Exhales deeply ]

I thought you were gone.

I should be gone.

Is it true?
You're with child?

Is it true you're married?


And do you love her?

‐ I love only you.
‐ [ knock at door ]

I have the muster roll here,

I just wanted to‐‐


What are you thinking
coming back?

I'm a fool, as ye said,

as are ye,

and as is the colonel.

Are ye both telling me that
if someone told you to leave,

told ye that ye'd never see
Mistress MacKenzie

or Mistress Fraser again,
you'd stand for it,

that ye'd obey
without a fight?

If either of ye would go

and leave the women ye love

with all yer hearts,
say it now.

Say ye'd go,
and I'll walk

out of here
without another word.

[ Sentimental music ]

So I was biding my time.

I had to wait for nightfall
to prove it to you.

Will ye have me?

It may be bold and...

reckless and foolish, but...

how can I live without ye?

Or I without you?

They can't stay here.

No, they canna.

[ Dramatic music ]

[ hooves clomping ]

[ barrels thudding ]

‐ [ dog barking ]
‐ Go!

‐ [ horse chuffs ]
‐ [ dog barking ]

[ Suspenseful music ]

[ horses whinny ]

[ horse neighs ]

[ Hooves thundering ]

[ horse neighs ]

‐ MAN: Those are our horses.
‐ MAN: Get after them!

[ men shouting ]

[ Goat bleats ]

[ Dramatic music ]

This wee devil
roaming about.

[ Bleats ]

Must've startled the horses.

They dinna take kindly
to our cloven‐hooved friends.

[ Bleats ]

[ goat bleats ]

Adultery, betrayal, dishonor.

Excuses could be made,
of course.

I know I made my own when
I was separated from Frank

by a power
I didn't understand.

And yet, wherever you are,
you make choices:

foolish ones or ones that
save yourself or someone else.

All you can hope for
is that the good

will outweigh the harm
that may come of it.