Outlander (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 11 - Journeycake - full transcript

...the future.

Brianna and I can't go back
until we know

whether Jemmy
can hear those stones.

As soon as we know
if Jemmy can travel,

we'll use Bonnet's gem
to leave.

As you said,
it's our ticket home.

So if you have
come recruitin',

you could not have found any
better men in all the Carolinas.

We'll ride to Hillsborough
with you.

I hope you didn't waste any
good medicine on that coward.

Powder burns were on his back.

So whoever shot him,
shot him at close range.

No woman speaks
to me like that.

You can't give away my money!

[ Muffled groaning ]

[ Bone snaps ]

[ Insects and birds chirping ]

[ Wind blows ]

JAMIE: What's in
those burlap bags?

I dinna recall buying
those in Woolam's Creek.


‐ Peanuts?
‐ Mm‐hmm.

The pigs dinna want for slops.

Or do you, uh,

mean to make medicine
out of them, Sassenach?

No, sandwiches.

Haven't quite mastered
ice cream yet,

but I'll be damned
if Jemmy grows up

without tasting peanut butter
and jelly sandwiches.

[ Uneasy music ]

[ Coughing ]


[ Coughing ]

‐ Claire?
‐ [ coughs ]

[ Coughs ]

‐ Dead.
‐ Aye, they all are.

Why are they all
in the house?

Why didn't they run outside
when the fire started?

It's a bit strange.

Because they were all dead
before the fire started.

I canna tell
what killed them.

There's another one over here.


I can tell you
how this one died.

‐ BRIANNA: Indians?
‐ JAMIE: Yeah, could be.

Seems unusual.

There's only one arrow.

Let's all take a look about.

See if anyone got away
or is hidin' in the woods.

[ Coughs, groans ]

Anyone there?

‐ [ coughs ] ‐ CLAIRE: Is
there anybody out there?

[ faint groaning, whimpering ]

‐ Oh, God.
‐ CLAIRE: Hello?

JAMIE: Is anyone there?
Dinna be afraid.

BRIANNA: Is there
anybody out there?

[ strained breathing ]

JAMIE: It's safe now.

‐ CLAIRE: We're here to help.
‐ ROGER: Jamie.

BRIANNA: Anyone?

Is there?

[ girl breathing raggedly ]

[ Somber music ]


[ Sighs ]


I'll do it.

[ Whimpering ]

It's gonna be all right,

[ Muffled groaning ]

Thou goest home this night

to thy home of autumn,

and of spring and of summer.

Thou goest home this night

to thy perpetual home,

to thine eternal bed.

To thine eternal slumber.


♪ Sing me a song ♪

♪ Of a lass that is gone ♪

♪ Say, could that lass ♪

♪ Be I? ♪

♪ Merry of soul ♪

♪ She sailed on a day ♪

♪ Over the sea ♪

♪ To Skye ♪

♪ Billow and breeze ♪

♪ Islands and seas ♪

♪ Mountains of rain and sun ♪

♪ Mountains of rain
and sun ♪

♪ All that was good ♪

♪ All that was fair ♪

♪ All that was me ♪

♪ Is gone ♪

♪ Sing me a song ♪

♪ Of a lass that is gone ♪

♪ Say, could that lass ♪

♪ Be I? ♪

♪ Merry of soul ♪

♪ She sailed on a day ♪

♪ Over the sea ♪

♪ To Skye ♪

[ dramatic music ]

Season 05 Episode 11

Episode Title: "Journeycake"
Aired on: May 03, 2020

♪ Sing me a song ♪

♪ Of a lass ♪

♪ That is gone ♪

♪ Say, could that lass ♪

♪ Be I? ♪

[ laughter ]

CLAIRE: Do you remember

when I left to go back
through the stones?

You made me peanut butter
and jelly sandwiches

to sustain me on my travels.

just wanted to make sure

you had one last piece of home
wherever you ended up.

YOUNG IAN: Can you take it?

I bet you can take it.
I bet you can.

‐ Ah‐ha!
‐ [ laughs ]

They were the most delicious
things I've ever tasted.

‐ I'm glad.
‐ JEMMY: Ouch!

It's hot.

‐ It's hot? Huh.
‐ [ blows ]

‐ Do you want it?
‐ No!

But you wanted it a moment ago.

I don't want it anymore.

[ Whimpers softly ]

He's saying it's hot?

[ Light music ]

‐ It is really warm.
‐ No, it's not.

Yer as daft
as your wee lad.



Well, if it's hot,
give it back, baby.

Ah, it's broken.


[ Loud buzzing ]

Can anyone else hear that?

I can hear it!

Dinna hear anything.

[ Ominous music ]

Let me see this.

That's warm.

It's very warm.

And a second ago,
it was hot enough to crack.

Cold as stone to me.


He can travel.

And will ya?

[ Jemmy murmuring
indistinctly ]


Come on, Jem.
Come with me.

[ Jemmy whines indistinctly ]

[ Dramatic music ]


All right, baby, just wait
here for one second.

Good boy.

[ Horse neighs ]

Well met, Mr. Fraser.

Aye, I hope so, Mr. Brown.

See you brought company.

Mr. Fraser,
you came to me for help.

Now I have come to you.

Now since the crown
is no longer able

to assure the safety
of its colonists,

we must take matters
into our own hands.

Now we have taken it
upon ourselves

to form a Committee of Safety

to protect the good folk
of Rowan County.

Does the new governor
ken about this?

Governor Martin can't
officially sanction it.

But he knows,
and he certainly

don't want another uprising
on his hands.

You know, we've had word
of violent attacks.

Cabins burned,
families killed.

You have any news of such
goings‐on here at the Ridge?

Aye, we have.

Came across a freshly
burned cabin a few days ago.

Maybe ten miles
from Woolam's Creek.

The dead appeared to be
a Dutch family.

We laid their bodies to rest.

That wound.

Looks like it needs
attending to.

Come with me into my surgery.

I'll find some clean bandages
to put on it.

Well, that ain't nothing.

You go with her, brother.

That wound's festering
by the smell of it.

[ Spits ]

[ Inhales sharply ]

How's little Bonnie doing?

I trust she's thriving
with your niece's family.

She's well enough.

You have a nasty infection.
How long ago did you do this?

A few days.

I know what you think of me,
Mistress Fraser.

You think I shot Morton.

I'm not saying
I had a hand in that.

You're not saying
you didn't either.

You think a father's
got no right

to seek justice for his daughter
who's been dishonored?

[ Light music ]


It's gotta be the work
of the savages.

We saw half a dozen cabins
burned this month.

It wasna Indians.

And what makes you so sure?

For one thing,
no one was scalped.

Even if they had been,

the Indians aren't the only
ones who take scalps.


The white man's learned
to take them too.

Whoever it was, maybe
something scared them off.

You have men
that answer to you.

Will you and
your son‐in‐law join us?

Ah, we have enough men
for two or three patrols.

Corporal Hodgepile there
commands one group.

You and your men
could form another.

I appreciate the offer,

but there's a great deal
to do here.

I'll need time to consider.

You might recall, Colonel,

when you came to me
for men for your militia,

I did not pause to consider.

No, not for long.

And Governor Tryon was grateful
for your timely assistance.

But fighting a war and maintaining
law and order are two different things.

Your famous whiskey still

needs your constant attention,
I suppose.

[ Chuckles ]

Very well, Mr. Fraser.

You think on it.

You all best be vigilant.

We can protect ourselves.

Like I said, Mr. Brown,

I'll consider it.

[ Horse neighs ]

Mount up!

[ Indistinct chatter ]

[ Gentle music ]


Do ye really think
they'll go then?

Brianna promised Roger

as soon as they knew
if Jemmy could travel.

Are we going to talk
about what happened?

There's not much we can say
about the Browns.

They, uh...
they do as they please.

Not the Browns, Uncle.

The opal.

The Mohawk told us
that Otter Tooth's ghost

appears to the one
who has the stone.

You found the opal.

You said he appeared to you?


But I...

The Mohawk think that
the one who has the stone

has the power to see
what will come to pass.

They asked about you.

After ye left.

What did ye tell them?

The truth.

There isna anyone like
my Auntie Claire.

And 'tis true,
the way ye speak

and medicines,

that you came to
Uncle Jamie so suddenly

after 20 years apart.

And then there's
Brianna and Roger,

who came from...

I dinna ken where.

As I told you once,

I learned
not to ask questions,

but I have some for ye now.

[ Gentle music ]

The Mohawk said that this
belonged to Otter Tooth.

I can understand some,
but it's in Latin.

Does it mean
anything to you?


"I am.

"I still exist.

"Did I in that place between?

"I do not know exactly
when I am,

"nor can I find out.

"These people
do not measure time

"by any scale I know,

"nor do I have the tongue
to find out.

But I know I am too late."

My God.

He wrote
with a ballpoint pen.

What's a ballpoint pen?

Who or...

or what are ye?

Ian, uh...

I come from another time.

I come from the future.

200 years from now.


I knew you were
a fairy, Auntie.

I'm not a fairy.

Then you, Roger and Brianna...

It's all of ye.

And you,

you ken all this time, Uncle?

Not many people
would understand,

so we kept it
between ourselves.

Did Murtagh ken?

Aye, he did.

Now so do you.

[ Sighs ]


[ Birds chirping ]

You can come out.



Ulysses, how are you?

I am well.

Thank you, Mistress.

My only complaint is uh,

Well, we brought you
some food.

I thought ye might find a use
for this as well.

I've been in places with naught
but my own thoughts for company.

It may distract you
for a bit.

Thank you, sir.

My own thoughts are but...

poor company.

There's a, uh,

Committee of Safety
roaming about.

At first I was afraid they
might come looking for you,

but I dinna think they heard

about what happened
at River Run.

Now that I'm a murderer.

You had no choice
but to stop Mr. Forbes.

You saved my auntie's life.

We're verra grateful.

No one will pardon me
for killing a white man,

even to save Mistress Cameron.

Even so,

I would do the same again
given the chance.

Have you given any thought
to where you might go next?

Yeah, it would be wise
to leave North Carolina.

Philadelphia maybe.

Quakers dinna hold wi' slavery

In fact, sir, I...

I'm not...

exactly a... a slave.

What do you mean?

[ Birds chirping ]

It's a document
of manumission.

Signed by
Jocasta Cameron and...

witnessed by Gerald Forbes?

Ha. Yes.

That was rather ironic,
I suppose.

So you've been a free man
all this time.


My mistress insisted

upon manumitting me
as soon as Mr. Cameron died.

I chose not to leave her.

[ Somber music ]


Well, he's finally...

[ soft clang ]


[ Whispered ]

What do you think caused the
opal to break when Jemmy held it?

There must be something
about time traveling

or time travelers
that triggers that energy.

But it didn't break
with any of us.

Maybe Jem is extra sensitive

because both of his parents
are time travelers.


It might be proof that
he is your biological son.

[ Light music ]


All I've ever wanted
was for us to be a family.

And for us all to be safe.

And we will be.

Safer at least.

We don't need the opal.

I have the rubies and the gem
that Bonnet gave you.


See, it's not just the dangers.

It's living a life
we were never meant to.

I know.

All right.

Well, I guess we need to figure
out what we're gonna tell people.

We can't just go "poof."

[ chuckles ]

That's exactly
what we will do, isn't it?

If things go right.


But I‐I don't just wanna
leave my parents

to... explain
what's happened to us.

And I wanna be able
to say bye to everyone.

Aye, of course.

I was thinking,

we tell people I've got a job

that doesn't require
shooting or stabbing.

You know, north somewhere.

New York.

Boston would be best.

People know I grew up there.

We could tell them you'll be
a university professor.

Which is the truth,
just in a different century.


Best to stay as close
to the truth as possible.


Leave within the month?

[ Birds chirping ]

[ Clears throat ]

You, uh, have a visitor, sir.

JAMIE: John?

I wasn't expecting you.

‐ Is everything all right?
‐ Quite all right.

And William?

He's well.
Still at school in London.


Well, come,
tell me more, but...

Have Mr. Bug take
his lordship's baggage

up to the guest chamber.

‐ Guest chamber?
‐ Aye.

Yeah, we just finished
the upstairs.

Ye'll be our first guest.

‐ I'm honored.
‐ Ah.

I heard justice was served
to Mr. Bonnet after all.

It was.

But, uh, not by my hand.

It was Brianna's wish.

He was sentenced,
and the river took him.

I'm sure she will rest easy now

knowing she'll never
see his face again.


So ye're really leaving
then, Cousin?


I wish things were different,
but they aren't.

Things are going
to get worse here soon.

There's a war coming.

Ye dinna have to be a...
whatever you are... to tell that.

Anyone wi'
half an eye sees it.

I'm happy for you.

If it's truly what you wish.

But have you thought
that maybe if you stayed,

you could change things?

I'm afraid what's coming
is a lot bigger than us.


You told me
that you and Uncle Jamie

thought you might stop
Charles Stuart.

Stop what you ken would be a
terrible slaughter in the highlands.

Well, we were able to prevent

some of the men from Lallybroch
dying at Culloden,

but we weren't able to stop
the course of events,

and the battle itself.


it's complicated.

But there are things,
smaller things

that someone might be able
to change.

Something much smaller
than a war,


something between
a man and his wife.

[ Gentle music ]

I want to travel
through the stones.

I'm sorry.

That won't work.

Well, why not?

We think it's something
you're born with.

The opal, it didn't
feel hot to you.

And that's one of the signs.

And you didn't hear
the buzzing.

Then you take me.

You can travel, Auntie.

Take me with you,
and then you can return here.

I'm sorry.

It's impossible.

Ian, is this something to do
with why you left the Mohawk?

You want to go back
in time because...

Ye say I can't go.

What difference does it make?

[ Somber music ]


Seems the time has come for me
now to return to England.

To Helwater.


It's been a while
since I heard that name.

There's some news,
I'm afraid.

Lord Dunsany has died.

I must return
to make arrangements

for the care of the estate,
which is now William's,

and the care of Lady Dunsany.

She has no one else.

Will you send her
my condolences, John,

if you think she will
value them?

I know she would.

And I shall tell her
when I return.

But having never expected
to be here in the first place,

I'm finding it surprisingly
difficult to leave.


Mt. Josiah has been
an escape of sorts

from the outside world
and its complications.

I rather enjoyed
working the land.

Good to get dirt
under your fingernails, hm.

[ Inhales sharply ]
Yeah, no doubt you'll miss it.

No doubt there are
a great many things

I shall miss about being here.

But William is
the ninth earl of Ellesmere,

and when he attains
his majority,

he'll be entirely responsible
for his estates.

He must learn
how to be an earl.

And it is my duty
to prepare him for it.

Do ye think you'll
return to Virginia?


I believe, in time, we will.

I can't imagine William
never seeing you again.

But it is evident that the mood
in the American colonies

grows darker by the day.

I hope I'm wrong, but...

I feel a storm coming.

I dinna think you're wrong.

I brought something for you.

[ Gentle music ]


Such a handsome lad.
[ chuckles ]

The older he gets, the more
he looks like his father.


CLAIRE: I've asked Brianna
to draw some portraits for us.

Of all of them,
especially Jemmy.

Something to remember them by.

That's a braw notion,

I remembered you for 20 years,
mo chridhe.

No pictures at all.

But it does help.


[ Gentle music ]


[ Sighs ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Owl hoots ]

[ Exhales deeply ]


[ Gentle music ]


Hmm. Hm.


[ Softly ]

Skin's salty.

Ye been crying, lass?


It's just so hot,
I've been sweating.


I must smell
like the White Sow.


Let me see.

‐ [ inhales deeply ]
‐ [ chuckles ]



Something hot.

‐ Peppercorns, aye.
‐ [ both chuckle ]


Something woody, huh.


That's not fair.

You know exactly
what we had for dinner.

Vinegar, dill,

and pickling cucumbers again.

It's good.
I like those.

Eau de femme.
Ma petite fleur.


Oh, let me see.


[ Moans softly ]

‐ Gunpowder.
‐ Mm‐hmm.

[ Inhales deeply ]


And, uh...

oh, the faintest whiff
of manure.

‐ Hmm.
‐ [ chuckles ]

It's very manly.

Your special perfume.

Ye wanted me, and I fell
asleep without touching ye.

I'm sorry, Sassenach.

It's all right.

You were tired.

You could have raised me
from the dead for this.

[ Light music ]

[ Moans softly ]

What on earth are you doing?

Parfum d'amour.

[ breathing heavily ]

Trust me, mo graidh.


What are you doing, Sassenach?

I'm checking the resolution
on this new lens

Lord John brought me.

Here, have a look.


I see 'em.


Wee things with tails,

all swimming about.


‐ Aren't they marvelous?
‐ Hm.

Aye, marvelous.
[ chuckles ]

Busy wee strivers,
pushing and writhing.

So many of them.

You know, when you told me
about germs,

I thought they'd have wee
teeth, but these don't.

Never ken they'd have such
handsomely thrashing tails.

Well, these particular
little beasts aren't germs.

They're sperms.

What's that?

Male reproductive cells.

The thing that makes babies.

‐ You mean seed?
‐ Mm‐hmm.

Well, whose are they?

They're yours, of course.
Who else's would they be?

Well... how did you get them?

I woke up in custody
of them this morning.

You know they can live
for up to one week

when they are released
into the proper habitat.

[ Serene music ]


JAMIE: I, uh,
was coming to see you.


Who's this?

It's your brother.

I, um...

told you I was
a prisoner of war.

And I worked as a groom

on an English estate
called Helwater.

Well, that's where
he was born.

His name is William,
and, aye, your, uh...

your mother kens
all about him.

And who is his mother?

If you don't mind
telling me, I mean.

Aye, I do, but, um...

I'll tell you anyway.

She was a...

a daughter of the estate.

Her name was Geneva Dunsany.

And it wasn't a matter
of love between us,

but it was her choice,

and that's all
I'll say about it.

He looks like you.


And very much like you.

Uh, where is he now?
I mean, can I see him?

No, he's in London.

He does not ken I'm his father,
and he never will.

He is the ninth earl
of Ellesmere.

If the truth were ever found
out, his life would be ruined.


The eighth earl of Ellesmere,

who's the‐ the man
who supposedly sired him,

died when William was born.

As did his mother.

So old Lord John
married her sister,

and they became
Willy's parents.

So that's the son
Lord John has told me about.

‐ Aye.
‐ Wow.

Right, well, Lord John
has been a father to William

since the lad
was six years old.

I don't know what to say.

‐ A brother.
‐ Hm. Aye.

Aye, I wanted you to ken
there was more of your blood

in the world
than me and your mother.

Maybe you could look for him.

In books, I mean.

He'd be an earl.
Might be easy to find.

Yeah, I will.

When will you leave?

We leave in a week.

After your mother left me
wi' you in her belly...

I never thought I'd see you.

But I kent you were there.

I was a husband
and a father,

and now I'm a grandsire.

And even though I may never
see any of you again...

you have made my life whole.

MARSALI: Leaving?

Roger's been offered
a teaching position.

Up north in Boston.

That's so far away.

What are your parents
gonna do without you?

What am I gonna do without you
with another bairn comin'?

You've become like
a sister to me.

I know.

Leaving everyone
is going to be

the hardest thing
I've ever done.


We'll miss you both.

Come here.

[ Gentle music ]

[ Indistinct chatter ]

WOMAN: Me either.
I know.

I'm gonna miss you.

‐ BRIANNA: I know, I'm sorry.
‐ WOMAN: Be good.

‐ Miss you.
‐ Bye.


LIZZIE: I suppose I should
start saying my good‐byes

to everyone as well
while they're all gathered.

[ Brianna sighs ]

I'll miss them
and their wee puddin' faces.

Dinna ken how I'll bear it.

Germain has been
a wee angel of late.

Joanie too.
Bless them.


Ah, of course
I'm looking forward to it.

Although it will be colder
in Boston, will it not?


We can't take you with us.


You'll send for me
in a few weeks then.


You'll have to stay here
at Fraser's Ridge.


I was with you
in your darkest time,

when that beast
attacked you and...

and the good times as well,

on your wedding day
and when Jemmy was born.

You're the one that saved me.

I'm meant to be with you,

Lizzie, you have always
been there for me,

and I am so grateful.

But I need someone
to stay here

and look out
for my parents for me.

They need someone like you
to take care of them.

Of course, I will
if that's what you wish.

[ Sniffles ]

Lizzie, please...
please, don't cry.

I am really trying
to be brave.

You are brave.

You're one of
the bravest I know.

I'll never forget you.

I'll never forget you either.

[ Somber music ]


BROWN: Fraser!

Mr. Brown.

[ Brown groans ]

My brother
sent me to tell you,

the Committee of Safety
are gathering in a week.

He wants an answer.

Are you and your men with us?

Tell your brother
I've considered.

With respect, I have
to decline his invitation.

I've spent the last year
serving the crown.

It's time to serve my family.

I wish ye the best of luck,
Mr. Brown.

Richard will not be best
pleased to hear that, Mr. Fraser.

I'm sorry.

It's my final word.

I, um...

my wife... I brought my wife
to see Mistress Fraser.

She's, uh,
in need of a healer.

Of course.

She's in her surgery.

[ Groans softly ]


How long have you two
been married?

Almost a year now.

Your wrist is broken.

Now how did this happen?

These kind of injuries
usually happen with a fall,

or if the wrist
has been twisted.

Just mend it,
like you mended me.

Marsali, can you
get me the splints

and some strips of bandage
and the balm of Gilead?

I'm going to wrap the wrist
so the bone can't move.

Now, you have to try
not to use your arm too much.

Lionel, could you ask
my husband for some whiskey?

I need to make a tonic
for your wife.

For the pain.

[ Hisses ]

Don't know how I'll chop wood

and do the washing
with one hand.

My husband expects
the chores to be done.

Well, maybe your husband
could help you with the chores.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Groans softly ]

Does he get very angry
if they're not done?

Of course.

What husband wouldn't?

I have seen
your husband's anger.

Be quite frightening.

He hasn't been himself

since his Alicia's gone off.

He gets sad and he drinks.

He wants another babe to raise.

And do you?

Do you want children, Rose?

That's my duty, isn't it?

He's a good man.

A good man wouldn't hurt you.

It was my own fault, you see,
because I wouldn't...

I wouldn't lie with him.

I don't mind
what he does to me,

but if he was cruel
to a babe...

Dr. Rawlings says that
if you don't lie with a man

two weeks before your courses,

then you won't
come to be with child.

Said so in the newspaper.

My mother taught me to read.

Everything well in here?

Very well indeed.

Mistress Fraser's
almost finished.

CLAIRE: Mm‐hmm.

[ Suspenseful music ]


All right, come on.

[ Groans softly ]

I'm obliged to you.

You needn't bother
with your tonic.

‐ [ door opens ]
‐ You take care, Rose.

[ Dog barking ]

I want to, uh...

well, Brianna and I want
to ask a favor of you.


Of course.
Whatever it is.

Will ye come with us?

To the stone circle, I mean.

Someone will need to bring
the wagon and horses home,

and we... we don't want
Jamie and Claire to do it.

Why not?

Brianna's afraid that
if her parents are there

she might not find
the courage to leave them.

I'll come with you.

Thank you.

[ Bird sings ]

I want you to have this.

For everything that
you've done to help us.

Can't except your land.

Then look after it for me.

And do with it what you will.

I hope you find happiness.

[ Light music ]


[ Chickens cluck ]

Your father tells me you
and Roger are going to Boston.


And I've just learned something
that's gonna make it

even harder to leave.

I have a brother.


So he's told you.

I'm glad.

He's very much like you.

And both of you are
very much like your father.

Both in appearance
and disposition.


So William has
a temper too then?

[ chuckles ]

Yes, he does.

He possesses your kindness
and courage.

Jamie's as well.

I can never tell him
about you.

Though I wish I could.


I know.

‐ [ sighs ]
‐ My father explained.

Well, life is long.

Perhaps someday.


I'll be leaving myself
in two days' time.

With my new manservant.

‐ Your manservant.
‐ Ulysses.

Taking him
to England with you?

He can travel safely
in the guise of my servant.

When he sets foot
on a British ship,

he'll be a free man.

That's a good idea.

Your father thought of it.

[ Chuckles ]

He reminded me that
I might need someone

to play chess with
on the long voyage to London.

I have heard that you're
quite the master at chess.

[ Both chuckle ]

And a wonderful father.

My brother's lucky
to have you in his life.

And so am I.

You really are
impossible not to like.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Indistinct chatter ]

[ Light music ]


I never had grandparents.

Neither did I.

Not even parents
to begin with.



[ Sweeping dramatic music ]


[ Owl hoots ]

Now, I thought before dinner,

we could have the future's
answer to journey cake,

peanut butter
and jelly sandwiches.

[ Gentle string music ]



JAMIE: Very tasty, but, um...

are you sure it's to be eaten?

Ye could seal letters or mend
your boots wi' it as well.

[ laughter ]

[ Claire sighs ]

To home.

To family.

Great health.

‐ JAMIE: Slàinte mhath.
‐ Slàinte mhath.

ALL: Slàinte mhath.


[ Gentle music continues ]


[ Jemmy talking indistinctly ]

Up here, Dad.

Are we going for a walk?


[ Buzzing, whistling ]

[ Jemmy whispers indistinctly ]

[ Whining ]
Mommy, [indistinct].

Thought I might find you here.

It's only been two weeks.

Feels like they've been gone
for an eternity.


And if Roger was right,

they should be reaching the
stone circle right about now.

[ Gentle music ]


We started our life
on the Ridge in this cabin.

And now it's just
you and me again.


We're not alone, Sassenach.


She's so talented.


Maybe in the future she can
finally be an engineer.

[ Buzzing ]

Are ye ready?



‐ As we'll ever be.
‐ [ talking indistinctly ]

Each strand of this rope
is delicate and fragile.

But braided together,
it's strong,

and it'll hold us.

Let's hope so.


Thank you for everything
you've done for us.

Take care of my parents.

I love you.

I love you too, cousin.

[ chuckles ]


Jem, baby, take that one.

Hold it tight, okay?

‐ I will.
‐ Hold it tight.

‐ I'm holding it tight.
‐ Yeah, good boy.

[ Buzzing and whistling ]

[ Dramatic music ]


[ Buzzing and whistling stops ]

[ Birds chirping ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Somber music ]


[ Wind whistling ]

I'm okay!

[ Indistinct ]

Are you all right?

I just feel like
I've been turned inside out.

‐ Mommy.
‐ Jem.

‐ [ indistinct ]
‐ We made it.


[ Chattering indistinctly ]

What the devil?

What do you think?

What a privilege to help
with such a task.

‐ JAMIE: Hm.
‐ RONNIE: Aye.

You may laugh,
but there's an art to it.

Voltaire says the perfect
is the enemy of the good.

I'm sure Voltaire never dug
a privy in his life.

[ Loud boom ]


The still.

[ Tense music ]


‐ CLAIRE: What was that?
‐ The still.

Well, I'm coming with you.

No, no, no, you have
patients to attend to.

We'll see to them.

CLAIRE: The trick is
to get the humerus bone,

which is the upper arm bone,

‐ into the right angle...
‐ [ groaning ]

So that when you apply force,

the head of the bone will...

[ yelling ]

Back into the shoulder joint.

Aye, sort of like
the opposite of what you do

when ya joint a hog.

Yes, well, in that case you're
cutting everything apart.

Here, we're putting it
back together.


Well, thank God
for small mercies, eh?

‐ [ clattering ]
‐ What on earth?

What's the meaning of this?

[ Groans ]

Hide, stay there
no matter what happens.

[ Grunting ]
No! Get off of me!

Let her go, you bastards...

[ Claire groaning ]

GEORDIE: Get outta here!
[ groans ]

CLAIRE: Let go of me!

[ Grunting ]

‐ CLAIRE: Marsali!
‐ [ screams ]


‐ [ grunting ]
‐ No!

Jamie! No!



It's nearly dark.

What‐what are you doing?

What are you doing out here
by yourself, p'tit garçon?

‐ Where's Mama?
‐ Mama won't wake up, Papa.

Where's your grannie?

[ Whispered ]
The bad men took Grandmama.

[ Tense music ]


Sh‐she's breathing.



[ birds caw ]


[ dramatic music ]



[ Gentle music ]


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