Outlander (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 9 - The Doldrums - full transcript

Claire and Jamie leave Scotland, sailing to the West Indies on an urgent quest. But when the superstitious crew looks for someone to blame after a string of bad luck, rescue comes from an unlikely source.

- Previously... - Daddy!
Daddy, who is that woman?
- Daddy? - Sassenach witch!
- Laoghaire? - He's my husband now.
What does Laoghaire want?
She may be amenable to alimony.
Where do you intend to get the money to pay her?
There's a box...
full of ancient coins on Selkie Island.
Can't swim anywhere... Not until that arm's healed.
- I can swim that. - I'm just not sure
if we belong together anymore.
How can you say that?
It's been so much harder than I could ever have imagined.
You belong with me. We're mated for life, Sassenach.
- Uh, where's Ian? - Ian!
Go back!
It's all arranged, then.
You'll act as supercargo in charge of the freight.
Master Raines is glad not to have the responsibility.
- She's not much, but... - She'll do.
Oh, the weather is beginning to turn.
Even a brig of this size will be bobbin' like a cork.
Uh... but at least you'll have a physician at hand
when ye begin retching yer innards.
I'll manage.
All that matters now is Young Ian.
Well, the harbor master had record
of only one three-masted frigate
sailing under a Portuguese flag,
the Bruja. Her home port is Jamaica.
And she was riding very low in the water.
Hold musta been laden.
Then they would most likely be on their way home.
Dinna fash, a healthy male can be sold
for upward of 30 pounds in Jamaica.
As long as he doesn't make trouble,
Ian will be fine.
West Indies is our best chance, then.
Thank ye, Jared. Ye've been a great help.
Bon voyage. God be with you...
and the lad.
'Twas ill luck to use the money
to pay Laoghaire so I could be wi' you.
Maybe I'm being punished for wanting too much.
Jamie, no god worth his salt
would take your nephew away from you
just because you wanted to be happy.
Will we be?
I meant what I said.
You belong wi' me.
If ye truly want to go back,
I'll take ye to the stones myself.
Most important thing right now
is that we find Young Ian.
Captain, uh, Raines wants to cast off.
If we don't, we'll no catch the tide.
Maybe we should leave tomorrow on a fresh tide.
"Fresh tide"?
They're all the same, ye numbskull.
- He's full of nerves. - Aye, it's no "nerves."
Twice I've been on a ship...
Once when they took me from Scotland
as an indentured slave, another when I returned home.
If it wasna for Mac Dubh, I would no be setting foot
on that bucket of shite.
Well, if it's any consolation,
I'm not one for sea voyages either.
But we're very glad of your help.
- Has Willoughby arrived? - Aye, he's on deck now.
Then inform Captain Raines
that we have sufficient crew aboard.
- Just waiting on Fergus. - The wee frog's already
on board, Mac Dubh. Fergus and...
And the baggage from...
The lad's brought ye some clothes and supplies.
Let's go.
Since Jenny and Ian think we're still headed
- to France, then... - They'll not yet be worried.
I've sent them a letter explaining everything.
Try and look at the horizon.
Might help alleviate nausea.
I haven't noticed my stomach yet, Sassenach.
Watching Scotland fall away is causing pain enough.
I won't set foot on our shores again
wi'out Young Ian.
We will find him.
If this fair wind holds,
we should gain on the Bruja.
Good day.
Morning, sir.
- Let's get settled in. - Aye.
You, uh, should touch the horseshoe, Sassenach.
It's bad luck not to.
Well, if it'll make you happy.
Day to you.
And you!
- Am I invisible? - Ah...
You know, women are bad luck on ships, Sassenach.
Redheads, too.
- So, you're bad luck? - Aye.
That's why they address me first before I speak to them.
'Tis the only way to avoid misfortune.
How has Scotland survived all these centuries?
It's not just the Scots, Sassenach.
The English, Spanish, Dutch...
All have seafaring superstitions.
Dinna want to be caught wi a banana
on a French frigate.
- Milord. - Fergus.
What the hell are ye doing here?
Fergus and I are married.
What in the name of holy God d'ye mean?
Ye hardly know each other.
We've been courting since last August,
and we were handfast this morning.
- Handfast? - Ah, a custom...
It allows two people to be married if they...
clasp hands in front of witnesses
and declare themselves wed, but...
not if...
- Have you bedded her? - Not yet, Milord.
Then it's not yet binding.
We need to make for shore.
If there's anything you need, we'll be putting in at St. Ives
for final provisions.
Then Marsali will disembark there.
I'll send someone to see her home.
This voyage is too dangerous for the lass.
You're taking her.
Claire is no concern of yours.
You left my mother for this English whore,
making her a laughingstock, and ye say it's no my concern?
The hellish nerve ye ha',
telling me what I shall do.
Marsali, chérie, you must not
speak about Milady in such a way.
- Does your mother ken? - I sent her a letter.
Then she'll have me killed. I am sending you home.
I'll tell everyone Fergus has already bedded me.
He hasn't, but I'll say it anyway.
So, you see,
I shall either be married or ruined.
You can sail to Jamaica.
Then I am taking you home.
Uh, but Fergus doesna touch ye.
We have two cabins. Fergus'll be wi' me.
Marsali will be wi' Claire.
- What? - What?
Let's go inside. You're going to be sick.
I... I feel fine.
No, you don't.
We've been apart for 20 years,
and you want me to room with her?
Marsali is under my care now, like it or not.
I am obliged to protect her virtue.
Mine as well, it would seem.
Now I am gonna be sick.
Can't possibly be comfortable there.
You should try a hammock.
Oh... swinging's no helpful.
What in God's name are ye forcing me to drink?
Ginger tea.
Can't believe Fergus lied to me about Marsali.
Courting... since August.
Well... I don't think
they've thought through what it means
to spend a lifetime together.
Neither did we, when we were first married.
That's because our marriage was arranged.
What is that?
The happy couple brought some of
our things from Lallybroch.
"Our things"?
These are my clothes from when we were in Paris.
Well, you kept them!
- Why didn't you sell them, or... - Sell them?
Memories of you?
Ah, that green cloak that Marsali was wearing...
I knew I recognized it from somewhere.
Uh, couldna sell yer garments, but...
after I thought I'd never see you again, it
Seemed all right if Marsali made use of them.
- Hope you dinna mind. - No.
Now, has she altered them all?
Not all.
Have some more tea.
With hope, it'll be calmer tomorrow.
I'll be dead by then.
See to it I'm buried at Lallybroch.
Mistress Claire, ye're needed.
We were above, near the main-mast.
One of the lines snapped
and the deadeye hit him in the head.
- What is your name? - Manzetti.
- And do you know where you are? - On a ship?
- Well, where are you going? - The West Indies. Same as you, no?
I don't think you have a concussion.
- What? - The cut's not deep.
But you'll likely have a scar and a nasty headache.
I have some peppermint oil that will help with that.
How did this happen?
I-I don't know.
The main topsail sheet was suddenly upon me.
Did you not touch the horseshoe?
I did, Mr. Warren. We all did.
Well, someone didn't.
A mishap as such while still in sight of land's an ill omen.
You know it as well as I.
Accidents do happen, Mister Warren.
I'm sure you believe that, madam,
but when you've been at sea as long as we have...
Well, "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio..."
"than are dreamt of in your philosophy."
Shakespeare was a very wise man.
Madam, I wonder if you and your husband would care
to dine with me this evening.
Well, of course.
Though, I think my husband might find the idea of food
a little off-putting at the moment.
Thank you.
All right...
Ye hardly know her.
You didn't know Milady long at all
- before you were married. - That was different.
We were forced to marry.
Milord, you forget.
I know your story.
If you were forced to marry Milady,
then I am forced to breathe.
My heart, it is forced to beat.
You yourself have told me you wanted her more than life
from the moment you saw her.
You didn't need time.
Nor do I.
I thought you'd be happy for me...
At least, I hoped as much.
Once you'd overcome your surprise.
Then why'd you lie to me all this time?
The same reason you didn't tell Milady about Laoghaire...
I was a coward.
Did you lie to Marsali too?
Marsali and I do not have secrets.
She kens about your past, does she?
That I grew up in a brothel? Yes.
And that I was a pickpocket.
And what about all yer other lassies?
- No, but... - In spring, it was Aileen.
And in summer, it was, uh...
- Rhona? - Rhona.
Uh, and then you bedded Cairstine, and then...
I understand, Milord.
But I have not lain with Marsali...
Or with any other woman since we began our courtship.
I've waited. Does that not mean something?
Not if you can't be honest with her.
I'm sorry your husband is too unwell to join us.
But it's me you wanted at your table, wasn't it?
I questioned your authority in regards to the horseshoe.
I merely wish to help you, Mistress Fraser...
to understand the rigors of sea and gain the crew's respect
as ship's surgeon, eh?
You must put yourself in their shoes.
After all, on this ship, your very presence is ill luck.
- So my husband has informed me. - By rights,
you and Mistress MacKimmie should,
at this moment, be bare-breasted.
I'm sorry?
A woman's bare breasts calm an angry sea.
But fear not. The figurehead at the bow...
She bares her breasts for you
and prevents us from being subject to any curses.
Well, how kind of her.
The horseshoe is more complicated.
There's no substitute.
Surely you don't believe by touching a piece of iron
you'll bring us better luck.
I've sailed on many ships, madam, and on each one,
the sailors have their superstitions.
Anything that provides them with a sense of assurance is,
in my view, to be encouraged.
The disadvantage being...
that men can also lose faith
when the portents signify disaster.
Even then,
I would rather have them make their luck
than give up all hope.
It matters not whether I believe
touching a piece of iron
will bring good luck... The men believe it.
And they believe someone has not.
Believing something doesn't make it real.
On this ship, it does.
"There is nothing either good or bad,
but thinking makes it so."
How long will you continue this farce?
I must allow time for...
my wife's tea to do its work.
This... retching.
It can eat your stomach,
tear your muscles, and...
your testicles, they can get twisted.
Most painful.
The only cure is removal.
But if you want to wait, that is your choice.
That one's bigger.
Ye won't bump your head when ye get up.
Marsali, you don't have to try and get in my good graces
just so I'll put in a good word with Jamie.
It's really none of my business.
So, ye drop out of the clear blue sky,
sticking yer nose where it doesn't belong,
ruining my family,
and now ye're minding yer own business?
Daddy may think you're a wise woman,
but I still think ye're a whore.
Right, well...
the whore should have the bigger bed then, shouldn't she?
Verra pleasant day, is it not, Sassenach?
Yes, it is.
Well, you're certainly feeling better.
Fergus told me everything.
I'm no so naive to think he hasna been wi' lassies.
And now, we only want to be wi' each other.
We're hoping you will bless our union.
Perhaps you should give them a chance.
I'm trying to help you.
If you let them continue their infatuation,
it might just fizzle out.
I don't know what a "fizzle" is, but...
I ken your meaning well enough.
And "fizzle out" is what I'm afraid of.
I'm sorry. I cannae allow it.
What is that?
It is, uh... a poem.
Is that more poetry?
I've been scribing the story of my life in China,
so that it... will not be forgotten.
A story told is...
a life lived.
Would you tell it to me?
Not yet.
Once I tell it, I have to let it go.
The days started blending together.
For me, this meant tending to minor injuries...
and making medicines.
Being on the ship at sea, with endless horizons,
appealed to me...
It reminded me of a simpler time.
Jamie, you should hear the...
Ah... ah.
My, uh, apology.
He did not want to, but, uh, I insisted.
Didn't want to what?
Uh, zam gau...
uh, for the vomiting.
- Acupuncture. - It is my fault.
- I should never have... - It's all right, Willoughby.
You can go.
So, this is what's cured your seasickness.
And not the tea that I've been making
twice a day for three weeks?
Why didn't you tell me?
I didn't want to hurt yer feelings.
You'd honestly think that
I'd want you to suffer to save my pride?
We aren't on the most stable ground,
are we, Sassenach?
I didna want ye to see it as more proof
ye dinna belong here.
My return has been...
confusing and... and frustrating.
But it's never been a question of whether I love you.
- I should've told you outright. - Mm.
You look like a pincushion.
Ah, I feel like a damn pincushion,
but I haven't vomited for weeks.
What is it?
We're not moving.
Can't explain it, Captain. We're on course.
What's wrong? Why aren't we moving?
We've lost the wind, Mr. Fraser.
What have you in your face?
It is Chinese treatment for, uh, seasickness... very healthy.
Is it common to...
lose the wind in these latitudes?
No, it's bad luck.
Someone's brought this on us by their neglect.
It's a bit unusual for the season, but...
there's no cause for concern.
I say it's the Chinaman.
It's not him.
Saw the Chinee touch the horseshoe.
Well, why don't we all just line up
and touch the horseshoe now?
And that way, we can make sure that everyone
has complied with the rules of the ship.
Aye, good idea.
Too late for that.
Must be done at the beginning of a voyage.
Fear not.
The wind will return.
We must endeavor to be ready when it does.
Is it really just you and me?
You and me.
And the man in the moon.
You know...
before I left Boston,
men had just flown to the moon.
I wonder what it looks like...
up there.
I saw pictures.
It was rocky and barren, and...
Was no life at all.
It was beautiful.
And you can see the craters from here.
- The dark spots. - Aye.
Ah, that's his face.
Seems close enough you could speak to him.
"Goodnight moon.
Goodnight cow jumping over the moon.
Goodnight light...
and the red balloon."
It's from a book I used to read Brianna
- when she was little. - Mm.
She could recite the whole thing
before she could even read.
She used to say it to her favorite toy bunny.
She loved rabbits.
You miss her.
The days turned into weeks
and the wind did not return.
We were becalmed in the middle of a vast ocean,
hundreds of miles from the nearest shore.
Even the most experienced sailors
were growing anxious
and beginning to fear the worst.
Damn, blazing Hades! Filth-eating son of a pig fart.
Water's gone bad...
Every one afoul and stinking.
Bilge water's got into it.
It will be filled with disease.
Salvage what you can. The top row may be unspoiled.
Boil the rest.
And go to half rations for every man.
And pray for rain.
I have another suggestion.
We find the Jonah who's brought us ill luck
and we throw him overboard.
Five unspoiled barrels.
Won't be enough.
Losing the wind happens, o' course.
We can wait for it to return.
But not without water or ale.
So, who should we blame?
The bilge water spoiled the barrels.
It's no one's fault.
Said nothing of fault, madam.
I asked who we should blame.
We've been weeks without wind.
What's your meaning, sir?
The men are calling for a Jonah.
The men want to throw someone overboard?
And you're going to let them.
I may not be able to stop them.
- Well, that's insanity. - I've only so much
at my disposal to keep order.
This is not a Royal Navy vessel, madam.
I cannot flog the men if they disregard my authority.
They must believe
that I am doing all I can on their behalf,
or we shall have a mutiny.
You will not be throwing any of my men overboard...
I saw the frog's lassie touch the horseshoe.
As did I.
The frog did as well.
I saw all those accompanying the supercargo
touch it too... save one.
- Jonah. - Leave us be.
You need no worry...
It's your friend who should be afeared.
I'm no worried.
I'll no fear the likes of you.
You're not long for this world, Jonah.
I dinnae think I touched it.
Jump, you stupid, dog-faced Scot!
- Over the side with him. - Rid us of this curse!
Leave me be, you bastards!
- Jump! - Prepare to meet your maker!
Go on! Jump!
He's clear up there, Mac Dubh.
Get back!
Jump! Jump! Jump!
If I'm gonna die, I'll be doing it by my own hand.
He's drunk.
Crew marked him as the Jonah.
They say he didna touch the horseshoe,
and he canna remember if he did or no.
They intend to throw him overboard.
He scurried up there, tried to get away from the mob,
but now he's thinking they might be right.
- Hayes! - Jump!
Ye haven't cursed us, Hayes.
Even so,
we're gonna run out of water and die!
We won't!
- I promise. - He's killed us all!
- Leave him be!
Have I not always told ye the truth?
Over the side with him! Jump, Jonah!
Dinna waste the climb, Mac Dubh!
- It's you... - Throw yourself over!
Or all of us.
You have to stop this!
I don't if it staves off a mutiny.
- Jump! - Jump, Jonah!
You remember Ardsmuir...
It was us against them.
It is the same now.
We'll have you bouncing off the decks!
Let him jump!
Dinna listen to them.
Listen to me.
- Jump then, jump! - Throw yourself over!
Let him go!
Just let him go!
Throw him off!
And the whales are waiting for you, Jonah!
Just jump!
If they wanna throw you overboard, they'll...
They'll have to throw me first.
- And Lesley. - Good riddance!
Fergus... even Willoughby.
Get back. I have to do it.
Hold on... if ye do jump...
- Just let go! - Jump! Jump! Jump!
I would have to go in after ye, and...
If ye make me do that, then...
ye ken, my wife will kill the both of us.
- Hayes, just jump! - He should join ye!
I'll not let harm befall ye.
- Jump! - Ye have my word.
There he goes!
Come on!
I've got you.
Hold on!
Mac Dubh!
Let him jump!
To hell with ye!
Good lad, Hayes.
- That's it. - Throw yourself over!
- Give him to the sea! - Throw him in!
You will do no such thing!
He's the Jonah. Over the side with him!
Jonah! Jonah!
Jonah! Jonah! Jonah! Jonah!
There is no Jonah!
Stand aside!
I'll take some of you with me!
Jonah! Jonah!
Curse you!
Spare us, Chinaman.
- I was born Yi Tien Cho... - Keep to yourself, Chinaman!
In Guangzhou, the City of Rams.
I was found early
to have skill in composition...
To make the images of my brush
resemble the ideas
that dance like cranes within my mind.
I became known as the fung-wong...
A bird of fire.
What's he on about?
My poetry...
came before the eyes of Wan-Mei,
the emperor's second wife.
She asked that I join her household in Pekin,
- the Imperial City. - Mr. Willoughby,
stand down.
Let the man speak...
It was a great honor...
My name inscribed in The Book of Merit.
But there is a condition,
all servants of the royal wives
must be...
- What's a eunuch? - I'll tell you later.
It was most dishonorable
to refuse the emperor's gift.
It was...
a death sentence.
And yet...
I had fallen in love.
The emperor's wife?
Not a woman.
All woman.
Their beauty blooming like lotus flowers,
the taste of their breasts like apricots...
The scent of a navel in the winter,
the warmth of a mound
that fills your hand like a ripe peach.
I fled...
on the Night of the Lanterns.
As the fireworks shot from the palace roof,
I left my house
and came to a place where
the golden words of my poems
are taken as the clucking of hens,
and my brushstrokes for their scratchings.
For the love of Woman, I am come to a place
where no woman is worthy of love...
To a place where women are coarse and rank as bears,
creatures of no grace.
And these woman disdain me as a yellow worm,
so that even the lowest of whores will not lie with me!
By not...
Surrendering my manhood,
I have lost all else.
Sometimes, I think...
"Not worth it."
We have wind!
Man the sheets, lads!
Aloft, topmen!
Lay out and loose the fore tops'l!
Man halyards and sheets.
Hold the wind! All of the wind!
Avast those sheets!
Mr. Warren!
Your story... it was...
Well, I've heard worse.
How did you know?
When the seon tin jung fly high,
it mean the air light... Dry, no rain.
When they fly low, it means...
The air is heavy.
Rain is coming.
Yi Tien Cho.
Thank you.
Ease away the sheets!
Roll up halyard!
- Hurry up. - Aye.
God, it's so hot in here, I'm melting.
I'm melting wi' ye.
Shh. Someone is going to hear us.
Oh, let them.
I like the gray.
The way the light hits it.
Like a piece of... silver moonlight.
Oh, how could I not love a man
who says such things? Mm.
If you were to say that in the 20th century,
you would be the king of all men.
You know, when I thought about coming back here...
I knew we'd have to get used to each other again.
No matter what troubles happen around us, Sassenach...
what it is between us...
never changes.
It doesn't.
Captain. What is it?
British man-o-war.
Been on our stern for more than five hours.
An' closing.
- They're firing at us. - No, signaling.
They want us to heave to.
They mean to board us. Damn.
You can see from her rigging they're shorthanded.
They may need men.
Return the salute and heave to.
Aye, Captain. Return the salute.
Heave tip to windward!
What does he mean, "need men"?
By law, they can press any British subjects
into service.
That's over half the crew... Including you.
If they do take me, you must continue on to Jamaica
and find Young Ian.
Right. You have my word.
I am Captain Thomas Leonard
of His Majesty's ship, the Porpoise.
- You're the captain? - Acting captain.
Formerly third lieutenant.
Uh, for the love of God, have you a surgeon on board?
We suffered an outbreak of infectious plague...
Ship's fever.
I'm the Artemis' surgeon.
And it's imperative you do not touch anyone while on board.
- You should not have come here. - I had no choice, madam.
The captain and the two senior lieutenants died,
as well as the surgeon and the surgeon's mate.
Of our 400-man crew, 100 have fallen ill
and 80 have departed this earth.
Are you experiencing any symptoms yourself?
Thankfully, no.
Are you here to press men, sir?
The last thing I need is more mouths to feed.
But, if you can provide any medical assistance...
What symptoms are the men experiencing?
It starts with griping pains in the belly...
A terrible vomiting.
The afflicted complain of fever.
Do they also have a rash on their stomachs?
And most of them have the blazing shits.
- I beg your pardon, madam. - I know what it might be.
But I'll need to examine them first, to be certain.
Might you come over then?
- Yes, of course. - No.
Excuse us, gentlemen.
Are ye mad?
Ye can't set foot on a ship with the plague.
It's typhoid fever.
- You mean typhus? - No... well,
not what you mean by it, anyway.
It's something you don't know about yet.
They won't know how to stop it, but I can show them what to do.
I can't catch it.
I've been inoculated.
Jamie, I have an obligation to help.
I swore an oath when I became a doctor.
I've taken an oath now and then, myself.
And none of them lightly.
There's no talking you out of this,
is there, Sassenach?
It seems you are both older and wiser.
I won't take my eyes off that ship until you return.
All hands are aft!
The sick are down below.
Will you light over there?
May I look at your stomach?
Yes, ma'am.
Thank you.
It's called typhoid.
Our surgeon said it was ship's fever.
Well, it's similar, but how you contain it is different.
And you know how to do that... How to contain it?
Yes. The sick men need to be washed
and laid somewhere they can breathe fresh air.
And they'll need a liquid diet... Lots of boiled water.
And you'll need to reach land as quickly as possible.
You're likely to run out of drinking water.
Most of the sick will die.
A lucky few won't.
The hope is that you contain the spread.
Need to prepare yourself.
It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better.
If you want, I'd be willing to stay for a short while...
To help you organize yourselves.
I shall be eternally grateful
for any assistance you can render us.
I'll need a... a dozen of your healthiest crewmen.
Mr. Pound!
You can start with Mr. Pound.
Hello. I'm Claire Fraser.
Ah, Mistress Fraser is a surgeon.
She's acting under my personal authority.
- See she gets whatever she needs. - Yes, sir.
The main deck will need to be cleared
so we can bring the sick men above.
- Can you see to it? - Of course, madam.
I will work fast. Captain Raines will be anxious
to get on his way... As will my husband.
I shall alert them you will be a little while longer.
Which way to the galley?
Uh, Mr. Brisker will escort you.
I'll need boiled water, and lots of it.
I'm in the middle of preparing the captain's meal.
This is on the captain's orders.
Why are we moving?
Lay aloft and set the fall across!
Haul in the special halyard.
Let go clew garnets!
What are you doing?
I am in urgent need of your services.
Well, turn back... at once!
You said yourself, we must make haste.
Well, you can't just kidnap me like this!
Truth is, I am desperate.
You may be our only chance.
I must take it.
Both our ships are sailing to Jamaica.
I've had a message conveyed to Captain Raines
and promised him that His Majesty's navy will provide
accommodation for you until you are able
to rejoin the Artemis.
Let fall! Get the tack on board.
Haul out the sheet.
Aye, sir!
We're ready to move the men.