Outlander (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - Surrender - full transcript

Hiding in an isolated cave, Jamie leads a lonely life until Lallybroch is threatened by redcoats pursuing the elusive Jacobite traitor known as "Red Jamie." Back in Boston, Claire and Frank...

It is worth more than my life.

Ye're a soldier now.

I will not fail you,

A wife who won't
let me touch her.

Admit it.
You are using this pregnancy

to keep me at a distance.

- Name?
- James...

Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser.

This man spared
my youngest brother's life,

incurring a bloody great
debt of honor.

I doubt he'll live
through the journey.

Claire, she's here.

Maybe this really...

Really can be a new beginning.

- Yes.
- For all of us.


Jamie, can ye hear me?

Ye've come home

to Lallybroch.


♪♪ Dramatic music...


♪ Sing me a song...♪

♪ Of a lass that is gone ♪

♪ Say, could that lass ♪

♪ Be I? ♪

♪ Merry of soul ♪

♪ She sailed on a day ♪

♪ Over the sea ♪

♪ To Skye ♪

♪ Billow and breeze ♪

♪ Islands and seas ♪

♪ Mountains of rain and sun ♪

♪ All that was good ♪

♪ All that was fair ♪

♪ All that was me ♪

♪ Is gone ♪

♪ Sing me a song ♪

♪ Of a lass that is gone ♪

♪ Say, could that lass ♪

♪ Be I? ♪

♪ Merry of soul ♪

♪ She sailed on a day ♪

♪ Over the sea ♪

♪ To Skye ♪

♪♪ Dramatic music...
Season 03 Episode 02
Title: "Surrender"


♪♪ Soft music...


You're sure
it's in the dovecote?

I saw it with my own eyes.

Followed him here
as he was hiding it.

- Put it in one of the nests.
- What if father catches us?

He won't.
He's round the back milkin'.

Now shut yer gab.

It's here.
I swear.

I swear, you're lyin'.

♪♪ Dramatic music...


Told ye.

It's my father's,
so I get to hold it.

No, you're too young,

and you don't know
how it works.

You don't either.

Hey, I've been to war.

I was at Prestonpans.

I killed a filthy
redcoat officer.

But ye killed him
with a knife, aye?

And it was bloody.

Aye, bloody.

It's much braver
to kill a man with a knife.

Nothing but flesh and metal
between you.

I only wish milord
didn't send me home.

I could've fought
at Culloden too.

- Redcoats.
- Hide.

Move, cripple.

♪♪ Soft dramatic music...


- Father!
- It's okay, Jamie.

Treat me as you will,
but leave the lad be.

If you trained
your mongrels better,

I wouldna need to kick them
to keep them in line.

Keep moving!


I'm Captain Samuel Lewis,

of His Majesty's Tenth Dragoons.

I'm here for the Dunbonnet.

The Dunbonnet?

Uh, no one here
goes by that name.

I should think not, openly.

I have it on good authority
that the notorious traitor

known as Red Jamie
is in concealment nearabouts,

and there's gossip
in these parts

about another man
called the Dunbonnet.

We dinna get
to the village much.

I canna say I've heard that.

He's an outlaw

that wears a brown hat

to cover
his distinctive red hair.

I surmise that the Dunbonnet
and Red Jamie

are one and the same.

Ye tell a braw tale there,

James Fraser is your
brother-in-law, is he not?

And... this is his clan land?

Oh, it was.

These lands belong
to my son now.

We've not seen nor heard
from Jamie Fraser

since he left to fight
in the Rebellion six years ago.

Pardon me, sir, if I don't take
you or your wife's word for it.

I remind you that anyone
who harbors or renders aid

to a Jacobite fugitive
commits high treason

and will be hanged under law.

Man, woman...

or child.

Ye're welcome to search
the house and the grounds

if you please,
but I'll tell you the same

as I told Lieutenant Harding,
Captain Abbot, Major Mercer,

and every other
government officer

who comes to command
these parts,

ye'll find no sign
of my traitorous brother here.

Nor any follower
of the Stuarts.

There is a substantial reward
for information

leading to the capture
of Red Jamie,

so if you know
of his whereabouts,

you would be wise
to turn him over now.

W-w-we canna give you
what we dinna have, Captain.

Very well.

Corporal MacGregor,
arrest Mr. Murray.

Perhaps some time
in the garrison's cells

will help him change his mind.

A Scot in a redcoat.

You're the traitor.

You filthy frog-eater.

Mind yer tongue
or I'll cut it out.

Fergus, Rabbie, finish milkin'
and mind your chores.

He'll be fine, Mistress.

Court's released him each time
they've seen fit to take him.

There's no reason to think
this time's any different.

That's a damnable shame.
Corporal MacGregor.

Aye, a Lowlander.

Many a MacGregor
fought for the Jacobites,

but a few fought for
the government during the '45.

And now they think
they're better than us,

but what the daft loons
don't realize is,

the British hate them
just the same.

♪♪ Soft dramatic music...


♪♪ Mysterious woodwind music...


♪♪ Dramatic music...


Ye... ye scairt
the bowels out of me.

♪♪ Soft somber music...


They've taken Ian again.

I foolishly hoped
they were through

when two years passed with
no redcoats bedeviling us.

We could go after them,

We could slit their throats
in the night

and free Monsieur Murray.

Oh, aye.
That's a fine idea.

A deed like that would bring
the whole garrison to Lallybroch

to kill us all,
yerself included.

I reckon
every new commander

needs to make
a name for himself.

Captain Lewis was talking
about the "Dunbonnet."

That's what they've taken
to calling ye now.

Soon enough you'll have ballads
sung in yer honor.

'Tis time to tally the rents.

Ian was just about
to start on the books.

Dinna suppose
you could do that for me.



You ken why I can lie to
the British and feel at peace?

It's because I'm not lyin'.

James Fraser hasna been here
for a long, long time.

♪♪ Soft dramatic music...



♪♪ Soft music playing
over radio...


Here you go.

Ooh, whee.

There you go.

Now, here's Bunny.


Shall we see what "The Globe"
has to say today?


"Ireland Joins
the Roster of Free Nations.

"To the roar of guns

"and the flash of fireworks
in the sky,

The Republic of Ireland
was born today."

Oh, shh, sweetheart.
This is history in the making.

You'll want to hear this.

"The Republic,
free of British rule, have to..."

Aww, you turned over!

Oh, all by yourself.

- Oh, you turned...
- Hot water cut out

in the middle of my shower.

The boiler must be out

What a clever girl
you are.

What happened?

She turned over,
all by herself.

Oh, isn't it early
for her to be doing that?

Well, Dr. Spock says
she shouldn't be doing it

for at least another month.

Well, what does Dr. Spock know?

Come here, come to Daddy.

Give me a kiss.
Oh, you're so clever. Yeah.


- Oh, well...
- Yeah, I should,

uh, go check the boiler.


♪♪ Soft music playing...



♪♪ Suspenseful music...


♪♪ Soft dramatic music...


I was careful.
Wasn't followed.

Cut back on myself,
just like you taught me.

I want to learn to shoot,

Where'd you get this?

It was hidden
in the dovecote.

I want to defend our home.

I need to be ready.

For what?

Uh, our next rebellion.

There will be
no next rebellion.

But, milord...

No more fighting.

Just because
you're a coward now

doesn't mean I am.


Weapons are outlawed.

Put it back
where you found it.

Don't touch it again.



Dinna ken
ye were expected today.

Came to look at the ledgers.


Where's my sister?

Dinna fash.

The bairn had a mind
to come early.

Ye'll soon have
a new niece or nephew.


The bairn is on the way.


A raven!

My granny says that
ravens are messengers of death.

Canna be near the house.

The bairn will die!

♪♪ Dramatic music...


Hand me the cloth.

Ye sure that's how it works?

Yes, I watched Murtagh
instructing the soldiers.

I told you never
to touch this again.

There was a raven.

We were protecting the bairn.

Sir, ye have a wee nephew.

He's fine and healthy.

What were ye thinkin',

Dinna be causing
any more trouble.

I thought I'd call him Ian.

Time we named one after
the man that sired them, eh?


Ye always look braw
with a wee bairn in yer arms.

How long's it been since you've
lain with a woman, Jamie?



"She's dead."

That's all you ever told me.

I dinna ken how or why.

It's been six years now.

Mary MacNab's still young enough
for bairns.

I couldna run the household
without her,

after Mrs. Crook died,

and she's a fine mother
to Rabbie.

I won't marry.

Ever again.

It's God's sorrow

ye never had the chance
to bring a child into this...

Maybe the bairn
should meet his brother.

There's still time.

Do ye hear me, brother?
I just...

I just want you
to have some happiness!

Find the weapon.

Yes, Captain.

Jenkins, move!

Where's your mistress?

You three,
search the rooms downstairs.

MacGregor, come with me.

Get that pistol!

- Where's the weapon?
- Weapon?

We... we have no weapons here,

My scouts heard a shot from
the vicinity of this estate,

so I ask again.

Where are you hiding
the weapon?

I canna answer

for what yer scouts heard,

but... I'll tell you again,

I dinna know
of any weapons here.

We'd never risk such a thing.

I remind you, Madam,
that as an officer

in His Majesty's army,

I am obliged
to search this house

should I have
the slightest suspicion

that the Act of Proscription
has been breached,

and we will continue
to do so

until you comply
with my request.

Captain, I have cooperated
with every request...

Made by
His Majesty's soldiers.


Have you delivered a child,


Where is it?

Should it not be
at your breast?

It was a fearsome birth,

and the bairn wasna breathing
when he came.

Ye see...

he was already gone.


It's one less teutcher
we'll have to deal with.

Hold your tongue, Corporal.

Where's the body?

The midwife took it away
to clean it for burial.

♪♪ Soft tense music...

Find the midwife
and have her bring the body.


Captain, please,
I canna bear it.

Here's the pistol, Captain.

'Tis mine.


It belonged to my
late husband, Ronald.

It was the only thing
I had left of him,

so I kept it.
It gave me comfort.

Mistress Murray
knew nothing of it.

And what occasion did you have
to fire it?

I saw a raven
land near the house

while milady was
delivering her child.

So I shot it dead.

Just one of the foolish

Highland superstitions, sir.

Believing a common bird
can bring ill luck.

But it was too late.

As I told you,
the bairn was born dead.


I-I'm heart sorry, Mistress.

Should I take her
into custody, Captain?


We have the weapon.
She's no threat.

But I warn you once more,

If another
violation occurs,

there will be no mercy.

♪♪ Soft dramatic music...


♪♪ Dramatic music swells...

Corporal, if you please!

Thank ye, Mary.
Ye did well.

They're gone.

This new captain,

I've seen the look
of his eyes.

He's no one to give up.

He'll no stop till ye're hanging
from the end of a rope.


Take a shovel.

Dig a grave in the cemetery,
in case they look.




What is it?

I miss my husband.

♪♪ Solemn orchestral music...


Go and rot, peg leg.

Half the garrison
are searching to the north,

and the other half
are searching to the south.

It's only a matter of time
until we find Red Jamie.

Then we'll be back for you

and yer whole family.

Aye, well,

it's been a lovely visit,


♪♪ Soft tense music...



The brat
is leading us in circles.

I believe is he, sir.

You think you're smart?
I knew you were following me.

But y-you can't trick me,
you imbeciles.

Tell us where Red Jamie is.

I know that you know,
you filthy frog-eater.

There's no Red Jamie here.
Leave us alone!

I'll get it out of you,
one way or another.

You're harassing us.
We don't want you around here!

You're all pieces of shit.

Go to hell!

Dirty Scotsman.
You betray your own people.

And the Scots hate you for it.

You'll never be one of them.

Ye brazen wee bastard.

Your face is as red
as your coat!

You fancies!

I'll rip your tongue out!

Filthy redcoats!

You'll pay
for those words!

That tongue
will get my boot up your ass!

You morons!

Don't taunt them.

- No women will have you!
- You'll be sorry.

Get back here,
ye filthy urchin!

Run, you fool.

French scum,
we'll string you up.

Canna run from me!

Hold him down!

Go to hell!

- No!
- Wait, he's just a lad.

♪♪ Tense shrill music...


Come on, leave him.

If we do nothing,
he'll die!

That's an order, Private.

♪♪ Solemn music...



Dinna be feart.
Fergus, laddie.

I watched milady do this
many times.

♪♪ Soft dramatic music...


Yer quick actions saved him,

I should have stopped them.

Then ye'd be dead
and so would he.

We'd all be dead.


Brother, oh...

♪♪ Solemn music...


Ye all right, ye wee fool?

I'm sorry, milord.

I tried to lead them away
from the cave.

Ye did well.

I'm the one
who should be sorry.

You remind me...

I have something to fight for.


There you are, milord.

Ah, here.

Does it hurt much?

A bit.

Sometimes it feels warm
or scratchy

or hurts
like it's still there.


Madame has been most generous
with the whiskey.

Although, you know that I prefer
the taste of French wine.

Do not trouble yourself,

I have been fortunate.

Do you recall the agreement
we made in Paris?

When you hired me
to steal letters for you?


You said,
should I be arrested

or executed,

you would have Masses
said for me for a year.

And should I lose an ear...

or a hand
while doing your service...

That I would support you

for the rest of your life.

♪♪ Dramatic music...

You can trust me

to keep that bargain.


I have always trusted you,

I think I'm most lucky.

In one stroke,

I have become
a man of leisure, no?


What do you call this again?

It's called Eton mess.

Well, a cheerful term
for a failed pavlova.

Well, it's damn delicious,
whatever you call it.

Maybe you could
give Millie the recipe.

I'd be happy to.

Now, Jerry,
when was the last time

you saw me bake anything?

If I can't find it in
the frozen section at the A&P,

- we're not having dessert.
- Uh, true.

You know, I knew
she was no Betty Crocker

when I married her,
but her talents...

lie elsewhere.


♪♪ Jazz music playing softly...


Uh, would anyone like more?

- Heck, yeah.
- Twist my arm.

You mind
if we kill the bottle?

Uh, it's all yours.

♪♪ Solemn music...

Uh, well, cheers.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.




So which of Millie's talents
do you think

Jerry was referring to?

Well, it's obviously

her encyclopedic knowledge

of the complete works
of Shakespeare.

You... are a snob.

You asked the question.

♪♪ Jazz music playing...



Claire, look at me.


Claire, open your eyes.

Why have you stopped?

Y-you... you never
used to close your eyes

when we made love.
I don't...

It doesn't mean anything.

I'm enjoying this.

Are you? I...

Of course.

Then why can't you look at me?

Christ, Frank.

If you're not in the mood,
you just had to say.

Claire, when I'm with you,

I'm with you...

But you're with him.

♪♪ Dramatic music...


My leg,

it's not there...

As anyone can plainly see,

and yet,
it pains me terrible sometimes.

Even wakes me up at night.

Fergus, the lad,

he'll likely feel the same
wi' his hand.

Feeling a pain
in a part of ye that's lost...

And that's just a hand.

Claire was yer heart.

Soft dramatic music...


I thought perhaps the lad
could use another blanket.

Who did this?

The soldiers,

when they were
searching the house.

The redcoats...

They're never gonna stop
until they find the Dunbonnet.

Turn in my own brother?

That way, ye'll get
the reward money.

And they'll not
come after ye,

'cause of yer loyalty
to the Crown.

To hell with the Crown.

Send word to Captain Lewis.

Tell him...

Tell him you heard from me.

You know when I'll be coming,

and when I do,

they'll be here to arrest me.

They'll know, once and for all,
you owe no allegiance

to Red Jamie.

Christ, man, you'll be hangit!

I'll no risk your lives
for me any longer.

The British are
no hanging Jacobites anymore.

It's likely
he'll only be imprisoned.


Jamie, have ye not seen
the inside of enough prisons

for one lifetime?

Little difference
to the prison I live in now.

♪♪ Somber music...


Mistress Jenny
has sent food.

Do you mind the company?

It would be welcome.

What you did that day,

turning the pistol
over to the redcoats...

It was very brave.

'Twas the only thing
I could do.

Thank you for the barbering.

'Twas no bother.

I leave tomorrow.

Take the books
back to Lallybroch.

Bury the rest.
Stay out of sight.

I'm gonna wash up
in the river.

♪♪ Soft music...


Whose idea was this?

Yours or my sister's?

Did she think
I'd change my mind?

- Does it matter?
- No.

It doesn't matter
because it's not gonna happen.

If you won't leave,
then I'll have to.


Your sister didna ask me
to do what I'm doin'.

I ken well enough
what ye're thinking,

for I saw your lady

and how it was
between the two of ye.

And it's not my mind

to make ye feel
ye've betrayed that.

What I want is to share
something different.

Something less, mayhap...

But something we both need.

Something to keep us whole,

as we move forward
in this life.

I've no done this
in a very long time.

Neither have I.


You can look at me
if you'd like.

Ye're a bonny lass.

It's just something I always do.




I threw myself into
my new role as best I could.

But there was still
something missing in my life.

Once, I had thought
I was whole.

I'd been able to love a man,

to bear a child,

to heal the sick,

and all these things
were natural parts of me.

But the man I had loved
was Jamie,

and for a time,

I had been part of something

greater than myself.

I wanted that again.

That's why I knew,

I would need
to do something more.

Can I help you, miss?

Isn't this
the anatomy classroom?

It is.
Are you looking for someone?

I have a class about to start.

You must be Dr. Simms.

I am.
And you are...

Claire Randall.
First year.

Oh, yes,

the Dean informed me
there was a woman

in this year's incoming class.

A woman and a negro.

How very... modern of us.

♪♪ Soft dramatic music...


Is this spot taken?

No, it's all yours.


Joe Abernathy.

Claire Randall.
Pleased to meet you.

Pleased to meet you.

All right, gentlemen.

Let's begin.

Bunny was wedged
behind the bed again.

I think Bree might be trying
to tell us something.

Good night.

Good night.



It's me.


I've come home!


No, Jenny, no!

James Alexander Malcolm
MacKenzie Fraser,

otherwise known as Red Jamie,

you are hereby under arrest
for high treason

against His Majesty
King George.

Not my own sister.

- Put him in the irons!
- How could you?

This is yer own fault!

Ye brought this on yerself!

Well done, Madam.

You've done a service
to the Crown.

This is blood money!

Ye gave me no choice, brothe!

And I'll never forgive you!


♪♪ "Scotland the Brave"
playing on bagpipe...



♪♪ Soft woodwind music...