Outlander (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 13 - Eye of the Storm - full transcript

Claire is forced to play a game of cat and mouse with an old adversary as she searches for Young Ian. The Frasers race through the jungles of Jamaica to prevent the unthinkable.


We won't set foot
on our shores again
without Young Ian.

You cannae take me
away from my home!

He was holding the box.
What should we do with him?

Keep him.
The Bakra likes young boys.

That box once contained
three sapphires,
and now there are only two.

Then maybe my uncle
took the jewel.

You didn't mean
to share that with me,
did you?

'Tis the tea you're drinking.

I've accepted
MacIver's invitation
to the governor's reception.

Mr. Campbell?
And your sister,
she's here?

She is.

Wherever did you get
that lovely gemstone?

I need your sister
to do readings
for the crowd.

What do the words mean?

A new king will rise
in Scotland

upon the death of a child
that is 200 years old.

Captain Leonard
is on the premises.

You are charged
with the willful murder
of John Barton.

Find Young Ian!

* Sing me a song

* Of a lass that is gone

* Say, could that lass

* Be I?

* Merry of soul

* She sailed on a day

* Over the sea

* To Skye

* Billow and breeze

* Islands and seas

* Mountains of rain and sun

* All that was good

* All that was fair

* All that was me

* Is gone

* Sing me a song

* Of a lass that is gone

* Say, could that lass

* Be I?

* Merry of soul

* She sailed on a day

* Over the sea

* To Skye

CLAIRE: I was dead.

Everything around me
was a blinding white,

and there was
a soft rushing sound,

like the wings of angels.

I felt peaceful and bodiless.

Free of terror,
free of rage,

filled with
a quiet happiness.


Why are we stopping?

Which way
to the slaves' quarters?

Along the path.

Wait for me
at the bottom of the road,

but if I'm not back
by daybreak,

inquire after me
at the main house.

Yes, mistress.

Claire's been here.

I had hoped
Mr. Willoughby would be here.

Harm may have befallen him.
He's a clever man.

He'll ken how to avoid harm.

There's naught we can
do for him.

We dinna ken this island.

It's from Milady.

Milord has been arrested
by Captain Leonard.

We must make haste to
the Artemis, then.

We'll need help.

No. There's another way.

I must go now.
Wait here for me.

Fergus Fraser.

I'm yer wife.

I'm coming with you.





Shoo! Shoo!

Through all your blethering,

ye failed to tell me
about yer Auntie Claire.

What has she
to do with this?

It was she who was
after the treasure.


Perhaps you cannae
hear properly.

'Twas to pay a debt.

Ye're lying.
She wanted the sapphire.

She learned
about the prophecy.

I'm tired of yer blethering.

So leave me be,
or get on with it, ye bitch!

I swear, I'll gut you!

Hercules just found someone.

Take him away...quickly.

Let go of me!



Sorry. It's late.

My coachman left me
at the end of the road,

and I got lost
trying to find the house.

Ye're welcome any time.

We're friends.

I apologize for
my manservant's roughness.

He must have thought you
an intruder.

What brings ye here?

Jamie's been arrested.

For what crime?

Someone's accused
Jamie of murder.

Of course, he's innocent.

Now they're after me as well.

You must be exhausted.

Come sit.

Shame you couldn't have
lost your way

and found Havana instead.

You are quite droll
for a man in irons,
Mr. Fraser.

We did have difficulties
making our way here,

being quite shorthanded.

But we're here now.

However, that will
not be for long.

Once we have provisioned
and found proper crew,

we will transport you home
to face trial.

Halt there, Lieutenant.


We'll be taking Mr. Fraser
into our charge.

By what authority?

Your Excellency,
I must respectfully request

that you return this man
to my custody.

He stands accused of murder
and high treason.

A warrant has been issued
for him in Scotland,

and I am duty-bound to ensure

his return there
to face trial.

Of course.

May I see the warrant?

I...don't have it
in my possession,
Your Excellency.

You don't have the warrant?

Then what do you have,
Lieutenant Leonard?

Forgive me...Captain Leonard.

You must excuse
my unfamiliarity

with the somewhat
liberal practices

of the Naval Service,

insofar as conferring rank
is concerned.

I'm afraid the army takes

a somewhat more
traditional stance
in these matters,

preferring to grant a title
of command

only when it has been earned.

Now, as to your request...

If you are unable
to produce the warrant,

then what have you to support
your claim against this man?

Well, surely you must have
some evidence

to put forward before you
dispossess him of his freedom.

A member of my crew
encountered this man
in Edinburgh

while in the service
of the Crown and can attest

to the incriminating
activities he saw there.

I see.

Then I presume your witness
has made an affidavit

and sworn its veracity
before a magistrate.

May I see the affidavit?

Having only just arrived,
I've not yet

had the opportunity...

Do you mean to say
you have neither warrant

nor affidavit
to support your claim?

Surely you do not mean
to arrest a British subject

on nothing more than
the scurrilous gossip

of the lower deck?

Your Excellency...

I am satisfied
as to both the validity
of the charge

and the identity
of this man.

And as a senior Naval officer
on the Porpoise,

I am justified
under the Articles of War

in my desire to take him
into custody.

Indeed, Captain...

were he captured at sea.

However, your authority ends
at the water's edge,

which is precisely
where my authority begins.

And until such time
as I am satisfied

as to the validity
of this alleged warrant,

this man will retain
his liberty.

Your Excellency...
Thank you...

Lieutenant Leonard.

Seems I'm indebted
to you yet again...

For saving my life.

Seems we've been indebted
to each other so many times

I lost count.

Until the next time, then.

Goodbye, John.

Goodbye, Jamie. And...

Good luck.

Then Jamie and I
arrived here...


That's a braw tale.

But ye seem to have
omitted one detail.

Why are you here?

I just told you.

25 years ago,
you dropped out of the sky

into my life,
and now, again,

you appear on my doorstep.

Strange how fate
keeps bringing us together.

I never met another traveler.
Only you.

We share a bond...

something even
you and Jamie can't share.

Suppose we do.

I befriended you,
and because of that,

I let my guard down.

I sacrificed all for you,

and still
you come into my home
and lie to me.

You've been lying
since we met.

I'm not lying
to you, Geillis.

I now see it was you
who poisoned Colum's mind.

Ye turned him against Dougal
and against the rising.

Just didn't know how far
you'd come to stop me.

Stop you from what?

From fighting for a Scot
to sit on the throne.

I've done no such thing.

Charles Stuart
had his chance.

He's water under the bridge,

but I'm not talking
about the bonnie prince.

I'm talking
about the new king.


I have no idea
what you're getting at.

I was just as shocked
to see you at the reception...

Don't play the fool
with me, Claire.

You knew full well
about the Brahan Seer,

and the sapphires,
and that I was getting close

to freeing my people
from the tyrannical rule

of the English,
and returning my homeland

to its former glory,
as God meant it!

I think I had better leave.

Stop her!

Get your hands off me!

This isn't
Cranesmuir, Claire.

There's no one here
to defend you,

save the truth.

What is it that you want
to hear?

Why have you been after me
all these years?

I haven't even been
in this time

for the last 20 years.

More lies.

Right before Culloden,

I went back to
my own time, in 1948.

You'd never leave
your beloved Jamie.

Well, I didn't want to.

But he made me leave,
because we knew
what would happen.

I don't believe you.

Not even war could part
the two of ye.

I was pregnant!


And ye left your husband?

I had to...

for the safety of my child.

You know how it was
after the '45.

The bloodshed,
the clearances.

Well, I went back to raise her
in my own time, in Boston.

And then,
when she was old enough,

I returned to find Jamie,

but that was
a few months ago!

So you're claiming
you traveled

through the stones
three times

and survived it?

I've read better stories
in Mills & Boon.

You can have her.
Do what ye will.

Look, I have proof!



This is my daughter.

How could I be
in these photos

if I wasn't telling you
the truth?

She looks familiar.
What's her name?


You actually met her

at the university
in Inverness in 1968.


I did meet her.

She was
at the White Roses rally,

later, at the pub.

That was your daughter?

And we were there the night

that you went
through the stones.

That was you
shouting my name?

I wanted to tell you
about what would happen

at the witch trial.

I tried to warn you.

Then you must have seen...
Your husband.


Well, what was left of him.

He was one of my favorites.


Such a lovely cock.

But a sacrifice
is required, Claire,

for the sake of the cause.
I never needed a sacrifice

any time I went through.

Then how did you do it?

I don't know.

I think it has...

something to do with who's
on the other side,

drawing you to them.

That might be so.

But I'd just as soon
have blood.

A girl
can't be too careful.

A 200-year-old baby...

Imagine that.

My dear friend,
I've acted monstrously.

But you can understand.

Our paths keep crossing
so ominously, and...

Well, it frightens me.

Things haven't been easy
for me.

It's hard to distinguish
friend from foe.

But I now see that
we've been brought together

by forces more powerful
than ourselves.

I shall retire now.

I'll have a servant show you
to a guest room,

where you can stay
as long as you need.



Oh, Christ, how did you...

Fergus got word
to John Grey.

Ye all right, Sassenach?

Yes, I'm fine.
Geillis has Young Ian!

Come on.

Which way now, Sassenach?

This way...
towards the drumming.





They are...with me.

What are you doing here?

I am with Miss Campbell.

These kind people
heard of her gifts,

and they asked her to come.

Thank you.


She is the first woman
to truly see me...

the man that I am, and...

I see her.

We wish to be together.

After tonight,
we will go to Martinique,

make a home there.

Have you seen Ian?

I have not.

Well, perhaps Margaret has.

He's with Mrs. Abernathy.



I was so pleased to see you
at the governor's reception.

I'm pleased to see you too.

You seem happier.

Margaret, can you tell us
where Mistress Abernathy
may be?

I see you

in an orchard of death,

sown with blood.

I see...

the rabbit.


I see a bird

on a windowsill.

He sings to you
when you are sorrowful,

but you hear him.

I knew it was you.

My father...

I've been dreaming
about you.

I love you.

You too, Mama!

Oh, no.

The monster...
Don't let it take me!

Help me! Help me!

Margaret, Margaret,
what are you talking about?


You've said that to me
before once.

The cave, right?

The monster is coming.


What have you done to her,
you wicked heathen?

You are not welcome here.

We'll be going.
Come, sister.

Mr. Campbell, please!

Have you forgotten
about our patron,
Mistress Abernathy?

What have you to do
with Mistress Abernathy?

This does not concern you!

Your patron
has taken my nephew.

I know naught
of your nephew.

My only interest is
the Brahan Seer prophecy

and the 200-year-old baby
that Mistress Abernathy's

Tell us!
The prophecy states

that a new king of Scotland
will arise

upon the death of a child
that's 200 years old

on the day it's born.

200-year-old baby...

He's not making sense.


Margaret, we're leaving.

Do you have the other photo?
The one with the dog?


You are not
leaving with her.

I dinna answer
to the likes of you.

Margaret, Mistress Abernathy
is expecting

our services
to be rendered.

Do not touch me, Chinaman!

I'm Yi Tien Cho.

I know
what you've done to her!

You are not worthy
of this woman.

Geillis must have taken it.

Why would she take it?

I told her

that I had
a child in the future,

that Brianna was yours.

She met her right before
Geillis came back
through the stones.

She thinks Brianna's
the 200-year-old baby.

You'll come with me now.

Or must I use the stick?

You made me tell fortunes
with riddles.

I won't do it anymore!

She's going to
go back there to...

Kill her.

We need
to find Geillis now.

Oh, there's a place
on the island

like Craigh na Dun.

Father Fogden
told me about it.
People disappear there.





Abandawe. Where?

It bad place.

Take us there.

The boy there, he die.

You follow...

you die.

That's it.

She's in there.

I can hear the hum.

Jamie, the portal
must be nearby.

If it takes me...

I may not be able
to come back through again.

You ken that if anything
should happen to me,

you must still follow her.

You must go.

We lost Faith.

We will not lose Brianna.

Don't worry.

You'll be sacrificed
for a great cause.

So you came, did you?

Don't come any closer, fox.

Persist, and Hercules will put
a bullet in your head.

I only spare ye
because Claire
is fond of you.

Geillis, don't!



A life for a life,
sweet Claire.

I saved you from the pyre
after the witch trial.

Ye owe me a life.

He's just a boy.

He's just fodder
for my passage.

It's your daughter's life
ye owe me.

I have to, Claire...

for the greater good.

It was then I realized

that the pool was the portal.

We are the chosen, you and I.

We have a responsibility
to change history.

I gave up my child
for the cause.

You must do the same.


This is God's will!



Go. You're free.

Uncle Jamie.

Come to me.

There's no reason
to be afraid, lad.

Claire? Claire!


Let's get out
of this place.

I knew you'd come,
Uncle Jamie.

But ye left it
a bit late, aye?

I did, then.

I'm sorry, Ian.

We're all right now.

JOE: She's from a cave
in the Caribbean.

Full grown, maybe late 40s.

Broken neck.

More than that.
Somebody tried

to cut this lady's head
clean off.

It's all right.

It's all right.

We'll rest now.

We must return to the ship.

I told Fergus to gather
our belongings,

have Lesley and Hayes
make ready to sail.

But first,
I must hold you both.

It was very generous
of Lord John

to use his influence
to withdraw the warrant.

Aye, it'll be good to return
to Scotland, Sassenach.


Be nice to be home.


Ah... We'll, uh...

We'll return Ian
straight to Jenny.

He might not want
to go back,

after all this adventure.

I dinna care
if he wants to or not.

I'll deliver him
to Lallybroch

if I must stuff him
into a hogshead.

Don't shave your beard.

Four days' growth
since we left Kingston.


You have some new
white hairs here.


Well, it's little wonder
if I have.

Surprised I dinna have
a full head of white hair,

after all I've suffered
these past few months.

I like this.

It's different.


How different?

When you kiss me...

against my skin.

Well, you have
very fine skin, Sassenach.

Like pearl.

Indeed, you have a lot
of very fine skin,

if that's what
you had in mind.

That's, uh,

more or less...

what I had in mind, yes.

I have...

given much thought...

About what I want
to do to you
when we arrive on dry land.

And what's that?

I've considered
in great detail

what I want to do to you,

should I have you
naked and willing

and no one hearing.

With enough room

to serve you...suitably.

Well...I'm willing.

And there's...

certainly enough room.

And as for
being naked, well...


I'll see to that.

It's all part
of the plan.

What's the plan?


I shall take you
to some private spot

in a heather
of some rolling hill,

and begin by sitting...

beside ye.

I suppose
that is a beginning.

And what then?

As for what's next...

I shall take you
on my knee...

And kiss ye.

So much for step one.

And after that?

Then I shall lay you down,

twist your hair up
in my hand,

taste your mouth,

throat and bosom
with my lips.

I shall do that until

you start making
squeaking noises.

I do not make
"squeaking noises."

Oh, aye, you do.

Hand me that towel, huh?

And then...

Then what?

And then...

I shall lay you
on your back.

And you might...
You might moan a bit,

if ye like,
to encourage me.

you just lay still.


I shall lie upon my back

and have you stretched out
at length upon me.

So that I can take hold
of your buttocks and...

fondle them properly.

My God.

You have the roundest ass
I've ever seen.

If you wish
to kick your legs a bit,

or make lewd motions
with your hips,

and pant in my ear
and make those wee noises

at any point
in the proceedings,

I won't have
any great objection.

I do not pant

or make "wee noises."

Do you not?

Well, then I shall

spread open your thighs...

Take down my breeks, and...

And what?

And then we shall see...

what sort of noises
ye dinna make then, Sassenach.

Cool air will be a blessing

after the heat
of the island.



Skies are turning.

Steer into the wind!

Come on, lad!

MAN: We have
to hold it steady!

We must help Milord!
Ye'll do as ye're ordered
this time!

He needs
all hands on deck.

Mac Dubh kens what's best!

Yes, he does.

And he wants you all
to stay down here!

It's best to let
the experienced sailors
do their duty.

I don't want to stay below,

where I'll be tossed about

with no notion of what's
happening overhead!

You have no choice
in the matter, young man.

Stay down here!

Well, where are
you going, Auntie?

I'm still
the ship's surgeon!

Secure the cargo
and get inside!

Go, go!




It's too dangerous!
Get back below.

I can't hold it!

MAN: Help me!

Let me help you!

I think it's broken.

Come on,
help me get him below.


Hold on!

We're losing her!

It's no use!
She's gone broadside!

Secure the wheel
and help me get
the men below!

Get below!

Everyone, get below deck!

Everyone, below deck!

Get in, Fraser!

I need to get my wife!





I was dead.

Everything around me
was a blinding white.

And there was
a soft rushing sound,

like the wings of angels.

I felt peaceful...

And bodiless...

Free of terror,
free of rage...

filled with
a quiet happiness.

Claire... Claire!



God damn you,

If you die here now,
I swear I'll kill you.


Oh, thank Christ.

Oh, I thought you were dead.

I told you I'd never
leave you again.

Scared me half to death.

Where are we?

I dinna ken.

The Artemis?

Are you all right, man?

Aye... We...

We have all our limbs.

You must be from the ship,

or what's left of it.

She's run aground
on the mud flats

four miles south of here.

Are there, uh,

any survivors?

Aye, the folks
have gone down
to care for them.

What a mercy it is
that you were saved.

I've never seen
such a dreadful blow

this time of year.

I'm Joseph Olivier.

This is my wife Patsy
and our daughter.

James Fraser and...

And my, uh... My wife...


This, um...

This may seem strange,
but, uh...

Where are we?

We call it Les Perles.

What we mean to ask is...

What island is this?

You're not
on an island at all.

You're on the mainland,

on the colony
of Georgia.