Outlander (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 10 - Heaven and Earth - full transcript

Claire races to discover the source of an epidemic aboard a disease-stricken ship before hundreds of sailors die. And as Jamie locks horns with Captain Raines, Fergus finds himself torn between loyalty and love.

- Previously... - Ian!
I won't set foot on our shores again wi'out Young Ian.
We will find him.
- Fergus. - Marsali?
What the hell are ye doing here?
- Fergus and I are married. - I am sending you home.
I'll tell everyone Fergus has already bedded me.
He hasn't, but I'll say it anyway.
I know that you're party to yer uncle's smuggling.
Where is he hiding the liquor?
They're firing at us.
No, signaling. They mean to board us.
We suffered an outbreak of infectious plague.
I know what it might be. It's called typhoid.
I can't catch it. I've been inoculated.
I won't take my eyes off that ship until you return.
But why are we moving?
Well, you can't just kidnap me like this.
You may be our only chance. I must take it.
What dealings have you with the cook?
Rose hips, cloves, lavender and orange peel.
It's a potpourri for Marsali.
May surprise you, Milord, but our cabin
is beginning to smell like the ship's bilge.
I thought it might impress her.
Why do I get the feeling it's me you're trying to impress?
Oy! What...
The Porpoise, she's moving away.
Aye. They have hell's own journey ahead of 'em.
They have my wife.
Do we not follow?
Topmen! Away aloft!
Make sail!
Belay that order!
They've taken Claire.
Set main sail only. Helm a-lee
- and aim sou'-sou'west. - Aye, Captain. Sou'-sou'west.
- That's not enough sail. - It's all the sail
we can safely carry in this wind.
They're getting away, damn you!
The Porpoise is carrying 100 sick, and more dying every day.
Captain Leonard requires a surgeon for the duration
and is making headway at full sail to ensure
the shortest possible journey.
He has promised to deliver her safely to us in Jamaica.
And you agreed to this?
He conveyed a message to me.
When the captain of a seventy-four
asks you for a surgeon, you give him a surgeon.
I have more than your wife to think about, Mr. Fraser.
My wife...
My wife!
Tell your men to scabbard their blades.
Do as he says, lads.
Just keep me in sight of her, man.
We'll sail at our own pace, Mr. Fraser,
and no faster than is safe.
Mr. Warren, restrain Mr. Fraser
and take him below.
I need more room to house the infected men.
Once this deck is clean, the sick can convalesce here.
Where will the rest of us sleep, then?
Everywhere else.
We need to make use of every inch of space
so that no man sleeps touching another one...
Sick or well.
Every surface must be cleaned.
Typhoid fever is spread by hands
or... or food contaminated by infected urine or feces.
Then we'll all die, if you hadn't noticed.
There's shite everywhere.
Thankfully, Mr. Jones, most of this is vomit.
Now let's get to work.
Lady doctor giving me orders.
What was that?
Nothing, sir.
It's Captain's orders, Jones.
You're to do as the doctor says and pay her every respect.
Yes, sir.
We need to get more air down here.
It's foul.
Thank you, Mr. Sullivan.
You mustn't let any man pass in or out
without first dipping his hands.
Why do we dip our hands in grog?
Because we don't have any pure alcohol.
What did you just do?
Just a taste of grog, madam.
I couldn't see it going to waste.
The alcohol kills contaminants
that spread the fever, Mr. Pound.
By dipping your hands in the grog, you clean them.
But by putting them in your mouth, you've fouled them again.
Look, if you had the disease,
you could easily spread it to another man
by touching his food or... or simply touching his hand.
Look, please, dip them again.
I had been on the Porpoise for less than a day.
Surely no more than 50 miles separated me from Jamie.
And yet, it felt nearly as far as the 200 years.
Still, I was glad he was not here,
knowing he would not have been safe
from the typhoid raging through the ship.
I've managed to secure you a hat, madam.
The sun can be very unforgiving.
- Thank you. - Would it be helpful, madam,
if we had someone as knew how to
distill pure alcohol from rum?
You catch on very quickly, Mr. Pound.
We have two men pressed into service
out of the Old Tolbooth in Edinburgh...
Jailed for distilling illicit whisky.
Shall I put them to work in building a still?
Well, I think you shall.
Though it won't be a popular decision.
I'll speak with the purser about putting the men
on half rations of grog.
The men won't like it.
Well, would they prefer to die?
That pomander of herbs won't stave off the fever, Mr. Overholt.
But the alcohol just might.
And what's to keep these two slags from drinking their production?
We can set a private of marines to guard them.
It's the Captain's orders.
The doctor must get whatever she wants.
But I suppose, as we're only 250 leagues from Jamaica now,
it can be done.
How many casks will you require?
How many men would you like me to save?
Now, about the food...
Should be able to keep this down.
It's a pap of scalded goat's milk and pounded biscuit.
Feel better, Mr. Owens.
You can touch the sick if necessary, Mr. Pound.
But when you're down here,
you must never touch your face or your hair,
even your clothes, not until you've washed your hands again.
Yes, madam.
How old are you, Mr. Pound?
14, madam.
What's your first name, if I may ask?
- Elias. - May I call you that?
The Captain mightn't like it.
'Tisn't said in the navy, you know?
Well, I shall be very navy in public.
But if we're going to work together,
then it's easier for me to call you by your name.
How long have you been at sea, Elias?
Uh, since I was seven, madam.
My uncle's a commander on Triton,
which allowed me a berth in her.
I joined the Porpoise just for this voyage alone.
You are a very impressive young man.
That's Jim Quigley, madam.
He's a friend.
We're from the same town.
Three more have come down with it, madam.
Can you put them over there?
And if you can stay and help...
Yes, madam.
Give these men some water.
The surgeon's journal? Yes.
Had it transferred when he died.
- It's just here. - I need to know
the first reported case of the disease.
It would've been four weeks ago.
Here, Ben Cole.
Cole. "Reported sick this morning.
Headache, bellyache, dry cough, persistent fever."
Steven Cory, same.
Two the next day...
MacMorrow, Enthwhistle, same symptoms, same...
This notation beside the names,
- C-A-R-P, that's...? - Carpenter's crew.
Did they mess in the same room?
Captain, as I've explained,
the disease is passed by hands and food.
- Where did they mess? - The carpenter's store on the orlop.
Well, I need to speak to the surviving men who messed there.
Aye. Their names will be here.
And what is this? DD?
Discharged dead, madam.
- All of them? - Yes.
All but one. Joe Howard.
Well, he's... he's sick now?
No, he was never ill.
He was reassigned, on account of the deaths.
He works in the galley now with Mr. Cosworth, our cook.
I'm fine and dandy.
As you can plainly see, Howard has not been taken ill.
How can he be the source of the disease?
A man can still have the disease
without showing any signs and still pass it to other men.
She's speaking gibberish.
She already has me dedicating all my pots to boiling water.
We're on half rations of grog
because we have to wash our hands in alcohol.
And for what? Men are still dying.
Well, they're dying because the source of the disease
is serving the food.
Captain, I'll not give up my one remaining galley hand
on account of a cursed woman's foolish notion.
It's not foolish.
Captain, really?
A man is either sick or well, as anyone can see.
Just because it's beyond our comprehension, Cosworth,
doesn't make it less voracious.
We must believe her.
Master-at-arms? Take this man into custody.
What have I done?
It's not to punish you, Howard, only to keep the men safe.
You'd better be right about this, Mistress Fraser.
Five minutes.
How are you, Milord?
It's very close in there, no?
I'm well acquainted with the inside of a cell, Fergus.
not a floating one.
Milady will be safe, Milord. I'm sure of it.
You told me it's impossible for her to get the disease, no?
There's more than disease aboard that ship, lad.
There are 300 men.
I lost her once, Fergus.
Canna lose her again.
Get me the keys.
The keys, Milord?
Have you forgotten you're a pickpocket?
Get the keys from Raines, set me free.
We'll take the ship.
Make all sail.
It can't work, Milord.
The crew... they're not yours. They will not follow you.
Some will.
Dumez and Girard have long been in Jared's service.
We'll have Willoughby, and Lesley, Hayes.
Seven against 20... We'll lose.
Convince more.
Manzetti will come our way.
Others, too.
But the Porpoise is a day ahead of us.
We cannot catch them.
Then we'll abandon Jared's wine.
An empty ship runs faster.
- We'll catch the Porpoise... - And then what?
I dinna ken... yet.
I'll get to that matter when we catch them.
I love her, too, Milord, but...
What good are you, you damn fool?
I see I was right to withhold my blessing from you.
Proves ye dinna ken what love is.
You do not mean that, Milord.
How could you say that?
Because if ye did,
ye would move Heaven and Earth.
You would risk arrest and death.
Even hell.
You would do it as easily as... prick of a pin.
Ye'd set me free from this cell
to help me rescue the woman I love from her kidnappers.
Until ye risk all, ye canna speak of love.
Get me those keys.
Help me break free, and I will give you
my blessing to marry Marsali.
The last stitch must go through his nose, madam,
to be sure he's dead.
'Tis always done by a friend.
Ship's company, off hats.
In the midst of life, we are in death.
Of whom may we seek for succor,
but of thee, O Lord,
whom for our sins art justly displeased?
Thou knowest, Lord, the secrets of our hearts.
Shut not thy merciful ears to our prayer,
but spare us, Lord, most holy,
O God most mighty.
Suffer us not, at our last hour,
for any pains of death, to fall from thee.
Therefore, in the sure and certain hope
of resurrection to eternal life,
we commend to Almighty God our shipmates,
and we commit their bodies to the deep.
Present arms!
Our Father, which art in Heaven,
Hallowed be Thy name.
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done,
on Earth as it is in Heaven.
They will be done.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil,
for Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory
forever and ever.
11 dead.
That's more than yesterday.
More than the day before that.
What are you doing about it?
Boiling water
and washing hands.
There'd better be fewer in the days to come
is what I say... Doctor.
As you were, Mr. Cosworth.
The cook's always been a disagreeable man.
Is there a secret to it?
Remaining so calm in the face of so much death.
There is, actually.
In fact, there's a word for it...
It means...
separating certain areas of your life so...
So you can do your work.
If you let yourself be affected by every death,
you'd never save a life.
Then again, Jim Quigley was not my friend.
I think I see.
This won't be the last burial at sea for the Porpoise, Elias.
But with any luck, we'll get through it.
Begging your pardon, madam,
but after three days of watching you at your work,
I do not think much of it will come down to luck.
But if it is to be luck, then you should have this.
My own mother gave it to me as a boy
before I left on Triton.
"Luck and health," she said.
Well, that is what we need.
Thank you, Elias.
When was the last time you saw your mother?
Oh, she's dead, madam.
May God rest her spirit.
Begging your pardon, madam.
Another man's been taken ill.
It's Mistress Johansen's husband.
- Mistress Johansen? - The lady that tends
to the goats and provides milk for the men.
Right. Take me to him.
No breathing.
Yeah, he is. It's just very slow.
He's as cold as ice. It's not fever.
When did the symptom...
- Of all the stupid, foolish... - Madam?
Half the men on this fucking ship are dying of typhoid,
and this bloody fool has almost drank himself to death
on the alcohol I need to stop the goddamn fever
from spreading.
I'm sorry, Mr. Pound.
Didn't mean to offend your tender ears.
Oh, I've heard many such things before, madam,
but not from a gentlewoman.
I'm not a gentlewoman, Mr. Pound.
Mistress Johansen, do you speak English?
Your husband has alcohol poisoning.
He will be fine. He will wake up, yes?
Mr. Pound, stay with Corporal Johansen.
Keep him on his side.
Make sure he doesn't choke on his own vomit.
Yes, madam.
- Mistress Johansen... - Annekje. My name.
thank you for all the work you're doing with the goat's milk.
It's keeping the men alive.
I keep do?
Yes. Please. Keep do.
Godsokers, Mistress Fraser.
Seamen will drink almost anything...
Spoiled plum brandy, peaches mashed
in an empty boot left to ferment.
Well, I've even known a seaman,
slept with his head in an empty rum...
The harbormaster had record of only one
three-masted frigate sailing under a Portuguese flag...
The Bruja.
Mr. Jones?
Is that a Portuguese flag?
Where did that come from?
Well, two weeks ago,
we boarded a Portuguese frigate in search of a surgeon.
What was the name of the ship?
Was it the Bruja?
I wouldn't know.
Uh, Captain would remember, though, I wager.
Captain Leonard?
Portuguese frigate...
The Caçador.
Damn it.
"Harry Tompkins, able seaman, tells me Alexander Malcolm,
wanted seditioner, was seen on board the Artemis.
I've deduced that he means the man I met,
Jamie Fraser, obviously going by an alias."
Captain Leonard...
Mr. Cosworth, I was looking for the captain.
And not finding him, entered notwithstanding.
Yes. Pardon me.
You trespass, madam.
By all appearances, so do you.
No. I've come to fetch Captain Leonard's pipe...
at his request.
Well, then he'll be expecting you.
I don't like you, madam.
And I don't trust you either.
I have the captain's best interests.
And I'll know why you're here.
Well, you may have his interest, but I have his trust.
And what do you think will happen
if I tell him you tried to violate me
on his dining table?
I did no such thing.
And who do you think he'll believe?
Oh, he'll have you arrested so quick, your head'll spin.
Now get out of my way...
or I will scream.
The cook and his suspicions were the least of my worries.
Someone on this ship had recognized Jamie.
I had to find this Harry Tompkins.
He'll allow us to marry?
If I break him loose and help him take the ship,
then, yes.
And if ye fail?
Then I will join Milord in chains.
It's a risk, mon coeur.
But one I'm willing to take to be with you.
Ye risk not being wi' me at all.
I'll be left alone on this vessel,
wi' no one to protect me.
No, no. No, I'm sorry. We ca... we can't.
Daddy's locked up belowdecks,
and that woman of his is on some other ship.
No one is keeping an eye on us, if ye hadn't noticed.
And with you about to risk yer life,
now may be...
our only chance.
Mm. We must wait until we're married.
I've promised Milord.
There's true hope for us now.
Ye're just like him, you know?
Once ye give yer word, ye'll never break it.
Mistress Johansen's husband is improving.
Good. Have you slept yet?
You know, you can sit down. It is all right.
do you know a sailor on board named Harry Tompkins?
No. But then I wouldn't know every name.
We were 400 strong when we began.
I see.
Thank you.
Four new cases today.
I should've thought finding a carrier would've ended it.
Well, there is the incubation period to consider...
The reason I asked about Tompkins...
he may be a second carrier.
- Should I inform the captain? - No.
I don't want to stir up trouble
like we had with Howard in the galley.
But if you could get word out to the crew
that I need to see this Tompkins right away.
Just don't tell them what for just yet.
Of course.
Thank you.
And then get some sleep.
I don't trust him, Captain, even locked up.
Don't forget, his men were the cause
- of all that bad luck we had. - That's the truth.
Where is he now?
In the galley store.
- Will you set him free? - I will not.
The supercargo is cargo himself now.
He's lucky we didn't
toss him overboard.
The Frenchie still wanders free.
Who? The cripple? He's no trouble.
No trouble, no. I wouldn't mind a taste of his wee lassie.
And I bet she's no virgin.
Not by the time I'm done with her.
Lassies is bad luck on ships.
That's enough of that. Back to work.
Please, McGregor, I've told you... told you!
- Get him in! - Ah!
Down there.
Your Harry Tompkins, madam.
I ordered them not to beat him, Mistress Fraser,
but he tried to hide.
As I've naught to do with this bloody fever.
Thank you, gentlemen. You can go.
You too, Pound. You're asleep on your feet.
Go get some rest.
Right, Mr. Tompkins.
I know who you are, Mistress.
I saw Mr. Malcolm from the boat when I rowed the captain over.
You're his wife.
Yes. I am.
Now you're going to tell me exactly what you know
about my husband.
Or what?
You'll cut off me arm? Go on, then.
In fact, kill me.
I'll thank you for it.
After the month I've had, I'll be more than glad
to see the inside of a casket.
Three months ago, I had both feet on land,
working for His Majesty's Excise for Sir Percival Turner.
I followed a lad to Mr. Malcolm's print shop,
and I uncover a treasonous plot, don't I?
Only the little shite throws hot lead in me face,
and I'm nearly burned alive.
I make it out of there...
scarred for life.
And I inform Sir Percival o' the matter.
I reckon I'm fit to be promoted.
Instead, I'm pressed into service
on a ship full o' disease.
So go ahead, yeah? Here's me neck.
Put me out of me misery!
Well, maybe I will.
My husband can't get arrested on the captain's words alone...
nor Sir Percival's.
They have your husband now, madam,
and warrants for his arrest for murder and high treason.
Guess what we found the day
before the press gang got me?
In a cask of crème de menthe it were.
My husband did not kill that man.
The warrants say otherwise.
I've told the captain.
He'll write a report as soon as we land in Jamaica.
Well, I'll talk him out of it.
Captain Leonard's an ambitious man.
He wants the admiral to give him
command of his own ship, you see.
Little chance, o' course.
But if he brings in a wanted seditioner,
mm, it just might.
I'll wager he'll not be talked out of that.
The authorities'll be waitin' for your husband
when he comes to fetch you in Kingston.
And then he'll be hanged.
He's the second source of the fever.
You know, I wouldn't get too close to Howard if I were you,
not unless you want to catch the disease.
He actually is the source.
I hear your husband is doing much better.
Ja. Thank you.
Cheese. Goat.
Thank you.
Smells delicious.
Oh. Oh, what sad you?
No, I'm... I'm all right. It's just...
It's my husband.
I'm afraid he's going to be in trouble
when he arrives in Jamaica, and I've...
no way to warn him.
In fact, I think they're going to try and use me as bait.
I don't know what to do.
Oh, I help.
That's very kind, but I'm not sure how you could.
My goats needs grass.
Not sure I know what you mean.
My goats needs grass, so...
Well, thank you.
Ah, did you bring the keys?
I do not have them.
You could not get them.
I didn't try.
What in the name of Holy God do you mean?
You haven't been on deck, Milord.
You haven't seen the looks or heard the talk of the men.
If I free you and we don't succeed...
they'll throw us both into the sea.
We will succeed.
We will not.
They will kill us, and Marsali will be alone.
I will not leave her alone.
And I won't send you to your death.
I know you won't give us your blessing now, but...
You asked me if I would move Heaven and Earth
for the woman I love, and I will...
even if it means I cannot marry her.
I do this for you as well, Milord.
Fergus. Fergus.
Perhaps I love too much.
Pleasant sound, isn't it?
- It's silent. - Aye.
No moans nor groans for three days now.
No one begging Christ's mercy for a quick death,
just sleeping men.
We're over the worst of it now.
♪ Of all the girls in the town ♪
♪ The red, the black, the fair, the brown ♪
♪ That dance and prance it up and down ♪
♪ There's none like Nancy Dawson ♪
♪ Her easy mien, her shape so neat ♪
♪ She foots, she trips, she looks so sweet ♪
♪ Her every motion's so complete ♪
♪ I die for Nancy Dawson ♪
♪ Look how she comes to give surprise ♪
♪ With joy and pleasure in her eyes ♪
♪ To give delight, she always tries ♪
♪ So means my Nancy Dawson
♪ For there no task to obstruct the way ♪
♪ No shutter old, no house so gay ♪
Yes, Elias.
It's Mother.
It's time for you to come home now.
Your mother would be so proud.
It should be done by a friend.
I missed the signs. I...
Thought he was simply tired.
Your efforts have been heroic.
There has been only one death today,
sad as it may be...
and not one new case.
We had three of each yesterday.
- More the day before. - Doesn't matter.
Purser tells me we're almost out of drinking water.
The sick simply can't survive without constant liquids...
Saying nothing of the healthy.
You will do your best.
And so shall I.
And together, we'll reach Jamaica safely.
I'm sorry for your loss, Mistress Fraser.
And I am grateful.
Mistress Fraser?
- Mistress Fraser. - What is it?
They've caught a whiff.
Land. You can always smell it before you see it.
- Jamaica? - No, madam.
But we'll reach the Grand Turk in the forenoon tomorrow.
We'll have water for the men.
And grass for mine goats.
I realized in that moment what Annekje had meant.
Come on.
She could indeed help me escape and find Jamie.
And now I understood how.
We were under quarantine and would therefore anchor
on the unpopulated side of Grand Turk Island.
Annekje had a plan.
Her goats needed grass.
As their milk was the only food keeping the men alive...
Hup, hup, hup.
She would be let off to feed them,
along with the watering party.
Come on.
And I would go with her.
Stay close. Captain's orders.
Captain's orders to stay by the beach!
Go, now.
Warn husband.
I take care of men. I feed sick.
- Hmm? - Okay.
Thank you, my friend.
Captain Leonard.
Mistress Fraser.
The goats are supping well, I trust.
Yes, of course.
- What are you... - Making rounds.
I had thought that some of the men might find
their proximity to a brothel too appealing to resist.
I had not thought that you, our doctor,
would disobey my orders to not wander.
No, I-I was looking for herbs.
In the direction of the port?
Am I?
This landfall is as much your victory as mine, madam.
And I do not lie when I insist I'm in your debt.
But I cannot let you warn your husband.
I know what you saw in my logbook.
I do not relish the task,
but I am duty bound to report your husband's crimes
to the authorities in Jamaica.
And to use me as bait.
It would be breaking the law if I did not do it.
Perhaps more importantly, I would break a solemn oath.
Just please, can't you look the other way?
Marines, kindly escort the doctor to the ship.
She seems to have lost her way.
I expect to be in sight of land by dawn.
What's that to do with me?
Passage between the islands is hazardous
all year through, but much more so in winter.
I need all good and able men if I'm to navigate the shoals.
So I'm good and able now, am I?
What's she doing here?
She's persuaded me you'll not rebel.
Ask him to give you his word.
Once he gives it, he'll never break it.
What you doing, lass?
Just give him your word,
and he'll set you free.
You canna see what he's done for you, can ye?
No, Fergus.
What Fergus did, he did for you.
If you believe that, you dinna deserve
to be let out of here.
You may have a moment.
But as I said, I need all hands.
By the mark. Seven fathoms.
Steady now.
You have my blessing.
You can be married in Jamaica.
By a priest.
You'll need to prove yourself to her...
as much as to me.
- And then... - First, let us get to Jamaica.
Thank you, mon fils.
By the deep. Six and a half fathoms.
Go! Now!
You jump.
I can't jump in the ocean in the middle of the night.
I'll drown.
No, no, no. Not... not drown.
Not drown.
I know water. Water, it'll move you.
Huh? Take you Co-Burn. Take you Co-Burn.
The ship's not far, come.
Go now. Go.
A raft?
I'm sorry.
That's crazy. I-I can't.
Eight bells, and all's well.
I hear things. Your husband will hang.
Now's only chance. Please!
Get yourself organized, Jack.
You'll get a hot meal inside.
Money. You pay, uh, ship.
Okay, okay.
Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ.