Outlander (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Faith - full transcript

Doctors at L'Hopital des Anges attempt to save the lives of Claire and her unborn baby; King Louis asks Claire to judge two men accused of engaging in the dark arts.


Someone tried to poison me.

For you, Madonna.

It will change color in
the presence of poison.

If St. Germain is behind this,

you need to connect him to the gang,

Les Disciples.

- There's nothing in here.
- Look again, Madonna.

- How did you do that?
- A little sleight of hand.

Apostle spoons. Christening
gift for the bairn.

Monsieur Forez confided
to me that he's preparing

for multiple executions.

You're in danger, Master Raymond.

You can't kill Randall.

It would be as if you're
killing Frank too.

A year, not one day more.

Milord got into a fight
with an English officer.

He promised.



♪ Sing me a song ♪

♪ Of a lass that is gone ♪

♪ Say, could that lass ♪

♪ Be I? ♪

♪ Merry of soul ♪

♪ She sailed on a day ♪

♪ Over the sea ♪

♪ To Skye ♪

♪ Billow and breeze ♪

♪ Islands and seas ♪

♪ Mountains of rain and sun ♪

♪ All that was good ♪

♪ All that was fair ♪

♪ All that was me ♪

♪ Is gone ♪

♪ Over the sea ♪

♪ To Skye ♪


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Look, Mama. What a pretty bird.

Let me see.

That is a pretty bird, isn't it?

What kind of bird is this?

That is a heron.

Have you ever seen one in real life?

Yes, I have.

- Where?
- In Scotland.

When were you in Scotland, Mama?

A long time ago.


Be still, my child.

My baby.

I am here.

We will take care of you.


Monsieur Forez is working.

My baby...

You must stay quiet. You must.

I am here.


Where's my baby?

Wh... where is my baby?

Chère Madame,

do not trouble yourself.

You must save your strength.

Where's my baby?

I don't want any water. I...

I want my baby.

I am sorry, Madame.

She has joined the angels.

She was...

No. No.

It's not possible.

I want my baby.

My... bring me my baby.

Bring me my baby.

Bring me my baby!

I want my baby! Baby!



Where is she now?

I baptized her.

And gave her a name.


You must understand,

it is illegal unless
the child is living.

But I wanted her to be
buried in hallowed ground.

This, ma chère,

will stay between you, me, and God.

Mère Hildegarde...

This is Father Laurentin.

It is customary to perform

an unction of the sick, my child.

It has been several days now.

Your fever is very high.

It is wise to prepare the soul.

I need my husband.

I'm sorry, ma chère,
there has been no word.

My sins are all I have left.

- Amen.
- Amen.


Be still now.

- Jamie...
- Shh, shh, shh.

Hush, Madonna.

If they find me here, I'm finished.

Master Raymond.

Tell me what you see, Madonna.

Oh, wings.

Blue wings.

Mm, blue with the color of healing.

The wings will carry your
pain away, if you let them.

A white hotness
burned deep in my bones.

I knew what it was.

Puerperal fever.

The baby had come,

but part of the placenta had not.

It festered inside my womb,

but as Raymond's hands moved
over the meridians of my body,

I could feel the tiny
deaths of the bacteria

that inhabited my
blood, small explosions

as each scintilla of
infection disappeared.

The fever drained from my bones,

and my tortured body relaxed gratefully

into the frame of his hands,

melting and reforming like molded wax.

Call him.

Call to him.


I don't know what he did

or how he did it...

But he healed me.

Once more, he saved my life.


I must go now. Be well, Madonna.

I am no Madonna.

I have no child.

I didn't call you Madonna

because you were with child, my dear.

Everyone has a color about them,

all around them like a cloud.

Yours is blue.

Like the Virgin's cloak.

Like my own.

You shouldn't have come.

It's too dangerous.

You were right about the king.

He wants blood now.

But these are things you
do for your friends.

Will I ever see you again?

As I told you before, we
will see each other again.

Mère, has there been any
word from Monsieur Fraser?

He is unable to come, Madame.

He was arrested for dueling
with the English captain,

and is being detained in the
Bastille Saint-Antoine.

For how long?

Dueling is a serious offense.

I'm afraid your husband
will remain in prison

at the king's pleasure.

If your husband had killed his opponent,

the penalty would have been much worse.

He's not dead?

The English captain?

He is badly wounded,

and the British ambassador
begged for him to be allowed

to recover from his injuries in England.

So Jack Randall was still alive.

The cat with nine lives.

And thus, so was Frank.

But at what cost?

That is fortunate, no?



But my husband betrayed me, Mother.

Revenge mattered more to him than me...

or his child.

How so?

One year of grace

is all I asked,

to which he agreed.

One year.

He may as well have run
his sword through me.

God says we must revel in mercy.

Tread sins underfoot

and hurl iniquities into the sea.

I'm not sure there's a sea deep enough.

I laid in that bed for weeks.

My body had healed. My soul had not.

One day Fergus came.

He brought flowers and
asked me to come home.

I'd lost my husband and my child.

Where else could I go?

Welcome home...


Thank you, Magnus.

Thank you, Fergus.

That was nice.

What is it?

N... nothing, Milady.


What is he doing?



Wake up.

It's just a bad dream.

Do you want to tell me about it?

No. No, Milady.

Might make you feel better.

It's... it... it's not just a dream.

What is it?

The... the Englishman, Milady.

What Englishman?

Fergus, tell me.

I-I went with Milord to...
to Maison Elise.

Prince Charles owed money.

He told me to wait.

Milord told me to stay put,

but I have a talent for stealing

and I couldn't resist.

O... one of the rooms was open...

and I saw a bottle of perfume there.

I-I-I wanted to bring
it to Milady as a gift.

It smelled so nice.

I put it in my pocket.

I kept the bottle, but...

but I was too afraid to give it to you

after what happened.

It's lavender, Milady.

When I turned around,

he was there. The Englishman.

You're not what I ordered.

But, um...

no, you'll do.

Jesus Christ.

I-I tried to get away, I swear I did.

I told him Milord was there,

but he... he wouldn't listen.

He said that h-h-h-he wanted me to...

I can't say it in front of a lady.

Stop! Stop!

Why... why didn't you
tell me this sooner?

I-I wanted to, but...

but I was ashamed.

It's all right, Fergus.

No! No, it's not.

It's all my fault.

I should have kept quiet.

I didn't cry or scream at first,

but... I couldn't help it.

Stop! Stop! Stop!


Milord heard it and...

and he came running.


I hid under the dressing table.

Get off!

Then the fight was broken up.

A-as soon as Milord was taken away,

I heard him challenge the
Englishman to a duel.

You sick bastard!

A duel! I demand a duel!


And then he was taken away.

It's not your fault, Fergus.

I-I didn't know.

I didn't know he would go
to fight the Englishman.

I didn't know.

A... and now Milord is gone.

He will never come back.

Come here.

Oh, it's all right.

A private audience with the king?

You have mentioned you
are the goddaughter

of the Old Sun King.

Surely you have an entrée
or know someone who does.

It is possible.

I wish to petition for
my husband's release

from the Bastille.

So, ma chère, you have
found a deep enough sea.

I learned the reason
he broke his promise.

I was angry at him.

Still am.

But he is the father of my child.

His Majesty is a mercurial man.

There is a price to such requests.

Which is?

The king may expect to lie with you.

If it comes to sacrificing
my virtue, Mother,

I'll add it to the list of things

I have already lost in Paris.

Madame Claire Fraser,
Lady Broch Tuarach.



Now, tell me what it is
that I may do for you.

My husband is in the Bastille.

For dueling.

Your husband has broken a royal decree.

I understand that.

But he was provoked.

As you know, he is a Scot.

They are most fierce where questions

of their honor are concerned.

Quite so.

Quite so, Madame.

- However...
- I would be most grateful...

Your Majesty.

Is this his ring?

Yes, Sire.

And this other one?

I was married once before.

And yet you still wear his ring.

Your loyalty is most...


I am inclined towards mercy,

ma chère Madame,


He was called
Louis the Well-Beloved.

His rule was absolute.

He could free Jamie with a word

or kill him.

He could do with me as he liked.

I waited to see what His
Majesty's pleasure might be.

Tell me, if I was to grant your request

to free your husband...

would you be inclined to grant
me a small favor in return?

I am at Your Majesty's
complete disposal.

Ah. Très bien.

Très bien, ma chère.


So pale.

So fine.

I can see why they call
you La Dame Blanche.

The king asks that you give us
the benefit of your skills.

When I saw Monsieur Forez,

the king's executioner,

I knew his presence could
mean only one thing;

there would be death here today.

I'm not sure what you mean, Sire.

Maître Raymond et Comte St. Germain,

We have no quarrel with the
proper search for wisdom.

But while much good may be found,

so, too, may evil be discovered.

And the search for
wisdom be perverted into

the desire for power and wealth

for one's own depraved
and immoral purpose.

Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ.

I beseech you to use your talents,

look into their souls

and if there is darkness within,

they will be handed
over to M'sieur Forez

and put to death.

It will be an honor

to assist Your Majesty in this task.

Very well.

Let us commence.

I see a shadow...

behind your eyes, Comte.

I see an image.

A gang of men in the street...

dressed as aristocrats,

but wearing masks.

There is a name in
your mind, Monsieur...

"Les Disciples."

What do you know of "Les
Disciples," Monsieur?

I know nothing of these
"Disciples" of which you speak.

- You are lying, sir.
- I am not lying.

I am not lying! I am not lying, Sire!

This woman is a liar and a witch.

This woman has also been known
to drink poison and survive.

And how do you come to this knowledge?

Because I gave her the poison myself.

She tried to ruin my livelihood.

She had my ship destroyed
with her false condemnations.

She is a witch.

And she doesn't deny it.


I don't deny it.

La Dame Blanche is a white witch,

and I practice...

white magic, Sire.

Madame Fraser

is not on trial here.

Even knowing St.
Germain tried to poison me,

I found it hard to condemn
him cold-bloodedly to death.

I see
darkness in his soul.

Also in his.

But only the normal darkness

that lives in the souls of...

all men.

Even a king's.

For without darkness...

there can be no light.

Nevertheless, if I am
to cleanse this city,

I must make an example.

Perhaps we can aid your decision.

The Bible claims that a true believer

can handle serpents and
they will not harm him,

for they are the servants of God.

Perhaps, Your Majesty,

I may suggest another test.

It is true I drank the Comte's poison

and it did not kill me.

Let him drink mine and see what happens.

Let them both drink it.

With your permission?

Very well.

I decided to take a page

out of Master Raymond's
book, so to speak.

I looked through the evidence,
the remnants from his shop

and found the herb I was looking for.

Bitter cascara.

I knew the cascara would
make both men ill,

but wouldn't kill them.

And perhaps Louis, having had his show,

would be appeased and set them free.

This potion will give
you your answers, Sire.

We may have a death...

or two.

But I ask one thing;

if both these men survive,

you will set them free.

We shall see if it pleases the king.

I never saw Raymond add
anything to it, no one had.

It was another amazing
feat, a sleight of hand

like the one he'd shown me in his shop.

Give him the cup.

Hand it to him.

All I knew was that this time,

inside the cup, was death.

St. Germain knew it too.

Oh, well...

Perhaps it was the shock

of what I'd been through,

but as Master Raymond was led away,

what ran through my brain
was a line from a film.

You know the one;

"I'm going to miss you most of all."

Your Majesty will honor my request?

First, there's still a
matter of the payment.

I closed my eyes

and thought of England.


I will issue a pardon for your husband

and arrange one with the English crown

should you wish to return to Scotland.

I don't even know if it was a boy...

or a girl.


Will ye make me beg?

It was a girl.

Mother Hildegarde baptized her.

Gave her a name.


Mother Hildegarde has a
very odd sense of humor.

She's buried in the cemetery,

next to the convent.

I did try to keep my promise.

Fergus told me what happened.

Then ye see how I couldna
let Randall go unpunished

for what he did to the wee lad?

Do ye hate me for it, Claire?

I did hate you.

Mother Hildegarde let me see her,

so I wouldn't have to imagine.

She was beautiful.

So small.

I could cup her head in
the palm of my hand.

The ears stuck out just a little.

You could see the light through them.

And the light through her skin as well.

Like the light on a pearl

that's still wet from the sea.

Her eyes were closed.

No lashes yet.

They were slanted a bit,

like yours.

She had wisps of the most...

beautiful copper hair.

♪ Oh, I do like to be ♪

♪ Beside the seaside ♪

♪ Oh, I do like to be ♪

♪ Beside the sea ♪

♪ I like to walk along ♪

♪ Prom, Prom, Prom ♪

♪ So just let me be beside the sea ♪

How long has it been?

Since this morning.

Ma chère Claire.

She's beautiful, isn't she?


Ten fingers.

And ten toes.

She's an angel.

May I hold her?

♪ ♪

So yes...

I hated you.



it was me...

who asked the impossible of you.

It was me that put Frank
before our family.

It was me...

who followed you to the woods.

Frank is your family too.

But he's not here.

And now, neither is our daughter.

It's not your fault.

It's not even Randall's
fault, not this time.

It's my fault.

I asked your forgiveness once.

You said there's nothing to forgive.

Truth is...

I already forgave you,

long before today.

For this and anything
else you could ever do.

There is something else.

I slept with the king.

To buy your freedom.

You did it to save my life.

Just like I gave myself
to Randall to save you.

How can we ever be the same?

No, we can't be.

The weight of what has
happened here is...

too much for any one
of us to bear alone.

The only way we can live with it

is to carry it...


Are you sure you want to do that?

We lost our child.

But by the grace of God,
we may be given another.

Then bring me home.

To Scotland.



But there's something
I'd like to do first.

St. Andrew.

If we must bury you here in France,

let's leave a bit of Scotland wi' ye.

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