Outcasts (2010–2011): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

A new virus hits Forthaven,striking down Lily and Tipper among others, and Tate fears it is the host's response to the city's signals. He and Stella plan to set up a transmitter to jam the signals carrying the virus but Berger tries to prevent them by explaining that it will stop the transporter with which he has been in touch from arriving from Earth. Berger tries to blame the outbreak on the A.C.s,especially Fleur and reveals that Fleur is an A.C. created in a niche project on Earth with some of Tate's DNA. Cass helps Fleur to escape to the desert,telling her that on Earth he worked for murderous gangsters but turned them in in exchange for his new identity. He delivers her to Rudi and the A.C.s set out on a trek for new territory. Tate resigns as president,handing over to Jack,who has Berger arrested and allows the transmitter to be created. Tipper and Lily are among those who recover as the virus is prevented,the transporter landing in the desert outside Forthaven.

There was a species here
like you before. Did you kill them?

Talk to them! They don't want you
here. They killed your children.

That was a virus, C23.

Do you really believe that?
And if it is the host force?

We try to communicate.

I need to make use of our AC friend.

Tate wants us to release him.
Is that what you want to do?

I think it's time you start doing
what you felt was right.

Who are you? Who's Tom Starling?
I can't tell you.

Fleur, please... please!

You're the most beautiful girl
in this city.

Can we go back to your place?

Both our peoples are threatened
with complete annihilation.

No, Richard, only yours are.

Alchemist, we have the Omega report
you requested.

It's hot.

Don't worry.

I won't tell anyone.

Just let me know if you want
to do it again sometime, yeah.

It can't be.

Cass, find Tipper for me, please,
and ask him to come here.

Tipper? Stella wants to see you.

Wake up your boyfriend.
He's not my boyfriend.

Your mum's not much
of a morning person either.

I'm not in a great mood meself.

Don't make me
drag your sorry arse out of bed.


He's on an isolation ward.
They're doing tests.

The light above his head?

Exactly the same as with C23.

We're giving him the same
antivirals. That won't work, though,

not if both viruses
were caused by the host force.

They won't do him any harm and we
can't be seen to be doing nothing.

C23 stopped last time.
Maybe this one will too.

Maybe. We don't know
what their aim is, though, do we?

I just heard.
Fleur, could you send Lily home?

What should we do now?
Shut public places, the schools?

Let's hold off until we know
exactly what's going on.

Just what we need!
Keep your cool.

Look, I'm sorry. What for?


There's only one thing bothering me.

OK, yeah, I know,
I wasn't trying to say...

It's the lies. Nothing about you
is what I thought it was.

Yeah, I get that
and I wasn't apologising for...

any of the other stuff that

Other stuff
is completely your business, Cass.

Last night,
I got drunk and slept with Jack.

Probably not my finest hour either,
but that's for me to deal with.

Listen, it must be caused by
the ACs. They reappear
and we get viruses again.

We have one case.
We don't have a diagnosis yet.

They harboured the virus
that caused the last plague.
Don't use that biblical terminology.

All the ACs tested positive, but they
weren't the cause. We know that now.

Listen, nine years ago,
you ordered them all shot. That was
the last good decision you made.

And having one of them lynched?
A very bad decision, Julius.

I hope you're not suggesting...
I'm not suggesting.
I'm explicitly accusing you.

That's slander
and you're in no position
to take the moral high ground.

This isn't helping. If it's
not the ACs, what's causing it?

We don't know.
There are possible alternatives.

Such as? We're working on it.

Go ahead. 'New viral case, sir.'

What? 'lt's Callaghan.'

One of my guys has got it as well.

Callaghan. He's the one
that interrogated the captured AC.

I'm going to the medicentre.

Help me, Stella.

What's his condition?

He's in the pre-symptomatic stage.

Although the raging thirst associated
with the last outbreak is starting.

Is it C23? We don't know yet.

It's a different molecular structure.
We're calling it C24. Seems logical.

The condition of the XP in the
isolation unit is worsening rapidly.

It's progressing at a much
faster rate. It's progressing?

His internal organs are effectively
devouring themselves. We don't know
how much longer he'll survive.

Life expectancy with advanced C23
was three to four days.

'Alchemist to CT10.

'We now have a health crisis,
which I can use to our advantage.'

My people down here will be
handling parameter coordinates

for your entry interface.

Should have landing beacon lock
once you've gated thermal shields.

I am about to reveal the contents
of the Omega file,

which will finally turn
the population against Tate.

How's it going?

Your man? He's getting worse.

You're not, er...
worried about anything else?

Reaction to what Tate was
talking about back there?

The killing of an AC prisoner?



Well, we have an issue.
You're not kidding.

A security issue.

I've been holding off
till the right time,

but considering latest developments,
it's rather pressing now.

What do you want?

Look, sorry, mate.
The flesh is weak and all that.

Let's face it... who wouldn't?

What's that about?

Nothing important.

Jack, have you ever heard
of the Omega project?


It's come to my attention recently.

I'm confident when you hear
what I have to say, you'll agree...

we must act... quickly.


Word's out -
everyone's staying indoors.

Have you seen Lily yet? Not yet.

She's been exposed by now anyway.

Thanks, that's really reassuring!

That's if it is directly contagious.
What else could it be?

We don't know yet.
Until we do, we'll proceed
as if this is a regular health issue.

People will blame the ACs.
That'll be Berger's congregation
hard at work.

Shouldn't you speak out if it's
caused by something else?

People prefer easy lies
to difficult truths.

Say nothing and they'll believe
Berger. We have to go with that
until we know the truth.

Cos the truth might be
too terrifying?

So we close public spaces.
And stay calm.

Sorry, we're closing public places
due to the health alert.

Just a precaution
and we'll probably reopen tomorrow.

Stock up on water
and keep watching the bulletins.

Stock up on water?

Probably say that in every crisis.

Maybe not a sinking ship, I guess.

Earlier, I was...

What I said, it was a bit...

I'm quite tired. Well, you had
a busy night, didn't you?

That wasn't meant to sound...

I dunno. It's OK.

Whoa-whoa! Whoa-whoa!
Whoa-whoa! Whoa!

Easy! Whoa!

I'll walk! I'll walk!

Stella! What's going on?

The XPs have just arrested Fleur.



What's this about?
I can't tell you.

You don't have the authority
to arrest me.


Oh, that's great!

What happened to, "You're the most
beautiful woman in the city," Jack?

Shag 'em in the evening,
arrest 'em in the morning.
Your idea of romance?

Don't worry, you'll be getting
a lot more detail

if he doesn't tell me
what's going on.

I've told you no, so get out of my
office and tell Jack to set her free,

or I promise you...
What the hell is going on?

I'd like to review
a privileged file...

I'm not interested. I'm talking
about the illegal detention
of Fleur Morgan by the XPs.

Relating to the Omega project
and case reference 91876.

Where is my officer?
Perfectly safe at the XP base.

This file concerns her detention.

You have not been authorised.
Oh, but I have.

Authorised by
the Council Member for Justice,

who also demands to see the file.

You can't do this. He can.

Stella... You have to, Richard.

This will be a disaster.
Especially now.

So, are you going to do your job
or stand by your boss?

What is this about?

This is about secrets and lies
and a direct threat to the security
you claim responsibility for.

You have to hand him the file.

Or you'll arrest me? Yes.

Then do so. He's not getting it.

You can't break the law
and this won't help Fleur.

You get the file and then you let us
bring Fleur to PAS.

Of course.



Don't do this.

Not so fast with the mocking jibe
now, huh, Richard?

What will it get you?
What do you want?

What do I want? I'm not talking
about reverence sessions
in schools or persecuting the ACs.

What, you think I want that?
I don't know. You tell me.

This place...

represents the last hope
for mankind.

I'm aware of that.
And what have you created?

I arrive here, I look around
and I think... this?

It's all been for this?

Don't you think your ambition
is just... it's small,
frayed at the edges.

Frayed at the edges?

You know, that'll do for me,

Well, as I
say, your ambitions are small.

An inter-continental
ballistic missile...

tall, gleaming, almost noble,
perfectly designed for its purpose,

packed with uranium,
filled with its own deadly ambition -
nothing frayed about its edges.

From one city to another,
across oceans, over mountains

and then... heat and death.
So just imagine,

after such heat and death...

what a prize
Carpathia represents now.

It deserves better trustees.

Conscience get the better of you?

I am sorry, you know.

PAS officers are coming to get you.
Jack, what's going on?

You'll have to ask Tate.
I'm asking you.

You're an AC.

Nobody ever told you that, hm?

Really, you and
Tate never discussed it?

Even when you reported back
on your little tete-a-tetes
with the other ACs?

Actually, it's all here.
Tate is quite the one
for recording things.

Do you happen to know
that your parents
were not your biological parents?

They were just two Omega scientists.

Christian Miller, Julia Morgan...
That's not true.

Maybe that's why you've
shown an affinity for the ACs.

I wonder,
how far did that affinity go?

Right, let's leave it...

Have you been scheming with them
this whole time?

You want a scapegoat for your
campaign. I know who my parents were
and they weren't what you said.

You're smarmy,
you're fake and a liar.

And yet with all those grievous
character flaws, I'm still human.

The ACs are humans, actually.

Get him away from me. Willingly.

Even being in the same room
with you is hazardous.

You are a contaminant.
You caused this virus.

All right, enough!
We've done what we had to do.

What you had to do? Now it's
down to the General Council
to decide now, all right?


Please get me out of here so we can
put an end to this rubbish!

What's going on, Stella?
Why did Berger say I was an AC?

My parents had photos. I remember.
I mean, growing up, holidays.

That isn't the way to PAS.
I'm taking you to my home.

Why? You're safer there.

Safer? This is crazy!

Epidemics evoke
irrational behaviour in people,
Fleur. We've already seen that.

At least in a bad dream you're still
kind of aware it's a bad dream.
I don't understand!

Go to my home. I will send Tate.

This isn't true, though?

All I know...

is that you were a part
of a project called Omega.

A project? I'll stay with you.

I won't leave until you have
the answers you need. I promise.

I'll send Tate.
He can explain everything.

He died this morning.

Among the new cases is a child.

A twin. Her sister died
in the first C23 epidemic.

Oh, I'd hoped it would stay away
from the children this time.

I fear this could be even worse
than the last virus.

My staff tell me
the ACs are to blame.

There's no proof of that.

What's the little girl's name?


Oh, well, we mustn't lose her.

So I'm going to propose to Council
you be given permission

to lead one last expedition against
the ACs - Operation Public Health.

And what about Fleur?

Well, for starters
we have to remove her citizenship.

What does that mean?
We expel her from Forthaven.

Then you can deal with her
like she's any other AC.

I couldn't do that.

She's still different.

She felt human to me.

I just finished reading
Fleur Morgan's privileged file

with some interesting information
regarding the death
of Mitchell Hoban.

Now, I know you always suspected
Cass Cromwell, right?

Are you telling me it was her?
I'm telling you
that Tate covered for her again.

Right... I'm going to
send some men to PAS.

If I find out you're lying...
I'm going to take it out on you.

I don't respond well
to threats, Jack.

First we'll start with
a censure motion against Tate,
which I'm sure he'll lose.

But you and I
have to stay connected.

We're the best hope
for this place right now.

Where is she?
Cass is with her at my place.

It won't take Berger long
to notice that she's not in PAS.

I'll speak to her. Hurry.
If she goes into official detention,

they'll accuse you of interfering.
He'll accuse you of that.

Don't worry, I can handle
Berger better than you can.

You shouldn't have to handle anybody.

C24 could be taking us
all out one by one.

You're the geneticist.
I need your take on this.

OK, but I need to speak to Fleur
first. You should have told me.

I thought you had an idea,
but never wanted it confirmed.

I knew about Omega, not about Fleur.
You suspected, though?

All we can do is protect her now.
She's an AC, she's in danger.

Look what they did to the prisoner.

What does it really matter?

What does it really matter? Well...

My parents
weren't my biological parents.

See, for me, I'd be throwing a party
about that one. Next?

I'm under house arrest

and being blamed for everything
bar the whiteout.

All right, I'll give you that one.

No picnic being
public enemy number one.

Thanks for being here with me.

It's what friends are for, right?

Come on, I don't even know how they
made me, what was involved...

Look, Tate'll be here soon.

He'll tell you. Yeah.

He's got all the answers.

Isn't that dangerous?
How are you feeling?

Thirsty all the time.

What's going to happen?

You might get very sick.

It's C23.

Will I die?

It's not C23.
And you are only one of a few cases.

How are the rest? Good.

They're on the road to recovery.

We're optimistic.

All this time
pretending I hated Carpathia.

And now I don't want to die.
You're not going to die.

Did we cause this?

Because we tried to speak to it?
I don't know, I'm working on it.

The four-letter language.

I think I know what it is.

I think it might be DNA.

I don't understand.

The sounds that we coded ABCD.

We could have just easily
called them 1234. Or WXYZ...

OK, yeah, I get the point. So what?

It made me think of
another four-letter sequence

just that keeps
repeating and repeating itself
in different combinations.

ACGT. The music of our bodies.

Uh-oh. Think you're in trouble there.

Give yourself a slap on the wrist.

I have to go.

Find out what's causing this
and try to protect us from it.

That's all you can do.

What are you doing here?
I came to see Tipper.

I was thinking of coming home.

Not if it's a problem, obviously.

There's someone using your room, but
it's not a problem, you can come...

Oh, forget it.

Hey. Are you OK?

All on your own
now your housemate's sick, huh?

I was going back to my mum's, but...
I'm not so sure now.

I'm sure she'd want you to.

Didn't seem too enthusiastic.

Said I had to wait until tonight.

Some rubbish
about somebody using my room.


Make sure and shout if you need
anything... at all. I'll be OK.

She's not at PAS.
Don't worry, I know where she is.

Graves! I've called an emergency
Council meeting.

You will be given the go-ahead
to wipe out the ACs.

All of them. Good.

The AC spy is currently hidden
in Stella Isen's apartment.

I want you to go, find her and...
Hey, listen,

I still give the orders round here,
all right? Oh, of course.

I apologise.
Go get her, you bring her back here.

We need to haul her in fast before
we chase down the rest of them.

Yeah, so I'll just... Stay.

So what's special about me?

I can't see in the dark or run up
mountains without stopping.

The main AC programme
was designed to develop

the kind of characteristics
you describe.

And Omega?

Was a niche project...
concerned only with the mind.

You designed my mind?
Well, that would be overstating it.

But there was an interest in how our
ethics and intelligence were shaped

by both environment and genes.

So, what I think, what I believe,
they're not real?

Of course they're real.
But not natural.

Human beings are not determined
by one thing or another.

There's a constant
interplay of factors.

You could develop as a person
by attending a certain school,

by exposure to civilising influences,
like music or books.

There's nothing natural about those.

On Earth they were mostly driven
by wealth and social status.

And even if they were natural, like
genes, what's so great about that?

We modify cancer-causing genes.
If we can increase intelligence,
why not do so?

What's so great about intelligence?
See, that's a deeply moral question.

We did well. Don't joke.

It was only partly a joke.

Why wasn't I killed with the rest?
You were a child.

I could still have...
We had you tested.

There wasn't even a sign
you were hosting C23
as with the other ACs.

And we kept you apart from them.
But if there had been?

There wasn't.

But if. No, because I loved you
as if you were my own child.

Who am I?

You're everything.

You're yourself.

I've got to get out here. I can't...


You know what she's thinking.

They made her
from some of your genes.

Is that true?


Where are you going?
I don't know. Anywhere.

You can't walk around the streets.

Just come back inside
and let him talk to you.

He lied to me all this time.
Well, he's a politician.

You show me one
that's straight down the line.

But he'd die to save us, Fleur. This
place, us, it's all he cares about.

That's one thing
you should never doubt.

Quick. We've got to
get out of here. Go! Go!

Get out of here! Run!

Where to? Just go, now!

I'm not leaving you. Go!


What are you doing? Running away.

Only place I could think of.

They're saying a lot of bad stuff
about you.

I know. Wait here till it's dark.

Meet me at the water plant
in three hours

and we'll take the tunnel the kids
use to skip under the fence.

Lock this.

Tipper's gone into Stage One -
renal pain, disorientation,
vision problems.

Can I see him? Not now.
We're still doing more tests.

DNA? Whose is it?

That's what I'm trying to work out.

I need Tipper's genetic profile.

I don't understand. Nor do I yet.

But I think I'm getting closer.

Did you exchange fire with the XPs?
Yeah, least of our worries.

Be careful though, Cass,
things are getting volatile.

Berger's put a censure motion
against me to General Council.

He'll demand to know where she is.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice
a piece to win the game.


Don't you care about her at all?

Every single time, your brain
just does these cold calculations.

But it's Fleur! I know.

Then stop being
so bloody laid-back about it.

Make like you care for once.

About people, not just your
stupid ideas, your grand plans.

This isn't about humanity.
It isn't about the future.

And it definitely isn't about
pieces on a chessboard!

It's about Fleur and it's about now.

I shall try to remember that, Cass.

So go to Fleur now
and make sure she's kept from harm.


I apologise for keeping you waiting,
ladies and gentlemen.

C24 has become a constitutional
as well as a health crisis,

which is unfortunate, because it
affects our ability to deal with it.

You have called me here
to face a censure motion

and also to discuss the status
and whereabouts of Fleur Morgan.

It would be undignified of me
to deny that she is an Omega AC

or that I protected her
or that I know where she is now.

But I will never risk her life
or well-being

by revealing that in these

In which case,
I move the motion of...

Be quiet until I have finished.

To defy General Council
is a serious matter...

so it falls on me to relinquish
my post as President of Carpathia.

We need proper leadership
at this critical time

and my presence here will only
lead to conflict and division.

This has never been about...
office or status for me.

My only concern has been
for the welfare of Forthaven.

New elections will be held shortly,
but it is my right

as outgoing President
to designate an interim successor.

And at this time,
that person has to be Jack.

Jack, I urge you not to pursue
this course of conflict with the ACs.

We must rather learn to relate
not only to different humans

but also to different species.

On Earth,
we failed grievously at both.

On Carpathia, we can't afford
to make the same mistake.

We should focus our energies
on combating the real source
of the virus. That is all.

Uh, well, I suggest
we pursue the vote...

Operation Public Health.

I think we should
move for a censure vote

considering the President
refused to divulge information
to General Council.

You're full of surprises.
If I'd warned anybody,
it wouldn't have worked.

It was dramatic.
I'm not sure if it worked.

We have two emergencies here -
C24 and Fleur's safety.

Neither was helped
by my remaining President.

You thought you might lose?

It was certainly possible.
But depriving Berger of victory
was more important.

Jack may still do Berger's bidding.
I wouldn't be so sure.

Like it or not, Jack is effectively
the armed forces now.

But he is not
and never has been stupid.

Our task now is to drive a wedge
between him and Berger.

For somebody who's just resigned,
you don't seem to be heading off
to tend your garden.

Remember the Russians?
Tear down your factories,
retreat, and wait for winter.

The canteen is
my equivalent of the Urals.
Come and see me there if you need me.

It's DNA, Richard.

The code we've been listening to,
it's DNA, I'm sure of it now.

Not only can they
build copies of us,
they can send viruses to attack us.

We have to find a way
of blocking them.

What will you do?

If they're planning
a full-on attack against the ACs,

I have to get outside and warn them.

I've always envied you, you know.


You're so sure of yourself,
what you believe, where you belong.

Just look at me now.

Still, if they made you,
they made you pretty well.

My mum thinks
you're the best thing since...

Stella likes most people.
With one exception.

Things will be OK...
between you and her. Give it time.

She doesn't love me.
She's learning to love you.

You were both trying to run
on a broken leg.


You have to get to the medicentre.

You're not in your office?

You think I don't know
why Tate chose me over you?

Tie me down in his office,
dealing with drainage and sanitation.

Plus, I would have been seen
as his stooge and rendered useless.

I got that one too.
I'm not stupid.

No, I've never treated you as such.

So Mitchell never killed himself.

I think we both knew that.

It made me pretty angry.

I mean, that wasn't our deal, was it?

He gave them no choice.


I miss him, though.

A crazy bastard, I know, but we had
some good times... out there.

Maybe you were
a little in love with him.

What? You've got some balls on you
saying that.

You don't really care about Fleur
being an AC, do you?

We're all made of the same stuff,
after all.

Adenine. Guanine. Cytosine. Thymine.

You've lost me, Stella.
DNA sequences. It's the recipe book
inside each and every one of us

that decides whether our eyes
are blue or green,
whether we're tall or short.

And other more controversial
things, perhaps.

Where's it coming from?
The atmosphere.

We think there's some kind of host
force on Carpathia that's listening
to us and making copies of us.

For want of a better word, yeah.

I mean... but
where is this "host force"?

Where's it keeping all this
information? We don't know.

That sequence
matches Tipper Malone's.

I think we could "hear"
Josie Hunter if we tried.

Why are you telling me all this?

Because, for whatever reason,
you're Acting President.

Who else knows? Tate.

What is it?

Lily's got C24.

I'd invite you to have a coffee,

but all the canteen staff
are staying at home.

You resigned to save her.

It's like chess.

You have to contest the space,

think about more than your next move.

All right, then.
It's a bit like chess.

Long as you remember it's people,
not bishops and horses.


Get Fleur out safely tonight.

She must warn Rudi
and stay with him until this is over.


we all have different ways
of hiding our terrors.

How is she?

We can save her.

I know we can.

But if it's reading our DNA
and using ultrasound

to transmit virus codes at specific
targets, we're completely helpless.

Do you remember bats from Earth?

What about them?

Bats were more powerful
than the moths they preyed upon.

A bat armed with echolocation,
what chance does a little moth have?

Not a very big one?
But still a chance.

The weaker species can develop
its own defence strategy.

Or there would be no weaker species.

You think we can develop
a defence strategy against them?

I'd like to create
an ultrasonic ceiling over Forthaven

of such a distorting force
that it stops them
from being able to see us.

Like little moths.
Just like little moths.

We'll set up transmitters
around Forthaven
and send out a jamming signal.


Perimeter clear!

See, this is great.
You're like one of them queens
on the run from the angry mob.

They usually got
their heads cut off, Cass.

Because they weren't with me.

Are you nervous? Ice in my veins.

I just don't care about myself.

That's true. Believe it or not,
I just don't care. I believe it.

I just don't want to see you hurt.
I know. Thanks.

Make another rubbish joke now
or I'll get emotional.

I can't think of any jokes.
Then we're really in trouble.

Yeah. Come on,
let's get out of here.

Any sign of Fleur Morgan?

I've got people patrolling all known
exits, official and unofficial.

We should detain Cass Cromwell
for abetting her.

Leave that for now. Oh, really?

Look, I said leave that.

Where are you going?
Back to my base.

Your base is that office, right?
You use it. Help yourself.

I'm going to get my men ready
for tomorrow morning. Jack...

I'm no politician
and this isn't where I belong.

I'm going to go and resolve the AC
problem once and for all.
This isn't my place.

You got that right.


Quadrant 6 clear!



Make like we're teenagers.


Get back inside!

Alchemist to CT10.

Amendment to earlier instructions.

Alliance with XP leader
wearing thin.

Recommend Jack Holt
to be added to elimination list.

Stella Isen is to be spared.

Repeat, Jack Holt
to be added to elimination list,

Stella Isen to be spared.

Affirmative, Alchemist.

We have perfect thermal shield
reports and we're good to go.

Entry interface is seven plus two.

Tell me what happened. What?

Tell me now.

Back on Earth,
I used to work for the cartels.

In the last years, the Mexicans and
the Russians were running London.

Very brutally, by all accounts.

I was part of all that.

I killed people.

There was a family.

This... kid came down,

probably not in his teens.

He was in pyjamas.

I wasn't so much older myself.

They said keep him quiet.

Put my hand over his mouth,
you know.

Told myself I never meant to...

Back on Earth,
I saw some old news footage once.

One of those wars in Europe

where they all just
went crazy on each other,
village against village.

Anyway, they had all the, er...

men and boys herded together.

Terrified. And... one boy...

can't have been any older
than the one I killed...

you could see the fear in his eyes
with all the soldiers and their guns

and everything, probably knowing
he was going to die.

And he was holding
this little white rabbit.

Stroking it.

It must have belonged to him,
you know, a family pet or whatever.

So frightened, but all the time
he was still petting this rabbit.

And when I dream about it...

the face I see is that frightened
little kid with his little rabbit.

The one I never met
from the news footage.

That was what turned me.

You know, I gave a lot of people up
and in return, I got this.

Ultimate witness protection.

Tate saved me.
He gave me my second chance

to be decent, to be... Human.

I don't believe
that humans are bad, Cass.

We can change.

We're not prisoners
of our circumstances.

Or even our genes?

Maybe not.

Maybe, in the end,
we can still design ourselves.

Stella, the jamming signal's ready.

I want them all transmitting
at the same time.

Right, run a check.

Finally able to
deal with the ACs.


I'll fire a flare.

Come back when you see it.




How's my daughter?
Still pre-symptomatic.

We've had another fatality.
Not Tipper?

No. But he's in the last stages.

I came to offer
some distant healing.

The XPs have gone to remove
the source of the virus.

Do you really believe that, Julius?
Or do you no longer know
what you believe and what you don't?

I know that I care about you.

And I know that I want you
to make the right decisions.

The right decisions being the ones
that accord with your own.

I've heard about
this sonic shield idea.

Yeah. We're nearly there.
I think it's our only hope.

I think we should hold off on that

just for now. What?

Let's wait until the AC problem
is resolved.

We don't have time for that.

It'll use too many resources.
And it could interfere
with other important signals.

What other important signals?

All I'm saying is, once
Operation Public Health is complete,
we can revisit it.

People are dying. My daughter... And
they're all in our prayers, but...

It's when you pray that I trust you
the least. What are you planning?

An end to the slack, failed Utopia
Tate has created.

I meant what I said.

Carpathia has to change, Stella.
I want you to be
a part of that change.

You have to come. I need you.

What's going on? Berger's trying to
undermine the ultrasound defence.

Call Jack. Get him to the comms room
before Berger turns him round. OK.

You're one of us.

I'm glad.

Are you?

Tate is a liar.

I hope he's the last to die
down there, alone...

with the ghosts of his past
for company.
I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

I thought... maybe I could stay
with you until this is over.

It'll never be over,
not until they're gone for ever.

Soon I will be a father again.

Others are bearing children.

We are growing in number.

For us, it's just the opposite.


The attacks by your soldiers,
the presence of children...

We have to move. And go where?

We're planning a long journey.
We can start again, on our own.

We should wait.

There are far too many good people
down there for this to happen.

You belong with us now.

Anybody down there has no hope.

Perhaps... one day we can return.

I thought you were heading out.

Yeah, Stella called me in. Said she's
got some idea about a sonic shield.

Oh, no, that's nonsense. She just
likes to play smart, you know that.

Jack, you've got the green light,
so go out and deal with our problem
like you said you would.

No, she is smart.

We should still try everything.


There's another transporter coming.

Do you remember
what you said to me once?

You either work the mine
or you own the mine.

I'm telling you right now,
you can own the mine.

Stop what you're doing. Ignore him.

You no longer give orders
around here.

This is our only hope
of defending ourselves. It can wait.

Seems like about the right time
to mention the imminent
arrival of CT10,

a transporter carrying a new hope
for Forthaven.

That's ridiculous,
we would have seen it on our screens.

They didn't want to be seen,
Richard. They are coming.

I've been in contact
with its commander.

It seems your shield
will interfere with its landing.

Julius, the shield is our only hope
against the virus.

I really don't believe
that you are a bad person.

Bad. Good.

What, you really believe in moral
absolutes? He certainly doesn't.

You know nothing of my morality,
you insect.

People are going to die
if we don't act soon.

I gave you a chance, Stella.

Ignore this lunatic. Turn it on.

You do what he says,
you'll pay a very heavy price.

I order you to wait for
my instructions.

Aren't you forgetting something?

I'm still President.

Why are you laughing?

Because everyone knows
Tate did that as a strategy.


Jack, I assure you...
Stella didn't sneer.

She came to tell me about the DNA
and the shield.

I'm not sneering.
On the outside.

Do you know what?
I helped to build this place.

And got no recognition for it.

Look, I can still offer you
far more than they ever can.

You know what?

Stella's right. These guys coming in
here aren't going to respect much.

But I can offer you your life, Jack.

If you betray me now, you will go
the same way as the others.

You traitor.

Things aren't going to be pretty
until order and discipline
are restored.

But believe me,
I'm not sneering when I say

your life
is what's at stake right now.

I don't respond well to threats.
Too bad...

I'm taking you back to the XP base
where you can't interfere any more.

And I'm resigning
the Presidency now.

Have it back. Whatever's coming,
I take orders from you guys again.

You'd better make the most of this.

When the history of Carpathia
is written, this won't be
its longest chapter.

No, but it will be a fine one.

We'd better hope this works.

Turn it on.

LDP signal
lost to Alchemist, Captain.

We've got some kind of
ultrasonic interference.

Switch to emergency
coordinates for entry interface.

We'll just have to risk it.

Poor miserable human.

Why are you torturing us? We're
researching you. Living fossils.

Surely you can understand that.

Will you let us stay here?
Live in peace?
We could learn from each other.

We can overcome your defences
if we choose. Then why don't you?

Because you are
still interesting to us.

Gaze on our struggles and sufferings
with detached indifference.

Well, well. Who needs God, eh?

Your species is a brutal
and destructive one.

And less significant
in this universe

than a single bacteria
on a coral reef. Maybe.

But we have one thing
you appear to have lost

in your evolution
to disembodied know-it-all.

We may be frayed at the edges,

but we still have love.

And while we have that,
we still have hope.

He's still very weak.


I was eating ice cream
with my sisters.

You're back now.

Thank you.

I'm really glad to be alive.

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