Outcasts (2010–2011): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

Following the incident with Josie Hunter Stella and Tate believe there is a superior host force capable of cloning the settlers. Tipper is able to locate the host's sound waves but when Tate goes into the desert to ask Rudi for help,he is rebuffed,Rudi claiming that only the settlers and not the A.C.s are at risk. Cass gets an anonymous note,threatening to expose him as Tom Starling,subject to a witness protection scheme. He gets drunk and picks up a woman,Carla Shapiro,with whom he sleeps. Next day Carla disappears,taking Cass's gun to kill her insanely possessive husband and Cass is arrested for her supposed murder. However he escapes and rescues her from an underground cell where her deranged husband has left her to die.He is exonerated but refuses to tell Fleur why he had to change his name,causing her to go out with Jack. When Tate returns from his fruitless meeting with Rudi he finds Berger trying to stage a revolt.

Cass! I know about you.
Who and what you are.

He's going to kill him, Cass!

Meeting you was the best thing
that ever happened to me.

- You gave me this life.
- It was one
of the best decisions I ever made.

I have blood on my hands.

What do you want, Rudi?

To tell you face to face
that some day I shall destroy you.

We don't need anybody
but ourselves now

and some day
we will walk into that place

- and have our revenge.
- Two ACs.

One dead, the other we've arrested.

I don't know why
we let you bastards live.

We didn't kill your children,
but something else did.

- There's a lot about this place you don't know.
- Why would Josie Hunter attack her own men?

- There were two of her!
- Let's just keep it between ourselves.

The fossils you discovered
were hominid.
What if something destroyed them?

They will never change.

They cannot ever change.

They do not deserve to survive.

Who are you?

Do you understand what I'm saying?

How much do you know?

You came here because
there was trouble on your own planet.

There are 70,000 of you here...
all that remain from 8 billion.

You thought this planet was empty.
It isn't.

What do you want from us?

We've been watching you a long time.

We know how you're made.

There was a species here like you


We found the fossils.

They became extinct.

Did you kill them?

And what about us?

You will suffer the same fate.

Five to one
they're talking about Josie Hunter.

I don't intrude
on matters of high state.

Is that code for, "I'm still not
going to tell you
what happened in the mountains"?

I can't answer that...
I'm still on my break.

Tate's really got you
to toe the party line, hasn't he?

- Who's making the coffee?
- Don't you trust me, Cass?

Of course I do. More than anyone.

- Look, I just promised... that's all.
- I don't like secrets.

I know.

Look, maybe we should go out

I mean properly...
really talk about stuff.

Are you asking me out?

I don't know. Am I?

Why don't... I cook for you tonight?
We can talk more about stuff then.

That would work. OK.

And now I'm going to
make the coffee.

Because I make it better than you.

First your children,
then Josie Hunter,
now an exact replica of you.

This time with a direct threat.

Well, then, we have to respond.

We need to know who or what
is making it.

There must be some kind of
controlling intelligence,

some sort of host force
making copies of us.

I agree. But where does that get us
if we can't see it?

We'll have to try and communicate
with it, learn its language.

- Give an account of ourselves.
- That'll take time.

- Once people hear what happened on that mountain...
- Cass won't say anything.

Josie Hunter
just wants her life back.

- And Jack?
- Jack's a problem. He will talk.

And once Julius Berger knows,
Carpathia knows.

I'll deal with Jack. You do your
work. As many people as you need.

What we're facing
goes beyond everything we know.

And it's real and it's hostile.

- Have you seen Cass?
- He must have left.

I need to hear the recordings
from Josie Hunter's radio comms

with XP HQ in the 48 hours
before her disappearance.

Trawl through every recording,
see if there's anything unusual,
anything that stands out.

OK, guys, let's get onto that now.

Oi, Roberts, don't feel the animals!


I need to speak to you. Alone.

I saw what I saw.

And what you saw
was totally extraordinary.

Two identical women standing
on the same rock?! I'd say so.

We're still trying
to understand that, but I need time.

Have you spoken to Berger?

- Jack?
- I sent him a message.

- He's coming over tonight.
- Cancel that meeting.

Jack, listen to me carefully.

You ordered the assassination
of the AC leader

without my knowledge or permission.

I could have court-martialled you,
stripped you of your rank

and made sure you never
had a position like this again.
I didn't do that.

Now it's payback.

I want 24 hours,
and then you can tell the world.

And one more thing.

- I want the AC released.
- He attacked our city!

There could be far bigger threats
to our future than the ACs.
Send him back.


- Are you alone?
- My many friends have just left.

- Yeah, sure they have.
- Yeah, it's true.

- Ask anyone. It was a fantastic party.
- In your dreams!

I'm Cass.

And how long have you
been looking at me, Cass?

Me? I was merely ogling the alcohol.

Mind if I sit down?

How do I know I can trust you?

- You don't.
- Ooh, sounds dangerous.

Well, if I do anything wrong, you can
always arrest me, Mr P-A-S man.

Lock me up.

Shoot me with your gun.

- I don't have my gun on me.
- Where is it?

- I left it at home, like a fool.
- Oh. Defenceless?

I could take advantage of that.

What's your name?


Where would we be without
our Christian virtues, eh?

- Probably a lot happier.
- And the greatest of these is love.

It's the seven deadly sins
I'm more interested in.

So, Faith...

what are you doing
for the rest of tonight?

- Where's your place?
- No, let's go to yours.

- No, why not yours?
- Don't ask.

Lieutenant Hunter,
confirm status.

Can anyone hear me?
It's Lieutenant Josie Hunter.

Try the moment before
she disappears off comms.

Lieutenant Hunter, can you hear me?

You should be at north-northwest
36 degrees, 2.3 clicks out.

Josie, can you hear me?
Brian? Someone? Where are you?

- Josie, if you can get to a radio, say something.
- Play back the silence before Jack spoke.

2.3 clicks out.

There, in the silence... ultrasound.

- Josie, can you hear me? Brian?
- OK, we need to hear that.

Break it down, find out
what's causing it.

- Not a word about this to anyone, OK?
- Understood.


On Josie Hunter's radio recording
before her disappearance,

there's some high-frequency
that's not audible to the human ear.

Now, I'm almost certain

that it's the host force trying
to communicate with each other

- to arrange the attack on her.
- Almost?

We're still working on it.

- The frequency's so high, it's difficult to get the detail.
- And if it is the host force?

Then we try to communicate
with them.

Who are you? Who are you?

- Talk!
- Jesus Christ, that hurt!

- How did you know who I am?
- I don't. I just saw the uniform.

Don't give me that.
You sent me that letter, didn't you?

- What letter?
- Don't lie to me!


All right! All right, I'll tell you.

- It's not what it looks like.
- And what does it look like?

Fleur, listen...

I've seen that look 100 times...
the death mask with the red eyes.

- No, look...
- I don't want to hear it.

We're monitoring Zone 2
and it's hot out there.

Not a day to have a sore head.

Got a confession to make.

OK, so we've isolated the sound.

That sample looks weak. We need
a receiver to record them live.

I want you to set it up
in the city somewhere.

- Somewhere that we won't draw attention to ourselves.
- Right.

- Can't we just go inside for a bit?
- Our brief is to patrol Zone 2.

That's outside here.

- I feel like I'm in a war movie.
- That's why I asked to be sent here.

Look, what's this all about?

You played games with me
and then ran away.

I thought more of you. I really did.

It wasn't like that.
Something happened.

What happened? What came up

that you couldn't even find the
balls to come and tell me
you were going?!

I got scared. I just... ran away.

Spent the night drinking
out by the perimeter.

Got a bit close for you, did it...
real feelings? You bloody idiot!

- Fleur?
- Yes?

Got a missing person. Carla Shapiro.

We'll be right there.
Lucky you.

We're being brought back in.

I wasn't sure if I should come.

You did the right thing.
Please sit down.

When did your wife go missing?

Two days ago.

- I've been worried sick about her.
- Do you have a photo of her?

It's a...

It's a little old. It was...

It was taken on Earth,
but it still captures her.

We'd just found out
we'd been selected to come here.

We walked in the hills
for the last time.

And all
we talked about was the future.

You can see what
it meant to her. To both of us.

We're need to know everything
you can tell us about her.

Work, family, hobbies,
anywhere she might have gone.

And we'll need to search your house.

Carla didn't work.

And she doesn't have any family.

She thought it was going to be
this amazing adventure here.

It hasn't worked out for her.
She's become increasingly down.


I think she may be having an affair
with another man.

What makes you think that?

I'm her husband. I just know.

And you never thought
to ask her about any of this?

I did, but she just got angry.

Told me I had no faith in her.

I feel I've let her down.

We'll find her, Mr Shapiro.

What's going on, Richard?

What do you mean?

Jack's lying to me.

Cancelling meetings, making excuses.

You know...
I think you're behind it.

Then, not for the first time,
you are utterly mistaken.

Something happened,
in the mountains.
You're trying to cover it up.

Josie's back with her family.
Surely that's all that matters.

If there is something
endangering this community,

- it's your duty to tell us.
- Not until I know what the danger is.

How much longer
will you avoid the truth?

What would you know? You've been
lying since you've come here.

You're lying now,
keeping secret your real intentions.

- You wouldn't know the truth if it smashed you in the face.
- Oh, I know this much.

If the ACs are threatening
our existence here,

there is only one way to handle it...
face to face.

- I've got to leave.
- Where are you going?

We could be dealing
with a murder here. She had
a pretty chequered past on Earth.

What kind of past?

All sorts of run-ins with police,
social workers.

Wouldn't have made it
onto the transporter

if it wasn't for her husband.

He changed her completely.

- What about him?
- He's part of the team that set up

Forthaven's Plant Propagation Unit.
We'll check him out,
make sure there are no skeletons.

And then there's
the mysterious other man. The lover.

If he exists.

Please, come in.

Would you like a drink?

- Water, please.
- My colleague had a rough night.

- You know how it is.
- I don't drink, actually.

Do you mind if we look through
some of her stuff?

Of course.
The bedroom's through there.

Look at this.

- Where's the rest of it?
- That's all there is.

She obviously didn't send it
to her lover.

We need to find him.

I'll check outside.

We have an ID on Carla Shapiro.

She was seen last night in the bar
with a man. I think it's her lover.

We're getting close, let's go!

She was drinking
with a man in his early 30s.

I've asked to talk to the barman.

He's new to the place, but
apparently he got a good look at him.

Let's split up, save time.

You talk to the barman,
I'll check out the neighbourhood.

- See if there are any eyewitnesses.
- Are you OK?

I'm fine.

I need to speak to you.

- Sure.
- I don't have much time.

I'm going into the mountains

- to talk to Rudi. There's a threat against Forthaven
- What?

and Rudi knows more about it than us.

- Does Stella know you're going?
- She'd try and stop me.

- And she'd be right. You can't go alone.
- I have to. I need to.

While I'm gone,
I want you to watch Berger.

Make sure he and Jack don't do
anything to raise tensions
against the ACs.

Arrest him if you have to.
Do anything. Now, I must go.

- If something happens to me... No, listen to me. Stop Berger.
- Richard...

We have Tipper Malone
waiting outside.

- He says he urgently needs to see you.
- Hi. Sorry to bother you.

It's about Lily.
She's been arrested.

Why have you arrested my daughter?

She's been accused of
stealing at the bar. I'm sorry.

- No. You did the right thing. It's not your fault.
- Would you like to talk to her?


How could you let them
do this to me?

You're the one who committed
the crime, Lily, not me.

Why did you do it?

Because I thought that

it would actually make you notice
that I exist.

But even that...

Even that...

- What's going on?
- Nothing for you to worry about.

Keep her in for 24 hours,
then she can think
about what she's done.

Then you can let her go.
She won't do it again.


Sorry to hear about Lily.

She's obviously confused.

You know,
I had a chat with her recently.

She's missing her father terribly.

I think there's some
displacement activity going on.

I suggested
she talk to you about it.

Yeah, well, we don't have that kind
of relationship with each other.


I know.

15 years is a long time
to live apart.


When she was a little girl,
I used to... hold her
when I was doing the cooking.

And she'd wrap her little feet
around my waist
and hold onto my hair

with her fingers.

And I used to think,
when we were like that,

that nothing could hurt us.

I've held onto that memory
for 15 years.

And when she got here

and I tried to hold her,
I tried to recapture that...

it just wasn't there.


Did you want to see me?

I wanted to talk to you about Tate.

- What about him?
- He's disappeared.

- What?
- No-one knows where he's gone.

I really think he's losing control,

I mean, we just had a very serious
AC attack on our soil,

and he's offered no response.

Now he's gone AWOL at a time
when we need him most.

Well, I'm sure he has his reasons.


You know how much I admire you.

I can't sit by and let this happen.

I'll do whatever's necessary
to wake this city up

to the dangers that threaten it.

It would mean a great deal
for you to be with me.

I can't do that, Julius.

All great men
reach a moment of decline.

- That's when they become dangerous.
- I have to go.

Just check again. Carla Shapiro.

Cass, where are you?

- Almost with you now.
- Hurry up.


- Where have you been? I need you.
- What for?

I'm working out the route they took.

- What do you mean?
- The barman said they left at 11pm.

This old guy who lives on the street
saw them kissing over there.

She was wearing a skimpy red dress.
That's not exactly
what she wears at home.

The guy was in some kind of uniform
or official clothes.

Let's start here.

So they kiss.

Then they walk.

Down here, away from Carla's house.
Walk with me.

Now, her house is the opposite way.

So where are they going?

His house.

- How are we doing?
- We're just installing the receiver.

It receives sounds of
up to 160 kilohertz frequency.

We'll record them at 32-1 ratio

and then slow down any signal
we receive in the Core.

Since when did you become
part of my labs team?

Just been waiting for the call.
And anyway, where were your lab team

when the whiteout happened?

Professor Malone had to ride to the
rescue of the helpless damsel,
as I recall.

Never been helpless,
never been a damsel.

- We're ready.
- Thanks.

OK. Let's go back and listen.

You coming or not?

- Have you seen Tate?
- I've been busy with Carla Shapiro.

- How's that going?
- Slowly. We have no idea where she is.

Do we need to start looking
for a body?

First the disappearance of
Josie Hunter and now Carla Shapiro.

Do you think there's a connection?

Find her. And then we'll know.

- Have you seen Tate?
- No. Why?

I just spoke to
one of the PAS armourers.

A woman answering Carla's
description tried to buy a gun
off him two days ago.

- Why would she want a gun?
- To kill her husband or her lover?

OK, put the armoury
on maximum security.

I reckon we should put a watch
on Shapiro, just in case.

I'll do first stint.
Make sure he's safe.

- In your state?
- Yeah. You're looking at a man reborn.

Fleur. Two more witnesses.
They saw her leaving a house in
the west of the city this morning.

She was running away from a man.

- She looked scared.
- Can you take me there?

Let's go.

Wasn't sure you'd be at work.

Keeps my mind occupied.

Is there any news?

No, not yet.

Have you seen anything?

Should I have?

No, I'm just keeping an eye.

Well, I'll be outside
if you need me.


Are you sure it was this one?


- Sam?
- Yeah?

I need you to test a blood sample.

Right, I'll set up for it.

I wouldn't, if I were you!

Put it down.

You've been looking for a gun
for quite a while, haven't you?

That's why you come back with me
to my place. For that.

Just go away.

Let me do what I have to do.

Killing him won't solve anything.

No closer. I'll do it, I swear.

We've run the blood test,
it's definitely Carla Shapiro's.

We've tracked Cass's comms.
We know where he is.

I've come on my own
to sort this out... OK?

Where have you been hiding?

Outside. By the lake.

We saw the letter...
you're having an affair.

Who's the lover?
Did he encourage you to do this?

To get out of your marriage?

You really don't get it, do you?

- Who is the other guy?
- I guess he's you.

You're the closest relationship
I've had for seven years.

Why have you got a different name
in those papers, Tom?

This isn't about me,
give me the gun.

No-one will know you stole it,
no-one will know why!
We can get you help.

If you want to separate
from your husband, we can help.

And in return,
I keep quiet about what I saw?

- You're all the same.
- Look, I'm just trying to help you!

- No, thanks, I'll do it my own way!
- I can't let you go in there.

Carla, stop!

- No!
- Carla!

- I think he's here!
- You said you were on your own!

Carla! Carla!

- She's gone!
- Put the gun down!

- She was just here, she went that way!
- Put the gun down, Cass.

What are you talking about?

Just put it down!

Two children saw Carla
leaving your house.
Her blood is on your floor.

- What?
- A drunken night alone...

is that really what last night was?

- OK, this is going to sound pretty nuts.
- Yeah?

It's a four-note code,
but it endlessly modulates. Listen.

It's a far stronger signal than
anything we've picked up before.

There's no way it could be
generated physically?

- Radioactivity, radio waves?
- Not with that complexity.

Sounds like alien birdsong to me.

But then I'm just an ignorant

What would I know?

You sure?

I'm telling you, she has a gun,
she's going to try
and kill her husband.

- How long have you known her?
- One night! Right? It was one night!

I don't believe you.

Hello, Carla.

Why did you run away from me?

To get this.

Are you going to use it?

Go on, then.

Get it over with.

Why can't you just let me go?

Because that wouldn't be fair.

I rescued you from nothing.

You'd never have made it here
without me.

You'd have died back on Earth.

I wish I had.

I've worked myself to the bone
for this city.

What have you done?

I've been a good citizen.

What have you been?

So the idea of you... leaving me...

Please, don't.

I can't breathe.

Ssh, ssh.

No need for that.

Everything can be just as it was,

if we work together.

No, it can't.

Why not?

Because I did have sex
with someone else.

And you know what, James?

It was great.

Let's go over your story.

You leave...

the PAS office yesterday afternoon,
suddenly and without explanation.

You head for the bar,

sleep with a girl you've never met
before, during which time

she accidentally cuts herself
inside your living room,

badly enough to bleed
all over your floor,

and is seen sprinting in terror
from your front door.

Then... you come to work
as if nothing was wrong

and pretend you spent all night
drinking by the perimeter.

Meanwhile, the girl disappears,
leaving blood all over Forthaven,

and it's got absolutely nothing
to do with you.

Where did you go when I
was interrogating
the witnesses in Can 91?

- You were gone for close to an hour.
- I went back to my place.

- To cover your tracks.
- I didn't...

I didn't want you to know what
had happened. Can't you see that?

This has got nothing to do with me.

It has everything to do with you.

Tell me where she is.

- This is ridiculous!
- Tell me.

I don't know!




No, wait!

He just walked out of the main

disappeared into the mountains.

Made no attempt to hide himself.

Did you send someone to find him?

Do you want me to?

No, you're right.

This is our opportunity.

And our AC friend?
What are you going to do with him?

- Tate wants us to release him.
- Is that what you want to do?

No, of course it isn't.

Well, I think it's time you start
doing what you felt is right.

Tate needs to treat you
with the respect you deserve.

- Julius.
- Hm?

I want to tell you
what happened with Josie Hunter.

You're not going to believe it.

Try me.

Who are you?

I can't...

You lied. About everything.

- I can explain!
- I don't even know what to call you.

Everything you've told me...

your name,

where you were born,
all those stories... lies.

No. No, not all of them.

Who are you? Who is Tom Starling?

I can't tell you.

You borrowed a gun from the armoury
this morning. Where's yours?

- She's got it!
- Yeah?

Sure you didn't use it on her
and then dump it?

- Who do you think I am?!
- I don't know.

I really... I really don't know.

- Fleur, please.
- No!

- Please!
- No!

- Is James Shapiro at home?
- Yes.

- OK, go to his work. Look for anything you can on him and his wife.
- Sure.

I'm here to see Rudi.
Take me to him.

We found James Shapiro's diary
at his workplace.

He claims she's been having an
affair for over a year now.

You were the last person
to see Carla alive.
Her blood is on your floor.

How long has it been going on, Cass?

- Where is she?
- I don't know!

I got involved because I trust you.

Do not make the mistake
of not helping me.

Read it for yourself.
Show me it's not you.

- Are you OK?
- Did you know about his past?

I had an idea.

I don't understand.
Why didn't he tell me?

Fleur, listen, we really do need to
focus on what's in front
of us here, OK?

Was Cass Carla Shapiro's lover?

Well, he said for only one night.

Do you believe him?

I don't know what to believe.

There's her blood on his floor,
and he's lost his gun.

We'll keep him in until
we're absolutely clear
what's going on here.

Carla Shapiro's husband
has found a suicide note.

It was slipped under
the door of their home.

- I'm coming.
- Fleur, let somebody else go.

No, I have to do this.

Oi! Oi! Open up, open up!

- Get Fleur.
- She's not here.

Tell her Shapiro wrote
Carla's letter to her lover.

It's the same handwriting
as his diary.

Well, don't you see?
He's been lying to us!

- Sorry, Cass. Orders.
- No, wait!

Wait. Wait!

Are you all right?

It was here
when I got back from work.

You think the threat is real?

- It wouldn't be the first attempt.
- OK.

Where would she go
if she was going to do this?

There was one place she loved.

The lakeside.
We used to sneak out there together.

- You think she might have drowned herself?
- Just find her, please.

Call everyone in.

Stay here.

If she tries to contact you,
let us know immediately.

Are you ready?


Remember, he shot two of your men.

You owe him no pity.

Don't worry about Tate.

I have powerful friends
who will support us.

He will be utterly helpless.

What friends?

Angels from heaven.

Just know that you're
on the right side, Jack.

Get up!

Friends, let us pray for it.

That's enough!

I should kill you.

I've wanted to for so long.

I need your help.

Both of our peoples are
in terrible danger.

Now, you warned me about this,
and I didn't listen.

I'm here now. Help me.

- Help you what?
- Talk to them.

Persuade them
that we can all live together.

But they don't want you here.

That's why they killed
your children.

That was a virus, C23.

You really believe that?
Is that why you still see them?

We have to convince them
to accept our presence on Carpathia.

- We have to do it together.
- Together?

You are holding one of my men.
What have you done with him?

- I ordered his release today.
- You've always been a liar.

- What do you mean? I don't know what you're talking about!
- Go home.

No, listen. This is about
our lives on this planet.

The only human life left,
probably anywhere.

Both our peoples are threatened
with complete annihilation.

No, Richard. Only yours are.

You're on your own now.

Fleur, Cass has escaped.

He said James Shapiro was lying.

Said he wrote the love letter



Please get me out!


I'm down here!


- Get me out of here.
- Don't worry.

You're safe now. I'll get you out.

So you're the lover boy.

Don't move.

They're on their way here.

I don't think so. They're looking
for Carla by the lake.

It'll be no surprise
when they don't find her.

In a few days,
she'll be assumed drowned,

and the search will be called off.

Give it a few weeks

and no-one will even remember
her name.

And the same goes for you.

You'll be buried here together.

Help! Help!

Relocate Carla to a new home.
Give her the kind of protection
she needs.

And Shapiro?

Keep him in a restricted medical
zone under constant guard.

It's the best we can do.

- I have to go.
- It was Tate's idea.

He kind of adopted me.

Part of his grand project.
Everyone's redeemable.

Gave me a new name, new life...

A new chance.

What did you do?

If I tell you,
you won't want to know me.

Fleur, please...

Citizens of Forthaven,

I wish to talk to you
about the AC attack on our city.

This was a shameless and deliberate
assault on our power system

and the expeditionaries
who so bravely defend us.

But more than that,

it was an assault on our system
of values.

I can inform you

that this affront
has not gone unavenged.

While I unreservedly condemn
this act of vengeance,

I think we can all appreciate

that anger is a natural
and understandable reaction
at this time.

We are fighting for our lives.

Normal rules do not apply.

But what bothers me
more than all of this

is the reaction of our President.

I say reaction,

for here is a man who has done
nothing to mitigate this threat,

nor warn us of its presence,
nothing but prevarication and delay.

Now is not the time for hesitation.

Now is the time for action,

a vigorous defence of our community

and an all-out assault
on those who threaten her.


give him a decent burial.

Mind if I join you?

Be my guest.

- Rumour has it you've had
quite a day.
- Could say that.

Me too.

Where's Cass? It's not like him
to miss a night's drinking.

How should I know,
and why should I care?

- Do you want another one?
- I've had enough.

- Oh, go on.
- No, really.

You see, the thing with you,

life's just going to pass you by

and you will have been too careful
to notice.

Go on, then.

Hmm. Now you're talking.

Two more.

May I come in?

I'd rather be on my own.

- I'm sorry it had to happen like this.
- It had to happen one day.

Just tell her the truth.

She'll understand.

It's not just her, though, is it?

I don't deserve to be here.

You deserve your place on Carpathia
more than anyone I know,

and I will defend your right to
be here to the last drop of my blood.

We need you.

I need you.

Someone sent me this.

Who else knows about me, Richard?

That information you gave me
on Cass Cromwell was very useful.

Thank you for that.
It really stirred things up here.

we are switching down from

to standard nuclear propulsion.
And we have the Omega report
you requested.

You have one late-pattern Omega
subject down there. Gender is bride.

Further details following.

You're the most beautiful girl
in this city.

Where's the survey?

I mean it. By a mile.

When I look at you, I feel so good.

Hold me closer.

Can we go back to your place?


What happened to you?
Where have you been?

I went into the mountains to see
if I could solve the problem
on my own.

- I can't.
- Who did that to you?

It doesn't matter.

Richard, I have something
to show you. Come on.

Four letters in infinite variations.

But we don't know what it means?

Not yet, but by transmitting
the signal back to the host force,

we can at least show them
we're listening to them.