Outcasts (2010–2011): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

As the survivors land on Carpathia,a young girl,Aisling,accuses creepy evangelist Julius Berger of causing her mother's death and tries to kill him.Fleur,Cass and Jack,who was Hoban's second in command,look for survivors in the desert and encounter the outcast Advanced Cultivars -or A.C race - humans who were genetically modified to increase their survival but were actually responsible for spreading the deadly C23 virus,which killed,among others,Tate's children.Hoban was ordered to kill them but let them go,under their leader,Rudi. The A.C.s have Lily and agree to surrender her if the Carpathians will heal Rudi's sick baby but nerves on both sides lead to the hand-over being a disaster as Cass kills one of the A.Cs and the Carpathians retreat to their capital,Forthaven,with the baby.

Captain Kellerman from CT-9
calling Carpathia.

We hear you, Captain.

Is that a human voice?
This is Richard Tate,

President of Carpathia,
as human as you are.

Of course,
things aren't perfect down here.

I didn't come here expecting

They're out there, Tate.
They're still outside the fence.


You ordered their execution.
Remember that?

We're fatally damaged, Carpathia.

I'm releasing our six
emergency sub-shuttles.

Is Lily Isen on board?

Is she on one of the shuttles?
She's my daughter.

We're breaking up. The readings
are telling us it's a certainty.

Kellerman got close enough
to save some of the passengers.

Julius Berger
was also on the transporter.

Do you really believe that human
beings can live together in peace?

Do you really think we can build
a better place for our children?


Yes, I do.

I killed Mitchell.

I'd do it again if I had to.

They're going to say
that he turned his gun on himself.

People are still shocked
by what Mitchell did.

The most important thing is
we brought Linus back safely.

He's such a lovely little boy,

Still muttering away about
his tiger poem on the way home.

His teacher's looking after him now.

He was always her favourite.

And he'll never be alone.

He'll never, ever be lonely
or neglected, I promise you.

When I was out there,

I sometimes felt
as if you were with me.

I love you...
and I'll always remember you.

I was just, er... It's OK.

It's important to say goodbye

I was there when they, um...

She didn't stir.

I think she'd already left us,

Fleur, about Linus, you know,
you and Cass probably saved his life.


Sir, when we were out there,
we were attacked by something.

It was quite hard to see,
but one thing I do know is

they were running upright,
on two legs.


Yeah. We've seen insects and small
birds but nothing like that before.

I mean, what do you think?
Aliens sounds crazy.

We ARE the aliens on Carpathia.

OK, but whatever,
whoever it was out there...

"Out there" is the preserve of the
Expeditionaries. I'll speak to Jack.

We have a missing survival shuttle,
Fleur, one thing at a time.

Go and get her.

'XP Unit 6 to Forthaven.

'We're bringing down the survivors
we've picked up.

'All in pretty good physical shape.

'Thank you, Unit 6,
we'll be ready for you.

'We have one shuttle still missing.

'Repeat - one shuttle still missing.
Maybe lost.'



Lily Isen. I'm looking for
my daughter. Did you know her?




I don't understand. Who are you?

Where's Forthaven?

What do you want from me?

The baby is ill.

If she doesn't get better...

you will die.

Did you kill Mitchell?


I don't believe you.

You told us where to find him,

I never said execute him.
That was never part of the deal.

That's probably why it never
happened. He never killed himself.

I dunno, Jack, take it up...
I'm taking it up with you.

I'll take it a lot further if I find
out you had anything to do with it.

You get your hands off me.

There are kids about, Jack.
What's the matter with you?


Richard, I took the liberty
of waiting in your office.
I hope you don't mind?

Not at all.

It's so good to see you.

Your speech to our ship
was very uplifting.

I'm sure you prevented
mass hysteria.

I'm glad to hear that.

I have to say, I never
quite imagined you in such a role.

Such a role?


You know, I always thought your
interests were a bit more abstract.

Well, adversity brings out previously
unknown qualities, I guess.

You're still interested in genetics?
Yes, I'm still interested.

And your lovely wife, Melissa?

She died, along with my children.

I'm so sorry.

Shortly after arrival,
we were hit with a virus called C-23.

It killed many of our children.

And Earth?

Well...things got very bad
after the Oslo talks collapsed

and then...the Shanghai uprising.

But you missed all that, of course.

So, the presidential suite, hmm?

Just an office.

You must kick up a fuss, Richard.

What is power
without the trappings, hmm?

Service, I guess.

Speaking of that...

I promised to lead the shuttle
survivors in thanksgiving prayers.

You might wish to join us.

I don't remember you being...

I had an experience on
the transporter. I... saw something.


I prefer less divisive terms.

You find that amusing?

No, of course not.

Surprising, perhaps.

Like my leadership qualities,
I suppose.

Um, Richard,

I'm fully aware that I'm a newcomer

and I have a lot to learn
about Carpathia.

I hope we can help you with that.

It's not my intention
to step on any toes.

I don't have
particularly delicate toes.

But I do have an ongoing situation
with a missing shuttle

so I will have to skip the prayer
meeting. I hope you don't mind.

You found it?

Where is it?
Have you spoken to them?

Automated distress signal
a few miles out.

Right, I'm going out there.
I need you here now.

This is my last hope, Richard.
A rescue party is going out.

And I'm going with them. I don't
want to forbid it, but I will.

You're forbidding me
from searching for my daughter?

Let the rescue party do its job.
I need you here. So you keep saying.

Have you spoken to Julius Berger yet?

Have you talked any more with Cass
and Fleur about the attack on them?

I can't think
about any of this right now.

We have to. If the ACs are out there,
we need to know how they survive.

What do they want?
I know what I'd want.

I'd want revenge.


This baby really isn't well.

It's breathing strangely.

They'll make her better.


The people looking for you.
The ones we're waiting for.

What's going on?

He asked us
to join the rescue party.

But I... He doesn't want you going
out to discover Lily isn't there.

Or worse.

He said it's because
he needed me here.

Well, that's probably true as well.

OK, Lily's 18 years old.

She doesn't have my colour hair,
or didn't, it's more like Dan's.

Well, I guess she might remember
her name if we ask her.

OK. Go.

Be careful.

If she is out there,

we'll bring her back safely,
I promise.

Thank you.

OK, on the count of three, knuckles
lifted and tongues back in mouths.

Why are you coming?

Stella's daughter
might be on the shuttle. And?

Give it up, we know you're in charge.
We're here for Stella.

Stop wasting time
and tell us where we're going.

It's 12 clicks to the west of the
white dunes, near the Closed Zone.

12 clicks? You been watching
old Vietnam movies again?

Yeah. My favourite's the one when
they string up the platoon smartarse

from a tree a few clicks from home.

Come on.


So it's true that Jack prefers
a big bloke in the rear, then?

There's a young girl here to see you.
One of the survivors.

She'd been held back
in viral scanning.

OK, show her in.

You're not Lily.

Who's Lily?

My daughter.

She was on the transporter.
She'd be about your age.

Maybe you knew her?


Do you know what happened to her?

OK. Do you want to take a seat?

What's your name?


Aisling Burrows.

What can I do for you, Aisling?

My moth...

My mother died.

She was left on the transporter.
I'm so sorry.

One of my officers can...
She was left...

She was left on the transporter

because somebody stole her place
on the survival shuttle.

He took her pass
to get into the Evacuation Zone.


Julius Berger.

He's here and my mum's dead

and something
should be done about it.

Is anyone there?

Is anyone alive?

Somebody's been here. Stripped them,
lined them up like this. Jack...

They've been placed in order.
Look, they've ranked them in size.

Oh, no. Cass, check inside.

Neck bruising...garrottes.

A couple of them
have been finished off.

Whatever, whoever did this...

No, they're all dead.
Anybody fitting Lily's description?

She never even made it
onto the shuttle. Poor Stella.

We'll come back with
a recovery team. And some answers.

Mitchell is dead.


What the hell is this?
Who are they, Jack?

Where are the rest of your people,
Rudi? Somewhere you can't find them.

Why are you doing this?

Things must change
now that Mitchell is gone.

We have a survivor.

A girl.

Can we see her?

If you do as I ask,
she'll be returned safely to you.

Who are you? Why would you want
to hurt her? And why did you hurt us?

I don't know who the hell you are.
What do you want?

We have a baby.

She's ill.

Mitchell said you couldn't...

Make her better
and we'll give you the girl.

Drop your weapons on the ground.

I only have to lift my hand
and her throat will be cut.

You want to risk that?




Family reunited.

He's waited all these years
to be with his daughter and grandson.


Very good to see you again.

And you.

So, head of Protection and Security.

No glass ceilings here,
I'm pleased to see!

How did you get a space on one
of the survival shuttles, Julius?

Nothing like coming
right to the point.

Allegations have been made about
the transporter's final minutes.

It's my job to investigate.
No, of course.

The evacuation was controlled
by remotely activated passes.

I believe families and essential
personnel were the priority.

And you don't think my lofty position
in the Earth Evacuation Programme

made me...important enough?


just not essential.

I took the pass of a friend.

You took somebody's pass?

She gave it to me.

Catherine Burrows.

An extraordinary woman.

I should have handed that gift
of life to somebody else at least.

Why did she give it to you?

She said my life was worth
more than hers

and in my terror and desperation
I gave in.

It doesn't flatter me,
but it's the truth.



Any other questions you want to ask?


About anything.

I'll be in my office, Julius,

if there's any other information
you wish to share with me.


Where's Aisling Burrows?

No direction home?

You could say that.

Did you come off the transporter?


I saw it blow up.

Like the biggest firework display
ever. Boosh!

My mother died
in that fireworks display.


Sorry to hear that.

I'm not safe.

He's too powerful, he's going to...

He's going to kill me for this,
just like he killed my mother.

What do you do here?

Oh, you know.

Sort of the engine room
of the planet.

Hang out, get high, play music.

What do you do
to get high round here?


Little rubies.

What do they do?

Lots of boring stuff that keep our
scientists and doctors interested.

But used properly,
it's a completely different story.

How did you end up here?

Child prodigy.

Photographic memory,
IQ of a trillion, music as well.

A phenomenon, they called me.

A phenomenon that came all this way
just to be a bum?

I was from a big family. Only boy.

Where did you live
when you were on Earth?

By the ocean.

Just before we left, it was kind of
hot even though it was autumn.

Indian summer, they called it.

And on the news it was about stuff
in China and the talks breaking down

and the big march for peace in New
York... and everyone was scared.

But at sunset,
we sat out on the dunes

and watched the sea swallows
over the waves.

And the air was just like

warm honey.

They were so strange...
those last nights on Earth.

I told you.

They're cloned humans,
genetic experiments.

Meant to give us a survival edge.

How come they ended up out here,

Ask Tate. You tell us.

Tate ordered their execution.
Mitchell saved them. That's rubbish!

Don't bother with him, Fleur. No
chance of the truth from this lot.

He said they had a girl.
Let's just wait until we see her.

Yeah, one of us
could take her place.


Think it could be her?


Please help me.

It's OK. We're friends,
don't be scared.

Do you know this girl you're holding,

her mother's been waiting
for 15 years.

Let her go.
Don't give me orders.

How about a few of us wait here with
her till this is all sorted out?

Three hostages.

If anything happens to our baby,
all three of you will die.

I understand.

I want something else as well.

I want Richard Tate.


Why wasn't my husband
on that transporter?

Stella, even if Daniel
was on that transporter,

he still might not be here.

You are.

I suppose I deserve that.


What happened?

Sadly, in those chaotic days
before our departure,

money and influence
spoke louder than brilliance.

I was given a promise
by the Evacuation Committee

my family would be sent on a later
transporter if I went onto CT-1.

And Daniel was given one place.

But he chose to give it to his...
sorry, your...daughter instead.

He would do that.

I'm so sorry for your loss.
Nobody's lost yet.

Then we should send them
distant prayers.

So... What of Aisling's allegations?

You've heard of the DBV method...

It's a method that...
I'm aware of it.

But I'm not going to let you
do it to me. Why not?

Many reasons.

The most important being

that it is not for one human
to look into the mind of another.

I could apply
for a compulsory order.

And you think
Tate would grant that request?

Yes, I do, if he thought
my reasons were good enough.


I think your investigation, such as
it was, has come to its natural end.

There's nothing here except
the allegations of a rather

disturbed teenage girl.

I think I'm going to go now.

What are you going to do? I don't
know. Probably go back, I guess.

You want me to walk you back
to Protection and Security?

Oh, shit!

I need you to go to the comms room,

see if there's been contact with
Cass and Fleur and report back.

Did you just ask Berger
to submit to DBV?

If I asked you for a compulsory
DBV order would you grant it? No.

You have to pick your battles.
This isn't the one to have, not now.

Then he's right -
this investigation is over.

There was no real investigation.

He's here
and a lot of people aren't.

Look, I understand your sympathy
for this young girl.

The situation with Lily...
A lecture on displacement

from the man
who never stops working.

All right.

I will make sure that Aisling's OK,
that she's protected from him.

In what sense? Do you think
he's capable of harming her?

I don't know what he's capable of.

But I believe Aisling.
Something's not right here.

We give thanks
to the Universal Spirit

for bringing us to this place.

For allowing us
this abundance of beauty and love.

You know, life is strange...

It won't get you anywhere
and I doubt you'll be able to do it.

It's not so easy
to push a knife into living flesh,

a nice girl like yourself.

My mother...
Wouldn't have wanted this.


What are you doing?

It makes me so sad.

You know what that means?

I can never trust you again.

You never trusted me.

If you did, you wouldn't
have treated me this way.

Whatever's gone on,
this isn't the way.

Brothers and sisters,
I ask you to pray with me.

Are you not coming?

I'll wait here, and no tricks.
Just Richard Tate.

What do you want from him?


Come on now.

I don't have a lot of practice
with babies.

Then take her to somebody who does

or you won't see
your friends alive again.

Stay alive. Just stay alive.

'They've got Lily and they're
now armed with all our weapons.

'He said they'll kill them
if you don't save the baby.'

But Jack and Cass are still with her?

'Yes, they are.'
Keep me informed.

Lily's alive.

She's alive?

She's alive.
Now, Stella, there's a problem.

I've got a feeling
they're itching to hurt us.

Yeah, well, I'm going to take a few
of them down with me if I need to.

Put it away.

You got a Plan B?

Yeah, I have, as it goes -
common sense.

Which means waiting, being polite,
seeing things through.

Are you confident
of that working, yeah?

I've seen what happens when
hostage-takers lose control, Jack.

Believe me,
it's a scenario we want to avoid.

Are you thirsty?

What's the matter with you? I told
you not to draw their attention.

I'm going to ask. I'm thirsty too.

Jack, just...

Can I have some of that water,

What's that?

You want me to give you my family
ring in exchange for some water?

What, this ring?





Is she hurt? Not hurt,
just frightened and confused.

Jack and Cass are with her. Lily.
I'm going to see my Lily again.

What are the doctors saying
about the baby?

Pneumonia. God!

She's a tough little thing,
in with a chance.

If we keep our word, will they
return her? I don't know, Stella.

I had to be sure
before I could tell you anything.

He's waiting for you. I know.

Jack's talking all kinds of rubbish
about you ordering their execution.

No! It's true.

I ordered Mitchell to take
the ACs out and kill them.

He must have disobeyed that order.

He wants revenge for you
decking him, and Rudi's not here.

Right, it's time for the knife.

No. Give me your ring.

Jack, if we don't humiliate

they'll beat us to death
and Lily will be in real trouble.

It's important to me. We'll get it
back, I promise, we have to do this.

No. I made a promise.

I promised Stella
I'd get her daughter back safely.

My mum gave me this ring before
I left. Imagine what she'd say.

Imagine what she'd say to you now,
what she'd tell you to do.

The right thing.

Go on. Take it.

There you go.

Jack! Jack!

We call them Advanced Cultivars.

Why did we develop them
in the first place?

Some of the early-pattern ACs came
with the advanced military missions

to test survivability.

We were looking for genetic patterns
to help us survive.

First exploit them,
then try to kill them,

and Mitchell becomes
the conscience of Carpathia.

He'll have had his own reasons.

We thought they were responsible
for C-23,

that all the children would die out.

I had just lost my own children.

I believed
this place was different, better.

It is.


It is.

Come with me when I go talk to them.

Help me make this better.

You came.

I didn't think you'd dare.

I'd like to tell my people
to put their weapons away.

Can I do that, so we can talk?

The baby's being treated
by our best doctors.

Then the fate of the three hostages
is also in their hands.

I understand.

What do you want from me, Rudi?

To tell you face to face
that some day I shall destroy you.

Well, that is unnecessary.
We can help you...

We don't need anybody
but ourselves now.

And some day
we will walk into that place

and have our revenge.

Nobody deserves your revenge.

Least of all that young girl
you dragged away from safety.

She knows nothing about this place.

Are you appealing to my sense
of fair play? Your humanity.

Oh, so now I'm a human being?

He gave the order to take us out and
kill us all, men and women alike.

We had no choice.

Our children were dying from C-23.
We faced extinction.

Not because of us.
At the time, we were sure it was.

But it was still wrong, and you have
every reason to feel angry.

We can make amends.

We can provide you...
Can you tell me who my parents are?


We didn't kill your children,
but something else did.

How do you know
it's not still here watching you?

How do you know
it won't attack you again?

C-23 was a virus, nothing more.

Can you be sure?
You were wrong once before.

So what's your answer?

I'm not the one that needs answers.

There's still a lot about this place
you don't know.

The baby is being treated.
Please just let the hostages go.

Bring her to me alive.

And you come alone next time,
or the bodies of the three hostages

will be found hanging
where everybody can see them.

What he said back there about C-23.

It was a virus.
My children were sick.

They got sick, Fleur, and they died.

He's right, though.
There's still a lot we don't know.

OK, call me
if any of the obs change.

Breathing, heart rate, temperature,
anything at all.

Is this Lost and Found?

I'll pick up my reward later.

Aisling, do you want to take a seat?

Is she OK?

The guy she's saying killed her ma,
the one she's scared of.

I know about him. She said something
about the way he treated her.

Like there was something
between them - weird vibe.

OK. Thanks for bringing her to me.

Don't take me not calling you
as a fear of commitment, by the way.

Could you do me a massive favour?

Knock yourself on the head hard
and forget we ever met before.

Some memories are just too precious.

How can I live next to him,

knowing that he's here
and my mum isn't,

knowing that he stole her life?

I do understand
how much you're suffering, Aisling.

How can you?

You've no idea.

Aisling, how well did you know
Julius Berger on the transporter?


Listen, I would like to do
some tests on you

if you'll give me your permission.

What kind of tests?

It's Deep Brain Visualisation.
It provokes memory episodes.

Maybe there are things that
you find difficult to talk about?

Listen, I won't let him hurt you.
I promise.


Let's draw a picture
to welcome the new arrivals.

Can you draw me something special
about your favourite activity?

Forming the minds
of future generations.

It's fascinating.

Any news about your daughter?

You have an interest in the minds
of young people, then?


Only their minds, Julius?

What's your point?

You know I mentioned DBV
and you refused?

On principle.

Aisling doesn't share
your principles, though.

I didn't sleep with Aisling.

I didn't say that you did.

She threw herself at me.
I said no. She was too young.

She's a pretty girl. Not many men
would have shown your restraint.

Where is this going?

You leave her alone now. What?

Leave her be, if you want
to preserve your reputation.

I know that's important to you,

Whatever you've done,
I can't make it right.

But I can and I will protect Aisling
from you now, I promise you that.

Of course, it can't just be
about theories and facts.

The soul must also learn to sing.

When we get back,

I'm going to get myself a few beers
and a girl for the night.

Well, no harm trying something new
every once in a while, I guess.

I was talking about Fleur.

OK, she's got a big mouth
on her, but...

you wouldn't say no, would you?

Not my type.

Yeah, right.

Poor little thing.

Not a great introduction
to her new home, is it?

It's funny with new arrivals.


Well, they...they don't know

what it was like for us
at the start, when we first came.

We didn't have a clue
about anything, did we?

For some of us nothing's changed.

Things must be looking up if you're
starting to run at the mouth again.

Oh, you think they are, Jack?
Looking up?

Well, I'd feel more optimistic

if I was with someone that wouldn't
faint at the first sight of blood.

Oh, yeah, you're right, Jack.

I don't like the sight of blood,
the smell or the feel of it either.

I think that's a good thing.

You want some water?

Your mum's been waiting for you.

I'm never going to see her, am I?

They're going to kill us
even if they get the baby back.

What are you talking about?

We're all going to make it
out of here alive, even Cass.

I really think the tide's turning
in our favour now.

I'm glad I'm not alone now.


Hey, Truffle!

What are you doing
in the middle of this crisis, hey?

Not the faintest idea that three
lives depend upon your well-being.

They tell me she's stabilising.

Tonight's critical.

How's Fleur? Bruised.

She'll come through.

Are you sure?

She's emotional,
but she's also smart.

How did the ACs produce a baby?
Not my number one concern, really.

The men were hormonally modified.

President Tate is confused
by your existence, Truffle.

It might be very important.

Such strange little things, babies.

Lily's so close to me now, Richard.
I just need to hold her again.

Where's the baby gone?

No. No, please...


What the hell are you doing here?

I wanted cell samples taken.

You wanted...

Do you not think that the hostages
are a greater priority?

Her respiratory system
has been stabilised.

It's an opportunity we couldn't
pass up. You're unbelievable.

That baby could hold answers
to our future.

My future has a knife to her throat
right now, Richard.

It's a baby.

I don't care if it's a baby human,
a baby AC or a baby chimp.

It wasn't born for our benefit
and it's not your child.

We're done here anyway.

It's time to take her back.

Are you sure you're OK alone?

Better if we do it as he asked.

Next time you see me,
I'll have Lily with me.

I don't like this.

Something's wrong. Why's he
standing up there like that?

It's a trap. They're going
to kill us. Stay calm.

He's giving a signal. The lying
bastard's giving a signal, Cass.


I've listened enough to you.


No! Lily, run!

Go on, then! Go on, finish it!

Can't, can you?

Don't even know how to prime it,
you stupid ape.

Jack, Jack, let him go!

They weren't going to show us
any mercy. Let him go.

Enough bloodshed.

Let's go home.

Is it you?

Are you my daughter?


You're not my mother.

I love you. You left me.

You're certain
they were going to double-cross us?

He gave a signal. Did he?

Did he?


Pretty sure that they was
going to kill us.


Are you all right?


Look. Listen, Cass...

Meeting you was the best thing
that ever happened to me.

You gave me this place, this life.

And it was one of the best decisions
I ever made.

But I have blood on my hands again.
We'll wash it off.

What if we make
all the same mistakes again?

What if we can't escape that?

Cass, you're a good man.

That's what you can't escape.

Can we, um...
go somewhere more private?

So I can have an accident?
Fall out of a window, maybe?

Aisling, that's ridiculous.

Why do you want
to play games with me?

I wasn't playing games.

You kissed me.

You touched me.

And that was wrong,
which is why I stopped there.

You killed my mother.


There's no other way
of describing what you did.

This, again.

You brainwashed her, hypnotised her,
whatever it is that you do.

I should have stabbed you
when I had the chance.

You never had the chance.

You never will.

I am going to live
for my brilliant mother,

who sacrificed everything
to bring me here

and I'm going to start a new life.

Good luck with that.

And you can tell your new mentor
that I understand her terms.

We will not be speaking again,

Are you OK, Little-Legs?


I'm fine. He's gone now.

It seems we're to be graced
with her company a little longer.

Lily's in viral screening?

Angry, I hear.

I did what I thought
was best for her as well.

Of course you did.

Give it time.

So what now?

Well, we have to find Rudi,
try and return the baby

and find a peaceful solution.

Stella, I took the cell samples
for a reason.

A reason I didn't want to say
in front of Fleur.

Our birth rate has plummeted
in the last year, it's still falling.

Women are not becoming pregnant
and we need to do something.

And yet the ACs
have started to reproduce.

This baby could be the key
to our future.


It's all it comes down to
in the end.

Endlessly copying ourselves.

We're alive, Stella.

Lily's alive.

That tiny baby with its heart
thumping in its ribcage,

pushing the blood around, the oxygen
to its growing brain, she's alive.

It's all it's ever been about.

Every terrifying,
glorious minute of it.

Human life.

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