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Our Lady, LTD (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

Pa and Ma discover drug addict James on an empty New Mexico road and bring him home to their ranch in Half Acre, N.M.

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Once there was a fireman
that ran away from a fire.






That was me.




Why are you going to a sheriff's
convention? You sell cars.

So I can find
a sheriff.

Oh, yeah.

To lock up your...

That's a good place
to find a sheriff.


Have you found
a disillusioned young man

to take your place there
in Half whatever?

Half Acre.

Why can't you just
do the whole thing by yourself,

by the way?

Why what?

The whole plan

Why do you need
a disillusioned young man...

Why can't I personally,
by myself,

arrange to have
both of my parents

arrested in Mexico
and declared dead?


Because then,
when they're released unhurt,

they'll come back,
and then I'll have to be,

like, in the same kitchen
with them,

and they'll probably say,
"Hey, why'd you arrange

to have us both arrested
in Mexico and declared ..."

Okay, right.
I can't do it myself

because I'm not really gonna
hurt them, honey.

They're coming back.


So I have to make it seem like
a a disillusioned guy

took my identity and... and
came up with this cool notion.







Yeah, anyway, they disowned me
from their home from my room,

from my own "Star Wars" room
that I made when I was 9

just because I wanted
to perform stage magic

and breath-taking feats
of illusion.

Your parents?

My dad's
a pastor, yeah.

God hates magician,
hates magic.

It says in the Bible...

What, you wanted to be
a magician?

Yeah, but it was
more than that.

My... My dad...
My dad takes things from people.

He takes their money.

His church
rips people off.

They have this center.
They're supposed to help people,

but they use it
to rip people off.

They get into
their bank accounts

with these
shared accounts,

and they didn't
want me around to see it.

They cut me off.
Sent me out.

I was 15.

My dad's fucked up, too,
but that's hard-core.

They made up lies about me,
told people I was bad.

They're the bad ones.

Someone should take their money,
man, you know?

Take that money back,
you know?

So, where
are you headed?

I don't know.




You ever think about cruising
back, blowing your horn?

About what?

About having
$2 million.

It'd be easy,
I'm saying.

Just a couple
of old people.

They stole
all that money.

It's not like
we're hurting them.

We just get them out of
the picture for a little while.

Couple weeks.
It's so easy.

Oh, yeah, and you'd have to get
hooked on methadone

over the next few weeks.

For real?

My parents can tell.

That's intense.

How many kids did
the fire-trainee guy have?

The guy who burned
holding your hose?

Steven Jimenez.




All girls.

You look good, man.

You look ready.

All right.

You gain my parents'
total trust,

then we totally trick them
to go to Mexico.

We lock them up
for two weeks total,

you totally take
my identity,

and then we take the total sum
of money

from their crooked
church account.

$4 million.
$4 million.

And then we let them go,
and you go away,

and I come back,
and I go, "Whoa!

Someone totally took my identity
and took all your money!

Holy shit, Mom and Dad!

I'm sorry!
That sucks!"

But, secretly,
I have $2 million...

to use for my own
secret purposes.

And so do you.

And, remember, the total, whole
time... This is gonna be easy.

They're just
a couple of old people.




What's with you, son?

My friend
just had it with me.

Had it with you, why?

I got sick
in her Caprice,

so she told me
to get out.

I got out,
and then I got sick out here.

Can you sit up?

Well, sit up, then.
Have some respect for yourself.


There you go.

WOMAN: Your hands are
shaking, honey.

What do you want?
I don't... I don't know you.

Do you feel sick
now, son?


Why are you lifting me
in the air?

Unhand me.

He said "unhand me."
You hear that?

He thinks he's historical.

I'm not trying to kick you.
It's involuntary.

You're in a withdrawal.

I'll ride with you
back here

and explain
what's happening science-wise.

What's your name?


I'm Pa.
That's Ma.

Where are we headed?
Half Acre... home.

We have a church and,
uh, what would you call it?

A center.
I call it a center.

We have a church
and a center

where we treat men and women
troubled such as you.

Hey, you didn't read
the fine print.

It's not a sin.

You're gonna be
okay, James.

You're gonna be
okay, James.



It's a new day, boy.

♪ One day you'll,
buy a ride on a comet ♪

♪ And you'll ride
into the sunset ♪

♪ Of a planet
that's beyond it ♪

♪ Beyond the wall ♪

♪ Of all there is ♪


♪ And you will stash it
in your pocket ♪

♪ And you'll take it
to Manhattan ♪

♪ Where your grandma's 10,
and you are 10 ♪

♪ You're not a family man,
you're best friends ♪

♪ And you will
hold it together ♪

♪ Under the oldest
running water ♪

♪ Of the river of each other ♪

♪ With the power of the future ♪


♪ One day you'll ride
into the dawning ♪

♪ Of the morning
of the dreaming ♪

♪ And the sundown
of the nearing ♪

♪ The evening of ♪

♪ Of the living ♪


JAMES: I can't promise you, Pa,
that I'm worth your...

you know,
your efforts here with me.

I just want
to say that.

PA: Don't say that.

You don't know me.
I'm not top-notch.

You're kind, you and Ma,
and you don't know me.

I don't have a great deal of,
you know... character.

I just wanted to tell you that
in case you thought I did.

Has this been easy?
Your recovery?


And you're days into it.
You're way into it.

I want to change.

Oh. That's character
enough for me.

Our son, Paul.
He was an odd-looking boy.

Funny looking.

He vexed me.

And Ma.

And then,
as he grew older,

he just... fucking...

and plagued us.

He had this shrill,
awful laugh.

In fact, you'd...
you'd just stiffen around him,

even when
he was cheerful.

He was a crumb.

Paul hurt people.

That's worse than watching
your own boy get hurt, too.

That's the one thing
that is.

He was
looked after, too.

I'd often pray
as he was taking shape

into his bent shape
that he'd straighten out,

but he never did.

He slipped away.
I don't know where.

Needing love
and guidance.

And now he's off
probably injuring people.

In all the ways that...
you know.

He's not weak
like me and you.

He's cruel.

And he never showed
the character to want to change.

I'm just saying,
that's my real challenge...

turning the corner.

I might
be incorrigible.

You know what that word means?
It means bad beyond correction.

I know what it means.

Be kinder to yourself.

Say this with me.

I am my own God.

I am my own God.

And I am worthy
of my longest brief life.

And I am worthy
of my longest brief life.

You feeling
strong enough?

Strong enough
for what?

Strong enough
to get strong.

Get it? Get the rhythm.
Get the rhythm.

There we go.
There we fucking go.

Get it! Get the rhythm.
Get the rhythm.

There we go.
There we fucking go.

Get it! Get the rhythm.
Get the rhythm.

There you go.
There you fucking go.

Get it! Get the rhythm.
Get the rhythm.

There we go.
There you fucking go.

Get it! Get the rhythm.
Get the rhythm.

There we go.

MA: So, where's
the old stash?

What old stash?

James, I've been helping people
mend for 30 years.

I know all about
old stash.

At the Charleston there.

In Montague.

I knew you had
the stash.

I've helped shooters,
tooters, tweakers...

meth geeks, speed freaks,
drippers, sippers, drippers,

hoppers and droppers...
all of God's children.

Get it, honey?

And now I'm gonna
go chuck your stash

after I shop for the pantry
and have my pedicure.



Six... No way, man.
100 bucks.


Okay, whatever.

How old are you?

And you're the proprietor
of a pawn shop at 15?

I don't know
what "proprietor" means.

You own it.

Oh, no, I don't.
My dad does.

Well, where's he?






When's your dad
get back?

10 minutes.













Turn around,
or I'm gonna fuck you up.

Where's the guy
that owns this place?

Dad's running late.


Your dad makes you
work weekends?

Weekends, weekdays,
all the days.

Wait. You don't go
to school?

I'm needed here.

You're in
the marching band.

I'm in the what?

You're in
the marching band.

No, I'm not.

Then why are you wearing
the marching band thing?

I found it in the shop.

It keeps me warm.

Your dad doesn't
buy you clothes?

Not for, like,
two years.

Well, that's fucked up.

Your dad's a real asshole.
That's all.


You should be in school,
you know?

Not picking up that guy's
slack, dad or not.

Okay, sir.

I can't have you
calling the cops.





Pa, I'm home!



You feel like
a new man?

Brand-new, Ma.


Well, you are, hon.

I have nothing
to give you.

Wish I did.

For what you've done, I wish
I had something to give you.

I could use a new lawn mower...
rideable kind.


I can find your son.

I could find Paul.

I could find people.

I used to have to
find people, Pa,

who slipped off for alimony
and what have you.


Please, we're grateful,
but he's troubled.

He saps your strength.
We're not young.

It takes me 10 minutes
to get out of bed.

Well, I get right up.
Speak for yourself.



My mask was burning.

It's not supposed to happen.

What I'm always asking is...
did I see him

through the burning glass
of the mask?

Did I see him and leave him?


James, do you think
you can find him?

Well, thank you, James.
Thank you very much.

That will mean a lot
to his mom.

You want me
to find him, Pa?



No. No way.

You're broke.

Go on.

For your expenses
in finding our son.

We do all right,
our church.


Uh, this is
all of it.

Ma keeps it.

Social security, birth
certificate... Will that help?


We wanted to give you
something else.

For your... graduation.

It's a fresh start
for you.

Fill it out.

We make a little unit, see...
you, me, and Ma.

You'll be
under our wing.

We have some pull around town.
Don't get too excited.

It won't get you a car
or anything, but with this,

you can get a checking account,
new cellphone,

small line of credit.

Not much.

A start.



You deserve it.









What's Paul doing
in Mexico, James?

He's sick, Pa.
It's grave.

Ma, I'm sorry.
He's very sick.

Why isn't he here?
Why is he there?

He's in a prison.
He's in a prison hospital.

In Hermosillo.
Good Lord.


Is he... what?
Sick, how?

I didn't gather.
Liver failure.

They said, uh, hepatitis.
Something concerning that.

They said late stages.
That was clear.


Oh, James.

a sheriff there.

It's a little different
than here.

There's a sheriff there

who oversees the prison
and the county.

It's different.

We spoke privately.

He'll let him go.

You have to go there.

You have to pay him,
but they'll let him go.






What do you mean "wait"?
They're on their way.

MAN: I might not want
to do it anymore.

What the fuck
you talking... What?

Yeah, I might change my mind.
I'm still deciding.

They're on
their way, man.

What are you still...
What do you...

What do you mean you're
still deciding? Decide.

[SIGHS] You have...
You have 10 minutes, okay?

Wow, man.

Not cool.























Yeah, what?

we're doing it.

I'll keep them in the cell, man,
for two weeks,

and you'll get
those death certificates, man.

You be the son, man.
Get that money, man.

Then you give me
mine, man,

for my special plan
with my special woman.





Byron Brown.






Mr. and Mrs. Brown?

I'm Byron Brown.

Our friend James...
You know James?

Our friend James told me
to expect you for your son.

Please, would you
come with me?

Out of the cold,
out of the line?

I'll have you
taken care of quickly.

Sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Brown,
but, as you can see,

prison life here is different
than the U.S.

Inmates greatly outnumber
the guards.

I have to go to the hospital
unit to get your son.

You can't go there,
so I'll bring him to you.

For your safety, it's best
that I place you in here

for your protection.

It's a
minimum-security cell.

These inmates offer
no threat.

These are my sissies.

Please step in.

Or we can go out there,
back in that line.

We can do that.

Take four
or five hours.

We put you in here for
expedition and safety purposes.

I'll be just
a few minutes.




I've just moved here, yes,
with my parents.

They're getting older.

I need to establish
a New Mexico license.

Do you have
your birth certificate?


I have everything
I think I need.








WOMAN: Paul Brown,
your fax is ready.


Paul Brown?



Can I help you?

I don't...
I don't see you, man.

Over here, at the counter,
ready to assist you.

I have to stay off my feet
due to an event.


Anything you'd like
to buy or sell?

Just browsing, okay?

Take your time.

Let me know if you have
any questions.

My name's Glenn.

You hurt
your head, Glenn?

Someone else did.

Someone ruthless.

He bludgeoned me.



Do you know
what that word means?

No. I just heard
Sheriff Dolittle say it.

It means he hit you,
like, many times.

He did.

You're gonna count
those first two?

'Cause maybe those weren't,
like, actual blows.

And maybe that's not fair
to the guy to... count them.

Yeah, I'm gonna
count them.


You want a milkshake
or something?

Why not.



Arson's ruthless.



For sure.

Robbery, mm, even with
a small assault, not really.

My vocabulary,
I have to tell you...

It's not
a source of pride.

That's because you work
in a pawn shop.

You should be
in 10th grade.

Sorry that happened
to you, man.


The guy probably had
a good reason.

Maybe he'll come by later
and bring you, like...

2,000 bucks
or something.


Like a couple weeks.

That would be
pretty fuckin' cool.


I wonder
what his reason was.

Just took
five shitty necklaces.

I'm sure it was
a really great reason, yeah.

And you'd probably understand
if you knew.



Thanks for the new vocab...
and the shake.

But we're clear
on that,

that the guy who gave you
a little tap?

He's not ruthless.

It wasn't just
a little tap, man.

I'm wearing a helmet here.

You gonna
be all right?

Did they say, Glenn?

Just have to stay
off my feet.

Should be all right.

Hey, I'm Paul.

Paul Allen Brown.

I'm Glenn Pirdoo.
Nice to meet you, Paul.

What brings you
to Half Acre?


Yeah, they just died,
though, so...

That's... not cool.


S-Sorry about that.


All right. See you.

See you, man.





Hey, lady.

I like your shoes.

Hey, lady.

I like your shoes.

JAMES: I used to get
bad feelings when I was a kid.

Just like everyone else...
normal bad feelings.

When I did,
I would call my dad.


10 years ago,
I couldn't anymore.

But I still do.




Dad. You got your helmet on,
right, Dad?

'Cause I can't hear you.

Yeah, I can't hear you, Dad,
through your helmet.


Well, all right.

Bye, Dad.




I'm going to kill you,

I'm the pale horse of Death,
and Hell follows me, boy.

I am bathed in the blood
of the lamb,

you spic coward cocksucker.

Prepare for the Devil.

I shall deliver you
unto his fucking kingdom come.







Check your e-mail.

I told you not
to contact me there, man.

I don't care.
Check your e-mail.

He just killed a 24-year-old kid
with his shoe.









What's up?

Nothing much.

This your home?

Family home, yeah.

What can I do for you?

Paul Brown?

I'm Texas Ranger Wesley Walker,
greater Austin.

I've been looking for you, Paul,
for a long time, now.

You just got a new
driver's license, yeah?



That's how I got here.

That's how I found you here
at this address.

Yeah, I said,
"How can I help you?"

Yeah, I've been looking for you
for a while.

Can we talk?

What do you want
to talk about?

About the little girl.

About the dead little girl
at the river.

You're a person
of interest.

Maybe not generally,
but in regard to the murder

of Theresa
Sincere Williams,

you are a person of interest, so
I'm going to question you.

Let's go talk
about this, Paul.

Do you want to get started
with some questions?


You're Paul Allen Brown,
you said.




You're Paul Allen Brown,
you said.


Son of Byron
and Lillian Brown.


JAMES: He asked me back there if
I was Paul Brown, and I said yes.

Now what?

Can you imagine the hundreds
of thousands of details...

middle school,
your favorite color,

the name of your
little-league baseball team?

Can you imagine the hundreds
of thousands of things

that you wouldn't know

if you were pretending to be
someone else?

I covered all this with Paul...
all of it.

But I didn't think to ask

if he was a person of interest
in a murder.

I figured
he would've told me that.

What else didn't he tell me?

What else?



♪ Don't y'all pray for my soul ♪

♪ When I hang from that pole ♪

♪ Ohhhhhh ♪

♪ Ohhhhhh ♪




Subtitles by explosiveskull